Governor and Daughter 2



The ordeal of a kidnapped governor and his 23-year-old daughter intensifies. Poor Michaela watches her father shocked to the point of passing out, but her own problems are just beginning. As Hakim shows interest in taking her in the ass, the girl begins to panic. Hakim, though, isn’t the only man holding her and her father captive. Soon Michaela meets her second captor, a man with appetites that might just make Hakim’s depravity look almost tame by comparison.



The condemned warehouse about fifty miles northwest of New York City crouched like a giant, moldering time capsule. Its boarded-up windows hung thick with cobwebs and dust. Its massive aluminum walls and rafters overlooked rows of rotting pallets and rusted equipment. It was a place time had forgotten. Humanity too. And that served the perpetrators of the kidnapping of Governor Mick Ucomo Werdan and his daughter, Michaela, all too well.

Her father’s screams echoed in Michaela’s ears.

“Please stop!” she shrieked, frantic, screeching until her voice grew hoarse. She saw her father jerking in his bonds, bound naked to the metal chair as the wires attached to his nipples and testicles conducted electricity to ravage his body. The electroshock seemed to last for an eternity, though it probably hadn’t coursed through him for more than 30 seconds.

Finally, Governor Werdan sagged in his bounds, lifeless, unmoving, even as the electroshock continued to surge into his loins.

The naked Middle Eastern man, Hakim, at last turned down the dial on the panel to the battery which was shocking the poor governor. The governor’s head hung forward. As far as Michaela could tell, he was… no, oh please, she thought, it can’t be. But part of her was certain of it. Her father was dead. This evil, sick psychopath had electrocuted her father to death.

“Is he…?” She couldn’t force out that last horrific word. Was he truly dead?

The masked captor chuckled. “Stupid bitch. No, your father is not dead. He just passed out. I guess he couldn’t handle a little shock to his balls.”

Michaela was a gorgeous young college graduate, only 23 years of age. She had long, straight chestnut brown hair that matched her adorable eyes and which framed a cute, finely chiseled face with a delicate nose. She should have been celebrating with her friends in Rehoboth Beach right now, but at the last minute she had decided to take a detour on her road trip and spend a night with her family in New York. That had proved to be a fateful mistake. When armed intruders had burst into Daddy’s mansion with flash grenades in the middle of the night, they had caught everyone completely by surprise. The rest was a blur, until she’d woken up here…wherever ‘here’ was… in what seemed to be some type of underground bunker.

Now, the slender girl found herself opposite her father, standing naked with her wrists chained above her head. Their captor had already raped her in front of her father, but that wasn’t even the worst of the horrors. Seeing her dad suffer was like having knives carve her from the inside out. And Michaela had a feeling that there was worse to come…

“Mmmm. Looks like it’s just you and me right now while Daddy takes a nap,” Hakim said huskily. Her captor leaned down, sucking on each of her breasts, while his hand dipped down between her legs. Two of his digits wormed their way into her ruined, cum-soaked pussy. She squirmed and groaned for him to stop.

“UGHHH!! Please, I’m so sensitive down there. Please!” she begged.

His head tipped upward, leaving her breasts alone for the moment, and he stared at her, their faces barely inches apart. She felt his fingers stroking inside the walls of her aching, sticky cunt.

“You think I don’t know that, pussy? I know very well how sensitive you are. I just raped you, remember? But if you think you’re sensitive NOW, just wait, my sweet girl. Wait until I have another wire with its gator clip attached to your oh-so-sensitive CLITORIS, you little whore. Then you will know true sensation. Yes… you can discover some newfound empathy for what your poor father just experienced having his balls shocked. Think of it as a bonding experience, yes? You two will know endless pain and torment together before I let you die.”

As he said this, Michaela felt her heart skip a beat. Terror turned the blood in her veins into glacial crust. For the first time, Michaela had to consciously think about the fact that she and her father might not survive this. Now Hakim removed his fingers from her pussy and walked around behind her. His hands cupped and proceeded to stroke her supple tits, occasionally giving them a savage squeeze, then pinching her nipples roughly.

“AAAAYYY!” she squealed as he pinched them so hard that a fiery sting lanced through her sensitive cones.

“Mmmm. That pain will feel like a tender love tap compared to what I will do to you once you father wakes back up. Hmm. Speaking of which, it seems that my electro-torture of your father’s testicles has reawakened something in me. You feel my cock hard again, little slut? Yes?”

Micaheala shivered. She did. She felt the length of his hard shaft pressed against her lower back. He had raped her less than 15 minutes ago, but already his manhood was reinvigorated and ready for more. This sick bastard was inhuman in more ways than one. She thought about trying to kick him. Her legs were free, after all. But the thought of resisting, knowing what he could do to her father if she put up any resistance – that took the fight right out of her. Sagging, defeated, she felt fresh tears slide down her face.

