Yes, Daddy



Chloe never did as she was told to do or argued about doing it. Even doing something as simple as cleaning up after she ate was beneath her; forget about asking her to do a load of clothes. When Mom walked out on them, Daddy decides to tame her.

The Wilson’s were an average couple. Don is forty-one, Betty is thirty-nine. They have an eighteen-year-old daughter, Chloe. As sometimes happens after twenty years of marriage, they’ve grown apart. Betty feels neglected by her husband and disrespected by her daughter.

Who could blame her? It’s been two months since she and Don last had sex, six months since he took her out to dinner. Yes, he had a physically demanding job and always came home tired, but what about on his days off? Couldn’t he find some time for her, instead of working on the car he was restoring?

Chloe never did as she was told to do or argued about doing it. Even doing something as simple as cleaning up after she ate was beneath her; forget about asking her to do a load of clothes.

One day Betty had finally had enough. Sitting in the living room, she came to a life-changing realization; she no longer loved Don and had come to despise their daughter.

That night, at supper, she announced, “Don, I don’t love you any more. I’m leaving and want a divorce.”

Don looked at her, stunned, his mouth hanging open.

Chloe smirked, thinking, “Good, she won’t be bossing me around any more.”

“But who’s going to maintain the house?” he asked.

“Is that all I am to you anymore, a housekeeper?” Betty screamed, “Teach our lazy daughter how to do it!”

She got up from the table and called her parents, giving them the news and asking if she could stay with them for a while. They granted her request and asked when she’d be there.

“I’ll catch tomorrow’s Greyhound bus, I should be there the following day,” she said.

The following morning she went to the bank and withdrew five-thousand dollars, almost half of their savings, then went home and packed her things. Later, she called a taxi and left her home of nearly seventeen years, vowing never to return.

When Don came home from work, the house was silent. Chloe wasn’t home. He went up to their bedroom and found Betty’s closet empty as well as her dresser drawers. At that moment, he realized that he had two choices, either hire a housekeeper or make Chloe do the housekeeping.

He sat in his recliner and thought about it. The easy choice was to hire a housekeeper. Then he realized that he had been too lax in disciplining Chloe and that she was now an eighteen-year-old brat.

“That has to change.” he thought, “If she wants to act like a little brat, I’ll treat her like one.”

Later that night, when Chloe came home, she asked, “Where’s Mom?”

Don replied, “She was serious, she left us. You’re an adult, and you’re going to take over the household chores. You’re the woman of the house now.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Dad,” she smirked.

“No Chloe, I’m not kidding. You are going to keep the house, cook meals, do the wash, and anything else I tell you to do,” I said, “If you don’t, there will be consequences.”

“I’m not going to do any of that. I’m a teenager, I want to have fun with my friends!”

Don smacks her ass as hard as he can, yelling, “You will not talk to me like that and will do what you’re told! When you disrespect or disobey me you will get your ass spanked or worse.”

“Daddyyyy,” she whines, “I’m not a child. You can’t spank me like that!”

“You’ll get that or worse when you act like a little brat!” he states, “It’s up to you, take care of your duties as woman of the house and I’ll treat you like an adult; act like a little brat and I’ll treat you like one.”

Looking at the floor, she meekly says, “Okay Daddy.”

“Now, go get ready for bed, you have a busy day tomorrow.”

An hour later, Don is on his way to bed when he notices the light seeping under Chloe’s door. He opens it and sees her lying on her bed, still in her street clothes, messaging on her phone.

“Get up,” he says sternly.

She stands as he sits on her bed.

“I told you to get ready for bed an hour ago. Why are you still in your street clothes?” Don asks.

“Daddy, Lucy and I always message each other before we go to bed,” she replied.

“Chloe, listen carefully. I told you to get ready for bed. That means changing into whatever you wear to bed, not messaging back and forth for an hour. From now on, when I tell you to get ready for bed, you will change into your night clothes and your light will be off within fifteen minutes. During that time you may message Lucy but the messaging ends when the light goes out. Do you understand what I expect?”

Chloe looks at the floor and quietly says, “I understand, Daddy.”

“Good. Now lay across my knees so I can punish you for not changing into your night clothes.”

She complies. Don lifts her skirt and lays it on her back, then gives her panty-clad ass a hard smack.

