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A mom and her daughters, and their friends have lots of sex with an American guy.

I was in Manila doing research for my next book. Still single after two years. On occasion I would use dating websites. I was on a site late in the evening. A Filipino dating sites. I had found many Filipino single women with kids.

In my search I came across a profile for a woman named Crissy. I was interested. A nice photo of her on a bed with her in a sexy red nightgown. The site limits non-paying members. So, I could just leave a single word: gee mail. Crissy understood. And responded. We soon were on our gee mail accounts chatting.

The first thing I found was I was chatting with Michelle who said she was Crissy’s oldest daughter, age 24. I asked her if she had a cam so we each could see and hear each other. We did. Michelle was nice looking; I heard some background voices and saw other people. Michelle showed me her mother, Crissy in their café doing a few things before they all would be going to bed. Crissy had a great smile and looked like a woman I could be attracted too. I like big tits.

Soon Michelle and Crissy were on their way upstairs. Michelle holding her phone, so I was watching her mother’s butt moving as she took the stairs. Michelle asked where I was from. I told her I lived in California, but I was in Manila. Michelle told her mom. I heard Crissy say, “Invite Mike to come for breakfast in the morning.” Michelle asked me what I was looking for. I told both of them I was single and looking for a life partner. I saw two big smiles. I could see them both move into a bedroom and behind Michelle Crissy was taking off her clothes. I said to Michelle, “I get a strip show before I sleep Michelle?” She turned and saw her mom and giggled, telling Crissy I was watching her and enjoying the show.

Michelle propped up the phone and then I saw both of them doing a strip show. Crissy came up close as she removed her bra. Crissy said, “do you like these Mike.” Her tits were at least full “D” and very round. Then Michelle did the same. Michelle’s were almost the same. Crissy said, “Come for breakfast in the morning and stay with us if you like.” I was given the location, which was about 90 mins south from Manila. I told them my hotel and was told they would send transportation for me.

The next morning early a young man in a jeepney was waiting outside my hotel. His name was Glenn, and he was Crissy’s son. I sat up close to Glenn and he told me the background of his mother and family as we drove. Glenn was the oldest, then Michelle, and there were 4 more. The father had left them many years earlier and had recently died.

As we pulled into their town center, I could see many people around Crissy’s Café. Within a few seconds Crissy, Michelle, and her 16 yr. old daughter Richelle had come outside to greet and hug me. It was a warm welcome. Crissy had gone back inside. Michelle and Richelle, with big smiles, and both in low cut tops took hold of my hands and guided me inside telling me to sit at a nice, reserved table and to order my breakfast. Michelle had run her hand across the bulge in my pants. Richelle saw her do it and giggled. Then she kissed my cheek.

Michelle and Richelle took my order into the kitchen. Mostly women and kids were having their food. Lots of smiles toward me, a tall American man.

Crissy came out into the restaurant with my food. She sat at the table with me. As I ate Crissy was wanting to know everything about me and to share everything about herself. I told her what Glenn had shared. She had told me an older American man who she had just an online relationship with helped her and the family build the house and give them a better life. Then he just stopped all communication. It had been a few years. There were a continuous stream of Crissy’s friends coming to the table wanting her to introduce them to me. At one moment when we were alone Crissy giggled some and said Richelle had told her friends I was coming so the crowd this morning was larger than usual.

Michelle came to the table as I finished. Taking my dishes, her and Richelle told Crissy they would finish up so “mom you are free to take Mike upstairs.” Soon I was following the same butt I saw on cam up the stairs. Crissy said she wanted to take a quick shower before she “fucks me good.” I said, May I join you?

We were both naked and in the shower. In many 3rd world countries’, a shower is part of the bath area which included the toilet (often just covering a hole in the ground with no flushing), and a bucket or two with fresh water for showering and a central drain. Crissy’s shower was nicely tiled.

Crissy asked me to come close to her as she sat on the toilet to pee. She soon had her soapy hands on my hardening cock washing it. She told me it had been an awfully long time since she had sex with a man. But she had not forgotten. I was thoroughly enjoying this. As Crissy rinsed my cock off, now extremely hard, she put it into her mouth, and I enjoyed the licking and sucking.

