A Rough Day at the Beach



Caution: This story may not be for everyone. A store of mother son incest, including rough sex, choking and asphyxiation.



This is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters are under the age of 18.

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Taking a break from the nasty porn, the twisted chat rooms, and the obsessive masturbating, I decided to do something healthy and venture outside for a change and to take my son to the lake.

“Are you about ready to go?” I asked my son Danny as I threw the few things I needed into a large shoulder bag for our day on the beach.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Really! Did you get yourself a towel? Your Batman beach towel is in the hall closet. Hurry up, I want to get going.

“Okay, okay, I’ll get it.”

“I knew you weren’t ready. Hey, I hope you’re not going to be embarrassed to be seen at the lake with your old mom.”

“What are you talking about, you’re not old, and why would I be embarrassed?”

“Oh, I just don’t look as good as I used to in a bathing suit. It hardly fits me anymore, my butts getting too big.”

“I think you look good, I think you look really good!” Danny called out from down the hall.

“Thank you for saying that… even if it’s not true.”

“It is true! Aren’t you going to be wearing your bikini?” He said returning with the large beach towel.

“Yeah, I’m wearing it. See, it’s on underneath this,” I said tugging on the sheer beach cover-up that I had on over my bathing suit. “But I probably won’t take this off.”

“That’s a bummer! Why not?” He asked, shyly looking me over.

“What do you mean, “That’s a bummer.” You sound disappointed.”

“Yeah, a little I guess. I just thought…”

“Thought what? It sounds like you want to see your mom in her bikini.” I teased.

“Yeah, I guess.” He said, seeming embarrassed.

“Really. You want to see this, in a bikini?” I said patting my belly. I’ve gained a little weight.”

“I think you look good!”

“Thank you, honey!” I said, intrigued and flattered by his sudden interest in my body. “So… you really want to see me half-naked in my bikini.” I continue to pry.

“Yeah, I guess,” he said, I could tell he was getting uncomfortable.

“Really? Your fat old mom?”

“I told you, you’re not fat, and you’re not old!”

“Isn’t that a little weird that you’re wanting to see your mom in her bikini!”

”What’s so weird about it? Like I said, you look good! Shouldn’t we get going?” He said, obviously trying to change the subject.

“Yes, we should!” I said enthusiastically. I was surprised and curious about his reaction. I was also surprised by how flattered I was that he was so eager to get an eye full of me half-naked. It made me kinda horny.

At the lake, I picked out a spot on the beach close to the tree line so that we would have some shade.

“Can’t we be closer to the water?” Danny protested.

“No, I like it here. I don’t want to get too much sun.” I said as I laid out our blanket.

It was a nice warm day in the middle of the week, so thankfully, the beach wasn’t at all crowded.

”I’m going for a swim!” Danny said pulling off his tee-shirt.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” I said as Danny started to trot off towards the water. “Come here. You need some sunscreen. I don’t want you getting burned.”

“Okay, fine.” He said impatiently.

“Come here and turn around,” I said, squirting the lotion on his shoulders. “You need to be careful. Too much sun can cause skin cancer, and cause premature aging. You don’t want to look like me do you?” I said working the lotion into his shoulders, back, and neck, taking care to get it everywhere.

“Really? Are you still fishing for compliments? I told you! You look great!” Danny said looking over his shoulder, and I caught him stealing a glance at my tits.

“No! I’m not looking for compliments! I’m just telling it like it is. Now turn around and let me put some on your chest.”

“Aaah… No! I’m fine! My chest never burns.” He said as

he tried to pull away.

“Wait a minute! I’m not done!” I said, grabbing him by the arm and turning him around.

That’s when I saw it, the big rise in his loose swim trunks. I just stared at it for a minute in disbelief, not sure of what I was looking at.

“Danny! Do you have a…” I exclaimed in surprise.

Looking very embarrassed, Danny covered the bulge with his hands.

“You do! You have a hard-on!” I said with surprise. I looked around the beach, thankfully no one was near. “What caused that? Was it me? Was it because… I put lotion on you?”

He just shrugged.

“It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed.” I said, even though I was a little unnerved.

Snatching up his Batman towel, he held it over the bulge in his shorts.

“It’s okay, I understand how these things happen. It felt good getting the lotion rubbed on your back and your body reacted.” I said, suddenly a little flustered and aroused myself.

“It’s not just that.” He said.

“What? What is it then?”

“I told you! It’s you! You look good! I mean it! You look really good!” He said looking me over, pausing at my big, bikini-clad tits that were barely covered by the thin beach cover-up.

“What! Are you saying, that I gave you that hard-on!” I said both amused and intrigued.

“I’m sorry! Are you mad?”

“No! I’m not mad, not mad at all. I’m just surprised, that’s all. Your growing up so fast. I know you can’t help it, but wow! I just didn’t realize… Here, give me your towel.”

”What! No! I don’t want anyone to see!” he said looking around.

“It’s alright, no one’s going to notice. Just run to the water and go for a swim. That should help you need to cool off.” I told him, and at that, he took off running for the lake and jumped in with a splash. After dunking himself in the cool water, he looked back and waved, and I returned his wave.

Amazed, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had no idea that I was having such an effect on my son. But strangely, I liked it! Not only was it was a boost to my sagging ego, it also felt good, exciting, and stimulating, arousing even. Not only did giving my son a hard-on flatter me, but it also made me horny as hell. I’d given my son a hard-on, and from what I saw, it was big, and that got me horny as fuck.

Sitting by myself on the beach blanket while Danny swam, my heart was raced, and my pussy was tingled, suddenly very wet and demanding to be touched. I needed to touch myself badly. Looking around to make sure that no one was near, I draped myself with Danny’s towel so that no one would see. Again, I looked around nervously, then spread my legs and pulled my bikini bottoms to the side, and began rubbing my throbbing clit. Pushing my fingers into my pussy, it was already wet and gooey.

Again, cautiously looking around the sparsely populated beach, I could see that no one was paying any attention to me, so I pulled the large beach towel up higher to cover my breast and then began squeezing my tits as I fingered my wet pussy.

Open to just about anything, I’d always been very easily aroused, but never by my son, although before then, I’d never seen him with a hard-on. Seeing my young son’s big hard cock had gotten me so horny, that I began fingering fucking myself right there on a beach.

Without thinking of how it would look, I untying my bikini top, and pulled it off from underneath my cover-up, and shoved it in my bag. With my bikini top off, I pinched and pulled on my stiff erect nipples as I rubbed my throbbing clit.

So much for taking a break from masturbating. I was truly addicted, and doing it in public was turning out to be an exciting new twist.

I was just going to play with myself a little, not make myself cum, but discovering that my son had a hard-on for me had gotten me so incredibly excited that I was very quickly getting close. Sitting on the public beach, hidden by my son’s Batman beach towel, I struggled to not moan aloud as I fingered my sopping wet pussy, rubbed my swollen clit, and tormented my erect nipples.

My pussy was beginning to pulsate, and I could feel an orgasm coming on, I was just about to go off when all of a sudden, Danny came strolling up from the water dripping wet.

”Oh fuck!” I blurted out as he walked up. ”Hey! Your back so soon.” I said, having to quickly regain my composure.

”Yeah… What’s wrong with you?” He said flatly, looking me over suspiciously.

”Nothings wrong with me!” I snapped.

”Whoa! No need to be so defensive. You just look funny, that’s all.”

”Oh! Before, I looked so good that I gave you a hard-on, but now I look funny?”

”Never mind. Just forget it. Can I have my towel?”

