My first school trip part 1



Not what I expected on my first school trip

I was on a school trip with my mid year school.

It was mix of boys and girls, roughly about 25/75 girls to boys, so the pick of girls wasn’t that great, but I did get my first blow job in the toilets from one of the girls in the the class.

She sucked me off for about a minute and bamb, I shot my load of cum into her mouth, it was awesome, she didn’t spill a drop as she wiped her lips with her finger and swallowed all of my cum.

I stood up quickly, fixed my bottoms and more or less ran out of the toilet, heart pounding and my cock starting to get hard again, just thinking about what had happened to me.

She had followed me into the cubicle, closed and locked the door as I was getting ready to pee in the toilet, she held my cock as I peed into the toilet and as soon as I finished she turned me round, knelt down and proceeded to do something that no one in my 16 years had ever done to me.

When the ship docked, we were all moved to the bus, we all ran to get a good seat beside our favourite friend, I wasn’t quick enough and ended up sitting beside the girl who everyone disliked, the one no one wanted to sit beside, for one reason or another.

I smiled, then leaned against the window and tried to sleep

The vibrations from the window through my head did their best to prevent me from sleeping, but I pretend to be sleeping as I didn’t want to talk to her.

About an hour or so into the journey, I felt her move closer to me, I peeked through my closed eyes and i could see her trying to open my belt and my button, she managed it and before I could say STOP, my cock was in her mouth.

She took my hand and placed it on her tits, her nipples were like spears, hard and erect. Her tits were small and firm.

She was working my cock with her lips, her tongue and her hand

“Fuck” I said as she forced my cock down the back of her throat.

She moved up and down real slowly on my cock, stoping and holding my cock with her impressive suck, then without warning I filled her hot mouth with my cum.

She looked up at me, opened her mouth to show me all the cum and then with one quick swallow it all disappeared, like it was hoovered up.

I sat there trembling, I couldn’t run anywhere this time, I had to sit there beside this girl who has just given me the best blow job ever, alright, I had only had two, but this was the best one.

She put my hand down her panties and encouraged my fingers to fuck her wet pussy, taking my fingers out of her wet pussy and sharing her juice with me as we both licked her cum from my fingers.

She was trying hard not to moan and groan as I worked her hot wet tight teen pussy.

“I would love you to fuck me” she said as she squirted on to my hand, “I want you to come to my room in the hotel and fuck my pussy good, I am mega horny and dying for your cock” she said as we sat holding hands

I was panicked, I had never fucked before, I had never touched a tit or nipple let alone finger a pussy before.

No one, except me, had ever touched my cock before today and now two girls had sucked and pulled me off.

This school trip was shaping up to be something wild.

We got to the hotel, a bunch of horny teenagers, blood boiling and all fired up. The teachers were doing their best to make sure they split us up, in fact they would have preferred if there was a boys hotel and a girls hotel.

“All we need is for one of these girls to go home pregnant and that’s all our jobs gone” the teacher was overheard saying to the lady on the desk

“As long as you or your colleagues don’t turn out to be the father, then you will ok” she replied with a grin

A few minutes later my bus blow job friend came over and gave me a key, “I am in 302”

They had given every room two keys, as we were all doubled up, but she was not roomed with anyone else so she gave me the second key.

I smiled and said “see you later so”

She waved as I left the reception and headed to my room over the other side of the hotel.

I was roomed with one of my class mates, he was tired so it wasn’t long before he went to sleep.

I got up, put on my sweat pants and t-shirt and headed to meet my “girlfriend” who wanted me to fuck her

I had written her number on my hand so I wouldn’t forget the it.

I sneaked nerversously down the long corridors, into the lift, up two floors, then out of the lift, looked at the signs, rooms 301 to 319 to the left and there was a little arrow pointing to the left.

Unfortunately 302 was the second last room instead of being the second room as I had hoped.

I got to the room and knocked faintly on the door, then I took out the key and walked into the room, it was half light half dark, I could see clothes on the floor, so I decided to take off my clothes and join her in bed

Shaking from the cold, the nerves and the adrenaline flowing through my body, I stripped.

My cock was rock hard, it was sticking straight out, as if it was giving someone directions.

I half pulled back the blankets and got into the bed, I snuggled into her and put hand around on to her boobs, she instantly put her hand on my cock

As I played with her boobs they felt different to the bus, bigger softer than befiy, but I thought that was because they were naked now and she way laying on her side

I was moaning because she was jerking me off real good this time. She was squeezing me tightly and pulling me hard.

I brought my hand down her boobs, past her stomach and went looking for her wet pussy again, but to my shock when she opened her legs to welcome my hand, she had a big hard cock too

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I screamed to myself in my Brain

My hand was on her cock, but on the bus she had a wet open pussy. I started to panic, did I get the wrong room, no I couldn’t because I had the key, but now there is someone with their own cock, pulling my cock.

They rolled over and as they did I moved on to my back, within seconds my cock disappeared down this stranger mouth

I was frozen in the bed, stuck in one place. I could feel him moving in the bed, he was kneeling up on his hunkers whike sucking my cock.

I didn’t know if I should be enjoying what he was doing but fuck it was awesome.

He took my hand and placed it between his legs on to his cock and he got me to pull his cock, which I did. It was liking milking a cows tit, except it was huge, fat and long.

A few minutes later I felt him move again and before I knew it he was mounting my face, his hard cock bouncing around my lips. I was watching it as it bounced around my mouth.

The curiosity going through my head as I looked at his cock, “what would it be like? What would it taste like? How would it feel?”