I helped Crissy to stand. I filled my hand with soapy water, got Crissy to spread her legs, and started to wash her pussy. I was slow, careful, and deliberate. She was moaning and had her first orgasm quickly. “Oh my god Mike, I needed that.” I smiled and kept washing. Now putting two fingers up inside her pussy. Crissy raised one foot to the toilet giving me more skin to work with. Her second orgasm was stronger than the first. I rinsed off her pussy and moved closer to her. I love the smell and taste of a freshly washed pussy. My tongue licking began slowly. Crissy clit was hard, and I put my mouth fully around it. Sucking her clit until she came so hard, she sprayed her juices all over my face.

“Mike I am so sorry”, Crissy said. I told her not to worry, I loved it as I stood, and she kissed me on the mouth. She smiled saying it tasted like my fingers after she masturbated. We kept kissing and washed each other with soap and water. I was behind her washing her back and bottom, she reached behind her and guided my hard cock into her pussy. My hands were on her hips and I was pounder her from behind. It didn’t take long for her to cum again. We rinsed again. Got towels and headed for her big bed.

We were holding and kissing completely naked and heard a slight knock on the door. A voice, “Mom, it is Michelle, Richelle is with me.” “Wait please”, came out of Crissy’s mouth. She pulled a light sheet over us and told the girls to come in and join us.

Michelle and Richelle walked in, closing the door behind them. Richelle was acting shy, halfway hiding behind her older sister. “Mom, did you and Mike have a good time?” Michelle asked as they both giggled. Then Richelle spoke up. “Mike, after my sister Michelle told me about you on cam with her and mom last night, and that you were coming this morning, I made this just for you. Richelle turned her phone towards us to see a video she had made.

Michelle moved to the other side of me to watch. Richelle was on the bed in front of Crissy and I under the sheet. The video was of Richelle totally naked fondling her breasts and her pussy. I squirmed some under the sheet, Crissy’s hand was around my hard cock. “I hope this is ok mom.” I responded, “Richelle you are a very beautiful and sexy young lady!” “Thanks.”

The video clip stopped. Mom and Michelle were surprised and happy Richelle made it.

I moved up a little putting two pillows under my head. “Richelle it is very special that you shared this with me and your mom and sis. Can I ask why you made it and wanted to share it with me.”

Mom and Michelle said you seemed to be a nice man and I am ready.

Richelle are you asking me to help you become a complete woman? “YES!”

Richelle is it ok with you if we all talk about this? I would like to hear from your mom specifically. And if you do not mind your sister Michelle sharing her thoughts.

Mike, I want us all to be family. You are “po”, dad now to me. And I want all of us to love each other and support each other.

Michelle spoke first. Looking directly at her, “Sis you know I had my son at the age you are now. I made a mistake, not protecting myself. Sis you can do better. I want you to do better and I want to help. I feel Mike is a good man.

“Thanks sis”, came from Richelle.

Crissy had my cock rock hard in her hand under the sheet, she said, “Mike is a good man.”

Richelle said, “Mike may I ask . . . “anything Richelle.” “Does mom have her hand on your cock under the sheet?” “Yes, Richelle”, she does.”

Mike can I see it? As soon as the words were said, Michelle pulled the sheet away. Richelle facial expression was wonderful, a mixture of surprise and wonder.

I asked Michelle to take her sister into the bath and freshen up some. Michelle used a wet cloth to wash her and her sister’s pussies. At the same time Crissy was licking and sucking my cock.

Richelle would you like to have your sister or mom help you with learning about a man’s cock? Yes, Michelle can help me if it ok with you and mom. Sure Richelle, I can keep mom busy.

Quickly, both of the girls were touching my cock. Michelle had experience. I asked Michelle to carefully explain everything she was doing to her sister so she could learn.

I had Crissy’s nipple in my mouth as the two sisters were stroking and then licking my cock. Soon my fingers had Crissy’s pussy dripping wet.

Po can I see what you are doing with mom? Sure, Richelle come close. Mom is very wet. Wetter than I am. Can I see how wet you are Richelle?

Crissy helped Richelle position herself, as I moved to be between Richelle’s legs and close to her pussy.

Michelle positioned herself to be under me and had my cock in her mouth.

Mom and Richelle now close together. Crissy started to tell Richelle what was going to happen. I looked up and smile at both of them. Then I was back down and breathing hot air on my little girl’s pussy.