“Aww. Now don’t cry, bitch. I can think of another fun thing we can do together until your daddy wakes up.” Abruptly, Michaela felt one of the hands on her breasts slide to her backside. Then, just as before, she felt him probing her anal opening with his index finger. Her sphincter muscle locked up, valiantly trying to keep out the invading object.

“Please stop!” she groaned.

“I’ll have my cock in there, bitch. You may as well get used to one measly little finger,” he warned her. “Try to relax your ass muscles. Let me in. Think of this as training for what’s to come.” When he tried to prod his finger into her anus again, she tensed up and tried to keep him out. He smacked her in the back of the head.

“Are you hard of hearing, whore? I said LOOSEN your ass for me. RELAX.”

Through a fresh torrent of tears, she tried. The sexy brunette tried to relax her muscles to follow her captor’s command as best she could, but it was an exercise in futility. At last, disgusted, Hakim seemed to give up. Yet before she could even begin to sag with relief, instead she felt something with a much larger diameter now pressing up against her rosebud.

“There’s no use being gentle with you, is there, cunt? I may as well just rip into you, break you in all at once. Don’t worry, I coated my shaft in saliva just for you. Don’t say I’m not considerate.”

Michaela’s entire body trembled. No, this couldn’t be real. This couldn’t be happening!

“Please Master, not my ass!” she groaned. “Please!” she said, panic rising. She instinctively wiggled her ass, preventing the cock from hitting its target, defying him without even thinking about it. They struggled for a few moments, the naked 115-pound girl and her considerably heavier and more muscular assailant.

“Hold still, bitch,” he hissed. Putting her in a headlock, he nearly choked off her air, making the edges of her vision turn black, when a loud noise interrupted them.


It sounded like a heavy door slamming shut. Next there came the hurried tromping of boots descending concrete stairs. Then Michaela saw another man stride into the concrete chamber.

“Salib, what took you?” Hakim called out.

The new man was wearing no mask, but he did have on a black shirt and pants and boots. His eyes were penetrating, like a falcon’s, and the deepest shade of chocolate-brown. He was considerably taller than Hakim, more than a few inches, and probably just as muscular.

“What took me?” the newcomer growled. “You started without me.” He grunted then, amused. “I see you wasted no time with the father. Ah, and the daughter is every bit as breathtaking as you said.” Salib prowled up to the girl and gave the side of her cheek a deceptively tender stroke with one hand as he stared into her pretty eyes. “Torturing this beauty will be a true pleasure.” Hakim’s hands had returned to their familiar resting position, cupping and fondling Michaela’s breasts. Now, though, Salib swatted his partner’s hands away.

“Stand back. Observe for a while, my friend. You’ve had your fun. Now it’s MY turn.” As he said this he stalked over to the nearest corner, where a series of various wicked-looking tools and implements hung along a metal rack. Soon he was clutching the handle of a leather whip with a beaded tip. He stalked back toward the girl.

Michaela’s frightened eyes zeroed in on the cruel-looking whip.

“I could hear your father’s screams from all the way upstairs, girl. Let’s see if you can sing as beautifully.”

As he said this, Salib brought his wrist back and flicked it, sending the whip hurtling forward.

“NO!” was all Michaela had time to shout as the lash of the whip hit her directly in the tits. “AAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!” She screamed so loudly and shrilly that her own ears were soon ringing.

The next lash of the whip snaked around her left leg, leaving a striped welt that would take some time to heal.


“Dance for me, bitch. Sing and dance!” Salib shouted. Punctuating each of the girl’s cries was the hiss and crack of the whip and Salib’s exhortations. Hakim stood back and merely watched, just as his companion had asked. The next ten minutes or so were filled with Michaela’s plaintive wails and cries as Salib worked her over with the whip. In his own way, though, he was judicious about it. He only struck her breasts twice, and her back three times. Most of his blows were aimed at the girl’s hips, thighs, and knees. When he was finished, Salib’s brow was slick with sweat from the exertions of wielding the whip, but the flushed skin of his face also bore a mark of satisfaction. Michaela was sobbing and whimpering, a babbling mess of helpless femininity begging for mercy, by the time he was finished.

Salib put the whip back in its place and came up to her.

“SSSH. Don’t cry, cunt. I will soon warm your insides with my cock. You will get your reward for your excellent ‘singing’ in a few moments,” he taunted her.

He stepped up to her and gave the girl a full-on kiss. His tongue explored her, dove deep and playfully coiled around hers. Meanwhile, his hands moved to cup her perfectly sculpted ass cheeks. One hand pressed right where the whip had bitten across her ass, causing the girl to squeal and flinch. That made his cock even harder, and he knew that it was time. He took a step back and proceeded to strip out of his black clothes and boots, until he stood as naked as Hakim, more so even because he hadn’t bothered to wear a mask. Yet Hakim’s voice interjected before Salib could go any further.

