This is a story around a mother, Irene, and her daughter, Jade. This is an interracial story.


This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is an interracial story.

This is a story around a mother, Irene, and her daughter, Jade. Irene is 47 and Jade is 22. Both women are dark brunette hair that falls to the shoulders. Irene’s breasts are slightly larger, C-cup, while Jade’s are B-cup. Both women are trim with Irene standing at 5’ 5” and Jade at 5’ 4”. A seemingly happy and ‘normal’ family when Jade was young, that life fell apart when the economy turned and Irene’s husband was laid off from his programming job. In a series of risky ventures, he lost what little the family had in fallback security and they went bankrupt, losing everything including their home. A short time after, he disappeared, taking very little with him, he was never seen, again. Not even the police could determine what might have happened with any certainty: perhaps he merely left in shame; perhaps he went somewhere remote and committed suicide.

The uncertainty was the worse. It followed the two in every part of their day and activity. The way acquaintances avoided talking about it seemed like screaming attention to it, especially to Jade as she grew up with the uncertainty, the abandonment, and hurt of being left behind to struggle through their life. It wasn’t long before the young woman found the uneasy, dull world drugs provided where at least she could find moments of not suffering with emotional pain and depression. Her life spiraled down in time as that artificial world began consuming not only her but her mom, as well. What money she could manage to have went to drugs for escape and, eventually, to ease the need for more. When money wasn’t available, she turned to sex, trading sex for drugs.

Irene’s pain, loss, and depression created a period of isolation when she retreated into herself in a valiant effort to take some control. She took several jobs so she and Jade could have a place to live and food to eat. It wasn’t until later that she realized she had retreated from Jade in the process by keeping herself busy and working. She was shocked, though she later would understand her own role in it, when she discovered how far Jade had fallen. In a new wave of shame and guilt, Irene shamefully found herself following Jade instead of being the strength Jade might have needed, but it was already too late.

Years later, when they were arrested together while attempting to buy drugs from an undercover police officer, Irene became the strength both she and Jade needed. In that moment of desperation at seeing what had become of them, she convinced both Jade and the city’s prosecuting attorney that they would plead guilty and cooperate in any way they could, if they were kept in treatment long enough to clean up.

During treatment, they re-bonded and committed themselves to something better.


“Look at this one.” Irene and Jade, mother and daughter, were sitting at adjacent computers in the public library searching for affordable housing and job possibilities after being released from rehab. They were living in a group home for women but that was going to last only so long and Irene could feel the desperation of the place envelop her every time they entered the facility. It was the best they had available for the emergency of the moment, but they needed something else or the inevitable slide back down the slope would surely occur. There were too many women there who didn’t feel the desperation to change and too many men waiting in the shadows outside ready to snatch them back up.

Irene looked at her daughter as Jade made some notes on something she had found and turned to see what Irene had on her monitor. Irene had never been prouder of anyone as she had been of Jade in treatment and now. Even as the bleak reality of their options after treatment hit them squarely in the face, Jade was maintaining the same dedication of finding a joint solution to getting them out from the life they were trying to escape.

Jade had taken the task of searching for low-income apartments while Irene was looking at income sources. There were service industry jobs at fast-food place, etc. but even they looked at them askance with their record of drugs. There was a high demand for those jobs and the less risk the employer could take, the better for him. With a level of frustration, Irene had allowed her search to wander through various ‘wanted’ sites and she found something very unusual. Jade rolled her chair from her monitor to the one her mother turned slightly toward her. Jade glanced at the opened want ad, looked at her mom puzzled but continued on to read it:

WANTED: FARM WIFE. Mature woman needed to work with and care for single mature man and two adult sons on sizeable, prosperous, remote farm in west central Mississippi. Neat, well cared for house with modern kitchen and furnishings. Primary expectations are: care for house, cooking, and laundry. Men will do the heavy farm work. So called ‘wifely responsibilities’ not required or expected, but perhaps at some future time.

Jade looked at her mom in disbelief. “Like some kind of mail-order bride kind of thing?” Irene shrugged and they resumed their searches.

A couple weeks later they were sipping coffee at a nearby McDonalds at an outdoor table. “What are we going to do, mom?”

Irene looked her daughter in the eyes, “I’m not sure, honey. I think we have to get out.”

“Out of the shelter? We need a place to live and for that we need jobs.”

