Family fun with Natalie, Jenny, their Daddy, and a Doberman.

Natalie flipped the bed covers off her head in frustration. “Jen, it’s late. Can we please turn off the light?”

“Just a few more pages,” her sister Jenny insisted, thumbing over to the next chapter. Natalie gave an exaggerated sigh. She didn’t normally mind sharing a bedroom with her older sister, but her habit of staying up late, curled up with a book, was a common source of dispute between the two otherwise close siblings.

“What’s so fascinating about this one?” Natalie inquired with a hint of sarcasm, peering across the small room to her sister’s bed.

“It’s on hypnosis,” Jen replied, not breaking her concentration off the page.

Natalie scoffed. “That’s all nonsense,” she proclaimed. “I bet you couldn’t hypnotize me and make me do stuff I don’t want to.”

“It doesn’t work that way, little Miss Smarty-pants,” Jen countered. “You can’t hypnotize someone who doesn’t want to cooperate. And you can’t make them do something they don’t want. It’s more about overcoming the person’s fears and reluctance to do the things they really want to do anyway. Like I couldn’t make someone honest go out and steal, but maybe if they really want to quit smoking, hypnosis could help them out.”

Jen was the older of the two siblings by only a year, but liked to consider herself wiser and more educated than her tomboy younger sister. “Whatever,” Natalie rebuffed. “I still say you couldn’t learn to hypnotize me from just reading about it in a book.”

Giving up, Jenny closed the book. Flipping aside the covers, she rose from her bed. Pausing to pick up a pencil from the desk, she crossed the room. Backlit by the single lamp on the desk, her shapely body was outlined through her thin lingerie nightie. Her full, firm breasts were clearly visible through the gossamer-thin lace, and the short, swishing hemline only halfway covered the tiny crotch of her panties, displaying a generous cleft of plump camel toe in the tightly stretched silky material. Long blonde hair spilled in curls past her shoulders, gently swaying in synchronous motion with the alluring roll of her sultry hips.

Natalie stared wistfully at her older sister. She felt so plain in comparison, although friends and relatives always insisted that she was “just cute as a kitten.” However, that didn’t seem to count for much when she compared her flat-chested A-sized breasts and petite build to her older sister’s sensual looks. Clad in just an oversized fraying sweatshirt, Natalie brushed a stray lock of brown hair from her eyes as she swiveled to sit at the edge of the mattress. Her sister moved in closer, kneeling down next to the bed. “Here, let me show you,” Jen offered. “Just focus on the shiny part around the eraser.” Rotating the pencil between her fingers, the glow from the lamp reflected off the polished metal, glinting as the facets slowly turned. “Now just concentrate on the flashes of light. You’re feeling calm and relaxed. Focus on the sound of my voice. Let the barriers in your mind fade away. Free yourself from the limits you place on yourself…”

Natalie’s distracted gaze instead focused on the intimate view down her sister’s low-cut lingerie, admiring the deep, inviting cleavage. Jenny continued to slowly twirl the pencil, her soothing voice trying to lull the younger girl into a slumbering state of mind. Natalie suppressed a grin. While Jenny’s amazing tits offered an undeniable mesmerizing effect, the trick with the pencil was producing no results at all. But she decided to have a little fun with her know-it-all older sister, pretending she was hypnotized, just to see what Jen might tell her to do. “Relaxed…” Natalie murmured in agreement, letting her eyelids droop with a fake flutter. “Fading… No limits…”

After a moment, Jenny put the pencil aside, leaning in close to peer into Natalie’s unfocused eyes. She waved her hand in front of Natalie’s face, but the younger girl didn’t flinch or respond, only sighing as if lost in a trance. “Now reach into your subconscious,” Jenny coaxed in a hushed tone. “Tell me what you really want to do…”

Natalie paused, wondering what she could say to really throw her sister for a loop. After a moment, a wonderfully wicked idea jumped to mind. “Want to… to kiss…” she whispered, purposely trailing off into a murmur.

“Kiss? You want to kiss someone?” Jenny prompted as her interest perked. “Is there a boy you’re sweet on? Come on Natalie, you know you want to tell me.”

“Want to kiss… you,” Natalie breathed in an almost inaudible tone.

Jenny flinched in surprise and Natalie fought to choke back a case of the giggles. Her older sister leaned in closer, asking Natalie to repeat herself. Once again the startling confession was made, clearer and more certain. Their faces only inches apart, Jenny felt a shiver of excitement rush through her. There had long been an underlying sexual tension between the two sisters — unspoken and never acted upon, but always present and undeniable. Jenny gazed deep into Natalie’s eyes, looking for some hint of a mischievous joke. But the younger girl maintained a steady, unblinking expression, letting her tongue run over her soft, pouty lips as she subtly leaned forward.

Completely stunned, Jenny let the moment happen. Their lips touched, tentatively at first but then with growing passion. Jenny’s mouth parted and Natalie’s tongue slipped inside, interlacing with her older sister’s wriggling oral appendage. Jenny’s fingers tangled in Natalie’s hair, pulling her in tighter. The stunning blonde girl’s ample breasts pressed up against the petite tits of her younger sister, nipples perking into an erect state of arousal as the fleshy tips dueled and rubbed, separated by their clothing. Finally, with a gasp, the two girls pulled apart, breathless. Their minds raced as their once-plutonic sisterly affection had suddenly entered unknown realms.

Jenny broke the silence, her heart pounding as she worked up her courage. “Do you… ah… do you maybe want to kiss… me somewhere else?” she asked shyly, embarrassed at the strangely husky tone in her voice. Jenny couldn’t help but notice that Natalie’s gaze had once more settled on her ample breasts. Subconsciously, she straightened posture, adding a slight arch to her back, lifting her amazing chest closer to her sister’s face. Her nipples hardened further in response to the forbidden thought of her younger sister’s lips lovingly caressing the tender flesh of her heaving tits.

Natalie let the tension build, wondering how far she dared to push her little prank. “Maybe…” she breathed, running the tip of her tongue in a sensuous caress over her moist lips. She turned her gaze towards the floor, pretending to be overcome with shyness.

Jenny’s finger slipped gently under her chin, raising the girl’s gaze. “Tell me where,” she encouraged, jittery with anticipation. “It will be our secret.”

A prolonged quiet blanketed the room as Natalie pretended to wrestle with her answer. “On your… bottom,” she finally admitted, struggling to halt her laugh as she pushed her little joke to the next level.

Jenny sat back on her heels, mouth agape, stunned into silence. She swallowed uncomfortably, but then rose to her feet, turning away from Natalie’s gaze. The little brunette thought Jen might now walk away in a huff, having finally seen through the prank. But then Jenny pulled the hem of her lacy lingerie up over one hip, exposing a glimpse of a firm and creamy rump cheek. She coyly looked back over her shoulder. “You mean my butt?” she inquired with a tremor of disbelief and eagerness in her voice. “You want to kiss me on my butt?”

