Educating Cathy – Chapter 02


Educating Cathy – Chapter 01


My wife is obsessed with porn. I want to make it a reality.

Neil starts to educate his wife Cathy but because of the porn she had been watching in secret he wondering how much education she needed.

Having suggested a “69” I wondered if she knew what it was or wasn’t she feigning ignorance. She certainly seemed eager. Now naked we climbed onto the bed. She was still pretending not to know what it was. She certainly had seen it on video, either man and a woman or two women. I went along with her lack of knowledge. “Just lay on the bed on your side” I told her. Then I laid down in the opposite directing. “Open your legs darling” I said to her and pushed my face into her crotch and began to probe her pussy with my tongue. She moaned and then began to suck my cock. Yes, she knew what it was alright. Her moans were stifled by my cock in her mouth. Mine were stifled by her crutch and her very wet pussy and clit.

I could feel myself getting close and moved my head to tell her. In muffled tones she told me not to stop. “Make me cum darling” she mumbled. “But I am going to cum” I said. I swear she took more of my cock in her mouth and sucked harder. I resumed my oral administration and she let out a muffled squeal and climaxed. That was it for me. I began to pump cum into her mouth. She never hesitated but began to swallow. I renewed my efforts on her clit and by the time my cock was drained and limp she had cum once more. I quickly spun around. There was no cum on her lips or chin. She had swallowed every drop. We hugged and kissed. “Now you know what a 69 is darling. She smiled “I don’t know about you honey but I loved it” she whispered.

We lay in each’s arms on the bed coming down from our mutual high. “I wish you could hard quickly sweetheart because I want a fuck” she whispered in my ear. “Well play with my cock and make his wake up” I replied. It took a few minutes but she got all excited. Can we do it with me on top” she asked. “You mean cowgirl?” I asked, knowing full well she knew. “Is that what they call it” she again played dumb. We got dry and got onto the bed. “It might take a while before I cum again” I said. She gave me this wicked grin and mounted me. I reached down and my thumb began to massage her clit. That really set her off. She was so hyped up that I thought I counted three orgasms before I rolled her over and went to town on her and came with a groan. It was something special.

I began to wonder what else I could do to match her obvious obsession with porn. I didn’t want to push too hard. Just enough to take her out of her comfort zone and into her fantasy zone. I had seen several videos involving toys, either solo or with males or females as partners. I decided to start simple and see where it led. I rang and told her I was working late. I would be home late. The truth was I was visiting a sex shop on the way home. I bought a 7” vibrator. I didn’t want to get one bigger than me. It was black with 3 speeds. It was bedtime and I went and cleaned it and put batteries in it. When we got into bed I just said “Wow, look what I found”. She started at the vibrator, then and me and then back at the vibrator. “What are you going to do with THAT? She squealed. “Well honey” I said “the girl in the shop said it will make you cum and cum. You can even use it when I’m not here”. She tried not to smile but I could see she was excited. “Would you like to see if it works” I said.

“Oh please” she said and I started to rub her nipples with it. They immediately got erect. I began to run it around her naval and then back up to her nipples. She moaned and grabbed my hand holding the toy and pushed it down and between her legs. “I want it honey. Fuck me with it” she said and then gasped as I began to push it into her pussy. Then I pulled it out and ran it over her clit. She began to wriggle around. “Darling that feels so nice” she moaned and I pushed it all way into her pussy and her squeal echoed through the whole house. “Please fuck with it baby” she cried out and began to rub her clit as I worked that toy. When she came she shook all over.

I pulled it out and mounted her. She was still shaking as I buried my cock in her. “Did you like that sweetheart” I said but her face told the story. She had lust in her eyes as I groaned and orgasmed. We lay there hugging each other. Finally she said “that was so amazing. You are so bad buying that without taking me”. I thought “mmm she wanted to come with me to the shop. That will be my next adventure in my quest to find her boundary. Looking at videos was one thing but just how far was she prepared to go in real like? That was the mystery to be solved. For now I would play it cool and see what happened with the vibrator.

I had planted the seed saying she could use it solo. I carefully placed it in the drawer so I knew where it was. We used it a couple of times, especially on Sunday afternoon. I placed it in the drawer and checked Monday night. It was in the drawer but not exactly how I had placed it. I knew she had used it on her day off. I wondered if she watched videos while masturbating. I checked the computer history and sure enough, new entries. My darling wife was getting her rocks off. A couple of the videos were women solo but another was two women pleasing each other. How to make that possible but by accident. I sure wanted to see her having fun with another woman. Time to start planning.

Cathy had said she was upset that I went to the sex shop without her. My plan was to first take her with me to the shop and let her look at what they had with the girl in the shop there with us while we decided. That would get her excited, I thought. That would be stage one of my plan. I knew the shop opened late on Saturday so I said I would pick her up and we could go shopping. I didn’t say where. She didn’t ask. Maybe she thought we would do our grocery shopping or something. I picked her up from work and drove to the sex shop. As soon as she saw the shop she wanted to go home. I reminded her that she had said I should have taken her when I bought the vibrator. I win.

We got out of the car and went into the shop. The girl was behind the counter and there were two guys there, one with his wife, wandering around. The solo guy looked her up and down, basically undressing her with his eyes. She squeezed my arm. I didn’t know the significance until later. We wandered around and the others began to leave. The girl behind the counter obviously recognised me. “Hello Sir” she said “what can I interest you in this time”. We had gotten to the clothing section. “Hi I am Sue” she said the Cathy “is there anything here you like? You can try clothes on. We have a dressing room at the back”. Cathy said she wasn’t sure but then saw a red bodysuit. “Oh I like that” said Cathy. “That would look so good on you honey” Sue said and they both giggled. I immediately got a hard on. This was going better than I thought.

“Could I try it on” asked Cathy. “Yes, of course. Actually it is closing time but that’s ok. You try it on while I lock the front door” and she headed off. Cathy looked at me. “Do you like this” she asked, holding it up. “Yes darling it will look great. Even Sue said it would look great”. Cathy disappeared into the change room and stripped off. She put on the body suit and stepped out. She looked so sexy. Sue came up and was so excited. “That looks fantastic” she said “just let me adjust the shoulder straps. She brushed Cathy’s shoulder. Cathy’s nipples were swollen and very prominent. When Sue began to adjust the shoulder straps Cathy gave a little moan. She was turned on. So was I. Maybe this would be easier than I thought.

We bought the body suit and Sue said we can come back anytime. We got into the car and Cathy said “did you see that guy look at me?” she asked. Of course I knew what she was talking about. “He was staring at my tits” she said “I was glad you were there”. I laughed “were you afraid he would try something? I said “I think Sue was more likely to try something”. “She is really nice” she said “really nice”. “Oh yes babe, and you liked her touching you” I said. “Don’t be silly” was the reply. But once home she couldn’t get me into bed quickly enough. “Yes babe, you liked it”.

Educating Cathy – Chapter 03

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