“I don’t mean just out of the shelter. I mean out of this city, away from the memories, away from everything comfortable … AWAY.”

Jade nodded. She understood exactly what her mom was saying. She’d been feeling it, too. It would be so easy to slip back and their old contacts were still out there and would be so easy to find and hookup with. “So … how? I really, REALLY, don’t want to go back to that, mom. We deserve a safe life.”

Irene mused, “A life with security, purpose, and stability.”

Jade added on, “It doesn’t even have to be with extra money and things … but a roof and food …”

“And belonging?” Jade looked at her mom and nodded. Irene gazed at her daughter, “If we had that, we could be happy?”

Jade nodded. “Yes. At this point, I’d do anything to be away from here and have that.” She gazed at her mom harder. “What are you thinking?”

“I’ve been thinking … remember that ad?”

* * * *

Jade was searching the road markers indicated on the instructions. “Geez … he wasn’t kidding when he said the farm was remote. It seems we’ve been on gravel roads forever.” She looked down at the page of instructions, then out the windshield. “That must be it … turn right at that dirt road before the big oak.”

The dirt road was barely more than a two-track running between barbed wire fences on both sides leading up a small hill. Once crested, though, they found an almost beautiful farm scene with a large white two-story home, a large barn and several smaller sheds, and a large utility building arranged on either side of the house, though separated from it. As they approached the house, three dogs came running out of the largest barn. They hesitated at leaving the car until they heard a loud whistle and saw a large black man walking from the same barn. The dogs immediately turned and ran back to the man.

Irene and Jade left the car and waited there, unsure of their surrounds and what to expect. They had taken a huge gamble and leap of faith in driving nearly four hours from Birmingham to west central Mississippi to meet this man after nearly a half dozen phone conversations.

Otis Jackson was his name. As he got closer to them, he reached out his large black hand to Irene and chuckled, “Well, isn’t this interesting. I guess I neglected to mention we were black.” Otis was a large man in the sense of tall and thick. Powerful thick, not flabby or fat thick. It was obvious at first sight that he was a man used to working hard.

Irene smiled while shaking his hand and allowing Jade to step up to do the same. “Well, we neglected to mention we were white. Hopefully, that means that issue isn’t important to either of us.”

He laughed, again, nodded and suggested they go into the house. As they followed him, Irene asked, “Where are your sons?” Otis had two sons, twins, James and Thomas.

He led them through the house, past the kitchen, and into a family room to the large sliding door to the patio and pointed. “Both out there on tractors. The corn is doing nicely but it takes careful attention to control weeds and time the irrigation. They know you are coming so they’ll be in well before supper.” He turned away from the window and led them into the kitchen and offered them chairs at the dinette table while he went to the refrigerator and brought out a large pitcher of lemonade.

Sitting together at the table, it became awkwardly quiet. Finally, Otis said, “Look, this is really weird. To be honest, I was surprised by your response, then more surprised by your apparent interest. Looking back at it, the idea of putting out an ad seems pretty desperate sounding.”

Irene smiled at him, “Maybe, but … maybe not as desperate as two women wanting to respond to that desperate ad.” They all laughed. Jade sat quietly and nervously next to her mom being very content at not making too much eye contact or having to talk.

Irene had been brutally honest with Otis during their phone calls about their past and troubles with the law and drugs. It was something she felt had to be made clear to explain how they could be so interested in moving away from what they knew to something and some place they knew nothing about. It seemed like remoteness and deep change in life might be the thing to save them.

Otis had been equally honest about their situation, in part to also explain the strange advertisement. Otis was about Irene’s age and the twins were a year older than Jade. Otis’s wife had died from illness eight years ago. It was only a few years later that they almost lost the farm. The farm had been in the family for generations and through the hard work and keeping a low profile, they had managed to grow the farm into a sizeable venture for Mississippi. But, during a down turn about five years ago, they were almost driven off. Otis never knew for sure but suspected it was bankers and local white farmers who had managed to divert migrant labors from working his fields at harvest when they were needed the most. The boys had just graduated from high school and had baseball scholarships at Mississippi State the next fall. Otis said he had never been so disappointed, yet so proud that both boys chose to stay on the farm to bring in the harvest rather than pursue their baseball potential. None of them would ever know what might have been, but what they did know was that the farm was saved and has prospered since.