Natalie slowly shook her head. Jenny’s expression turned into a frown of disappointment. The thought of her younger sister’s tender lips nuzzling kisses on the creamy flesh of her shapely rear had an undeniable appeal. “Tell me,” Jenny urged, unable to hide her urgent curiosity. A shock raced through her as her younger sister whispered an almost inaudible reply. “What?” Jenny rasped, feeling her throat go dry.

“On your… your butthole,” Natalie repeated, struggling to keep an unemotional monotone to preserve the illusion she was hypnotized. “I want to kiss your pretty little asshole.” Once more an almost irresistible smirk threatened to fight its way onto her lips. Surely this would at last push things too far, causing Jenny to finally crumple and admit defeat.

“That is so…” Jenny stammered, her words faltering to nothing. Natalie braced herself, waiting for the accusation that would finally send her into a fit of overwhelming giggles. So ‘sick’, ‘disgusting’, or ‘perverted’? So utterly repulsive?

“Oh god,” Jenny breathed. “That is so… hot!”

Natalie watched in shock as her older sister hooked her thumbs into the string-like waistband of her skimpy panties, pulling downward. Wiggling her sexy hips, she dragged her underwear down to mid-thigh, exposing her naked rear. The almost subliminal hint of wet pussy in the air blossomed into a heady perfume as Jenny’s naked cunt was unveiled, peeking out from between her shapely thighs.

Seemingly with a mind of their own, Natalie’s trembling hands reached up, daring to softly caress the flawless flesh of her sister’s beautiful ass. Thoughts of maintaining the joke faded as Jenny took a step in reverse, presenting her butt only inches from Natalie’s face. The younger girl’s hot breath washed over Jenny’s naked rear, raising goosebumps on the skin. Exploring fingers squeezed the firm globes of flesh, thumbs subtly creeping into the deep cleft. A gentle tug spread the soft cheeks, revealing the first glimpse within. Natalie groaned, her eyes drawn shamelessly to the cute, wrinkled pucker of her sister’s sweet little anus. A surreal sensation of light-headedness swept over Jenny as she could almost feel her little sister’s unwavering stare boring into her secret nether portal. The older girl widened her stance, further spreading her ass for Natalie’s obscenely intimate investigation.

The pretty blonde shuddered as Natalie’s thumbs slipped in deeper, prying those delicious ass cheeks open. Another wash of warm air breathed from Natalie’s lips, washing across the tender, puckered skin. The wrinkled little orifice of Jenny’s anus puckered back and forth in anticipation, presenting an irresistible lure. Natalie’s mouth watered at the sight and she licked her lips, unconsciously leaning forward. Her nose eased into the crack of Jenny’s ass, causing both girls to shiver with forbidden lust. “Hurry,” Jenny urged, bouncing lightly on her toes, giddy with excitement. Natalie steeled herself, closing the distance, determined not to be the loser in this incestuous game of chicken. It would just be a quick kiss, after all… Nuzzling her cute face into the deep cleft of Jenny’s quivering ass cheeks, she closed her eyes as if that might somehow separate her from this obscene act. She unerringly found her target, soft lips intimately brushing her sister’s crinkled, star-shaped pucker. At first contact, Jenny flinched, but then unexpectedly pressed herself eagerly back, transforming the tentative oral caress into a more urgent pressing of flesh. A brief touch was all Natalie intended, but once committed, her lips lingered, nuzzling and exploring. The crinkled flesh was so tender, and the dimpled crevice seemed a perfect, natural fit for Natalie’s pursed lips. The saliva from her open-mouthed kiss painted a glistening sheen to her sister’s quivering anus. Natalie groaned, clutching hands drawing back on her sister’s hips while pressing her lips in harder.

“Use your tongue,” Jenny shamelessly begged, feeling strange flutters ripple through her rectal tract. “Please, Natalie, stick your tongue deep into my tight little shitter!”

Any lingering thoughts of playful pranks dissolved into a mental fog. Lustful lesbian urges, long held in check, came to fruition as Natalie eagerly complied, diligently applying pressure and feeling Jenny’s tight rear portal slowly give way. She ran her tongue in a slow circle, exploring just inside the tight muscular rim. Then, heart fluttering with anxiety, she dared to dig her fluttering tongue deeper into the hot, steamy depths of her sister’s wonderfully snug asshole. Jenny groaned, her rectal tract instinctively tightening down around the oral invader, squeezing in a lustful embrace. Wet, slurping noises arose as Natalie rapidly drove her stiffened tongue in and out of Jenny’s gaping anus. Saliva oozed down her chin, hanging unnoticed in dangling strands as she dug fingers firmly into Jenny’s fleshy ass cheeks, spreading them wide open.

A tingling in Jenny’s pussy began to build. Trembling, but not yet ready to abandon herself to the sensation, she pulled her ass away from Natalie’s tantalizing oral explorations. Natalie’s hands reluctantly slipped from her sister’s hips. A shiver raced up Jenny’s spine as she felt her younger sister’s talented tongue retreat from her clutching anal grasp. She turned as Natalie eased from the bed, positioning herself subserviently on her knees. Exploring fingers crept up Jenny’s legs, finding the tiny panties still spanned between the girl’s naked thighs. She quickly dragged them downward as Jenny stepped from one foot then the other, allowing their removal.

Natalie bunched Jenny’s panties into a ball, her fingers gently rubbing the delicate white lace. She raised her hand, bringing the moist undies to her nose. Eyes closed, she inhaled deeply, savoring the intoxicating fragrance of her sister’s steamy twat. Jenny smiled and pressed her moist loins forward, breaking Natalie out of her reverent worship of the cunt-scented undergarment. Natalie’s pretty face turned upward, meeting her sister’s grinding, naked pussy. Once more that talented tongue extended, this time delving deep into Jenny’s silky fuck slot. She gasped, wrapping her hands around her younger sister’s head, pulling her face tight into her dripping snatch. Natalie’s lips nuzzled the ruffled pussy lips, then nipped at Jenny’s clit. The blonde responded with a squeal of surprise and delight as her sister’s as teeth gently closed down on the pulsing nub of hyper-sensitive flesh.

A sharp rap sounded on the bedroom wall, causing both girls to flinch in shock. “Hey! You girls quit your giggling and rough-housing in there!” came their father’s gruff, muffled voice through the common wall separating their bedrooms. “It’s late and past time for bed!”