“Ow,” she yells, “that hurt!”

“It will only get worse if you continue to be a brat,” Don says, “Now, get changed and go to bed.”

I leave and retire to my bedroom.

Chloe falls asleep and dreams of her Daddy spanking her.

At 5:30 am, the next morning, he shakes her awake. “Get up and come with me. It’s time for you to start learning your responsibilities.”

She follows him to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Do you know how to make coffee?” Don asks.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“From now on, Sweetie, you will set your alarm for 5:45, get up, and make coffee so I can drink some before I leave for work at 6:30 on weekdays. Weekends, you can stay in bed until 7:30.”

“I understand the schedule, Daddy.” she says and starts the coffee maker.

“Today I want you to wash, dry, and fold or hang all the dirty laundry. During the wash and dry cycles, you can mop the floors. I’ll stop and get Chinese food on the way home for supper.”

When the coffee is ready, he gulps down a cup, finds his thermos, and fills it, then heads for the door, saying, “See you later, Sweetie!”

Chloe gathers up all the dirty clothes, sorts them, and starts a load of whites. Returning to the kitchen, she pours herself a cup of coffee and sits down at the table. As Chloe drinks the coffee, she realizes that Daddy had called her ‘Sweetie’. She thinks, “That’s what Daddy used to call Mom, until about five years ago. Daddy also said I’m the woman of the house now. I wonder if he wants me to replace Mom.”

Chloe snaps out of her musings, finishes her coffee, and heads for the laundry room. She moves the stuff from the washer to the dryer and then puts the next load in the washer. She grabs the mop and bucket, returns to the kitchen, and prepares to mop the floor. She notices that there isn’t much floor cleaner left in the bottle, so she pours half into the water in the bucket and starts mopping.

When Chloe finishes mopping the kitchen floor, she goes back to the laundry room and hangs or folds the clothes in the dryer. She moves the things from the washer to the dryer and puts the last load in the washer. Returning to the kitchen, Chloe finds the floor has dried. She pours another cup of coffee. While drinking it, she realizes that she has to make a decision. Do I mop the dining room or the living room? There’s not enough floor cleaner for both. She dumps the dirty water from the bucket into the sink, then rinses and refills it, adding the last of the floor cleaner.

She decides to mop the living room, so she takes the mop and bucket there. Having never been there when her mother cleaned it, she just mopped around things instead of moving them. When she finished, she took the mop and bucket back to the kitchen, dumped and rinsed the bucket and took them back to the laundry room. The second dryer load was ready, so she folded or hung everything and transferred the last washer load to the dryer


An hour later, she checked the dryer; the clothes were still damp. ‘The other two loads were dry after one cycle,’ she thought, ‘The dryer must have broken.’

Chloe left the damp load in the dryer and went to her room to take a nap. When she woke, it was almost time for her Daddy to come home. She went down to the kitchen and set the table. A few minutes later, he comes into the house carrying the Chinese food.

“Hi sweetie, how’d it go today?” he asks as he lays the food out on the table.

“I had a few problems, Daddy,” she says, “let’s talk about them while we eat.”

They sit down and fill their plates.

“Daddy,” she says, “I think the dryer broke. It did two loads fine, but the last load is still damp.”

“Did you clean the filter between loads?”

“Clean what filter, Daddy?” she asks.

“There’s a screen like thing under that flap on top of the dryer. I’ll show you when we’re done eating,” Don replied.

“I had another problem, Daddy,” she said, “I mopped the kitchen and the living room, but ran out of floor cleaner and couldn’t do the dining room.”

“Okay, after supper I want you to check all our cleaning supplies and make a list of everything we’re getting low on. I want you to do that once a week so you don’t run out again.”

“Yes Daddy.”

After eating, he shows Chloe the filter on the dryer. She empties the clogged filter and restarts the dryer. Don then goes into the living room and sits on the couch. Looking around, he notices that nothing was moved.

“Chloe, come here.”

She goes to the living room, stands in front of him looking at the floor, and says, “Yes Daddy?”

“You failed to clean this room properly. When you mop, you need to move things out of the way, not mop around them. Lay over my knees so I can punish you.”

Without being told, she drops her jeans to the floor, then lays over his knees.

“Did I tell you to drop your jeans?”