They took a tour of the house including the upstairs where the bedrooms were. Otis apologized, “If this were to work out, we only have the one extra room, but I think it is large enough for you to share.”

Jade pulled at her mom’s arm and whispered, “Share a bedroom … he’s saying this won’t mean having …?”

Otis turned and smiled, “Okay … when I put that out there, I might have thought like this could work out like a mail-away bride sort of thing, but … reality came, instead. The three of us put our souls into the land and livestock. Cooking and the house … we do it but it feels …”

Irene added, “You need help.”

He nodded. “What we need is help in the house, meals, laundry … no offense, but in the old days it would be ‘women’s work’.” Irene nodded. Jade was stuck trying to figure out what she was feeling. He didn’t intend for this to be about sex, then. What was she feeling about that? “Maybe that’s a good thing to get out in the open. I worded it that way because a wife would be a partner here. We put almost everything back into the farm. We can’t pay what the work might be worth.” He looked at them intently, then walked back downstairs.

He left to see about the boys. Irene and Jade poked around in the kitchen and walked out onto the patio. Irene was gazing out across the expanse of the fields beyond the cluster of trees protecting the house and yard. Without turning to her daughter, “Are you wondering what we’re doing here?”

Jade stepped closer and took her mom’s arm in hers. “No, I’m not. I’m not wondering at all.”

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Quiet. Peaceful.”

Jade giggled, “Except for the tractors. That must be Thomas and James.”

Irene and Jade volunteered to pull together some sides while Otis grilled some beef and the guys showered and cleaned up. As the meal began, Jade explained that she and her mom didn’t drink anymore but it was their choice and it needn’t affect the men and encouraged them to have their beers, which they did. The meal was simple but filling and satisfying. Jade found herself more comfortable with these men than she could remember at any time other than just with her mom. James and Thomas weren’t just twins but were nearly identical. They weren’t but Jade found she had to pay attention to tell them apart. They were both a few inches taller than their father, about 6’ 4” and even a bit more solid given their youth. They had an easy way about them and it was obvious the three of them were more partners than father and sons, though it was still clear that Otis held some control over them.

James put a temporary damper on the early evening when he said, “I’m not trying to get rid of you, by any means, but … it is going to be getting dark soon, if you need to get back on the road.”

Jade responded so quickly it even surprised her, “Oh … no … I mean … mom?”

Irene laughed and knew what her daughter was stumbling about. She looked to Otis and directed her words to him as something of the oldest to the oldest. “What my daughter is stumbling over to say is if that spare room is available …”

Otis looked from Irene to Jade to his sons. His sons were nodding and not too subtly. Otis asked, “Are you sure? What about your stuff?”

“Sad as it is going to sound, we don’t have stuff. Everything we have is in the car.” As strange as it might look from the outside, Irene and Jade had no problem with the feeling they had found a life that finally looked positive.

Two weeks later, Irene and Jade were surprisingly settled into the new life with these three black men. According to the men, the house hadn’t looked so good since Otis’s wife died. Meals were something they looked forward to and they could again count on having clean clothes available. The yard had flowers planted and the vegetable garden had been resurrected from near death. Jade had even taken over some of the chores of feeding the hogs, dogs, and chickens and ducks. She regularly made trips out to the barn to search for eggs the freely roaming chickens and ducks had laid in the hay and around the buildings. Duck eggs in cooking turned out to be an extra boost to the ingredients.

It was one of the moments after lunch when Irene and Jade were cleaning up after the men had left for their chores or work in the fields that Jade stopped and turned to her mom. Irene sensed something about her daughter and turned to her.

Jade confessed, “Mom, you remember when we first came and Otis said the ‘wife’ thing wasn’t real?” Irene nodded and gave Jade her full attention now. “Well, I’ve been thinking and I don’t think that can be true. I mean it had to have an element of truth when he originally posted the ad, right? And, since we’ve been here … I mean … like he said, they are always working. I mean, the closest town is like … a long way away … an hour on these roads, something like that.”

“What are you getting at, Jade? Just say it plainly.”

“The sex part, mom. Okay? I said it. I like them, mom. All of them.”

They sat at the table. Irene took her daughter’s hands. “You like it here?” Jade nodded. “You’re sure about this? It’s one thing to be here as a housekeeper and another to be here as a housekeeper and … whatever that might be.”

