The Stranger’s Secret Game. Ero tales



After finding a post online for a glory hole experience on a classified ad website, “Smitty” receives an invite to play a sex game at a private household.

DISCLAIMER: The plot, characters, and settings are a work of fiction and pure fantasy. This is a LONG story divided into 8 chapters. Enjoy 😉


The Ad

The Glory Hole and Invitation

The Participants

The Intro

The Game (1st Half)

The Game (2nd Half)

The Bukkake Finale

A Night with “K”


It’s been over a year since my divorce from my wife. We met each other in high school and dated throughout college. We got married the year we both graduated from our university. She went to med school and works as an Anesthesiologist at a major hospital. I studied Sports Medicine, and work full time as a professional personal trainer for men and women at multiple gym locations for a big franchise. Our schedules were hectic as I was working in three different cities in the Greater Seattle area while my wife worked in Downtown. We got along just fine together. We tried to spend time with each other on our limited days off. But as the months turned to years, we slowly began to drift apart. I was very loyal to her but she just didn’t really have the energy for sex whenever I was horny. The few times a month we would do it would be special occasions like a birthday, holiday, or date nights. The sex felt like a chore after awhile as my wife was too stressed with work and her schedule to pleasure herself, or me for that matter. After three years of marriage, our relationship took a turn for the worse when she received a job offer in Colorado to be the head of the Anesthesiologist Department at one of the major university hospitals out in Denver. She loved the idea of leaving our hometown of Seattle and starting a new chapter in life. I was proud of her for receiving the job offer. Especially at a young age, being in her mid-twenties. But I wasn’t ready to pack up my things and just go. I had my life in Seattle. My family, friends, and career. My wife did too. But she was ready for a change and the job offer was for a limited time only and she needed to make a decision to leave within two weeks of receiving the life changing news. My wife gave me an ultimatum. Leave with her to Denver or stay behind by myself.

Ultimately, I chose to stay. We tried to save our marriage at first for about 6 months. I visited her at least two weekends each month. She was thriving in Denver. She loved everything about Colorado and the lifestyle of living in the Rocky Mountains. We steadily drifted apart until I got a call one day from my wife asking me for a divorce. It hurt to admit it, but I was just as ready to move on as she was. She flew back one last time to Seattle to come grab her final belongings. It was a bittersweet time our last weekend we spent together. We spent most of it reliving our great memories and having the best sex we’ve ever had together. We signed our divorce papers and left each other on good terms. About a month after our divorce, I found out my ex wife had already moved on from me and was dating another doctor at her hospital. She moved on rather quickly.

It took a few months for me to start dating. I needed time to give myself a break after getting out of a long-term relationship. When I was ready, I started to go on dates and see other people. As a personal trainer working at several gyms, it was easy for me to ask out women at the gym on dates and see where things went. I mostly just hooked up with them and hung onto their phone numbers, hitting them up for booty calls. Several of my female clients were included in that list of booty calls. I was discreet and straight to the point with the women I hooked up with from my gyms. Plenty of them asked for discretion for the sake of professionalism and some were married, secretly hitting me up. I didn’t care as I respected their privacy and discretion. And I wasn’t looking for anything serious.

Come now to present day, I’ve enjoyed my time being single and living life freely being able to do what I please. But for quite some time, I felt like something was missing. I wasn’t feeling fully satisfied after a random hook up with a Tinder date or a booty call with a babe from work. I wanted something different and to try something new to spice up my sex life. I felt like I was living on repeat, following a similar pattern. I was watching a shit ton of porn at home, constantly going out and hooking up with people, and still sexually thirsty. I just didn’t know what I needed to do to satisfy myself. So I decided to try something new that I’ve never done before.

After a long day at work, traveling to three separate gym locations where I had several personal training sessions with clients, I got home exhausted. I was excited to get home and get searching on the internet. I grab my laptop from my desk and navigate my way to a classified ads website. I’ve never been on a website before looking for an escort or other discreet people looking for sexual favors. I decided to give it a try as I was looking for any way possible to enhance my sex life. I scroll through a couple pages of ads. Mostly escorts in sketchy motels or decent hotels near the airport. Some ads were obviously spam or fake. I almost give up when I decide to refresh my webpage and see if anyone else posted anything more recent. And sure enough, I find a fresh new classified ad, titled “Reply Back ASAP!”

Curious to see what the urgent ad is, I click the link. Just from clicking the ad, I could tell it’s different from all the others I’ve seen so far. There are no pictures, as the person who posted the ad remains anonymous, and it’s not a typical ad requesting sex for money. The ad reads:

“Private location in Tacoma. Looking for a well-endowed male willing to get sucked and milked clean in a glory-hole setting I have set up. This Saturday only, between the hours of 11PM-1AM. Must be clean, DDF, and respect my guidelines for anonymity I have in place. Send me an email if interested with an alias, picture of your cock, and Cik username. I’ll send a confirmation with location, time, and details on Cik if I’m interested. Must reply by tonight at midnight. Donations are gladly appreciated.”

I was immediately intrigued by the ad. Something about the whole experience turned me on as I thought about the scenario where I stuck my cock through a hole in the wall while a complete anonymous stranger sucked me off to an orgasm. Maybe this is exactly what I need for my sexual desires. I immediately replied back to the time sensitive ad hoping I’d get a reply back from this stranger. I follow the instructions listed on the ad sending a fairly recent picture of my dick and my Cik username. I used an alias of “Smitty” to go along with my reply. It was the first alias I could think of as I wanted to be one of the first people to reply back in time, hoping whoever wrote the ad would give me a chance.

I end up making a late dinner and taking a quick shower to get my mind off the ad, hoping that I’d get a reply back. About an hour before midnight, my phone vibrates with a Cik notification. My heart skips a beat in excitement as I read the message.

“Hello Smitty! This is K.

9786 NW Ave Tacoma

Saturday @11:55PM

Park your vehicle in the driveway if you have one. The front door will be unlocked. Please drop your donation on the sideboard by the entrance when you come in. Walk straight up the stairs to the master bedroom. I’ll have the hole set up on the door. It will be locked so you can’t come in. Knock 3x when you’re ready. It will be a completely anonymous situation. I’ll give you further instructions once you arrive but the talking will be limited. Please no questions. Simply reply back with a “I will be there on time.”

I reread the message from “K” three times before I reply back with

“I will be there on time.”

I’m curious as to who this “K” person is. Something about this whole anonymous persona was a turn on. I wasn’t even concerned about whether this “K” was a man or woman. I’m hoping it’s a woman, but I refuse to let the not knowing of who it is ruin my experience to try something new and broaden my sexual horizons. The whole point of a glory hole is the anonymity and getting sexual satisfaction from a complete stranger. And that’s what I plan on doing. I could not wait for Saturday night to cum! The weekend is only two days away.

CHAPTER 2: The Glory Hole & Invitation

The weekend came by surprisingly fast. I finished my last day of work yesterday before my days off. I spent time relaxing all Saturday afternoon before I head over to Tacoma late at night for my first glory hole experience. About an hour before I’m supposed to arrive at “K’s” private location, I take a warm shower and shave my cock to make it nice and presentable for my stranger. I don’t like to brag but I must say I’m satisfied with my size. I’m a solid eight inches with thick girth and a nice tip that gets me plenty of compliments from the ladies. My ex wife used to always tell me she enjoyed licking my helmet as it was big, bright pink, and perfect sized for her to swirl her tongue around.

I leave my house about 30 minutes before I’m supposed to arrive at K’s private location in Tacoma. It’s a 25 minute drive and I wanted to give myself a few extra minutes just in case. I pull up to the location at 11:51PM. It’s a 3-story townhouse in a relatively quiet neighborhood. Following the instructions, I park my car in the drive way. There is no other car in the driveway. I assume K’s car is in the garage. Just before I step out of my vehicle to make my way to the front door, I receive a Cik message on my phone from K.

“Welcome Smitty! Please walk right inside and leave your donation on the sideboard next to the stairs. Head straight upstairs and down the hall to the master bedroom. You’ll see a nice sized hole in the wall that’ll indicate you arrived 😉

Remember to knock 3x

See ya in a little bit!”

With a bright smile on my face and a twitch in my pants from my semi-erection, I make my way to the front entrance of the townhouse. It’s a beautiful home on the outside with modern exterior designs. I make my way up the cobblestone steps and open the front door. I close it behind me as I hear a security alarm indicate the front door has opened. I’m greeted by the sight of a lit candle with an Autumn scent on top of a sideboard. I reach into my pocket and grab a $50 Bill placing my donation on the sideboard before taking my shoes off. I head up the stairs and turn down a dark hallway that’s lit by a few more candles upstairs on another sideboard. At the end of the hall, I see the master bedroom door with a circle around the bottom center. I get to the door and take a deep breath. I knock three times and wait. Almost immediately, the circle on the door where I’ll momentarily shove my shaft into opens up. It’s impressive seeing this customized door with a secret cover. Instead of a peephole, it’s a glory hole.

-Hello there Smitty.

-Uh, Hi K. How are you?

I ask the mysterious voice behind the door.

-I’m feeling great! Hopefully you are too. Now, drop your pants and shove your cock through the hole for me dear.

I do as I’m told and unbuckle my belt and then let my pants slide down. I was relieved to hear K’s soft, husky voice revealing to me that my stranger waiting to suck me off is a woman. When I pull my underwear down, my cock springs out completely erect ready for what’s ahead. I hear some shifting behind the door as I hear what I think is K getting down on her knees and putting her mouth close to the hole.

-Ok Smitty, whenever you’re ready dear.

Without a verbal response, I take a deep breath staring at my cock and shove myself into the glory hole. It’s a little tight at first and I have to wiggle myself a bit to finally shove my entire shaft and my balls right into the hole set up on the master bedroom door. I hear K gasp from behind the door.


She says just as I feel a pair of juicy lips close in on my tip.

My entire body shakes with lust and from the heat of the moment when I feel her tongue swirl around my tip, just like my ex wife used to do. I feel her soft, warm hand grab my ball sack as my shaft sinks deeper into her mouth. I hold myself with both hands against the door to keep myself afoot. I feel her hold my balls with one hand as she stretches her mouth, trying to accept all eight inches of my thick member. I hear her gag when my shaft slips further down into her throat as she nudges her head side to side. K then slips my entire cock out of her mouth gasping for air. She strokes me up and down from my tip down to my sack as she begins to swirl her tongue underneath my scrotum. I feel her wet tongue salivate all over my sack as she licks my shaft up and down. All I can do is stand and lean against the door for balance as K makes my toes curl. My body shakes with ecstatic excitement.

I hear the sounds behind the door of K gurgling, choking, spitting, and gasping for air. The feeling of my balls beginning to boil with my loads of semen is ever so present. I know K’s skills are too good for me to last much longer. I feel her head bob back and forth as her mouth extends graciously accepting every inch of my shaft down her warm, tight throat. I sense her long nails softly caress my balls as she chokes on my rod spitting out lots of saliva which I feel drip down onto the tip of my penis. K takes a breather while she strokes my cock up and down. I hear her moaning softly. I envision her staring at my eyes through the door as she strokes me, begging for my milk for her to swallow. K then starts to slap my thick member on her face. I listen to the audible slaps as my shaft smacks her face. She then slides my rod down her face, over her nose, and slowly to her thick juicy lips as I feel them make out slowly with my helmet. I wasn’t kidding when I said that the tip of my cock seems to be the favorite feature of the many ladies I’ve been with. K continues to kiss my tip and perform her fantastic fellatio for me, slowly kissing her way down my shaft to the bottom of my sack where she flicks her tongue underneath with swift momentum. It’s an incredible feeling with lots of sensitivity as I feel her tongue entertain my scrotum area. I grunt softly as she does this while I press tighter against the door. K seems to take that as a sign of me absolutely enjoying the sensation as she then licks her way from the bottom of my sack to the tip of my penis. I feel the tip of her tongue penetrate my pee hole as she slowly leans her head back and forth making sure she sticks her wet, salivating member in and out of my urethra.

I know at this point, I’m not going to last much longer. I take deep breaths as I feel K shoving my entire shaft back down into her throat and use both hands to hold my sack and push her mouth as deep as she can into my crotch. I feel her head shake as she holds herself in this position with my cock in her throat for a good twelve to fifteen seconds. She gasps aloud as she releases my cock from her mouth showering my cock in her spit and my pre-cum. I feel my balls twitch as the feeling of an orgasm approaches me.

-Hey uh, K? I’m just letting you know I’m about to cum. You’re driving me fucking crazy!

She replies back by kissing my cock and letting me know to fuck her mouth.

-I’m going to press my mouth against the hole Smitty. I want you to fuck my mouth. Shove that fat cock of yours down my throat, in and out until you cum. I want to taste and swallow you.

She tells me with a sexy tone to her voice.

I feel her mouth extend as she shoves my shaft down her warm throat. With one hand behind me and my other leaning onto the door, I begin my assault in and out of K’s warm inviting mouth. I hear her gag behind the door each time I thrust my shaft deep into her throat. She squeezes my balls tightly each time I do, which hurts so good. I push myself deep down her throat and push my hips against the door as close as I can. There’s no turning back now. I pick up my pace as K’s gags get louder and louder until orgasmic bliss floods my entire body, sending feelings of absolute relief all over me. K takes over for me as I stop my thrusts, trying not to fall backwards from the intensity of my arrival. My legs shake tremendously trying to keep balance. My heart beats rapidly as I take deep breaths. K uses her hands to twist and pull my shaft as she physically milks my cock trying to swallow each drip of my warm seed. I feel my cock throb as wave after wave of my semen spurts into her mouth, down her throat, and into her belly. It’s only after K is completely confident that she milked and swallowed every drip of my cum, she releases my rod from her warm mouth. I feel her thick lips kiss my tip one more time as she smacks her lips with a big sigh of relief.

-Now, THAT was tasty Smitty! When you pull yourself out of the hole and step back, you’ll find a small side table next to you on your left. I have a bottle of water and wipes for you to clean yourself up,

She informs me.

I slowly pull myself away from the glory hole in the master bedroom door. Sure enough, to my left I see a table with a small bottle of water and wipes to clean myself. I drink the water quickly and wipe my cock before pulling my pants back up and buckling them. I turn to the door and see that K already shut the glory-peep hole as I like to call it. I don’t know if she’s still behind the door or not, but I figured I’d try and speak up to thank her for the amazing experience.

-Thank you K for your hospitality and inviting me over. This was a fantastic experience, and you’re incredibly talented,

I say out loud.

-I enjoyed sucking you off. You have a lovely cock. Would you like to play a game next Friday?

She asks me in reply.

I was not expecting her reply back to be an invite to play a game but I quickly figured, why not?

-Uh…I’m down! What kind of game?

