Virtual Passion Angelina – the story in the hospital

Nurse in a sexy robe against a red sunset background

Browser erotic game. After an accident, you get to the hospital. After waking up, a young nurse comes to you in a sexy robe and gets to know you. The nurse’s name is Angelina. If you manage to interest her, then you can spend a lot of time together, doing interesting things. In addition, you will help a friend – send interesting packages that Angelina likes. It can be flowers, candy, erotic magazine, a bottle of whiskey and even a dildo. Beautifully communicate with the nurse, and you can make love to her in the basement, in the Jacuzzi. Maybe she’ll undress for you on the roof.

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Number of images – 789.
Number of sex scenes – 5.
Developer – Virtual Passion.
Browser game.
The game of 2017.




A nurse in a sexy robe leaned over youA girl without a bra plays darts on strippingNaked girl Angelina in stands on the roof on sunset backgroundNude girl sitting in jacuzzi and posing with dildo

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