Governor and Daughter 4



An unexpected female captor changes the dynamics of Michaela and her father’s sexual torments. To have any chance of saving herself, Michaela will have to commit the ultimate sin with her own father. Can she save him? Can she truly even save herself? Or will their three vicious and vengeful captors complete their sexual degradation of a father and daughter before snuffing out their lives forever?

The click-clack of heels on concrete descended.

“Hakim, you impudent ass! Salib, you let him do this? You both agreed that you would wait!” The feminine voice snapped at the two men like a whip. Michaela and her father turned to see a woman striding toward them with boldness and confidence. She was at least six feet tall and wore a dazzling white blazer and slacks. The unknown woman had a bronzed complexion, large and vivid gray-green eyes, and what would have been a waterfall of lustrous black hair had been tied up into a long and flowing ponytail.

Hands on hips, she stopped and stared at Salib, then at Hakim.

“I take the risk. I go to arrange our counterfeit documents so that we can leave the country safely, and this is the thanks I get? You would deny me my part in our vengeance, brother?”

As her withering glare drilled into Hakim, the Arab man tried to shrug her off.

“This is a matter of family honor, Fatima. This is a male’s purview. I am the head of the household. You are merely a woman. Do not pretend to involve yourself in affairs above your place.” They were confident-sounding words, but even Michaela and Mick Werdan could detect a hesitancy and defensiveness in Hakim’s retort. Even if the more fundamentalist brand of Islamic culture dictated an inferior place for women, the sparkling intelligence in Fatima’s eyes seemed to be having none of it. Right away Michaela detected it; whether official or unofficial, Fatima’s place among this group of terrorists was as leader rather than subordinate.

“Perhaps I will leave you here then, brother,” Fatima said with a massive eye-roll and a curled lip of contempt. “You can stay and get caught and killed by the Americans like our idiot brother.”

“Do not speak ill of Mahmoud,” Hakim growled. He lunged toward Fatima, intending to slap her across the face. Even in her heels, Fatima moved with the grace of a tigress. She neatly side-stepped her brother’s attempt, then kneed him squarely in the groin. Hakim fell to his knees, gasping, clutching himself and rolling onto his side.

“Listen carefully, fool. I will not be denied my rightful place in meting out vengeance for the death of our brother. He may have been a reckless idiot, but I loved him every bit as much as you did. Besides, were it not for me this entire operation would not have worked. You and Salib and his cousins may have executed it, brother, but I was the one who planned it. I will not be denied my place in it now. Show some respect.”

Hakim finally sat up, lungs heaving, face sullen but docile – at least for now.

Meanwhile, Fatima proceeded to disrobe until she stood as naked as both her brother and Salib. The Arab beauty had the physique of an athlete. When she let her hair down, it flowed down her back in a cascade of shining charcoal. Her slender figure looked like it belonged on the website of a modeling agency – or perhaps something less reputable – as she strode forward and eyed Michaela.

“Such a waste. You were going to kill her already?” Fatima glanced back at Hakim and threw him another look of contempt. “You never could control yourself, brother. Always impulsive, always demanding instant gratification. It was that same impulse that got Mahmoud killed,” she added viciously, seeing the anger flash in Hakim’s eyes.

Michaela took note of the overtly adversarial relationship between the two siblings. Fatima seemed to relish goading her brother. At the same time, whatever hope had stirred in Michaela when she had heard that voice yell ‘Stop!’ was now quickly waning. This woman seemed every bit as vicious as her kin. This Fatima wanted vengeance on Michaela’s dad for protecting New York from her awful terrorist brother, Mahmoud. There would be no help from her, Michaela realized with a sinking heart. ‘I am still alive though,’ Michaela thought stubbornly. ‘Now I just have to do whatever is in my power to stay that way, and to help Daddy.’