-It’s a surprise Smitty. You must come with an open mind and a high sex drive. No questions please. You’re either in or out.

-I’m in!

I tell her with not a moment to waste.

Whatever this game turns out to be, I’m absolutely in all the way! I feel like this is exactly what I need to make me feel that my sex life is back on track in an exciting and unique way!

-Great! I’ll send you the invite shortly after you leave with the details. The game will be held at another private location and as I said before, come open-minded and with a high sex drive. All you need to know is that you’re going to love it and have the experience of a lifetime!

-Sounds exciting! Send me the details and I’m there!

I tell her as I make my way down the stairs and out the door.

This has been an incredible night for me thus far. And I feel pumped with the fact that I know things are only going to get better next weekend. As I’m driving home, my phone vibrates with a Cik notification.

“You’re Invited to Join My Secret Game!”

416 Lakefront Ave Bellevue

Friday @11PM


See you there ;)”

I don’t know what to expect next Friday night, but I look forward to this upcoming weekend and getting to play this “secret” game.

CHAPTER 3: The Participants

After a slow week at work, the weekend finally arrives. I had several new clients this week and traveled to gym locations in three different cities each day. It’s exhausting! Nonetheless, I’ve been anxious all week looking forward to this evening at 11PM when I get to partake in a secret sex game. It’s all I could think about this week. It was mostly the not knowing what to expect. My curiosity got the best of me as I kept repeating the same questions in my head over and over. What is this game? Who’s going to be there? Who am I going to hook up with? Is K going to be there? But most of all, who is this K person? What does she look like? All these questions were bombarding me as I found it difficult to focus at work with several of my clients. I just know that whatever happens this evening, I’m going to show up open-minded and with a high sex drive just like K asked me to do.

After finishing my personal training session with my final client of the week, I try to rush home to get ready. Of course, I hit rush hour on the freeway and it takes an extra half hour for me to pull into my driveway. I make a quick and easy dinner for me to eat and then head up to my bathroom to take a nice warm shower. I take a good look at myself in the mirror when I’m done. I’m impressed with my progress so far this year as I’ve been focused on bulking up. I have a nice athletic build with broad shoulders, and strong arms. My back is wide, and my chest is defined with two big pecks. My abs have been better before but as I’ve been bulking, they aren’t my best feature right now. My legs are built with big quads and strong calves. I work out every morning at my local gym before I start work training other clients at multiple gyms. I always need to make sure that my body is healthy and I look good. I do want to practice what I preach and be a good influence to my clients that I train. I snap out of my self-admiration trance and continue to get ready. K never gave instructions on what to wear, so I throw on a pair of jeans and a fresh polo with a comfortable pair of loafers.

Around 10:15PM, I head out the door and to my car to make my way to K’s new private location out in Bellevue. I bring with me two bottles of red wine that I bought during the week. K’s invite specified “BYOB” so that’s exactly what I do. Traffic is light, crossing Lake Washington on the bridge that takes me into Bellevue. I end up arriving at the address K gave me ten minutes early. There are multiple cars in the driveway where I park. This private location is a giant two-story lake house. It has a great view of the lake from the backyard, a long driveway, and a boat ramp. The house looks like a log cabin from the outside with the wood exteriors and big windows. It’s in a secluded area with no neighbors on this side of the lake. I can only imagine how beautiful the views are during the day. About five minutes before 11PM, I get a message from K.

“Welcome Smitty! Please make your way inside to the living room. Feel free to meet the other guests and chat! Please use your alias to respect the guidelines of anonymity I have in place. Help yourself to the refreshments set up for you on the island in the kitchen before we get the game started at midnight. See ya soon;)”

I’m genuinely impressed with the set up K has going on and how organized this event already seems to be. Just following along with these simple set of instructions that K has for me already feels like a game in itself. I love it!

I make my way to the main entrance of the house as I hear footsteps behind me. I see another guy walking up with a bottle of liquor in his hand. I open the door and hold it open for him as he makes his way inside, greeting me.

-Hey, there.

-How are you?

I ask.

We make our way over to the living room and hear the sounds of guests chatting away. The living room is completely open and spacious with a giant kitchen. There is an island in the center dividing the kitchen from the living room. The open space gives the feeling of a much bigger room. There are two leather sofas next to each other by the lit fireplace as the rest of the living room have tall cocktail tables where we find guests that have already arrived socializing. From the looks of it, it’s a diverse group of people. I see two other guys here, including the one I held the door for before. The rest are all women of all ages, colors, and sizes. I make my way over to the island and place my drinks down. I grab an empty wine glass and pour myself a glass, making my way into the living room area.

I meet the two other guys that are with me. It seems like it’s only going to be three of us men here at this game as we’re outnumbered by the women. I meet “Bob”, the guy that walked into the house behind me. He’s a good looking Black guy in his early thirties. He has short Afro hair with with a clean fade on the sides and a goatee. Bob has an athletic build and wears similar clothes to me with jeans and a collared shirt. I then introduce myself to the other guy. His name is “Ted.” He’s a White, average looking guy in his early forties with a clean shaven face and short brown hair. The three of us talk for a while while we look around and see who else is here participating in this game. Two women catch my eye as they’re completely different in every way possible. I look at a young redhead who looks like a teenager having a glass of wine talking to an older Muslim woman in her traditional garments and a hijab on her head. This is definitely a diverse turn out.

I make my way over to the two ladies enjoying their time talking. They both see me approaching them and stop their conversation to get a better look at me.

The young redhead smiles and extends her hand to me.

-Pleasure to meet you. You can call me Cutie.

And a “Cutie” she is. I shake her hand and take a good look at her. She has shoulder length ginger hair, pale skin, and hazel colored eyes. She’s just a bit over five feet tall with small perky breasts and wears a tight pair of dark pants that hug her plump butt with a thin pink t-shirt dressed very causally. She has a natural beauty to her and only wears lipstick for make up.

-Pleasure to meet you Cutie. You can call me Smitty. And who might you be?

I ask turning to the conservative-looking Muslim woman.

-Please call me Aries, Smitty. Nice to meet you,

She tells me as I take her hand and kiss it.

She’s drop dead gorgeous! Even with her entire body hidden under her dark colored garments, she has a curvy physique with large breasts and a big ass. Aries wears light make up with beautiful brown eyes that shine bright. Her lips are lush with bright red lipstick. I talk to Aries and Cutie for a little while as all the other participants walk around the room drinking cocktails and chat away. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to see an elegant mature woman.

-Hello handsome. You can call me Nancy. Who might you be?

-Pleased to meet you Nancy. You can call me Smitty,

I tell her as she leans into me and kisses both of my cheeks.

-You’re so handsome Smitty! A hunk, I must say!

“Nancy” tells me with a giggle sipping on her wine.

Nancy is definitely the oldest woman here, looking to be in her late sixties. She’s a grandma! She’s a large, plus-sized mature woman with a British accent. She has shorter length, silver hair. She wears a black and white dress that hugs her large breasts, wide hips, and her fat ass. Her large legs are wrapped in panty hose as she stands before me with heels on. What a woman!

-I’m flattered you think so Nancy!

I tell her taking a sip of my wine with a chuckle.

We talk for a few minutes as we discuss what we think is going to happen. The one thing I’ve talked about with everyone I’ve met thus far is who this “K” person is. The stranger who invited us to play this game in the first place. Is she sexy? Is she going to play with us? How did we even go about meeting K? The two other guys here with me, Bob and Ted, both had K’s glory hole experience just like I did in Tacoma. As for the females, most of them never even met K in person. From what Cutie and Nancy have told me, K reached out to them on a forum online inviting them to play a sex game. I make my way around and meet the other ladies participating in the game. Everyone is here except K. There are six ladies and three guys, including me. The last three ladies I meet are Lola, Amy, and Nikki.

“Lola” is a short beautiful dark skin Pacific Islander with short light brown hair and blonde highlights just above her shoulders. She wears a short sleeve pink crop top with tight shorts on that are low enough for her ass cheeks to show. Her right arm is completely tatted in a sleeve with all kinds of designs and flowers. She has a bright smile on her face and a cute nose ring. Her breasts are fairly large, and her crop top does a splendid job of lifting her globes and showing plenty of cleavage. She has a fit body, toned abs with a belly ring and stomach revealing. I briefly talk to Lola drinking my wine and smiling as she talks to me admiring my looks. She’s very flirtatious, touching my muscular arms when I make her laugh at times and always smiling looking up and down at my body.

I then meet “Amy.” She’s a beautiful Asian MILF with small breasts and a thick ass. She clearly works out as I can tell she has tight glutes. Amy has dark, curly hair. She wears a short black skirt that exposes her long beautiful legs and a white top that shows plenty of cleavage. She’s very friendly and easy to talk to. Besides her physical attractiveness, I find it very attractive how attentive she is when listening to me speak. She’s intrigued by what I talk to her about as we sip our cocktails. We kept the conversations simple about what we do for our careers without giving too much information, and of course about K.

The last person I meet is very interesting to me as K reached out to her about tonight’s game just hours ago on Tinder. Her name is “Nikki.” Nikki is a sexy Latina babe in her late twenties. She has long black hair with bangs, big rounded breasts, and a curvy ass. She wears tight ripped jeans that do a great job of showing her gorgeous thick legs. She has a cream colored top on with a dark green thin cardigan that extends to her lower knees. She’s dressed very comfortably. From the small talk we make, I discover that she’s a Flight Attendant. She’s here on a 24 hour layover in Seattle. She found K on Tinder who happened to not have any pictures but matched with her anyway as the only picture on the bio was a post that said:

“Looking for a fun open-minded lady to play a secret game. This weekend only. Swipe Right to find out more if we match.”

Nikki ended up matching with K as the stranger clearly liked Nikki’s pictures and bio on Tinder. K gave her all the necessary details for tonight’s game and told her to come open-minded and with a high sex drive. I thought it was interesting how Nikki is the only girl here that got invited to this game at the very last minute, as K reached out to her just earlier today in the afternoon.

I stand continuing to talk to everyone attending the game tonight. I still don’t know what to expect but I’m excited to see what’s in store this evening. I’m sure each of the participants are too. After finishing my third glass of wine, everyone stops talking when the lights in the large living room dim down. We turn toward the main entrance to the house to find a tall woman standing with a cocktail in her hand.

-Good Evening Ladies, and Gentlemen. So nice to see you all getting to know each other and enjoying the refreshments.

I instantly recognized that lovely voice from last weekend in Tacoma.

-You can all call me K! Now let’s get tonight’s game started shall we?

Everyone around me starts to cheer and applaud. I do the same. I’m absolutely thrilled to begin tonight’s festivities.

CHAPTER 4: The Intro

K walks into the living room asking each of us standing scattered throughout the living room to meet her in the kitchen area. We all follow her to the kitchen and stand around the island. I finally get my first real glimpse at this perfect stranger standing beside me.

K is a tall, White woman standing at about 5’11. She has a sexy physique with curves in all the right places. Her breasts are large, and she has a big phat ass. She’s a perfect example of a PAWG. From the little of her face I can see, I can tell she’s gorgeous. She wears a masquerade mask that hides her upper face, and nose. Only her lips and eyes are shown. Her eyes are an emerald green color. Her lips are plump and juicy with bright red lipstick. I knew her lips had to be thick and juicy in person as I felt them all over my cock last week at the glory hole. K’s oral skills are completely out of this world! She wears a kinky black leather dress that’s absolutely stunning on her! It’s a one piece that has her breasts completely exposed except for her nipples as she wears a pair of silicon pasties that are shaped like diamonds. Behind her, the short dress she wears has a zipper that zips down, allowing her ass to be exposed completely. The front of her kinky dress has a zipper opening too, giving easy access for a guy to slip his cock into her from the front and/or the back. K speaks to all of us huddled around the island.

-Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen!

She starts off with.

-Now before I formally introduce myself, let me start by thanking each of you for coming! We clearly have a diverse group here.

All of the participants stand listening to K speak. I pour myself another glass of wine as K continues.

-So now to explain the ratio of women to men. As all of you ladies can see, you all outnumber the gentlemen. I’ve ***ed these three lucky men to partake in tonight’s game with all of you beautiful, sexy women.

Bob, Ted, and I all look at each other feeling impressed with ourselves and quite flattered that K chose the three of us to participate tonight.

-These men all have one thing in common, and it’s that I absolutely enjoyed sucking each of them off at a glory hole I have set up in another private location. Out of the dozen of cocks I’ve milked and sucked over the last couple of weeks, these three here have the sexiest and biggest cocks tonight for you ladies. All of you are in for a treat and deserve the best of the best! So take a good look at these gentlemen, as I’m more than confident you’ll all go home later completely satisfied.

All the ladies around the kitchen island clap and cheer for the three of us men. Amy and Nancy wink at me with smirks on their faces. It’s very flattering for K to speak so highly of me and the two other guys. This is her first time seeing all of us in person and she stares at each of us when she speaks with a great big smile.

-And as for the ladies here tonight, I chose a diverse group of you to satisfy these great ***ion of gentlemen during our game. I did my research and found most of you all on an online forum. The one thing that you ladies all have in common is that each of you crave sex with all kinds of fantasies and kinky fetishes. You’ve all told me about some of your fantasies before I invited you to join me in this secret game. All of you will have the opportunity to introduce yourselves to everyone here and explain what made you want to join tonight.

K then takes a swig of her cocktail before continuing on to introduce herself to all of the participants tonight.

-So that being said, allow me to introduce myself ladies and gentlemen. You can all can me “K.” I am a single, Transgender woman in my mid-forties.

I catch some eyes widen around me, mostly from the two other guys here, as we listen to K speak. It’s surprising to hear K tell us she’s transgendered. You can’t even tell just by looking at her as she has an incredibly stunning feminine physique. It doesn’t bother anyone of us though as we let her continue to speak.

-As you all can see and tell if you haven’t already noticed, I love my anonymity. That’s why I wear my mask to not reveal my complete face and use an alias, just like all of you tonight. I spend my free time looking for ways to enhance my sex life. I love the thrill of hooking up with complete strangers, having completely anonymous experiences like sucking a big cock through a glory hole or using blindfolds, and having sex in completely dark rooms without any idea who I’m getting intimate with. I love setting up these secret parties in various private locations I have access to and helping everyday people, like yourselves, explore their fantasies and make them come true. I love chasing the thrill! As I’m sure all of you here tonight do too. I ***ed each of you for a reason. So I hope you’ll all enjoy the plans I’ve set up for tonight’s game.

We all applaud as K finishes her introduction. She’s an extraordinary individual to say the least. Doing the service of finding a group of people like me that are are in search of enhancing our sex lives. This is it. Whatever K has planned, this is certainly it.

-Now before I ask each of you to introduce yourselves, are you all ready to hear the details for tonight’s game?

