Legend of Lust Angel Hestia Ch. 1


The grand hall of the orc god Koraga was not the most luxurious one among the divine beings but it definitely was one of the loudest. The souls of the greatest male and female orc warriors that had ever died were locked in an endless cycle of feasting, brawling, fucking and boasting. Some might have thought the green warriors would have found such an afterlife boring without a true battle but the eternal competition to be the greatest orc who had ever died was more than enough to sate their need to seek glory. Especially since their god watched every match and would be pleased to see a good fight like any other orc.

Though the orcs were not entirely trapped in the hall when it came to entertainment. The walls of the hall were decorated with living paintings that showed the greatest battles any orc had ever taken a part in. And sometimes outside visitors came to duel the orc god or his followers but usually, they were of the invited kind. But this time she was not.

Fallen angel Hestia was on a mission from her dark demonic masters. She had been commanded to acquire the seed of the orc god. And as there was only one way of getting it she had infiltrated Koraga’s domain and hoped she could get out alive. After all, what she was asking was not the most prized thing he possessed and she had only gotten this far because he had let her.

Almost like aware that a special show was about to start the attention of most orcs in the hall drifted to the shadow intensifying at the feet of Koraga’s stone throne. Hestia emerged from it in a position of respectful kneeling.

“And here I wondered what kind of brave soul dared to enter my domain without asking,” Koraga mused as he shifted his large muscular body that towered over every other orc in the hall. Like most of the green-skins, the only armor he wore was his muscles and a simple loincloth. Like his bulk was the only visible authority he needed to inspire awe and submission.

“My apologies, mighty warrior god, I’m simply a humble servant of the demon lords of lust with no name of worth so I had no means to set up a meeting with a glorious divine being such as yourself,” Hestia voiced with a polite smile on her beautifully sculpted face while she let her purple eyes to look up. Her silky black hair flowed freely while her seemingly simple purple robe dress with cut sleeves and sides emphasized her hip and plentiful breasts. Due to the side cut up to her hip her lifted right leg in the kneeling position made it clear she wore nothing under the dress when looked at from certain angles.

“I’m not one known of excess formality. State your business and hope it is amusing enough for me,” Koraga replied while an oddly existed silence filled the massive hall. Most sounds came from slight movement or the living paintings decorating the side walls. Though distant echoing sounds indicate that the party was still going as usual in the far end of the divine space among the lesser orc champions who had not won the right to sit closer to their god.

“I have come to please your awe-inspiring orchood as a gift from my masters. All they ask in exchange is for me to be allowed to carry all your delicious semen that can fit in my womb back to them,” Hestia voiced and like magic, a seam opened into her dress robe to reveal the inner sides of her perky mounds.

“I see you came with terms. As you wish. You may face the current champion of the hall for a chance to claim the prize you seek,” Koraga mused and the orcs began moving to form a fighting ring of green muscle in front of his throne.

“There is no need to turn this into a fight. I simply wish to provide you and your mighty warriors some entertainment,” Hestia replied with a seductive smile and a slight bend of her hips. Even if she had guessed this might happen she had not been looking forward to it.

“And provide the entertainment you shall, no one has ever gotten a reward in my hall without winning a fight and that is not going to change,” the green hulking god announced with an echoing cheer of his mightiest warriors that had ever died. It made Hestia stood up with a sigh.

“I am, Hurak the Minotaur Tamer, state your name so it can be recorded to the wall of challenges as the defeated,” a mighty green orc with a dual-bladed battle ax declared. He handled it with one hand like a rubber toy despite its hard steel make that was covered in runes. Just looking at him made easily aroused Hestia swallow her saliva. The only armor he wore to cover his rock-like muscles was padded leather around his hip and a decorated skull helmet.

“Just call me Hestia and I have no intention of losing if you do not use your mightiest tool to fell me,” she replied with a slightly tilted smile. Like most orcs, the loincloth armor Hurak used was padded to make his cock look even bigger than it actually was. Though Hestia knew from experience the difference was not enough to cause disappointment.

