Innocent Farm Life 2



My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam, I live with my parents Claire and Richard, and my little sister Ashley on a farm far from everything, my sister and I aren’t allowed to get any farther than the farm limits but that has never bothered us, there is always a lot to do and a lot of fun to have.

I strongly suggest you read the first part before this one if you haven’t done so.



The following day I woke up starving and went down to have breakfast, when I arrived at the kitchen I found Ashley and dad that had already eaten.

“Good morning everyone.” I said a little sleepy yet, “So how was yesterday?”, I asked them.

“Good morning Sam! Well, Ashley has something interesting to tell you, don’t you?”, Dad ended the question looking at Ashley.

“Yeah, Sam you won’t guess what we found yesterday, as we were walking through the shopping mall we found an amazing gym! They let us in after asking, they were doing all kinds of stuff, there were some very strong people lifting heavy bars, others were cycling, others swimming and some were even dancing!”, she was very excited about it.

“Welp, long story short, your sister signed up for the gym membership, your mother also liked it and will keep her company there, what do you think love?”, He asked me.

“That’s so cool Ashley, I don’t know if I would like to go so often to the city though, I prefer to stay at home…”, I answered with the same face Rocky puts when we are eating BBQ.

“Don’t worry, I know it’s a lot of compromise, well, they told us we can bring a guest for free on Thursdays so you can come with us to check it out if you want.”, dad answered comprehensively, he wasn’t expecting a straight yes from me.

“Okay, that sounds cool, but dad what are you going to do if mom and Ashley are there, you gotta go with them right?”

“Ah yes, I ran into some friends at the mall that are farmers too and they told me about some places they visit after they are done in the morning as it gets too hot outside to do anything, I’m going to join them after leaving your sister and mom at the gym.” He made a short pause. “Are you sure you don’t want to come? I know you did well alone but we are going to be leaving every other day now.

“Yeah don’t worry dad, it’s okay, I can take care of myself”, I smiled and so did my father.

“Okay okay, no problem then”, my father answered.

We continued talking a little but they ended up leaving and I got to finish breakfast, I liked it on the farm in the mornings but I can’t deny that I was a bit curious about that last incident with Rocky, I would be able to study it more without having to worry about everyone at the farm, this could be interesting.


I have always been a night owl, It usually isn’t a problem up until the hot arrives, It usually is around 10 am when I’m ready to deal with my chores and the sun is already up at that time, mom bought me some summer clothes that have helped with this, they aren’t very fancy but are comfortable and very cool.

It would have to wait until the first day of next month for the gym membership to start, in the meantime, Rocky got increasingly affectionate with me, one day as I was feeding the cows he walked near me.

“Hey Rocky! How are you doing?”, I greeted him.

He approached me and started wagging his tail and licking my legs all happy.

“Hahaha, you have gotten very lickey you know?”.

At first, I thought It was disgusting, mainly cause my mom thought so but with time I ended giving in as it was his way of showing love to me and it was very cute, I also read they clean the ones they love, and since I was sweating it could have something to do with that.

I started brushing the cows and felt how Rocky stopped licking my calves and was now licking my thighs, also now his tongue was a bit dry from the heat and it kinda felt nice, like if he was scratching me.

Then I suddenly felt it on my shorts, just below my vagina, and it made me jump surprised.

“Oh my god, Rocky! You can’t lick there boy, that’s gross!”, He looked confused and lowered his head apologizing.

I continued brushing the cow, without giving it much importance, it’s not like he could tell the difference of where he was licking, Rocky headed off somewhere else after I yelled at him, that always feels bad.


Every other day he would try again to lick me up there and every time I would have to scold him, he was getting persistent.

One day I got to shealing a sheep that had too much wool, she wasn’t comfortable in the heat with all that on her, Rocky approached me happily, he tried to play with me but I couldn’t stop until I had finished properly with that sheep, seeing that I wasn’t giving him the attention, he started licking me.

After a while he started licking my thighs and went upper with each lick, I was feeling weirder each time, this wasn’t the good feeling you get from scratching, it was something new, I was feeling kind of hot even though I was in the barn protected from the sun, then he did it.

“Aaaah, I told you not to lick there Rocky!”, My legs closed as a reflex and I shacked a little from the sudden feeling of his tongue against my vagina, even though I had my panties and summer clothes on, they were very thin.

Rocky, however, didn’t stop, he continued licking around my thighs, close to my vagina, every time part of his tongue would make a little bit of contact with it, I continued shearing and tried to keep composed as the initial shock had passed.

I kept feeling that, I felt warmer and my heart rate was slowly increasing, just like when I do exercise, I could also feel my panties getting somewhat wet? Had I peed myself from this weird feeling? Thing is Rocky definitely smelled that too as what followed caught me off guard.

“No! cmon, that’s gross don’t lick there!”, I yelled at him, he was now licking all the emissions that were wetting my panties and shorts, I could feel my panties massage my vagina from his licks.

I couldn’t continue shearing, I also couldn’t stop and let the sheep hanging as that is too uncomfortable for her, I stayed still, having a hard time processing all the feelings I was getting from Rocky licking down there, I had never felt anything like this, I could now feel the heat in my face, I was shaking.

However weird and gross and inappropriate that was, I didn’t want to admit it, but I was starting to feel very good, each lick would feel better than the previous one, I could feel all my muscles contracting, some kind of tension was increasing, with each lick, I would feel a spike of pleasure, he would lick me even faster, making me release more liquid and making me wetter.

I was now breathing rapidly, after licking me relentlessly for 5 or so minutes I could feel something building up, I didn’t know what it was but then…

“AAAAAH!”, I felt an indescribable amount of pleasure all around my body, I sensed all of my muscles tense up simultaneously and I stopped breathing for a moment, I felt like a volcano erupting, all the while Rocky kept licking even faster.

I was already half a minute or so into this pure blessed feeling and seeing that Rocky wouldn’t stop and fearing I would faint from this I finally let go of the sheep’s wool and dropped down to the ground, after this my legs were still shaking but I could feel my muscles relax and my breathing slowing down, Rocky looked at me a bit worried with his head tilted to one side.

“Holy… That… That was amazing”, I said to myself with a smile on my face, I laid there for a couple of minutes before I heard someone coming and got back up quickly.

“Hey Samantha! I told you not to drop the sheep’s wool!! Why were you laying there? Are you okay?”, My mom asked half angry and half worried.

“Ah, yeah sorry mom sorry, I just tripped and fell”, and I continued shearing the sheep.

Later that day, I got to reflect on what had happened, why would Rocky do that? maybe it was normal for him, I saw him constantly licking his testies, maybe it had to do with all that was coming from my vagina, I don’t know… Moreover, what even was that feeling?

It felt wrong, it felt disgusting, I’m sure it wasn’t okay to do, but it felt so damn good.

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