Jenny stifled a naughty giggle, pressing her finger to her lips and making a shushing noise. “You hear that?” she chastised in a whisper. “Daddy says you have to be quiet if you want to eat my cunt.”

Natalie looked up, feigning irritation as the lower half of her pretty face shimmered with a coating of slippery vaginal juices. “I’m not the one making all the noise,” she hissed in response. Jenny had to acknowledge the point. It was difficult for Natalie to make much sound, given that her tongue was so busy licking out wet twat.

A moment passed, stretching into eternity, but no further warnings issued from their daddy’s room. The crisis averted, Natalie’s hands caressed the naked cheeks of her sister’s trembling ass, pulling her in tight. Wandering fingers explored, easing their way into the deep, inviting cleft of her butt. Jenny closed her eyes as delving fingertips teased their way ever closer, finding the recessed dimple of her anus and zeroing in on the prize. “Yesss…” she hissed, offering up enthusiastic permission for her sister to dig a finger deep into that tight little rectum. She groaned, throwing her head back in passion as Natalie’s middle finger overcame the tight resistance and sank into her nether fuck tunnel, buried to the third knuckle in a single, graceful stroke. Jenny’s hips bucked in response and she tightened her grip on the back of her sister’s head.

Spurred on by a deeply digging tongue and finger, Jenny felt a bubbling sensation in her tummy grow. But with it came a more urgent feeling of familiar pressure. She squirmed, trying to deny the ill-timed sensation, but it was no use. Her desperately full bladder would not be denied. “Oh, god, I’ve got to pee!” she confided in a whisper after several moments of futile squirming and clenching. Jenny began to pull away, anguished that this inconvenient call of nature might spoil the magic moment.

“So do it,” Natalie mouthed silently, pulling her sticky tongue from that tight twat just long enough to flash an encouraging smile up at her sister. Jenny’s mouth gaped open in shock, but her shaking head went unnoticed as Natalie burrowed her pretty face right back into the girl’s juicy snatch.

“Nats, I’m not kidding, ok. I mean it, I really gotta pee!” Jenny protested in a desperate undertone, attempting to squirm free of her sister’s grasp. Natalie’s free hand placed a restraining grip on Jenny’s hip while the insertion of a second finger up her hot little ass suggested she wasn’t inclined to let her sister go anywhere. The two digging fingers only added to the building pressure, causing the girl to moan as both digits sank in to the hilt, twisting and digging in her anal tract. Natalie opened her mouth wide and sealed her lips tightly against her sister’s pussy, her tongue probing deep into the clutching vaginal folds of flesh. The wriggling tip of the oral digit found Jenny’s pee hole, probing but unable to squeeze itself inside the tiny opening.

Jenny issued a stifled squeal of protest, feeling the last of her resistance slip. “No, no, no…” she pleaded. She clenched her thighs in a futile effort, feeling the first shameful trickle begin to flow. “Oh, you naughty little cunt!” she protested with a resigned whimper, realizing Natalie was not backing away.

With a mouthful of sticky sibling twat, Natalie’s proud smile went unnoticed, but the glitter in her eyes revealed that she took her sister’s remark as a compliment. Then the trickle became a torrent as Jenny’s trembling pussy delivered a prolonged gush of golden fluid jetting right into her sister’s open mouth. Natalie swallowed, her throat working desperately to consume the overwhelming tide. Her cheeks bulged and steaming girl nectar frothed from her lips. A wet stain spread rapidly across the front of her rumpled sweatshirt, plastering itself tightly to her nubile form. With the floodgates opened, Jenny abandoned herself to the moment, surrendering control over her rebellious bladder. Hot urine poured from her quivering pussy without restraint. Natalie reveled in the savory flood, letting it gush into her open, eager mouth. More excess bubbled over, spilling across her cheeks and chin, finding any remaining dry patches on the front of her soaked shirt. She uncoupled her lips from that tasty pissing pussy and maneuvered herself lower, letting Jenny’s gushing golden flow pour into her hair, matting it down as the excess trickled down her back.

The seemingly endless stream finally began to falter. Natalie wormed her tongue back into the silky smooth depths of Jenny’s dripping snatch, which was all the extra stimulation needed to push the poor girl over the brink. With her little sister’s two wriggling fingers buried to the hilt in her ass and a talented tongue energetically working its magic on the depths of her cunt, Jenny’s prolonged pee session rolled right into a cunt-wrenching orgasm. Her hips bucked in rapid succession. Biting her lower lip, she fought to contain a squeal of passion. Her thighs shivered as muscular contractions raced through them, spreading upward into her loins. Her tight tummy rippled as series of lustful grunts escaped her lips. Her hips thrust forward as her hands desperately clutched at Natalie’s head, forcing her sister’s face hard into her pussy. A gush of vaginal fluids erupted from the depths of her cunt as one orgasmic spasm after another took hold. Jenny’s entire body shivered and sticky twat sauce oozed, pouring over Natalie’s fully inserted tongue and down into her waiting mouth, setting taste buds ablaze. With a final shudder, Jenny’s hips twitched and she finally eased off the pressure on the back of Natalie’s head. Her sister’s lips peeled off her dripping cunt as the younger girl heaved in a desperately needed breath. Panting, she gazed up at her sibling with unrestrained love and lust, strands of glistening pussy slime spanning between lips and drooling twat.

Jenny looked down at her sister, offering a loving smile. Her fingers rose to the front of her nightie, finding the loose ends of the two bows that tied it closed. With a gentle tug, the lingerie was undone, letting those amazing tits spill free. With a shrug of her shoulders, the thin covering was discarded, fluttering to the floor. Natalie rose to her feet, hands grasping at her pee-soaked shirt and dragging it up over her head. Both girls stood naked, eyes lustfully caressing each other’s form. Jenny’s hand found Natalie’s, fingers intertwining as the older sister urged her sibling to the bed.

Natalie lay back on the sheets. Jenny maneuvered herself between her sister’s spread thighs, weaving her shapely legs between those of her sister. Holding hands, the girls scooted closer together, squirming until their wet pussies aligned. Both cunts were in an advanced state of arousal, fleshy pussy lips swollen with excitement, ruffled and unfurled, exposing the pink wetness within. Natalie drew in a sharp inrush of air as her loins made contact with Jenny’s, slippery twats grinding together. Jenny carefully maneuvered her pretty pussy, bringing her large throbbing clit to bear on Natalie’s vaginal lips. With a roll of her hips, the clit wormed its way into her sister’s fuck slot. Natalie’s fingers tightened their clasp on Jenny’s. She closed her eyes and swiveled her hips in response, savoring the intimate sensation of a clit-fucking. Vaginal lubrication trickled from both sweet little cunts as their motions became more frantic. Jenny ground her hips in a circle as Natalie churned in the opposite direction. Pussy mashed tight together, vaginal lips kissing as their clits throbbed in unison under the grinding friction.