“I know. Maybe I shouldn’t be so comfortable, but I am. And, we’re clean and I feel like we can stay that way and that was the whole idea of being here. It just seems that if we’re going to be here …”

Irene smiled with her own understanding, “… then we should really be here and fully here. If they accept us, then make this something that is really us … strange as that might seem from the outside.” Jade nodded.

Irene talked to Otis who became dumbfounded. She made him talk to Thomas and James and they all gathered. There was a lot of awkward false-starts in conversation to figure out that their decision really meant.

Jade took over, “Really, everyone? This is what we’re going to do … mom, you sleep with Otis, tonight. James and Thomas, you get me. One of you gets me, first. The other gets seconds, but sleeps with me, too. Tomorrow we’ll see what we see.” Nobody argued with her plan. Nobody wanted to, either. James and Thomas flipped a coin for the first night. Thomas would go first. Jade thought it was all kind of funny. After not being able to talk about it, everyone seemed to be ready to go to bed early that night.

Irene and Jade got ready for the evening in their room. They both admitted to nervousness even though all this was their idea. Although both had experience in sex and both had used sex to get what they wanted during those worst years of their lives, this was much different to them and they wanted to experience it special and have the men think it was special. Both dressed in pajama tops without the bottoms. The tops barely covered their pussies or asses, but that was part of the enticement. They hugged each other, exited the bedroom, and went their separate ways to start the next stage of their relationship with these men.

Irene went to the door of Otis’s room and lightly knocked on the partially open door. Her knocks opened the door more and she could see him standing at his dresser naked. He was facing away from her and he reacted surprised by her knock. “I was … I …” He turned and saw her standing in his doorway only partially covered. Even the top was mostly unbuttoned. “I was trying to … decide what to wear.”

She closed the door behind her and walked up to him. “Don’t bother.” She turned him fully toward her and shucked her top off and put her arms around his neck, pressing her naked body into his. She had kept eye contact with him, which seemed appropriate, and hadn’t turned him around until she was next to him, so she was quite surprised when she hugged him tightly and felt his cock immediately harden against her abdomen. She kissed him and ground her body into his hardening cock.

She broke the kiss and stepped back slightly to look down. Her eyes grew big and her hand went to her mouth in surprise. Finally, she got her voice working, “Oh … my … Otis … my God.” She put her hand around it … his cock was huge! She looked from his cock to his face, “Otis …” He chuckled. She pressed her naked body into his and squirmed her abdomen against his hard cock. She kissed him passionately and he returned it with equal passion. After minutes of hugging and kissing, their tongues sliding along each other’s and invade each other’s mouths, she sank down his body. She kissed his body as her mouth moved down until she was kneeling before him, her face at cock level. She put a hand around it at the base, marveled, and looked up at him with a big smile on her face. She had never … NEVER … believed such a cock existed in real life. Forget what porn might have told her, this was real. She looked at the amount of cock still exposed above her fist and put her right hand just above the left. There was still a good couple inches above her hands. It had to be nine inches long … and thick.

She licked the length of the cock and heard him moan. She licked back up and took the bulbous head between her lips and he groaned. He pulled her up, “It’s been too long, Irene. As good as that feels, I want you differently.”

She smiled and kissed him. “Oh, Otis, I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me. You are so big, though, will be gentle?”

“Oh, dear lady, I’ll be whatever you want me to be, if I can be inside you like you want … like we both want.”

She kissed him, again, before crawling onto the bed and lying in the center. She raised her knees and splayed them to the sides, fully exposing her pussy to him. She put her hands out to him through her spread thighs and he crawled up onto the bed and moved between her legs. She gasped when he stopped short and placed his mouth over her pussy, probing with his tongue, licking her pliable lips, and sucking on her clit. “Oh, so good, sooooo very, very gooooood.” She sighed, “But … please … I want … you … OOOOOhhhhhhhh … I want you … inside me … please.”

He moved up her body, kissing his way from her pussy over her stomach, breasts, and chest until he kissed her mouth. As he kissed her, his hard cock probed at her wet and spread pussy. He moved up and down along her slit until he felt her hole and gently pushed until the bulbous head of his cock spread her pussy and entered her.