“Do you like what you see, girl?” Fatima said, standing right in front of Michaela and exhibiting her full naked figure. Her breasts were larger than Michaela’s small to medium-sized cones, with wider areolae. “Let’s take you down from those chains. I want to get a better look at you.” The taller Arab woman now proceeded to take Michaela down from her shackles. For the first time since waking up in captivity, Michaela found herself completely untied and unchained. The 23-year-old girl stood on shaky legs, staring down at the concrete floor, afraid to look up.

“Has my brother been treating you harshly, girl? Has he been using you to exact his revenge upon your poor father?” Michaela didn’t respond. She just stared meekly at the ground.

SLAP. Fatima’s hand connected with Michaela’s cheek, sending her world spinning.

“Answer me, slut!”

Michaela quickly bobbed her head. “Yes! Yes, he’s been hurting me. Please don’t hit me again,” Michaela begged.

Fatima now grasped Michaela by the chin and forced their gazes to meet. “You will call me ‘Mistress’ whenever you speak to me. Understood, slave?”

Michaela sputtered but forced out the words. “Y-yes Mistress.”

With a grunt of reluctant approval, Fatima let go of the girl’s chin. “Good. Now maybe I’ll show you some mercy, slave. Your father has to die for what he has done to my family…but YOU, perhaps, do not. Show me your gratitude, bitch. Show your Mistress some love.”

At first Michaela hesitated. Her ravaged mind refused to comprehend what the woman wanted. Then it struck her like a blow. She… she wanted Michaela to touch her? To be… intimate with her? Michaela was not attracted to women, so what the cruel Arab woman asked of her now seemed beyond alien. But, not wanting to get slapped again, and still grateful for Fatima’s timely rescue, Michaela decided to cooperate.

Michaela leaned toward the taller woman. She sucked gently on one of Fatima’s nipples, then switched to the other nipple. Her trembling hand tentatively slipped between Fatima’s legs, stroking her pussy as she continued to suckle on the woman’s breasts. Fatima let out a tiny sigh of contentment. Michaela may not have been attracted to women, but she knew her own body, knew a woman’s body, and her fingers deftly stroked and massaged Fatima’s clit as if it were her own. Fatima caressed Michaela’s hair as the girl continued to lick and then gently nip at Fatima’s hardened pink buds.

“Mmmm. This whore would make an excellent slave. Pity we cannot bring her back with us to Morocco,” Fatima said with a sigh. Now, gently tugging on Michaela’s hair, she forced the girl’s lips to meet hers. For a few seconds, Fatima deepened the kiss. Michaela felt their tongues colliding as Fatima’s hands caressed her sore and recently whipped ass. Michaela groaned as Fatima’s fingers traced a line along one of the welts branded across her ass cheeks.

“Did my cruel brother and his friend whip you, slut? Mmmm. Don’t worry, I will be gentler with you,” she said with a purr that made Michaela feel revolted yet also grateful. Perhaps this woman might be their salvation after all. As vicious as she could be, this treatment was not nearly as rough as what Hakim and Salib had subjected her to. Michaela resolved that she would do whatever she could to curry this woman’s favor. The sexy brunette now returned Fatima’s kiss and even slid her hands to caress and massage Fatima’s ass in a reciprocal show of tenderness. The dominating Arab woman broke their kiss just long enough to slide her mouth over to Michaela’s other cheek, which was still coated with a layer of Salib’s half-dried, semi-glistening cum. She now even seemed to relish licking up the fluid from Michaela’s face. Then she shifted her mouth to the crown of Michaela’s head, vacuuming up the errant seed in the girl’s hair. Michaela licked Fatima’s neck and continued to let her captor take the lead. When Fatima resumed kissing Michaela, the female captive responded, their mouths and lips working in tandem. They just stood there, the ravished girl and her female captor, kissing and caressing each other for several long minutes. Michaela moaned into Fatima’s mouth as rapist and captive stroked each other’s pussies.

Meanwhile, Hakim and Salib could only watch, their cocks growing stiffer by the second, reawakening for another round of rape. They couldn’t hide their impatience any longer. “Are you going to toy with that bitch forever, until we grow old and die?” Hakim spat.