“The whore of the lust demons has some spirit? Show it to me with your prowess and I might grant you the honor of receiving my mighty tool of destruction,” Hurak declared and readied his relaxed battle stance. It made Hestia point her hand at him while shadows around her slithered into humanoid shapes that a moment later charged at the orc. He easily sliced them in half and even punched one of them out of existence. Any one of them could have been enough to defeat most mortal opponents just with a touch alone but this orc was no longer one of them.

“Your tricks have no power here. If you want to win you have to prove yourself like any other,” Koraga boomed with an echo of amused laughter from the crowd.

“I can borrow you my ax to make this fight even mildly interesting,” one of the audience boomed while Hestia sent a useless barrage of physical shadow bolts only to be dissolved by the aura that surrounded the immortal orc champion.

Hestia closed her eyes with a deep breath. She had known from the start her lesser magic would have no effect in the presence of a true god but she really had not wanted to resort to the remains of her own twisted divine power.

“Holy blade Xanadu, I summon thy might,” Hestia declared and purple corrupted lighting sparked around her while a blade of silver manifested into her right hand. It was cracked all around and looked like it would break from a first parry but despite the lighting oozing damage, it would not shatter entirely as long as its bound owner was alive.

“Surprising… your not just a demon but a fallen angel… amusing,” Koraga commented and the hall suddenly turned even more silent. Like the interest in the match had multiplied within seconds.

Hestia did not bother retorting and fully focused on controlling her almost chaotic unholy power that kept bursting out of her sword. Though the orc champion was not just going to stare at her like some magical decoration and quickly prepared his ax to a frontal charge like it was a plow. The positioning of his hands hinted that it was simply the first maneuver in a complex attack pattern.

“There is no honor in mercy,” Hurak boomed and charged with hard bulging of his green muscles. Hestia did not even try to parry the initial charge but sidestepped it. Though the orc had clearly been expecting it and used the momentum from his charge to rotate his ax after her.

Purple sparks burst out of Hestia’s silver blade when she used it to tilt the ax past her. The impact had been strong enough to cause a visible airwave that let her leap a bit in a controlled fashion. Hurak was definitely not holding back so his opponent only had a few options to gain victory. Any escape from the heavenly champion’s ax would only be temporary with the ridiculous ease he handled its heavy weight.

Though just the fact Hestia had managed to avoid the first two-stage attack caused some admiration among the audience. Not many of them were able to avoid its fast combination without taking the first wound.

The limited space the green wall of muscle created around the fight limited Hestia’s agility and defeat was not an option for her. The lust lords of hell tolerated failure even less than her old god even if they would not abandon her as he had. So she began her counter-attack with an attempt to out rotate around Hurak but the orc’s ax almost surpassed her ability to do so.

“Fine,” Hestia muttered and leaped back in a way that almost made her ass hit the orc-wall but then she lunged herself straight back at the orc. For a moment it looked like the corrupt angel was going to impale herself into Hurak’s ax but then her black wings manifested like large shields around her. One of them blocked the orc’s strikes while the other rotated her momentum. It had been a cheap shot but it let her slide her silver blade along the orc’s neck while in passing. There was no blood despite purple lighting surging around his body and the minor visual distortion on his skin faded away even before Hestia managed to turn around.

“I admit my defeat, that would have killed me if I had been alive,” Hurak boomed and dropped his stance. The audience cheered in their low voices but it was more out of seeing something new than full admiration for the victor who had cut the fight far too short for their liking.

“The victory and the prize are mine, I take it?” Hestia mused and let her wings and blade fade away.

“They indeed are, come to me to claim your prize,” Koraga declared with a tone that he used with any champion who had requested him of something. Some of the audience began to turn to what they were doing before but as everybody had heard what the prize was some kept crowding like the show was going to continue.

“Ooh? You want to give it to me in here?” Hestia voiced with a tilted smile even as she heard distant grunting and feral moaning down the hall. She was already liking this orc god more than the boring sun god she had served before her corruption. Not that she had known back then what she was missing.

“I always reward my champions in full view of others to inspire them,” Koraga announced and with a snap of his fingers his leather loincloth was gone and replaced by a mighty shaft that made Hestia swallow at first glance. Even his large sacks promised a mighty load as he sat with spread feet.

