A young woman seeks a job in a large office where nudity among women is the norm and public sex is a stress-reliever.

“How is it you are applying for this position?” He had identified himself as Dan, the Human Resources Director for the Executive staff floor. “The position wasn’t listed in any open position publication, website or generally available to job recruiters. We generally expect these positions to take some time to generate a candidate or two.”

I knew full well why he was asking. The position was definitely unique for an entry level Personal Assistant position. “A friend of mine … well, actually, a friend of my sister … told me about it. She sent it to me. The way you sent it to your … discrete recruiter. I had to agree, it sounded like what I needed at the moment.”

He was watching me intently. “This friend has a name?” He was probing on a new level, now.

I chuckled, “Tina Williams. She said someone would wonder because she signed a nondisclosure agreement. She only told me there was a personal assistant’s position open here and it had some responsibilities that would fit my interests. I’m really curious what those are.”

“Tina Williams. Okay. Yeah, she took a promotion to one of our subsidiaries in Florida, right ?” I nodded. “Okay. Well … your curiosity. This position is on the 5th floor which is the Executive Floor. The requirements up there are distinctly different there than anywhere else in the Corporation. Very different.”

I studied him for a beat, then pressed on. “As you described the job, it sounds interesting with challenge. I like that. I detest being bored with time on my hands or doing tasks that become rote. The pay and benefits … they’re amazing for the position. I know I only have a couple years experience but I got bored at the other job. I want that challenge.”

He smiled. I had the feeling the interview was going pretty well so far. He seemed to like my openness and desire for more. He continued, “To get into the other … what makes the position very different, I will need you to sign a NDA.” He opened the folder he had in front of him and slid it across the table to me. We were meeting in a conference room on the 2nd floor. Apparently, the 5th floor was different. “Nobody get onto the 5th floor without having one of these on record.” I pulled it in front of me and scanned it. Then, I read it. It spoke a lot to nothing in particular. What it basically said was that anything I was exposed to, heard, saw, was requested to do, or did in response to any request would be held in the strictest confidence under threat of significant and extensive legal action. Wow. I signed it. Tina said she enjoyed her time on the 5th floor and she knew I was created in the same mold as she was. Her only hint was ‘sex’. I didn’t mention that to this guy.

In the elevator going up to the 5th floor, he warned, “You’ll need to make your decision when we reach the doors to the office area if you want to continue or not. Regardless, though, the NDA will be binding.”

The elevator dinged, a second later the door parted, and we stepped out into a large vestibule area. I had noticed that he used a key card to activate the button for the 5th floor. This floor really was restricted and glancing through the large glass doors straight ahead indicated why. Naked people. He turned me to the right and we stepped just far enough to be beyond the doors. By doing so, I also was hit by the image I stepped into. I was like stepping into a wide locker room bay. But instead of actual lockers, there were slots in the wall with hangers and every one of them seemed to contain dresses, or skirts and blouses, or slacks and blouses with shoes and undergarments. I looked more deliberately but didn’t see any around me that indicated clothes that would be worn by a man. Further down the bay, or hall made into a changing area, were sinks and mirrors. There was an opening further down into a room that was dark but it seemed ….

“Are those showers,” I asked. I looked in the other direction past the doors and found the same thing but fewer stalls. A small stool stood before the shallow stalls just deep enough to hold a hanger or two. There were a couple sinks in that direction, too, but no larger room of what seemed to be showers.

“Yes,” he responded. He walked me down the hall to the darkened room. When we approached the sinks, the lights over the mirrors came on. When we stepped into the opening, subdued lighting flashed on. It was like an old-fashioned locker room. Not individual shower stalls that most modern facilities have but a large room with shower nozzles along the walls and a post with nozzles in the center.

“I don’t under … what does this mean?”

He smiled. “I said the position isn’t normal, that we couldn’t really advertise the exact requirements of the position. Your sister’s friend hinted to you that a job opening her was unique and different. Which still has mean wondering. What did she mean that you and she share the same interests?”