”No!” again I snapped. When he walked up and interrupted me mid-orgasm, I hadn’t the time to fix my bikini bottom so my fat steamy pussy was still hanging out, and so I was reluctant to surrender the towel.

”Why?” he asked suspiciously. ”It’s mine.”

”Because I’m using it. That’s why. Just lay down here and air dry.” I said patting the beach blanket. ” It’s plenty warm enough.”

”Fine!” he said laying down on his stomach next to me.

I could have fixed my bikini bottom then, but I didn’t. I hadn’t made myself cum, and I was still crazy horny, and I liked the way it felt gathered tightly to one side of my throbbing pussy. It made me feel a little dirty and nasty.

”So… Did a quick splash in the lake fix your not-so-little problem?” I teased.

He just nodded.

”Good. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.” I said, still thinking about the big bulge I’d seen in his shots.

”I’m not embarrassed.” He said. “I just don’t want you to be mad.”

”I’m not mad at all. What mother doesn’t want to give her son a hard-on.” I said with a laugh.



I was so fuck’n horny, and dying to touch my pussy and finish what I started, and thinking about my son’s hard cock wasn’t making it any better.

”Aren’t you going swimming?” He asked getting up on his elbows, looking me over with a dirty smile. “And why are you covering yourself with my towel?”

I knew what he was getting at. He wanted to watch me frolic around, tits bouncing and ass jiggling in my bikini. And the thought that that might get him hard again turned me on.

“Well… ” I said coyly to my curious son. ”the reason I’m not going swimming, and why I’m covering myself with your towel is that I took my bikini top off,” I said pulling the tiny piece of fabric out of my bag.

“Why?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“It was uncomfortable, and I just felt like it,” I said.

“So… you don’t have anything on underneath the towel!” He asked, unable to hide his interest.

“I have on my cover-up. Do you want to see?” I said letting the towel drop off my breast.

Danny’s eyes widened, and his mouth fell open. The thin beach cover-up did little to conceal my large tits with big erect nipples. “Does it look okay?” I asked.

“Um… it looks good! Really good!” He said, staring at my tits.

“Thank you,” I said nonchalantly, but my heart was racing, and my throbbing pussy was dripping, wondering if the sight of my tits made him hard again. “You don’t think it’s too revealing? Can you see my nipples through this?” I asked coyly, knowing that he could easily see through the very sheer, floral printed beach cover-up.

“Yeah, I can see your nipples, but I don’t think it’s too revealing. I like it! I think it looks great!” He said staring excitedly at my big dark stiff erect nipples.

“Thank you, honey! Why don’t you lay your head back down.” I said, ignoring his reaction to seeing my big hard nipples as I scooted closer to him. “I think it’s time for more sunscreen.”

Laying his head on his forearms, he kept his eyes trained on my unrestrained tits that swayed back and forth, as I sensuously rubbed the lotion on his back.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Yeah! It feels really good!” He groaned.

“Good. I’m glad. Are you getting hard again?” I teased. “If you are, it’s okay.”

“I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay, I understand, I like it,” I said as I continued to rub his flesh with the smooth lotion. “So tell me… when it gets hard, do you ever touch yourself down there?”

He just shrugged.

“It’s okay if you’re embarrassed. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Just know that it’s perfectly natural and that there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, I do it all the time, especially after your father left.”

I continued to leisurely rub his back, taking much more time than it normally would take to rub on lotion.

After a while, Danny finally said, “Yeah… I do… sometimes, touch myself down there.”

“Yeah! Good! It feels good, doesn’t it?” I said as I ran my lotion covered fingers along his spine. He nodded.

Hearing that excited me. The thought of my son stroking his young hard cock turned me on.

“Um… do you make yourself cum?” I asked as I rubbed my finger down his twitching sides.

He just shrugged.

“When you touch yourself down there, does it feel so good that creamy white stuff comes out?”

“Mom! I know what cumming is!” He said defensively. “I’m not a little kid anymore!”

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to offend you. You certainly are not a little kid anymore. You are growing up… nice and big!”

The way my bikini bottom was pulled to the side was driving me crazy. My pussy was pulsing and throbbing and my asshole was twitching, and my nipples were tingling from my swaying tits rubbing them against my cover-up. Insanely horny, I wasn’t in my right mind.

“Rollover. I want to put some on your chest.” I said with an excited tremor in my voice and my hands beginning to shake.

“But my…”

“You mean your big hard cock?” I said with a chuckle. “It’s okay honey, I’ll put the towel over it. No one will see… but me.”

He rolled over onto his back, and I just sat there staring at the huge rise in his shorts.

“Mom! The towel!”

“Relax. No one can see. I like looking at it.” I said as I began rubbing lotion on his chest.

“Mom! Please!”

“Okay, okay,” I said as I took the towel away from my lap, and draped it across his hard-on, knowing full well that in moving the towel, I’d be exposing my hot wet pussy to my son.

“Mom! Your bathing suit!” He said staring at my gaping pussy.

“Yeah, it does that sometimes,” I said dismissively, acknowledging that my big thick hairless pussy lips were hanging out. “I told it doesn’t fit right anymore. Can anyone see?” I asked.

“No, but I can see it!”

“Does it bother you? I’ll cover up if it does. Does it not look good?” I asked

“No, it looks incredible! I like it!”

“Thank you, baby. I don’t mind if you looking… if you want to.” I said as I continued to rub his chest, making no attempt to fix my bikini bottom, just letting my long lips dangle in the breeze.

I rubbed his chest for a while, and then moved down to his quivering abdomen, and then reached over to his thighs, letting my tits rest against his side. He was beginning to squirm and moan.

“Do you need to make another trip into the lake?” I asked. He nodded and I pulled the towel off of him like a matador taunting a bull. He leaped up and ran for the lake.

While he swam, I again draped myself with the towel and played with myself, pulling and stretching my meaty lips, teasing myself, finger my gooey wet hole, and rubbing and flicking my big stiff erect clit, pushing myself right up to the edge of an orgasm. I could have cum, but I didn’t let myself. I was tormenting myself as much as my horny son.

When he returned, he seemed in some distress, holding his hands over his groin.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright? I asked. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“It won’t go down!”

“Hmmm, okay… you’d better lay down so I can take a look,” I said calmly but was truly very excited.

He seemed hesitant.

“Come on now, lay down on your back. I’ll cover you with the towel.

Nodding, he did as I asked. He seemed concerned. As I tossed the towel over the stiff rise in my son’s shorts, I opened my legs and again, intentionally displayed my enflamed pussy to my very aroused son. He groaned when he saw it and stared, and I openly ran my fingers over my swollen lips.

“I’m so horny baby. I need to touch myself a little! You don’t mind do you? You’re making mommy horny!” I said.

Nodding his head, he had his eyes glued to my pussy.

“I’m making you horny?” He questioned.

“Yes, silly! You’re walking around here with a big beautiful hard-on, and it’s making mommy really horny!”

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it!”

“Do be sorry. I like it! And it’s partly my fault. Ever since I saw you with that big hard-on, I’ve been purposely teasing you, trying to get you hard. Is that bad of me?” I asked coyly.

“No, it’s not bad.” He said but still seemed surprised.

He was just a kid, my son, with a great big hard-on for me, his mom, and I was okay with that, aroused by it even.

Until that moment, I’d never really given the idea of incest much thought, but suddenly being faced with the possibility excited me.

Even though in my youth, I’d had an incestuous relationship with my mother (a long story for another time) I never imagined doing anything sexual with my son. There had always been too many other distractions. But now that he was maturing, and I wasn’t getting out as much, the opportunity seemed to be presenting itself. It was just kinda happening naturally, and I was just taking advantage of the opportunity and helping it along.