Abruptly, Fatima withdrew from the kiss. She reached out and savagely pinched both of Michaela’s nipples.

“AYY!” Michaela squealed.

“I suppose that for once you may be right, dear brother. There is no reason to waste time.” She pointed to the cracked concrete floor. “Kneel, bitch.”

Unnerved by Fatima’s abruptly harsher demeanor, Michaela quickly obeyed. She knelt on the floor and looked up at her Mistress.

“Stay there and watch. I’m going to reward you for being a good little slut by comforting your dear father.” Next she turned toward Mick Werdan. The stricken governor was staring bleakly ahead. “Did you hear that? I’m going to reward your daughter’s tit-sucking and sweet show of tenderness, governor, by showing you a little mercy. Are you grateful?” When Mick Werdan didn’t reply, her expression softened in mock sympathy. “You poor, traumatized bastard. Cat got your tongue? Your poor daughter has had to see her father suffer so much. Perhaps I should help you now, yes? Perhaps I should comfort you.” So saying, the Arab vixen knelt down before the chair to which Governor Werdan had been tied. She proceeded to detach the alligator clip and wire from Mick Ucomo Werdan’s testicles. Then, ever so gently, she began to suckle on one of his balls, taking it tenderly into her mouth. Next, she moved to the other testicle, sucking on it just as lovingly.

Michaela couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She gaped at the woman, watching her own father receive oral sex. Now, Fatima was licking up from the base of Mick’s cock. Slowly but surely, Michaela watched her father’s manhood begin to stiffen before her eyes. Fatima’s ministrations intensified. The Arab beauty’s tongue twirled around the tip of the governor’s cock. She gently pumped his semi-firm cock with one hand as she continued to lick the tip like a tasty treat. Her other hand tenderly fondled his balls. Then Fatima was sucking fervently on just the very tip of the governor’s shaft. Governor Werdan’s eyes squeezed shut with the effort of trying to tamp down his arousal.

“Please stop,” he growled through gritted teeth.

“Stop? Why would I do that, Mr. Werdan? Do you not prefer this to my brother’s more exacting punishments?” Now the gorgeous woman heightened her efforts. She took in the first few inches of Governor Werdan’s cock, sucking zealously and pumping her mouth up and down. Her tongue cradled and caressed the sides of his man-meat. Fatima’s slurping sounds filled the room as she sucked with a whore’s zeal on the helpless cock of the 58-year-old man. With her face bobbing up and down on Governor Werdan’s lap, the man couldn’t contain his lust. Soon his shaft stood ramrod straight, stiff as a board, fully elongated as the cum churned in his testicles, yearning for release. Fatima’s bobbing head increased its tempo. She was impaling her face now, hugging the governor’s cock within the warm wetness of her mouth. Her one hand firmly gripped and stroked the base of his hard cock, and her other hand played with the folds of his scrotum.

“Mmmmmm!!!! MMMMM!” Fatima almost bottomed out on the governor’s now 8-inch cock, her eyes looking up at him all the while like an evil temptress. With her lips forming a tight seal around his beleaguered manhood, smothering his cock with downward plunges, Fatima could feel the governor’s slimy shaft about to twitch and spew its incredible load. One moment her lips were pressed down all the way to his crotch, and then she abruptly brought her mouth up off his shaft. She admired the vein-pulsing vigor of his ramrod-straight cock. Her fingers lightly stroked it now, as if it was her own personal plaything or pet.

“Now, now, governor, no premature ecstasy allowed,” Fatima murmured. Michaela watched with morbid fascination as long strands of her father’s pre-cum oozed from Fatima’s lips. Fatima daintily gathered up the pre-cum from her chin and wiped it on the governor’s pubic hair. She just knelt there now, staring at his stiff cock with bemusement, her one hand fisted around the base of his manhood, languidly pumping up and down, up and down…

“Please…this is wrong,” the governor wheezed. Mick’s heart was pounding. He felt a fresh surge of shame knowing that his daughter was witnessing this. The shame and guilt of feeling arousal despite the fact that his daughter had been raped, whipped, tortured, and was still being held captive right beside him – it was all too much for words.