Natalie’s hips jerked. Her fingers slipped from Jenny’s grip, both hands clutching desperately at the bed sheets as she bucked her hips and thrust herself hard against Jenny’s naked cunt. Alarmed, Jenny’s hand shot to her sister’s mouth, clamping down firmly just as an orgasmic scream threatened to burst from Natalie’s lips. Only a muffled squeak escaped as the young girl’s eyes widened and her nostrils flared. She lunged again with her hips, her grunts of passion stifled by Jenny’s hand. Pussy lips slithered together, tender flesh sliding easily on a glistening sheen of natural vaginal lube. Natalie’s tummy rippled as her orgasm flowered to full bloom, her loins rubbing desperately against her sister’s as the two girls scissored frantically.

At last Natalie collapsed, panting urgently as her sister’s hand pulled away from her mouth. She lay coated in moist dew of perspiration, a steady trickle of spent pussy cum spreading a sticky stain down onto the bed sheets.

With a sigh, Jenny let herself topple backwards onto the bed. She untangled herself from her sister, spreading her legs in open invitation to Natalie’s hungry gaze. “Fuck me.” Jenny mouthed in a silent come on. Happy to comply, her sister scrambled onto her hands and knees, maneuvering between Jenny’s open legs. Tentatively she reached out, gently stroking her index finger up and down the length of Jenny’s tight, slippery fuck slot. The older sister purred, slowly squirming. As the girls gazed deep into each other’s eyes, the finger slipped into the welcoming depths of the eager cunt, enveloped in a tight, clutching embrace.

Natalie stiffened her finger, forcing herself inward. Jenny grunted, feeling her incredibly tight pussy stretch to accommodate the invasion. Natalie twisted her wrist, crooking her finger to explore every nook and cranny of that sweet little twat. She withdrew, added her middle finger, and pressed both digits back in. Jenny groaned, rolling her hips in an attempt to adjust to the stretching sensation. With an effort, both fingers were buried to the hilt as trembling pink flesh constricted tightly around them. A twisting of the wrist caused the older girl to moan as a sensation of fully stuffed satisfaction washed over her.

The fingers slipped out, trailing a steady trickle of syrupy twat sauce with them. The slimy trailed oozed downward, seeping into the pucker of Jenny’s anus before dripping down onto the bed sheets to start a fresh telltale stain. Three fingers returned to Jenny’s pussy, straining against the resisting tightness to force their way inside. The girl’s hips jerked in response, her fingers reaching down to capture Natalie’s hand at the wrist. “Too much!” she insisted in a hush. Patiently, the younger girl left the three fingertips embedded, reaching up with her thumb to gently stroke her sister’s rigid clit. The pinky finger slipped lower, tickling Jenny’s tautly clenched little asshole. After several moments of loving caresses, the older girl sighed, her body relaxing.

Natalie gave an experimental push, gaining a bit more penetration. Jenny bit her lower lip, shaking her head. “It’s too tight!” she pleaded softly. “I can’t take any more!” A gentle twist of the wrist, accompanied by a flexing of the fingers stretched that uncooperative cunt just a little bit. The three digits slipped deeper, much to Jenny’s alarm. Natalie withdrew ever so slightly, bringing a look of relief to her sister’s face. Then, with loving persistence, the fingers slid back in, claiming just a tad of new territory before the clenching cunt once more brought progress to a halt. Back and forth they worked, relentlessly, until Jenny gasped, begging for mercy. But all three fingers were now buried full depth.

“No more,” Jenny pleaded quietly. Natalie looked up, meeting her sister’s concerned gaze. Unspoken sibling communication took hold as a smile crossed Natalie’s lips. Both girls knew this wasn’t stopping here. “Oh god,” Jenny moaned, coming to grips with her fate. The fingers slipped out of her pussy, then returned. Jenny felt four fingertips tickling, teasing the fleshy lips of her steamy pussy. What the poor girl didn’t notice was the subtle addition of Natalie’s thumb, tucked in alongside the other four digits. Gritting her teeth, she nervously looked at her younger sister and then slowly nodded. The four finger tips slipped in first, then the tip of the thumb. Jenny squirmed, propping her hands underneath her and elevating her hips to give her sister easier access to her straining cunt.

Natalie reached up, her other hand finding and closing on one of her sister’s beautiful tits. She squeezed, causing Jenny to inhale sharply, arching her back. Exploring fingers found a fleshy nipple. She gave it a prolonged pinch, rolling the sensitive nub between her thumb and forefinger. Jenny whimpered, drawing up her hands to cup both her breasts, pressing them together. With all the attention on her chest, Jenny was distracted from the growing strain on her pussy. Natalie relentlessly kept up the pressure. Suddenly there was a flash of intense sensation, a feeling of incredible stretching. The widest part of Natalie’s fist was lodged in the trembling grip of Jenny’s obscenely stretched cunt lips, struggling to overcome the final hints of resistance. Jenny’s hands flew to her younger sister’s wrist, locking down in a desperate grip. Natalie paused, afraid she had taken things too far. But then a smile crossed her face. Jenny, her breaths coming in short, ragged bursts, slowly began to pull at her younger sister’s wrist, urging her towards the full insertion of her fist that both girls desperately wanted. With a look of concentration, Natalia resumed pushing, timing her thrusts to match her sister’s shallow, rapid breathing.

Jenny bucked her hips and a flash of pain surged through her. Her breath rushed from her lungs as if she had been punched in the gut. When she opened her watering eyes, she saw Natalie’s stunned expression, staring in wonder at Jenny’s impossibly stretched cunt. Ruffled pussy lips trembled, wrapped in a loving embrace around Natalie’s embedded wrist. The girl’s entire fist was stuffed into her sister’s juicy twat. Natalie experimentally tugged her arm in reverse, causing tender pussy lips to flare outward. Jenny choked off a squeal of protest as her vaginal mound bulged obscenely. Her sister’s fist was locked in the loving embrace of her tight fuck slot and Jenny’s pussy was obviously going to have to undergo some serious stretching before the hand could be pulled free. This revelation didn’t seem to distress either girl and they cautiously went to work.