I know it’s taboo, but my son’s sudden sexual interest in me excited me. I loved the way he lustfully looked me over, and the sight of his surprisingly big hard-on turned me on. I’d always been a little morally and ethically challenged, so I didn’t see anything wrong with a little harmless fun with my horny young son.

Sitting on the beach blanket, on the nearly deserted beach, next to my very erect son, and with one knee up, holding my legs obscenely open, I gently ran my fingers over my thick full pussy lips while my son watched closely.

“You don’t mind me touching my pussy, do you? I’m so horny!” I said as I pulled and twisted one of the lips.

“I don’t mind.” He said, watching as I tormented my swollen lips.

“Do you like mommy’s pussy?” I asked.

He nodded with his mouth hanging open.

”What if I make myself cum? Would that embarrass you?” I asked teasingly.

”I won’t be embarrassed!” He said eagerly.

“Do you like watching me play with my pussy? I don’t mind you watching. I know you look at me, I see it, and I don’t mind, I like it! That’s why I took my bikini top off, so you could get a good look at my tits. Do you like mommy’s tits? I’ve seen you looking at them.” I asked as I pulled on one of my erect nipples through the very thin sheer fabric of my beach cover-up.

Again he just nodded with his mouth hanging open.

“I’m teasing you again, aren’t I. I’m sorry, that’s mean, I hope you don’t mind?” I asked.

“I don’t mind. I like it!” He said, his eyes flashing back and forth between my pussy and my tits.

“Good! Now let’s take a look at that big hard cock of yours.” I said as I slid my hand over his abdomen towards the bulge in his shorts.

“Right here on the beach?” He said alarmed.

“Yes! Right here! Look around, no one’s near, no one’s looking, no one’s paying any attention to us. No one will see. So let me take a look.”

“Okay.” He said after looking around.

I gently slid my hand over his quivering stomach, and he groaned.

“Does that hurt?” I asked with concern.

“No. It feels good!” He moaned.

“Good!” I said as I continued to gently rub his stomach, letting my nails drag lightly across his fluttering flesh. I inched my fingertips down slowly, then slid them underneath the elastic waistband of his shorts, sliding my hand into his shorts. I didn’t grab his cock, I just let my hand slide underneath it, letting his stiff cock ride up over the back of my hand which made Danny groan again.

“I want to look,” I said. The feel of my son’s stiff hard cock against the back of my hand exciting me.

Again, he nervously looked around before nodding.

Stretching open the elastic waistband, I peeked in. His stiff cock twitched, it was red and throbbing, with a droplet of pre-cum leaking from the tip. My breath was taken, my son’s young cock was much bigger and thicker than I would have ever imagined, and the sight of it sent quivers of excitement shooting through me.

“Oh my! You are really hard! Does it hurt?” I asked.

“A little. My…” he hesitated.

“What?” I pushed him.

“My balls, they hurt.”

“Poor baby! I bet they do, all full of cum. With all the teasing, your balls must be about to burst. I’m sorry. This is all my fault.” I said but truly didn’t feel bad one bit. I was excited.

I then placed my hand atop his stiff hard throbbing cock making him groan loudly.

“Oh, my god baby! Your cock is so big and hard! I had no idea. I love it! I’m so proud. Oh, baby! You must really need some relief.” I said gently squeezing his incredibly stiff hard cock.

”You could take care of it yourself… or… if you want, I could take care of it for you. Would you like that? Do you want mommy to take care of it for you?” I said as I gently slide my hand up and down the length of his stiff cock.

“What! Right here!” He moaned.

“Yeah! Right here! Why not? No one will see. It’ll be fun! But you have to promise me to keep it a secret. You can’t tell anybody. Promise?”

“Okay! I promise!” He groaned as I closed my fingers around his fat cock and began gently stroking.

With a soft touch, I stroked gently and easily, wanting him to last as long as possible. And as I stroked my son, and with him watching, I fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit. I need to cum just as badly as he did and I wanted to cum with him.

“Does that feel good?” I asked. He nodded. “Good! I want to make you cum. I want to make you feel better.

Sitting next to my son with my hand in his shorts stroking his hard cock, I fingered my own wet pussy, thankfully none of the other beachgoers were near enough to see what we were doing. As far as anyone could tell, we were just hanging out on the beach just like they were.

“Oh, baby! You have such a nice cock, it’s so big and hard!” I moaned as I fingered my sopping wet pussy.

Stroking my own son off on the beach, or anywhere for that matter might not seem right to some people, but I’ve never been right. Growing up, I was always kind of kinky and perverted, even as a kid, with a taste for the bizarre and drawn to the forbidden. The more I wasn’t supposed to do something, the more I wanted to, just for the sake of being bad, especially if it was something nasty. It was something that always excited me and still did.

“That’s it, baby!” I said gently stroking my son’s cock. It was getting wet and slippery. “Oh, baby! Yes! That’s nice!” I moaned. “Whenever you’re ready baby, I want to make you cum, and I’m going to cum too! Mommy’s going to cum with you! Is that okay? Is it okay if mommy makes herself cum?”

He nodded excitedly, watching as I fingered my gaping hole and rubbed my big fat stiff clit.

“Aaaugh! Mom! I’m gonna cum!” Danny cried out.

“Fuck yes baby do it! Cum for me!” I called out as I threw off the towel and pulled down his shorts. I wanted to witness his explosion. “Oh fuck baby! Yes! Cum! Mommy’s cumming too!” I cried out as I wildly fingered my gushing hole, while rapidly stroking my son’s spurting cock.

As my son’s erupting cock covered my hand with creamy gooey goodness, my asshole began to twitch uncontrollably and my pussy pulsated as I brought myself to an incredible thrashing orgasm right there on the beach with my young son’s spewing cock in my hand.

Thankfully, no one on the beach seemed to have noticed the commotion.

“Oh my! Look at the huge mess you made,” I said after stroking my son off. “That’s okay, I’ll clean it up,” I said, and I licked the gobs of goo off my cum drizzled hand.

“Mmmmm!” I said to my stunned, wide-eyed son as I licked my fingers. “I like it!” I said licking and sucking one finger then the next, slurping my son’s creamy cum. “Mmmmm! It’s good! Mommy hasn’t had any cum to eat in a long time! Mmmmm, so good!”

After swallowing every last drop of my son’s cum, I draped the beach towel over his still hard pulsating cock, then curled up next to him.

“Feel better now?” I asked.

He nodded and smiled.

“Good. Me too. We both needed that. Let’s rest for a minute, then maybe we’ll take off. Okay?”

Again he just smiled and nodded. I think being jacked-off by his mother left him speechless.

“Remember what I said, what I did for you is a secret. Don’t tell anybody.”

“I won’t tell anyone. I promise.

I felt guilty for about a half a second, and after it passed, I was again ready for some more dirty fun with my son. We laid together for a short while, but I was getting restless. I was still horny and since Danny seemed more than ready and willing, I thought what harm would a little more fun do.

Laying together on the beach looking at each other, nose to nose, coming down from our mutual orgasms, I asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

He smiled and nodded.

“So… I guess maybe you really do like my fat ass!” I said teasingly.

“I like your ass! I like it a lot! I don’t think it’s fat. I think it’s awesome!” He said.

“Oh really! You’ve been looking at my ass have you!”

“Yeah. I like looking at it, a lot!”

