Watching Wife in a Sex Booth Ch. 02


Anxiously waiting for her to return from the bathroom, which seemed to take forever, I kept glancing to the guys waiting for booths, just making sure they wouldn’t hit on her when she came out. Then I saw this really burly trucker wearing a Ford hat walk in and stand next to me.

“We have a wait right now, but it shouldn’t be too long, depending on which girl you’re wanting to see, you can choose from their pictures here” said the man at the cashier, motioning to photos by numbers on the table. The trucker just nodded his head. In addition to him and the college boys, I turned to the left and noticed a Japanese guy in a perfectly tailored suit nearby on his phone. Evidently the lines were long enough back there that he too had decided to make this his pre-waiting area.

“Remember fella’s, there’s an ATM here in the corner,” offered the man behind the counter, who it turned out was indeed Randy himself. “The screens open to see the ladies with cash, and it takes cash to keep them open…on a timer. Plus you add more to get them to honor your requests. The more you pay, the more they play.”

Unlike the trucker, who seemed to know this already, the Japanese man headed to the ATM to make a withdraw, just as my wife returned.

“Wow, this is quite an operation,” said Nicolette, grabbing my arm with excitement. “I actually saw a guy jerking off for a woman in one of the booths!”

“How?” I asked, noticing the college guys and trucker watching her. “Did you pay?”

“No, I talked to this guy in the front of line, asking if I could just take a peek inside. He was so nice to let me! So I look in, and there’s this completely normal looking guy jerking it as a woman is licking her fingers and rubbing them on her nipples! And when the guy was done, there’s a woman who comes in to clean everything down, you know, wiping away his cum.” At this point I saw that the well-dressed Japanese gentleman, having gotten his cash, was also staring quite intensely at my wife.

“Did he see you looking!!” I asked, a little nervous she’d get us in trouble, but more anxious that she’d gotten so close to a guy masturbating.

“No. He was way too involved. I think she did, though, behind the glass. She gave me this knowing look.”

With that I’d figure we’d call it an adventure and head to the car. This was more transgression than she’d ever taken, and for sure she’d want to leave it there. It was ample material for me too, keeping me obsessed with her till we could get to our next hotel for the night. But as I motioned for us to head out, she turned around to Randy.

“Excuse me,” she said, without any sense of embarrassment. She was actually speaking loud enough for the guys around us to hear. “Would it be possible for my husband to watch me in a booth, just for like 15 minutes? It’s his big fantasy for me, and I want to…you know…help him out.”

Randy looked her up and down, then smiled. “You know, you’re not the first husband and wife to want that,” he explained. “It’s happened enough times that I have a kind of policy about it.”

“What’s your policy?” she asked. As the college guys, the trucker, and the Japanese business man all listened about her interest in showing herself in a booth, I started to burn with shame. Even so, like taking the exit at the last second, a part of me wanted to see if she’d really go through with it.

“Well, since I only have a few girls at one time in the booths, it’s great to have a little variety, especially with an amateur. I let the wives do it for their husbands no problem, but they have to earn it first.” He explained it without any emotion, like it was a simple business practice.

“Wait,” asked Nicolette. “You mean I can sit in there for my husband, but only after I entertain your clients?”

“You got it, pretty lady,” said Randy.

Now I was sure that was a deal-breaker. There’s little chance she’d even go through with this for me, let alone random guys at a sex shop off the highway in the deep south. As the men around her kept looking her up and down, I was partly relieved by the idea of getting us out of here. I’d experienced enough to be madly hot for her for years, and I at this point I wanted to have her in the car before we even left the parking lot.

“How many guys have to see me before I get to my husband?” she asked. Now those waiting for a booth were really interested. I saw the one college kid starting to elbow his buddy in the side.

“Usually it’s just a few—for about an hour. I split all the money you bring in too, so it’s a win-win, you know, for us both,” said Randy, now smiling even bigger. I couldn’t begin to process her being up for this.

“Yeah but, I don’t want them filming me, on their phones, you know? I have to remain anonymous.” Suddenly she seemed concerned, as she started to calculate some of the danger.

“You think I want these girls seen for free on websites?” replied Randy, bringing out a box under the counter with cell phones. “Anyone who goes into a booth has to leave the phones here. Trust me. It’s safe.”

“But how would I know…what to do in there exactly?” she asked. I could see her visibly wrestling with the decision, the way she would about buying a new sofa.

“Well, here comes Sherry!” he announced. “She’s one of our stars, about to take a dinner break. She can tell you all you need to know, provided you give her a little cut.”

“Of course,” replied Nicolette. “Wait, she’s the one I just saw, when I took a peek in the booth!” she told me, as we watched her approach us.

“Sherry, this lady here wants to take a turn in your booth,” explained Randy, “and she’ll make it worth your while, giving you a little cut too. Would you mind setting her up right quick, before you head out to dinner?”

“Of course,” said Sherry, “come with me honey. You are adorable,” she added, as she walked my wife back to the booths. “They’re going to love you.” Watching my wife leave me a second time, now to actually sit in one of those booths for the men, I couldn’t even take a full breath. Of course I was instantly hard, but my head was also pounding, to the point that I thought I might faint.

“Um…excuse me, sir?” asked one of the two college boys, suspiciously too polite. “How long until we can see that lady who just left, you know, in the booth?”

“Be just about a minute, after she gets set up. I honor requests, so you’re first,” he said.

“Can we go into together, splitting the money?” asked the same guy, looking at his friend.

“Yep, no rules about that. Go ahead and put your phones here,” he added, holding up the same box he’d just showed us. “You’ll get ’em back on the way out. Y’all can head back there, booth 3. It’s assigned booths, so no waiting for this special one. When she’s ready the door will unlock and you head in. Make sure you got money, especially 20’s.”

As the two college guys gave him their phones, they looked like two kids on their way to the candy store. The one that hadn’t been speaking whispered something to his friend, and they both started laughing. “Just say it,” whispered the shy one to his friend.

“Dude!” said the friend, looking back at me. “We’re going to get off to your wife!” They both cracked up all the way on their walk to the back of the room.

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