“Oh … oh … oh … God, yesssssssss … yesssssss … yes.” She put her hands on his face and pushed his head back inches to look into his eyes. “Oh, Otis … you’re so big … you fill me like … like I’ve never imagined.” She threw her arms around his neck and clung to him as her body quaked with an early orgasm. “Oh, Otis … Otis, Otis, Otis … I love this soooooooo much.”

He braced himself and plunged his cock deep into her. She cried out with passion and desire. He grunted and gasped. “I’m …. Irene, it been so long … I’m going …”

She strained up and kissed him hard. “Cum for me, Otis.”

“Should I pull out?”

She gasped, “Don’t you dare! I want to feel you cum. Cum inside me, Otis. Oh, God, yes, cum inside me.”

She felt everything. She felt his cock impossibly stiffen more, grow thicker, and pulse before she felt his cum shoot like a fire hose filling the limited space in her pussy around his cock. She couldn’t kiss him enough as a smaller orgasm spread over her as he seemed to spasm above her.

After recovering his breath, his fingers lightly trailing over her breast and nipple, he softly said into her ear, “Next time, it will be longer.”

“Next time?” She half rolled onto his side and kissed him as one of her hands slid down his body and over his flaccid cock. “Next time … what have I gotten myself into?”

He chuckled, “I think the proper perspective would be, what have I gotten into? You were amazing, Irene.” She blushed.

At the exact same moment and just down the hallway, another scene was playing out. Jade gazed up into the eyes of Thomas who was between her spread thighs plowing his black cock into her white pussy in long, smooth strokes. Jade had already orgasmed once on his cock. “Thomas, my God … I think my mind might blow apart.” Thomas smiled down at her. “You’re so big, it feels … like you are … stretching my entire … pussy with each stroke. I’ve … never been … so full.” He thrust hard into her, changing his pace and angle and her head tilted back and her mouth opened with only moans escaping. Until, “Thomas … Thomas … I’m going to … cum, again. Please … please, cum this time.”

He started thrusting hard. He was close and was holding out only by a miracle. He gasped, “Should I … pull out?”

She cried out, “Don’t you dare!”

This orgasm was stronger than the first and her clenching pussy around him caused loud moans to fill his room and seemed to bounce off the walls and ceiling and hit him like a focused ray of energy. He grunted and gasped his release deep in her pussy. “Jade … Jade, my God!”

She felt it, too. She felt everything. When he climaxed, she felt him pulse and shoot cum. She felt her pussy filling with his cum. Sex had NEVER been like this ever before.

After recovering and spending quality time petting with Thomas, she reluctantly slipped out of his bed. Reluctantly, because she had enjoyed him so much, but she reminded herself she still had his brother and would be sharing his bed for the night. She kissed Thomas goodnight and backed her way to the door, wanting to hold his image in her mind. Out in the hall, she heard noises from down the hall and curiosity got the better of her. She crept down the hall naked and barefoot to the door to Otis’s room. She put her ear to the door and it opened slightly, apparently not completely latched. She pushed a little more and peeked into the room. She was sure of the sounds and she saw for herself. Her naked white mom was riding on top of the naked black Otis. The contrast was striking and very erotic. Her mom bouncing up and down, her breasts bouncing as she fucked him. Jade carefully pulled the door but didn’t try to pull it tight and possibly be heard. She turned and walked briskly toward James’s room; her hand clasped over a breast.

She gently pushed on James’s door. She poked her head inside, “Are you awake?”

The moonlight streamed into the room through the open window. She saw him turn on the bed and saw his strong, naked body. “Damn right, I am.” She giggled as she ran to the bed and crawled in alongside him.

“Do you want me to go cleanup a little, first?”

He kissed, “That’s sweet. Thank you for thinking about me, but, no. We’re all family, now. Well, kind of, anyhow.” He paused, “That didn’t come out right, did it?”