Fatima now stood up.

“You know what, governor? You’re right. This IS wrong. Here you’ve had your balls and cock tortured and teased, and with no relief. Meanwhile, your sweet little girl got to feel the blessing of having her pussy fucked by two mighty Arab cocks. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Perhaps what we need to do is let you and your daughter comfort each other. Yes…what do you think, Hakim? Salib?”

The two men were practically drooling. Clearly, they were content with seeing where Fatima wanted to take this. Hakim’s curt nod told her as much.

At the same time, as the naked 23-year-old girl knelt on the concrete floor, her knees starting to ache, she realized with awful clarity that this woman’s mind was every bit as diabolical and sadistic as her brother’s. Michaela gaped at Fatima as the woman now instructed her brother and his friend to take her father out of the chair and tie him spread-eagled face-up on the floor. They tied the governor’s wrists and ankles to heavy weights and stretched his arms and legs out. Then Fatima strode up to Michaela, grabbed her by the elbow, and pulled her to her feet.

“You see your father’s cock?”

“Y-yes M-mistress,” Michaela stammered.

She knew what was coming, but still she refused to believe it.

“You’ll suck him off a little to get him hard again. Then you’ll mount that cock and FUCK it. Understood?”

Michaela’s eyes were wide and now brimming with tears. “B-but Mistress, he’s my father. I can’t… that’s so WRONG… it’s …it’s incest. I CAN’T do that!” she said in a tone that sounded half like a wail and half like a whine.

Fatima cupped the sides of Michaela’s face and gently rested her forehead against Michaela’s so that they were staring into each other’s eyes. It was as if she could see into Michaela’s soul with her unflinching gaze.

“Do you want me to tell my brother that I was wrong, bitch? Shall I tell him to wire up your pussy again and shock you to death in front of your dear father? Is that what you would prefer?”

More tears leaked down Michaela’s face. “No Mistress,” she whimpered.

Now she felt Fatima’s fingers gently caressing her cunt.

“Then are you going to do what I ask, or do you want to die?” After several seconds, Michaela still couldn’t bring herself to cooperate. She closed her eyes and begged Fatima to just let them go. Fatima’s persuasive fondling of Michaela’s sex abruptly ceased. Fatima turned to look over her shoulder at Hakim.

“It seems I was wrong, brother. This useless cunt really doesn’t want to live. You can shock her pussy and fry her to death in front of her dear father after all. I’ll help you string her back up in the chains.”

“No, wait!” Michaela cried, mustering up the strength to overcome her revulsion. “I’ll do it! I’ll… I’ll fuck him for you,” she said, unable to believe the words tumbling from her lips. Fatima took her by the hand and led her to her spread-eagled father. The governor lay on his back, his head turned sideways, eyes clenched shut as if he could somehow will himself to a world free of this unending nightmare.

“Open your eyes, governor. You’ll look up at your daughter as she makes love to you,” Fatima barked. When the governor didn’t respond, Fatima had Salib bring her the whip. With a loud hiss, the whip slammed down onto the governor’s chest.

“AAAAYYY!!” The governor’s eyes snapped open.

“Keep them open, governor, or that little kiss of the whip won’t be the last,” Fatima promised. Now the alluring Arab woman turned toward Michaela and gestured at the helpless, naked male.

“What are you waiting for, slave? Get down there. Get that cock hard again and mount up. I want to see your pussy sliding up and down that shaft with a wild slut’s enthusiasm. MOVE!”

The naked girl knelt between her father’s legs. Their sorrowful gazes met. Michaela mouthed ‘I’m sorry, Daddy,’ as she bent down to her task. His cock had started to droop a little, but as soon as Michaela gently grasped the base of it, it seemed to perk up a bit.

‘Oh my god. I can’t do this. I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ Michaela thought. Now, tamping down a fresh wave of disgust, she bent down and gingerly slid her tongue along the side of her father’s cock. She slid her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip, then gave the tip of his cock a few tentative flicks and swipes of her tongue before repeating the motion. She tasted the sweat on her father’s skin and shuddered.