“He’s starting to wake up.” Hakim hurried off and returned with a bucket of water. “Hold up, Salib. Don’t start on the girl just yet. Don’t put your cock in her until the father is fully awake. He needs to see every arousing second of this.” Saying this, Hakim dumped the bucket of cold water right over Governor Werdan’s head. Mick’s eyes snapped open. His body stiffened. He awoke to find himself still tied naked to the metal chair. Michaela…his incredible, beautiful, talented little girl, was standing naked with a naked man looming right beside her. This newcomer was much taller than Hakim, but just as ruthless-looking.

“Ughhh…” Governor Mick Werdan felt exhausted, like he’d been stampeded over by a thousand bulls.

Hakim’s gloating now trailed in his ear.

“Welcome back to the party, old man. You’re about to watch your daughter learn to take a second COCK. Oh, and do you notice anything different about her? You missed out on some of the fun.”

Staring, the governor finally realized what was different. Michaela’s breasts now sported two nasty, striped welts, with another welt across her smooth belly and nearly two dozen more striped, angry-looking red welts recently formed on her legs and thighs. The sick bastards had whipped her! Outrage and despair vied inside the governor for dominance. He couldn’t protect her. He couldn’t protect his own daughter. He let out a bellow of anguish.

“You sick fucks. Let her go! Keep me, just let her go!” Tears formed in Governor Werdan’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Salib had decided that he had waited long enough. Standing behind Michaela, he lined up his cock with her sex and slowly sank into her hot, intimate depths. As he felt his cock begin its rape of a helpless young pussy, he clenched both of his hands along her waist, holding her in place, fucking her with a steady rhythm.

“Ahh!!! Your daughter’s fuck-hole is very slimy still with the cum of my brother-in-arms,” Salib growled. “She’s like the perfect cock-sleeve, taking me deep each time. You should be proud of your girl. She knows how to take cock like a little western SLUT. Uhhh!!”

Michaela could only hang her head in shame and feel the pulverizing thrusts of this second cock raping her pussy, violating her to the core. In some ways this second rape was so much worse than the first, because she knew that with each ejaculation inside of her, her chances of getting impregnated would grow. It was a strange thing to obsess over, though, especially given Hakim’s words earlier. Clearly, he had no intention of ever letting them go free… of letting them live, even. Yet the idea of somehow staying alive still clung stubbornly to her every thought. Maybe this other man could… could be convinced to talk his psychotic companion out of killing them.

As if her feminine instincts had latched onto that hopeful shred of a thought, the sexy brunette now began to push her ass backward to meet Salib’s thrusts. Michaela threw her hips back each time she sensed him about to sweep forward now. She helped impale her pussy on his raging hard-on, participating in her own rape for the second time. Salib’s eyebrows crinkled in surprise.

“This cunt is fucking me back. Do you see that, old man? Your daughter loves taking Arab cock.”

“Y-yes Master,” Michaela said dully, forcing the words out. “Please fuck my pussy. Please fuck me.”

Salib and Hakim laughed in unison.

“I know why she’s saying that, Brother,” Hakim mused. “She just doesn’t want you whipping her again. Yes, she’s eager to please now. I may have started her training, but I think you’ve accelerated it quite nicely.”

The same as he had earlier, Governor Werdan couldn’t tear his eyes away from the horror in front of him. He looked at his daughter getting raped. He watched as Hakim swatted her tits mercilessly, as the girl’s body shook from the hard plunges of Salib’s cock ramming into her from behind. He watched all of this because he felt he had to… because all of this was undeniably HIS fault. He should have arranged for better security at the mansion. He had grown complacent, soft, as governor. He had assumed that his security detail had everything well in hand even though his chief of security had been out sick for the past two days. Why hadn’t he gotten a replacement? But he knew why…he had become so used to living in a bubble of safety for so long that he’d forgotten how vicious a place the world could truly be. And now, now his beloved daughter was paying the price.

“UHH!!! Fuck, your daughter’s slimy pussy is still gripping me good, old man. She’s a true fuck-slave now, and she knows it. She’s nothing but a fuck-hole to satisfy my cock. Isn’t that right, whore?”

“Yes, Master,” Michaela said dully – too dully, apparently, for Salib’s liking. He smacked her in the back of the head.

“What was that, bitch?”

“I said Yes Master! I’m a… a fuck-hole to satisfy your cock!” she corrected herself.

Governor Werdan finally tore his gaze away. It didn’t do him much good, though. He couldn’t avoid hearing every awful moment of what came next. The sound of Salib’s body smacking together with Michaela’s. The sound of Michaela’s grunts and gasps, Salib’s growls and exertions, the primal music of fucking between rapist and victim dovetailing and melding into one, until they were just two rutting beasts, their genes striving to replicate, Salib’s sperm anticipating the monumental journey to find and fertilize one of Michaela’s eggs.

