Innocent Farm Life 1



My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam, I live with my parents Claire and Richard, and my little sister Ashley on a farm far from everything, my sister and I aren’t allowed to get any farther than the farm limits but that has never bothered us, there is always a lot to do and a lot of fun to have.

This story involves bestiality (dog), reluctance, and a girl oblivious to anything remotely sexual, this leads to her to do naughty stuff without even realizing it.

All characters are +18, like for real, not cause I said so.

Hi everyone, first of all, this is my first story so, even though I like a lot the end product, I’m not native English so there might be a lack of or some weird expressions.

The buildup/plot is very long, you have three options:

If you got the time or enjoy it, read it fully and tell me what you think of it, constructive criticism is very welcome.

Read the plot TLDR if you are horny or couldn’t be bothered.

Skip the plot and go to “A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION”.

Again, I would love to hear from you about what you enjoyed about the story, I made it for myself, to be honest, and I really liked it but would like to hear other opinions.


Sam lives together with her sister Ashley and her parents Claire and Richard on a farm in the middle of nowhere, they have always been home taught and even though Claire is very intelligent she will get angry whenever Sam asked her about body stuff and therefore Ashley and Sam are absolutely clueless about it.

Sam finally convinces her parents to let her have a dog when both she and her sister are adults, they adopted Rocky, one very muscular dog from an animal shelter, weighing approximately 50kg [110lbs], however, he is very calm and loving and very good with other animals.

One day Sam noticed a red thing coming out where Rocky peed but when she got closer it got hidden, giving it not much importance.


My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam, I live with my parents Claire and Richard, and my little sister Ashley on a farm far from everything, my sister and I aren’t allowed to get any farther than the farm limits but that has never bothered us, there is always a lot to do and a lot of fun to have.


Today I woke up determined to ask my parents again, I don’t care how many times they have told me NO, I will keep trying, ever since I read that book about that boy and his puppies I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…

I went in search of my mom and finally found her in one of the vegetable greenhouses.

“Mom!” I said as I entered the building, “How are you doing, do you need help with anything?”

“Ok ok, what do you want now,” she asked me immediately as she realized my intentions.

“You always tell me I’m very responsible and how proud you are of me you know”, my mom turned a little toward me to hear me better, “Yeah? Get to the point dear,” she told me.

“Well I know I have asked you already but I really really want a puppy mom! Please!”, I asked while holding my hands together as if I was praying, “Uggggh…” my mother sighed.

“We have already talked about this love, you are too young, you won’t take care of it and will end up being even more work for your father and me, and you know your father doesn’t want dogs”, she told me looking me in the eyes.

“But mom, please! I will take care of him, I know I will please!”, I continued to implore her.

My mom stopped and stared at the plants thinking for a moment.

“Ok listen here, I know you want to and dad wouldn’t have a problem as long as you took care of him but the problem is you are too young Samantha”, All my enthusiasm was gone, another try failed, I was devastated.

As my mom looked at me and saw my face she said:

“If you really want to you are going to work for it young lady”, my eyes flashed again, whatever you ask of me, I’m ready, she then continued:

“You and your sister will take care of all the animals of the farm, you will demonstrate to me and your father you can take care of a dog but, and this is non-negotiable, you will have to wait until both you and your sister are adults, not before”, she looked at me waiting for an answer.

“YES, MOM! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!”, I went off running to tell Ashley as she also wanted a dog, not as much as I did though but she would definitely help me with the animals.

I found my sister and immediately told her everything.

“Whaaaat? But isn’t that a lot of work?” She told me surprised about the arrangement, but as she looked at me she rectified, “Well, we will finally have a puppy! That’s amazing Sam!”

“I know right? And it will only be 3 years until you are 18, I can’t wait!”


In the following years we got to work with the animals on the farm, one day, mom gave me a book:

“Hey Sam I have a present for you”, she said with a smile on her face.

“What is it?”, I asked impatiently.

“I got you this book, I want you to learn everything in here ok?”, Mom gave me the book

I read the title, “Everything about dogs”, full of joy I proceeded to open it and speed through the pages, this was so amazing but then, I realized something.

“Mom, how come some pages are missing?”, I asked her.

“Well love, you know I always check the books just in case they got something wrong, I just want to make sure your education is the best”, mom said with confidence.

As we are too far away, we are homeschooled by my mom and since I can remember mom has always checked any books me or my sister use when studying to make sure they are correct, this includes crossed words and indexes missing.

“Oh yeah, thank you very much mom, you are so smart!”, I said.

“My oh my, well I want you to really study this book ok young girl? And tell your sister also”, she told me reassuringly.

“Yes mom, thank you!”, I went running to my bedroom to open the book and absorb all of its contents.