“No Daddy, but I needed to do that so you can punish me properly.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason, Chloe?

“No it isn’t, Daddy. It makes me feel good when you spank me.”

“How does it make you feel good?”

“When you spank me, I know you love me.

I spank her panty-clad ass five times.

As she gets off his knees, she pulls her jeans up and fastens them.

“Go inventory our cleaning supplies and make a list of what you need. Tomorrow morning, go to the store and get everything on the list,” Don tells her.

He hands her a debit card and says, “The PIN Is the year you were born. While you’re there, pick up something you can cook for supper.”

Chloe stands there, head bowed, looking at the floor. She says, “Daddy, I’ve never cooked anything, Mom always did that and never made me learn. I’m afraid I’ll burn whatever I get.”

“I know there’s some rice in the cupboard. Pick up some pork chops and I’ll start teaching you how to cook,” he said, exasperated. “Now, go make that list, then take care of the last load of laundry.”

Still standing in the same position, Chloe says, “Yes Daddy, right away.”

She turns, raises her head, and walks quickly to the kitchen, where she’s heard opening and closing cabinets as she makes her list. When she finishes, she goes to the laundry room. She opens the dryer and folds or hangs the remaining load of clothes.

When done, she takes her Daddy’s clothes to his room and hangs his shirts in the closet, then puts his underwear and socks in his dresser drawers. She then returns to the laundry room to retrieve her things, goes to her room, and puts things away.

Having completed the tasks her Daddy had given her, she returns to the living room.

Chloe assumes her submissive position and asks, “Daddy, can I get you a beer or something?”

“No thank you Sweetie. Please, sit down,” he replies.

She complies, sitting on the floor at his feet, leaning against the couch.

He looks at her and asks, “Why are you sitting on the floor?”

She answers, “You’re my Daddy. I’m not your equal, only a wife can be that. You’ve taught me my place and I thank you.”

“Holy shit!,”I think, “She’s become totally submissive, or maybe she’s always been and we didn’t see it. If that’s the case, we handled her upbringing all wrong!”

He decides to test how submissive she is, ordering, “Stand up and strip.”

Without hesitation, Chloe stands, removes her clothing, and assumes her submissive stance.

He gazes at her fully developed tits, narrow waist, and wide hips for the first time. His body reacts as expected, blood rushes to his cock, and his breathing quickens.

He thinks, “She’s fully submissive to me. She would fuck me right now if I told her to.”

He struggles with the morality of fucking his daughter and decides not to.

“Put your clothes on and sit down,” he orders her.

She dresses and sits at his feet again.

He tells her, “You have a beautiful body, Sweetie.”

Still sitting, she looks at the floor and says, “Thank you, Daddy.”

He then tells her, “When you get home from the store tomorrow, you will re-mop this room and mop the dining room. Make sure you do them correctly! Then you can vacuum my bedroom.

She replies, “Yes Daddy, I will.”

Don turns on the TV, and they watch it for a few hours.

“It’s bedtime, Sweetie, go to your room,” he tells her.

She gets up, assumes her submissive stance, says, “Goodnight, Daddy.” She turns, raises her head, and goes to her room.

He follows her upstairs and goes to his room, then changes into his sleepwear. Twenty minutes later, he decides to see if Chloe has followed last night’s instructions. He goes down the hall and sees no light coming under her door and smiles. He opens her door to make sure she’s not texting and is shocked to see her masturbating.

“Did I give you permission to play with you pussy!” he shouts.

She jumps up, assumes her submissive position, and trembles, “Nuh, No Daddy.”

“Get back on the bed and continue what you were doing. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to!” Don orders.

She follows his instructions as he moves a chair next to the bed, drops his sleep shorts, and starts jacking his cock.

After a few minutes of watching him, she whines, “Daddy, can I cum?”

He replies with a simple, “No.”

“Daddy, please let me cum.”

“Not yet, Sweetie.”

“Daddy, watching you jack your cock is turning me on too much. Please, please, please let me cum. I’m going to explode!”

“Not until I cum, Sweetie.” He starts jacking faster.

After a few minutes, he stands up and directs his cock towards her chest.

“Cum for me Sweetie!” he shouts as he cums on her tits.

She does as he ordered, finally getting relief.

