Katie’s Discovery 2


Katie’s Discovery 1

She slowly moved closer to me and then landed a kiss on my lips. I did not hesitate. I began to kiss her back very slowly. Her lips were so soft. The taste of bubblegum lip gloss in my mouth. We kissed slowly for while, then started to pick up speed. She bit my lip. I let out a small moan. I bit hers back. She grinned and proceeded to slide her tongue in my mouth. We swirled our tongues around each other for a good time before we pulled back and looked at each other.

“Wow..I can’t believe you went along with it.” She said to me.

“Well..It just so happens I was also scared about a time like this.” I replied.


“I always wanted to do something like this..but In my mind, it went more like this.”

With a confused look on her face, I grabbed her hand and put it down to my crotch. I slid her hand in my thong and rested her hand on my now dripping wet pussy.

A look of shock came across her face.

~PART 2~

“Katie..” she said shyly.

Without a word, I put my finger over her lips. I wrapped my hand around hers and rubbed my pussy with her fingers. The feeling was nothing I could ever imagine. I have never felt the touch of a women before. Knowing my wetness was all over her hand made me horny in ways I couldn’t explain.

She started to rub faster on her own. I slowly slipped my hand out my panties and took them off. Leaning back, I spread my legs, widening my pussy for her. She ran her finger around my clit in circles very fast.
Moaning, I yelled “Faster! Faster!!”

“Shh! You’ll wake your parents up!”

Knowing she was right, I shut up. Her fingers were amazing. Soft to the touch. She rubbed my clit faster and faster, swirling my juices around it, making it very slippery. After a while, she stopped and started kissing me passionately.

“Katie, I’ve always wanted to do this with you..I just..”

In mid sentence, she started to rub my clit again.

“I just was so scared that something like this would ruin our friendship..” she said quietly.

“I-I..um…-moans- it’s okay now..we’re already -moans-..”

I could barely talk.

Jamie smiled and sat up off and climbed off the bed. She slowly took her shirt off and threw it to the floor. I couldn’t keep my hands off my dripping wet pussy ; I played with myself as she undressed. Her grace and sexiness amazed me. Even her undressing got me hot. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them to the ground along with her panties. She looked stunning. Her blonde hair gliding over her shoulders, covering one of her breasts slightly. Her tits were that of perfection. Perky and just the right size with the cutest small pink nipples.

“Jamie..wow. You’re beautiful..” I said in envy.

“So are you, sweetheart..” she said, leaning over to my ear.

She began to lift my shirt up slowly, waiting for me to put up my arms. My best friend is undressing me. The thought of that just got me more riled up. She was in for a treat tonight.

She took my bra strap off my shoulder and gently kissed my shoulder all the way down my chest, then up again to my other shoulder. She unhooked my bra and threw it to the floor, leaving me only in my thong. She began kissing my neck while leaning over. I cupped my hands on her breasts and massaged them slowly as she kissed my neck. I felt her nipples get hard in my hand. Rubbing them slowly, she began to let out moans in between her kisses.

She kissed slowly down my chest after finishing my neck. Down my collar bone to my tits. I started to shake a little, knowing what was about to happen. My pussy wetter then ever, I reached down and got my fingers wet, having an idea of what she was going to do. I brought my hands up and rubbed my juices all over my nipples.

A giant smile came across her face. I could see how desperately she wanted to taste me. She started to lick my nipples softly, getting them hard. Faster and faster she went, massaging my other breast with her hand.

“Jamie..oh my god..”

She grinned evilly in a sexy way as she licked my nipples faster, even so much so as to nibble on them a bit. She took both my breasts and shook them in her face.

“You taste amazing, Katie. I WANT MORE!” she exclaimed.

“it’s all yours.” I said, spreading my pussy open for her to see.

Smiling, she kissed down my stomach and situated herself between my legs. She spread them wide as I held open my pussy.

“You’re dripping wet..your fingers and soaked.” she said in a sexy voice.

“All for you and because of you, love.” I said

Without a word, she moved my hands away from my pussy and she herself spread it. Before even licking my clit, she went down to where the dripping was coming from and slurped up my juices. I moaned as loud as I could into the pillow. She kept licking up my juices over and over. My clit was throbbing, needing attention. I ran my hand down to my clit and started rubbing it as she licked me clean.

“No! You just lay back, I’m doing all the work.” she said sternly.

Moaning, I shook my head in agreement. She moved up to my clit and put it in her mouth. She sucked licked it for a good 10 minutes. Swirling her tongue around it, getting me wetter and wetter. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to cum.

“Jamie, reach under my pillow and get my vibrator. I want to cum so badly.”

“No, no vibrator. I’m going to make you cum on my own.” she replied.

“But how? It’s hard for me to cum just from getting eaten out.”

With a look of an idea on her face , she got up and sat between my legs. She got into a scissoring position. Smiling, she got closer to me, pushing her pussy close to mine. She was dripping wet along with me. Knowing I got her wet sent shivers down my spine. I never thought I’d be able to do something like that to another woman.

She started to rub her pussy against mine very slowly. I felt her clit rub against mine. I started to moan loudly, not being able to cover up the sheer pleasure I was feeling. I forced myself to stop, though so I wouldn’t wake my parents. As our wet, slick pussy glided back and forth on each other, I couldn’t help but think how much fun I was going to have with her in the future.

“Fuck me, Katie! Fuck me like I know you want to.” She exclaimed.

I did what I was told. I grinding against her pussy with as much force as I could. I was about to cum.
“I-I’m about to cum!! Ohhhhhh!!!”

Without warning, I started to squirt. I was in pure shock because I never was able to squirt before. The squirting went on for a couple seconds, splashing all over our pussies and bodies. I moaned as loud as I could, forgetting it was the middle of the night.

Jamie got up fast as I was squirting. She leaned over and started to drink my cum, rubbing her tongue over my clit back and forth really fast as I gushed all over her mouth.

As she was in the middle of it, my door flew open.

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