Educating Cathy – Chapter 01



I marry a sweet girl but she has secret desires.

Cathy and I (Neil) married in our early 20s. She was a virgin and I had sex once before we married. So it was a journey of discovery. We didn’t have much of an idea of foreplay and intercourse lasted maybe 5 minutes. I was happy and I assumed that she was too. When she had her period sex stopped dead for three days. In retrospect we were boring. Gradually we began to explore each other. I would run her pussy and when she moaned I would stop thinking it was hurting. She sometime played with my cock but not often. When it was “that time” I would jerk off.

I worked Monday to Friday and she worked Tuesday to Saturday so our only time together was Sunday. We would do the shopping and clean the house and, in fine weather, I would be in the garden. Saturday night was sitting in front of the TV as she was too tired to go out. As I said, we were boring and actually thought it was all good. Or so I thought.

Stuck home alone on Saturdays I would be on the internet checking emails, etc. We had been married for probably 18 months. One Saturday I pressed the wrong button and the internet history came up. I was about to delete it when I noticed a series of porn addresses. I was so surprised as I really didn’t look at porn. I clicked onto one and this site came up and had couples screwing. I continued clicking away and there were lesbian sites and something called cockold. One had a woman being fucked by two guys while someone, supposed to be her husband, watching. I couldn’t believe my seemingly straight laced wife was looking at this sort of stuff.

I decided not to delete anything with the intention of checking what she was looking at. Sure enough, the next Saturday, some more sites were added. It seemed that every Monday she spent a large part of the day looking at porn. Although shocked and angry I didn’t say anything but looking at these sites had me jerking off thinking that maybe she was masturbating to them. I started to notice subtle changes about that time. One night while engaged in the usual foreplay I noticed her crutch was hairless. She had always kept it trimmed but now it was bald. I was rubbed her clit and then stopped ready to mount and she whispered “don’t stop darling, I love that”. Moments later she moaned loudly “oh yes I am cumming” she mumbled and was shaking. She kissed me and said “thank you sweetheart”. The following sex was so good – for both of us.

I began to realise that my wife was looking at the porn videos to learn more things. As the weeks passed her video watching was getting stranger. First it was toys, then lesbian ones, S&M and gangbangs. Sex was getting a little wilder and I started to wonder what she was willing to try. Getting her off with my fingers became our normal thing. I decided to see what SHE was prepared to do. She stared her period and I whispered “I am horny darling. Play with my cock”. I thought she would say something like “don’t be disgusting” but she grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off. I gave a groan and had a delightful orgasm. “Oh yes baby” I said, sort of mimicking those videos. She looked at me “did you enjoy that honey” she asked. I said it was fantastic. She did the same thing the next two nights. My mind was racing. What else was she prepared to do?

A couple of nights after that I got bold. I had seen what couples were doing in those videos. I cuddled up to her and said “you pussy likes so nice bald darling. Would you like me to lick it?” She looked shocked for a minute but didn’t say anything. I didn’t wait for an answer. I slipped down the bed, pulled up her nighty and buried my face in her crotch. “What are you doing” she cried but at the same time spread her legs. Seconds later she was moaning. “Oh Neil that is nice” she mumbled “lick my clit”. I did just that and I had her squealing. She came and begged me to stop but I didn’t and got her off again. She lay there shaking and screamed “fuck me honey”. That was the first time she had said that word. I mounted her and pounded the hell out of her and all the time she was moaning and groaning. I controlled myself and it was maybe 10 minutes before I came. She clung to me and said how she loved it.

The next couple of nights I repeated the oral stimulation and each time she would cry out how she wanted me to fuck her. It was turning me on but I also knew about her video watching. It was a Sunday and it was pouring rain. Shopping was a quick dash to get bare essentials. We got wet racing to the shops and back to the car. I suggested we needed a shower – together. She giggled and said I was bad. I told her it would be fun and finally she agreed. Luckily the shower was large and we both fitted easily. I souped her up, paying lots of attention to her boobs and crotch. She was humming. “Now do me” I said. She started slowly but warmed to the task. I was already hard and as she washed my cock I told her to do a good job because I wanted her to suck me.

The look on her face was priceless. “You want me to suck your thing?” she exclaimed. “No honey” I said “I want you to suck my cock. Now say it”. She hesitated and then said “yes I want to suck your cock” and right there in the shower she squatted down and, tentatively at first, she began. I moaned and she stopped. “Did it hurt?” she asked. I looked down at her “no baby at feels so good” I said and she started again. I have to admit it was my first time having my cock sucked and I wondered how long I could last. I didn’t want to cum as I wanted to fuck her. I was so turned on and I suspected so was she. That proved correct when she stood up and shouted “fuck me right now”. She leaned over, her back to me and her hands against the wall and I fucked her sort of vertical doggy style. I was sure she had seen that scene in her videos.

Later that day we were sitting in the lounge and she asked me if I liked her sucking me. “Yes honey” I said “I liked it very much”. She came over and sat in my lap and kissed me passionately. “Honey there is things I want to try. Can you help me” she whispered, as if it was something she didn’t want anyone to hear. “You just tell me want you want and we can do it” I replied. She kissed me again “I don’t really know darling. I was hoping you had ideas” she said, throwing the planning to me. I had seen the sort of stuff in those videos she had been watching. The problem I had was what she wanted to try and what were just fantasies that she saw but didn’t want to do for real. This would take some planning on my part. I didn’t want to creep her out or push too far too soon.

“Honey, do you know what a 69 is” I asked, knowing full well she did. “I am not sure” she replied. “Well come on honey. Let me show you” I said and led her into the bedroom. “Let’s get undressed and start your education my love” I said. I had barely got the words out and she was stripping. “This is going to be so much fun” I thought to myself.

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