Slowly Natalie rotated her fist, clenched knuckles grinding a wonderful friction into the clutching folds of her sister’s hot little twat. A fist-shaped bulge in Jenny’s firm tummy revealed the depth of penetration. She squirmed in response, rolling her hips in a sexy, circular motion. Her overstretched cunt mound swelled as the fist pulled back. Then, gracefully, Natalie slid her hand deeper into Jenny’s straining fuck tunnel, watching those gaping cunt lips slide just a fraction of an inch past the crease on her wrist. It wasn’t much of a motion, but it was certainly a start. The fist rolled, right then left, and then pulled back and eased in, drawing a sigh of passion from her older sister. The springs on the bed frame gave a gentle creak as the cunt-stuffing fist bottomed out, driven ever-so-slighter deeper. Another muffled metallic squeak issued as Natalie drew back. Jenny’s hands tapped lightly on Natalie’s wrist, begging for a moment of reprieve. She shifted the position of her hips, biting her lower lip as she felt Natalie once again twist that fully buried fist. Nodding, Jenny encouraged the younger girl to continue and she lovingly forced her fist like a piston back into her sister’s sweet vaginal sleeve. Slowly a rhythm began to build — squeak, creak — back and forth, the younger sister fist-fucking her sibling’s juicy cunt, slightly deeper with every twat-wrecking stroke.

In the hallway, outside the bedroom, the steady creaking noise carried out the open door, bed springs subtly grinding in a rhythm. It was quiet enough that no human ear would have been alerted. Yet in the hallway, a sleepy eye opened as the sound intruded. A furry head raised, searching for the source of the disturbance. Other senses awakened and a curious snout was raised, sniffing the air. An amazing odor wafted across the discerning canine nose, the black nub of flesh pulsating as it drew in a deep breath. With a quiet whine, the huge Doberman lumbered to his feet, head held high as he continued to sample the air. Unerringly he turned, following the source of the intoxicating scent to the nearest doorway. He peeked through the opening, pausing as his eyes adjusted from the hallway gloom to the light of the girls’ bedroom. Unmistakably, the alluring smell issued from within. A low grumble of a growl came from the doggy’s throat as instinctive urges arose. The spore of wet cunt in heat was in the wind, irresistibly luring the big dog onward.

On nearly silent feet, the Doberman padded undetected across the carpet, reaching the edge of the bed. He cocked his head sideways in curiosity, observing the scene being played out before him. The light-haired girl lay on her back on the bed, panting as if under great exertion. Her legs were splayed open wide, bent at the knees. Her hips bucked, slowly picking up speed and a sense of urgency. Firm, rounded tits rolled with her motions, jiggling delightfully. Between her legs, the dark-haired smaller girl knelt on her hands and knees, thrusting her hand repeatedly into her sister’s loins. The subdued creak of shifting bedsprings kept time with their movements. Both girls seemed swept up in passion, oblivious to their surroundings. The Doberman didn’t understand what was going on, but the smell of moist pussy was almost overwhelming, causing his jowls to water with anticipation.

Carefully he stepped onto the bed, surveying the situation from behind Natalie. Again his head tilted to the side, his nose working energetically. There was no female dog in sight, yet the overwhelming scent of wet cunt hung heavy in the air. As he watched, a glistening strand of syrupy fluid oozed from between the smaller girl’s legs, dangling on a lengthening strand. The drop swayed from side to side, finally adhering itself to the inside of Natalie’s naked thigh. The long loop of slippery vaginal fluid continued to swing, tantalizing, calling to the canine. With a tentative motion, he carefully leaned in, extending his long tongue and capturing the silvery strand. The delicious taste of sweet cunt cascaded across his taste buds and he licked his chops until the savory sensation was consumed. More dewy wetness clung to the fleshy gash between the girl’s legs and as the Doberman watched, another glistening pearl of delicious sauce oozed from her, hinting at the feast that lay within. He stepped closer and ran his rough tongue along the length of Natalie’s juicy fuck slit, gathering up the drips. The girl’s head jerked up in shock, eyes wide as she turned to look behind her. The Doberman paid her no heed, burrowing his snout into the fleshy fuck slot and digging his long tongue deep into her oozing twat. The huge dog had never sampled human pussy before, but at first taste, he was an instant convert.

“Roscoe is licking me!” Natalie hissed in desperation. Jenny’s eyes flew open as she contorted to one side to get a better look. Roscoe, the family Doberman, hunkered down between Natalie’s legs, driving his snout deeper into her accommodating pussy as his talented tongue plundered the depths of her cunt. “What should I do?” Natalie pleaded in a whisper.

A wicked grin crossed Jenny’s expression. “Spread you legs so that fucker can really get in there,” she advised. Natalie replied with a naughty giggle, thinking that was just a peach of an idea. With her fist buried deep in her sister’s snug little pussy, she realized that all pretense of modesty had been long abandoned. She had drank her sister’s piss, and finger-fucked her up the ass, before moving on to the fist-fucking currently underway. With that realization, letting the family dog lick out her quivering twat suddenly didn’t seem like that much of an additional infraction. She smiled, spreading her knees out into a wider stance and rolled her hips up higher to give the greedy canine easy access.

Encouraged, Roscoe went to work, digging his tongue far up into that delicious pussy. He slipped out, slobbering doggy spit and vaginal juices over the girl’s upturned rump. The dimple of her asshole winked at him, drawing his attention. It was a tight squeeze, eliciting a stifled squeal of surprise from the girl, but with dedicated effort, the wriggling doggy tongue managed to gain access to her anal tract. He chuffed with delight, savoring the musky sensation as his rough tongue eagerly rimmed her little shitter. Her hips bucked in response, her inner thighs beginning to quiver. But while the girl’s puckered asshole proved to be a tasty treat, the Doberman realized that her juicy pussy was the more desirable option. The dog withdrew his tongue, zeroing back in on her slippery twat and the fresh flow of tasty girl goo trickling from her shimmering vaginal pocket. Natalie sighed with passion and turned her attentions back to thrusting her fist in and out of her sister’s naughty pussy. With each stroke of her hand, the clutching tightness of that twat faltered further, finally allowing several inches of cunt-stuffing motion with every loving thrust. Jenny mewled with passion, reaching down to hook her hands under her knees, drawing up her legs and hips to shamelessly offer her sister unrestricted access to her eager fuck slot.

Roscoe savored the seemingly unending flow of vaginal juices pouring from Natalie’s trembling vagina. Nature’s call was not to be denied however, and the canine soon felt a powerful urge as his cock began to harden, slipping from its fleshy sleeve and extending to an alarming ten inch length. Precum oozed from the red tip as the huge prick pulsed and throbbed. The doggy whined, unsure how he might get some relief. But quickly the realization came to him — the girl kneeling before him was positioned in an ideal stance for mounting! It hadn’t dawned on the Doberman until now that this little human bitch going into heat meant she was desperately in need of his hard doggy cock. To think, he had almost snoozed through the happy event while napping in the hall. Well never fear, my dear, Roscoe the Doberman is on the job!