I looked down at my feet and caught a glimpse of the image I had decided to present because of her remark. My heels were 4” high, certainly higher than normal for an interview. My tight-fitting black skirt ended at mid-thigh just below the lace tops of dark thigh-high stockings. I wore a white sleeveless button blouse with buttons undone to my nipple line. The white lace bra underneath was apparent under neath and allowed for showing of the insides of my natural E-cup breasts. I felt a blush spread over me. My appearance was driven by what I believed Tina meant. Was I going to admit it to a man I had just met and who was in some way influential for a job I thought I was interested in?

“I …” I stumbled with the admission but what I saw around me seemed to indicate what I might admit was far from unusual to this man. “I enjoy exhibitionism, dressing in ways that often is at the edges of decent for the situation.”

He stepped back and looked me up and down. This wasn’t a quick glance hoping to be unnoticed, this was an inspection. My appearance invited being looked at but it was usually hidden, even if badly.

“Like you are dressed now. The heels, skirt length, stockings, and open blouse. Interview attire is generally more discrete, neutral.” He stepped up closer and looked down. I was sure he was unflinchingly looking down at my cleavage. “You have nice tits. They become very inviting with this look.” He raised his eyes and met mine. There was nothing subtle or hesitant about the comment. He wasn’t worried about harassment or being offensive. He smiled and walked back to the glass doors. As we left the sinks and shower room, the lights turned off.

He stood me in front of the closed glass doors. I mean he stood me in front of them. His hands on my shoulders he turned me directly in front of them and edged me closer. Beyond the door was a large open office layout of desks and computers and phones without the benefit of partitions. Glass walled offices lined the three wall around the open area. Three had shaded glass which might provide a bit of privacy depending the angle of looking. There was one, in the far left corner, that had darkened glass. I wondered if it was just that the lights were off inside but just then a naked woman in heels walked out running her hands through her short hair while licking her lips repeatedly.

“Only the women.” The voice came softly from next to my right ear. His hands now weren’t just on my shoulders, which alone would be unthinkable in any other office, but were sliding in a caressing manner up and down the bare skin of my arms. “The nudity you glimpsed before … only the women. You say you are an exhibitionist? In this office, no woman enters with clothes on.” It was true. The clothes hanging told me something but I hadn’t accepted the significance of how much. All the men were dressed. All the women were undressed … everyone of them.

“Those are the rules of working on this floor. That’s the reason for the strictly required NDA’s for everyone. But there is a slight allowance in dress for women based on their position in the office. See the woman leaving the office on the right? She’s a Director, like me. Because of her position she is allowed the shelf bra and garter belt along with the stockings, if she wishes. See the woman walking down the aisle directly in front of us? She’s new. There is a three month probation period to see how everyone fits into this office. During that time, the women must be completely naked.” She was barefoot.

As I watched the ‘new’ woman, I was caught by how erotic it was to see that naked butt tilting back and forth as she passed other naked women and dressed men when suddenly, I man I hadn’t paid attention to came from the side, stopped her in the aisle, and pressed her down to her knees in front of him. She dropped the files she was carrying on the floor and calmly opened his slacks, took out his cock, and began licking and sucking it. Several people, men and women, looked at them before going about their business.

“So, besides exhibitionism, do you also share a healthy interest in sex with your friend Tina?” It was only when his voice pulled me from the public scene of the woman giving the man a blow job that I realized his caressing hands had moved from my arms to the sides of my encased breast on one side and the side of my butt on the other. “Was there maybe a hint that of it that brought you here? Surely, an office that might consider sexual dress like yours wouldn’t try to contain the result of it.” His right hand was now over my right breast firmly fondling it. A man walked past and smiled lustily at us. Was he thinking fresh meat? He pulled me back against him. I felt his hardening cock pressed into my butt. This place was way beyond my imaginings. I thought maybe this place might be open to office affairs and I was tired of the creeps I seemed to attract in the bar scenes. This … open sex in the office?

He stepped away from me and I groaned. I audibly groaned. The building feelings of being fondled and his cock grinding into my ass, standing in front of the glass door, the nakedness beyond it. He turned me to him and smiled. He could see it on me, my frustration, my desire had easily been brought to the surface.

He smiled. That confident smile as his finger rose and touched my expose skin of my gaped blouse. I looked down at the finger as it slid down between my breasts and back up. “The nudity was a surprise, wasn’t it? The sex, though … how do you get your head around that, huh?” He turned and led me down the hall opposite the shower direction until he came to an empty stall. “All your questions and ours will be addressed in the interview. If you want the interview, you know what you have to do.”