All of us clap and cheer, anxious for K to reveal the game we’ve all waited so long for. With another swig of her cocktail, she continues on.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s game is called ‘5 Minutes in Kinky Heaven’ and it will officially commence after midnight.

I look at my watch. 11:30PM.

-How it works? Well, let’s start with the ladies.

K says pointing to each of them.

-After each of the introductions from our ladies, they’re to strip down naked for the rest of us to see, especially our fine gentlemen here. As your host, I’ll have two hats to draw small slips of papers from. One hat has all the names of each lady participating tonight and the other has a wide variety of sexual acts for the gentlemen to perform on each of you ladies.

K says, once again pointing to all the women around the kitchen island.

-As the host, I’ll decide which men get to perform the sexual acts from the hat to the chosen women. I’ll also decide if I want to participate in any of the activities during the game. Each act only lasts 5 minutes as each lady takes a turn going one at a time. Now this is important gentlemen, so listen closely.

The three of us guys glare at K as she makes eye contact with me.

-Each of you gentlemen need to last each round until the very end. Only one act allows for you to cum as it involves a bukkake on the chosen female after a second round of drawing from a hat to decide who gets to be the cum slut in the final act.

Wow, that’s going to be a major challenge. I’m surrounded by beautiful women that I’ll get to fuck and I’m being told I can’t have an orgasm till the very end. K must have read my mind, as she continues.

-As an added measure, the three of you men and myself are going to take a “miracle pill” as I like to call it. It’s an enhanced form of Viagra that’ll make you last longer, keep you hard for hours, and increase your loads once you all cum. That sound good?

Bob, Ted, and I nod.

-Ok, now that I’ve explained the game, who’s ready to get this evening officially started?

All of us cheer as K continues.

-Fantastic! Now follow me as we head downstairs to the private bonus room. It’s very spacious and I think you’ll all like the set up.

All of us follow K as she leads us through the living room and down a set of stairs near the front entrance. We all get down the stairs to the bonus room. In one corner of the large room is an open bar with a large fridge, a beer tap, and a variety of wines and liquors. Next to the bar is another table with water and snacks. There are a variety of furniture pieces scattered throughout the bonus room including sofas, leather recliners, bean bags, and cocktail tables. In the center of the room is a stage that isn’t tall but is wide and open. There are three spotlights that shine on the left, center, and the right sides of the stage. On the left side, there is a large ottoman that sits on top of a big tarp. In the center of the stage, is a full sized mattress that sits on top of a box spring foundation with legs on each side for support. And on the right side of the stage is a couch that goes with the ottoman that’s on the left side. Behind the stage is a large flatscreen tv that hangs on the wall. The tv is set up with a timer set for 5 minutes. Adjacent to the stage is a table that’s set up with all kinds of kinky sex items. I see a variety of dildos, flavored oils and lubricants, butt plugs, vibrators, etc. In front of the stage is a small podium that has two hats filled with small slips of paper. I must say, I’m absolutely impressed with the setup K has for this game.

K has all of us sit down in comfortable couches that face the podium that’s in front of the stage. She stands by the podium and gives us instructions for how we’ll proceed.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen. Welcome once again. I hope you’ll enjoy my game of ‘Five Minutes in Kinky Heaven.’ I’m going to start by drawing the names of all the ladies here tonight from my hat, one at a time. Ladies, when you hear your name, please come stand right next to me and introduce yourselves with something that gives us a better idea on what made you join my secret game this evening. After speaking, please strip down completely naked and give us a view of your sexy bodies. When you’re naked, please go stand on the stage as I call on your names.

All the participants begin to applaud, especially the three of us guys. K continues by starting the introductions of our ladies.

-Ok ladies, let us begin.

K says as she puts her hand inside the hat with the names of all the ladies here tonight.

After a brief pause, K pulls a slip of paper out of her hand.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for our first participant of the night…..Cutie!

All of us cheer and applaud as Cutie stands up and makes her way to the podium. K gives her a hug as she steps to the side, allowing Cutie to speak.

-Thank you K. Hello everyone, you can call me Cutie. A little about me….I’m 18 years old and a Senior in high school. I may look small and cute to the rest of you here tonight but don’t let that fool you. I’m an absolute kinky slut!

Bob, Ted, and I applaud after Cutie says that last part. With a laugh, she continues.

-Yes, I’m just a fucking slut obsessed with sex and getting fucked! Ever since I lost my virginity, I’ve craved sex nonstop! Watching all kinds of porn, masturbathing

multiple times each day, you name it! I love getting to explore my kinky side. Most guys my age can’t even keep up with my sex drive! As a matter of fact, most guys my age don’t even know how to satisfy me in bed. I love hooking up with older men that treat me like dirt and fuck me like the true whore I know I am. A great example is I dated a boy from my Chemistry class last year who has a SEXY widowed grandpa. His grandpa is in excellent shape and looks better than most men his age. Anyways, I hooked up with his grandfather after we broke up for months! I let that old man do whatever he wanted to me and he was so much better in bed than my ex! That being said, I can’t wait for whatever happens to me tonight. I just know I’m going to love getting fucked tonight in any way possible. Thank you!

Everyone applauds as Cutie stands in front of the podium and begins to strip down slowly. K actually plays some music via surround sound speakers set up around the room. Cutie strips for us as we all cheer her on. She pulls her ginger hair back as she takes off her pink top, revealing to us a purple bra she has on. As the party music continues, Cutie turns around for us and shakes her ass. All of us cheer her on as she slowly unzips her tight pants that hug her booty. She pulls them down slowly at first, exposing her purple thong that matches her bra. She takes her shoes off and then steps out of her pants, turning around facing us once again. She smiles as she shows us her petite, pale body in her underwear and bra. Cutie then reaches behind herself and unclasps her bra, letting it fall down in front of her. Her small perky breasts are exposed and the three of us guys cheer loudly. Her breasts have small nipples that are completely erect. Bob whistles as Cutie continues her strip show with a big smile on her face. She loves the attention. She wiggles her breasts as she reaches down to her waist and pulls down her panties, showing us her womanhood. Cutie is completely shaved with a beautiful pussy. Her vaginal lips are enclosed with her slit looking like a straight line. Cutie turns herself around and shakes her plump butt for us to see. She spreads open her pale cheeks, giving the guys sitting closest to the podium a marvelous view of her pink vagina and cute butthole.

With applause, K makes her way back to the podium and pauses the music.

-Thank you Cutie! A cutie you are indeed! Lets see who’s up next.

K says as she digs back into a hat pulling out a piece of paper with another name on it.

-Next up we have….Nancy!

All of us applaud as Nancy makes her way to the podium, hugs K, and introduces herself.

-Thanks everyone! And thank you K for setting up this secret event for all of us!

Nancy says as we all clap our hands again.

-Now, about me. You can all call me Nancy. As you can all tell, I’m a much more mature woman than sweet little Cutie over here.

She says as we all laugh.

-I’m originally from England, if any of you couldn’t tell already by my accent. I’m a widow, my husband passed on over a decade ago. I have three beautiful children and four wonderful grandchildren. That being said, I’m a loving grandmother to my sweet grandchildren by day and a fucking whore by night!

All of us cheer loudly when we hear Nancy transition from sweet to dirty talk.

-That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I’m an absolute whore! Since my husband’s passing, I’ve enjoyed a lifestyle of swinging, participating in my local group of swingers. I’ve had many orgies, threesomes, and lesbian encounters. I film my own amateur porn and post it online. An absolute turn on of mine is fucking much younger men that love a mature woman like myself. It’s fun for me to find a complete stranger and ask them if they want to fuck me and help me make adult videos for my website. One of my favorite things I love to do are gang bangs! I love having a group of men doing whatever they want to do to my body. I just love cock! I love having all my holes filled, getting violated and used like the true kinky whore I know I am! That being said, thanks for letting me speak and I’m ready to play this game!

We all applaud for Nancy as K resumes the party music. Nancy makes her way to the front of the podium. She kicks her heels off and then slowly pulls her black and white dress up. Nancy is definitely a whore as she reveals to all of us that she doesn’t have any panties underneath her dress. Her panty hose are see through and we all catch a glimpse of her waxed pussy as she pulls her dress completely off her body. We all cheer her on as she shakes her wide hips for us. She fondles her massive breasts that are hidden underneath her white bra. Nancy then turns around unclipping her bra for all of us to see and lets it fall to the floor. She stands with her bare back to her audience and shakes her large fat ass. She’s almost completely naked now. She still wears pantyhose with no panties on underneath. Nancy slouches over, spreading her thick legs wide open. She bends forward so we all get a view of her asshole and pussy from behind that are held hostage by the material of her pantyhose. What a tease! Nancy then turns around and shows the audience her massive, naked breasts. Her areolas are huge with erect nipples and her breast are sagged. She has belly fat that sags just below her waistline. Nonetheless, Nancy is fucking sexy and looks great for her age with little wrinkles.

-Lets here it for Nancy everyone!

K says, stopping the music and applauding as we all do the same.

Nancy makes her way onto stage to join Cutie.

-Next up ladies and gentlemen, let’s see who we have…….

K says as she draws another name from her hat.

-Alright! Our next participant is….Amy!

Another round of applause from all of us as Amy stands up to hug K and makes her way over to the podium.

-Thank you K! I’m so happy to be here! You can all call me Amy. I’m 35 years old, a native of the SeaTac area. I’m a wife and a loving mom with a typical 9-5 job. As much as I love my husband, well….it’s hard for me to stay monogamous. What can I say? I love him, and he’s an amazing father to our children but our sex has been boring for a long time now. He’s always away on business travel. When he’s gone, I usually get my way and find sexual satisfaction on my own. I’ve been having an amazing affair with my boss at work who’s in the same boat as me. We’re both married, love our spouses, but just aren’t sexually satisfied at home. We have an arrangement set up and hook up about three to five times a month in various locations. I also love an occasional one night stand with men I match with on my secret Tinder account.

We all cheer Amy on hearing her talk about her sex life.

-So that being said, I can’t wait for any or all of these men here tonight to satisfy me and do the job that my husband hasn’t been able to do for me in a long time. Thanks everyone!

With a round of applause, we cheer Amy on as K resumes the party music. Amy makes her way to the front of the podium and begins her strip show by dancing for us sensually. She shakes her hips and sways her ass seductively as she touches herself all over her body. Turning away from the audience, she bends over and yanks her skirt down all the way showing us her bare naked bottom. She doesn’t have any panties on!

This earns her a loud cheer from the three of us guys as we encourage her to continue. Amy then turns around, facing us. She covers her mound with her hand and slowly uncovers it to reveal her gorgeous pussy with a pierced labia and a lovely landing strip of hair right above. She makes her way over to me and sits on my lap as the music blasts and everyone cheers her on. Amy seductively leans into my ear and whispers for me to undo her bra behind her. I obey her willingly as she grinds herself softly on my lap, pressing her naked lower body on me. She feels my cock twitch in my pants, desperate to be released from my underwear to spring out in its full glory. I reach behind to grab her bra strap and easily undo it. She gets up and returns to the podium area. She yanks her bra off and tosses it on the floor revealing her small perky breasts with erect nipples. The applause for her continues as she finishes off by putting two fingers in her mouth and guides them to her pussy as she rubs herself with one hand and grabs a breast with the other. K then stops the music.

-Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Amy!!

She says as we clap and cheer loudly.

Amy makes her way over to the stage to join her two other naked participants.

-Who is next?

K asks as she picks another slip of paper from her hat.

With a brief pause, she looks down and reads the name.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for….Lola!

Lola makes her way over to the podium as we give her a round of applause. She hugs K and then makes her introduction.

“Thanks K and everyone here. My name is Lola. I’m 29 years old and I’m originally from Guam. I’m a bartender at an upscale hotel in the city. As a side hustle, I do live cam shows online and post daily content on my OnlyFans page with over four thousand followers.”

Another round of applause echos through the room. That’s impressive! I gotta ask for her link later on and support her.

-An average night during the week at work at my hotel usually ends up with me sucking a stranger’s cock and getting fucked in their hotel room if they’re lucky. I love to explore my wild side and do kinky shit, especially for the camera with my fuck buddy from college. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight! With me, anything goes. Thanks!

With that, Lola makes her way around the podium as K plays the music as we cheer. She pulls off her pink crop top right away and dances for us with her white bra on. Lola then slowly pulls her tight shorts down and steps out of them standing in her lingerie. She turns herself around to give us a view of her phat ass and shakes it, spreading her cheeks open for us to get a peek at her internet money-making womanhood. She has a bleached asshole and her pussy lips are puffy, looking like a snack. As me and the other men cheer for her the loudest, she pulls her panties down completely and steps out of them. She picks them up and throws them toward us as Bob catches them. He takes a good whiff of Lola’s scent and shouts loudly with triumph as Lola continues. This is absolutely way better than any strip club I’ve been to! She finally undoes her bra and lets it fall to the floor as her large globes pop out in their full glory showing her dark areolas and hardened nipples. She shakes her breasts proudly and makes her way onto the stage to join the other naked women. We all applaud for Lola one last time as K stops the music, thanking her.

-Next up, give a warm welcome to…..Nikki!

K says after pulling another name from the hat.

Nikki gets up to the podium and hugs K as we applaud and cheer, anxious to hear what she has to say and watch her get naked for us men.

-Thanks K! Hello everyone! You can call me Nikki. I’m 28 years young and from New York. I’m a Flight Attendant for a major airline, living my best life traveling across the world and getting fucked one state and country at a time in each new location I fly to. I’ve had random encounters with pilots, other colleagues, hot passengers on my flights, people in my layover cities, and so on! I just love the lifestyle of getting fucked consistently across various time zones in a short period of time!

That earns her a big cheer from the three of us guys. That’s an incredible career to have! Nikki is definitely a lucky babe.

-As I have the luxury to travel to wonderful cities and exotic places, I do have a hobby that’s my side hustle working as an upscale escort, offering fetish-friendly services to wealthy older men that love younger babes like myself. I love the fact that I make their fantasies come true, doing things in bed for them that their wives won’t do. That being said, I can’t wait to see what chosen sex act I get to do! Thanks everyone!

Nikki walks to the front of the podium as we applaud. K starts up the music. Nikki rips off her long green cardigan and then slowly pulls off her cream colored top. She has a lacy pink bra on. For being dressed so comfortably before looking like she was on a study date at a Starbucks, she quickly shifted gears to looking like a straight up porn star. Nikki’s breasts are perfect with her nipples begging to pop out due to how skimpy her bra is. She has about 38C sized tits. She turns herself around to give the guys a view of her big ass. She’s a beautiful busty Latina for sure. She unzips her jeans and slowly pulls them down. She wiggles her ass as she pulls her tight jeans off, giving us quite a show. Nikki finally pulls her jeans all the way down and steps out of them revealing a matching set of sexy lingerie. Her pink G-string is so thin, they barely cover her asshole. The material only covers up her slit. Her vaginal folds are exposed as she slowly turns around unclipping her bra at the same time. Everyone cheers as we get a view of Nikki’s tan breasts for the first time. She has small nipples with a nipple piercing in her left boob. She has her hand covering her crotch area but she slowly pulls it away unveiling her freshly waxed vagina to Ted, Bob, and I. She has on crotchless panties that give full access for a cock to sink deep into her snatch. She’s drop dead gorgeous standing before us naked with a bright smile on her face.