“Then don’t mind if I dig in,” Hestia replied with a lick of her soft lips while her dress disappeared to show her shapes in full glory. Then she leaped into the air like to land to sit on Koraga’s lap but he grabbed her waist from mid-air.

“What are you doing?” the trapped fallen angel uttered as the strong fingers squeezed halfway around her stomach.

“Giving you your reward, as one tainted by the demons of lust, you might feel… unfulfilled if I don’t make sure you feel it up to your core,” Koraga explained and used his left hand to grab Hestia’s shapely but firm thigh to angle her better. He made her face the audience while her demon corrupted angel vulva was made to kiss the orc god’s mighty tip.

Hestia’s lips gaped in anticipation while her eyes were filled with glee. The nipples on her large perky breasts were already highly erect to almost match her clit that pulsed below her swollen pubic mound.

“Ooh fuck me, you mighty heavenly lord of orcs,” Hestia exclaimed before opening her mouth even more. She knew from experience that a cock of this size would be more than enough to hammer even her elastic immortal body with pressure even if she had not laid with a true god before.

“As is your will, my champion,” Koraga voiced with an odd undertone but Hestia did not have the time to focus on it before she was thrust down on hard throbbing divine meat. It burst into her deepest place and made her spat out saliva onto the ground in front of her with a hanging tongue while her purple eyes tilted. Though still there was not even a hint visible on her stomach of what had caused it.

“Who could have guessed, a perfect fit, the unholy blessings of the lords of lust indeed live up to their name,” the god mused and let go of Hestia, for a moment the fully stuffed fallen angel simply sat on his cock. She stared into the grinning crowd while her hands moved to feel her smooth athletically toned stomach. It showed no signs of a bulge and her wide stretched pussy made it look like the mighty green brick had literally disappeared after entering her like some unholy miracle.

“I’m glad… your divine… majesty, finds me pleasing,” Hestia stuttered a moment before her body convulsed and a spurt of transparent liquids was shot out of her pussy to spill down the stone throne. It warranted a few grunts from the audience but it was clear they considered it just a small part of the show.

“It would seem you are the one who finds this more pleasing,” Koraga voiced. Hestia was leaning against his muscular torso almost like a wet noodle. It would not have been wrong to guess that her upright position was mostly warranted to the rock-hard cock lodged into her body.

“I would not dare… I simply wish to… serve,” Hestia replied with heavy drooling. Her face was completely broken with feral lust that had nowhere to hide.

“You wish to serve?” the god teasingly asked. He had assumed his usual position on the throne and the fallen angel sat on his lap like cock-holster doll. A concept that did not escape even her mind.

“I am but a humble holster… to serve your pleasure,” Hestia exclaimed. She was not even trying to stop her drool from falling on her breasts and flowing between them on her stomach that her hands were holding.

“Well then, serve me,” Koraga boomed. There was not even a hint of pleasure on his green brutish face from having his erect cock fully trapped inside a perfectly matched fallen angel hole of unholy pleasure.

“I am,” Hestia replied. Through her lust engulfed mind a hint of confusion visited her glazed eyes. Her pussy pulsed hard enough to almost twitch her toes with every surge of ungodly pleasure that no mortal could even dream of surviving. So she was barely able to think what else she should do besides exist to be a tool to be used.

“Then why aren’t you moving to serve me?” the green god asked. There was an increased aura of authority in his tone. It sent a wave down Hestia’s spine and made her want to obey anything the owner of the hard throbbing meat instead of her would tell her. Image of her cowgirling Koraga on the throne filled her mind and she wanted to make it true.

“I will,” Hestia declared in a moment of clarity when she realized what was required of her by the mighty orc god. But as she tried to move her legs that were just spread above Koraga’s mighty thighs they only trembled like puppets that had lost their strings.

Sudden panic and despair filled Hestia’s purple eyes and lifted them up from their glaze. A god had once again given the fallen angel a task and just thinking the possibility that she would disappoint him filled her with fear. So next she tried to move her hands put they only fell down from her stomach to meekly stroke against the base of the god’s thighs.

