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Next day and more fun.

Crissy asked the girls to shower and dress to go out. Her and I waited in bed. Soon Michelle and Richelle were out of the bath and Crissy and I went in. As I bent over to get the water from the bucket, she grabbed my ass. “Mike you are still hard, and I want your big cock deep inside me now.” Crissy bent over and I shoved my cock into her. Pounding her hard and fast until her pussy gushed cum. We then washed each other, dried off and dressed.

Richelle and Michelle were waiting for us went we got downstairs. Crissy announced “we are going to show Mike Cavite and then go to Island Cove, Glenn was outside with another friend, two jeepneys for the whole family.

They took me around and thru the major and minor parts of their town. Then we ended up in Island Cove which was a resort and amusement area. The kids had fun on some rides. Crissy and I had a long talk with Michelle and Richelle about love and emotion. Both were very curious about human relationships. By 5 in the afternoon we were back at the house. The girls fixed a nice dinner and we watched one of the three English speaking channels on the TV.

Richelle was on one side of me, Michelle on the other, both close and cuddling. Crissy called me into the kitchen. She introduced me to a girlfriend of hers. Clara had two kids one the same age as Michelle and the other the same age as Richelle. Her husband had left them 5 yrs. earlier. This was way too typical for Philippine men. And the government and Catholic church did nothing to force those men to support their children. Clara was one of Crissy’s helpers in the Café. We were sitting at the kitchen table. Crissy asked me if I could go with Clara into the next room. Clara had a big smile on her face. I followed. She closed the door. “Mike, Crissy says you are a wonderful man and a wonderful lover. I just showered for you.” Clara unwrapped her clothes showing me a small set of “B” cup tits. And a shaved pussy. “Mike, may I help your cock get hard?” Clara was on her knees in front of me undoing my pants. In seconds Clara had my growing cock in her mouth. It didn’t take long for me to be hard as a rock. Then Clara asked to sit on my lap and ride me. She lowered herself down on my cock and started to move. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, she was rubbing her tits on my chest. Her orgasm came and she shook for a minute. “Oh, Mike thank you very much.” As Clara climb off my lap, she said Crissy ask me to ask you to just stay here. Giggling she said, “I think she wants your cock too.”

Crissy came thru the door closing it and asked me if I had fun. Just looking at Crissy as she pulled out her big tits, I said I rather have your big tits rubbing against my chest. In a few seconds a naked Crissy was on my lap and riding my cock. Her much bigger tits rubbing my chest. It didn’t take long for her gushing orgasm. She said, “Mike, I wish you could stay here forever. Do you want my daughters to join you?” Ask Michelle if she wants a quick fuck. But I want Richelle upstairs for an hour, just her and I. “That sounds wonderful, I will make it happen, Crissy said.”

Michelle came in and was naked sitting on my lap very quickly. And very quickly she came. I told her not to move, just be still. We kissed and I sucked on her tits for a few minutes. She started to move her ass. Slowly at first. Her body told me she was enjoy this second time more. Michelle’s nice tits were still in my mouth. After a few minutes, her movements became aggressive. Her second orgasm, the gushing of her juices and the shaking of her body lasted for over a minute. Michelle licked her juices off my cock them kissed me before she left the room.

As I opened the door and joined everyone, Richelle came up to me with a big hug. “Po. I want to go upstairs with you.” I followed her upstairs. In seconds we were naked in the bath. We kissed. Our hands exploring each other. My mouth moved from hers to her neck and then to her nipple. Richelle’s moaning increased. I sat on the toilet and she climbed on my lap. I was still kissing her all over. I leaned back giver her more of my hard cock. She used her hand to guide it into her pussy. I could feel myself slowly going inside her. My hands moved down to her ass to help her move up and down on my cock. She was riding me like mom and sis just did. Her orgasm made her whole-body shake. “Oh Mike”, she said with breathless passion.

We kissed again as Richelle kept riding me. Her movement were more confident. She wanted this, she wanted pleasure, she said. Her next orgasm was wild, dramatic and lasted a long time. I just held her, my arms around her. We kissed deeply.

I asked her if I could wash her hair and body. Richelle smiled and handed me the shampoo. As I washed her, she made the comment that it had been years since her mom help washing her. As I continued to wash, I inserted two fingers inside her pussy. I was down on my knees sliding my fingers in and out. Her hands were on my shoulders. She came. Then I wash her back and butt. Sliding my still very hard cock into her pussy from behind. She had two more orgasms.

She got towels for us, we dried each other off and laid down in bed. I went down on her pussy and began licking and sucking on her pussy. Her moaning, the sounds coming from her reminded me of Asian porn movies. She had two more orgasms. Just after her second one we heard a slight knock at the door.

Michelle came in to join us. She saw my face in her sister’s pussy. “Mike may I take your place there?” Richelle said, “Yes sis, please. I think Mike will have something hard for your pussy.” Michelle pealed of her clothes and moved onto the bed with us. I rolled to the side and she kissed my cock as she took my place to lick Richelle’s pussy. Michelle kept her ass up in the air welcoming me to get behind her. The sounds of Michelle’s mouth and tongue lapping at her sister’s pussy and Richelle’s moaning filled the air. I added to the sounds with a grunt as I shoved my hard cock deep into Michelle. She made a yelp sound into the pussy she was eating. I knew Michelle would cum quickly, but I wanted both of them to cum together. I adjusted my movements to accomplish this goal. The sound guided me. They both came together.

