Educating Cathy – Chapter 03


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I continue to satisfy my wife’s fantasies.

Cathy engages in a 69 and enjoys the toy I bought her. This led to a visit to the sex shop.

Sunday morning we slept late and had brunch. Normally we would rush off to the shops but it was more relaxed this day. I was sure she was still thinking about last night. I know I was. The thought of her with another woman excited me. Not being involved, just watching them make out. So erotic. We finally got our shopping done and had a snack when we got home. It was hot and Cathy said she needed another shower. I decided to try to spur things along. I got up a lesbian video and hit pause. I listened at the door until I heard her turn off the shower. I rushed back to the laptop and hit play. A couple of minutes she came out just wearing a robe. The wheels were in motion.

“What are you doing honey” she said as she walked up behind me. “Oh shit” I said “you caught me”. Of course that was the plan. She looked at the scene. “My god you are looking at porn” she exclaimed. But her eyes were fixed on the screen. I moved my chair back and pulled her onto my lap. “Don’t be angry” I said, feigning embarrassment. “I am not angry” she said “I am wondering why you are looking at that”. “Well we guys like the idea of watching women making out together” I said and slipped my hand inside her robe and fondled her boobs. Her nipples were already hard. I wasn’t sure if it was the video or the shower that had her turned on. She gave a low moan. Yes it was the video.

“How did you find this?” she asked. “Someone at work told me about this site” I said, lying through my teeth. On the screen one woman had put on a strap-on and was pounding the other one. Again I heard her moan softly. I moved my hand down to her crotch and she shifted a bit and her legs opened. I felt her pussy. She was already getting wet. I began to finger her and she moaned louder. Her eyes were fixed on the screen. I began to rub her clit and even when she came she keep her eyes on the video. Finally she said “take me to bed darling. You have me so horny” but I doubted it was me. I could see how the video had got her blood boiling. The sex was fantastic. I headed off to work on Monday knowing she would be looking at videos. I was sure she would seek out lesbian ones. I saw how it turned her on.

Things settled down a bit over the next week or so. I didn’t want to push it. The other thing that excited me was her reaction to the guy peeving at her in the sex shop. There was no doubt that it had affected her. We had a long weekend coming up. It meant she wouldn’t be working Saturday and I wouldn’t be working Monday. I suggested we head down to the coast as it appeared the weather would be quite warm. She agreed so I booked a hotel. Then I told her she should by some new clothes. She agreed, so after work I took her to a shopping centre. We looked around and went into a shop. We browsed and she picked up a halter top dress. “What about this?” she asked. “Isn’t that a little young for you?” I said. “What do you mean” she said, sounded annoyed. “Oh nothing” I said as she stormed off to try it on. She came back, said it fitted perfectly and she see wanted to buy it. She even grabbed another, same design different colour. I smiled. Telling her it was too young for her make sure she bought it.

Back home she put it on to show me. “You can’t wear a bra with that honey” I said. She agreed and took the bra off. She looked stunning. “Oh yes I was wrong darling. That looks great” I said. She smiled, thinking she had won. She didn’t even suspect I had tricked her. She put the dresses in the wash and we had a late dinner and ended up in bed. It was me who was horny this time. I imagined the looks she would get on our holiday. And she didn’t suspect a thing. We packed a few things Friday night. I asked about a swim suit. She had one from years ago. She really wasn’t into the beach or even the local pool. Apparently she had a bad experience, almost drowning when she was young.

We woke up early Saturday, packed the car and headed off. We got to the hotel around 10am, checked in and unpacked. “How about a stroll before lunch” I suggested “put on one of your new dresses”. She looked at the dress and I could see she was concerned. “Come on sweetheart. You can’t buy two dresses and not wear them” I said. She relented and slipped into the dress. “You look so beautiful” I said, trying to ease her mind. “Really?” she said and looked at herself in the mirror. “Yes” I said “really beautiful and sexy”. She smiled and said “let’s go”.

We wandered down the street towards the beach. I could see her nipples were pronounced. The dress was turning her on. I got hard just thinking about how sexy she looked. I saw a couple of guys eyeing her off as we walked. It gave me an idea. “Let’s have lunch somewhere” I suggested “there’s a pub. Will that do?” She said yes and we went inside. It had been quite warm outside but inside they had the air conditioning turned up. Her nipples reacted immediately. I smiled as we sat down. The poor waiter couldn’t take his eyes off Cathy’s boobs, even when he took our order. After he left she whispered “he is ogling me honey”. “I know” I said “I told you that you looked sexy. Every guy in here is staring. Does it turn you on? Being peeved at?” She smiled and squeezed my leg.

We got back to the hotel and she was so turned on. “Fuck me Neil” she whispered as soon as we reached the room. What could I do? I had to please my horny wife. I started to rub her pussy but she was adamant. “Don’t mess about. Hurry up and fuck me”. She moaned, she groaned and she clung to me as I did my best to give her what she wanted. Afterwards I asked what had got her so excited. I knew the answer of course. “Those guys were looked at me. I could see they were thinking they would like to have sex with me. That waiter actually got a hard on. I saw the bulge in his pants”. Her eyes were sparkling and she sounded genuinely excited. “Of course they wanted to have sex with you darling” I said “you are one very sexy woman”. “You aren’t upset?” she asked. “Of course not baby. They want to fuck you but I get to do it”. She laughed. “You are so nasty” she said.

Then rest of the afternoon we lazed by a hotel pool and then decided to go out of dinner. I knew what she was thinking when she said “let’s go to that pub to eat”. She was starting to enjoy the looks she was getting. I pretended to suggest somewhere else and she started to insist. I kissed her and said “OK let’s go”. We walked in and the place was packed. Obviously it was the go-to place in town. The staff had changed and a cute waitress served us. We had a nice meal and a bottle of wine. Cathy wasn’t a big drinking but I conspired to have her drink most of the bottle. She was getting tipsy. I noticed the waitress coming over several times to ask if we needed anything else. Cathy leaned over at one stage and whispered “she is nice honey. Would you like to see her and me together?” I looked at her and smiled “that would be so cool” I replied.

Later back in the room she made a joke of it but the fact that she had even thought that had me horny as hell. We had a particular hot session, first in the shower and then on the bed. Although she was drunk I was sure that what she was saying was true. What was also true as the way she demanded I lick her clit while fingering her and then demanding I fuck her doggy style. Obviously she had seen that in her video viewing and the way she squealed and moaned she obviously liked it. The next morning she was a little hung over but a good breakfast and three strong coffees had her feeling better.

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