She put a finger to his big lips, “Shhhh … I know what you mean. And, thank you.” She kissed him hard, then pulled away and started kissing down his hard body. Her hand already found his cock hard and smiled at the touch as she stroked it. It had to be as big as Thomas’s. She wasn’t sure how big, but her two hands didn’t completely cover it. When her lips reached his abdomen, his cock head was right there and she kissed it before licking and kissing down the length of it to his balls. She licked her way back up the shaft to take his cock into her mouth. Like Thomas’s, it stretched her mouth but it was so amazing to have in her mouth. She had sucked her share of cock to get drugs, but none were anything like these two. She wondered what Otis’s was like but quickly pushed that thought out of her mind. She had a magnificent cock in her mouth and soon to be in her pussy. Two big black cocks in one night …

After sucking on his cock for several minutes just because it gave her pleasure to hear the pleasure he was experiencing, she kissed her way back up to his face. She smiled as she raised herself, reached back to hold his cock up and align it to her pussy. She sank inches onto his cock before leaning forward and kissing him passionately as she slowly moved up and down, taking more of his cock with each downward push. She gasped into his mouth as his cock filled her to seeming maximum as his brother’s had minutes before.

His hands found her jiggling breast and nipples as she bounced up and down on him, then switched to grinding back and forth on his pelvis, her clit sliding along his pelvic bone and his cock sliding in and out. Suddenly, he embraced her and rolled them over so he was over her and thrusting strongly into her pussy with deep, powerful strokes. She cried out as an orgasm swept over her, her pussy clenching and spasming around his driving cock causing him to groan and grunt. But, before he reached that level of stimulation, he pulled out of her, watching her pussy hole closing on empty spacing and opening, again.

He rolled her over and lifted her to her hands and knees as she continued to experience her orgasm. He drove his cock deep into her spasming pussy in one thrust and she cried out, again. After only a few moments, though, he leaned forward and wrapped his strong arm around her body and one hand on her hip as he plowed into her with the most aggressive thrust, yet. When he came, she cried out just from the feeling of his wonderful cock expanding deep in her body, feeling the veins of his shaft, feeling the shaft jerk and pulse inside her until, finally, spurt after spurt of his seed filled her pussy as he continued to ram into her throughout his massive ejaculation.

At the end, it was only his one arm and hand that had moved from her hip to the bed that held her upright, his arm holding her to his body. When he was finished cumming, he dropped to the bed, still holding her to his body and they lay on their sides. She pressed back into his body, his strong arm holding her securely, his cock still embedded inside her … and she wished she could always have one or the other of the twins’ cock inside her.

The next morning, Jade awoke to the early sounds of birds and nature outside the open window as the earliest rays of morning became evident. She heard the soft sounds of feet from the hallway and hoped it was her mom. She felt like she had so much to share with her after the night before. She slithered out of James’s arm and stood next to the bed. Remembering that she came into this room naked, she looked around for something to put on and spotted his tee-shirt draped over a chair. She slipped it over her head and body, inhaled deeply at the scent of the man and smiled. It fell over her like a simple, loose dress, dropping just below her ass. Quietly leaving the room, she looked back to marvel at the large, strong, black body sprawled on the bed. Her hand involuntarily moved to her breast as the feelings of last night swelled over her.

She softly padded down the hall to the faint sounds in the kitchen where she found her mom preparing coffee. She was wearing the nightgown, which she wore when she went to join Otis in his room last night. She wrapped her arms around her mom from behind and hugged her tight. Irene sighed at the hug and gave her a good morning while squeezing the arms that encircled her. Jade released her mom and they shared a soft kiss on the lips and stared into each other’s eyes.

Irene asked, “Was it okay last night?”

Jade’s face beamed in reply, “Okay? My God, mom! Those two guys are …” She put her two fists on top of each other to illustrate and, “and a couple inches more!”

Irene giggled and hugged her daughter, “Otis, too.”

“Really? You mean all three of them have monster cocks? Oh … my … God … I wanted to have sex with them to thank them for everything … for being considerate and respectful and providing a safe place for us, but …”

Irene laughed and hugged her daughter, “Yeah, I know.” They both felt like they never wanted to leave this place. They both wondered … maybe worried a little … if the guys felt the same way or if this was just an interesting moment in their lives.

As the guys assembled in the kitchen, sipping coffee and eating the hearty breakfast the two women had prepared, looks and glances were exchanged between them. Sly smiles and nods silently gave indications of how the previous night had gone for them. When Jade opened a cupboard and reached up on her toes for something on an upper shelf, Thomas couldn’t hold back.

“Wow … what a way to wake up.” Jade and Irene turned around to enquire what he meant. “Sorry, ladies, but … with Jade’s cute ass exposed under that tee-shirt she has on and you, Irene, being exposed with almost every movement …”

The two women looked at each other with smiles and simultaneously walked to the table and the men. Irene commented as she gave Otis a kiss, “And, here we thought you were appreciative of having breakfast waiting for you …”

The three men slipped hands onto the two women and fondled bare ass and pussy. “Well … there’s that, too.”