Danny smiled and looked longingly at my lips, so I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, our tongues meet and swam together for a moment, but I kept it short and sweet. I didn’t want to be caught making-out with my young son on the beach. And as we kissed, my hand returned to his cock.

Odd how I felt that I could get away with stroking my son off on the public beach, but kissing was too risky.

“You’re still hard!” I said.

He smiled and nodded.

Peaking under the towel, I eyed his still very hard twitching cock. Another quiver of excitement shot through me, and I felt my pussy throb. “Do you think you could go again?” I asked excitedly.

He smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I want to.”

“That’s awesome baby! I love it! Mommy could too!” I said. “Hey, why don’t we pack-up and get out of here before we start attracting attention.”

Gathering up our stuff, we headed back to the car. Danny pulled on his teeshirt, but I strolled back to the car as I was, with only the thin beach cover-up draped over my bouncing tits, and with my hot wet pussy hanging out of the side of my bikini bottoms.

At the car, as I bent overloaded our things in the back, I looked over my shoulder and could see that Danny was eyeing my ass. Leaning forward into the open hatch-back, I lifted my beach cover and pushed out my ass. “Do you like mommy’s ass? I got sand all over my butt!” I said teasingly as I brushed my big butt, making it jiggle. “Will you help me, please. Will you brush the sand off mommy’s big butt, pleeease.”

Danny smiled and willingly began running his hands over my big round butt, brushing the non-exciting sand off my ass.

While keeping an eye out for passerby’s, I encouraged my son.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, baby, brush the dirty sand off mommy’s ass!” I teased as he wiped off my butt with a gentle slapping motion.“Good! Keep going! Don’t stop! Brush the sand off of mommy’s big dirty ass.”

He giggled, and I leaned further into the back of the open hatch, sticking my butt out even further, as Danny continued to brush and rub his hands over my big round ass.

“Harder!” I said, “Brush my ass harder!” and Danny began to lightly slap my ass, brushing away the imaginary sand.

“Ooo! That feels nasty good! Do it harder!” I demanded. “Mommy’s big ass is really dirty and you need to brush it hard!”

He began slapping my ass hard, spanking me.

The nasty teasing and the spanking were really getting me turned on. As Danny smacked my ass, I slid a hand back between my spread legs and began rubbing my clit.

“Oh, fuck baby! Do that! You’re making me horny again! Spank mommy’s dirty ass.” I said as I fingered my wet pussy. “Spank it hard! Oh fuck yeah, mommy loves to be spanked!”

I think he must have had some pent up aggression that I didn’t know about because he really started whipping at my ass hard. With a big grin on his face and a bulge in his shorts, he beat my ass red, until it stung and burned, and that made my pussy throb.

“What a minute!” I said between slapping blows. “I got some sand in my butt crack too! Will you clean it out for me?” I asked with a dirty grin.

He smiled and nodded eagerly.

“I don’t need these things anymore,” I said, as I slipped out of my bikini bottoms presenting my bare backside to my excited son. I was standing in the parking lot, early naked, except for the very thin beach cover-up, which was pulled up around my waist, and a pair of sandals, exposing my backside to my aroused son.

Looking back at Danny I said, “My butt crack needs to be cleaned out. Will you do that for me? I don’t want any sand in there.”

He nodded and smiled. I leaned into the back of the car and stuck out my butt, giving my son a full view from the rear of my twitching ass and throbbing pussy.

Eagerly returning to brushing and feeling my now, red and enflamed ass, Danny let his fingers slide in between my big round ass cheeks, and I could feel his fingertips brushing across my spasming asshole as he brushed imaginary sand out my butt crack.

“Ooo baby, all teasing aside, that really does feel good! Don’t stop!” I said as Danny’s fingers kept running over my twitching asshole. “That’s a good boy, brush off mommy’s dirty butt hole. Brush it off really good! I don’t want any sand in there.”

With all the handling and spanking of my ass, I was really getting horny again and feel nasty. Reaching back, I pulled apart my butt cheeks, knowing that my horny son would be able to see my gaping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck baby! You’re doing such a good job! Keep brushing mommas dirty butthole, rub it really hard and good!”

As Danny toyed with my asshole, I continued to rub my clit. His playful fingers were beginning to wonder, and venture down and around my gaping wet pussy. I could feel that his fingers were getting wet from my dripping fuck hole as he’d slide them back up over my ass. He was really getting me excited, making me feel kinky and nasty.

“Oh fuck baby, that feels so good!” I said. “You’re really making mommy horny. I like it when you rub your wet fingers on my tight asshole! You’re doing such a good job! You’re making mommy so wet and horny! I think some sand got inside my butthole, please push your fingers in there and get it out. Do it for mommy, pleeese!”

I was really flicking my clit hard and fast, and when I felt his finger push deep into my tight asshole, I came right there and then.”

“Oooaaaugh! Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Do that! You’re making mommy cum!” I cried out as I trembled and bucked.

Looking back, I could see the big fat bulge of young cock in my son’s shorts.

“Baby! What I need you to…” I stammered excitedly. I was nearly delirious. “Oh fuck baby, mommy’s so horny! I have a really good idea! What I want you to do is brush mommy’s ass off with your big stiff boner! Baby! Will you do that for me? Pleeese! Take your big cock out of your shorts and brush it on mommy’s big ass! I need to feel it on my ass!”

He looked around. He seemed a little unsure.

“It’s okay baby, no one’s around. I’ve been keeping watch. No one will see! It’ll be fun! It’ll feel good! You’ll like it! I promise!” Nodding, he pushed the waistband of his shorts down under his big red balls and then stepped up.

“Oh, that’s it, baby! You’re doing so good!” I said when I felt his cock press against my ass-crack. “Rub mommy’s ass with your big cock, rub it all over.” I felt his stiff hard cock slide from side to side across my big round ass. “Oh, that’s it, baby! Your big cock feels so good! Now rub it on mommy’s butt crack. Yeah! That’s it!”

Reaching back, I pulled open my big butt cheeks. “Now rub it on mommy’s butthole!” I said, squeezing my own ass cheeks, holding them obscenely open. “Ooo fuck! Yeah, that’s it, baby! Rub your big cock on mommy’s tight asshole! Rub it hard! Oh, fuck baby! That feels so fuck’n good!”

As my son rubbed his cock on my twitching asshole, I returned to fingering myself and rubbing my big swollen clit. His big hard cock was leaking lots of slippery pre-cum which he was smearing on my tight asshole.

“Oh fuck baby yes! Do that! Rub your big cock on mommy’s asshole! Oh, fuck it feels so good! Mommys got some sand buried deep in her asshole! I need you to use your big hard to get it out! Okay! Would you do that for mommy! Slip your big cock into mommy’s ass!”

I could feel the head of his big dick pushing hard against my tight asshole and felt the pressure build as he was about to shove it in.

“Oooohfuuuk baby yes! Push your big cock into mommy’s ass! Mommy wants it!”

But just before the head of my son’s cock penetrated my tight ass, a car pulled into the parking lot and moved towards us.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out when I saw the minivan full of screaming kids moving towards us. “Get off of me!” I yelled as I quickly stood upright, nearly knocking Danny off his feet. Pull my beach cover down, I yelled, “Someone’s coming! Pull your shorts up, quick!”

As the minivan slowly rolled by, we both tried to act normally. Looking at my son, the front of his shirt was tucked into his shorts and the head of his cock was still pocking out. “Fix your shorts!” I snapped at him.

After the van rolled by, moving on without paying us any attention, we both looked at each other and began busting up laughing.

“That was a close one!” I said when I could finally stop laughing.