“The interview is in there?” It hit me hard enough that I almost staggered. To get details, I had to participate. Was I going to get fucked, too? Silly girl. From what happened to that girl, it’s apparently part of the job.

I turned to the shallow stall, dropped my case on the floor, and began unbuttoning my blouse. Of course I was going to do it. I had to. I might not forgive myself if I didn’t see what this was really about. I could always stop it at any time. I could refuse any job offer. I just had an NDA to honor. I was nearly done unbuttoning when hands on my shoulders turned me to the side. I smiled shyly as he leaned against the next stall wall. Of course, he wanted to watch. God, this was beyond stimulating, exciting, arousing. I came for an interview for a job I was very qualified for that offered an extravagant salary and benefits. This is probably why.

I finished unbuttoning and pulled the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. I slowly hung it and turned back to him. His eyes were locked on my E-cup breasts. I purposely wore a bra that showed a lot of cleavage and didn’t provide nearly the support and control my size might normally be expected to have. In all honesty, I like the feel of my breasts jiggling and bouncing. If I could, I’d go braless all the time. Hmmm … I just might get more chance here.

I reached behind me and unclasped the bra. I leaned forward slightly to have the straps slide down my arms as I eased the cups away. In the process, my breasts swung out slightly once freed and he noticed it all. After hook the bra over a hanger, I cupped my breasts and lifted them slightly, a coy smile coming to my face as I watched his eyes follow my nipples.

When I was finally naked, completely naked as in barefoot, he commented, finally. “Good, you’re shaved. Don’t know if you noticed, but not only are all the women naked but so are their pussies.”

My own eyes tried to stay with him but they kept flicking to the glass door where an office of people were busy. An office of people I was about to enter naked, if I didn’t chicken out. I turned my gaze back to him and nodded. He smiled.

He led me into the office as I trailed along just behind him and to the side. I don’t care what I might have been prepared for, actually walking into a room full of people and being naked is unnerving and intimidating. It didn’t matter that many of the people in the room were women and also naked. I was naked. As we walked down the center aisle, I tried to estimate. There was the CEO’s office, three Executive offices, and four directors. I only spotted one woman who might be in that group based on the one shelf bra I had seen. Then, there were managers and the rest. I wasn’t sure of the status of the mass of workers but I only found the one other women who was completely naked. Of the mass of workers in the open area, I guess about 60% were men, maybe more. With them milling around, it was hard to keep track.

As we moved down the aisle, I woman wearing thigh-highs and heels marched commandingly to the desk of a man. Her back was to us as we approached and I heard her clearly.

“Brad, what the fuck?” She slapped a report on his desk and stabbed it with her finger. “I expect a lot better from you. What’s going on? I need you, brad. I need you to be the star you are. You know you’re the one I depend on for these assignments, to set the example for others.” She stepped to his side of the desk and sat her bare butt on the edge of his desk. “Talk to me, Brad. What’s going on?” Her voice was calm and concerned now. His eyes were only a couple feet from her bare breasts. The way she sat on one cheek to face him better, her pussy was right in front of him, too. But he didn’t seem to notice as his eyes rose to meet hers.

“I’m sorry, Joan. I really am but … but my dad called last night.” She didn’t push but shifted slightly to give him more physical attention and patiently waited. She was good, I thought. “My mom went into the hospital. They are running test. I haven’t heard anything more.”

She reached out and rested her hand on his shoulder. “Oh, Brad. I’m so sorry. Do you need some time off? What do you need?”

“I haven’t heard. Maybe … when I hear … depending.”

She stroked his shoulder. “Come and talk to me any time, okay? You know you can. Until then, though, what are we going to do?” He looked up at her. His look was amazing. Here a naked woman was sitting on his desk right next to him and his whole attention was only on her the concern she was giving. “In the mean time, I want you to slow down a bit. Take some time to review your work. These things are stressful, Brad. I get it. I’ll discretely move a couple things around to give you a bit more time. Okay?” She stood and leaned close to the side of his face. I thought she was about to give him a kiss but she whispered something instead, something he smiled softly to and patted her hand in reponse.

We were sitting in his office along the wall waiting on the other person for the interview. Then she came flying in. It was the same manager I had seen with the man.