-Thanks again Nikki! What an incredibly sexy body you have!

K says turning the music off as we clap.

Once Nikki gets on stage, K pulls out the final name out of the hat.

-Last but certainly not least, we have Aries!

K says as we clap and cheer for her as she makes her way over to the podium.

Aries hugs K and begins to speak.

-Thanks everyone. Especially you K for doing all this and for the invite. You can all call me Aries. I am 36 years old, and originally from Pakistan. I came to the US as a child and was raised in New York up until a few years ago when my husband was relocated to the state of Washington. As a “Conservative” Muslim woman, I wear my traditional garments in public wherever I go. Especially with my husband as he does not want me to reveal any of my skin for all to see. But I’m more than happy to show all of you what’s under my dress and much more if you know what I mean.

All of the guys cheer as Aries says that last part. I can’t wait to see how sexy her body is under her garments.

-To my strict husband and loving kids, I’m an obedient housewife following all the traditional rules of our religion. In private, I love to sneak out and satisfy all my sexual urges. My husband doesn’t satisfy me in bed and cannot make me cum. I have a secret friend who I met online that helps me explore my wild side. We hook up each time my husband is away traveling on business. What makes me cum fast and hard is any kind of rough play. Slapping my face, my tits, my ass, choking me, anything that reminds me what a dirty whore I am in secret. I’m privileged to be here in this country being able to get away with what I do without religious persecution. Where I’m originally from, I could be executed for my secret lifestyle. That being said, thanks again everyone. Now it’s time for me to get comfortable and join my ladies on stage.

Aries gets the biggest round of applause tonight by far as she makes her way to the front of the podium to get close to the men so we all get a better view of what’s under her garments. K queues the music as Aries turns her body around to give us a view of her thick ass. She slowly pulls her dress up all the way, showing her olive skin for the first time. Her wide butt cheeks slip out from under as she continues to raise her garment. Everyone cheers for Aries as she continues. She pulls her garment off completely over her head and leaves her hijab on. She turns around for us showing the guys her matching set of purple lingerie. She comes over close to us and asks Ted to yank her panties down. He happily obliges and yanks them down in one swift motion. Her pussy has fuzzy well-kept pubic hair and glistens from how wet she is. Aries is definitely turned on right now. She steps back and quickly unclips her bra and allows her large melons to pop out. Her breasts sag a little due to their size. She has large erect nipples and plays with them as she turns her body around in a circle slowly for the men and women to see. Absolutely STUNNING body! It’s a shame she always has to keep her figure hidden. Aries makes her way to the stage as K stops the music.

-Lets hear it for Aries everyone and that gorgeous body under those garments!!

K says as we all give her a well deserved round of applause.

-And a big thank you to the rest of our ladies! Next, our three men are going to make their introductions now. Please come back down and take your seats as we let them introduce themselves,

K says.

All of the ladies on the stage make their way back to us, completely naked. K stands at the podium as she makes an announcement.

-Before I ask each of you gentlemen to come up and introduce yourselves, I need to clarify that you won’t be stripping down naked here. You’ll have your private areas to undress and take your pills to last the entire game,

K says.

-Now, let’s give a warm welcome to our first gentleman of the night, Ted!

K says as all the ladies cheer loudly.

Ted makes his way up to the podium. He wears business casual clothes looking like he’s ready for a job interview with his khaki pants on and tucked in blue collared shirt.

-Hello everyone, please call me Ted. It’s a pleasure to be standing here in front of all you beautiful naked women and these two wonderful gentlemen with me,

Ted starts off saying pointing to Bob and I.

-K, thanks for being an amazing host so far and welcoming us to this beautiful home on the lake. Such a perfect secluded area for a perfect event like tonight. A little about me…I’m from Southern Cali and moved to the SeaTac area for work. I’m a CEO for a new start-up tech company. That’s probably too much information as it won’t be too hard for any of you to find out my true identity,

Ted says as we all laugh.

-I’ve been married and divorced three times. I’m in my early forties so I think it’s safe to just assume that marriage doesn’t work for me. It’s hard for me to stay with one partner in a lifelong commitment. Being an attractive male, according to all the women I’ve been with, it wasn’t hard for me to find myself having multiple affairs at once. I had one-night stands each time I was away on business and paid for top of the line escorts to do to them what none of my ex wives were willing to do. Does that sound familiar to you Nikki?

Ted asks her as she busts out laughing, making a reference to her side hustle.

He chuckles before continuing on.

-A fetish of mine is hooking up with young babes in their late teens and early twenties. I had a couple affairs at the same time during my second marriage with two young beautiful interns at work. Each of them called me daddy and allowed me to do whatever I wanted to them. I don’t expect any of you ladies to do the same but I’m looking forward to all the sex acts I get to perform on any of you beautiful ladies tonight. Thanks for letting me speak.

Everyone gives Ted a warm round of applause, especially Cutie. They both definitely would be a match made for each other as she’s way younger than him and into older men like himself, and vice versa.

K comes back to the podium to welcome the next man.

-Thanks Ted! Next up, we have Bob ladies and gentlemen!

She says as we cheer for him while he makes his way to the podium.

-Thanks K! Hello everyone, you can call me Bob. I’m 32 years old, from up north in Bellingham. I’m new to the SeaTac area. I’m a realtor and a fitness junkie. In my off time, I make HD interracial porn for a popular POV website. It’s fun as I get to remain anonymous as my face is never on camera and I get to fuck White women of all ages while getting paid. One thing that I’ve done quite a few times over the last year is hook up with married couples. I love to fuck women while their cuck husbands watch me give them the sex they crave by an athletic Black man like myself. I’m psyched for this game tonight! That’s about all I got, thanks for letting me share.

Everyone applauds for Bob as he makes his way back to the couch and plops himself next to me.

-Thanks Bob for sharing! Last but not least, everyone put your hands together for Smitty!

K says as everyone cheers and applauds for me while I stand up and make my way to the podium.

I walk up to K to give her a hug. I feel my cock twitch as we embrace. I’m pressed up against her body as I feel her leather dress material and my hands wrap around her lower waist. When she lets go of me, she has this sly smile on her face. She felt my cock for sure. I turn to face my mostly naked audience and begin to speak.

-Thanks everyone. I’m so happy to be here with all of you wonderful people! This is definitely a diverse group we have here. All thanks to K! You can call me Smitty.

I’m 26 years old, born and raised here in Seattle. I am a personal trainer and spend most of my free time at the gym, due to work or on my own time working out. I’m divorced and have been single for over a year. I was fortunate to end things with my ex wife on good terms. She moved out of state to chase her career. I wasn’t ready to leave everything behind. We drifted apart for quite some time in our marriage even before she left. For the longest time, I’ve felt like something had been missing in my sex life. Even after my divorce, I felt like something was missing and that my sex life wasn’t exciting as it used to be. While I’m fortunate enough to have flings and hook up with clients and other ladies at my gym, random Tinder dates, and so on, I just felt like something was missing. And that empty void was filled last week when I had the opportunity to meet K as she sucked my cock from a glory hole. I don’t really have an impressive sexual lifestyle like the rest of you have mentioned. I’m just an average guy with an extraordinary sexual appetite. So ladies, be ready. Because I’m going to bring my A Game tonight and we’re all going to get down and dirty. Thanks for letting me share.

My closing statement brings loud cheers out of all the women present. They’re all just as enthusiastic and horny as I am. I make my way back to the couch as K takes her spot at the podium.

-Thanks Smitty! I’m thrilled to hear that I played a part in filling a void in your sex life. I hope tonight satisfies everyone of your sexual urges here,

K starts off with before she’s interrupted by the sound of an alarm.

We all look to the giant screen tv behind the stage as it flashes the time. It’s midnight. It’s just about time to begin K’s game of ‘5 Minutes in Kinky Heaven.’

-Ok ladies and gentlemen, it’s midnight. We’re right on schedule! It’s time for us to commence the game by assigning the hardcore sex acts to all my beautiful ladies.

Everyone stands up applauding and cheering as K grabs her two hats and readies herself to draw out each female name and sex act.

-Alright, as excited as I know all of you are, I must make a disclaimer and say that the list of sexual acts I have in my hat are all hardcore activities. I ***ed this particular group of ladies to participate tonight because I know you’re all open-minded, incredibly horny, and down with whatever happens tonight. But I must say to all of you that consent is mandatory and if you’re not comfortable with anything tonight during our game, you’re more than welcomed to leave without any judgment. I must repeat that the list of sex acts in my hat ALL involve hardcore sex. Is there anyone with concerns or having second thoughts?

Everyone stays silent as K looks around at the group of all the participants before continuing. Not one person here tonight hesitates to speak up or raise their hand in concern. I think each of us know that whatever happens here tonight stays here. And anything goes. We’re all ready for what’s to come.

-Great! Ok ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to start off by drawing a slip of paper from my hat that has a compiled list of hardcore sex acts for tonight’s game. I will announce what it is and then use my other hat to draw out the name of the lucky lady that will be assigned to play the role in the act. I will choose to my liking which man or men will perform the act. I’ll also decide as the host which of these acts I’ll throw myself into and join. Ladies, once you hear your name called out, please make your way back to the stage. Are you all ready?

K asks as we applaud cheerfully.

-Alright, let’s begin!

K says putting her hand into one of them and draws out a slip of paper.

-Tonight’s first act…Anal with hands cuffed behind back, bathed in oil!

K says.

All the ladies clap with a tremendous roar. I look at my fellow men as they cheer loudly. We’re eager to see who’s going to be assigned the first act.

-What a great, dirty way to start the game!

K says as she grabs a small remote and points it at the tv.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen! Tonight’s lucky lady to start our game is……

The room is filled with audio coming from the surround sound speakers with a drum roll as the drum beat ends with a loud cymbal.

K digs her hand into her hat with names and pulls out a slip.


K shouts out loud.

Everyone cheers for Nikki as she stands up excitedly to make her way back to the stage.

-Performing with Nikki, I’m going to choose…Bob!

K says pointing to him.

Everyone cheers for him as he stands and takes a bow. Nikki glances at him and blows him a kiss. Although I had hoped K chose me to perform with Nikki, the feeling of anxious excitement overcame my slight jealousy. I don’t know who I’m going to fuck tonight first. And I don’t know what acts I’ll be participating in. It’s a thrill in itself just not knowing what to expect. K then moves on to the next act of the game.

-Our next act of the night……Double Penetration with blindfolds on! Our next lucky lady will not know which of our men here are going to be assigned to join her.

All the ladies let out an “ooooh” as we clap. I hope I am one of the chosen men to join the lucky lady. Given how there’s only three of us, I figured the odds would be in my favor.

-Who’s tonight’s lady going to be for some blindfolded DP?

K asks as she draws her hand in the name hat a with the drum roll audio beginning.

The drum roll ends and K pulls a slip of paper out.

-Put your hands together for Lola everyone!

Lola stands up and makes her way to the stage with a bright smile on her face. We all cheer for her. Each lady has a positive attitude so far with each activity listed. K was not kidding when she said that these are all hardcore acts. But that’s why we’re here. To partake in this game and enjoy the experience.

-I’ll talk to the men I’ve chosen to join Lola in private. Let’s continue!

K says.

K draws the next act from the hat and pulls it out.

-Our next act will be…..Rough Sex with Nipple Clamps on.

After another round of applause, K begins the drum roll to unveil who gets the next act. She then pulls another slip of paper from her hat.


Aries makes her way onto the stage when called as we cheer for her. K continues by announcing which man she chooses.

-I think I’m going to go with Smitty for this one!

Yes! My first act of the night that I know I’ll be participating in. Aries and I look at each other as she gives me a shy smile. She looks fucking sexy standing naked on stage with her hijab on. She never took it off. K moves on to the next act.

-Next ladies and gentlemen…..

She says as she reaches into her hat for a slip of paper.

-Our next act will be…..A Pissing Session. All the men get to give a lucky lady a golden shower and fill whatever hole they want with their meaty cock.

This is a fun one. Especially since I know I’ll have to pee very soon after all the wine I’ve drank so far this evening. All the ladies cheer, excited to see that each act K reads out gets kinkier and more filthy. K starts the drum roll audio and pulls out the next name from her hat.

-Our next act goes to……Cutie!

Cutie squeals with excitement as she stands and makes her way to the stage. Though she’s the youngest participant tonight, she’s probably one of the biggest freaks here.

-For this act, I’m going to have all the men participate. I hope you’ve all kept your bladders full,

K says looking at the three of us men.

We all shake our heads as she continues.

-I will also participate in this act with Cutie.

K says as we all cheer, excited that K officially will be joining in on the fun.

-Moving on! Our next sex act will be…..

K says as she grabs another slip from her hat.

-Oh wow!

K looks up at us with a big smile on her face.

-Ladies and gentlemen, this next one is pretty hardcore. And I hope our next lucky lady truly is open minded for this one.

After a brief pause, K reveals the next act.

-Our next act will be….Double Anal Penetration!

All the ladies sitting and the ones standing on stage gasp. This is absolutely going to be interesting to see if whoever is picked for this act will back out or not. K reaches into the name hat and pulls out a slip of paper.

-For this act we’ll have….Nancy!

Everyone applauds for Nancy with loud shouts of encouragement as she stands and makes her way back to the stage. She actually looks pretty excited. K notices too.

-Are you nervous, excited, or what?

K asks Nancy.

-A little bit of everything but mostly excited! I’ve had DP before but never two in my ass. There’s always a first time am I right?

Nancy replies laughing aloud.

We all cheer for her seeing how confident she is to perform one of the kinkiest acts of the night so far. Nancy stands proudly on stage naked with the rest of the other ladies that have been called so far. She still has her pantyhose on. I hope she keeps them on all night. If K chooses me to perform the act with Nancy, I’ll tear a large hole in her crotch and fuck her just like that. K continues to speak, picking out her choice of men to go along with Nancy.

-For this act, I think I’m going to join in on the fun. What do you say to that Nancy?

K asks.

-I’d be thrilled to have you K!

Nancy says happily.

-Great!! I think I’ll ask…..Smitty to join me. That sound good to you?

K asks me as she looks me in the eyes.

-Absolutely!! Let’s do Nancy together and treat her like the old whore she is!

