A Better Man Than I


I’m Jake, proud papa of two foxy daughters. Our elder daughter, Lauren, is a tall, thin, and willowy twenty-three-year old with a heart-shaped face. Our younger daughter, Kayla, is a short, athletic, and buxom nineteen-year-old, a vibrant vixen. Both girls bear the features and complexity of their mother, my wife Lilly, and her rich genetic blend of Brazilian, Hawaiian, and Filipino bloodlines.

I was at school, where one of my students, Salina, the most beautiful pregnant Latina you can imagine, had an embarrassing loss of control in class. In the middle of a student’s question about Kafka, Salina coughed, sneezed a spray of snot, farted, and soaked her shorts in urine.

Except for a young woman seated behind her who laughed out loud, everyone acted as if nothing happened. After class, I offered to let her use the faculty bathroom—what I really wanted was to pull her pants down and wipe her preggo ass myself—but she said her husband was on his way to pick her up.

Meanwhile, at home, Lilly’s business partner, Rodney, stopped by unexpectedly. To his disappointment, Lilly was out. The only one home was Kayla, flushed and sweaty from a bike ride. Rod savored the scent of her sweat and admired the taut muscles of her arms and legs.

His imagination was aroused—Roddy had started fucking my wife ten years ago when they set up shop together—a psych counseling service—expanding to group sex with the other male and female associates about five years ago.

The icing was put on the cake three years ago at a party at our house, when he stuck his double-XL penis in my sweet, young daughter Lauren’s fun box after she spied on him pounding Lilly in our bedroom. Now, on this night, Hot Rod was eyeing our nubile adolescent lass with lascivious intent.

After making small talk, Rod determined that neither Lilly nor I would be home any time soon. Tentatively, he dipped in the water, saying, “You look completely different from your mom and sister, but you’re just as beautiful.”

Kayla smiled, shyly or slyly, but didn’t say a word in response.

“Maybe I should come back later on,” Rod said half-heartedly, his body language showing no inclination to leave.

“Why don’t you stay and play with me?” she said, smiling coyly, walking toward the hallway with a slinky swaying of her hips. “I need to shower. Come.”

Kayla took the middle-ager’s hand and led him to the downstairs bathroom. There, she giggled as Rod stood awkwardly while she lifted her tee over her head, pulled up her sports bra, and pulled down her spandex shorts, stripped naked except for her sneaker-clad feet.

Rod stared admiringly at t-shaped barrier of thick curls shielding her Venus. He compared it to his memory of mother Lilly’s pubic goatee and sister Lauren’s straight line of fuzz.

“Lauren told me about your monster dick,” she said with a snicker. “Let’s see what you got.”

Rod nodded and dutifully unzipped his fly. He already had a hard-on at the sight of her puffy reddish nipples and fleshy artillery shells that looked like they could stand up straight on her chest, even if she were lying down.

“You gotta be kiddin’ me!” she exclaimed as he pulled out his foot-long hotdog. “That’s un-fuckin’-believable!” she giggled, then knelt down to kiss the head of the snake. She drenched his porker in spit and then she slurped it all over his cock, balls, and pubic patch.

Rodney tried to stifle his surging fervor as the naked little girl in front of him rubbed his cock with a two-handed motion, wrapping her fingers around the shaft while licking the crown, nibbling the edge of the rim, and sucking his ball sack.

Her next move shook him to the core as she pressed her teeth against the skin of his penis and bit him ever so slightly. She parted her lips and let the first few droplets of his juice sprinkle around her mouth before sucking it all up.

Kayla turned on the shower and ordered him to get naked and join her. She was talking to him like her slave, or her whore, and he didn’t mind at all. Rod quickly shed his shirt, slacks, shoes, and baggy boxers.

After lathering her with soap and watching her rinse it off, the big man rubbed nozzle against the young lovely’s swollen glory hole. He planted his legs as Kayla hoisted herself on his shoulders, her muscular arms pulsing, and spread her legs in mid-air.

Rodney pushed his mastiff into her pink orifice as far as he could, halfway for him, a full house for her. She was still and composed till Roddy started to hump and grind. She gasped and sobbed, but thrust with equal force back at him, biting down on her lower lip, forming an f as in fuck. His mother-fucking dick exploded and shot a gallon of semen between her labia and into her pill-guarded tubes.

After he pulled his rubbery member out of her youthfully tight cunt, Kayla told him to stretch out on the floor of the shower stall. Rod dutifully lay in waiting as she peed on him, using her finger against her clitoris to direct the spray, making sure she left her piss on his head, shoulders, and crotch.

At one point, she paused her twining stream, and told him to open his mouth. He eagerly drank her golden flow with his tongue fluttering. When she finished, she took his hand and made him masturbate her to orgasm.

When they retired to Kayla’s bedroom, I came home. I went directly upstairs, not expecting to find my daughter’s hindquarters dancing over a prone middle-aged fellow with his well-schooled cock in her mouth. Rodney froze, but Kayla rolled her eyes and continued mouthing his pole.