Mid-morning, the different paths of the men’s chores intersected in the barn. Otis pulled them together and they stood uncertain what to say, just knowing they each had feelings that needed to be expressed about the strange arrangement they were living in.

Otis opened it, “Last night, everything changed. What are you guys thinking?”

Thomas, always ready with some words, followed, “For me, last night was amazing. Jade was … I don’t know …”

James added, “Jade was giving. I could tell she was experiencing a lot, but she was also focused on me. She seemed to really want my experience to be good.” Thomas nodded his head in agreement.

Otis nodded, too. “Yes … Irene was the same.”

James turned his focus on this dad, “Listen … this has to be the weirdest arrangement, right? Who could have expected something like this? But I don’t want it to end. I mean, two white women seeking a safe place from the storm of their life. But it’s working.”

Thomas added, “Working really well! All five of us have become so comfortable. They’ve fit into our life by filling in some voids that existed without disrupting what we have. And, last night …”

Otis looked at his twin sons and nodded, “Yes, last night filled a huge void …. I want you boys to think about something. I don’t want this to end, either.”

The young men beamed and put large hands on their father’s shoulders. “Exactly what we’re thinking. How do we make that happen?”

As it turned out, making that happen wasn’t that complicated. The sons convinced their father to have a heart-to-heart with Irene. Otis took her into his room for a private talk that initially had Irene nervous. He had no sooner blurted out what was on their minds and she exploded in joy, knocking him to the bed. The other three, wondering what all the noises were, peeked into the room to find them fucking furiously. Otis and Irene spotted their audience at the door.

Irene looked directly at Jade, “They want us to stay as much as we want to!”

Responding more like a teenager than a young woman, Jade turned and wrapped her arms around the twins. James pulled the door closed behind them. “Let’s give them some privacy and I have an idea.”

James took Jade’s hand and pulled her down the hall to the back door. She might have been mystified, but was too overjoyed to protest and walked fast to keep up with him with his long strides. She glanced over her shoulder at Thomas who merely shrugged his shoulders and smiled. James didn’t stop until the three of them were inside the barn. He released her hand and began piling loose hay into a deep pile, turned to her, and announced, “If you’re going to become a farm-girl, we should initiate you properly, don’t you think, Thomas?”

Thomas laughed and explained, “This is a little late for you, Jade, but many a farm-girl’s first with a boy is a location just like this.”

Jade looked that the two of them, especially the huge smiles on their faces, looked down at the pile of hay and only imagined how itching that must feel. But she crossed her hands at the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it over her head. She reached behind her back and loosened her bra. She was opening her jeans when she saw the two of them gawking at her. She smiled, “Better hurry up, guys. I’m dying to be made into a real farm-girl.”

She stood naked in front of them with her hands on her hips and watched as they shed their clothes. They seemed to be a bit shyer in front of each other, but she hoped that would quickly change. As they stepped out of their jeans, she stood smiling at the sight of their magnificent cocks hanging between their legs.

“What are you smiling about?”

She finally looked up at their faces, “Sorry, guys, it’s probably rude to stare, but … Last night … I only saw those by the filtered light of the moon.” She stepped to them and sank to her knees on the scattered hay. She took one lightly in each hand and looked up at them. “No wonder I felt so stuffed.”

The guys laughed but quickly stopped as her lips moved from one cock to the other. Whichever one she wasn’t kissing or licking, she was stroking. Her lips moved down and back up each cock with her lips and tongue until she engulfed one head into her mouth, sucked and twilled her tongue, then shifted to the other cock. She spent many minutes on her knees but never thought of it as more than a moment, such was the energy and devotion she put into her actions.

When they were both fully hard, the men looked at each other. Having never shared a woman, they wondered … Jade took over. She positioned one on the hay sitting and she knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth and raising her ass to the other. She pulled her mouth off the cock as the other entered her very wet pussy, “James, fuck me while I suck Thomas. Then, after a few minutes, switch. Go back and forth. You’ll last longer and I’ll be in heaven.” The guys fist-bumped each other and did just what she wanted.

They had only just begun after the first switch when, “There you three are.”