“You call that sucking, slut? It’ll take all day to get him hard at this rate. Get your lips around it, bitch. Smother it like a whore. Come on!” The hissing whisper of the whip soon followed Fatima’s exhortation. This time she cracked it along Michaela’s ass cheeks, forming a fresh welt as Michaela twitched and squealed.


“I’m not a patient woman, slut. Suck cock unless you want me to whip your PUSSY next.”

Galvanized into obedience, Michaela frantically plunged her mouth over the crown of Governor Werdan’s cock. The poor girl had no choice but to hug the side of his cock with her tongue and bob her mouth up and down his rapidly stiffening member. Soon the governor’s cock was fully elongated, eager, and aroused. Michaela hated herself. She hated herself for being weak, for being helpless. Most of all, she hated herself for helping these twisted psychos rape her own father.

“All right, that’s enough. Good enough, cunt. Now mount up. Get it in your pussy. Let’s give your father the relief he deserves,” Fatima ordered.

Michaela reluctantly straddled her father’s upward-prone figure. She gently grasped his cock between her fingers and positioned it between her delicate labia, then slowly sank herself onto the engorged shaft of her own father. As she felt her father’s stiff cock fill her pussy, Michaela wanted to die. Her cheeks blushed a fiery red. She splayed her hands out along the governor’s chest and began to start a gentle rhythm of fucking on her father’s lap. She could feel her own heart pounding in her chest. Worse than that, though, Michaela could also feel a profound shame burrowing into the marrow of her bones. She was far from sure that they would get out of this ordeal alive, but now, given what she’d had to do, she didn’t know if she could live with herself even if they did.

“Look at him, bitch. I want you two looking at each other while you fuck him.” Fatima’s whip was all the motivation the two unwilling ‘lovebirds’ needed. Michaela looked down at her father’s face, saw the shredded soul behind his eyes as he looked up at her. Michaela’s sexy body pumped up and down on his obscenely hard cock. Her naked figure gyrated on his lap, their bodies joined as one, while the three terrorists watched.

“Not bad, Fatima. I have to admit –” Hakim began.

“That I have a better, crueler imagination than you?” Fatima finished with a savage grin. “It’s rare that I get a compliment from you, brother, and they’re more likely to be underhanded than not, but in this case I’ll take it.” The Arab vixen strode up beside Michaela now as she humped on her father’s cock. Leaning down, she stroked Michaela’s back with deceptive tenderness.

“You’re doing good, slave. Show your father how much you love him. Squeeze those cunt muscles around his cock.” Saying those awful words, Fatima leaned down beside the unwilling ‘couple.’ She reached down, tenderly fondling the governor’s balls as she looked down and watched most of his cock vanish up inside his daughter’s cunt with each of Michaela’s downward plunges.

“This is so sexy. Mmm. You two were made for each other,” Fatima purred obscenely while the forced father-daughter incest continued.

Michaela meanwhile tried to just focus on the mechanics of impaling her pussy again and again. She pumped her sex up and down the governor’s cock, pretending it was any cock but her own father’s. Yet trying to fantasize that it was her boyfriend’s cock inside her became all but impossible with their captors forcing her to actively stare down into her father’s eyes. And all the while Fatima’s degradations and cruel teasing continued.

“Your little girl has a tight pussy, doesn’t she?” Fatima cooed. She shifted forward now, looking down at Mick Werdan’s pained expression. Fatima’s hands gently reached up to caress and fondle Michaela’s tits. She even bent down to place a tender kiss on Michaela’s bare shoulder. “Mmm. Sweet girl, you have no idea how horny it makes me, watching you ride your father’s COCK.”