I shouted, “You can’t just come over and…”

“Daddy, don’t be an ass,” Kayla paused blowing him to say.

I watched, mortified, as my sweet daughter’s pussy lips showed a vertical smile as she swallowed a thick stream of the old stallion’s ejaculate.

For his part, Roddy had a deer-in-the-headlights look, fearing I was ready to put a beat down on him.

Instead, I just yelled. “What do you think Lilly would do if she found out you were fucking our daughter?”

“She knows!” It was Lilly’s voice. “He’s fucked Lauren, too.”

Lilly was standing behind me, not seeming to be particularly disturbed or surprised by these goings-on.

“This is out of control,” I protested, angry at Lilly’s utter complacency.

“You took Ike to a prostitute when he turned thirteen,” Lilly countered. “Why is this any different?”

“It just is,” I said with conviction, but my sense of right and wrong was wishy-washy, at best.

“You’re clueless!” Lilly’s spittle flew from her lips as she verbally cut me down. “You haven’t noticed the girl’s sneaking into their brother’s room at night?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know…teaching him the manly arts!”

Lilly’s assault went further. “You’re the odd ball. The girls and I are in a sensual circle, loving each other and sharing our lovers.”

As lecherous as I am, I have never breached the boundaries imposed by parenthood. The realization that Lilly may have sexed up our daughters at once shocked and excited me. I didn’t expect what came next.

“You need to leave,” Lilly said firmly in a hushed whisper. “Now!” she followed up louder.

“Lilly.” I spoke her name as a plea.

“I said go.” She pushed my shoulder with her open palm. “I mean it,” she added, punching me fairly hard in the ribs. “Go!” With fury in her eyes, she smacked my face with the back of her hand.

I choked up, turned, and ran away, humiliated.

I headed out the door and faintly heard Kayla say from a distance, “You were so mean to Daddy, Mom.”

Lilly confessed the next day, bawling on the phone to me, that she had taken “Molly” or MDMA before prescribing it to her patients. She was coming down from the euphoria and detached from reality. She professed her love for me and begged me to forgive her. I did, but…

My self-esteem demanded a measure of revenge. I could beat up Rodney. No, that was too crass. I could beat up Lilly. No, that is much too crude. I could seduce Rodney. Why not, everyone else in my family has had sex with him. Still, no, if he fucks me, I’m the cuckold again. Or, if I try to fuck him, it will be hard for me to get over my cock size disadvantage. I took a more subtle track to evening the score.

I began spending more time with my friend Diane. She was older than Lilly, sweet but simple-minded, menopausal with chubby arms, chunky thighs, fatty boobs, and hefty calves with a round belly that could have passed for a baby bump.

Diane had a pretty face and a flat ass, nonetheless creased and withered with cellulitis. When I plied her with wine, weed, and compliments, she took my penis in her flabby pussy, her little ass, and her eager mouth with great vigor. She even went down on her knees and kissed my feet one wild and crazy evening, sucking all ten of my toes.

Diane was so starved for affection she repaid me manifold for my interest in her and attention to her needs. One time I sucked her wooly mammoth of a cunt for an hour. She came grunting and snorting and squealed amid peaking, waking her teen daughter, Tara, across the hall. Did I mention my fifty-year-old slut was Rodney’s wife?

The coup de grace was not wooing and screwing Rod’s haus frau. Although I have to admit taking old Diane as a sex-mate deepened my admiration for the female vagina. The vee is truly the most adaptable organ in human physiology.

After twenty-plus years of getting squashed by Rodney’s twelve-inch blunderbuss, Diane found no loss of pleasure from my more modest instrument in her fibers.

After fucking Diane in the ass, she drifted to sleep in my arms, and was snoring in her cigarette-smoker’s cacophony in less than fifteen minutes. I tippy-toed from her room, in the nude, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. I crossed the hall, slowly turned the doorknob without making a squeak, and stepped into the darkened bedroom.

The delicious princess lay sleeping under a woolen blanket, which I easily took off her. I lifted the hem of her girlish nightie and touched the soft silk of her panty with my fingertips. I lowered my face to her perfectly round buttocks and sniffed her aroma—sugary sweat and cherries. I slid down her panties and pressed my lips to her rump, then ran my tongue up her crack and down again.

She stirred and I nudged her to roll over by pressing a hand to her hips. She presented her youthful mound of Venus to me and I had a taste of her. She patted the back of my head.

“Hi, Uncle Jake,” she murmured sleepily. “Have you come to play with me?”

I told Tara I loved her and started to fondle her too-big-for-her-own-good titties. She had perky inverted nipples that she pinched while I licked her babyish pussy. The first time I tore her hymen with my average white cock and the next time she swallowed two loads of my come.

Tonight, I pressed my cocker into her petite flower after a long session of cunnilingus and her pubescent body wracked in orgasm. She smothered me in dragon-breath kisses before it was time for me to leave.

At home, Lilly’s penance is letting me spank her before sex at bedtime. I admit that it is fun, but the slapping of her flesh pales in comparison to piercing Princess Tara’s precious kitty. Revenge is a bitch and I am enjoying every moment.

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