By the time I was an adult I had already read it many times over, I made sure to annoy Ashley with every little thing I learned from it.


As the months passed we kept working hard on the farm, mom and dad were actually quite surprised with the work we were doing and in the end, we finally made it, the night before my sister turned 18 we couldn’t hold our excitement.

“Oh god Ashley I can’t believe it, you are turning 18 tomorrow!” I said as the happiest girl in the world.

“Yeah Sam, I’ve kept dreaming about this day, tomorrow I will finally be an adult, have you thought about a name for the dog?”, asked Ashley

“Aaaah I don’t know Ashley, I have some names but We really need to see before don’t you think?”

“Yeah you are right, I can’t wait to get to the shop so we can look at all those puppies”, Ashley said, and so they continued talking all night about it.

The next morning Claire went early to their room to wake them up.

“Cmon up sleepyheads!” She said enthusiastically, “I think today is the birthday of a very special girl isn’t it?”

Ashley and I didn’t expect this at all, it was waaay too early, we thought we would have been able to sleep all we wanted since it was Ashley’s birthday.

“Gotta get up early if we want to get to the shelter in time”, Claire said.

That confused me a little.

“A shelter?” I asked, still struggling to open my eyes, “why are we going to a shelter?”

“An animal shelter love! Where do you think dogs are?”, said mom as if it was obvious.

In the books I read dogs were always at shops or were gifted in little cute boxes, I hadn’t read anything about an animal shelter but welp if mom said so…

“Ok ok”, I said as I struggled to get up, “cmon Ashley get up” I grabbed on my sister who was still refusing to get up from her bed.

After a big yawn she finally got up with pretty messed up hair if I might say hahaha, we really didn’t sleep that night.

It didn’t take too long to regain yesterday’s excitement and that got me and my sister out of our sleep pretty fast.

“Cmon girls get ready, we are going out in an hour”, mom said.

After we ate breakfast and got everything else ready we headed for the car, where mom and dad were already waiting.

After a long while we arrived at a road where a sign read municipal animal shelter, it was actually pretty big, first, we went by a couple of buildings where we could see some horses hanging around, then we saw some other buildings where they kept some other farm animals like pigs or sheep, after that we arrived at a pretty big one-floor building that had parking in front of it, and just as we got out of the car…

“Sam listen!”, Ashley said.

I could hear it, I could really really hear it.

“Are those dogs?! How many are there?”, I asked, amazed and a little worried at the same time, this wasn’t really the picture I had in mind.

Dad, which had remained silent up until this point got out of the car.

“Ok girls come near me”, dad said calmly. “I know you really want a cute little puppy but sometimes what we think we want isn’t always the best decision”

Ashley and I looked at each other a bit let down and confused.

“There are dogs out there that don’t really have a family to love them and play with them, when a dog no longer has a family it ends up in a dog shelter like the one we are going to see, they are not puppies, I know, but if you give them a chance you will see how much love they have to give”.

It was the first time we heard dad talk like this about the whole dog thing, he had always remained away from it and refused to talk about it.

“But…”, I was going to say as dad interrupted me, “No buts, let’s go in”, dad said while smiling.

We got past a door into some kind of reception area and a trainer named Michael led us to a corridor which had many exits at both sides, there were letters at each one, A, B, C, D, E, F.

The person walked up under letter A and told us:

“You can look at every dog from corridors A to D, I will be here in case you have any questions, you need to be calm and careful when interacting with the dogs ok? They can get pretty nervous.”

As we entered the corridor every single dog started barking, some of them were huge, nothing close to the puppy we had imagined, Ashley and I were a bit scared but we trusted dad which was leading us, it was then when I saw it, I saw why dad wouldn’t allow me to complain before, every single one of those dogs was so happy, I hadn’t ever seen a dog in real life but they were all wagging their tails and jumping around their kennels, they had such pure eyes, those dogs were starved for love…

When I looked at Ashley I realized she was seeing it too, every single dog, I had arrived there with a perfect dog in my mind and now, I could take home every single one of them.

We slowly interacted with some of the more calmed ones and as Michael saw we were pretty hesitant he got a couple of them out of their kennels, we went around the building and we got all into some kind of playground for dogs where he released them, we got to play with them and after gaining more confidence went again to the corridors and kept looking at the dogs.

I am going to be honest now, most of them, if they weren’t all happy and jumping would look pretty freakin scary, they were big muscular dogs, some of them missed part of their ears which didn’t really help.

“Most of the dogs here are a mix of some breeds that have become very popular recently, people usually buy them as gifts or with worse intentions and when they realize how much activity they need or when they stop being cute puppies, they get dropped at our door”, said Michael.

That was sad, to think these dogs once had a family and then got abandoned here… I looked around and noticed dad was visibly upset about it but didn’t want to ask him about it.