I say as everyone cheers for us.

I can’t believe I get to join K and fuck another woman together. As a transgender woman, K can fuck anyone she wants with her lady cock. I wonder how big she is. Is she bigger than me? I keep myself occupied in my lustful thoughts about what’s under K’s leather dress. Moving on, there’s only one lady who hasn’t been given a sex act yet.

-Last but not least, we have Amy!

K says as she reaches into her hat to pick out her sex act.

-Anything goes for me K! I’m ready for whatever you got!

Amy says with an uplift in her voice.

-Great to hear! Our last act before our finale will be…..Every Hole Filled Entirely!

K says after drawing a slip from her hat.

Amy gets up and claps with a big shout of enthusiasm. We cheer for her as she makes her way to the stage. K chooses the next choice of men to go along with Amy.

-For this act, I’ll have Ted and Smitty join me!

She says as we all applaud, especially Amy.

After the applause dies down, K gets on stage and joins the women with one of her hats.

-Congrats to each of you women here tonight! You’ve all been given your sex acts and are eager to get the game officially started. I just have one last thing to announce before we get started. Our big finale, the BUKKAKE!

Another big round of cheers and applause from everyone as K continues.

-I have my hat in my hand with the names of all my sexy ladies here written down inside. I’m going to choose one gentleman to come up on stage for me to randomly pick out a name from my hat. Whichever one of you lucky ladies is chosen gets to be a cum slut, showered in semen by our three men AND myself! I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with your creamy loads as each men are not allowed to ejaculate tonight until the very end. It’s going to be one hell of a Bukkake that I’m confident one of you lucky ladies will enjoy!

K announces.

We applaud and cheer, especially the ladies on stage that I’m sure are desperately anxious to see who’ll be the lucky lady to get the Bukkake finale.

-Now, can I have Ted join me and pick out a name from my hat?

K asks.

Ted jumps from his seat on the couch and makes his way to the stage. K extends the hat to him as he reaches in and mixes up the names for a few seconds. He then pulls out the slip of paper as K plays the drum roll audio one last time.

-Who will be our lucky cum slut for tonight’s final act Ted?

K asks as soon as the audio ends with the crash of the cymbals.

Ted clears his throat and briefly pauses before speaking, building up excitement.

-Tonight’s lucky slut for the Bukkake Finale will be…….CUTIE!!

Ted says loudly.

The room roars with applause as everyone cheers for Cutie. She jumps up and down on stage with excitement clapping her hands after hearing the news. Each of the ladies congratulate her.

-Congrats Cutie! You’ll be tonight’s lucky cum slut!

K says.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen, without any further announcements to be made, I’m going to ask our ladies to take a seat and our men to head to the room to my right and undress. You’ll all take your pills as I have them ready for you with some water on a table. For our men, you’re all excused! When you return, we’ll officially get started with our first act of the night!

K says as everyone applauds.

The three of us men head to the room. Once I close the door behind us, we all find a corner to undress. I’m the first one to strip down out of all my clothes, standing completely naked next to Bob and Ted. I then turn to the small table K has set up with small bottles of water and individual small containers containing each of our “miracle pills.” I grab the small container and swallow my pill and drink it with water. Bob and Ted both get to the table at the same time and drink their pills.

Bob has a great athletic build with a bigger chest than me and more defined abs. His dark cock is just as meaty as mine looking a little bit longer, about nine inches. Ted has an average body looking pretty strong too. He has a hairy chest and strong biceps. His cock is not as thick or long as Bob and I. He still has an impressive endowment, measuring about seven inches.

-Holy shit!

Bob says as he stares down at his crotch.

I felt a rush of adrenaline flood down my body as my cock twitches and gets rock hard in a matter of seconds. My breathing gets heavy as my heart rate picks up. My thirst for sex intensifies as Bob, Ted, and I look at each other.

-What the fuck is in this pill??

Ted asks amazed.

-I don’t know, but this feels so fucking good!

I say with a chuckle.

-This is way stronger than the Viagra I take before a shoot.

Bob says reminding us that he shoots porn for a popular POV website.

After we’re able to calm down a bit from the adrenaline rush, we make our way back out to the stage area to join the ladies. K has the set up ready for the first act tonight. The only illuminating spotlight shines bright over the left side of the stage where the ottoman is. The ottoman sits on top of a large tarp that I guess is put into place for messy acts like pissing, squirting, excessive amounts of oil being used, etc. Next to the ottoman is a side table with a large bottle of oil and a pair of handcuffs. All the ladies are seated as K stands on stage ready to begin. She points to us and calls us over to the stage before we’re able to sit down.

-Ladies, let’s get a sneak peek of what’s in store for you tonight. Gentlemen, come and give the ladies a show!

K says.

Bob, Ted, and I make our way to the stage and stand in the spotlight as all the ladies squeal with excitement. We hear lots of clapping, whistling, and some of the ladies shouting for us to turn around to get a better view. The three of us on stage flex our muscles and then turn around showing off our physiques. I grab my cock and jerk it slowly as the women continue to shout and cheer.

-Thank you gentlemen! You’re all looking incredibly sexy! Beautiful cocks! You’re all blessed!

K continues with.

-Before I ask our men to sit down, I must have a private word with them. Gentlemen?

K says, pulling us behind the stage.

-I have chosen Ted and Smitty for the blindfolded DP for Lola’s act. Once she’s on stage with her blindfold on, I’ll need both of you to join me on stage.

K says looking at me and Ted.

We nod in reply as we all make our way back to the stage. She then calls us to sit back down to our designated couch in front of the stage.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen, let us begin the first act of the night! Let’s have Bob and Nikki come to the stage.

As everyone applauds, Nikki and Bob make their way to the left side of the stage for the first act to begin.

CHAPTER 5: The Game (1st Half)

K presses a button on her remote to start the count down timer. It’s set for five minutes. She instructs Bob to bend Nikki over the ottoman as he grabs the handcuffs from the side table. He pulls Nikki’s hands behind her back and cuffs them.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen! Let us begin the first act of the night! Are we ready??

K asks us as we cheer.

-Let the game begin in…..5…4…3…2…1! GO!

K shouts as the countdown timer begins.

Bob immediately grabs the bottle of lube from the table as he squirts excessive amounts onto his cock and down Nikki’s lower back and ass. As he rubs the oil up and down his shaft, he uses his other hand to massage Nikki’s ass. She squirms around gently in a bent over position with her hands tied behind her. She seems to enjoy the role she’s in as she moans with a smile on her face, anxious for what’s to come. Bob continues to rub his cock, lubing himself for his grand entrance up into Nikki’s ass. He showers more of the oil down her ass cheeks and his shaft as he makes a big oily mess. He rubs Nikki’s tan ass cheeks together. The lube does a great job of making her curvy behind shine.

-Four minutes remaining!

K shouts as Bob puts down the bottle of lube.

K turns on some music and plays it on low volume to make a more fun atmosphere while the rest of us watch the grand show that’s on stage right now.

Bob grabs Nikki’s thick ass with one hand and spreads her cheeks wide enough for him to slide his meaty shaft in between them. Nikki grunts begging him to shove his cock up her ass already. He takes his cock and slides it slowly up her tight hole. Nikki winces at first from the intensity of her asshole being split open by a massive black cock. She shakes her body up and down slowly on the ottoman, trying to adjust to his member inside her.


Nikki screams taking deep breaths.

All the ladies cheer her on giving her words of encouragement telling her that she’s got this and she can take it. Once Bob is all the way deep inside Nikki’s asshole, he thrusts himself in and out of her. Slowly at first as he tries to find a comfortable rhythm. Once Bob is comfortable with his pace, he picks up speed, taking long strides in and out of her. Nikki yells begging for him to fuck her harder. Bob spanks her thick cheeks one at a time like a pair of bongos as he tears up her Latina asshole. The excessive oil at some points causes him to slip out of Nikki easily. He takes his oily shaft and slips himself back up her bum. As he continues to do her doggy, completely dominant over her, he grabs her dark hair and yanks it back, grabbing the cuffs tied behind her back with his other hand. He pulls the chain of the cuffs back causing Nikki’s arms to stretch further behind her back as he rams deep into her asshole causing her to scream with painful pleasure.


Nikki screams at the top of her lungs.

Bob continues to thrust in and out of her asshole for another minute or so before looking at the countdown on the big screen. He has under two minutes remaining. Bob pulls himself out of Nikki. He quickly turns her body over with her hands still tied behind her back. He lays her body sideways onto the ottoman with her hands behind her and bends her lower body to the side. Her legs lean off the edge with her body forming an L-shape as Bob raises her leg and slides himself back into her asshole easily. He continues to fuck her roughly while she moans begging for more. He takes one of her breasts into his hand and squeezes it firmly. As they moan and grunt together, the timer goes off, ending the first act. It’s a good thing too because Bob looks like he’s in his zone which could have led him to an early orgasm.

-Let’s give it up for Bob and Nikki everyone!

K says as we cheer for them.

K makes her way over to the both of them on the ottoman. She takes a key to unlock Nikki’s cuffs freeing her up. She gets up off the ottoman looking sweaty and out of breath. She glistens with lube all over her lower body. She makes her way off stage to the refreshments table to get some water. Bob follows her as K introduces the next act.

-Ok! Time for our second act everyone!

K says.

As we applaud, K uses another remote to dim the spotlight on the ottoman and shines another spotlight on the right side of the stage where the couch is.

-Next up is Lola for her blindfolded DP!

K says as we applaud again.

Lola makes her way onto the stage and takes a seat on the couch. K brings over a bottle of lube to her and a blindfold.

-Let’s give you a moment to prep. Allow me to apply lube on you as you put on your blindfold.

K tells Lola.

Lola does as instructed and puts on her blindfold. We watch her get ready for her act that Ted and I are going to perform without her knowledge of who’s fucking her. K has Lola bent over the edge of the couch as she pours lube down her ass and her lower pussy. K rubs the lube up her asshole and down to her pussy spreading her lips open as Lola moans from the cold, wet sensation of the lube. Once she’s properly lubed and ready to go, K tells Lola to sit back and relax as we get the next act started. She signals for me and Ted to join her on the stage. We make our way over as K continues.

-Ok, let’s get our second act of the night started! In 5…4…3…2…1. Go!!

K says as the countdown begins.

-I’ll take her ass, you’ll get pussy.

Ted whispers to me.

I nod as we slide onto the couch with Lola in between us.

-Why hello you two! Whoever you are!

Lola says with a giggle.

We don’t waste any time as I grab her and throw her body onto my lap. Lola squeals as I rub my face in between her large breasts while grabbing my cock from beneath her lower body. Lola shifts her body upwards, making it easier for me to find her wet cunt. As I slip my shaft up into Lola’s slit, she gasps.

-You’re so big!! Oh Fuck!!

She yells.

Once my tip stretches her vaginal walls open, Lola does the rest of the work for me, sitting down on my lap taking every inch of my meat deep inside. She grunts while I move my lower body up and down, with her gently bouncing on my cock. Once I have my rhythm going, I look over at Ted. He gives me a thumbs up as I nod giving him the ok to join us. I spread my legs open allowing him to get in between them. He spanks Lola’s ass multiple times as she rides me making her moan. I see him take some lube and rub some on his shaft before he attempts to make his way up Lola’s back door. I pause my thrusts for a moment to allow him to shove his cock deep up her ass. I feel his legs press against mine as Lola’s body shifts closer to mine, with Ted shoving himself slowly up her tight hole from behind her. With Lola’s face pressed against my shoulder, I feel her warmth as she takes deep breaths. Ted grunts as he slowly makes his way up her tight hole. Lola begins to scream until his shaft is finally all the way up inside her bum. He nods at me when he’s all the way in. I take a look behind me at the timer. We have 3 minutes remaining. I begin by thrusting my hips up and down on the couch as Ted pushes himself in and out of Lola. We start slow at first as we try to find a perfect rhythm to follow together. Eventually, we pick up our pace as we fill up Lola’s holes shoving our cocks deep inside them and thrusting in and out at a rapid pace. Lola screams while we tear her holes up together. Lola’s body collides with mine violently each time Ted thrusts deep into her ass. I feel my cock getting moist as Lola’s pussy juice floods down my shaft and below to my ass crack.


Lola screams as we thrust in and out of her tight asshole and sopping wet pussy.

With the three of us in our own zone, the timer goes off. It felt like we only had her for two seconds! Ted pulls himself out of Lola and sits down besides me. I help Lola off my crotch pushing her body to the other side of the couch. Our audience cheers as K speaks up.

-What a spectacular show the three of you gave us! How do you feel Lola?

K asks.

Lola is out of breath but raises her arms up and let’s out a giant “WOO HOO!”

-Excellent! Now Lola, take off your blindfold so you can see the two men that fucked you to an orgasm.

Lola immediately pulls her blindfold off as she looks around and finds me and Ted on the couch with her. She laughs as she stands with her legs wobbling.

-Smitty and Ted! You are amazing!

Lola says while everyone applauds. As we stand up, Lola makes her way over and kisses each of us on the lips with gratitude.

As we make our way to the refreshment table for water, K continues to the third act of the night.

-Next up we have Aries! She’ll be receiving rough vaginal sex with nipple clamps on. Performing with her will be Smitty!

As everyone applauds, I drink my small bottle of water and make my way to the stage to meet K and Aries. I’ll be fucking Aries on the same couch that I just performed Lola’s DP with Ted. Aries smiles at me while K grabs a pair of nipple clamps that are held together by a thin metal chain. K wraps the chain around Arie’s neck and takes both clamps, clipping them onto her hardened nipples. Aries winces in pain at first as the clips tightly squeeze her sensitive nipples.

-Too tight?

K asks her.

-I’ll adjust….this is new to me. I know I’ll love it!

Aries says forcing a smile on her face.


K says, making her way over to the center of the stage.

Aries then looks to me.

-You can be as rough as you want with me. No matter how much I scream or look like I’m in pain. Sound good?

She asks me.

I gently fondle her right breast as I lean into her for a kiss.

-Sounds good to me. Do you need a safe word just in case?

Aries shakes her head.

-It’s only five minutes. I can take it!

She says with a sudden boost of confidence.

-Let’s do this!

I say with a smile.

-Ok Smitty and Aries! Are you both ready to begin?

K asks as she holds the remote for the timer in her hand.


Aries and I say together.

-Let’s begin! In 5…4…3…2…1! GO!

K shouts as the timer begins the countdown.