“Sorry … very unprofessional of me, I know. I had a situation to deal with.” She reached a hand out to me and introduced herself as Sara James. I appraised her quickly. That was one advantage of seeing her naked. She was probably 35 years old, a trim 125 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, and gray eyes. She had a nice figure and C-cup breast still firm.

She took a chair at the side of his desk. He was sitting behind his desk, the naked manager sitting at the side and I, also naked, was sitting in front of them.

I volunteered, “We overheard, ma’am.”

She looked at me, then to the HR Director, then back to me. “Ahhh … well … good. Actually, that is good.” She opened the folder she carried in, scanned it, and continued. “Abby … right … well, it is good to have seen that. It must be very disconcerting to be naked among other people, especially clothed men, and be expected to act professionally. That’s the rub here, Abby. What happens here is very different … VERY different. But, we are still a professional organization with the same performance expectations as any other organization. Our CEO, Board of Directors, and shareholders all expect us to return a good profit, grow our business, and provide dividends. We expect chain of command and authority respect whether the authority figure is naked or clothed. Do you understand, Abby?”

“I do, ma’am. If I may say, I thought you handled that with amazing firmness and finished with caring tact. I suspect you are a good manager.”

He laughed, “Sucking up to the boss already?”

Sara looked at him quickly, then turned to me. She was red. She was blushing. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who took that remark sexually rather than figuratively. She recovered and jumped into the interview. It was really weird and the feeling didn’t change quickly. Sitting in an office for a job interview answering very pointed and probing questions about my experience (such as it was in my young career), responses to ‘what if’ situations, searching questions about working with common business software and equipment, and interpersonal relations with co-workers and management.

Throughout it all, I was naked. I was very conscious of keeping my legs crossed but there was nothing I could do about my breasts. E-cup naturals don’t get hidden by trying to subtly cross your arms. So, I sat straight backed and professional. Looking directly at whomever asked the question when I answered. And, when I tried to pretend I wasn’t naked, seeing Sara James across from me just about as naked was a reminder.

At a pause in the questions and I sensed they were coming to an end, I asked her, “Ma’am, I wonder if I could ask a question.” She nodded. “How long have you worked in this office … this floor? I mean … how long did it take to become so comfortable like you appear?”

She laughed, glanced at Dan, and focused on me. “Comfortable? I doubt there’s a woman out there who is truly comfortable. I’ve been here two and a half years. I rose from an entry starting position like you’re applying for. Working naked, naked with clothed men, with clothed men who can and will want a blowjob or fuck from you … it’s always on my mind. There are certainly times when you lose yourself in the work, then someone appears at your desk and the immediate thought, reaction, impulse is, ‘who wants to fuck me?’. We are a deadly serious business, Abby. That part is like any other office. The other … the sex … it adds something … hard to explain really.” She looked to Dan but he apparently was interested in her answer, too. “The rest of it, the nudity, the open sex, seemingly directed subserviently to the women is always there. And, it provides an energy to the office. The sex is NOT used to subjugate or to push an attitude of subservience. I know it might look that way but it’s not. Mr. Cornell won’t stand for it. This was his idea and started it small five years ago. As he found men and women responded to it like he envisioned, it expanded. But, no … the women don’t get completely comfortable with it. Every woman out there is a professional with aspirations for success.”

She turned and asked what the average time is for women. He responded, “That’s a metric we watch closely. The average for the women on the floor is about two years. Some stay longer and some leave earlier. Men coming in at the entry level stay longer advancing in the office. We’ve talked about this, that we don’t have the number of women in the management ranks proportional to the office. I assure you, it is not sexism. Mr. Cornell reviews every promotion.”

Sara continued on the thought, “It really comes down to your private life a lot of times. Sometimes someone can’t handle the sex initially or after a time. It happens. Some men can’t avoid the sexist, dominant attitude this environment could encourage. But usually it is that someone wants to marry or start a family and doesn’t want to bring this home with them. There is a fair amount of divorce and broken personal relationships over this office. Spouses think it is exciting at first, shared wife or husband, increased excitement in their relationship at home, but like everything in marriage it simmers out. We have a very good program of promotions to other parts of the company for those who want to leave. Like you friend Tina.”

