Watching Wife in a Sex Booth Ch. 03


The wait in the common area was agonizing with the thought of them being there with her. Sure they couldn’t touch her, but they were paying to look, so she’d have to show, and most likely do, a lot for them. I watched as they both got buzzed in, then started the stopwatch on my phone, wanting to keep track on how long she’d entertain these two young horny guys with her body. It was all so unbelievable, the thought that she’d show herself to random paying customers like this. I wouldn’t have even come up with the scenario in my wildest fantasies. It just wasn’t her. As hard as it was for me as I fixated on them visibly masturbating to her in her underwear, or even naked, of course it still turned me on.

Finally settling into the idea of her in there with them, at least partially relieved knowing that she was ultimately doing this for us and I’d soon get my turn, the rough trucker guy spoke up. “Hey, can I be next…with that woman the boys just went to see?” He barely made eye contact with Randy from under his cap, but when he said ‘that woman,’ he pointed at me, as if to reference her by her husband.

“Sure thing buddy,” said Randy. “Hand me your phone and you can wait at door 3. Take extra bills, because the more you pay the more she plays,” he replied. Seeing the burly guy over two feet taller than me head over to wait for my wife messed me up in a whole different way. Of course I knew intellectually he couldn’t, like, manhandle her, since the whole premise of the glass was to keep a distance. Still, her showing her body to him, and doing whatever he asked for money, it stung. At this point part of me wanted to go outside, away from it all, and maybe bum a cigarette from someone. (I’d quit years ago, but I really craved a smoke right now, with all the new excitement). I also thought I’d just go to the bathroom and jerk off, relieving some of the intense frustration.

Despite the desire to escape, I stayed where I was, now watching the door for the college guys to come out, and the trucker to go in. Then, I heard the Japanese guy also request my wife, saying rather formally, and in a slight accent, “I too would like to see that elegant lady.” Like the others Randy took his phone as well, and told him to wait by the door.

I don’t know exactly why, but hearing him call Nicolette “elegant” stung me the most. It’s like he really understood who she was, even her demure nature that seemed so out of place in such a booth. Like me his registering who she was here made him want her even more. As he walked to the back of the room rather seriously, Randy finally acknowledged the pain of my waiting, as if he understood and sympathized with it.

“Don’t worry pal, they can’t hurt her. And from my experience, when it’s all over it’ll only jump start your sex life. Besides, she’s so attractive, these guys won’t take that long. It’s just the boys in there, the big dude, and now the Asian. Plus me, of course. Then she’s all yours.”

“Wait, you’re going too?” I asked, completely shocked. I figured he was just the manager of it all.

“Come on. You think I could let a fine amateur wife like that go into one of my booths and not take a look? Sherry’ll be back by then and can watch the register.”

So I waited in painful desire. After 15 minutes the college guys finally came out, stumbling over each other with laughter as they got their phones. As they passed me on the way to the door, one looked back and said, “Dude, we stroked it your wife! She showed us her sweet tits and played with her married pussy for us! She said she wanted to take both of us at the same time!”

Not waiting for my response, they continued laughing out the door. I seriously doubted she said any such thing to the them, but just knowing she’d given them a show, especially because they were so young and stupid, really messed me up.

I would have kept obsessing on them having just seen her, but I soon noticed the trucker get buzzed in a couple of minutes after they came out. He actually didn’t stay in there as long. Though I forgot to reset my timer, it must have been less than ten minutes. Thankfully, he just quietly took his phone and left. I then saw the Japanese man come in too, a couple of minutes after him. I actually did time him, I guess to get a firm sense when we were close to an hour and I could go in. He took over 30 minutes, which made me especially nervous. Recollecting his high compliment of my wife as “elegant,” I started processing the idea of him looking at her in a different, more complete way. Like me, it maybe wasn’t just a matter of getting off for him. It seemed like he also appreciated her beauty and her reserve nature more than the others. For some reason that really bothered me, even as it turned me on.

Before he came out, Sherry returned from her dinner break. It had been over an hour, and my wife was still in the booth. Randy let his worker know she’d need to watch the register, so as she sat down with her iced tea he went to the door to wait. Finally the Japanse guy came out, and Randy went in, all business-like, as if he were going to check in on one of his workers.

“This fucking you up, huh?” asked Sherry, sipping loudly on the remains of her iced tea.

“Kind of, yeah, though it’s what I signed on for I guess,” I said, relieved to have someone to share with at this point.

“You know, if I’ve learned one thing about sex, for any human being, it’s to just not judge it. Some guys, they’d think you were crazy for letting this happen, putting you down as a cuck or whatever. You know that always means it’s them that are threatened in some way. If something turns you on, it turns you on. Why judge others, or judge ourselves, for what we want sexually? I personally think it’s hot you’re into the idea of random guys being into your wife. Not that it matters, but I get a sense too that you don’t really want them to make physical contact, it’s more the fantasy. Well, what a lucky guy to get his fantasy. That’s what I try to give clients, and you’re getting yours tonight, from your wife!”

Though her reassurance hardly took away all of my pain, it did somehow really help things. I thought of how on a few sharing stories I post and read, for some reason some guys get so personally offended of what might turn me and others on. What a small, insignificant world that must be to live in. Most likely like homophobes who are secretly gay, deep down they really wanted to share their wives, if they even had them, but they judged themselves really harshly for it.

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