When she comes down from her orgasm, she says, “Thank you so much for your gift, Daddy.”

Don rubs her head and says, “You’re welcome, Sweetie. Now go to sleep.”

He returns to his room, gets into bed, and promptly falls asleep.

When he wakes the next morning, he showers, gets dressed for work, and goes to the kitchen.

Chloe cheerfully says, “Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?”

She is sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. The coffee is ready, and Don’s thermos is next to the coffee maker.

“I slept well, Sweetie.”

He pours a cup of coffee and sits down to drink it.

She looks at him and says, ”Daddy, I don’t have your permission but there’s something I need to say.” She continues, “All yesterday evening, including in my bedroom, you seemed happier than I’ve seen you in years. I need to know if it’s because of the way you’ve taken charge of me.”

“It’s not just that, Sweetie. It’s the way you’ve responded, too.”

“Daddy, it makes me feel good to see you happy. From now on, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do; anywhere, and anytime. That’s my job as ‘woman of the house’.”

“Sweetie, I need to head for work. I want to talk more about this when I get home.”

Chloe stands, assumes her submissive stance, and says, “Of course Daddy. Whatever you want.”

He fills his thermos and closes it before walking toward the door.

“Don’t forget your tasks for today,” he says over his shoulder.

“I won’t, Daddy.”

While driving to work, he thinks, “If I had applied this kind of discipline when she was younger, she wouldn’t have become the brat she became. I’ve now corrected her behavior and she’s totally submissive to me.”

Chloe happily goes about doing the tasks her Daddy set for her that day. She did the shopping, came home, and put things away. Then moved everything in the living room and mopped, putting everything back in its’ place. She did the same in the dining room. Then she got the vacuum cleaner and cleaned his room. She had a couple of hours before her Daddy got home, so she vacuumed the den too.

Her Daddy came home at 5:30. She ran up to him, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed his lips.

She suddenly assumed her submissive position and said, “I’m sorry, Daddy. You didn’t give me permission to do that.”

He smiled and said, “You have my permission to greet me that way anytime you’d like.”

She looked up, repeated her welcoming actions, and said, ”Thank you Daddy.”

He takes her hand and looks around the living and dining rooms.

“You did these rooms well, Sweetie. Thank you.”

“I vacuumed your room and the den, also,” she gushed.

“Thank you, Sweetie. I appreciate your initiative.” he replied, smiling broadly.

He hugs her, then says, “Time to start teaching you how to cook.”

They go into the kitchen, where he shows her how to cook rice and bake pork chops. While things are cooking, he teaches Chloe what the various cooking utensils are for and the purpose of pot and pan.

When the food is done, they prepare their plates and sit at the table.

He opens the conversation with, “This morning, you said something that I’d like to talk about.”

“What’s that, Daddy?”

“If I remember correctly, you said you’d do anything I told you to do, anytime and anywhere.

“Yes, that’s what I said and I meant every word of it.”

He replies, “Are you sure that’s how you feel? I ask because what you’ve said indicates that you want me to own you; body, soul, and mind. If that’s what you really want, fine. I’ll order you a collar so everyone knows who you belong to.”

Chloe answers, “Daddy, if that would make you happy, there’s nothing that would make me happier than to wear a collar telling everyone that I belong to you.”

“Okay, I’ll order one tomorrow,” he says.

She stands, bends over, and kisses him. It wasn’t a daughterly kiss, but a lover’s one.

She re-assumes her subservient position. “Sorry, Daddy. I was overcome with happiness.”

“You’re forgiven, Sweetie. You’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been.”

“Daddy, can I speak freely?”

“Yes Sweetie, go ahead. I need to know what’s on your mind.”

Chloe starts, “Daddy, when I was growing up, Mom was always the disciplinarian. I guess that’s why I acted like a brat; I resented her doing what I thought was your job. You were more like my buddy, blunting Mom’s ire, but I never knew if you loved me. I didn’t want you to be my buddy; I needed you to take control so I could feel your love. As a child, I had no idea how to tell you that. The day Mom left us, you became the Daddy I’ve always wanted and needed. I thank you for that. When you order me to do something, it affirms your love for me because I know you want the best for me. When you spank me, it gives me even stronger feelings of your love, it also makes my pussy wet.”