He tugged his tongue out of Natalie’s silky twat, licking his dripping chops one last time before rearing up and mounting the young girl. She grunted, almost collapsing underneath him as his weight settled on her back. At one hundred pounds, the large black dog outweighed the petite lass by ten pounds at least, and she was no match for his massively muscular build. “Roscoe! No! Bad Doggy!” she hissed in dismay. Roscoe clamped his front paws around her rib cage, her protests falling on deaf ears. She cried out as his rear paws raked the back of her naked thighs as he scrambled for traction. The skin was unbroken, but angry red welts rose on the tender, creamy skin.

Flying blind, Roscoe attempted to angle his huge cock into the girl’s pussy. She thrashed underneath him in a futile attempt to dislodge the horny canine. Jenny also cried out as Natalie tried to extract her fist from the clutching confines of her sister’s pussy in a bid to make her escape. But that tight snatch wasn’t yet done being fucked, and had no intention of loosening its feverish grasp on that wonderfully buried fist. Roscoe’s cock skimmed up through the grasping lips of Natalie’s unfurled pussy and along the crack of her upturned ass, just off the mark for achieving a proper penetration.

Undaunted, the canine pulled back his furry haunches and line up for another try. Natalie rolled her hips and the dog’s prick thrust too low, slipping into the soft embrace between her naked thighs. The canine seemed to grin, enjoying the fight as his bitch put on an act of shy reluctance. He wasn’t concerned, and the outcome was inevitable. He drew back and made another frantic lunge. This one again was aimed too high, but happened to coincide with a downward roll of Natalie’s bucking hips. A perfect alignment was scored and the thrust of his oozing cock tip found the pucker of Natalie’s puckered little anus. The huge cock socketed perfectly into the recessed dimple, gaining a critical bit of traction. The thick, fleshy shaft bent painfully as Roscoe lunged forward. The girl’s tight little asshole struggled to resist, but instinct took over and it began to pucker back and forth, helplessly responding to the stimulation. The Doberman hugged himself tight around Natalie’s chest, drawing himself in. In the end, it really wasn’t any contest. The powerful beast was bound and determined to sink his cock into an accommodating hole. And any girl’s asshole can’t long resist the sensation of a burrowing cock tip. With a sensual groan, Natalie abandoned her attempts at resistance. She swiveled her hips, grinding herself back against her canine lover. Her tight rectal gateway fluttered open, eagerly welcoming the dog cock up her shitter. The first few inches of his cock slid in. The fleshy shaft throbbed, driven by the rapid beating of the canine heart. Natalie could feel each pulse, transmitted through the tender flesh of her clutching anus. Her own beating heart responded in kind, sending rapid shudders of pleasurable contractions along her anal tract that pulsed into Roscoe’s prick.

Victorious, Roscoe pushed, sinking nearly half his cock into Natalie’s tight little ass. She sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks, but it was unclear even to her if the emotional outburst came from pain, shame, or the fulfillment of every girl’s natural urge to take a huge cock up the ass. Friction burned in her rectal tract as the Doberman pulled back. Slippery precum spilled from the tip of his butt-fucking cock, adding much needed lubrication to her ravished rectal tunnel. The dog’s powerful haunches surged forward, burying all ten inches of canine cock in Natalie’s quivering rectum. Furry balls slapped up firmly against her pussy and she hissed in response, speech slurred but with a sound that came out similar to “YESSSSS!” Roscoe stroked back and then punished her tight little shitter with another agonizing thrust. With a thump, the headboard of the bed rebounded off the bedroom wall.

Natalie regained her senses, whimpering in anticipation as the Doberman cycled back, muscles in his haunches tensing. Matching his timing, she pulled back on her fist in Jenny’s cunt. Roscoe hammered in and Natalie thrust deep, forcing a squeal of passion from her older sister as the plunging fist plowed to uncharted depths. The headboard thumped again, all three lovers oblivious to the sound. Natalie clenched down tight on her rectal tract, capturing Roscoe’s fully embedded cock rod in a loving embrace that caused the canine to whimper with delight. He adjusted his stance, forcibly drawing back against the restraining grip of the girl’s bowels. Natalie spread her knees to a wider stance, wriggling her upturned rump suggestively. The canine drew back almost full length and lunged, forcing a gasp of delight from her lips as she one again drove her fist deep into Jenny’s oozing cunt.

A pounding rhythm was established, with Roscoe the lucky Doberman setting the pace. Each ass-wrecking cock stroke was matched thrust for thrust with Natalie’s fist plunging ever deeper into her sister’s aching pussy. Half her forearm glistened with shimmering vaginal wetness as she withdrew, a testimony to how much fist an enthusiastic girl really can take up her cunt. The headboard hammered like a machine, the drumming noise steadily gaining speed. Roscoe’s tail corkscrewed like a propeller and his tongue hung from his jowls as he desperately panted for breath. Jenny squirmed frantically at the bottom of the pile, her pussy beginning to convulse. Natalie’s inner thighs trembled as the first shivers of an anal orgasm came to a boil. Vaginal juices poured steadily from her gaping twat, trailing downward in numerous dangling threads.

Roscoe lunged in without mercy, pressing Natalie’s firm ass cheeks flat against his haunches. His cock knot swelled, causing the girl underneath him to squeal in protest as her tight little ass was stretched to it limits. She bucked her hips in a seemingly half-hearted attempt to dislodge the ass-fucking Doberman, but the sensual wriggle that followed only served to assure that the massive doggy cock was firmly lodged in her puckered shitter. Both the girl and the canine trembled with expectation, feeling the fleshy knot expand to its maximum girth, fully corking the young girl’s tight little butt. Roscoe raised his head towards the ceiling and unleashed a prolonged howl.

All the pent-up orgasms broke loose. The frantically panting doggy sank his cock in deep, furry haunches pressing hard against Natalie’s compressed ass cheeks. His ball sack, nestled in the wet embrace of the girl’s gaping cunt lips, contracted in a spasm. His cock swelled and hot canine cum blasted into Natalie’s bowels. She joined the Doberman in a lustful, bestial howl of passion. Jenny squealed as her sister’s rolling fist tickled the opening to her womb and she bucked in mindless spasms, taking the plunging fist ever deeper. Roscoe’s haunches pulled back, causing Natalie’s rectal pucker to bulge as the cock knot retracted. But her clutching anal grasp held firm, keeping the dog’s huge prick fully enveloped in her clutching rectum. The canine thrust forward with an ass-plundering stroke, thundering his spewing cock home. Natalie groaned as her tummy swelled. Then a frothing eruption of cum began leaking from the clutching seal of her cock-gripping asshole.