Po that feels good.

I put my nose up into her hairy but trimmed mound. Richelle moved and slightly closed her legs. Crissy saw this and told her to relax. I could feel her body relax some and I touch her with my mouth for the first time, kissing her inter-thigh. Richelle giggled and moved as I continue kissing her legs.

Oh, Mike that tickles a little. “You like my mustache.” “Yes.”

As I heard her say that I licked her leg with my tongue. She giggled again. The kept kissing and licking getting closer and closer to her pussy. I used my hands under her butt to feel her body. Her body told me to keep going or to slow down. At the right time I licked Richelle’s pussy. She moaned out loud. The sound and watching her daughter’s body caused Crissy to cum. Richelle was surprised.

All this time Michelle was working on my cock. I had to stop. And I asked Richelle to help Michelle and watch. Soon two tongues were licking it. Richelle you are going to see a man have an orgasm. As I was ready to cum, I told the girls to share what was going to come out. I watched the girls share my cum. Richelle’s face showed her surprise. She was in her world of wonder and curiosity.

I asked Richelle to watch me. I went down on Michelle’s pussy. Licking and sucking as she moaned louder and louder. I showered Richelle the wetness on my face, then went right back to licking and sucking. Richelle turned to see her mom sucking my cock back to life. Crissy explained to her about how a man comes and how to get his cock hard again. Crissy knew how to do it right. Soon I could see and feel Michelle getting close. She came on my face. I asked Richelle to kiss me. She did. And I asked if she tasted her sister. Michelle was still on her back. Richelle looked at her sister and move to go down on her, saying, “I want to taste.”

As Richelle got down and kissed Michelle’s pussy, I put a finger gently into Richelle’s pussy. She squirmed and moaned but kept her mouth on her sister’s pussy.

I then moved to begin again licking Richelle. Michelle moved some so this would be easy. I could tell Michelle liked her little sister licking her cunt.

I was fully inside Richelle’s pussy with my tongue. I could feel her clit, it was hard, so I sucked it. Her moaning got loud, and her mouth came off her sister. She lied back on the bed enjoying my mouth. Telling her mom, she was having electricity going thru her body. Then she had her first orgasm. I felt her juices on my face. She screamed as the orgasm went thru her body. And asked her mom about what just happened. Michelle came up to me to lick her sister’s juices off my face.

Crissy had me get on my back and used her mouth to get me really hard again. As Crissy mounted me, she explained what she was doing to Richelle. “In this position Richelle the woman can control her pleasure. Richelle we will show you all the different positions in making love.”

Crissy was on top riding me. I loved her big tits in my face. I would have one nipple in my mouth, then the other. In a few minutes Crissy had an orgasm. Richelle was watching everything. Michelle asked Richelle if she could ride me next. Michelle was on top of me in a few seconds. She was slow in lowering herself down on my cock wet and shiny from her mom’s juices. Soon Michelle was moving fast, and her orgasm was quick. Crissy moved in to lick all the juices off my cock. Then she guided Richelle to mount me. Telling her to move slowly. Richelle had her hands on my chest. “Po, I want this, thank you,” she said.

Richelle slowly and carefully lowered her body. Michelle helped guide my rock-hard cock to the correct position. I could feel Richelle’s pussy lips part across the head of my cock. Soon the head was inside. Then slowly she lowered herself more. Inch by inch until Richelle pussy was completely surrounding my member. Crissy told her how and how much to move. My hand this whole time were on her sides. As she started to move, I moved my hands to her breasts. Richelle smiled down at me. I opened my mouth and licked my lips. Richelle formed her mouth giving me permission to suck. As she continued to move her pussy around my cock, I took one nipple into my mouth and she had an orgasm. She had her hand up to muffle her scream. We all were smiling. Michelle kissed her sister.

Richelle was still riding my cock. Her movements now more deliberate now. Faster. My hands on both of her breasts. I was watching her face. She was going to cum again. I squeezed both nipples which sent her into ecstasy. Her orgasm was tremendous. Her body jerking. Her sounds heard but muffled. It made all of us happy again. She collapsed on me and hugged me completely. “Mike thank you so much, I love you!”

Crissy then announced it is early in the day. Let’s get cleaned up and show Mike around.

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