This is a story about a mother, Erin and her daughter, Fran. This is an Interracial story.


This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is an interracial story.

This is a story about a mother, Erin and her daughter, Fran. Erin is 47 and Fran is 20. Both women are dark brunette hair that falls to the shoulders. Both women have small breasts, Erin’s breasts are slightly sagging while Fran’s are perky. Fran is in her first year college. The college is local and makes the commute from home. Erin has always been a stay-at-home mom. The family have a nice home in the suburbs where Erin has made something of a hobby of gardens and plantings around the yard. Erin’s husband and Fran’s father is a mid-level sales executive at a manufacturing company and travels nationally on average every other week.

Fran’s sex life has slowly grown over the last years of high school and this year of college but her experience is still limited to three guys and Erin is fully aware of it, only encouraging her to be careful. Erin’s sex life is a complete mystery to her daughter who never really wanted to think about it. In reality, Erin’s sex drive has always been high … unfortunately, much higher than her husband who is also size deficient. While raising Fran and growing her husband’s career and home life, Erin managed to control her sexual needs. Once Fran was basically independent and driving, those needs erupted to frustrations that might have led to a split in the marriage if it wasn’t for a husband willing to give up a lot for his wife’s happiness … and, happiness in the marriage.

Fran was about to run smack dab into the reality of how complex a “happy marriage” can be.


“Mom?!?” That would normally be how Fran entered the house after coming home from classes at the nearby college. In her first year, she was still feeling her way into the larger world of college, career options, and the world outside of the local school district. This day, however, she stood at the front door trying to decide if she knew whose car was in the driveway. She was sure she didn’t know it. Certainly, none of her friends. Although it looked nice enough, it couldn’t be one of her dad’s friends or associates because he was on another of his business trips. He was a sales executive who travelled somewhere in the country every other week and this was one of those weeks. So, maybe it was a friend of her mom’s. It was just so curious, though, she thought she knew all her mom’s friends and that car did not make any connections in her mind.

She entered the house and listened. Nothing. Normally, when someone was visiting her mom they would be in the kitchen, family room, or living room. All were close to the foyer and there wasn’t a sound from any of those locations. She closed the door quietly, for a change, and wondered if she was trying to be sneaky. It wasn’t intentional to be snoopy, but this was curious. She let her backpack settle next to the door and she listened, again.

Then, she heard something. It was faint and upstairs. Feeling a little guilty, she quietly ascended the stairs. It wasn’t even that she trying that hard to be quiet. She was wearing a tight-fitting tee-shirt, jeans, and running shoes. The shoes were just naturally quiet, but she found herself walking on the balls of her feet as she focused on the faint, muffled sounds.

The upstairs landing divided the upstairs. Straight ahead was a large bathroom. To the right were the bedrooms for her and her older brother (married and out of the house). To the left was the master bedroom of her parents with its own bathroom suite and a guest room across the hall. The sounds, clearer to her now, were definitely coming from the left and as she moved that way, she realized she was now on her tip-toes and in full snoop mode. This was all too curious for her. The sounds were no longer mere sounds, but voices and … sounds, yes, but … sometimes not words but more like … oh, my God! … moans? It was definitely the master bedroom and, as she stepped up to it, the door wasn’t fully closed and the voices were … her mom, yes, but … her dad, no. There was a deep male voice but it definitely was not her dad. This was a deep manly voice. She made out moans and groans and some words but not well. She heard him talking in an authoritative voice calling her ‘Erin’ and ‘babe’ and saying ‘take it’, ‘all of it’, ‘you like this, don’t you’. Her mom’s voice was a jumble of grunts and moans and gasps but her words were ‘Tyrone’, ‘you stud’, ‘yes, I like it’, and … ‘don’t stop’.

‘Don’t stop’? Who is she …? What is she …? What are they …?

She gently eased the door open a few more inches but still couldn’t see much. She eased it open about a quarter of the way and … FUCK! Well put, Fran, she chided herself. Yes, that’s what was happening. She pushed the door open about halfway and stood in shock. Her mom was mostly naked. She was only wearing a black outfit of bra, sheer support garter, and stockings. Her bra was at her waist with her saggy breast bouncing as she rose and fell on top of a naked black man.

She watched. Stunned. She didn’t want to watch, to spy, to be a voyeur of her own mother, but … she couldn’t move. She couldn’t turn away. The scene before her was obscene, elicit, torrid. Her mother was obviously experiencing something intensely powerful. She watched her mom bouncing up and down, her hands on the man’s chest, her eyes shut tight and her mouth hanging open. Guttural sounds were escaping from her mouth mixed with moaning and groaning and panting. She was mumbling words that were unintelligible to Fran. Then, they suddenly became very intelligible.

