“My man is away on business and I am very horny,” I tell Maria my much younger and very attractive hairdresser.

I enjoy telling my girlfriends, especially my hairdresser about my sex life. They are fascinated when I tell them about the second man I have around once a month while my partner watches and joins in.

My hairdresser especially likes me telling her how I enjoy giving blow jobs, something I like to think I am very good at, as we compare notes on our blow job techniques.

Maria always makes a point of asking, “Is your man really eight-inches and thick?”

As the conversation progresses I explain to Maria that my man shaves my pubic hair for me every Sunday and how I have missed two Sundays.

“Why not come around on Sunday afternoon and I will shave you? And perhaps my man can watch?

“Why not indeed, I need some company this Sunday,” I smile very pleased at the offer and what might eventuate.

I am of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having sex with an audience.

When I arrive on the Sunday, I am around thirty-minutes late and I am impressed with the surroundings of their condo. I press their buzzer and Maria says, ‘come on up, the door is open.’

As I let myself in I am even more impressed with the furniture and décor.

“In the bedroom Sarah, we started without you.”

All of the bedroom walls have full-length mirrors with another on the ceiling and I am instantly turned on by what I see directly and in the mirrors.

Maria is stark naked on her hands and knees and her man, whose name I learn later is Karl, is fucking her from behind.

He is a very attractive man, in his late twenties I surmise with a good muscular body, (love his taut arse), and as he withdraws his cock from Jean for my benefit, I can see he is well hung with a raging erection.

“Watch and enjoy Sarah. Talk to us while we fuck.”

I had only seen Maria in her work uniform previously and I am pleased to see she has a very feminine and fuckable body. And a very well formed arse which Karl has his hands all over as he fucks her.

“I told Karl all about you and he has been planning this for your benefit for days.”

“I can’t remember the last time I watched another couple fucking and I am very turned on watching you two fucking. Very turned on,” I tell them.

“Show Sarah what a good fuck you are in this position Karl. He really is very good Sarah, his cock is like an iron bar with you watching.

“Undress for us both. Turn us both on, Karl especially.”

As I slowly undress to tease them both, Karl is watching very closely. I drop my skirt, then turn my back to show them my voluptuous arse cheeks framed by my skimpy black g-string, then stand with my hands on my hips so Karl can appreciate my arse (most men love it).

“Love that gorgeous arse love it, Karl rasps before I slide my g-string off.

As I turn around to show my hairy cunt in need of a trim, then take off my shirt leaving me naked except for my heels I have the full attention of both of them.

“Do you like Sarah stark naked watching us fucking? An older very attractive woman watching? I do,” Maria smiles.

“Yes, what a turn on, love her arse,” Karl mutters as he holds my gaze and increases the intensity of his fucking. The noise as he slams into Maria’s arse is turning me on as I tease my engorged nipples.

“Kiss her arse while you are fucking me, I want to watch in the mirrors,” Maria tells him.

“Tell him again,” I tease as I position myself so he can kiss my arse while he is fucking her.

I love men kissing and licking my arse and the power it gives me, and this the first time when the man kissing it has been fucking another woman.

In the mirrors I can see Karl kissing and licking my arse – and I am enjoying it and the turn on it is giving me.

“Like that Karl and Maria?” I ask rhetorically.

“Let me show you how much I like it,” Karl mutters without saying a word as he increases the tempo of his fucking to a frenzy.

Maria is making mewing noises as he slams into her, then he tenses and groans very loudly as they both orgasm very noisily in sync.

I have been horny for days and hanging out for sexual relief and after having my voluptuous naked arse kissed and licked while I watch another younger and very attractive fucking has been wonderful foreplay.

“Now the real reason for your visit, you need your pubic hair shaved. Would you like Karl to do it, or me?”

“Why not some for each of you,” I tease as I relish the full attention from both of them as I lay back on their lounge suite naked with my legs open.

Any inhibitions any of us may have had have long gone as I tell them, “I am to please and be pleased, I want to experience both of you.”

“Karl shaved me earlier,” Maria tells me as she watches closely as Karl applies a hot towel to my pubic area then lashings of shaving cream.

By now I am craving for sexual relief for the first time in over two weeks. Karl has his fingertip on my cunt lips as he gently and expertly shaves one side of my pubic area. Then Maria shaves the other side so that I am bald on both sides with a sliver of hair above my cunt lips.

Karl cleans me off with another hot towel as I hear Maria say, “You start, then me, then you again,” as she stands behind me and teases the tips of my nipples as Karl licks his way up my thighs then licks my cunt lips.

“Put your legs over my shoulders,” he tells me as he slides his hands under my arse and lifts me up.

“Love your gorgeous arse in my hands while I am licking your wet cunt with Maria watching, love it.”

“I love being licked and teased with another person watching.

“Your tongue is magic on my shaved cunt lips.”

“He licked me just like that last night,” Maria chimes in.

“And I love watching him lick your cunt. He is very good isn’t he?

“And my turn soon while he watches.

“Would you like that?”

