My gay seduction.



One thing leads to another….

I was in his apartment. He was older than me by a few years and I suspected he was at least bi-sexual but he was a nice guy and it was just to watch the game on his big-screen, so no big deal.
Had a few beers and the game ended.
“Feel like watching a dirty movie?”
“OK, sure. “
I was pretty comfortable but I’d only watched a porno with other guys once, at a stag party when there loads of other people there. The conversation then was bravado and bluster. This would be different.
More different than I realized when the movie turned out to be all-male.
“Do you mind?”
“It’s not what I usually watch”
“Did you ever watch gay porn?”
“No, never.”
“But, do you mind?”
“I guess not, if you like it.”
He started talking about sex as we watched.
“So did you ever do anything with another guy?”
“Nope…. no… nothing.”
“Don’t believe you”
“….a friend of my brother jerked me off once”
“how old were you?”
“and him?
“I dunno… 25?”
“Did you like it?”
“I guess so, I like when chicks do it.”
“did you do him too?”
“Yes, a bit. Mostly, he rubbed up against me.”
“did you both cum?”
“yes, he was jerking me off from behind. Rubbing his cock against my ass. When I came he shot all over my ass.”
“Did you like it?”
“I liked cumming and when he came it was exciting.”
“You liked feeling him rub against you?”
“And that’s it? nothing else?”
“I bet you think about it”
“Yeah, sometimes, but I like girls”
“so you never wanted to do it again?”
“Not really”
“why not?”
“I’m not gay”
“That’s OK, it doesn’t make you gay, it’s just getting off, right?”
“I suppose”
He reached over and his hand was on my leg, stroking my thigh.
“I could get you off if you’ll let me…”
“Yeah, while you watch the movie.”
“Um, I don’t know…”
“You don’t have to do anything for me if you don’t want to.”
“OK, I guess.”
He reached over to me and undid my jeans.
I stood and he slid them down over my legs, along with my underwear. They were around my ankles.
“No hair down there.”
“No the girl I’m dating likes it that way.”
“I do too. Kick those clothes off, so you can be more comfortable. Don’t worry. It’s all cool.”
I did as I was told and then sat back on his couch. Watched the TV.
“Relax. I’m just going to make you feel good.”
I felt his hand back on my legs. Up and down, closer to my cock, but not touching. Felt my cock hardening with his teasing.
Looked down to watch him stroking my thigh and rubbing himself through his clothes with his other hand.
“Take your shirt off.”
I did. I was sitting in the nude watching a movie where two men were taking turns fucking a youth.
His hand stroked up and down the length of my thigh. Teasing. Teasing. My hard cock throbbing. Needing. Wanting to be touched.
“You like me touching you.”
I didn’t want to admit it. Said nothing.
“Don’t worry. Relax. Enjoy it.”
I said nothing, just let him stroke my leg.
“Admit it. You like this.”
Still no words… instead, I moved down on the seat cushion and opened my legs wider. Inviting him to touch me more intimately.
His hand reached down and cupped my smooth balls. Caressing the tight, smooth skin.
“I want to touch you all over.”
I wanted him to. I wanted to feel his strong hands on my body. It was very erotic.
“Come with me”
He stood up and beckoned me to do the same. I stood facing him in my nakedness. Hard cock pointing at him. Looking up into his eyes.
“Don’t worry, come on.”
He took my hand. Led me to his bedroom.
He lay a big towel on the bed.
“Just lie back on my bed and relax.”
I complied.
“I’m going to get naked too, OK?”
Watched him as he stripped. Saw the tent in his boxers. Watched his ass as he bent to remove them. Saw his erect penis as he straightened up….
“I’ll give you a nice massage.”
“Just a massage though”
“Well let’s see how it goes.”
“Just a massage.”
“What about a happy ending?”
“I don’t know what that means.”
“Maybe I’ll show you.”
He stood beside the bed with massage oil.