Hakim watched with satisfaction as Salib’s rough pelvic thrusts became even more savage. Smack-smack-smack. The sounds of his cock flying into the girl was now a constant drumbeat, his balls slapping against her body as his cock lanced into her. Then he was groaning like a dying man, a man dying of sheer happiness.

“Oh fuck. Feel it inside you, bitch. Oooohhh, governor, your bitch is about to get her womb sprayed with so much cum. Ooohhh!!!! UGGHHH!!!” Salib’s head snapped downward. His entire body stiffened, his cock twitched and exploded, and huge ropes of cum shot into the cunt of his 23-year-old victim. Michaela’s snatch felt the thick, warm barrage of stickiness coat her insides. It was almost as if she could feel the sperm seeking out and finding one of her precious eggs, impregnating her for certain. Of course that part of the experience was simply her horrified imagination running wild, but it felt real to her nonetheless. As Salib’s cock spasmed its last and completed its final twitch to empty its precious sperm-blasts into her, Michaela wondered if a new life would soon be growing inside of her. She wondered if that life would even have the chance to grow, though… if she would even survive that long.

Meanwhile, Salib finally pulled his sated cock out of the sexy young woman. He idly fondled the girl’s sweat-slick ass and watched the excess rivulets of jism seep from her well-fucked pussy. The girl was panting. Her whole beautiful body was sheened in sweat, and now Salib leaned forward to affectionately lick the nape of her neck, savoring the taste and smell of her. His glistening, semi-firm cock smeared leftover remnants of their combined sexual fluids along the crack of the girl’s ass while he embraced her from behind.

“Mmmm. You make the perfect rape-pet. Maybe I’ll try to convince Hakim to keep you alive for a little while after we’ve disposed of your father.” Michaela shivered as Salib laid soft kisses along the side of her neck. It made her sick, feeling the warmth of his naked body enfolding her. This man, he was no better than Hakim. Along with that realization came a fresh surge of despair.

Now Hakim pushed Salib out of the way.

“Enough. I think you’ve caught up on the fun. Now, I promised this sweet young imperialist bitch that she would be able to truly empathize with her father. Let’s get her clit wired up. You thought you saw this cunt dance with your whip? That will be as nothing compared to the shocks I’m about to give her sore and sensitive little PUSSY. Let’s get to business so Dad can watch.”

“No! Please… I’m trying to cooperate. I’ll fuck you! I’ll suck your cocks. You can fuck me in the ass even!” Michaela babbled frantically. “You don’t need to torture me. I’ll cooperate. Don’t you understand?!?”

“Oh, we understand, slut. We just don’t care. Your pain is your father’s pain tenfold, and his pain…well, that’s our ultimate pleasure, bitch.” Saying this, Hakim took a new wire from the battery and extended it all the way to the trembling and naked girl. Salib held her in place while she tried to struggle. When she flailed all the more violently, Hakim slapped her in the face four or five times, stunning her with the last blow. Then, as the dazed girl stood pliantly in Salib’s arms, Hakim attached the gator clip to Michaela’s clitoris. Next, they tied the girl’s ankles together so that she couldn’t flail quite so much, and finally they raised the chains so that her wrists were forced even higher, making her dangle just off the floor.

“Please don’t do this…” Michaela whimpered. “Please…”

Salib detached the red ball-gag which had been resting beneath Michaela’s chin and tossed it aside. Salib now proceeded to stuff a phallic-shaped pink ball-gag into the girl’s mouth instead and fastened it tight. “We don’t want you to bite off your tongue, now do we,” he taunted.

All the while, Governor Werdan sat there, stone-faced, barely managing to deaden the hurricane of emotions inside of him. Through watching his daughter’s deepening ordeal at the hands of these two psychos, he felt almost as if he was hovering above it all, watching it all detached, in an out-of-body, surreal way. Had he turned off his emotions to keep a shred of sanity still intact? Maybe. Eventually, though, the dam seemed to break, or the floodgates somehow opened.

“You fucking monsters! Get away from her!” Writhing in his chair, Governor Werdan struggled so much that he tipped his chair forward, falling on his face. There was laughter, Hakim’s, and then two sets of hands were yanking his chair upright again. He met his daughter’s eyes. He saw the terror there, the pleading, the ‘Please Daddy help me!’ shining in those windows to her shattered soul, but he could do absolutely nothing.

‘Please forgive me,’ Mick Werdan seemed to beg his daughter with just an unspoken look. Meanwhile the naked, whip-battered girl trembled in her bonds and squeezed her eyes shut as if she could somehow will herself to another time and place. And in the next moment Hakim turned the dial up and an impressive jolt of electricity tore into the sensitive nerve bundle of Michaela Werdan’s clitoris.

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