“I can’t, please… just use me,” Hestia uttered with her first tears. This had happened to her only once before, the day her last god had abandoned her to the lords of hell. Sure she was not an angel of this orc god but still, his divine presence felt familiar to her. It was something even being corrupted by demons would never make her forget.

“Begging gets nothing from me, take what you want from me by yourself,” Koraga boomed and the audience cheered. Hestia’s attempts to move only stirred her inner walls with the cock and let out squirts of juices that almost flowed down the stone throne like a small stream from a puddle along a rock.

“Just use me… you want this too,” Hestia almost sobbed. She tried to move her legs again but she only managed to make them fall between the orc’s thighs to the pussy juice soaked stone.

“Don’t assume to know what a god wants. Only think what you want,” Koraga replied with a grin. It looked like he was far more amused by the strange inner conflict of the fallen angel than what was happening to his cock.

“What I want?” Hestia uttered like just thinking an answer to that question had made her tilt. Though it was combined with an especially strong throb of her clit that had been caused by a small twist of the cock. The more she tried to move by herself the harder it became for her to focus on it.

“Do you want more of me?” Koraga asked and the angel froze if not counting her twitching toes and pulsing pussy.

“More?” Hestia voiced. She was asking it as much from herself as from anybody else who would want to answer for her. She lived to obey and to experience untold pleasure with her tainted body filled with eternal lust.

“If there is something you want and the only thing you lack is power. Then I can help you but you must do it yourself,” Koraga replied. The crowd of orcs was staring at the fallen angel like they were waiting for the answer as much as their god.

“What do you mean?” Hestia asked. Her eyes were trailing into a muscular orc warrior who was clearly holstering his cock into a female warrior of the same tall height even as both of them stared at the one sitting on Koraga’s lap.

“Prove to me you are worthy of having more,” Koraga boomed and orchis grunting rose in agreement around the hall.

“I am not…” Hestia began but even before she finished she knew it to be a lie. Something that had laid dormant deep in her mind was suddenly awakened again. A hint of purpose that was her own and not just something she had been told to do by her masters. Oddly enough once she accepted it, it allowed her to draw even more from it and it turned familiar, like she had felt it before.

“I want this… divine cock,” Hestia panted and she suddenly had the strength to move her limbs. “I want it to move inside of me. I want to feel more of it.”

“That’s the spirit,” Koraga mused and some of the audience cheered even as Hestia barely managed to support her legs and hands to lift her ass just a bit. The first move up was not much but it was enough to give her confidence she would be able to do a bit more.

“I’m doing it… I’m serving it… I’m serving,” Hestia uttered while her thoughts drifted to the time she had faithfully served the sun god. This was not exactly the same but it still made her smile while her legs got enough strength to drag the cock partly out of her. Her back still leaned against Koraga’s muscles but her hands and legs were lifting her slowly but surely.

Though when Hestia barely managed to get half of the juice soaked cock out of her a sense of loss made her stop. Even without forming the words in her mind, she knew she wanted to take it all back in. Koraga’s divine orchood was filling her like no demon cock had ever been able to do. It was not just a mass of pleasure giving raw meat but something more.

“The thing about angels is that they can only fall if their god abandons them so they can be taken by any god,” Koraga voiced seemingly out of nowhere even before Hestia had even let herself hope to be reclaimed. A hope she had never let herself even think before this day.

“What’s your… point? No god would claim a demon corrupted angel,” Hestia flared with anger in her tone even as a few tears dripped down her cheeks. There were only a few things that shook her more than being subjected to false hope.

“I would not say that. As I became a god through my own merit, I was not there when the angels were originally created and distributed,” Koraga voiced while Hestia tried to slide back into his cock. But strong hands took grips around her thighs and lifted them up to spread them.

“You can’t mean,” Hestia exclaimed with dilating eyes while she was once again begin handled like a toy. Hope swelled deep inside of her almost enough to mitigate the loss from half of the cock leaving her.

“Ooh but I do and I already have, did you not notice when you accepted my essence inside of you?” Koraga asked and stood up to present Hestia to the audience. Just the move alone made the just reclaimed angel squirt a line on the floor.