Bent down and dripped oil on my naked body.
Dripped oil on my chest and belly and started rubbing it in. Strong hands kneading my flesh.
Teasing my nipples.
Onto my legs, massaging from ankles to the tops of my thighs.
His erect cock occasionally touching me briefly as he bent over me. His hands sliding up my legs occasionally making contact with my balls. Back to my stomach… drifting down to the bald pubic area. Leaving me yearning for his intimate touch. Finally, finally…. touching my cock.
“Do you like me touching you?”
“Do you want to touch me?”
He laid down on top of me.
The oil on my skin allowing him to slide himself up and down my torso. His hard cock rubbing against mine.
Leaning down.
“Do you like it?”

My hands reached up and went to his shoulders. Holding him to myself as he moved above me.
Humping against me.
Cock on cock.
Pecs against pecs.
Slippery. Belly on belly. Sliding.
Cock against cock. Rubbing me. Humping me.
“Spread your legs.”
I opened my thighs and he slipped between them.
His cock rubbing against my smooth slippery balls and shaft.
Humping his cock against me. My hands on his shoulders snaked around his neck. Keeping us tightly together.
He whispered again.
“Turn over.”
He could sense my reluctance.
“Don’t worry. Relax. Let me give you pleasure.”
I turned over.
He straddled my legs. Drizzled more oil on my back. As he leaned forward to massage it into my skin I could feel his hard cock resting against my ass.
Rubbing his hands up and down my back.
I was tense from the situation. His hands were relaxing me.
The feeling of his cock riding up and down along the crack of my ass was exciting.
He lowered himself and his entire chest and hips were in contact with my back and bottom. Rubbing himself against me.
I could feel his cock pushed harder against my crack. He was using the insides of my cheeks to give himself pleasure.
The sensation of his body and cock rubbing my ass was making me even more aroused.
“I’m going to massage your ass now”
“mmm OK”
He sat up, still straddling my legs. His hands went to the cheeks of my ass and kneaded the muscles. So exciting. So intimate. I wanted more of his touch. Lifted myself an inch.
Felt his thumbs slip between my cheeks as he massaged me. Up and down the crack. Tickling my anus as his thumbs slid past.
Up and down. Tickling, Teasing.
It made me want to feel him touching me there.
I lifted my ass again. I tried to time it with the moment that his thumb-tip passed over my asshole.
Giving him a message.
His hand stopped where I wanted it.
Pressed against my opening. Tight, but willing. Wanting to feel him press into it.
He moved on. Teasing.
“You like that?”
“It feel nice.”
“Against your little asshole?”
“Do you want to feel my finger there?”
No reply. Ashamed that he was making me want a man to penetrate me.
“You have to tell me.”
“You know the answer.”
“But you have to say.”
“I want you to touch me there.”
“On my ass.”
“And I want to feel your finger go into me.”
“Yes. But gently.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you like it.”
His fingers slipped down between my cheeks and I felt a fingertip touch me there. Sensitive. Sensual.
Pressed against me.
I lay still. My ass slightly lifted from the bed.
Pressing his fingertip into my ass.
It felt big. Just a tip. Big in my ass. Felt so good. I lifted my ass more. Inviting him.
“Like this?”
“Do you want more?”
“Yes. Yes.”
He pushed his finger deeper into me. His other fingers folded over were separating the cheeks of my ass as he penetrated me to the second knuckle.
“Still like it?”
“I’m going to give you more pleasure then…”
Started moving his finger in and out of my ass. Lying down alongside my naked body. His hand at my ass. His finger inside me. Gently moving in and out. Fingerfucking my ass. His mouth at my ear.
“You like this. You never knew before, did you?”
My face turned away. Hiding my shame.
“Yes, I mean no. I mean yes I like it, no, I never knew”
“would you like to try more?”
I did. I wanted more, but I didn’t want to say so.
Instead I just said “Go slow…”
He gradually withdrew his finger. Left me feeling a desperate desire for him to put it back.