Jade recognized it as her mom’s voice, pulled her mouth from James’s cock and was doubly surprised to see Otis standing next to her. Both were dressed, again.

“Mom … I … we … I mean, we were just …”

Irene and Otis laughed, “It is quite apparent what you were just doing.”

Then, it hit the three of them … how could they be in trouble? They were adults and sex among all of them had already been initiated. The three, however, had separated, hard cocks and shiny pussy quite visible. The guys were quiet, so Jade spoke up.

“You know we saw you two and it seemed like not only good news, but also a good idea.” The guys put their arms around Jade, the three of them now confident in their nudity. “We could have just gone to one of the bedrooms, but Thomas had this idea. He explained that, if I am going to be a farm-girl …”

Thomas continued, “A farm-girl’s first time is usually in a location like this.”

Irene looked at Otis who wore a smile and nodded. “What about me?” There was confusion among the rest of them except Jade interpreted her mom’s look and smiled at her. “Can’t I become a farm-girl?”

Otis stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around Irene and gave her a big hug, allowing a hand to move up and fondle a clothes covered breast. He said, just loud enough for everyone to hear, “As enticing as that thought is, I need a little more time to recover at my age.”

Thomas separated from the other two and approached the parents, his still hard cock bobbing in front of him with each step. “I’d be honored.” He looked over his shoulder, “Mother and daughter, side by side.”

James and Jade were nodding happily. At the same time, Otis moved his hands to the bottom of Irene’s tee-shirt and pulled it up her body and over her head. As Thomas began working on her pants, Otis unhooked her bra. For the first time, Irene was completely naked in front of all the men. She turned and kissed Otis, then turned back to take Thomas in her arms, their naked bodies pressed against each other, his wonderful cock pressing into her abdomen. This suddenly felt so right, natural, and comfortable. She then walked to her daughter and whispered, “You really are happy, here?”

“God, yes, mom!” She kissed her mom on the lips, then announced louder, “Let’s become farm-girls.”

The two women went to their hands and knees on the hay, their shoulders touching, huge smiles on their faces as they wiggled their butts to entice the twins into action. There wasn’t much enticement required. James resumed his spot kneeling behind Jade and Thomas moved up behind Irene. The two women kissed as both cocks slipped into well lubricated and ready pussies. Both women gasped at the renewed feeling of being filled with big cock. The guys used long, smooth strokes in their fucking, which drove their stimulation higher and higher. Both women were experiencing similar things that wasn’t just the fucking. Contentment. Belonging. Peace.

It wasn’t long, though, that the action in front of him overtook him and Otis removed his clothes and knelt in front of Irene, his semi-hard cock in front of her face. She looked up at him with a warm smile and opened her mouth wide. He guided his cock into her mouth and sighed as her lips closed around it and she began sucking. Then, after a few moments, something happened that he hadn’t expected. Irene pulled her mouth off his now very hard cock and moved slightly to the side. He looked down to find Jade moving with her mouth open. She looked up and smiled at him. He pushed his straining cock to her mouth and gently placed a hand on her head.

Looking to the side, he found Irene looking up at him with a lust-hazed look. He smiled back to her, “We don’t ever want you to leave us. I don’t completely know what that means, yet, but …”

Irene managed a smile before her entire face changed. A body-quaking orgasm overtook her and she cried out her pleasure. Beside her, Jade was experiencing a similar orgasm, only hers was muffled by a mouthful of black cock.

Irene and Jade took on the roles of farm-girls-wives with a dedication only exceeded by the way they dedicated themselves to satisfying the three big black cocks they shared their new life with. Their acceptance on the farm and in their lives was met with an uninhibited intention to please and honor the commitment the men gave them. When the weather permitted, the women likely would only be wearing a long tee-shirt regardless of where they were on the farm. It had started out as teasing by the women, but quickly became accepted for a quick way to enjoy a fuck out in the pasture moving the horses, the field alongside the tractor, in the barn, or any part of the house the urge happened on them. They even solved the three men and two women sleeping issue: they purchased a king-sized bed and the women traded off sleeping with the twins.

Irene and Jade, mother and daughter, did confess and agree on one thing privately … the nights they spent with the twins generally meant being fucked twice by each. That was about three feet of black cock and … they both loved every inch of it.


* * * Another MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS story will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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