“Oh … fuck … me … Tyrone … FUCK! Yessssss … I’m … ooooooooo, Goddddd … I’mmmmmmm … cummmminnnggggg!”

She watched her mom slam down on the man, apparently driving his cock deep into her pussy and she cried out. She watched as her mom fell to the man’s chest, his arms wrapping around her, and his hips taking up the fucking as her mom stopped moving. She watched her mom shiver and shake on top of the man, obviously in the throes of a massive orgasm.

It was then that the man looked at her. Fran wasn’t aware she had entered the bedroom and mechanically walked near the bed in a trance. She gazed down at the coupling, at her mom’s gasping for air and shivering through her orgasm, at the man whose eyes were fixed on her now. She gazed down as the man smiled up at her and in a swift, controlled motion, rolled the two of them on the bed while his cock remained deep inside her mom. Her mom gasped at the sudden movement and the man was between her legs fucking furiously. It was then that Fran saw it … his cock … it was huge, long, thick, and black as it plunged in and out of her mom’s white, bald pussy.

The powerful fucking seemed to pull Erin out of her fog. Her arms embraced the man and her hips rose to meet each powerful, dominating thrust from the man. “Ohhhhh, yesssssss … fuck me … just like … that, you fucking stud!” Erin was thrashing her head as she became increasingly stimulated, again. “Yes … yes … yessssssss. Fuck …” and that was when Erin’s head turned toward Fran, “… me.”

Fran could see recognition from her mom, but she was too far gone, again. Erin entire body became rigid and clung to the man as he thrust harder and harder and deeper and deeper. His long cock was mesmerizing to Fran, almost as much as the wild, frantic look on her mom’s face.

Then they came, each on top of the other. His grunts mixed with her cries. They were a sweaty mess of tangled black and white skin slowly moving together. When the man rolled off her mom, Fran couldn’t help herself. She moved toward the end of the bed and gasped. Her mom’s pussy was gaping open from the size of the cock she just fucked and a small rivulet of cum leaked from it.

Fran’s eyes were pulled from the image of her mom’s pussy by the movement of the two on the bed rising to elbows to look directly at her. She saw the smiles forming on both faces and only then realized she had her hand deep in the front of her jeans. Embarrassed, ashamed, still shocked, and mad. She ran out the door to the other end of the hall and her own room. She slammed the door shut behind her, but it opened almost immediately. There stood her mom, naked, her inner thighs glistening with the mixture of their cum and sex.

“Fran, we have to talk.”

Fran glared at her mom. “What were you doing?!” She put up her hand, “No, what were you doing with him?” She shook her head to get the right words out. “Mom … why? Why, mom? What about daddy?”

“Fran, listen to me, please.” Erin had her hands firmly on Fran’s upper arms to make her look at her. “I wasn’t cheating on your father.” Fran began protesting, again, but Erin continued, “Your father knows.”

“He knows? He knows you’re fucking that guy and he’s okay with that?”

Fran sighed deeply and Erin smiled as they sat next to each other on Fran’s bed. “He doesn’t know the details … the who or how often. He doesn’t want to know the details, but, yes, he’s okay with it.” She was finally able to put her arms around her daughter and she gently hugged her. “Honey, your father and I … I love your father. He’s a good husband in almost every way, but … he’s always known I had a high sex drive … very high … and he liked that at first. We had sex all the time … everywhere …”

“Mom …”

“This is important, dear.” Fran seemed to sag in her mom’s arms and resigned to listen. “But, after a while, his interest in sex dwindled but it was at the time you were little and I could put all my energy into you, the home, and being a good wife. Then, your father got this sales job and he is very good at it and enjoys it, but he is gone a lot and I was alone more with only you. Then, you grew up and didn’t want me or need me in your life as much. Soon, you were gone a lot after school with studies with friends, dates, and activities. And I was alone more. My sex drive that I had managed to keep at bay all those years by throwing myself into you and your father … well … I didn’t have those things, anymore. I thought if I masturbated, it might take the edge off. You masturbate, don’t you? I know you do, but did it keep you from wanting your boyfriends?”

Fran looked up at her mom. Was she really asking or was it rhetorical? She found her mom waiting. She knew her mom knew she was active but she just let it be with innocent comments about being careful and birth control. Fran nodded, “Yes, I did a lot. You’re right. It only made me want to feel the real thing. It would be what I envisioned as I masturbated.”