I drown out the noise of the background music and the loud cheers from the audience as I focus on Aries. I grab her by her neck and choke her with one hand and take my other to reach in between her legs to play with her clit. Just as I suspect, she’s already wet. Aries closes her eyes struggling to breath. I take my hand and shove two of my fingers inside her. Aries moans as I continue to suffocate her and violate her pussy with my fingers, jamming them in and out of her, quick as can be. When her face begins to change color, I release my grasp from her neck and jam my fingers that are soaked with her pussy juice into her mouth. Aries grabs my wrist and shoves my hand deeper into her mouth as I feel her sucking my fingers like a vacuum, getting a good flavor of her vagina. I know I don’t have any time to waste. I force her down onto the couch and bend her forward. I bend my knees and make my way down to eye level to the back of her ass. I spread her cheeks open and stare at her fuzzy wet pussy before my face. I spit a few times into her cunt and spread my saliva around her vaginal folds with aggression, making it as easy for me to slide my shaft into her momentarily. I then stand up and lean myself into her body. Her ass shakes begging for me to stuff her already. I take my rod and aim it at her wet cunt. Without any trouble I slide my way deep into her love hole as Aries gasps out loud. I feel just how tight her pussy is while I’m met with the sensation of her vaginal walls slowly expanding inside, adapting to all eight inches of my meat. Her pussy throbs as I feel it squeeze my shaft each time she takes a deep breath. Aries turns to me with her teeth gritting and sweat coming down her forehead.

-Fuck me!

I pull myself backwards and slam my way back into her, deep as I can. I do this several times as Aries yelps. I continue my violent thrusts in and out of her, grabbing onto her thick ass. With one hand latched onto her ass, I take my other and grab the back of her neck with aggression. She still has her hijab on. I reach upward to grab on tightly to the material of her headwear and begin to spank her ass with all my might. Aries cries out loud in enchanted agony as I multitask, fucking her doggy, spanking her ass, and choking her from the back of her neck. Aries screams while I remain dominant standing over her and thrust in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy soaks my entire shaft in her juices, which tells me she’s enjoying what I’m doing. The more soaked she gets, the harder it is for my cock to stay inside her as it slips out multiple times. I use my hips to thrust back into her without any trouble with her pussy farting each time I slide back in. Aries yells out loud as she uses her hands to grab on tight to the couch. Both of her butt cheeks are bright red with my hand marks imprinted in them. I continue to spank her with all my strength. Looking at the timer, I see we have about 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining of our act. I pull myself out of her, wanting to fuck in another position. Aries must have read my mind.

-Please! Please let me ride you!! I’m so close to an orgasm, I know I’ll make a mess on top of your big cock!

Aries says with a hint of desperation in her voice.

Without a verbal response, I sit down on the couch as Aries gets herself up and climbs into my lap. She does the work for me and reaches behind her to grab my rod and place it back into her warm love hole. Aries begins to move her body up and down with my shaft sinking deep into her. Her eyes practically roll to the back of her head once my entire meat stick is shoved deep into her womb. I let her take over, bouncing on top of me. Her curvy body shakes and jiggles with each movement she makes. I don’t let her get off so easily as I continue my rough treatment on her. Her nipples look a bit swollen as the clamps continue to squeeze them tight. I grab both of her breasts and squeeze them tightly, causing Aries to grit her teeth in agony.


She yells.

She continues to ride my cock. I then take my hands and grab her clamps. I gently squeeze them tighter as she screams louder.


Aries screams.

I continue to squeeze the clamps on her sensitive nipples. She then slows down on top of me out of breath. Aries bounces up and down gently in my lap while my cock slides in and out of her cunt. I grab her by the neck with one hand and slap her breasts with the other. I begin to take over for her. I thrust myself in and out of her wet pussy in an upward downward motion. Aries’s eyes open wide, her mouth dropping in complete disbelief. She grunts and then screams. I sense her vaginal walls squeeze my shaft, feeling a gush of her warm nectar flood down my cock as I bounce up and down, in and out of her pussy. I listen to the “squish squish”sounds of her pussy each time I shove myself deep inside her as I slowly stop my thrusts. Aries squirted all over me with a powerful orgasm that took over her entire body. We look each other in the eyes as she leans into me kissing me with raw passion. I return the kiss back with her sitting on top of my stiff rod. As soon as our lips unlock from each other, the timer goes off and ends our act together.

-Good job.

Aries whispers in my ear and stands up, getting off of me.

The audience applauds as K makes her way back to the stage.

-FANTASTIC Smitty and Aries!

K says clapping for us.

Aries takes off the nipple clamps and hands them over to K as she gets off stage and heads to the table of refreshments for hydration. I head back down to the couch in the audience to sit down next to Bob and Ted.

-Nice job Smitty!

Bob tells me giving me a fist bump.

I thank him as Ted gives me a pat on the back. Tonight has been a spectacular experience so far! I’m feeling a little exhausted after having about 10 minutes worth of rough sex between Lola and Aries. My dick is still rock hard and my thirst for sex is still intense, thanks to the miracle pill. I’m also confident I’ll be able to last as long as I need to before I’m allowed to cum at the very end for Cutie’s Bukkake. K continues on with our next act of the night.

CHAPTER 6: The Game (2nd Half)

-Next up, we have our fourth act of the night! Cutie please make your way to the stage with our gentlemen!

K says.

K turns the spotlight on for the left side of the stage where the ottoman is located that sits atop of a large tarp. Cutie makes her way to the stage to meet K. Bob, Ted, and I follow as we ready ourselves for the next act. We’re all going to piss on this petite 18 year old redhead and fuck her. K is going to join us in our act and give Cutie a golden shower too.

-Ok guys, how are we going to do this?

Ted asks Bob and I.

I think about it for a moment and then coordinate a plan for all of us.

-Ok, here’s what we’ll do. Bob, you’ll lie on the ottoman as she gets on top and rides you. Feel free to piss inside her cunt or pull out and do so. Ted, you’ll stuff your meat in her mouth and piss down her throat when you’re ready. As soon as Bob is done, I’m going to want her asshole. K can come in at any time and piss on her.

Bob and Ted agree with the plan as K gets the timer ready. Cutie sits on the ottoman waiting for her mischievous act to begin.

-Ok gentlemen! Are we ready?

K asks us.

-Lets do it!

Bob says.

-Let the next act begin in 5…4…3…2…1! GO!

K shouts as the timer begins.

Bob makes his way over to the ottoman. He sits next to Cutie. Before she can say or do anything, he picks her petite body up and sets her on top of him. Cutie is ready, reaching behind to grab his dark cock and locate her slit. Everyone in the audience cheers as Cutie slips Bob’s large shaft into her tight snatch. It’s incredibly sexy to see her pussy expand, watching his rod sink deep into her. Bob uses his hands at first to control her moments, firmly grasping onto her pale ass cheeks while he pulls her up and down on top of his dick. Cutie makes high pitch yelps and moans as Bob tears up her pussy. He lets go of her ass and lies back using his hips to thrust in and out of her. He wraps his strong arms around her petite body, and accelerates his deep thrusts into her. She begs him for more as the rest of us watch this Black on White scene unfold before us. Ted makes his way over to Cutie’s face on the back of the ottoman. He puts one foot on top of it for balance and grabs his cock, aiming it at Cutie’s face. She opens wide welcoming his thick member into her warm mouth. She struggles to keep Ted’s meat inside her mouth due to her movements, riding a BBC. Without any warning, Bob stops thrusting into her teenage pussy. He comes to a halt with Cutie still on his lap. Bob closes his eyes and grunts out loud as Cutie moans with a bizarre facial expression.

-Oh God! It’s so warm!!

Cutie says moaning deeply.

Bob decided to piss deep into her pussy. Ted on the other hand didn’t want to miss his opportunity and slaps his meat on Cutie’s face multiple times. He then begins to rain down her face with his urine. Cutie opens her mouth and moves her head back and forth allowing Ted’s stream to flow down her throat. She spits out his piss when her mouth overflows with urine. In the mean time, Bob pulls himself out of Cutie. She gushes out his urine, spilling it out onto his lap. Bob continues to release his stream of piss onto her upper ass and lower back, grunting softly in the process of relieving himself on the pale teen redhead slut.

-I feel so wet and sticky!

Cutie says with a giggle.

Looking at the timer with under three minutes remaining, Bob and Ted finish up what they’re doing. Cutie gets off Bob allowing him to stand up as Ted backs away from the ottoman. It’s my turn.

-You’re next Smitty!

Cutie says proudly.

I smile at her as I locate a bottle of lube near me. I grab it and pour some on my shaft and take some more, spilling it down her ass crack, and bending her body over onto the ottoman. She shakes her hips trying to contain her excitement.

-Fuck me in the ass!

Cutie says to me with confidence.

With no time to waste, I spread her petite cheeks wide open and stare at her tight anus. I take my rod and press my big pink helmet against her asshole. I watch my tip slowly getting swallowed up whole, pushing my way deep inside her. Cutie’s asshole stretches taking every inch of my meat without much trouble. She must have some anal experience as I’m able to slide into her significantly tight hole without causing her much pain or trouble. Cutie grunts taking deep breaths with her eyes shut.

-Wow! You’re so Big!!

She tells me, trying not to scream.

-So I’ve been told.

I tell her.

My entire shaft is now up inside her shitter. I begin to pull back and forth. I start gently at first but then pick up my pace, spreading her ass cheeks open to get a better view of my monster sliding in and out of her petite asshole. As I reign over this slutty teen’s ass, K finally steps forward to join in on the fun.

-Time for me to crash this party!

K says with a chuckle.

K grabs her breasts with one hand and takes off her diamond shaped pasties she wore over her nipples all night. She removes them and I’m met with the sight of her gorgeous tits for the first time in their full glory. Her perfectly rounded breasts have big, pink erect nipples. The audience cheers with applause, after witnessing K unveil her glorious breasts. She then reaches below to her crotch area of her kinky dress. K sees me glancing at the sight of her grabbing the zipper to expose her private zone for the first time of the night. I stare at K, continuing to thrust in and out of Cutie’s asshole. With a smile on her face, she continues to eye me down, unzipping her crotch. Her lady cock slips out, standing completely erect. I look down at her well-endowed lady penis. She’s completely waxed and cut. She’s about six inches and has nice girth. K reaches down and grabs her shaft, rubbing it up and down. I’m left speechless as she winks at me and makes her way over to Cutie.

-Oh wow! That’s a beautiful cock you have!

Cutie says to K, taking every inch of my meat in and out of her asshole.

-Thanks Cutie! You’re so sweet! Now be a good girl for me and open your mouth wide!

K says.

K holds her cock standing over Cutie and takes a deep breath. She lets her urine fall down into Cutie’ mouth. With under a minute left on the clock, I pull myself out of Cutie’s ass. I aim my stick at her gaping hole and unleash my warm steady flow of piss into her hole. Cutie’s body shakes at first not expecting to feel my piss flow into her back door. She quickly adapts to the foreign sensation and moans, making gurgling sounds drinking K’s urine. The timer finally goes off as K and I wrap up our golden showers in two of Cutie’s holes. Once I’m done pissing into her bum, I rub my tip on her asshole, wiping it dry. K does the same thing and wipes her cock on Cutie’s lips. The audience applauds as I make my way off the stage with Bob and Ted. Cutie heads in the opposite direction, making a mess drenched in urine. K informs her where to find the bathroom to take a quick shower.

-Lets here it for Cutie everyone!

K says as we applaud some more.

-How bout a little rest break before we continue?

K suggests.

Everyone agrees as we head to the refreshments area to grab some water and snacks. I’m still rock hard and haven’t had an orgasm yet. I’m honestly surprised I’ve lasted this long considering my current environment and all the ladies I’ve fucked so far. Everyone stands around enjoying the refreshments, taking a well-needed rest break. Well-needed at least for the guys like myself that have been performing back to back in most of these acts so far. K then comes up to me with Nancy.

-Smitty! Would you be so kind and head up to the center stage where the bed is and help Nancy prep for her upcoming act?

K asks me.

-It would be such a great help for me darling! I want to be as lubed and ready as I can be for you and K!

Nancy says to me while sipping on a glass of wine.

-Absolutely! Let’s go!

I tell Nancy.

We both head up to the stage. I stop by the table with the sex toys to grab a butt plug and a bottle of lube. Nancy and I get onto the stage and make our way to the center where the full size mattress is. The mattress sits on top of a box spring for support and has legs that elevate it on all four corners.

-I’m so excited!

Nancy tells me with a tipsy laugh.

-Me too!

I tell her.

I take a good look at Nancy as she takes her last swig of wine from her glass and sets it down next to the mattress. When she bends down to put her glass down, I stare at her big fat ass covered up by her pantyhose. I’m reminded of what I want to do with her. She never took them off after stripping naked for all of us to see.

-May I tear a hole in your panties? I want it to be big enough for me and K to fuck you. You look fucking sexy in them.

I tell her.

-Of course darling! You can do whatever you want!

Nancy says, bending her body over the mattress for me.

-Now tear that hole and shove that plug up my arse darling. I want to be ready and lubed as I can be before we begin,

Nancy says.

I stand directly behind Nancy’s large ass, grabbing her rear. I feel her plump cheeks and reach inward to grab the pantyhose material right around her asshole. She laughs when I yank the material, tearing it apart. Nancy’s pantyhose rip easily as I stretch it out, tearing it wide open just enough for half of her ass cheeks to become exposed. Her enlarged pussy lips and her bum hole are now out in the open. I lick two fingers and tease her by rubbing her lower clit in between her legs. Nancy stops laughing and grunts softly.

-Don’t do that Smitty! Cause then you’re going to have to just fuck me right here, right now,

She tells me.

I don’t respond but instead take the bottle of lube and pour it down in between her large ass cheeks. Nancy shakes her body as the cool sensation of the oil makes her twitch. I pour a generous amount of lube and then take my fingers to rub all around her anus. I massage her tight ring and feel her trying to push out to gape her asshole. I take my thumb and gently push it up against her sphincter. Nancy grunts as her anus puckers up, allowing me to slide my thumb into her warm tight hole. She takes deep breaths while I wiggle my thumb inside her and pull it out slowly. I try to loosen her up nice and easily to make the plug slide right into her rectum.

-Oh enough with the bloody foreplay! Just shove that plug in me arse darling!

Nancy says with command.

I take my thumb out of her bum and grab the lube. I pour some on the tip of the plug and then aim it back at her tight hole. Without much trouble, Nancy’s asshole stretches out, accepting the plug. I push it deep inside her ass, making her grunt softly, as she enjoys the sensitive sensation.

-How does that feel?

I ask Nancy once the plug is all the way up her asshole.

-Fucking fantastic! Now I’m ready for two big cocks up inside me granny arse!

She tells me with another tipsy laugh.


I tell her as K joins us on stage.

-Is she ready?

K asks me.

I give her a thumbs up and look at the other participants that make their way back to the couches in front of the stage. We’re all ready to continue on with the game.

-Ok Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time for us to begin our next act! Smitty and I are going to simultaneously fuck Nancy in the ass!