“Yeah! Too close!” Danny said. He was sweaty, and his face was all red, and the bulge in his shorts was huge. He was visible very excited and agitated with frustration.

I slammed the hatch closed.

“Are we leaving!” Danny exclaimed with a good amount of alarm.

“Yeah, we should. It’s too risky here. We almost got caught. We need to be more careful.” I said imagining the ramifications of getting caught with my son’s cock up my ass. “I need to be more careful! But it was fun! Wasn’t it?” I said still feeling the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

“Yeah but… do we have to go?” He said, letting his disappointment show.

I looked at the huge bulge in my son’s shorts, and I could almost see it throbbing, and I understood his need. I then looked over at the trail marker near our car. It had been a lot of years, but I knew from my childhood that many hiking trails winded through the nearby woods with many branching trails that lead to secluded areas.

“Do you want to go for a hike?” I asked my antsy son.

“Hike? Hike where?”

“I don’t know. Somewhere private. Somewhere there are no minivans.”

With a big grin, he nodded.

As we strolled the main trail, I flirted and teased my son. Leading the way, I made sure to swing my ass and bounce my tits, often lifting my cover-up, flashing my very horny aroused son.

“It’s been a pretty fun day, don’t you think,” I said as I twirled exposing my hairless pussy to my son. “I bet you didn’t know you’re mom was such a horny slut.”

“You’re not a slut.” He said.

“Yes, I am, not so much anymore, but I use to be. It’s okay, I like being a slut. I miss it. If you want, I’ll be your dirty slut. You’d you like that?”


“Yeah! Okay! Mommy will be your dirty slut!”

He looked at me suspiciously.

”You think I’m kidding, don’t you!”


”Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not. We’ll see!” I teased.

We strolled along the main path for a while then took one of the lesser-traveled branches, and then an even lesser-traveled branch, and then left the trail altogether.

“That was pretty crazy what we did back at the parking lot, don’t you think. Do you think we went too far?” I asked, feeling a pang of uncertainty.

“No! I liked it!” He said without hesitation. “I want to do it again!”

“You do, huh, maybe we will! We’ll see. I can’t believe I let you rub your cock on my asshole.” I said with a disbelieving chuckle. ”Did you like doing that? Did you like playing with my ass?” I asked.

“Yeah! I liked it. I liked it a lot!” He said. “I didn’t want to stop!”

“I didn’t want to stop either. I liked it. It felt good! I can’t believe I almost let you fuck me in the ass.”

“No, I didn’t!” He said defensively. The thought seemed to have upset him. I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem to want to believe that he nearly shoved his cock into his mother’s ass.

“Yeah, you did,” I said just to antagonize him. “You had your cock pressed up against my asshole. I don’t think you realize just how close you were too fucking your mommy in the ass. In another second, and if that fucking minivan hadn’t shown up, you would have slipped your cock right into my tight ass.”

“No, I wouldn’t!” He insisted. “And you’re the one that wanted me to!”

“Yeah, I know, and you liked it!”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t going to put it all the way in!”

“Yes, you would have. You wouldn’t have been able to stop. Another second, and you would have been fucking your mommy in the ass!” I said laughing.

I was really enjoying getting under his skin. “Maybe I wanted you to! Maybe I like it in the ass. I told you, your moms a dirty slut. Relax. Don’t worry, mommy likes being fucked in the ass. Mommy likes being fucked anywhere.” I said, spinning away, lifting my cover, and grabbing my ass cheeks. “Who knows, maybe you’ll get another chance.”

He smiled shyly.

I didn’t know where we were going, or what, if anything we were going to do when we got there. I just knew that I was having fun playing around, and acting like a slut with my son.

After making our own trail for a short awhile, we came to a secluded grassy area surrounded by brush with an old fallen tree.

“Stop! We’ve gone far enough! My feet hurt! These sandals weren’t made for hiking. And besides, I think this is a good spot.” I said sitting down on the old fallen tree, worn smooth from many years of weather, and from many other hikers resting their butts on it like I was.

“A good spot for what?” Danny asked.

I just smiled seductively at him. “You’ve been looking at my tits, haven’t you,” I said, squeezing and pulling on my big erect nipples through the thin beach cover-up.

“Yes.” He said shyly, watching my hands work.

“Yeah? Do you want to touch ‘em? Do you want to play with mommy’s tits? I’ll let you if you want to.”

His eyes widened, and he smiled and nodded.

“Come here then, right here in front of me,” I said as I lifted my cover, exposing my tits and everything else to my eager son. “Stand right here between my legs.”

Opening my legs, exposing my hot wet pussy, I pulled him close between my thick spread thighs. Looking down at the huge bulge in his pants, a quiver of excitement ran through me.

“Give me your hands,” I said, and I placed them on my tits.

Very gently, cautiously, he lightly feathered my breast with his fingers.

“Don’t be afraid. You can handle ‘em, hold ‘em, squeeze ‘em. Don’t worry, I like it.” I said encouraging him to handle my tits. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

Danny cupped my big tits in his hands, lifted them, and squeezed them together.

“Mmmm, that it! That feels good baby! Squeeze mommy’s tits, squeeze ‘em hard! That’s how mommy likes it. And play with my nipples, pull on ‘em, and twisted ‘em. Do it hard! I don’t mind. Mommy likes it a little bit rough. I like it really rough.”

As requested, and given free rein, he began enthusiastically mauling my tits and pulling and twisting my big stiff nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah baby! Do that! Your making mommy so horny! I need to touch my pussy while you play rough with my tits. Is that okay? Mommy needs to cum again.”

Danny nodded and looked down between my spread legs at my gaping pussy.

While tormenting my tits, Danny kept looking down, watching as I fingered and rubbed my sopping wet pussy.

“You like watching mommy touch her pussy, don’t you.”

He smiled and nodded as pulled and twisted my big nipples.

“I like you watching!” I said as I rammed four fingers into my gaping hole, making a sloppy wet sound as I finger fucked myself. “It turns mommy on! It makes me feel dirty and nasty, and I like that!”

He smiled and nodded, and squeezed my tits hard like I’d asked, then pinched my nipples and pulled cruelly hard, stretching them out.

“Oh fuck yeah! That’s how I like it! Pull on mommy’s big fat nipples and twist ‘em hard! I love it!” I groaned as he abused my tits while I fingered myself.

I was really starting to get worked up, masturbating in front of my son while he abused my tits.

“Oh, baby! You like playing rough with mommy’s tits, don’t you? I know you do! I like it too.”

He smiled and nodded. He seemed to be getting real enjoyment out of tormenting my tits.

”You know how you spanked mommy’s fat ass, made it all red and sore, you can do the same to my titties if you want to. You can slap ‘em and spank ‘em if you want. I really want you to! It turns me on! Will you do that for me?”

He grinned and nodded, then lifted his hand and smacked the side of my big tit making it wobble from side to side. He then paused and looked to me for reassurance.

“Thats it baby! It’s okay, do it again! I want you to!” I said.

He slapped my other tit.

“Again! Don’t stop baby, I like it! Spank mommy’s tits! Make ‘em sting like you did my ass!”

He began slapping and spanking my tits.

“Oh fuck yeah baby,” I moaned. “that’s it. Slap momma’s titties, slap ‘em hard, punish your dirty slut mommy’s tits.”

I continued to wildly fingers myself, as Danny repeatedly slapped my tits, seeming to take great pleasure in punishing his mother with surprising aggression. At first, he was unsure of himself, but with a little encouragement, he viciously slapped my tits around.

As my son took out his aggressions on my tits, I wildly rubbed at my fat swollen clit, and I could feel another orgasm building.