I was shocked when the questions stopped and we had been talking for over an hour and a half. I took that as a good sign. If it was a good sign, I’d have a decision to make so I may as well ask.

“The sex … I saw the blowjob but it isn’t like I see people fucking everywhere.”

Sara smiled. “It’s an open office and that decision was purposeful, too. It adds to the stimulation but also allows oversight to watch over the women.” She craned her head looking out into the open area. “There is blatant sex but there is a fair number of people out there.” She pointed, “Halfway across and towards the door.” I saw it. A woman in reverse cowgirl bouncing up and down on a guy in his chair. Then she pointed closer where a woman was on her knees sucking a guy at his desk as he talked on the phone. Another … a woman bent over a desk being fucked from behind. The activity of the office just provided a measure of public anonymity.

“Do you do anal?” Whoa … I wasn’t ready for that question. I shook my head and blushed. She smiled at seeing my skin turn red. “And that was just a question, Abby. Push your chair back and open your legs.” I looked at both of them but this was a naked office, a sexual office. Sara was right, my feeling of discomfort was the indicator of how real this would be. This was still the interview. If I had difficulty with the interview, I’d never survive here. I uncrossed my legs and parted them until I encountered the arms of the chair. They smiled at each other. “Put your knees over the arms of the chair.” I took a steadying breath and did as directed. “You’re wet, aren’t you? Damn, you might be embarrassed, but you are excited by this.” I didn’t say anything in response. I didn’t trust my voice at the moment.

“We’re entering into the next part of the interview, Abby. I don’t mind confessing that we are impressed by your references and your office skills. This office has other criteria, though. We try to schedule workload for a six hour day even though the work day is eight hours. Our distractions can eat up a couple hours.”

I nodded as I sat in front of them with my thighs spread wide, my pussy spread and obviously glistening with my arousal. I’d always been easily excited and that didn’t appear to be a negative here.

Sara continued and I realized she was easing me in quick steps through a trial of sorts. “Fondle your breast.” I started and she quickly commented, “God, look at those things. You guys are always talking about titty-fucks and most of us just can’t do it properly.” As I fondled and squeezed my breast meat and rolled and pulled my nipples for them, she turned to him, “Mr. C would love those.” She turned back to me, “Mr. Cornell has a thing for busty women but only when they are natural like yours so they hang, sag some, and bounce. You have an amazing rack.”

I was getting more turned on all the time. Her comments, the comment about the CEO liking big breasted women, sitting in front of them with my legs spread wide, and fondling my breasts. One hand dropped down slowly over my stomach and mound to my open, glistening pussy. I stroked the fingers over the slit, moved them to the clit, then down to my hole where I dipped a finger to the knuckle. Suddenly, it occurred to me I hadn’t been directed. Could I go too far? I paused, not removing my hand but stopping the motion. I looked up at Sara.

She smiled and nodded. “I like that, Abby. You’re turned on aren’t you? Keep going, I would really like to see you cum. Can you orgasm for us? Are you turned on enough to cum in front of two strangers who might be able to give you a job?”

OH GOD! I couldn’t believe how turned on I was and her taunting me added fuel to the fire I was already feeling. I drove three fingers into my now sopping pussy, my thumb regularly making glancing contact on my clit. My other hand was twisting and pulling one nipple, then the other, pulling my breasts up from my slouched body and letting them drop back down like sack of quivering jello. I moaned and whimper but didn’t dare cry out as I got nearer and nearer to that orgasm.

“Let it go, girl. Don’t hold it back. We’re used to the sounds of fucking. Let it go.”


“That’s it, Abby … let it out, show us what a sexy, slutty co-worker you would be for us. Cum, girl, now!”

And I did. Three fingers buried in my pussy, the thumb rubbing my clit, I slouched further on the chair, my chest heaving, my legs trembling, my entire body tensed. “OOOOOO … FUCK … YESSSSSSS! OH GODDD … oooooooo.”

I was still panting, gasping for air when I found the nerve to open my eyes. Had I made a fool of myself? Were they teasing me, pranking the interviewee? But their eyes said not. Their eyes flashed from my gaping, drooling, reddened pussy to my eyes and back down. They looked amazed … even turned on.

Sara slid from her chair and was soon on her knees between my legs. She licked my pussy, then looked up at me. “That was truly beautiful, Abby. You’re beautiful anyway but when you came … can I lick up your juices?”