So I opened my mouth and closed my eyes as he sank his hard cock deep inside my mouth.

As he sucked me off I started to try and mimic what he was doing to me

I was pulling and sucking him the same way he was pulling and sucking me.

I started to enjoy it when all of a sudden the light went on, Which startled both of us and then we heard a voice ” What the fuck is going on?”

I was naked on the bed, there was a guy holding my cock as a tanned dark haired man looked at us

The guy holding my cock motioned to him and said “come to bed”

He looked at me and I just smiled and nodded.

He went over to me and put his cock in my mouth, I was kneeling up with my hand around his cock and pulling him while I sucked him

The other guy was putting cream on his cock, he came over to me and pushed me on to my hand and knees, the tanned man continued to fuck my mouth, without warning I could feel pain and pressure in my ass as the other guy stared to finger my ass.

I didn’t realize it, but he was working my ass to open it up, it was fucken sore.

He was finger fucking my ass as the tanned man tried to smoother me with his cock.

A few minutes later I could feel some pressure on my back as I felt the man’s cock enter my ass, millimetre by millimetre I felt sever pain in my ass, I couldn’t scream because my mouth was full of cock.

I felt like I was been ripped open and when he finally got his whole cock inside me it was like he was banging the bottom of my spine.

He fucked me for a few minutes then pulled out, my ass clasped closed but then he pushed in again and again the pain was terrible, “who the fuck would do this shit for pleasure?” I said to myself as he pulled out again.

Then he went in again, I was trying to focus on sucking the tanned ones cock, but jeesssssssssss the pain was incredible

Then he pulled out again, and the relief was amazing, but these time he put his cock to my ass and my ass sucked his cock in, I didn’t feel any real pain, pressure maybe but I actually started to enjoy it.

It was so good that I started to push back onto his cock, rocking my hips and fucking his cock as much as he was fucking my ass.

I was in a world of pleasure, my ass full of cock while my mouth was licking and sucking this beautiful slim long tanned cock. The head was bring pink and full of blood, I could feel the power in his cock as he fucked my mouth.

I could feel his balls full of cum as I played with them and sucked them.

I licked and sucked the head of his pink cock, tasting his drips of pre cum in my mouth.

Suddenly and without warning the guy pulled his cock from my ass, he was standing beside me with his cock by my mouth, as if he was waiting for tanned man to pull out so he could go into my mouth.

Tanned man knew what was going on, but I didn’t, he pulled out of my mouth and disappeared around the back of me, I felt his two hands on my ass and at the same time as I felt his long thin cock slide into my gaping ass, the other guy put his ass dripping cock into my mouth.

I grabbed his cock, twisting and pulling it as I sucked my ass from his cock, he grabbed my head and fucked me fast and hard, and then I felt my mouth begin to fill with hot sticky water, he had cum in my mouth.

I was stunned for a second, I didn’t know what to do but close my eyes and swallow it all, his cock slipped out of my mouth and he fell on to the bed.

The tanned man stated to pull my cock as he fucked me hard like a beast.

He was long so he fucked me deep, the pleasure and pain had my cock as hard as a missile.

I shot my load all over the bed, as he pounded my ass and pulled my cock. I never saw so much cum spill from my cock before.

He then pulled out and he too put his cock in my mouth, he fucked me for a few seconds and then filled my mouth.

He fell to the bed too, but as he did the first guy got up to go to the toilet.

When he came out I was fully dressed.

“You leaving?” He asked

“Yes I am”

“Where did you come from, are you a friend of his?” He asked pointing to the sleeping tanned man

“No I don’t know him either” I said as I pulled on my top – “is he not a friend of yours??” I asked surprised but the initial question

“No, I met him at the bar tonight, So we went and got a room, seemingly this was someone else’s room but the hotel changed them to a different Room, I thought you were him when you put your arm around me, I was surprised when he came out of the bathroom and I saw him standing there, I was like YES TWO COCKS, I have died and gone to heaven”

I waved at him as I closed the door into the corridor. I hurried back to my room and got straight into bed.

I lay there thinking of what had happened to me, my ass was full of cum and my cock was hard thinking of what I had been through.

Part of me wanted to go back to room 302 for more fun, but I decided to have a wank thinking about fucking those two guys again.

As I came all over the sheets I fell asleep. The next morning the room phone was ringing, I picked it up, it was the teacher telling me to be in the restaurant for breakfast in one hour.

I got dressed and woke my mate.

As I headed down the corridor I passed room 302, I stopped outside, I looked at my watch, then looked up and down, no one was around so I used my key to go in

The two guys were having an early morning fuck, the tanned man was deep inside the other guy.

I stripped off real quick and put my cock in the other man’s mouth and began to fuck his mouth

I filled him with cum and pulled out if his mouth.

I then pulled the tanned man’s cock out of the other mans ass and sucked him before getting on my knees and asking him to fuck me and he obliged, pushing his long hard cock down my ass as I worked the other cock with my mouth.

I was being spit roasted, it was amazing as both guys came at the same time, filling my mouth and ass with hot cum.

I didn’t have time to savour the moment as I was late for the bus, with my ass and mouth filled with cum I dressed and ran for the bus.

My blow job friend had kept me a seat.

I sat down beside her.

‘”sorry about last night” she whispered to me “I will make it up to you”

“What happened?” I asked

“They changed my room and I had to stay with sister Ruth”


“Yes, and to be honest,it was great, the mad lesbian bitch raped me and it was fucking amazing, she ate my pussy and sucked my ass and tits all night, she told me that she was going to fuck me again tonight, and I can’t wait”

I looked at her and smiled as the bus headed off.

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