“Baby… baby… you’re making mommy so horny! Mommy wants to see your big beautiful cock! Show it to me please!”

He stopped smacking my tits for a moment and pushed the elastic waist of his shorts down under his ball, proudly show me his big hard cock.

“Oh baby, mommy loves your cock! I want to feel it on my tits! I want you to rub your big cock my tits, just like you did my ass. It’ll feel really good! I promise!

I pulled him close, pressing my tit against his cock, and he moaned.

“That feels good, doesn’t baby.”

“Yeah! It feels really good!”

“Good baby, rub your cock on mommy’s tits! I love the feel of your cock!”

Holding him close, he began rubbing his cock on my tits as I fingered myself to the edge of another orgasm.

Insanely horny, I brought out all my freaks to play.

“Baby! Mommy’s going to cum soon! I want you to do something for me.”

“Okay!” He said eagerly willing to please.

”Its going to seem strange, but it’s okay, mommy likes it!” I said taking his hands and placed them around my neck.

“You liked being rough with mommy. I know you do. I can tell. Now I want you to do something even rougher. I want you to squeeze mommy’s throat right here under my chin. I want you to squeeze real hard, as hard as you can. I want you to choke mommy while she plays with her pussy and makes herself cum.”

“Choke you? Why?”

“Because mommy likes it. I like weird things sometimes, okay! Don’t be scared, just do it. Squeeze my throat real tight, as hard as you can while I rub my pussy. It’ll make me feel really good, and you can watch me make myself cum! I know you like that.”

Looking unsure and confused, he carried out my strange request. As his hands closed around my throat, I pulled him close so that his cock would press against my tits as he choked me.

“That’s it, baby, squeeze real tight. I want you to! I’m about to cum, and sometimes, mommy likes to be choked when she cums. I know it’s kinda scary, but don’t be afraid, you’re not going to hurt me.” I pleaded as I frantically flicked my big fat clit.

With skinny his little arms, he squeezed with all his might, his hands clamping tighter and tighter around my throat.

“That’s it, baby!” I gaged. “Keep going, don’t stop! You’re going to make mommy cum so hard! You want to make mommy cum hard, don’t you!” I choked the words out, barely able to speak as his hands tightened around my neck.

Squeezing my throat as tight as he could, my son was really getting into choking his mother, thrusting his hips forward as he did, rubbing his long hard cock on my tits as he tried to choke the life out of me.

My skinny son’s long slender fingers possessed surprising strength. I could feel my face swelling, and turning red. I was becoming light-headed and dizzy. Unable to breathe, I could no longer choke out words as I frantically rubbed and fingered myself, attacking my clit with the same urgent need to cum as I had to breathe, bring myself, jerking and gasping like a fish out of water, to an intense, convulsing orgasm while my son viciously choked me.

Just before I lost consciousness, I managed to tap on Danny’s arms in a way that thankfully, he understood to release his grip on my throat before it was too late.

He stepped back and looked at me stunned. I choked and gasped for air, while continuing to obscenely hump, involuntarily at my digging fingers.

See the shock and concern on his face I said, “It’s okay baby! I’m okay! Oh my god, that was intense! Baby, please come here! You did great! Don’t be scared! I’m fine!”

He stood there stunned, his stiff cock standing straight up, red and twitching, and dripping pre-cum.

“Come here baby please! Don’t be afraid! That was incredible! I know it was a strange request. Thank you for doing it for me! Mommy likes a lot of strange things. Thank you, baby!”

“Know I want to do something for you baby, you’ve earned it, and it’s something I love to do, and I know you’re going to love it too!”

Leaning over, I kissed his stiff red pulsating cock. He groaned and shuttered. I rubbed his rigid cock with my lips and cheeks, smearing pre-cum all over my face.

I slid off the log onto my knees, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and he stepped out of them.

On my knees, I continued to lap at his stiff hard cock, licking in long wet strokes from his balls to the tip of his cock, rubbing his beautiful slimy cock all over my face, and even all over my sore throat. He moaned and groaned as I massaged his juicy cock with my face.

“Do you like that baby! Do you like mommy rubbing her wet tongue all over your big cock! I love it! I’m going to suck it! I’m going to suck the cum out of it and swallow every drop! Do you want me to do that for you baby? Do you want mommy to suck your cock and drink your cum?” I said as I continued to rub his cock all over my spit and pre-cum smeared face.

“It feels good! It feels really good!” He said. I could hear the excited quiver in his voice. “Yes! I want you to!”

“Want do you what baby? Mommy really wants to hear you say it!” I said as I licked his churning balls.

“Aaaugh!” He groaned. “My cock! I want you to suck my cock!”

“Ohmygod, baby! That’s fucking so hot! Remember baby, mommy’s your dirty slut, don’t ever be afraid to tell her what to do!”

I took his hands and placed them on my head. He gently cradled my head as I slathered his cock with spit.

“Tell me again,” I said as I licked the throbbing under-shaft of his throbbing cock. “I just like hearing it. It turns me on.” I was on my knees, licking my son’s cock, and fingering myself again.

“Suck my cock!” He said forcefully.

“Oh fuck baby! I love it!” I said as I rubbed the head of his oozing cock on my cheek while pinching and pulling on my clit.

“Suck my cock you dirty fuck’n slut!” He demanded.

“Oh fuck yes baby!” I groaned before taking my son’s slimy wet cock into my mouth. He groaned loudly.

Sucking, slurping, and swirling my tongue, I slowly took about half my son’s long hard shaft, feeling it pulsing and throbbing against my tongue. I withdrew, licked it, smeared it on my face, then slowly took the entire length down my throat until his hard churning balls were pressed against my chin. Again, he groaned as if in pain. I held him like that, with his cock buried deep in my throat, massaging the root base of his cock with my tongue. I then tickled his balls with the tip of my tongue before withdrawing his long slimy shaft from my throat and taking a breath.

He looked down at me, with astonished disbelief.

“Was that good baby. Is that what you wanted me to do.”

He nodded, wide-eyed.

“Remember mommy told you she likes strange things? I want you to do something that might seem strange, but you’re going to like it, I promise. I want you to fuck mommy’s mouth. Will you do that for me, fuck mommy’s mouth really deep. I showed you that I can take it, every inch, all the way down my throat. Will you do that for me? It makes mommy horny just thinking about it. I’m going to touch my pussy while you fuck my mouth, it’s going to make me cum again. Will you do that for me?” I begged while kneeling before my son, licking and rubbing his long throbbing cock on my face, as I rubbed and fingered my own gooey wet pussy.

Looking down at me, he nodded. His mouth was hanging open.

“I want you to fuck my mouth like a big boy, okay! I want you fuck mommy hard and rough, like a man! Don’t worry, I can take it! It’s how I like it! It’s how I want it! I want you to choke me with your big cock, and cum down my throat! Will you do that for me?”

His dripping cock twitched, and he nodded.

I again took his cock in my mouth cock in my mouth, and he slowly pumped his cock in and out. After a few seconds, I pulled away.

“Baby! Harder! I want you to fuck mommy’s mouth HARD! Show me how strong you are! Show mommy how hard and fast you can fuck her mouth! That’s how I want it! That’s how I need it!”

At that, he nodded, gripped my head firmly, and slid his rigid cock deep down into my throat until my nose smashed against his pubic bone and his big churning balls rested on my chin. With his cock buried down my throat, he paused for a second groaning, then pulled back, then trusted forward, holding my head firmly, shoving his cock back down my throat, slamming my nose into his hard pubic bone.