And that was how Larry, the father of two girls, found them. Trying to get to sleep, the pounding of the headboard against the bedroom wall had roused him from his slumber. Annoyed, he made his way down the hall, his frustration growing as the ruckus from the girls’ bedroom grew to a fevered pitch. “What is going on in…” he demanded as he stepped into the room. The sight that greeted him stunned him into silence. The girls, both locked in the throes of their orgasms, didn’t even notice his arrival. The Doberman turned to his head to greet him, a proud look on his face as he serviced his new bitch up the ass. Then he turned back to the matter at hand, furry haunches furiously pumping as he continued to ream out that sweet little shitter.

Larry could do nothing but look on in dismay. He had tried to be a good father and teach the girls right from wrong. But as a single parent, caught between his job and other responsibilities of life, he just couldn’t devote as much time as he wanted. Appalled at the scene of lesbian incest and bestiality playing out before him, he realized his efforts had fallen horribly short.

The damage was obviously done. Oddly, a smile crept across his face as he watched. Life had gotten so busy since the divorce that his social life had fallen completely by the wayside. He had no time to pursue a girlfriend and frankly, the sexual frustration he felt was at times overwhelming. But Larry was a practical man and realized that the obvious solution was staring him in the face. Right under his own roof he had two fine looking young ladies. And given the overwhelming evidence, both were shameless little whores without a hint of moral conscience.

The fragment of an old saying crossed his mind. “Spare the rod and spoil the…” Well, since the blood normally fueling his brain had been redirected to his rapidly swelling cock, he forgot how the rest of that well-worn adage went. But of one thing he was certain — he intended to dispense some fatherly discipline with his big cock rod. There was no sense in letting prize pussy like this go to waste on the technicality of family relations.

A shadow fell across Jenny’s face as she writhed in the grip of her powerful orgasm. Grunting, she bucked her hips frantically, meeting Natalie’s cunt-stuffing fist thrust for thrust. A mewl of lustful satisfaction slipped from her lips, transforming into a shriek of horror as her dazed eyes opened to see her daddy standing next to the bed. Natalie turned, eyes flaring wide in fear as she too grew aware of her father’s presence. “Daddy… no…” she pleaded, as if wishful thinking might undo the reality of the situation. The Doberman mounted on her back gave a happy bark of greeting, then reasserted the clamp of his front paws back around Natalie’s naked torso, continuing to fuck her asshole unabated. The younger sister looked down, flushing red with shame as she worked to tug her fist from the stubborn grasp of Jenny’s still quivering cunt. With a wet slurp, the buried hand finally pulled free, revealing the gaping wreckage of the older girl’s fucked-out twat. Jenny looked up at her daddy, her heart hammering in fear as to what punishment he might have in mind. Unable to meet his eyes, her gaze dropped. Then a shy smile brought the frightened quiver of her lower lip under control. The front of her daddy’s boxer shorts tented out dramatically, doing little to conceal his massive, throbbing erection lurking within. Perhaps the impending discipline might not be so unpleasant after all.

Larry paused, struggling with his moral issues. Jenny was untroubled by such complications and squirmed off the bed, kneeling before him. Deft fingers nimbly tugged down her daddy’s boxers, allowing his raging erection to snap free. The pretty blonde wrapped her loving fingers possessively around the base of his cock. Her other hand nestled in next to the first, fingers closing down around the fleshy shaft. Several inches of hard cock shaft still remained exposed, presenting a lustful target for Jenny’s pretty lips. She dropped one hand to her pussy, slipping two fingers into her dripping wet snatch. Her other hand skimmed along the length of her daddy’s cock as she slipped the head of the shaft into her mouth. Her tongue fluttered on the underneath side of the prick, drawing an appreciative groan from her father. Remaining reservations slipped away as his daughter’s cheeks hollowed and a lewd sucking sound arose. Larry pressed forward, feeling the fleshy head of his cock press up against the tight opening of his daughter’s throat. She looked up at him, lips splayed wide around his rock-hard shank, pretty eyes wide and pleading. Instinctively her nostrils flared, taking in a deep breath. Larry slowly eased his hips forward, beginning his unrelenting push down her throat.

Nearby, the bed springs once more began to creak. After a panting rest on Natalie’s back, the Doberman was getting a second wind. His knot began to shrink, freeing up his cock. The canine drew back on his still rigid prick, drawing a gush of hot cum from the little brunette’s puckered ass. She shuddered with delight, rolling her hips and clenching down tight with her talented rectal grip. The retreating canine ground to a halt, new life pumping back into his dick. Experimentally, he eased back into Natalie’s asshole, delighted to feel a responsive throb from his shaft. The girl replied with a purr, her hips twitching. Roscoe pulled back, finding his movements in her cum-lubricated back passage to now be smooth sailing. His cock engorged back to full hardness, ready for another rectal romp. He cycled his furry haunches and the petite girl underneath him expertly thrust back, taking him with a grunt of satisfaction. Roscoe once more tightened the grip of his front paws around her chest and energetically began to savage her receptive little pooper.

Larry looked over to the bed, observing his youngest daughter taking a second helping of the Doberman’s huge doggy dick up the ass. The red canine cock rod drew out, exposing almost its entire ten inch length, then thrust back in. Larry shook his head in grudging admiration, realizing the canine’s impressive cock almost matched the size of his own. Jenny gave a strangled gargle as Larry indulged in one final throat-fucking stroke of his prick. He drew back, spit and precum trailing from Jenny’s lips. His cock slipped free of her mouth and the girl drew in a desperately needed gasp of air. Fisting his cock, Larry fed the head of his prick back into her eager lips, groaning as her talented tongue went to work. “Do you want to be Daddy’s sweet little whore?” he inquired.

Jenny flinched at the term. But with her daddy’s prick in her mouth, the label was difficult to refute. She offered a muffled “ummmm” in reply as her cheeks drew inward with a lewd sucking noise.

“And do you want your daddy’s huge cock up your tight asshole?” he offered. Jenny slipped her soft lips further down the shaft of his prick and looked up, eyes widening. She nodded as a shiver of anticipation raced through her. Larry pulled his cock from her mouth. A gush of juices drained from her parted lips, spilling downward to splatter on her impressive tits. He crouched down next to her, whispering in her ear. Jenny turned towards Natalie and the Doberman on the bed, listening to her daddy’s instructions as she nodded. A lustful expression spread across her shimmering wet smile.

It took a bit of maneuvering, but it was soon sorted out. On her back, Jenny wormed her way underneath her younger sister. Natalie was still positioned on her hands and knees, her entire body jolting and quivering delightfully with each ass-pounding cock stroke the Doberman delivered. Jenny looked up, seeing Natalie’s tantalizing pussy directly above. The unfurled fuck slot was a gooey mess, long strands of vaginal fluids swinging freely as her hips rolled in dance-like precision with her canine lover. Trickles of sticky doggy cum oozed from her straining asshole, only adding to the allure of the visual feast. Jenny licked her lips expectantly, wrapping her hands around Natalie’s surging hips and drawing her face up into her younger sister’s juicy cunt.