“You mean,” Hestia uttered while she saw the audience cheer again. Even they looked purer than any crowd of lust-filled demons she had ever seen.

“You are mine now, my first angel, Hestia,” Koraga boomed and he lifted her up so that only his tip stayed locked into the tight embrace of her vulva.

“Yes my God,” Hestia nodded while almost biting her tongue. Even as the cock had mostly left her she no longer felt empty, like Koraga had not truly left her and somehow she knew he was going to come back.

“But fret not, I don’t plan to imprison such a… free spirit all for myself,” Koraga voiced. “But before that, it’s time for me to reward you properly.”

Before Hestia even began to decipher the god’s words in her mind she felt gravity overtake her. With ease, her soaked walls retook the entirety of Koraga’s cock while even more of her abundant angelic juices burst on his balls.

This time Koraga did not just play with Hestia but immediately lifted her up again to let her slide down on repeat. Every repeat made his cock pulse harder and harder into her mind and body. Like a solid mass that was branding a shape into her very flesh. Something that would stay in her memory even if her immortal body would recover from it.

“I’m Koraga’s… I belong to his cock,” Hestia began to slur. The joy of being taken by a true god combined in her mind and body with the sheer ecstasy of being fucked without mercy.

“From this moment forth, Hestia is my immortal champion. She exists as the guardian angel for all who call for my name,” Koraga declared and made the angel’s torso sway forth so he had an easier time to position her away from his hip to allow thrusting.

“Yeaaahs my Gooohd,” Hestia moaned when Koraga’s hips slapped into her ass with loud echoes. Now she truly hanged in the air by his hands like a hole-toy just to be used. To be used by her new god in any way he wanted.

For ten days and ten nights, Koraga rammed Hestia full of his cock. She loved every second of it and felt fulfillment that she had thought to never be able to feel again. Being fucked by demons had brought only passing joy to her but what Koraga was giving her was all-consuming and pure.

Hestia barely noticed when her ordeal ended and it took her an untold time to recover before she realized she was standing in front of her green god. Though there was one thing that had stayed on her mind the whole time, a thing that had not happened even though it was something she had wanted the most. Especially since the entire hall reeked of it from the other participants of the orgy like tempting nectar of gods that wanted to make her lick it even from the floor.

“My divine master, why did we stop? You didn’t cum yet,” Hestia uttered as she was barely able to stand while leaning into a shadow pillar she had summoned. Even if she had been reclaimed by a god it did not mean the demonic lust taint would ever be cleaned from her utterly desecrated magical body.

“You have proven your value to serve me but you have not proven that you deserve to consume my holy seed,” Koraga replied with an almost playful grin. Though his angel took the words far more literally than he might have intended as she fell to her knees.

“I swear to you on my existence that my desire to feast on your seed is only for to venerate you and nothing to do with my old masters,” Hestia declared with a tone that she could have as well used to promise to rip her own heart out if the orc god would ask of it. For the past ten days, she had been far too cock drunk to even think what had changed in her life but now she was finding conviction within her she had thought to be long lost.

“Regardless, it has come the time for you to serve me as my first angel. You will be the guardian of my mortal champion,” Koraga voiced and waved his hand but Hestia did not stand up. A weird sensation of not being worthy enough to stand if her head would rise above the godly orc cock’s tip filled her.

“It shall be as your co… you command,” Hestia stuttered while staring at the divine tool of pussy destruction that was still soaked from her juices along with most of the god’s throne. Not that the floor had escaped from it either. Though now that the popular event that had inspired a mass orgy at the hall had stopped the stains had begun to fade away like small miracles.

“Your eyes are my eyes but you do not speak for me, I have shamans for that. So simply assist the champion and heed his words like they were mine as long as they aren’t suicidal… and you can be the judge of that,” Koraga voiced even as the angel drooled with glazed eyes. Though words imprinted on her mind even as her eyes were unable to be separated from the divine cock.

“So only act on his behalf on your own when his opponent is one of those no mortal can defeat,” Koraga kept instructing while Hestia nodded.”But if he were to die from his own incompetence I would not blame you as he was the one who was not worthy to survive even in your protection.”