For a few more minutes there were only the sounds of Michaela’s body slapping down to join with her dad’s, his cock embedded obscenely inside of her warmth and her traitorously growing wetness. Yes, against her will her body was responding, her cunt reacting to the friction of the shaft impaling her. Just when it seemed her self-loathing couldn’t possibly reach a new low, it did. Michaela Werdan couldn’t believe that she was fucking her own father, that the appalling wisps of lust blossoming in her loins were real, and yet they were all too present, painting her soul with brushstrokes of eternal regret. Her moistening sex clung greedily to her father’s manhood as she flew up and down it now, wishing she could die, thinking that if shame could kill, she should die right now at this very moment.

‘Please kill me,’ Michaela thought. ‘I’m fucking my own father. I don’t deserve to live.’ And yet even as she felt her pussy grip the length of Mick Werdan’s shaft, a tiny will to live spoke insistently in her head. ‘Do what you have to do to survive, Michaela. There is never shame in that. You have to save Dad. Do you what you have to do. Save him.’ It all boiled down to survival, and survival instinct had no time for shame.

While Michaela struggled with her inner demons, Hakim and Salib had been watching. Their cocks were now straining to the limit. The veins of each aroused tower of flesh were coursing with blood.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Hakim growled. He squatted over the father’s head.

“Lick my balls, governor. You should thank me for blocking the view of your daughter fucking you.” Feeling his heart shatter, Governor Werdan gently lapped at Hakim’s hanging testicles.

Meanwhile, Salib could not stand back and simply watch either. He approached Michaela. His engorged shaft swung before her lips.

“You better know how to multi-task, bitch. Suck this cock while you keep fucking Daddy.”

Without even hesitating, Michaela opened her mouth and let him press the bulbous head of his cock between her lips.

For the next several minutes the rape orgy continued. Michaela sucked Salib’s shaft and rode her father’s cock while Governor Werdan progressed from licking Hakim’s balls to eventually sucking Hakim’s cock. Fatima stood back, watching it all, fingering her dripping-wet pussy and savoring every moment of it. As much as her foolish brother could be impulsive and sometimes spoil her fun, in this case she decided that her brother’s intrusion was more than erotic. So she let he and Salib enjoy themselves. She watched and relished in the rape of the young western imperialist cunt and her father. She felt herself straining toward a pinnacle, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit.

“Yes…oh YES… stuff that slut’s mouth full of cock, Salib,” Fatima moaned.

Michaela’s jaw rippled with effort as Salib’s slimy shaft seesawed in and out of her mouth. He was practically stabbing her mouth with each thrust, his cock slamming until his balls scrunched up a little against her chin. At long last, he could hold back no longer. He pulled out, violently spurting cum. One stream hit Michaela in the eye, and the next splashed along her forehead, bathing it in warmth. The final few spurts completely coated the girl’s delicate nose and cheeks, leaving her face a gooey-coated mess. At the same moment, Hakim bellowed a release of his own. His cock shot thick wads of cum deep down the governor’s throat. Mick Werdan nearly choked on the thick, viscous muck of his rapist, barely managing to swallow it all at the last second.

But that wasn’t the most shameful and degrading part of the experience. Within seconds of swallowing his rapist’s cum, Mick Werdan felt himself lose control. He felt his daughter’s snug, young pussy squeezed too tightly around his cock, the churning cum in his testicles shooting through his shaft in a savage geyser of lust, spraying his daughter’s pussy and womb with their life-giving sperm. Eyes closed and face bathed in Salib’s cum, Michaela shuddered as she felt Daddy’s cock leaping inside her, twitching madly in the throes of bliss.

“AAHHHH! No!” Michaela moaned, unable to stop herself. Her aroused cunt felt the sticky loads of her father’s sperm saturate her insides, aware of every obscene sensation within her intimate folds.

“Oh yes, you hot little bitch, you made him CUM deep up your pussy, didn’t you? Oh fuck… I’m going to… YES!” Fatima cooed. As Michaela sat on her father’s lap, dazed, his cock starting to soften inside her wetness, Fatima moaned with the power of the orgasm washing through her. With her fingers soaked in her own fluids, Fatima shivered with ecstasy, her cunt convulsing in the throes of sheer joy. Meanwhile, Hakim and Salib didn’t give the father-daughter couple time to recover. Salib gave Michaela a smack on the welt adorning the middle of her left ass cheek. She flinched as he barked at her to lie face down. They proceeded to tie Michaela face-down on top of her father, binding her wrists and ankles to the heavy weights on the concrete floor in the same fashion. Then, Fatima and the two men stood back, admiring what they’d done.

