The prequel for games series 18+ is almost complete


Hello! And it’s again me, Dworkin! And here usual report about developing our games.
The prequel for Cybernetic series: the script is complete for 100% (11 metres of block-schemes with description!), the code is complete for 100%, the translation is complete for 90%, the drawings and animation is complete for 99% (and, wait… .will be the dubbing, but keep silence, nobody should know!). The release of the game will be soon. But need to test the game with volunteers. Will enough the time for it till 9th of the April? I guess, yes.
As for me – the prequel is done, but the story of the Cybernetic will the real long series and I already start to think up the script of the next part of the story. The main parts of the next story already in my mind. Left to reduce it to the words, descriptions and dialogs. But it’s most complicated and takes long time. I hope, I will be able to make interested of you with the story line (I writing the description of «special piquant scenes). For others sides of the game will responsible my colleagues.))

The sex witches

The script of the game is completed for 0%. It means – nothing completed – the house doesn’t exist without the basement. But details of the script already there are in my mindl. Different episodes of this series will not have a connection between each other, that’s why play in the game will easier and faster. And it’s a good news for a lovers light and small games. Expectable release (for myself) of the game – 1 series per month.
So, now I need to wait of results of our work. And hope that you will perceive it highly and will support our undertakings.
This time the report is not so extensive. The next report will write The Stranger and will tell you about the next release.
Best wishes and with a little excitement, your Dworkin.

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