Then the pressure on my anus returned. Only, when I felt him penetrating me again, it stretched my ass more.
So big. Stretching.
“Relax. It’s just a little more. Relax. Enjoy it. I won’t hurt you. Enjoy it.”
He pressed inside me. Two fingers. Deeper than before. Almost to the third knuckle.
Whispering into my ear…
“You love it. You like having something in your ass.”
Turning to face him…
“Yes. It feels so good.”
I moved my ass to meet his hand as he continued to move his fingers in and out of me.
He locked me in his gaze. A third joined the two fingers already in me.
Staring into his eyes as he fucked my ass with his fingers.
“is there more?”
“I think you want more.”
We both knew what he meant. And I knew I wanted it.
His hard cock was rubbing against my hip. I moved my hand and took him in my grasp.
“You want my cock.”
“I’m not gay.”
“I know. It’s OK. It’s cool. You’re not gay. But you want my cock, don’t you?”
“Tell me”
“I want your cock.”
His fingers slipped out of my ass. Leaving me feeling empty. Teased the opening. Tickling.
“Ohhh in my ass. I want your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me.”
He climbed back on top of me. Rested his cock against the crack of my ass once more. Humped his body against mine.
I squirmed under him
Raising my ass. Trying to catch his penis against my anus. Desperate now. Desperate to feel his cock enter me.
“Fuck me. Fuck me. Stop teasing. I want it. I want it inside me. Fuck me. Please.”
He moved and grasped the shaft of his cock and aimed it at my little hole. Rested it against my opening.
I lifted myself. Felt the head of his cock open up my ass.
“Like that?.”
“Yes yes, like that. Put it in me. Fuck me.”
Moving my ass back to try and engulf his cock.
He pushed himself deeper into me
Much deeper than his fingers.
Leaned down. Breathing on my neck. Strong hands curled up under my shoulders, pulling me onto his cock.
Pushing deeper. Grunting as he thrust into me.
“Yes. Yes fuck me.”
Feeling his weight squash the meat of my buttocks as he ground his cock as deep as he could.
“Lovely cock. In my ass. Fuck me! Fuck me!”
He moved back and withdrew. Then down into me again. Over and over, fucking my ass.
I bounced on the bed, meeting his pounding cock.
Frenzied with the sensations. Feeling filled. Fulfilled.
“More! More!”
He went faster. Breathing heavily.
Hot breath on the nape of my neck.
Pounding, pounding, against my ass.
Stretching, slipping, sliding in and out.
I matched his rhythm, raising myself to meet him. Being hammered by his strong thrusts.
Then I felt myself reaching orgasm.
“I’m going to cum. Your cock in my ass… making me cum.”
Tensing. Tightening my ass round the shaft of his cock.
Shooting my cum onto the towel below me.
“Oh god. So intense.”
Cumming from his cock inside me.
“Yes, sweet ass baby. Cum while I fuck you.”
No hands.
Big cum. I soaked the towel.
Then I felt him shove himself deeper and faster into my little ass.
“Now it’s my turn.”
“Yes. In me. Cum in my ass.”
I wriggled under him. Trying to help him.
Banging into me Pow, Pow, Pow, Pow, slamming his body against my ass. Ramming his cock into me. Faster and faster.
Grunting. Grunting.
Feeling him tense. Feeling his cock grinding so deep into me. Feeling the twitches as he shot.
Open ass. Cock in deep. Cumming in my ass.
“So sweet…” he breathed, “sexy boy. You love being fucked”.
“I didn’t know.”
“Now you know.”
One last shove.
“Yes!” His body twitched again. Jerking into me. Squashing my butt-cheeks.
He stayed on top of me as his cock began to shrink. Popped out and rolled onto his back.
I felt the cum trickling out of my ass.
My bare ass.
This was the start, I knew. I wanted men to have my bare ass again. And soon.

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