She was asking me? Of course. I wasn’t working for her yet. I nodded. Instantly, her tongue and lips went to work on my pussy area. I sighed at the delicious feel of her tongue as she licked up my open lips and flicked my clit. I closed my eyes, again, lost in another wonderful feeling. Instantly remembering where I was, I opened my eyes and check on the Director. He was leaning back in his chair, his slacks open, his cock out, and slowly stroking it. He didn’t notice me looking, his attention so fully locked on my body and Sara’s action in front of him.

I caressed Sara’s hair as she licked and sucked at my pussy. Then she looked up, smiled with a pussy wet face, and kissed her way up my body, kissing and sucking on each nipple before kissing me on the lips. She mumbled against my lips, “You taste good don’t you?” I nodded and gasped. I had never tried girl-girl but this was so erotic and exciting, so new and stimulating. So, when she followed that with another mumble against my lips, “Will you eat me, now? Will you make me cum like you did?” All I could do was nod. Could I? This new but I’m sure going to try.

She pulled away and cleared some papers on the desk, sat and leaned back, her legs raised and parted. Her shaved pussy showed its own wetness from her arousal and I felt a kind of pleasure that I had been the cause of that. I now put my focus on Sara. She shimmied back on the desk, her feet planted on the edge and her knees splayed to the sides. I followed her. When she stopped moving, I bent at the waist over the edge of the table. I kissed around her exposed pussy, flicking my tongue on her clit before covering her pussy with my mouth. I closed my mouth over her lips, sucking them between mine, grabbing onto one with my teeth and gently pulling. She sighed and that encouraged me. I tried to think of the things guys had done to me, what things I had especially enjoyed and focused on them. I kissed and sucked and probed with my tongue. I pulled her pussy open with my fingers for better depth into her hole. I sucked on her clit. I nipped at her clit with my teeth which brought a louder moan and gasp. I reached up along her body and grasped a breast, fingered a nipple, twisting and pulling on it. All the while I was bent over the desk, over Sara.

I had completely forgotten about anyone else until I felt hands on my hips, feet prodding my feet further apart. I dutifully spread my feet wider and felt the probing action of a cock along my pussy. I moaned into Sara’s pussy. When the cock sank into me, I gasped and groaned. I raised my head from her pussy. I licked my smeared lips as a found her smiling down at me, her chest rising and falling rapidly. I dropped my face back into her crotch as he slammed his cock deeper into my hole, pushing my mouth harder into Sara’s pussy. All three of us groaned. I had three fingers driving in and out of her hole, then curled them in search of her g-spot. When I found it, she jerk violently. At that signal, I moved my mouth to her clit as I worked the connected magic spots with fingers and teeth.

She erupted with a shout, her legs clamping around my head while her hand pressed my face down onto her. It seemed her entire body was trembling, though I was in no position to actually see anything.

Behind me, he was frantically slamming his cock into me. He used long but fast thrusts, our bodies smacking audibly against each other. I added my groans and grunts to his and shifted one hand down between my leg to strum my clit. My face rested in Sara’s pussy and the aroma of her orgasm wafted in with each heavy breath as I quickly rose to another orgasm.

Sara shifted out from under me and I soon found her face below mine. She pulled my face to hers and we kissed, passionately and intensely. I groaned and moaned into her mouth when I felt him spurt his cum, adding his semen to the juices of my previous orgasm. It was all I needed, that and Sara’s fingers twisting a nipple, for my second orgasm to crash over me. I cried out but it was muffled into her mouth. My legs felt weak but him pressing into me from behind sandwiched me between the two.

It took several moments before anyone could move. When movement started, it was him guiding me back to the chair where I collapsed, unashamedly sprawled. I found Sara still lying on the desk and him stumbling around his desk pulling his pants up, then collapsing into his own chair.

I straightened myself in the chair as Sara sat up but remained on the edge of the desk in front of me. She wore a very satisfied smile on her face. So did he for that matter. I gave an embarrassed smile back to them. I had no idea what to expect now. Was the interview over? How did I do? All I could do was wait.

Sara leaned forward, reached out with one hand and pulled on one of my nipples. “You’re quite the woman, aren’t you?” She just smiled and went to the door and called out for Mary.