I gave them a moment to catch their breath. Then asked them to change positions. Richelle immediately responded “yes Po.” She was taking the lead. As she went down on Michelle’s pussy. She said she could taste some of my pre-cum. I was behind Richelle spreading her butt cheeks to lick her pussy a few times. Then I backed off to position my cock to enter Richelle from behind. I was still thinking of her newness, so I slowly entered her. Once deep inside, I pulled back out just to shover my cock all the way back into her. I hit bottom and Richelle’s body began to shake. During her orgasm I could hear her sucking strongly on her sister’s clit. And soon both young ladies were shaking in orgasm.

Just at that time Crissy joined us in the bedroom. I was smiling and ready to have two mouths on my cock and cum. Crissy could tell. She asked, “daughters would you mind me riding my boyfriend’s cock and cumming before you two suck him to orgasm?” “Yes mom, said both of them in unison. The girls moved to the side and a naked Crissy mounted me. As she did, she handed her phone to Richelle saying you have a message. As Crissy lowered herself down on my hard cock, I took a nipple into my mouth. “Mike, I love that when you do me, riding your cock as you suck on my nipples,” Michelle said. “Me too,” Richelle said interrupting her phone call.” Crissy’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I could feel her juices under us on the bedsheets. I noticed Richelle was off the phone. And Crissy’s movements were getting wilder. I nibbled on her nipple and she had an orgasm. Her body shaking as much or more as her daughter’s during their orgasms. We kissed deeply. And Crissy moved to lie next to me.

Michelle moved to my cum covered cock to lick it. Richelle spoke up. “Po, mom, my friend Arra wants to come over now. Mom you know she is a dear friend and mom, her and I have been intimate. Po will you help me make Arra a complete woman like you helped me?”

“Well so much for me getting off,” I said. Crissy added, wait my lover, Arra is a very nice young lady, her watching my daughters getting you off can be part of her sex education.” “I am going to call her, she can be here in 5 mins Po,” Richelle said. All this time my cock was Michelle’s lollypop. Her mouth had my cock nice and clean.

We were all talking and covered when Arra came in. Richelle got up naked to hug her friend. Crissy welcomed Arra and asked her if she was ready to get naked with us. Without hesitation Arra removed her clothes. She had long black hair, was shorter than Richelle, and had slightly bigger tits, almost as big as Crissy’s and Michelle’s.

Crissy told her about sex vs. love, emotion and discretion. Crissy asked about Arra’s mom and sister who was Michelle’s age. “Mom and my sister know I am here Crissy. They are hoping to meet Mike tomorrow at your Café.”

Crissy continued. Tell Arra she is to watch Richelle and Michelle lick and suck Mike’s cock to climax. The girls started working my cock, while Crissy narrated and taught her new student. I am passive, just lying on my back and enjoy what I see and feel. I was having trouble giving Crissy time to teach, I wanted to cum. But it was worth waiting, Arra added a third mouth on my cock. Her mouth seemed to be wider open and had more of my cock inside her mouth. I signaled to Crissy I was ready. And as I heard her say, “Arra, Mike is going to fill your mouth with his juices.” I shot all my cum into her. Crissy told her not to shallow, to keep it in her lips closed as she takes her mouth off my cock. Then Crissy asked her to spit it out into her hand to see my cum. All the girls looked. Michelle and Richelle licked-up some of the cum. Crissy kissed me.

Crissy then told Arra a man needs some time to recover. She asked Arra to lie down on her back so the girls could give her pleasure. Richelle immediately was kissing her friend on the mouth to taste more of my cum. Michelle went down on Arra’s pussy. I leaned over and started to suck on one of Arra’s nipples. While Crissy was working my cock with her mouth. Two each my hand’s fingers were inside the pussy’s of Crissy and Richelle. They each were doing all the moving using my fingers to get off. Lots of moaning created a chorus of sounds.

Richelle and Arra had orgasms at the same time. Crissy was close and she had my cock almost ready. Michelle moved towards my cock and Richelle took her place between Arra’s legs on her pussy. Crissy’s body started to shake with her orgasm. And she smiled at her oldest daughter giving her permission to mount my cock.

Crissy began again Arra’s sex education. She asked Richelle to let Arra watch her sister ride my cock. Like what happened that morning with Richelle, Arra watched Michelle slowly lower herself down on my now hard cock. And again, Crissy explained how a woman can control her pleasure. Also, Crissy explained each woman being different when it comes to how their body / pussy responding to a man’s cock. She told Arra to watch Michelle’s face and body. You can tell when she is going to cum. Just then Michelle’s body shook, and she gushed her juices. Love the feel of my cock swimming in a woman’s juices.

Richelle encouraged her friend to join her licking and tasting those juices all over my shining cock. After a minute Crissy told Arra it was her turn to be fucked. Arra moved above my cock. With Richelle’s help she was soon fully impaled on it. She was smiling. As she keeps moving her body moments and sounds increased. We all watched her getting wild as her body shook in orgasm. The shaking continued. I moved to take a nipple in my mouth and suck which kept her moaning and shaking. After a full two minutes of orgasm Arra collapsed on top of me.

We all talked for a while. Arra went home. We showered and went to sleep.

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