Meanwhile, Larry was getting Jenny situated on the other end. Lifting one shapely leg and then the other, he grasped on ankle in each hand, lifting her hips and spreading her legs before him. Her elevated cunt was presented directly to Natalie’s pretty face and the younger sister wasted no time in delving her tongue into that now familiar fuck slot. Her tussled and matted dark hair brushed against Larry’s naked stomach as she made a meal of her sister’s pussy, offering a delightful tickle as he eased forward. Natalie brought a helpful hand into play, stroking her fingers along the length of her daddy’s throbbing prick and then artfully guiding the slippery tip into the cleft of Jenny’s ass. Larry groaned as Natalie rubbed the fleshy cock head up and down until it found its way into the inviting dimple of her sister’s anus. With a mouthful of wet pussy, Jenny could only mewl a muffled squeal, but her toes clenched in anticipation and she squirmed her hips, making sure the huge prick was firmly seated.

Larry pressed forward, cock and asshole straining as Jenny tightened down with instinctive resistance against the incestuous anal invasion. He sighed, marveling at the incredible tightness of her anal pucker. The girl shrieked in protest as the relentless pressure built. Resistance finally faltered, transforming into a clutching embrace as he finally forced the head of cock inside. Larry’s now-ex-wife — good riddance to her — had never tolerated any anal antics. But his blonde daughter frantically lunged with her hips, revealing she had inherited none of her mother’s prudish reservations. Emboldened, Larry abandoned his strategy of a slow, gentle insertion. Jenny’s lustful howl of delight proved his instincts right and with a forceful, unrelenting push, Larry sank every inch of his throbbing cock meat into his blonde daughter’s quivering rear passage. He held himself fully embedded, savoring the hot, clutching grasp of her rectum. Then he stroked back, generating a delicious friction. Jenny sobbed with unrestrained passion, her shapely thighs quivering. Her father drove his cock mercilessly into her tender anus, a wet slap of flesh on flesh arising as his loins impacted the firm cheeks of her ass. He drew back and thrust again, feeling the girl’s tight backdoor tunnel begin to loosen.

The thought crossed Larry’s mind that a parent should never show preferential treatment to one sibling. So he pulled his throbbing cock out of Jenny’s ass and fed it straight into Natalie’s eager lips. She sucked him down like a pro, her throat constricting around her daddy’s cock as her cunt-slickened lips nuzzled his balls. He indulged in a prolonged moment, stroking in and out. Then, well lubricated with her saliva, Larry freed his rigid prick from the younger daughter’s pouting lips and thrust himself right back into Jenny’s neglected, pouting asshole. Natalie’s pretty face returned to Jenny’s fragrant pussy as Larry’s prick plowed into her sister’s rectum. With her deeply delving tongue, the girl could feel the surging movement of her daddy’s prick through the thin wall of flesh separating Jenny’s cunt and asshole.

The sweet scent of wet cunts simmered, hanging heavy in the air. Feverishly panting, Roscoe the Doberman picked up the pace, pounding Natalie’s upturned rump like he was churning cream into butter. Likewise, Larry hammered the older daughter’s clenching asshole like a pile driver, sending tremors through the writhing conglomeration of canine and human flesh. Wriggling tongues delved deep into quivering pussies, triggering a flood of female orgasms. Man and dog held out as long as they could, but were unable to withstand the convulsive pleasure as tight female rectums contracted with frantic spasms around their throbbing cocks. The Doberman’s cock knot once more swelled to massive proportions, locking him tight in Natalie’s twitching anus. He unleashed his signature howl, thrusting hard and blasting load after churning load of scalding doggy cum deep into the little vixen’s puckered pooper. Larry was hot on his heels, letting out a bellow of lust as he sank his spewing cock shaft hard into Jenny’s eagerly gripping anus, his hips bucking frantically as he emptied his aching balls deep into his cum-dumpster daughter.

Finally spent, the Doberman collapsed on Natalie’s back, his flanks heaving desperately for breath. The canine’s cock knot throbbed, hopelessly swollen and locked in the grip of the young girl’s squeezing anus. The doggy and his bitch were obviously destined to stay coupled for a while. His weight caused the exhausted girl to falter and she fell down onto her sister. With his still hard and twitching cock rod clenched in the loving grasp of Jenny’s rectum, Larry tumbled forward into the delightful pile of girl flesh. Arms and legs slowly squirmed, caressing, savoring the aftermath of the orgy. Larry started to withdraw his cock, but a muffled, plaintiff whine of protest from Jenny changed his mind. Leaving his cock fully buried in his daughter’s ass, he absently caressed soft female flesh, drawing a sigh of satisfaction from somewhere within the tangle of bodies…

… The remainder of the night was but a blurry memory for all, but fragments of memories suggested that daddy and doggy cocks had been coaxed back to life repeatedly. Then exploring tongues and fingers had been pressed into service when spent pricks could finally perform no more. No eager orifice or twisted perversion had been left unexplored. Alas, after much incestuous and bestial pleasure, eventually even those seemingly insatiable twats were at last worn out. With a tired whimper, Roscoe had retreated off the bed and curled up on the rug, his poor prick raw and tender from the hours of girlish attention. Jenny, Natalie, and their dad awoke in a tangle the next morning, groaning and bleary-eyed with exhaustion. Larry rose from the bed, claiming paternal first rights to a much-needed shower. The girls stayed in the sheets, giggling about the night’s events.

“You know,” Natalie confessed as they cuddled. “I was never actually hypnotized. I just wanted to see what you would do to me.”

“I know,” Jenny admitted with a smirk. “I only got to the start of chapter two in that book. I have no idea how to hypnotize anyone. I was only curious to see how you might react.”

Both girls laughed, marveling at how their practical jokes had blossomed into such wonderful revelations. Roscoe gave a tired bark, joining the two girls on the bed. He squirmed in between to them, his tail thumping a lazy beat of contentment. A rush of steam from the shower spilled into the bedroom, suggesting their daddy might still be a while cleaning up. Roscoe whined, feeling Jenny’s soft lips gently slip around his flaccid cock. The tired canine rolled over on his back, offering up his tummy for a sensual belly rub. Natalie complied, her fingers slowly working a pattern downward toward the canine’s furry nuts. A twitch of life stirred in his prick as Jenny’s talented tongue plied its trade. Canine cock meat slowly began respond as the renewed scent of tingling wet pussy wafted through the air. The Doberman’s spent libido was slow to respond, but the girls were determined. It was Saturday after all, so the family had the whole day to play together…

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