In a moment, the young woman completely naked and barefoot stood in the door. I had forgotten the door was open. But then … hell, the wall is glass. I wondered how many people had wandered past by chance or plan to see what I was doing.

“Yes, ma’am?”

Sara introduced us. Mary was the current ‘new girl’. Sara asked her to show me around and take me to her desk to give me an impression of the work done. As we turned to the door, Dan called out, “Aren’t you going to clean that up?” I turned and he was pointing at the chair I had collapsed in. I had left a distinct cum smear on the faux-leather seat. I quickly glanced around the office for something to use to wipe it up with, then seeing nothing, I glanced at Sara who was watching. Not knowing what I should do but feeling some pressure, I stepped to the chair, turned my back to his desk and bent over to lick up the residual cum. After licking the area clean, I used my palm to smear the saliva. I turned, thanked him for his time, thanked Sara, then turned to Mary, again.

As we walked through the open office area, we drew attention from the others. I questioned her about that. She said it was mostly curiosity. There is always interest in a new entry level woman. For the other women it takes some of the attention away and for the men it’s kind of a ‘fresh meat’ kind of attraction. I understood the reaction from the men; I was curious about the reaction from the women.

“So, you’re suggesting the women here are looking to NOT be fucked as much?”

She paused, looked at me intently, then stopped after a couple more steps which apparently was her desk. She pulled a vacant chair from a nearby desk for me to use. She leaned closer, “Most of them, yes. I think most of them … us … felt the idea of some sex during the day with random guys would be a wildly erotic thing that would relieve stress and the mundane from the workday … and it is. The thing is, though, that after a while it can lose some of the erotic appeal. Don’t get me wrong, every woman out here loves sex. How could you think of this job if you didn’t, right? I think that is why women last about two before wanting a transfer.”

“Sounds like something you’ve talked about even being a newcomer.”

“Well, that’s the thing about this place. Everyone kind of works together. Hell, you could be fucking anyone the next minute. It’s not negative talk, more like awareness, like it’s good to pace yourself so you don’t burn out even quicker.”

I nodded. That fell in line with what I heard in the interview but put in a more personal perspective. Mary had about three weeks left in her three month probationary period. I asked her about it. She giggled, “Yeah, I have to admit I’m looking forward to that day. I never thought NOT wearing heels or stockings could make a difference in being nude.”

After being left outside the glass doors, I understood the shower area. The area was well supplied with shampoo and conditioner, hair driers, luxurious towels, and a basic variety of makeup, though I believed most women would probably bring their own. As I walked naked to the stall where my clothes were hanging, I passed both the glass doors and the elevator doors. Both gave me the feeling of risk even though I had just been naked inside the office and nobody would be coming to this floor if they didn’t belong. I wondered if being naked like this would affect the exhibitionist feeling in general or if being in the office naked would simply be like getting used to being naked in a women’s locker room.

While getting dressed, Sara came into the dressing area with my folio which I apparently left behind somewhere. I took the opportunity to ask something that had been on my mind since she mentioned it. “Ma’am, why did you ask earlier about anal?”

She studied me for a moment. Then, “Some of the guys have a real thing for anal. None of us want to do it, though. It’s up the woman. We’re expected to have sex, of course, but nothing we’re uncomfortable with.” She looked back at the door as if someone might have followed her out. “Here’s the thing, Abby. I don’t want you leaving with the impression this is just a female thing. That the men have this thing over the women. It’s not. I can expect the same from a guy as much as a guy can of me. The difference, of course, is the nudity which is Mr. Cornell’s thing. But … the sex goes both ways. It’s limited by authority, meaning at the same level or below but not up.” I nodded, that answered something else I wondered about. She surprised me by taking me in her arms for a hug. Then, “I hope you join us. Nobody has eaten me like that.” She stopped at the door and said, “There’s an interest in almost everything sexual out there by someone: anal, double penetration, air tight, even double vaginal. Most is probably just bravado talk because I don’t see it. Regardless, it’s up to you. If you do join us, remember that.”

“Is this part of the normal speech?”

She smiled and shook her head. “No, dear, it’s not. You’re different. We don’t fuck in the interviews.”

Hmmm … when I get that offer, I should invest in a butt-plug or two.

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