Groaning and growling, he began pumping his hips, forcefully fucking my mouth, as I went to work on my big fat clit, pulling and twisting, and jerking on it, tormenting myself towards another intense orgasm.

After a couple of minutes of hard, forceful face fucking, I managed to pull myself off his cock.

“Oh fuck baby, you’re doing so good! You’re making mommy so proud!” I panted with my fingers shoved into my dripping fuck hole. “Mommy’s going to cum again, real soon! You’re fucking mommy’s mouth so good you’re going to make her cum!”

Licking and rubbing his stiff wet cock all over my face and neck, I felt the desire to offer further encouragement, instruction, and grooming to my young, fuck happy son. “I want you to cum too! I want you to cum down my throat! I want to swallow every drop. I want you to keep fucking my mouth! Don’t stop until you cum, even if I try to stop you, don’t stop until you cum down my throat. If I try to pull away, don’t let me, hold my head tight, pull my hair if you need to, in fact, I want you to, I like it that way, I want you to take fistfuls of mommy’s hair and rough fuck her mouth until you cum down her throat. Will you do that for me please! I’m so close to cumming and I need you to do that for me!”

I started bobbing my head, mouth fucking my son. Groaning, he twisted up two handfuls of hair and began cruelly shoving his cock down my throat, just as I’d begged. His mean, aggressive side resurfaced and he began pounding away on my mouth, ramming his cock down my throat so viciously that my nose my have gotten broken slamming against his pubic bone. I know it was bleeding.

I didn’t try to stop him. I don’t think I could have if I wanted to, he was too close to cumming, I could tell. I was also in the midst of an intense, prolonged orgasm, ith one hand, mauling my tits and my nipples, with the other, torturing my gushing pussy and enraged clit, drive myself to a crazed orgasm while my son rammed his cock down my throat.

All of a sudden Danny cried out loudly, rammed his long hard to the hilt, again smashing my bloody nose into his pubic bone and his big balls into my chin. Holding my head with a firm grip, his cock buried in my throat, he jerked, and shutter, and growled loudly, and I knew he was cumming deep down my throat.

In the throws of my own orgasm, I was out of my mind. I hadn’t been able to take a decent breath for quite a while and felt like I was about to pass out. All of a sudden, he pulled back enough that I was able to suck in enough air to remain conscious, for a little while anyway. Then he shoved his cock back down my throat, and cum shot out my nose.

After another few torturous seconds of thrashing, grinding, and groaning, he finally pulled out, disposition another big wad of cum in my mouth as he withdrew. Releasing my head, he stepped back, and I collapsed at his feet gasping, not unconscious, but nearly.

Spent in every way, I just laid there on the ground for a minute, trying to pull myself together.

“Are you okay?!?! I’m sorry! I did what you told me to do! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmy….” Danny exclaimed in a panic.

“I’m okay!” I said after coughing up a big wad of cum. “Don’t be scared baby, I’m fine, you did good. You did fucking great! Thank you, baby, I haven’t cum like that in a long time!”

I sat up with my son on the soft peaty ground. He still had a concerned look, as if he’d done something wrong. I leaned over and kissed him, our tongues battling in our joined mouths. It was strong, forceful, and passionate.

“Baby, you did perfectly! You did just what I asked, and I loved it! It was so intense! It was fucking incredible! I came so hard I pissed myself! Okay! So you didn’t do anything wrong. You did everything perfect!”

He smiled and nodded. He seemed to understand.

“I guess you’re my little mother-fucker now aren’t you,” I said.

He frowned. “No, I’m not!”

“Yeah, you are! I’m your mother, and you fucked me in the mouth didn’t you? So that makes you a mother-fucker!” I said teasing him.

“Don’t call me that! I’m not a mother-fucker!” He snapped. He was getting annoyed. Which only reinvigorated me.

“Mother-fucker! Mother-fucker! Mother-fucker!” I began singing just to antagonize my son.

“Stop it! Don’t call me that! I can’t believe I was worried about you! You fuck’n bitch!” He said as he jumped up, pulled his shorts back on and stormed off.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! You’re not a mother-fucker. I’m just teasing you. Please stop! Come here and help me up, please.”

He stopped and turned, then reluctantly returned. I held out my hand and he helped me to my feet.

I started brushing my ass off. “Do you want to help me?” I asked with a smirk. He glared at me. “Sorry, just kidding. We should probably get going. I think we’ve had enough fuck’n… oops, I mean fun, for one day.” I snickered.

Shaking his head, he turned to head out, but I just stood there, mischievously watching. I couldn’t believe how horny I still was.

“Sorry I called you a mother-fucker.” I called out. “You’re not. I don’t think you have what it takes.” He turned and looked at me suspiciously. “I don’t think you could fuck me even if you wanted to. I don’t think you have it in you. I don’t think you’re strong enough.”

“I could if I wanted to.” He said defiantly. He was always a sucker for reverse-psychology.

“Yeah, you think so? No, I don’t. It’s easy to say but tuff to do. It takes a lot of strength, bravery, and determination to take what you want. Think you can take it from me! I don’t think so. You’re all talk.”

“No, I’m not! I could do it! You’re practically naked already!” He said. I was really starting to get to him.

“Okay then, if you think it’s that easy, bring it on!” I said holding my arms out egging him on. “Let’s see what you got, or are you all talk.”

He stomped up and tried to grab me, but I shoved him away, nearly knocking him off his feet. He had a stunned look on his face. “Oh, boo hoo! Poor baby!” I said mocking him. “Is that all you got? What did you think, it was going to be easy? You’re going to have to take what you want little boy!” That got him going, he was beginning to fume.

He tried coming at me a couple more times, but each time, I just shoved him away.

“This is getting boring,” I said. “You were right, you’re not a mother-fucker after all. Let’s get out of here.” I said as I walked by, elbowing him in the shoulder nearly knocking him down.

I took another step, and he surprised me by grabbing from behind and dragging me to the ground. We wrestled around a bit. I’d really gotten to him with all the antagonizing, and he was enraged. Fighting mad, and showing surprising strength and agility, he managed to get me on my back. Hold me down by my arms, and after some struggle, he managed to spread my legs and get himself wedged between my open thighs.

He was right, I was practically naked, and in that position, there wasn’t anything stopping him from shoving his cock in my gaping pussy.

He started pushing down his shorts, freeing his cock, which incredibly, was hard again.

That was my opportunity, with an arm free, I managed to roll him off of me and tried to crawl away on my hands and knees. That’s when he grabbed me from behind and held on tightly. Ass up, he pushed my face into the ground and pulled both my arms behind my back.

The whole thing was a game to me, and his aggression only served to excited me.

With a tight grip on my waist, I could feel his stiff cock pressing against my backside, sending quivers of excitement shooting through my dripping wet fuck-hole. Sliding my knees apart, I arched my back and lowered myself, willingly getting into position to be fucked by my son’s big cock.

“Who’s I a mother-fucker now!” He yelled as he rammed his stiff rod into my gooey, upturned hole, and we both groaned.

“Oh, yes, baby! You are! Yes! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her hard!” I cried as he pounded his cock into me from behind.

Fucking me for a good long time, he pounded me viciously hard, and with anger, showing remarkable strength, pushing, pulling and shoving me around.

“Ohmygod baby! It’s so good! Your fuck’n mommy so good! Oh, fuck baby! I’m gonna cum!” I cried out as the pounding continued.