She continues, “Daddy, the change in you has set me free to be who I really am, a submissive slut who will do anything, anywhere, for her man, who happens to be you, Daddy. I mean it; you tell me what you want me to do, anytime, anywhere, and I’ll do it.”

“Oh Sweetie, I never knew that you needed that kind of love. I promise, you’ll never go without it again.”

“Thank you for understanding, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetie,” he says, then says sternly, “Tomorrow, you will move all your things into my bedroom.”

Recognizing it as an order, she immediately stands, assumes her submissive position, and says, “Yes, Daddy.”

He decides to test her earlier statement. He stands and demands, “Slut, suck my cock!”

She immediately says, “Okay Daddy,” then drops to her knees, unzips his fly, unfastens his pants, pulls his boxers down, and inhales his cock, deep-throating him.

His knees go weak, and he holds onto the table.

“Oh Chloe, you do that so well,” he moans.

She starts bobbing on his cock and feels the beginning of an orgasm coming on her. As it builds, she bobs her head faster, wanting him to cum with her. As her orgasm is about to burst, she feels his cock swell and knows he’s ready. She opens her mouth wide, jacks his cock, and moans as her orgasm strikes. His cum is shooting straight into her mouth as she shakes from the intensity of her orgasm. As the intensity subsides, she seals her lips around his cock, swallows, then sucks from root to tip, gathering the last of his cum.

She releases him, looks at the floor while still kneeling, and says, “Thank you, Daddy, for proving your love.

That night they sleep in their own beds.

The next morning, after her Daddy left for work, she did as he commanded and moved her things into the master bedroom. It took a good part of the day.

During a break, she mused, “I wonder what it will be like, sleeping with Daddy.” Her Daddy had finally become the Daddy she needed, controlling and commanding. She got a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that from now on, she’d be sleeping with her Daddy.

She continued moving her things. When she finished, she looked around at her new surroundings and thought, “I can’t believe this is now my room too.”

She went down to the kitchen, cleaned up the dishes left from breakfast, and then went to the living room to watch television until Daddy came home.

A couple of hours later, she heard his car pull in the driveway. She quickly turned off the TV and stood inside the doorway, waiting for him.

As he opened the door, his hands holding a pizza box, she said, “Welcome home, Daddy.”

“The pizza’s getting cold. Go put some plates on the table,” Don told her.

She quickly walks to the kitchen to obey his command. He takes off his jacket and lays it on the back of the couch, then joins her.

She waits for him to be seated and asks, “What would you like to drink, Daddy?”

“Please get me a beer.”

“May I have one too?” she asks.

“Of course, Sweetie.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she replies.

She opens the refrigerator, gets two cans out, and sets them on the table.

They sit there, enjoying the pizza when the phone rings. Chloe gets up and answers it.

She puts her hand over the mouthpiece and whispers, “It’s Mom.” and hands me the phone.

“Hello Betty, what do you want?” Don asks.

“Don,” she says, “I want to come home.”

“Why?” he asks.

“All my friends are there,” Betty says.

“If I allow it, here are my rules; First rule, I am Master of the House, you will address me as ‘Sir’. Next rule, you will sleep in Chloe’s old room. She now sleeps with me. Lastly, Chloe is Mistress of the House, you will do as she wishes. Now, knowing my rules do you want to come back here as our housekeeper?”

“Are you telling me that if I accept your rules, I’ll have to live in your household as a housekeeper?” she asks.

“That’s correct, Betty. We no longer love each other, why would I give you more status?”

“Don, what’s gotten into you? You always let me run the house in the past. Why the change?”

“Chloe opened my eyes to what my role in the household should have been, and now is. Welcome to the new Don, Betty.”

“Forget that I called, Don. I’ll have my lawyer file the divorce papers in the morning,” Betty growled and hung up.

“She’s not coming back, is she?” asked Chloe.

“No, Sweetie. She wouldn’t accept the rules,” he said.

“Good!” she said emphatically.

They continue eating the pizza until it’s gone.

A few minutes later, after washing the supper dishes, she turns to Don and says, “Daddy, I’m horny. Can we finally go upstairs and consummate our relationship?”

He said, “Of course, Sweetie.”

He takes her hand and leads her upstairs to the master bedroom.

