We will soon make an erotic game about cyborgs


Hello everybody! It’s again me – Dworkin! And my a bit late report about the developing our sex games. This time I will not to tell you any abstract stories and other. Today only about the games and nothing else. If anyone likes previous way of reporting – please, write it in the comments. I would be pleased to talk with you.
At the moment we are developing 2 game directions. It’s a big and small games. And both of this direction will be like a TV series. But they are different in sizes and in scripts as well

First one – the Cybergenic series

Fantasy about the human’s future, erotic and sex. The protagonist – captain of the interstellar ship, of course he is smart, brave, but has not so much experience. You will investigate most complicated and conceal case in the last hundred years together! And along the way you will get acquainted with cute girls 😉 The script of the first part – for the the prequel to the series, is ready for 95 percent. Not so many thing left – conclusion, some logic and achievements. What about this game? I will not tell you. Because it’s a first 18+ game for our team. What can be new in the first game and weren’t in previous? Everything, everything is new! For us. Hope you will find many interesting and and fascinating things! I can tell one thing – there is a branched story and if you will choose the wrong decision you can miss many interesting things 🙂


Second one – the Sexy witch series

Why does it named this way? I don’t know, I didn’t make it up 🙂 Ask about it the Stranger! I’m starting to work with this story only now. I haven’t wrote even one word. Now I’m trying to build in the mind the details of the plot. But the main plan I’ve already made up for myself. But it very easy change according to your wishes. It will be small stories-sketches, simple and fun, with some part of humor. The storyline is happening in a fantastic fictional kingdom in the middle ages (in case of the middle ages was the central water supply and sewerage). At this story will be main character as well, but, I think, about who is in charge in this series will be good to argue!
That’s it. Have a good week! See you!

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