Erin nodded, “That’s what happened to me, too. I envisioned being with a man. Your father didn’t have the interest … hadn’t for a long time. Besides … I don’t mean this meanly, honey … your father is small, very small.” Fran looked up at her mom. She didn’t know if her boyfriends were big or not but she knew they weren’t anything like what she just saw on that man. She read the articles that proclaimed that size wasn’t important, but she always wondered if that was merely a bunch of women rationalizing the size of their partners.

“So, how did dad … you know …”

Erin hugged her. Somehow, Erin being naked and the smell of sex hanging around her hadn’t been an issue until Fran was relaxed and wasn’t fighting. Suddenly, Erin was very aware of her nudity and when Fran touched her mom innocently on the thigh, she too became very aware. But Erin kept her daughter in her arms.

“The first time was an accident. I did cheat, but I didn’t go out intending to. It was actually one of his sometimes golf partners. It was a mistake and I told him. He was mad, of course. We talked and talked more. We both saw what was happening and both seemed to come to an understanding. Maybe it wasn’t ideal in a marriage, but we decided for us it might work. He just couldn’t stand to know the details, but as long as I was happy and loved him and wanted to stay with him loyally when he was home … I just try to be discrete and only did it when you were supposed to be in school and now in classes.” She looked sharply at Fran, “Which, by the way, why aren’t you at classes?”

Fran was relaxed with the explanation enough to be embarrassed, “My last classes were cancelled. Some kind of bug took out my last two professors and they couldn’t line up TA’s in time.” She looked her mom in the face, finally. “How long?”

Erin sighed, “Four … no, about five years.” Same guy? “No, different guys. He’s one of the latest.” Then, past what seemed to have been a crisis, something stirred inside Erin and she wondered. It would be so hot, exciting. “Honey, do you have a serious boy, now?” Fran shook her head. “But you still are having sex, aren’t you? You still need to feel that regularly?” She was taking a chance based on what her daughter had shared now and before. “You still find a way to get someone between your legs?”

Fran flinched at the boldness of the question from her mom. They had talked about sex and men before, but not like this. This was so weird. Her mom was holding her tightly, still. She was naked and had just had multiple orgasms that Fran had witnessed. And, the man was still just down the hall. But her mom had opened up and been amazingly honest, so she could be, too.

She nodded, “Yes. Old boyfriends sometimes. Parties where everyone is sharing and experimenting.” She looked up at her mom and no longer felt intimidated or awkward about her being naked. “Sometimes I have wondered if I was just a slut. Is that what I am?”

Erin hugged her tight and stroked her arm. She sighed, “Like mother … like daughter, I think. What is a slut, anyway? A woman who has casual sex without the intention of a relationship? But why can’t sex just be sex. I think there is a difference. If you have sex to control the impulse, the need, isn’t it different?” She looked into her daughter’s face, “These men aren’t really lovers to me. Your father is the only one I love. These men are sex partners and that’s all. These men help me be a sane wife. Is that crazy sounding?”

Fran returned a shy smile. “You’re pretty cool, mom. I had no idea you had ideas like that about sex.” Erin kissed her daughter on the forehead and hugged her to her naked body. “Just don’t let you father know I’m encouraging you.” She stood and gave her daughter’s hand a tug to stand, which she did. When Erin pulled Fran through the door into the hall, Erin said, “Come, there is someone I want you to meet.”

Fran was nervous as she allowed herself to be pulled down the hall in the direction of the master bedroom. She watched in wonder. Her mom seemed so comfortable in her skin, now. Not only was she striding down the hall naked but there was purpose and confidence in her manner as she did it. At 47, she wasn’t young, anymore. Her waist might be a little thick and her breast sagging, but she was still attractive in a mature way, especially in the way she carried herself. Her butt and thighs jiggled as she walked but that seemed to make her enticing, even to Fran, and she wondered if it was appropriate for her think that way.

The bedroom door stood wide open and any thoughts about her mother were pushed to the back of her mind as she saw a naked black man sitting on the edge of the bed. Age wise he was between her mom and her but much closer to her mom, maybe upper 30’s to 40. When he saw them enter, he stood as if that was what he always did when women entered the room. His gut was a little thick, too. He stood maybe a half foot taller than them and had muscle tone like he used his body or a gym. But her eyes quickly found the truly amazing thing about him … his cock hung limp between his legs and looked as long as any of her boyfriends did when hard.