We kept looking at them, there were dogs from medium size up to dogs that were huge and even weighed more than me or Ashley, as we were heading down the corridor D, I noticed one dog which wasn’t as nervous as all the others, however, the moment I approached his kennel he got up and slowly approached me, it was a big muscular dog like the rest of them, could easily weigh 50kg [110lbs] or more, he had brown short fur with some black stripes along his body, two of his legs were entirely black, it said in the door he was 3 years old.

It started wagging its tail and looking at me, when I approached my hand to the metal bars of his kennel, he gently pressed his forehead against it, as if he wanted me to pet him, he did every move with such calmness.

Ashley arrived moments later:

“Ooooh he looks so cute, he is very careful,” she said while looking at him as I was petting him.

We didn’t realize it at the moment but mom and dad were looking from the distance, I think they knew from that moment who we would be bringing home that day.

After making our choice clear, mom went to take care of all the paperwork while Michael and dad took the dog to the back of the van, as he had gotten somewhat nervous after exiting the kennel, he jumped in the back of the van and after a couple of minutes got to sleep, Ashley and I kept looking at him almost the whole way back home, trying to decide his name, after talking about it for a while, we decided his name would be Rocky.


It didn’t take too long for Rocky to feel safe at home, he also was very good around all kinds of animals, even the little chickens, he just seemed to be careful around them all.

Compared with the life he had in the shelter, this was a paradise for him, he slept with Ashley and me in our room and just as we got up every morning he would go running outside to enjoy the sunshine, he would then accompany us for our daily chores with the rest of the animals, most of the time he was by himself or laying around but sometimes he got to play with some of the horses or sheep that were in the mood.

The little we could improve was pretty easy, we trained him from time to time and he seemed to enjoy it, he truly was a perfect dog, nothing wrong about him, however, one day something caught my eye.

I was by myself taking care of the chickens when I noticed Rocky was licking himself impulsively between his legs:

“What is he doing?”, I wondered to myself, it wasn’t the couple of balls all males had, I had already seen that in the other animals of the farm, as I took a closer look I noticed something else, something red was coming out from where he peed, this got me worried for a moment and I got closer to him.

“Hey boy, what’s wrong?”, I said as I approached him, but the moment he looked at me, that thing that was coming out went inside of him again, it was really really weird, Rocky looked at me and his tail started wagging so I decided to not give it too much importance.

Mom is very intelligent and usually can answer every single question I have but, some questions upset her a lot and she will usually tell me that a respectable lady like me shouldn’t worry about such things, then keep doing whatever it was she was doing.

It usually were questions I had about my body or other things I saw in the animals like the two balls between the males, when I asked her about that, she just told me they were the testies, it differentiated males from females, just as a male lion has its mane, that’s all there is to it, but she got kind of angry so I have tried avoiding those kinds of questions ever since then.

And I don’t want to talk about it to anyone else in my family, I think it is like one of those pretty bad words one day my dad said when he got hurt badly in the garage, mom and dad were very serious about never talking like that.


Months flew by and it was getting increasingly hot outside, one day mom came to tell me something.

“Hey honey, so we have to go to the city to do something, your sister is coming over to buy some stuff so get ready, we are going in 30 minutes”

“Aaaagh mom I already went with you to the city not that long ago… Can I stay at home please?”, I begged.

“You know you can’t stay home alone Samantha, so get…”, dad interrupted her.

“C’mon honey, she is already 19 years old, she can take care of herself. Oh, and she won’t be alone, am sure nobody will come anywhere near the farm with Rocky around.”, dad said with a calming tone.

“Mmm… Ok ok, but make sure Rocky stays near you ok? I don’t want you all alone here so far from everything, and keep your phone on you at all times”, mom said, she looked serious.

“Thank you! Yeah Rocky will keep me safe you can be sure about that!”, finally my parents were trusting me more, it was about time.

30 mins later my family left and I was alone for the first time, however, the only thing I could think about was how hot it was getting outside.

“I could absolutely use a cold bath right now, am gonna get ready and head over to the pond”, and so I headed inside home to get sunscreen and change into my swimwear.

I got the sunscreen but, it doesn’t matter how much I searched for it, I couldn’t find my swimwear, I hadn’t used it since last year so mom could have stored it anywhere.

“Oh no no no… I need to take a bath right now c’mon where is it??”, I was getting frustrated, sadly started to think about leaving it be and waiting for my mom to get back so she could get it but it was going to be a while, they would most surely eat in the city and wouldn’t be back until afternoon. I also avoided calling them, I didn’t want to bother them at all.

“Welp, I’m gonna go swimming, even if I can’t find my swimwear, it is just too hot! I don’t think it is wrong to get in my underwear, It’s only Rocky around and he’s just a dog… Yeah, it’s decided! C’mon Rocky!”, I called Rocky and brought the sunscreen with me right next to the pond.