“It will be, as you command,” Hestia replied and her eyes were finally freed when a loincloth appeared to cover Koraga’s dick that did not look any more satisfied than ten days before. In fact, it almost looked even more painfully hard than before tasting her angelic pussy corrupted by demons of lust.

“If you want to to be… rewarded again. You must serve me and my mortal champions well,” the god added and suddenly his face drifted like he saw something far away he needed to be part in. Hestia stood up with shaking legs while she stared at it for a moment. But suddenly a strong hand slapped hard into her ass with a loud echo. It made the angel leap away while spinning around to see the orc champion she had fought before.

“Acting shy now? After putting up such a great show. I have never been as hard as I was now during my time in the land of the dead,” Hurak boomed with a joyful tone. He looked more drained than before and Hestia suddenly remembered seeing him fuck hard and long one of the female orcs like a lifted up toy despite her similar size to him.

“My… our god won’t mind?” Hestia stuttered and looked at the god on the throne that suddenly looked a bit absent. Like his body was there but the mind was not. Though it was still enough to grip her in fear of that she might have done something wrong and be abandoned again.

“Why would he? We are all servants of the only being worthy of being served by an orc, the mightiest orc who has ever lived,” Hurak boomed even as he kept his distance. Though his eyes kept eating up Hestia like the most fuckable meat he had ever seen.

“Right,” Hestia uttered and her eyes trailed to the orc female Hurak had fucked. Her muscular body was now bouncing on top of another male while she used an ax to lock his neck to the table. Hurak saw what the angel was looking at and it made him grin like he saw a great battle filled with fun times.

“But you should hurry now. It would be sad if our god lost another mortal champion before their time to the cheap tricks of those bastards who rigged their rules in their favor,” Hurak voiced and Hestia focused on it. Koraga’s words burned in her mind like the very purpose that guided her even as they had not been given as entirely absolute commands.

“Yes, I should… and I shall fulfill this task to perfection,” Hestia announced and with a bow she burst into shadows to travel into the mortal world.

** * **

If not for Hestia’s new ability to track down Koraga’s champions, she might have never found him. Being locked into a dungeon of a flying fortress dedicated to the human gods would not have been on her list of places to look for a champion worthy of her god’s attention.

It had been a relatively simple task for Hestia to get into the cell through shadows while keeping her distance from the nearby powerful source of divine magic that was not bothering to hide. Though once at the damp cell she was not exactly sure what she should do next. The orc was tightly bound into a metal wall and there was no way for her to simply take him away through shadows without corrupting his essence. And she doubted Koraga would even want his champions to be shadow puppets under Hestia’s control.

But still, despite being imprisoned the orc champion still looked like a mighty green brute with powerful muscles. Though what drew Hestia’s attention almost immediately was the fact his cock was surrounded from his base with a metal ring. Though due to serving demons for so long she did not immediately think there was something odd about such a minor bind. Especially since she had not tasted semen for ten days despite being fucked hard the whole time. She might now be able to live without it with her god’s power but her body still craves for it like a drunkard desires booze.

“Please tell me you are the most cunning orc that has ever lived and all of this is simply a part of your plan to take down this fortress from within,” Hestia mused while appearing from the shadows to face the orc. Despite his current predicament, there was not even a hint of surprise or fear in his harsh yellow eyes. They stared at the angel like they were examining, judging and sentencing her permanently in one instant.

“Did that cowardly being send a demon creature to annoy the mighty Gorak?” the orc boomed like a battle challenge. He bulged his muscles to look more menacing but despite the chains it only made Hestia feel a bit aroused.

“That’s no way to talk about your god,” Hestia replied with a thin smile. She really hoped the orc did not know who sent her to say something like that.

“That deranged elf is no god of my mine. I only bow to the mighty Koraga,” Gorak boomed. His low and harsh tone was almost as arousing as the god’s he mentioned. Though the similarity made her focus on her task and reminded her why she had felt a bit disgusted by a supposed champion that had gotten himself to such a situation.