He was rough, slapping my ass and pulling my hair. Pulling my head back with a fistful of hair, he put me in a rear chokehold as he rammed his cock into me. With his free hand, he reached around, and began mauling my tits, and pulling and twisting my big hard nipples as he fucked me hard from behind. Twisting my head back, he looked me right in eyes, grinning sadistically, as he cruelly tightened his forearm around my neck. Feeling the flow of blood to my brain being choked off and tight swelling in my face, and I could barely speak.

As he continued to hammer me from behind, nearly choking the life out of me, I insanely managed to squeak out the words. “It’s so good baby! It’s so good! I’m gonna cum again! Oh fuck baby, you’re making mommy cum again!”

All of a sudden, he threw me onto the ground, his stiff cock springing out of my gushing hole, flinging slimy fuck juice all over. Grabbing me by the hair, he shoves his dripping wet cock in my face and begins rubbing his cock all over my face, basically jacking-off with my face.

In a constant state of orgasm, I was going at myself with my hands, mauling my tits, rubbing and fingering my gaping hole, as my son, with fistfuls of my hair, humped my face.

As he rubbed his wet, cunt juice covered cock all over my face, I managed to capture his stiff rod in my mouth, and he began to face fuck me, ramming his long hard cock down my throat. Buried deep down my throat, I could taste my own juices and could feel his thick hard cock throbbing against my tongue. Unable to breathe, I was choking. I thought he was going to cum down my throat again when all of a sudden, he threw me down on to my back allowing me to gasp for air.

Quickly positioned himself between my open legs, he pushed my knees up to my shoulders, and rammed his cock into my gaping fuck hole. “Oh god yes! Fuck me, baby!” I groaned. Looking him straight in the eye I pleaded. “Fuck your mommy! Fuck her hard! Ohmygod, it’s so good, fuck me!”

As he fucked me on my back, he slapped my tits around and then began pulling and twisting my big puckering nipples, stretching them out, making me cry out in pain. He then, as he thrust his cock into my squirting hole, began to suck on my big fat swollen nipples, sucking on them hard, biting and chewing on them.

“Oh fuck baby! That’s so good! Suck on mommy’s titties! Suck ‘em hard! Bite ‘em! Aaaugh! Fuck!” I groaned as he bit down, holding his head to my breast, encouraging his torture. And even as he recoiled and trust cock into me over and over, I continued to rub my clit, driving myself insane.

Pushing my knees back behind my shoulders, he forcibly turned my ass upward. He then began rubbing his slimy wet cock on my spasming asshole.

“Yes baby, do it!” I said excitedly. “I know you want to! Put your cock in mommy’s ass and fuck her hard! Do it baby! I want you to!” I pleaded as I pulled open and fingered my own pulsating asshole.

My ass was already a wet mess, covered with gooey slimy leaking from my gushing fuck hole, and my son’s cock was covered in that same gooey slimy, so when he shoved, it slipped easily into my wanton asshole.

“Ohmygod baby yes! Fuck mommy’s ass!” I groaned as he drove his cock deep into my all to willing rear.

Driving four fingers into pussy, I finger fucked myself and rubbed my enflamed clit as my son pounded away on my ass.

“Oh god yes, baby! I like it! Fuck me, hard baby! Mommy likes it up the ass! Oh fuck baby, you’re making mommy cum again!

Swinging my leg over, he rolled me onto my side, and ass fucked me that way from behind. Grabbing hold of my thigh for leverage he pounded me, his thighs slapping rhythmically against my big ass.

Pulling my hair, he began driving himself home, both of us grunting and groaning as he hammered away on me.

Letting go of my hair, he grabbed hold of my beach cover, which was by then, gathered up around my shoulders. As he jackhammered away at my ass, he yanked and twisted the cover-up around my neck.

I could barely breathe as the fabric tightened around my throat. Becoming dizzy and lightheaded, I could no longer see clearly, everything was becoming fuzzy.

Even as I clawed at the fabric twisted around my throat, I was in the throes of an unceasing orgasm, and as I struggled to free myself from the tourniquet tightening around my neck, I couldn’t stop insanely touching myself, frantically squeezing my own tits, pulling on my incredibly stiff erect nipples, ramming my fingers into my gaping hole, and wildly rubbing at my huge swollen clit.

All of a sudden, I could no longer finger myself. My hands fell away lifelessly, and I no longer had the use of my limp arms. And before I could consider what was happening to me, everything went dark, and I passed out.

I don’t know what happened after that, or how long I was unconscious.

I awoke to the sound of voices…

“Hey! Are you okay!”

“Are they dead!”

“It looks like they’re breathing!”

“Hey! Do you need some help!”

“Look at her tits!”

“Really? Is that all you ever think about?”

“I wish my tits were that big! I even wish your tits were that big. That would be even better!”

“Should we go get help?”

“We’re not even supposed to be out here.”

I then became aware of a sharp poking in my shoulder. I awoke to see a young girl about Danny’s age with a stick in her hand.

“She’s awake!”

“Hey, are you okay? Do you need some help?”

As I came-to, I realized that I was laying on my side on the ground, naked, with my beach cover-up gathered around my neck. Danny was laying behind me, asleep, spooning me, with his limp dick still stuck between my big butt cheeks.

Getting up on one elbow, I cleared my throat and said, “No. we’re fine. We’re just resting.” It was the only thing I could think of on the spot. And as my head began to clear, I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass.

Elbowing Danny, I said, “Wake up!”

It took him a second to get his wits about him and realize that we weren’t alone, then I said, “Your shorts! Where are your shorts!”

He quickly found the nearby shorts and embarrassingly scurried into them as I tried to cover myself with the remains of my torn cover-up.

“What are you guys doing out here? Are you sure you’re okay?” One of the stunned girls asked.

As my head became clearer, I looked over the two young girls. One was blonde, the other brunette, both dressed identically. Both wearing very tight, light-colored, elastic short-shorts that were pulled up tightly into their puffy little pussy slits. Both wearing the same little teeshirts, that looked at least one size too small, showing off their trim youthful bellies, with the Waka Waka Summer Camp logo across the chest. Neither of the girls was wearing a bra, and their puffy little titty nipples stood up proudly, and it looked as though neither girl were wearing panties, at least none that I could detect.

What was most notable about the girls, was that they were both filthy, looking as though they’d been wrestling around on the ground. Both girls were covered in dirt, with bits of grass and twigs in their hair, and a noticeable amount of dirt around their puffy titties and their tight little pussy slits as though left by dirty hands. The brunette also had a very red, fresh-looking, telltale hickey on her neck, and the blonde had an even more intriguing one on her inner thigh very near her crotch.

Smiling knowingly at the girls, I said, “I think we were probably doing the same thing you guys were doing.”

Looking at each other, the girls giggled.

“We better get going.” The blonde said. “We need to get back to camp, and get cleaned up before the dinner bell.”

As they left, the brunette turned back. “Maybe we’ll see you guys out here again sometime.” She said in a flirtatious way, shaking her tight little butt as they walk away.

Exhausted, Danny slept the entire ride home, drooling with his head against the side window. As I drove, I turned the rearview mirror so I could look at myself. There were ugly ligature marks on my neck, and I wondered what the girls from the camp must have thought.

Once home, I plopped down on the sofa and conked out myself.

Sometime later, I awoke to Danny standing over me, jerk’n off in my face. Watching as my son stroked his cock, I fingered myself. Opening my mouth, I let him cum on my outstretched tongue. After swallowing, I sucked his cock, draining his balls dry.

Waking up to my son’s cock inches from my face was a wonderful surprise and the end of our incredible day at the beach. Knowing that things would never be the same between Danny and me, I was eager for our next adventure.

The End?

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