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Hello! It’s Stranger and today our news from me.
The Russian version of «Prequel» of our erotic game series «Cybergenic» is finished. But we decided to make release of the game a bit later, when will be ready the English translation. The work on translation is going on without break. We have found the person, who decided to help us with translation for free. This episode has almost 42 thousand symbols it’s almost 20 sheets of the text. See, it’s a big work!

The game has some interactive parts. Like in previous our games where need to give answers during the dialogs there is an opportunity to find active zones on the screen. Users can play the game with PC and with mobile devices. Of course, there is some problem when you play with mobile phone – you don’t have a computer mouse and hard to find an interactive zones on the screen. The PC users to find the active zone much easier – the mouse cursor changes the shape when you’ll find the zone. By the way, there is a tooltip POPs up with the text, which says what will happen when you click with cursor on the zone. In some moves, the active zone is the only choice.
As soon as will be ready the English translation and we will make release of “Prequel” on both sites.
I hope, you already know, that our games don’t work in off line mode with Opera and Chrome browsers. I don’t know why, but the developers of this browsers didn’t want to create the option of saving cookie-files if there is no the Internet-connection. Use Firefox or Internet explorer if case of playing games in off line mode.

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I have tried to fix this issue with the new HTML5 functionality of the LocalStorage feature. But it was not the best choice:). Because there are users who still use browsers that does not support HTML5. So I decided to go back to the previous option of saving points – through cookies.
In our next games for adults there will be more interactivity. It will be a kind of quests and will be an opportunity to take and use some stuff. It is also possible to introduce a bit of randomness. The places of photography in my first erotic game “Surprise for husband” are selected by this way.
In the meantime, we have started our next work. This will be a free porn game from the series “Sexy witch“. The game will be short. Dworkin said that’s last scene left. There are some pictures.

Thank you for your attention, I hope you know how to support us:)

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