“I can see that, you won’t even bend a knee in chains,” Hestia shrugged even as her eyes kept trailing the firm orc muscles that were barely bent by the tight metal chains that were clearly no ordinary metal. Though they were nothing that would hold down an immortal being.

“My spirit shall not be broken by the likes of you. There is nothing you can do to affect my warrior spirit guarded by my god,” Gorak exclaimed like he had just been insulted and Hestia almost felt even in her bones his unwavering conviction.

“How about I helped you escape instead? You can’t be having that much fun in here,” the angel sent by the prisoner’s god voiced with an increasingly gaping grin. Even if her mind wanted to either toy or help the orc, her body wanted to at least lick the shaft of the delicious brick of raw green meat before anything else.

“Taunting and promises of freedom from a naked female demon filled with lust shall not deceive me,” came yet another strong toned reply from the orc. Hestia had seen many prisoners in her time in hell but this one seemed odd to even her.

“Ooh right, forgot about that,” Hestia mused while a purple dress with slutty cuts appeared to cover her body as best it could. It was clear on her lips she was resisting an urge to make a joke about fucking the orc’s god for ten days straight until she forgot that decency even existed or something.

“Covering now will do little, I will dream of breeding your fuck-ready bare body,” Gorak irked with a wide grin. And like to agree his painfully hard looking constrained cock twitched. Even its veins were bloated but due to his orchis regeneration, it barely seemed to bother him.

“Who says it has to be a dream?” Hestia replied before doing a long lick of her lower lip. Though even if she wanted to impale herself on the cock, the fact Koraga was able to see through her eyes kept her back from doing it. She had no idea what her new god would think if the first thing she would do was to fuck his bound champion.

“Open my binds, fuckable demon and I shall show your tainted holes no mercy while I prove my worth to take you,” the orc promised with a taunting nod. It made Hestia reach with her hand but she stopped it before it reached anything.

“I love it when orcs talk dirty… though it seems we are getting company,” Hestia suddenly muttered. She had set up her shadow puppets to guard the corridors and one of them had spotted movement.

“Is your cowardly master coming to annoy me with you?” Gorak voiced but the cautious angel ignored it.

“Ooh well… he did say not to give you too much help,” Hestia mused and hid in the shadows. Just releasing the orc without a plan in a heavily fortified location was a surefire way to get him killed or to force her fight way more than she would prefer.

When Hestia realized the approaching being was a magic-user she put more effort into hiding herself but it took only a second for her to realize the half-naked blond elf was not paying any attention to her surroundings. She rushed straight to the orc and even dropped the rest of her clothing to the ground on her way there. By the time she reached Gorak her shapely and tall elven body was in full display, she was definitely beautiful enough to even make Hestia interested to see her being fucked in more ways than one by fat cocks.

“Hello, is my darling Mr. Stress-relief ready to fill Lady Elara with his green meat today? I was again getting so wet thinking of you,” the elf voiced and Gorak spat onto her bare stomach but she did not even seem to care. In fact, her left hand lifted to rub the saliva into her belly button.

“So the dishonorable elf who offers herself to be used without being defeated comes to shame herself again. Neither of us will ever feel true satisfaction without an honorable competition of strength,” Gorak voiced with a casual tone. Even if Hestia had dealt with orcs before this one was definitely holding some odd values in higher esteem than the others she had met.

“You know I can’t do that… I can’t risk losing my delicious orc meat,” Elara mused. “And I need to be quick about it today. That annoying holy human needs my help yet again.”

“Submit yourself to the mighty Koraga and you can stop being bothered by the games of the more bothersome gods,” Gorak voiced while Elara turned around to press her ass into his cock. She made the bulging orc-brick spread her perky butt cheeks while squeezing the length between her and Gorak’s abs.

“Every time you mention your god I can’t but to think about trapping him into a cell like this and making his divine green meat serve me all of eternity,” Elara almost panted. Even as she just moved her ass along the cock a few drops of pussy juices dripped from her.

Image of the mighty Koraga trapped in hell and being endlessly fucked by Hestia entered her mind. It almost made her gasp from sick pleasure even as she was one with the shadows without a physical form. But in the next moment anger flared within her. On top of insulting her new god, the elf had made her think such a deranged thing about the might divine being.