She heard her mom introducing them. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard Erin call him Bob. She forced her eyes away from his cock to his face and dumbly put out her hand to shake. He ignored the hand and pulled her into his arms for a hug. Her arms naturally, but hesitantly, wrapped around his body. He wasn’t soft. Her mind seemed to explode as her hands touched his back: she was hugging a naked man who had just been fucking her mom!

Her mom was saying something, again. “Honey?” She was still holding the man, Bob, in her arms. She blushed bright red, released him, and took a step back. Erin leaned in close to Fran and whisper into her ear, “Remember what we were just talking about? Have you ever seen anything like that? And, he has amazing recovery.”

Fran tore her eyes away from the cock hanging from him like a long, thick length of sausage, glancing up at him, and whispering back, “You mean …”

“If you ask nice, he might let you.” Ask nice? Like when she was smaller and wanted a cookie before dinner? She had never had to ask for sex … just accepted the advances of guys. But this was different. He seemed respectful and it had to be awkward having just been caught fucking her mom and now she was standing before him dressed.

She looked up at him, back down to his cock, then back to his face, and down to his cock, “I … I …”

A soft chuckled escaped his mouth, though she didn’t bother looking up she heard a smile on his mouth. “Never seen anything like that?” Fran dumbly shook her head. He put his hands on her shoulders and applied the slightest amount of pressure down and she began sinking to her knees in front of him. “Go ahead, touch it … hands … mouth … your mom likes it, too.”

Fran didn’t look anywhere but at the long, black cock in front of her face. If she leaned in, she could touch it with her tongue, but instead she put her palm underneath it and lifted it. It was soft and her palm didn’t cover half of it. Pointing straight at her now, she saw the drip of moisture formed at the hole in the head and licked it off without thinking. Then, she did think about it and looked up at him. He was smiling.

“A cock like that is different. Forget the man it is attached to, a cock like that makes me want to just make love to it.” She hadn’t noticed, but her mom was kneeling next to her. “Go ahead … stroke it, lick it, suck it … love it.”

This was obscene. She was kneeling beside her naked mom in front of a naked black man holding a big black cock she couldn’t take her eyes off. But her mom was right. Holding the cock, she forgot about the man it was attached to. Her eyes, her desires, her thinking and longing was only focused on this cock, this slab of black meat she only thought existed in porn.

She was surprised to see the cock getting hard, closing the gap between it and her face. Then she saw that her hands had begun stroking it and her mouth was watering like she had a juicy piece of steak approaching her lips. Her lips opened and consumed not a piece of well-prepared steak but the head of the biggest cock she imagined and she felt it jerk in her hand and mouth as the wet warmth of her mouth encased the head. She sucked and twirled her tongue over the bulb of man-meat in her mouth and tasted unique and intriguing flavors that her mind told her was both the man and her mom, the mixture of their sex. She moaned as it all crashed into her brain: being with two naked people, the cock in her mouth, and the taste of their sexual pleasure. Her free hand clutched at her tee-shirt and bra encased breast. Her mouth pushed past the head, her lips encasing more of the cock until she felt it at the back of her mouth and probing her throat but there were still several inches of cock still outside her mouth. She gasped and groaned, a mini-orgasm coursing through her and soaking her panties.

With the cock filling her mouth, her mom kissed her distended cheek and asked a question that sent a shiver through her body, “Do you want him to cum in your mouth or experience more of it?”

She didn’t respond. She slowly pulled her mouth off the cock that now glistened with her saliva and stood up, one of her hands still holding it. She looked into the eyes of the man … Bob … and he smiled. His hands moved to the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it up her body, her hand finally having to release the cock. As the shirt was being pulled over her head and up-stretched arms, she felt her mom behind her opening her bra. Bob bent down and her slightly parted lips were consumed by his large black lips while his hands opened her jeans and unzipped them. His hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them as her jeans and panties were pulled down by her mom.

Bob pulled her into his body. Now, her bare skin was against his and she felt his hard cock pressed against her abdomen. She gasped into his mouth as he kissed her. But she almost orgasmed when she heard her mom’s voice while her pussy was being probed, “I think she is going to be tight.” My God! My mom was fingering me and gaging how my pussy was going to be for his cock?

He stepped back slightly and reached his own hand down between her legs. Fran just watched, mesmerized by the entire situation, as his big black hand slid between her legs and a fat finger probed between her slick pussy lips and sank into her. She gasped. Then she moaned when she heard him, “Yes … very tight. Never had a cock like this, have you little Fran?” He took her hand and pulled her up onto the bed. He lay on his back, his cock held straight up in the air, “It’s okay, Fran. It’ll work, trust me. You be on top and assume total control. Go at your own pace.”

