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Angelina – the story in the hospital walkthrough

In this adult game you have to meet a charming nurse. You have to spend some time in the hospital and during this time to charm a very sexy girl. You have the opportunity to play with her in games to undress, go down into the terrible basement, enjoy her massage and much more. About how you will behave with her, depends on her desire to have sex with you. And maybe it all ends with a kiss.
Only those phrases that affect Angelina’s sympathy or transitions to various variants of the development of events are indicated.

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I feel myself always great with such nurses

With such treatment, I will get well very fast.

I always ready for a pricks from such a cute girl

Do you like this job?

How do you spend your free time?

I love nightclubs too

See you, Angelina

A parcel from a friend is obtained randomly. It can be flowers, magazine or candy.

If the parcel is flowers.

To make a present to you

Your body is very hot too.

Yeah, baby, you’re so good at it!

Oh, I feel how my body is getting better

If the parcel is a magazine

Is it possible to get a compensation?

Your body is very hot too.

Oh, you very sexy!

I would like to say that it’s even better than on the picture!

If the parcel is candy

To make a present to you

Your body is very hot too.

You’re a dreamer!

You’re so sexy

Then the general part.

Thank you for the massage, I LOVE it so much!

It’s great idea to do like this

If you want to go to the basement – choose
Let’s explore this building
If you want to play darts for stripping – choose
Let’s play something

The choice of the basement scene is available if a certain number of Angelina’s sympathy points is scored.

If “Let’s explore this building.”

Tie her to the pipe

Keep touching

If you want to end the sex scene – choose Cum on her pretty face

If you want to continue the sex scene – choose “Well done, you try. Therefore, I will spare you .”

If you want her to swallow your cum, then cum into her mouth.

You know how to satisfy a man.

If you choose “Let’s play something.”

A girl without a bra plays darts on stripping

The game of darts is based on random numbers. The probability of your winnings is 50%.

The sex scene will be available if you win and gain a lot of Angelina’s sympathy points.

You are so sexy

You know how to satisfy a man.

A parcel from a friend is obtained randomly. It can be a bottle of whiskey, a magazine or a sex toy.

You’re such a cool girl, I really liked you.

I know biology a bit. I know many kinds of seashells. And someday I’ll present you the most beautiful one.

And everything is beautiful – the sky, the sun, you…

If you play the game truth or dare.

Nude girl sitting in jacuzzi and posing with dildo

Choose any questions except – Do you want to have anal sex with me?

If you play the Dare game.

Sexy girl in the hot tub

Show me your bum

Kiss me
Show me your nipples

Play with your tits
Play with your pussy

To cum in Angelina choose – Ride on me

If she is posing, choose any poses

need something else

Yes, there are

Link to the game.