“A barely immortal elf dares to dream of subjugating a god?” Hestia voiced while bursts of solid shadows engulfed Elara’s limbs. The demon corrupted angel had seen enough to determine that this elf was not going to be a match to her. Especially if the binding shadows got the first move. They moved on the soft elven skin and applied enough pressure to promise even more punishment from resistance.

For a moment it looked like Elara was going to struggle but then her blue eyes fixated on Hestia’s body that appeared in front of her. Even to the angel’s surprise, there was no fear in the elf’s eyes but odd shock.

“What are you?” Elara uttered while all of her limbs were being tightly constrained to drag her on all fours to the ground. They also did their best to make her hands push her breasts invitingly forward. Though the fact they were slightly bigger than Hestia’s mostly made her want to play with them. Especially since they were perky in a different way that almost naturally invited someone to slap their cock between them.

“Nightmare from hell that was sent by the heavens to punish an insolent elf,” Hestia voiced with a widening devilish grin. She had thought that Koraga might not prove her old habits from hell but in this situation, he might not care if she toyed with this female that had insulted him. So the lustful angel made a thick shadow tendril slide between Elara’s mounds while other tendrils pressed them together just to see how it would look.

“Impure divine corruption, tainted, twisted,” Elara uttered while Hestia crouched down to inspect the elf’s face that the shadows suddenly pressed to the ground. Though now her shapely ass lifted up to be presented to the orc.

“Seeing that much at the first glance? Maybe you aren’t as simple as you seemed,” Hestia mused while her finger felt up the jawbone hiding behind the soft and seemingly delicate elf skin.

“I want it, taint me,” Elara uttered and even licked Hestia’s finger on her own. Her beautiful face was being distorted by almost feral lust that could have been able to compete with some demons.

“Eh? Are you trying to take all the fun out of this?” the corrupt angel asked with a grin. She really hoped Elara had no idea what she was asking. Though Hestia did send tendrils to toy with the nether holes of the trapped elf.

“Demon creature, if you came to toy with her. Then release me and I shall help you,” Gorak boomed only a moment before Elara got double penetrated by physical shadows.

“Might as well,” Hestia replied and sent her shadows to wrap around the orc’s chains. They found locks to undo and cracked metal and stone to break. It took barely seconds until the binds were sufficiently undone and the orc managed to tear the rest off with his bulging muscles. But instead of leaping to fuck the elf he charged at Hestia and grabbed from her neck to press her to the ground. It made her grin while she felt the sheer physical power trap her like a weak toy. Even if she knew she could easily just escape or defeat him just with her magic it made a rush of ecstasy fill her.

“Now release the elf, I wish to take her with my own strength,” Gorak boomed loudly enough to drip hot saliva on Hestia’s face. She did not even resist when the orc pressed his knee on her stomach to lock her. In fact, she let her clothes fade away again like she wanted only one thing.

“As you wish,” the aroused angel panted. The moment the shadows faded around Elara, Gorak dragged the almost giggling Hestia on the ground next to the elf. There was something oddly exhilarating to the angel from being handled such a way by the champion of the god who had fucked her for ten days straight.

Hestia gaped her lips in a highly aroused state while Gorak knelt on her back in a way that pressured her erect nipples into the stone ground. She only struggled to make him press on her harder while she saw from the corner of her eyes how the orc did not waste time to handle his other prey. With high skill, he lifted Elara’s hip to ram it to his cock. The already soaked elastic elf took his length with ease and once properly holstered Gorak’s large hands gripped from her neck and stomach to support the movement of his hip.

“Ogh oghii guruu,” Elara uttered while Gorak slammed into her ass with loud wet slaps. It was not clear if she was trying to say something or if her elf pussy being forcibly stretch even to its limits had made her mind tilt.

“Feel this? This is the rush of being taken with honor instead of simply offering yourself without knowing if the male is worthy of taking you,” Gorak boomed and the following slaps were hard enough to send pussy juices flying even on Hestia’s lips. She licked them as they also carried the raw taste of orc cock-meat.

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