Fran heard her mom alongside her, encouraging her, “He seemed too big to me the first time, too, but I took him. Go slow. He’ll stretch you, but I guarantee feeling so full of cock will be something you’ll love feeling.”

Fran climbed over the cock and felt the head rub along her dripping slit. As she aligned the head to her opening, her mom pulled her face to hers and kissed her … not a chaste, motherly kiss but a passionate, consuming kiss that made her moan into her mother’s mouth. At the same time, she sat down slightly and felt the head impossibly stretch her tight pussy and enter her. She cried into her mother’s mouth as she sat down a little more and Bob mashed her breasts in his large hands. She broke the kiss from her mom. She had to look. What she saw shocked her. She only had half of him inside her but she felt totally stuffed with cock, already. How could all of it possibly fit inside?

It took many minutes and her mom’s constant encouragement until she finally felt her ass impact Bob’s hips. All the while she rose and lowered, over and over, the cock inside her bottoming out against the top of her pussy, over and over, taking more and more by the inch, every time hitting the top of her pussy but somehow taking more as her pussy adjusted to the intrusion. Her entire pussy was stretched. She could never have imagined being so stuffed, so full of cock. When she had it all inside her, her mom wrapped her arms around Fran and hugged her tight as her daughter’s pussy adjusted to the log lodged inside her.

Fran looked down at Bob as she slowly pulled up. It felt like she was rising forever. When she felt only the bulbus head still inside, she reversed and slowly sank back down but all in one smooth motion this time. Her face was beaming as she gazed down at him.

Giddy at having succeeded, “I was prepared to think I would never get it all inside me.”

He chuckled, “Didn’t I say you would?” She nodded excitedly. She was rising and sinking smoothly now as her pussy had adjusted to his size. His hands moved from her breasts to her hips as he began gently assisting her. “Now, what do you think about big black cock?”

“OH … MY … GOD! I love it … I can’t believe how full … I am. It feels … so … fucking … amazing!”

Erin laughed, “I knew it … like mother, like daughter.”

Fran was in her own world, though, and that world only consisted of her pussy sliding up and down on the biggest cock she imagined and the only sounds she heard were her own grunts, groans, moans, gasps and cries of pleasure. She remained in that world through her first orgasm when she found herself collapsed on Bob’s chest. Then, she felt herself rolling and momentarily worried about her senses until it occurred to her, she was still stuffed over that cock and Bob was now thrusting powerfully into her pussy. Her eyes cleared enough to find Bob leaning over her supported on his arms while his hips drove his cock into her like a mad man. She’d never been fucked like this. So stuffed, so full, so powerfully, and so completely fucked like she was only a means to his climax. And, maybe that’s what she was this very moment, only a hole to cum in. She cried out. She gasped and panted. She gripped the sheets of her mother’s bed. She beat on Bob’s shoulders as her need to orgasm the second time drove her into a frenzy.

As her climax hit her, her hips were off the bed to meet his thrust. Her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders as she quaked and gasped and grunted and panted her release. Then, she felt it … explosion after explosion of cum shooting into her pussy. Her pussy clamping around his cock, feeling every jerk and twitch and explosion of cum. She collapsed to the bed as his cock sent the last of his cum into her. Her chest rose and fell like she just finished a mad sprint over too long a distance. At the same time, her body tingled with the aftermath of the best orgasm of her life.

Nothing could have prepared her for what she just experienced. Her mom could have tried explaining it in the most de***********ive of terms and it would never have come close. Now … another experience she wasn’t prepared for … her mom between her widely splayed legs lapping at her gaping, leaking pussy.

After licking clean her daughter’s pussy, Erin crawled up between Bob and Fran, kissing each on the mouth with equal passion. She sat back on her heels and gazed from one to the other, the man who had so many times given her so much pleasure and who had now introduced her own daughter to the same thing. With her hands, she stroked a cock and a pussy, then, “I’m going to shower quick. Then, I am going downstairs to prepare something for us to eat and drink.” As she gazed into the eyes of each, “When I am done, you two shower together and join me.” She bounced off the bed but turned before entering the bathroom, “And, no clothes.”

Bob and Fran looked at each other and smiled. Bob now had two hot and active white women as sex partners. He didn’t know how long the addition of Fran might last, but while it did, he was going to enjoy it.