Michaela’s naked body lay atop her dad’s, father and daughter bound together. Michaela’s cunt now oozed with her father’s jism, jism which leaked out of her swollen cunt lips to form a tiny puddle just above her father’s wilted cock. Hakim grunted with satisfaction spoiled by just the barest trace of disappointment. He leaned down, framing Michaela’s puckered anal opening with his fingers.

“That was excellent, sister. You know how to awaken the lust within me like no one else,” he admitted. “Seeing the girl forced to fuck her own father… the pain in his eyes… ah, you made our vengeance complete. Well, almost complete,” he added, eyeing the girl’s anus. “We haven’t fucked her ass yet, though.” He let a long globule of spit fall from his lips into the girl’s forbidden opening. Then, working his index finger inside of her, he felt the girl squirm and heard her groan.

“Please!” Michaela sobbed. “I can’t take anymore. Please… ughhh…”

“SSSSHHH. Quiet, whore. You can take more and you WILL before we decide to let you die.”

It took him a few minutes, but Hakim finally reinvigorated his shaft to a fresh erection. Spitting on his cock and rubbing the saliva up and down for lubricant, he proceeded to lay on top of the helpless girl. He positioned his cock at her exposed anal opening and slowly began to push himself inside her.

“AAAAYYY!!! Please, you’re too big! Please. Oh fuck!” Michaela shouted.

Beneath her, Governor Werdan lay motionless, almost catatonic. He had witnessed too much horror and endured too much shame, and his mind had nearly shut down in order to cope. He lay there lifeless, feeling his daughter’s tits pressed against his chest as she struggled and begged for the man above her to not rape her ass.

“Please! I’ve done everything you’ve asked. Please!” Michaela wailed.

But it was no use. Hakim slowly felt his cock conquer her ass. He overpowered her sphincter muscle, felt the impossibly tight sheath of her ass grip him in its glorious, sexy way, as he raped the girl. Now he established a slow but steady rhythm in and out, in and out. His balls kissed the smoothness of her ass cheeks each time he slammed himself deep. His heavy frame pressed down on Michaela’s back. She felt her breasts crushed against her father’s chest. Her cum-coated face pressed against her father’s shoulder as she sobbed and flailed ineffectually in her bonds. Spread-eagled and helpless and raped, Michaela could only cry out for mercy that would never come. The next several minutes seemed like an eternity of agony for Michaela and a flash of fleeting bliss for Hakim, the perception of time for rapist and victim becoming polar opposites.

Then, at last, her unbearably tight ass milked his balls to an exquisite finish. Hakim groaned happily, jerking and spasming inside of the girl, emptying his load deep in the girl’s intestines. When he pulled out, a trickle of blood and cum seeped out of Michaela’s distended anal opening, trickling down the slit of her pussy before adding to the liquid pooled above her father’s flaccid cock.

It was done. Fatima could see it in Hakim’s eyes. Their revenge was complete. The empty look in Governor Werdan’s eyes told as much too.

“Finish it,” Fatima said to Salib. Hakim nodded, adding his assent to his sister’s.

“We’re done with this bastard and his whore-daughter. Mahmoud is avenged. Finish them.”

Salib proceeded to reattach a gator clip to Michaela’s clitoris and another clip to Governor Werdan’s balls. Both wires snaked over to the massive battery.

“You two get to fry together. How romantic,” Salib taunted while he plugged the battery back in and prepared to shock his two naked victims for the very last time.

“Please, let us go! Please!” Michaela screeched. Her survival instincts had reawakened, and she screamed for all she was worth. Meanwhile, Mick Werdan had finally snapped out of his catatonic state.