The audience cheers for us while K turns the music back on and sets the timer on the big screen behind the stage.

-Ok let’s begin! In 5…4…3…2…1! GO!

K makes her way over to Nancy and I. She grabs the bottle of lube from me and pours it down her cock, rubbing it all over. K hands me the bottle, so I can do the same.

-Ok Smitty, let’s try this. Nancy will get on top of me, facing you. Once she’s comfortable with me inside her, you’ll get in between my legs and shove your cock inside and we’ll take it from there.

K instructs me.

Nancy grunts as I pull the plug slowly out of her ass. Once it slips out, she pushes her rectal muscles out to gape her asshole. K takes the lube and spills more down Nancy’s bum hole to make it slippery and wet as possible. She’ll need that oil when the time comes for her anus to stretch enough for two big cocks to penetrate her. K then lies on the edge of the mattress and grabs her lady stick. Nancy gets up and turns her fat behind around and gets on top of K’s lap. K instructs Nancy to spread her booty wide open for her to slip her cock inside. Nancy spreads her cheeks, allowing K to easily slide all six inches of her cock up into her arse. Nancy sits down onto K’s crotch.

-Oh My! You’re bigger than I expected!

Nancy tells K.

With a chuckle, K wraps her arms around Nancy’s fat belly and begins to slowly push her body up and down. Her cock slides in and out of Nancy’s bum. Seeing my opportunity to slide right in, K spreads her legs wide for me to step in between them. I grab Nancy’s massive legs that are wrapped in her torn panties and spread them wide. I hold a thick leg of hers with one hand and grab my monster cock with my other. I stare at Nancy’s stretched asshole, already filled with K’s lady cock. K temporarily stops her thrusts to allow me to shove my cock into Nancy’s stuffed ass. I press the tip of my dick in between Nancy’s lower pussy and her asshole. Slowly, I push myself forward with my cock touching K’s for the first time. I feel a tight opening for me to push myself deep into Nancy’s ass. I press forward and push my meat into Nancy’s asshole forcing her to stretch her sphincter wider for me and K to fit deep inside her rectum. Nancy winces in pain and does the best she can to not scream her head off. I’m finally able to shove up to about half my stick inside her tight hole until I’m no longer able, with K’s cock rubbed up against mine. Nancy takes deep breaths as K slowly moves her body up and down. I feel her cock move as I thrust back and forth gently to avoid my thick member from popping out of Nancy’s stretched asshole.


Nancy screams out loud unable to keep quiet any longer.

Her body breaks into sweats from the intensity of the ass fucking she’s receiving. With my hand grabbing her leg, I take the other and squeeze one of her large breasts. I play with it in my hand and feel it bounce from our movements. Her breast is soft and heavy. My hand slides down to her nipple and feels how hard it is. K and I continue to fuck Nancy together with deep, gentle thrusts. I can’t help but think about how amazing it feels to penetrate Nancy’s tight ass. Each time in doing so, my shaft pressing and rubbing up against K’s cock. Every time K slides her stick up into Nancy’s bum, her cock rubs up against mine. I get the feeling of an orgasm building up for the first time of the night. I try to think of other things so I can distract myself to avoid cumming too soon. After a few minutes though, I pull myself out of Nancy’s ass. K continues to fuck her, thrusting her hips up and down. I lean into Nancy. Her yells have calmed down into soft grunts. Nancy pulls her face closer to me and we share a deep kiss. Our heads bob up and down with K’s thrusts from beneath her. Our lips lock as I savor the flavor of red wine in Nancy’s mouth. Our tongues collide and waltz together. She tries to ram her tongue down my throat as she grunts. I take my right hand and find her labia. This makes Nancy grunt more while we continue our kiss. I tease her pussy with my fingers gliding them around her wet vaginal lips and then slide them up to the top of her clit. I take my thumb and push it deep into her vagina as my fingers play with her upper clit. Nancy pulls her face back and screams.


Nancy screams.

I’m hit with a faucet as she gushes violently all over my hand and lower body. I continue to finger her pussy and feel her juices flow heavily out of her. Nancy shrieks at the top of her lungs with her body convulsing. K stops her thrusts and pulls herself out of Nancy’s ass when the timer goes off.

-Time’s up! Let’s here it for Nancy everyone!!

K says after pushing Nancy’s body to the side, standing away from the mattress.

The participants cheer and applaud, the loudest applause of the night so far. Nancy slowly stands up with her legs shaking uncontrollably. Her pussy throbs after her wild squirting orgasm. She makes her way over to K and kisses her, thanking her graciously. I make my way off the stage to get some more water. Amy stands by the table with a glass of whiskey in her hand.

-I’ve been waiting all night for this. It’s finally my turn. You ready?

Amy asks.

-Lets go!

Amy drinks her whisky and we make our way to the stage. K leaves the set up for Amy’s act on the center stage where the mattress is. Ted is already on the stage with K. Amy and I meet them as she discusses with us what we’re going to do for Amy’s act.

-Ok gentlemen. This is our last act before our finale. Now, I’ll let you both decide. Do you want to fill all of Amy’s hole simultaneously or run a train on her and take turns fucking each of her holes?

K asks the both of us.

We look at each other and then at Amy to see what she wants.

-Lets switch it up a bit! Run a train on me!

Amy says with enthusiasm.

-Sounds great to me!

K says.

K grabs the remote for the screen and sets the timer. The music resumes in the background as Amy gets comfortable, getting on top of the mattress. She bends her body over and places herself near the edge of the mattress.

-Is everyone ready to watch Amy perform her act?

K asks all the participants.

The participants in the audience cheer us on as K begins her countdown.

-In 5…4…3…2…1! GO!

K shouts with the countdown beginning.

Ted and I approach Amy stroking our cocks. He gets behind her while I climb onto the mattress in front of her. She gives me a sly grin as her body jolts forward with Ted’s entrance into her pussy from behind. With my knees bent in front of her, I grab Amy by her dark hair and bend her head down. I feel her warm lips embrace the tip of my cock. At first, I let her slowly suck my shaft, bending her head up and down. She takes about half of my rod into her mouth. As Ted gets rough with Amy, taking quick deep thrusts into her pussy, he spanks her with magnificent force. Amy groans with my meat in her mouth. I decide to thrust myself deep into her throat and force her to choke on my cock. I grasp tightly onto Amy’s hair as she shakes her head left and right. She tries to force herself to stretch her mouth wider and adapt to my large member lodged deep inside her mouth. As she chokes on my rod, Ted continues to drill her pussy from behind, spanking her fit, tight ass. Ted’s intense thrusts into Amy’s cunt forces her head to hit my crotch, forcing her to take my meat even further down her throat. After about half a minute, I release my grip from Amy and pull my meat out of her mouth. She coughs and gags, spitting my cock out. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes, hyperventilating.


Amy says to me with a forced smile.

While I take my meat and shove it back down into her warm throat, Ted pulls out of her and allows K to step in. She has a bottle of lube and spills some down her ass crack.

K already has lube on her shaft as she rubs herself up and down preparing to enter Amy’s back door.

-I do enjoy this!

K says as she slides herself up into Amy’s bum.

With my cock still in her mouth, Amy grunts and lets out a muffled scream. I guess she wasn’t expecting K to be so big either. K starts slow at first, taking deep thrusts in and out of Amy. K grabs each side of Amy’s ass and moves her hips in a gliding motion, in and out of Amy. Ted makes his way over to K and wraps his arms around her waist while she continues to fuck Amy. He reaches up and grabs her large breasts, squeezing them tightly as K moans. I begin to thrust my cock in and out of Amy’s mouth, watching Ted spice things up with K right before my eyes. K stops moaning and turns her face to meet Ted’s. They kiss each other with lust. Ted fondles her breasts as he kisses K deeply. She’s really good at multitasking, continuing to drill Amy’s asshole, and pick up her pace. Amy grunts, choking and gagging on my meat. I shove my cock deep down her throat and continue to fuck her face. I can’t help but concentrate on Ted and K as they kiss lustfully. I feel envy staring at the two of them. All night, I’ve been thinking about K and how I secretly hoped we could fool around together. Since I saw her walk into the living room upstairs, the first time I ever laid eyes on her. I knew I wanted her all to myself. And here I am, watching her kiss Ted. I pull myself out of Amy’s mouth and stand up off the mattress. I look at the timer. We still have two minutes to go. K then breaks her kiss from Ted and looks at me.

-You ready to fuck Amy?

She asks me.

With a nod, K pulls her cock out of Amy’s ass. Ted leans back and walks to the front of the mattress to take my place.

-Turn around and lay forward for me,

I tell Amy.

Amy obeys and turns herself over, lying on her back. She shifts her body forward and leans her legs over the edge of the mattress, spreading them wide for me. K and I make eye contact while I walk over to Amy. I stare at her as I guide my cock in between Amy’s legs. I rub my tip in her vaginal area trying to find her entryway. Once my cock finds her opening, I push myself into Amy, making her gasp. I continue to stare at K, penetrating Amy’s pussy with deep and long strokes. K smiles at me while I do the best I can to give her an expression on my face that screams that I want intimacy with her. Just me and her. Alone. I turn my focus down to Amy. Her grunts and moans are now muffled. Ted made his way on top of Amy and has his meat stick shoved down her throat. He has his body leaning forward onto the upper side of the mattress. He shifts his body up and down, shoving his cock in and out of Amy’s mouth. I continue my thrusts into Amy’s warm, inviting pussy. Using my arms, I spread her legs wider apart. To the best of my ability, I push myself deep into her as possible, slamming myself into her crotch. Even with Ted’s cock down her throat, I hear Amy’s muffled grunts get louder each time I thrust deep into her. I take my hand and play with the piercing Amy has on her clit. In doing so, I rub her clit with two fingers as my meat continues penetrating Amy’s love hole. I remember doing this with Nancy just before and it drove her wild! Amy grunts furiously with my fingers stringing her clit like a guitar. Soon, Ted pulls himself off of Amy.

-No more! Or else I’ll cum!

He says out of breath.

K takes Ted’s place as Amy screams out loud she’s so close to her arrival. Just as K’s cock sinks into Amy’s mouth, I feel her warm cunt squeeze my cock and her body shaking. My cock feels the pressure of Amy’s orgasm hit. I pull in and out of her soaking wet pussy. My shaft is lubricated in her pussy juices. I then hear the timer go off, and I pull myself out of Amy, making her warm nectar spill out of her.

-And that’s the time! Give Amy a big round of applause!

K says as she gets off of the mattress.

Everyone in the audience cheers for K, Ted, Amy, and I as we make our way off the stage to get some water. It’s almost time for Cutie’s finale, the final act of the game. She’ll be the cum slut tonight. All of the men and our host are going to give her a bukkake. And just in time too. My blue balls are killing me as I haven’t been allowed to cum once tonight after all the sexual activity so far. Ted and Bob are just as relieved as I am that we’ll soon be able to unleash our orgasms.

-I can’t wait to finally BUST THIS NUT!

Bob says taking a big gulp of water.

-Tell me about it! I came close to finishing inside Amy’s mouth.

Ted exclaims.

-I got close with Nancy a little while earlier.

I tell them.

Amy then walks up behind me and slaps my ass.

-Thanks for making me cum!

She says with a wink, walking by.

K joins everyone by the refreshments after setting up the stage for the Bukkake. The spotlight is on the left side where the ottoman was. K moved the ottoman away from the spotlight and leaves the tarp centered in place. Everyone enjoys the rest break as we all chat about the night so far with all the acts that have been performed. Nancy talks to me about how painful and great it felt taking two dicks up her ass at the same time. She tells me she definitely wants to keep trying double anal in her personal life. I chat with a few other ladies during our 10-15 minute rest break until K makes the big announcement for the Bukkake Finale to commence.

CHAPTER 7: The Bukkake Finale

-Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come for our men and myself to cum!

K says.

Everyone applauds. It’s time for us to wrap up the game with Cutie’s Bukkake finale.

-Ok Everyone! Let’s all get on stage. Cutie, you’ll make yourself comfortable on the big tarp set up for you. Let’s go!

K says.

All the participants follow K onto the stage and gather around the tarp. Cutie gets on her knees in the center of the tarp as Bob, Ted, and I stand around her.

-Ok ladies and gentlemen! Here’s how we’re going to go about doing this. I’ll have Cutie suck and jerk off our men until they’re ready to cum. I’ll need a volunteer to be my fluffer and suck my cock until I get the urge to splurge,

K says.

Lola immediately raises her hand and volunteers. K then instructs Cutie to get ready as we circle around her. Cutie is like a little deer as we stand over her like hungry predators. Lola gets on her knees preparing to suck K’s cock.

-Are we all ready?

K asks.

Once we all respond we’re ready, K officially commences the Bukkake.

-Lets begin!

Cutie jerks Ted’s cock in her left hand and jerks me with her right. Bob stands behind her jerking his meaty cock and stroking her ginger hair. Cutie leans into my cock to kiss my tip. She extends her tongue and swirls it around my helmet while jerking Ted off. I look at K who has her hand placed on Lola’s head, holding her hair. Lola has her mouth under K’s sack, flicking her tongue up and down. K leans her head back moaning from the sensitive sensation of Lola’a tongue on her lower genitals. That’s exactly what K did to me at the glory hole that drove me wild. Cutie then opens her lips to accept my cock into her mouth. She salivates on my cock looking directly into my eyes. I lean forward to grab one of her small perky tits. She groans, sucking my meat and taking her time, enjoying the flavor. Ted steps out of the way for Bob to get in on the action. Cutie begins to jerk him off as she bobs her head back and forth with my cock in her mouth. I grunt out loud as I feel the familiar sensation of my balls boiling with my seed. Cutie takes that as a sign to switch places with Bob. She removes my cock from her mouth and jerks me off. She graciously accepts Bob’s fat rod into her mouth. Ted jerks himself off staring at the pale redhead teenager sucking off a grown Black man.

K moans out loud. Lola has her cock deep down her throat. Lola then pulls away from K’s rod and sucks her off at a steady pace, shoving K’s six inch meat in and out of her mouth. After a couple minutes, K releases her shaft from Lola’s mouth and makes her way over to Cutie. Cutie sees K coming over to her and takes Bob’s cock out of her mouth and stops jerking me off. Bob and I stand back as K closes in on Cutie, stroking her cock rapidly.

-Get ready!

K moans with a higher than usual pitch in her voice.

K hits her orgasm, spewing her loads onto Cutie’s forehead and hair. She spurts her cum, releasing five or six gooey ropes of her seed. Cutie giggles, enjoying the mess that K makes onto her. K then steps away from Cutie with a sigh of relief. Ted takes her place and shoves his cock into Cutie’s mouth. Bob and I jerk ourselves off as we’re both close to our climaxes. Ted aggressively shoves his meat in and out of Cutie’s mouth as she chokes and gags. He grunts loudly in the process until he’s unable to go any longer. He pulls himself out of her mouth. With a loud growl, he spits out his massive loads onto her face hitting her nose, left cheek, eyebrow, and forehead. Cutie moans as he spills his milk all over her face. Once done, Ted steps to the side breathing heavily.