As they enter, Chloe says, “Did you know that what we call the master bedroom, comes from the original name for it, Master’s Bedroom, the place where the Master of the House slept?”

Don replies, “Yes, I knew that. Why did you mention it?”

“I just wanted to make sure you knew.”

As they reach the bed, Chloe asks, “Would you like me to undress you, Daddy?”

“If that would make you happy, go ahead Chloe,” said Don

“No, Daddy, your happiness is my purpose.”

Don realized that she needed him to order her for her to get pleasure.

“Undress me, slut!” he ordered.

Sexual excitement runs through Chloe on being ordered to undress her Daddy. Her pussy moistens.

She assumes her subservient position and says, “Yes, Daddy.”

She runs a finger down his breastbone before slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She pulls the tails out of his pants then pushes the shirt off his shoulders. She then caresses his upper arms, shoulders, and chest.

“Ohh Chloe, you’re really turning me on,” moans Don.

Chloe drops to her knees and runs a hand up the bulge in his pants before untying his shoes and removing them. She then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, unbuttoned his pants, and slowly lowered his pants and boxers to the floor. He steps out of them, leaving him with only socks on.

Don lifts Chloe to her feet and caresses her covered breasts.

She whispers, “Take me, Daddy. I’m yours to use.”

He kisses her deeply before taking his time unbuttoning her blouse, then throws it on a chair. He then reaches behind her and removes her bra; it joins the blouse on the chair. He works the button on her wrap skirt and pulls, spinning her around. It joins the rest of her clothes. She stands there in her panties, which he slowly lowers until she steps out of them. As he stands, he licks her slit, bottom to top.

Chloe moans, “Oh yes, Daddy.”

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees,” he orders.

She jumps on the bed and assumes his desired position. He joins her on the bed, gets behind her, and notches his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He slowly enters her. When he’s only halfway in, she orgasms. He holds still until her orgasm subsides, then thrusts until he bottoms out.

“Oh my God, you’re deep,” she yells.

He pistons out and in repeatedly while reaching under her and pinching her nipples.

“Daddy, please don’t stop! I need to feel you cum inside me!”

He keeps thrusting, bottoming out against her cervix each time. He’s getting close when he feels her pussy just starting to spasm.

He speeds up his thrusts and whispers in her ear, “I’m almost there. Don’t cum until I do.”

He continues thrusting as she fights to hold back her orgasm. Finally, she feels him spurting against her cervix and lets her orgasm overtake her. She shakes violently as her pussy spasms crazily around Don’s cock. She passes out and collapses on the bed.

When she recovers, she says, “I have never had an orgasm like that. Thank you, Daddy.”

“We’re not done yet, Sweetie,” he states. “Get back into that position,” he sternly orders.

He reaches into his nightstand and retrieves a tube of lubricant gel. He lubes a finger and presses it against Chloe’s sphincter.

“Daddy! What are you doing?”

“Try to relax, Sweetie. I’m getting you prepared to take my cock in your ass.”

Her sphincter relaxes; his finger goes in as far as the second joint. Don pulls back slightly then presses forward again; his finger is fully in her ass. He moves it slowly in and out, getting her used to the feel. After a bit, Don pulls it out, lubes it and the finger next to it, and pushes them both past her sphincter. He repeats what he had done before. Now, when he removes his fingers, her sphincter remains open. He lubes three fingers and inserts them, opening her up further. Using his other hand, he squeezes lube onto his cock. He removes his fingers and slowly pushes his cock into her ass.

“Oh Daddy, that’s starting to feel good.”

When Don’s full length is in her ass, he slowly starts stroking in and out. As he gets closer to his release, he starts stroking faster.

“Daddy! I feel another orgasm building!”

“Let it come, Sweetie. I’m getting ready to cum in your ass!”

Don continues stroking faster and faster; then, she feels his cum spurting into her ass. That triggers her orgasm, and her body stiffens. Don’s cock rapidly deflates and pops out of her ass, followed by a stream of cum, which drips onto her leg as her sphincter remains open. He flops to the side, breathing hard. She collapses onto her belly and chest.

When they’ve both recovered, Chloe pulls Don to her and gently kisses his lips, then says, “I love you, Daddy. I’ll never doubt your love for me again.”

Don replies, “Sweetie, thank you for transforming me into the Daddy you need.”

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