After they had something to eat, both women were quickly back to Bob’s cock, both mouthing and licking it, one on each side and frequently sharing a tonguing kiss when they met at the tip of his cock. It didn’t take Bob long to again be hard as steel with the women so devoted to getting him to that point, but he relished the feeling of these two sharing his rod knowing full well there would be more fucking.

The women, too, were well aware of their own intentions to have their pussies filled with his magnificent cock, again. They were trying to be patient, to prolong the anticipation, but it wasn’t long before they both gave in to the lust building up inside them. They stood, Erin taking Bob’s cock in her hand as if it were his hand leading him back upstairs to the bed. Fran’s hands were busy on his ass as she followed close behind.

Bob directed the women to bend over the edge of the bed shoulder to shoulder. They did, their ass in full display, their feet parted wide for easy access. Bob moved up behind Erin and smoothly pressed his cock into the older woman’s pussy. He stroked into her about 10 times, then pulled out and moved a step to the right and plunged into Fran’s ready pussy. This was going to take some time but nobody was complaining. After quite a while, Bob moved onto the bed on his back. He directed Erin to his right and Fran on his left. Then, he held his cock in the air and the two women giggled in delight. This time, Fran went first. She straddled his body and dropped her pussy over his length, fucking him hard for about 10 strokes. Then, as she pulled off the cock, her mom grabbed the cock and straddled it, barely missing a stroke.

Bob was in heaven. He lay quietly as two women fucked his rigid cock. He watched as each mounted him, fucked him wildly, then moved off to allow the other her chance. Back and forth. But it was time to bring this to a wonderful climax.

He stopped the women and directed them, again. Erin to lie on her stomach and Fran lying on top of her. Bob adjusted the women so both pussies were positioned just so, open and inviting. He moved on his knees between the four legs and slid into Erin, fucked her several time, then pulled out, raised his cock and slid into Fran. After several thrusts her pulled out of Fran and saw what he wanted. Both pussies were gaping open and drooling. He repositioned himself and thrust back into Fran who gasped at the sudden deep and powerful thrust. After several powerful thrusts, he pulled out and not missing a beat, thrust suddenly and deeply into Erin who also gasped out loudly. Now, he moved from one gaping pussy to the other, a single powerful and deep thrust into each, over and over, back and forth. Both women were crying out, gasping, pleading for him to never stop. But that was impossible. His own climax was rising but he had two women to satisfy. He reached down and stroked Erin’s clit as he plowed into Fran. He continued stroking Erin as he pulled out and slammed into Erin, then stayed there as he felt Erin’s pussy spasm around his cock. When he was sure she was orgasming, he pressed hard on her clit, which caused her to flinch and jerk violently, partially restricted by the weight of her daughter on top of her.

Fran knew she was close and could feel her mother’s orgasm crash over her with spasms that transmitted through their bodies. When Bob slammed back into her pussy and pressed a large finger into her ass, she exploded, too. At the same moment, she felt her pussy drenched with cum, again. Then, as the feeling washed over her, he pulled his cock out and into her mom. Her mom cried out in joy as she obviously felt the cock spewing cum into her pussy, too.

Bob worked nights which was how he was able to be with Erin in the afternoon. He confessed he was going to be tired during his shift, but he would have no regrets. After he left in the early evening, Erin and Fran cleaned up the kitchen, then stood and looked at each other. They were still naked. Something passed between them. They couldn’t have expressed it, exactly, but they both reacted at the same time. Their hands joined as they moved to the stairs for the upstairs. Back in the master bedroom, they shared a leisurely but emotional session of sixty-nine, each licking and sucking cum from each other’s pussy.

After both orgasmed nicely … again … they wanted to stay in each other’s arms, but Erin rose while instructing her daughter not to move. Erin quickly moved through the downstairs, turning off lights and locking doors. Crawling back into bed and pulling the sheet over them, she cuddled into her daughter’s arms. After what they had experienced, they couldn’t go to separate beds to sleep.

Erin looked into her daughter’s eyes while lightly stroking her breast and nipple. Then, she quietly spoke, “Your father must never know about this. It is one thing for him to accept what I am doing, but he may not be able to accept you being involved, too.” Fran nodded and lightly kissed her mom. “Do you want this to happen, again?”

“Oh, God, mom … yes!”

Erin chuckled. Silly question, apparently. “Okay, but your classes and grades come first.” Fran nodded emphatically in agreement. Erin returned the light kiss and snuggled into her daughter’s arms. “Maybe Bob has a friend …”


* * * * ANOTHER MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS STORY WILL FOLLOW * * * * Thanks for reading.

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