-FUCK YEAH! I’m so relieved!!

Ted says walking away.

Bob takes over Ted’s position, continuing to stroke his own dick. He grabs Cutie by her hair with his free hand and then slaps his meat onto her face a few times before grunting aloud leaning his head back. Bob’s arrival first hits Cutie’s forehead and then her hair. He spits out seven or eight spurts of semen and then wipes his tip on her lips as she moans softly.

-Mmmmm, yummy!

Cutie says smacking her lips, tasting Bob’s seed.

With that, Bob walks away. I then take his spot. Cutie grabs my cock and begins to milk me, stroking my thick rod with both her hands.

-Give it to me Smitty! I want it all on my face!

Cutie looks into my eyes, staring at me with thirst for my cum. Her face is drenched in semen, dripping from her hair, forehead, eye lid, and nose. I close my eyes trying to enjoy the last few moments I have before I reach paradise. I try to think about this teen’s face, imagining I’m still fucking her. But someone else comes to mind. I envision K’s face as Cutie jerks me off. I open my eyes and I look straight ahead at K standing directly ahead of me. She looks at me with a smile. I stare back at her with lust in my eyes. I’m then flooded with the feeling of orgasm taking over my body. K watches as my mouth drops and I lean my head back with a groan. Cutie continues to stroke my rod as my milk gushes all over her face. My cock spits out massive loads into her hair, her cheeks, nose, and lips. I don’t even know how many times my cock erupts as it convulses and throbs even after I’m completely drained with no semen left inside of me.

-Wow! What a load!!

Cutie says with a giggle, standing up in front of me.

She reaches up to me to give me a quick peck on the lips, giving me a taste of my seed. Cutie’s face is soaked in cum. The loads were all massive, after each of us weren’t able to cum all night until the very end. Everyone applauds and cheers for Cutie as she wipes away the loads off her face and licks her fingers, swallowing it all.

-And that concludes our game ladies and gentlemen!

K says clapping her hands as we all applaud.

Everyone walks around kissing and hugging each other. K thanks everyone for playing and then announces her departure.

-Thanks for playing ladies and gentlemen! I hope you all enjoyed my game! It was an absolute pleasure and thrill to play with each of you!

K says.

Everyone thanks her for being an amazing host and inviting us. She makes her way around giving each of us a big hug and a kiss. When she reaches me, she gives me what feels to be an extended hug. She kisses me softly with her plump juicy lips for the first time. It felt like she wanted me too. K looks at me and thanks me for coming, and then walks away.

-I must be going! But please feel free to stay as long as you’d all like! Make yourselves at home and get some drinks at the bar next to the refreshments. Enjoy yourselves!

K says, making her way up the stairs, leaving the bonus room.

I grab a glass from the bar and pour myself some whisky. This has been one of the best evenings I’ve ever had by far! And yet, I can’t help but get that same feeling of a void before I saw the ad online for the glory hole. The sense that something was missing. And this time, I knew exactly what it was. Who it was, more accurately speaking. I can’t stop thinking about K. I was enticed by her beauty and I lust for her. K is the first transgender woman I’ve personally met. To me she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Nothing would make me happier in this moment than to find her.

I stay and lounge with Bob, Ted, and the rest of the ladies for a good hour or so. We all share drinks by the bar and talk about how amazing the game was we played. Nikki and I talk before she leaves and heads back to her hotel. She gives me her number and adds me on social media, telling me to hit her up whenever she’s in town. Shortly after, Amy leaves saying goodbye to everyone. Ted and Bob are still horny as they both take Cutie and Nancy to a couch and continue their sexual activities. Ted fucks Cutie roughly bending her over the couch with one hand clamped to her neck and the other spanking her ass. Remembering how Ted has a fetish for teens and how she has a fetish for older men, they’re a perfect match. Bob has Grandma Nancy riding his big cock on the other end of the couch. His arms are pressed tightly against the sides of her large thighs with one hand against her booty, fingering her asshole. Aries and Lola head out together, saying their goodbyes to the remainder of the participants still present. I finish my cocktail before I say my goodbyes to Bob, Ted, and the remaining ladies as they continue their fun.

I put on my clothes and make my way up the stairs to the main level. I’m still incredibly horny with my erection feeling uncomfortable, pressed tightly against my pants. The pill was still in effect and has me rock hard. I walk by the stairs near the main entrance and see a light turned on upstairs. Taking a chance, I decide to head up hoping to find K. I sneak my way up the stairs quietly. The light is on in the hallway. I make my way down the hall to what I believe to be the master bedroom. The door is slightly open as I peek inside. The room is dark but is illuminated with lit candles all around. I am able to see a familiar figure standing by a desk facing away from me. I slowly open the door enough to slide right in and make my way over to K. She doesn’t see or hear me coming behind her as she looks out the window in front of her, sipping a glass of wine. She stares at the lake where the reflection of a full moon shines bright. K no longer has her kinky outfit on. She is dressed comfortably with a simple black top and sexy dark panties. Taking a deep breath, I stand close behind her and inhale deeply, taking in the scent of her sweet fragrance. She gasps, a bit startled turning her head over her shoulders to catch a glimpse at the sudden intruder in the bedroom.

CHAPTER 8: A Night with “K”

After a few moments, K recognizes my face and her body eases up. She turns to face me, putting her wine glass down on the desk. Her mask is still on her face.

-You’re still here Smitty?

She asks me with a smile on her face.

-I never left. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

K laughs softly to my response.

-I thought you’d stay behind. I saw the way you stared at me all night with lust in your eyes. You want me bad, don’t you?

I respond with a nod and reach forward, grabbing her waist and feel her soft skin. I pull her close to me and stand face to face with each other. I feel her breathing get heavier.

-I want you too. I was actually getting ready to come find you, hoping you’d stay the night with me.

K tells me with a soft moan.

-Well tonight, I’m all yours.

I tell her as I lean into her.

K leans her body closer to mine and our lips meet each other. Our lips collide and rub against each other. I grab K’s ass with both my hands as our lips explore each other. Her plump and juicy lips make my heart skip a beat. She opens her mouth and slips her devious tongue into mine. I kiss her deeply savoring the flavor of a sweet Cabernet as she soaks the whisky flavor off my tongue, into her mouth. We continue to make out as my hand wanders off to her lower body in between us. I reach her womanhood, grabbing her stiff cock that stands erect, poking out of her panties. K grunts while I play with her cock, gently rubbing my hand up against the material of her lingerie. K pulls away from our kiss out of breath.

-Take off your clothes.

I happily oblige, quickly stripping down naked in front of her. K takes off her black top and pulls her panties down in the process. We stand facing each other completely naked. I admire her entire naked body before me for the first time.

-Turn around,

I tell her.

K turns her body around, showing me her bare ass. I stand with admiration staring at her curves and big ass. Her body has an hourglass shape. K bends her body over and spreads her booty to show me a gleaming object in her asshole. She has a butt plug inserted.

-Did you have that plug up your ass the entire night?

I ask her with a chuckle.

-Yup! I was wishing someone would pull it out for me and replace it with a big fat cock!

K says cheerfully.

-Well, I’ll gladly make your wish come true!

I get down on my knees and get close to her behind, latching onto her plug with my right hand. I lean in close and kiss her soft, warm bottom as my hand slowly pulls her plug out of her rectum. K grunts as it pops out, making her hole to gape. K grabs my hand from behind her and takes the plug away from me. She puts it into her mouth and sucks on it, savoring her ass juice.

-Mmmm so tasty!

I stand up and grab K by her hand. I take her to the large bed and climb into it with her.

-Let me taste your juicy asshole,

I tell her.

K lays down onto her back and spreads her thick legs wide. She arches her butt higher for me to get a better angle to slip my tongue deep into her bum. I lean down and kiss her shaft slowly making my way down to her tight hole. K moans softly, rubbing her breasts together as I swivel my tongue all around her sack and scrotum. I slowly stroke her six inch shaft up and down as my tongue glides down to her puckered anus. With a groan, she splits her legs wider for me. I grab her legs and dive into her as she strokes her rod up and down. I spit multiple times into her ass before slipping my tongue up into her tight passage. K begs me to eat her ass while jerking herself off. I do my best to shove my salivating tongue into her butt, deep as I can. I rotate my head around in a circular motion, feeling her tight hole squeeze my tongue in the process. I taste her, with my tongue absorbing the tangy flavor of her asshole. I pull my tongue in and out of her anus and then lick my way back up to her scrotum. K then pulls my head away from her, sitting up and looking to me.

-Can I be honest right now?

She asks me.

-As much as I love foreplay, we have all night to do so. Right now, I just need you to drill my ass. I’ve been horny all night during the game, craving a good fucking. Can you do that for me Smitty?

-Say no more!

I sit up as K turns herself around, getting ready for a doggy style pounding. She reaches over to the nightstand and hands me a bottle of lube. I pour some around her anus and then onto my dick. K strokes her cock with one hand underneath, preparing herself for my entrance into her tight hole. I press my tip against her sphincter and force my way inside her. She groans, enjoying the sensation of my meat sliding deep into her, inch by inch. It isn’t difficult for all eight inches of my fat cock to get swallowed up into her asshole, thanks to the plug she had inserted all night.

Using slow motions at first, I take deep thrusts in and out of her ass. I pull out just until my helmet is still inside and then slide my way back into her, balls deep. I can’t believe I’m finally fucking this beautiful transgender stranger! Just last week I was at K’s glory hole getting one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever received, not having a clue to what she even looked like. Now I’m here fucking her from behind after lusting for her all night during the game. And the fascinating part is that I still don’t know what her face looks like under her mask. I’m tempted to pull it off to catch a glance at her face. But I respect her anonymity. It is what she loves best about her sex life. Refocusing on what I’m doing, K begs me to fuck her harder. I grab onto her thighs and pick up my pace, slamming deeper into her ass.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of sexual ecstasy I feel as I thrust my meat deep into K’s back door with all my might. I take my hand and spank her ass cheeks repeatedly. Showing no mercy, she yelps each time I do so with all my strength. I need her to know that she’s my property at this very moment. I own her ass, thrusting deep into her bowels completely dominate with aggressive force. She needs to know that I’m in control. I decide when I’m done with her gorgeous body. Most of all, she needs to know what I’m doing to her.

-Tell me what you want K!!

-For you to fuck me harder!!

She yells with her voice beginning to break.

Her ass is pink, transitioning into a bright red color with my hand prints embedded into her skin as I spank her.

-And where am I fucking you??


K screams out loud.

She loves the pain. It hurts so good, she wants more. Though her trembling body and facial expressions cry that they’re in agony. She begs for me to shove my meat deeper into her asshole. After some time, I switch positions. I want to avoid cumming too soon. Seeing how wild K is driving me, I know I will approach an orgasm sooner than later.

I pull my cock out of her anus and sit back onto the bed. K turns herself over and looks at me out of breath, drenched in sweat.

-New position?

She asks while I nod.

She lays down on her side and asks me to lay down with her.

-This position makes me cum every single time!

K tells me.

I follow her lead and lay down parallel with her. I guide my dick to her ass and find her tight entrance, using my hips to slide my way back into her anal tunnel. Once my cock is deep inside her bowels, I take my lower arm and place it underneath her body. I wrap both of my arms around her waist, thrusting in and out of her asshole. K plays with her cock, jerking herself off as I pick up my pace fucking her. While she moans, I lean into her and plant kisses on her neck. With one hand, I begin to fondle her large breasts, squeezing each of them tightly.

-You’re going to make me cum!

She tells me.

I push myself deeper into her ass with my cock sliding in and out at a quick velocity. I press my body further against hers and reach below to her cock. While I continue to fuck K on her side, I stroke her penis, filling her up with mine. She moans begging for more as I stroke her rapidly, trying to milk her.

-Fuck! I can’t! I’m going to cum!

K shouts, taking over for me and stroking her shaft.

I slow down my thrusts, taking my time to slide deep in and out of her ass. Raising her leg with my hand, I push myself deep inside her tight passage. K cries out, finally hitting her orgasm. She strokes her cock up and down as she splurges her cum all over her hand, lower stomach, and thigh. She turns her head up and smiles at me. I continue to drill her asshole slowly.

-Thanks dear! That was wonderful!!

K says to me with a kiss.

I push myself deep into her bum and stay there with our lips locked. We enjoy our intimacy as I gently squeeze her breasts continuing our lustful kiss. I knew my orgasm was near. I pull out of K and tell her to lie down. I get on top, spreading her legs apart. With one hand, I easily insert my dick back into her ass. I slowly shove my way up into her warm, tight hole. I grab K’s cock, thrusting myself in and out of her butthole. I then use my hand and scoop up her seed from her thigh and stomach. I shove my fingers coated in her semen into her mouth. K graciously accepts, tasting herself and sucking my fingers as I fuck her with calm deep motions. I stare at her masked face as we moan together. I’m at the point of no return with my imminent arrival.

-I’m going to finish inside of you K!

I blurt out with a grunt.

-Cum inside me Smitty! I want to feel your warm gooey mess deep inside my ass!!

K yells out.

I lean in and kiss K, fucking her in missionary position. K holds my left hand, squeezing it tightly each time I thrust deep into her ass. My body is swept away by the sensation of orgasmic bliss once my loads spit out of my cock. My cock throbs, releasing my milk deep into K, spurting out multiple ropes of my seed. K groans with each load I unleash into her asshole. Once my orgasm subsides, I stay on top of her until I’m able to calm down. She strokes my head and gently caresses my back while we both catch our breaths.

-You’re amazing!

K whispers into my ear.

I lean into her face and we kiss once again. My face presses against her mask as our lips collide with steaming passion. My cock slowly shrinks inside of her, eventually plopping out of her arse with my leftover spunk spilling down to the bedsheets. We relax for a bit and kiss for a lengthy period of time. K then sucks me off with her talented oral skills. We go for a couple more rounds of sex after until we’re both drained.

We spend the last few hours of nightfall satisfying our sexual urges until we fall asleep together just before the crack of dawn. I wake up before noon in bed by myself, K nowhere to be found. I put on my clothes and head out, leaving her private location on the lake. I don’t hear back from K for more than a month after the night of the secret game and our intimate time spent with each other.

One evening in the middle of the week, I get a Cik notification on my phone. I had just gotten home from work. I’m thrilled to read it and see that K’s reaching out to me!

“Hello Smitty! Let’s play another game! Shall we say….this Saturday @11:30PM?



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