I am so horny I shudder and orgasm very noisily much quicker than I normally would.

“Sarah told me she is multi-orgasmic, lets find out,” Maria says as Karl probes my cunt lips with his strong tongue.

“Wow, she really is,” Maria whispers as I orgasm again and again within minutes.

“She also told me she is bi-sexual, lets find out,” Maria says as they change positions so Karl can tease my nipples while Maria licks my cunt.

“You are very wet Sarah, are you enjoying us?

“Would you like to suck Karl’s cock later while I watch. And would you like to lick me while Karl watches?”

“Yes I would, very much.”

After three orgasms on Maria’s tongue they change positions again so Maria can lick my nipples while Karl licks my cunt.

“Tease me, tell me what you would like me to do to your cock.”

“Suck it while Maria licks you.”

“Perhaps I could do better than that,” I tease.

“I could give you a golden shower after you give me two more orgasms with your tongue.

“I want you to kiss and lick my arse again before I suck you. And I want you to tell me how much you like my arse.

“I want your cock rock hard and throbbing for me to pleasure while Maria licks me to orgasm.”

A few minutes later Karl is flat on his back on the shower floor as I squat over his genital area, with Maria holding my hands. Karl has lost his erection after I told Maria to squirt it with cold water from a shower head.

Though I am confident he will recover his erection as I provide him with a golden shower.

“Watch closely Karl and enjoy, this is especially for you.

“Count to three for me.”

Before I even release Karl has the beginnings of an erection.

“You really are an exciting woman Sarah, an absolute uninhibited pleasure machine,” Maria tells me as Karl says ‘three’.

I commence with just a trickle that soon becomes a torrent and I enjoy watching Karl achieve a roaring erection.

As soon as I stop Maria is washing us down with hot soapy water using the shower head.

Back in the bedroom I tell Maria to kneel and lick my cunt lips while Karl kisses and licks my arse cheeks, one side then the other while I stand with my legs apart.

“Magnificent Sarah, my cock is throbbing for you.”

“Love the foreplay,” I tell them as I sit in an upright chair and motion for Maria to kneel and lick my cunt lips.

“I am to please and be pleased by both of you,” I “I want your cock rock hard and throbbing for me to pleasure while Maria licks me to orgasm.”

“I am going to give your man a blow job soon while you pleasure me Maria,” I tease as I motion for Karl to stand close so I can scratch his balls.

“My cock is throbbing for you Sarah, absolutely throbbing,” he groans as I lick the sides of his cock.

“I love blowing a man with a throbbing cock with another lady watching, especially his partner.

“Do you want her to watch me blow you?

“Tell me I need to know, it is a turn on for me.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I do,” Karl answers.

“One more orgasm for me Maria, a really good one, then you can watch me blow your man,” I tell her as I kiss his cock.

My next orgasm was magical as I toyed with her man’s roaring erection.

I move sideways in the chair so I can flaunt my arse in the mirrors for Karl.

“A really special treat for you Karl, you can ogle my arse in the mirrors while I blow you.”

I could hear them both gasp as I took his very erect cock between my lips.

“Show us both how good you are Sarah,” Maria says as she stands behind Karl and digs her fingernails into his arse cheeks.

“This is your fantasy come true Karl, a very attractive older lady with a glorious arse blowing you while I watch, so enjoy while I watch.”

“You can look at her arse in the mirrors while she blows you.

“Does that add to your turn on?”

“Yes, it is sexual magic for me.”

I take half of his erection into my mouth, swirl my tongue around it, then let it out of my mouth as I blow on it, then lick it.

“Your cock is rock hard for me Karl, I am to please you,” I tell him as I repeat what I have just done to his cock.

“Love your rock hard cock in my mouth, love it, I am to please,” I tease.

“Do you like watching what I am doing to your man Maria?” I ask as I vary my technique by licking just the tip of his erection and rubbing it’s full length with my thumb and forefinger, softly at first then with increasing pressure.

“I do, you are very exciting and I am learning,” Maria says as I watch her dig her nails into his arse very hard, then scratch her nails over his arse so it leaves marks.

“So good, so fucking good, pleasure and pain from two women, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Karl groans as I pinch his nipples with his cock in my mouth.

Still pinching his nipples I lick just the tip of his cock as Maria works on his arse, blow on it then take as much of his cock as I can in my mouth and suck very hard.

I can feel him tensing and know from experience that he is ready to cum.

“Now masturbate for me, I love watching a man masturbate for me, and Maria is watching also.

“Kiss my arse while you masturbate, lick it as well, love watching what you are doing.

I watch fascinated in the mirrors as he masturbates in a frenzy, then slows his tempo, stroking and teasing his cock slowly and gently, kissing and licking my arse cheeks at the same time, feeling very good about my sexual prowess.

“Nearly there, nearly, you are so good, so close, so close.

“Watch me cum, watch me cum, watch, watch,” Karl is almost screaming as shoots a huge load across the room.

“Magic sex session, when can we do it again,” they both ask as I depart satiated.

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