“Kill me, just let my daughter go. I implore you!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs.

“Awww. Look at those two begging and pleading. Isn’t it adorable?” Fatima purred as Hakim took her hand, squeezing it in a loving, sibling-like gesture.

Salib now had the battery ready to go, the clips firmly attached to the clit and testicles of his two helpless captives. He loved watching the girl’s pussy and ass move as she struggled in her bonds. It was almost mesmerizing. The girl’s struggles loosened up more cum, which came flowing out of her cunt and anus, along with another thin trickle of blood. No doubt Hakim’s brutal rape had torn her ass. If she survived, she might need to see a doctor. But now none of that mattered. Only one thing mattered.


Salib turned the dial up to electrocute the naked father and daughter bound tightly together. He prepared to watch the exquisite sight of his naked captives writhing for the very last time. A father and daughter’s love could only do so much. Rape, torture, and revenge were forces far stronger, and they would not be satisfied with anything less than the complete surrender of these western imperialists’ very lives.


~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~~***~~~~~


One word was all it took. The specialized anti-terrorist SWAT unit burst through the warehouse doors and flooded the compound. Within seconds, armed men in body armor and tactical gear were streaming into the basement, shouting for the terrorists to get down on the floor.

A stunned Fatima put her hands up and slowly backed up against the wall. An agent quickly whirled her about, threw her face-down onto the concrete, and cuffed her hands behind her back. Her brother and Salib were not so fortunate. As they tried to run, gunfire echoed, deadly and deafening, and the two men fell to the floor streaming blood. Their lifeless eyes stared at the ceiling as more agents swept the area.

“I’ve got them,” one SWAT member yelled. He had found the governor and his unconscious daughter bound together in their forced, spread-eagled, and naked embrace. He pressed his hand to Governor Werdan and Michaela Werdan’s neck, felt for a pulse.

“They’re alive.”

Governor Werdan’s eyes snapped open. His heart beat irregularly in his chest.

“Michaela,” he croaked between parched lips. “Is she?”

“Governor, you’re all right, and your daughter’s alive. We’ve got you now, Sir. You’re safe.”



Angela Werdan, wife of Governor Werdan and mother of Michaela, rushed into the hospital with bodyguards hustling to keep pace.

“Miss Werdan –” A nurse tried to stop her, but she was like a heat-seeking missile bent on its target. Angela flew into the ward where she’d been told her daughter and husband were recovering. She found them lying side by side in two hospital beds, their hands interlocked.

“Mom!” Michaela broke down into tears, sobbing uncontrollably as Angela leaned over to comfort her raped and brutalized daughter. Angela kissed the girl’s forehead, shedding tears of her own.

“My baby. Are you all right?” She knew the uselessness of the question before the words were even out of her mouth, but motherly instinct made them simply slip out nonetheless. She cradled her daughter’s head, stroking her hair, kissing the crown of Michaela’s head as the girl sobbed and felt the comfort of her mother’s touch.

“SSSHHH, baby. I’m here now. I’m here. I love you so much, Michaela. I love you so, so, much, my sweet, brave girl.” Even while she comforted her daughter, Angela reached out and grasped her husband’s hand.

Governor Werdan had the look of a man who had aged an entire decade overnight. His gaunt face had deep lines around the eyes. Pain seemed etched there, not just beneath the surface but deep, deep down, embedded like the roots of a tree.

“I’m so glad you’re safe,” Angela said, looking at her husband with profound love. “I was… I was worried sick. I thought you were…” She couldn’t form that awful word. Dead. She could only feel the relief that what might have been… wasn’t… that the sadistic terrorists had all been either captured or killed. It was a five-man team with one woman also involved. The authorities hadn’t told her much more than that.

“Angela.” There was a deep sadness tainting the relief in Governor Werdan’s voice. Tears were brimming in the eyes of Angela’s usually strong and stoic husband. “I couldn’t protect her. I couldn’t protect our daughter.” He began to sob now, too, and Angela did what she could. She reached out and caressed her husband’s face, wiping away his tears.


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