There were a couple of deck chairs, a table with some chairs and a big umbrella. I left the sunscreen on the table and started to remove my clothes.

I wasn’t wearing much, first I removed the light shirt I had on, revealing the cute bra mom got me a couple of months ago, it was made of silk, colored white with drawings of flowers, really comfy, then I removed the shorts I was wearing, the panties I had on were part of the same set as the bra, also very comfortable.

Rocky was just by me, laying on the ground sunbathing while also looking at me, it was a bit weird, I still sometimes had to go to the bathroom to get changed as it felt awkward when Rocky was in the bedroom with me but I was getting over it.

As I approached the pond I stopped to think about it.

“It is ok if I swim with this right? It’s all natural but I still don’t know, well let’s stop thinking about it and get in”, I started to walk into the pond, it was pretty big and just deep enough to be able to swim comfortably.

“Oooh…” As I got both feet in I realized how good it felt, it was still cold from the night but not too much, it felt amazing.

I continued to go in and started to swim from one side to the other, after a while I was a bit tired and already refreshed so I went to one of the deck chairs to lay over while I dried up, I almost fell asleep there.

After a couple of minutes, I sensed something cold touching my left bra and as I slowly opened my eyes…

“Hey Rocky! What’s up buddy what do you want?”, and as I said that I looked down at my bra and realized how I looked.

“Oh my god, It’s like if I wasn’t wearing anything!” I could see my boobies through the thin silk and what was worse, I could see my vagina through my panties!”

One thing mom had taught us to do was to shave down there as we lived on a farm and it would be unhealthy not doing so, therefore I could see everything.

I got up immediately and instinctively covered my woman parts, I had already forgotten about what had wakened me, and when I looked at Rocky my face changed from embarrassment to outright shock.

He was laying down on the ground looking at me from the left of the deck chair, he was breathing rapidly.

“Rocky what is that!”, I could very clearly see something red coming out from next to his testies, I think this was what I saw that day on the farm but, this time, it was much worse, it looked way more inflated and was probably like 15 cm [6 in] long, from a pointy tip until it disappeared in his fur, furthermore there appeared to be some kind of bulge under the fur right where the red thing disappeared, the red thing somewhat looked like a spike, this didn’t look good at all.

“Oh no no no”, I thought about calling mom that instant but seeing as the spike was that close to his testies… Furthermore, I kept wondering if I had done something wrong, I couldn’t afford to call dad or mom the first day they had remotely trusted in me and left me alone, I had to think fast.

It looked blood red and was moving a little as if it followed his heartbeat, I took a look closer.

“Ok ok calm down Sam, so that looks like what he uses to pee but there is something clearly wrong”, I could see blood vessels all around and it had a weird shape going from thinner at the tip to thicker in the middle and then a bit thinner again before that hidden bulge.

“It is as if something had bitten him, something venomous”, my face was getting pale as I thought about it, I needed to act as fast as possible if that was venom.

I suddenly remembered a book I read long ago, about a person that was bitten by a cobra, they were deep in the jungle so there wasn’t time to call for help, another person in the group saved him though.

“I know what to do! So let’s see where that devil bit you”, Rocky was on his side now, breathing quite fast although I didn’t know if he was in pain or if it was because of the intense heat.

“Cmon there have to be bite marks right?”, I couldn’t see any even as close as I was, I gathered all my courage and slowly reached with my hand to touch it to feel for myself.

As I pressed my finger against the spike it moved suddenly.

“Oh no sorry buddy, it’s ok it’s ok, wait a moment… something is coming out of the tip, that doesn’t look like pee or blood, it is slightly white… OMG! could that be the venom? Is that where it bit you?”, I was determined.

I tried touching it again with my hand in order to push the venom out the tip of the spike but I was clearly harming him, it was a bit wet and my hands were all very dry because of the heat, In the end, I would have to do what that woman did in the book, but that was scary and risky and also kind of disgusting.

“Cmon Sam, you can do it!”, I lowered my head towards the spike, it was pulsating more frequently now after I tried to push the venom out, I was worried I had worsened it, I wouldn’t commit the same mistake this time, I would follow the book instructions to the letter.

I licked my lips to make sure they were wet and proceeded to surround the tip of the spike with them, as I made contact with the hot surface, Rocky moved a little but stayed down, I then started to suck as hard as I could, the spike was moving each time I sucked, I would suck for around 5 seconds and then spit out the venom I got in my mouth.

“Yes, it is working”, I thought to myself, there was a lot of venom coming out of it, but each time I sucked less would come out.

“Ugh?” I felt something hit my tongue, after that, I could feel there was a lot of it again, maybe his body was fighting the venom? Maybe the venom had gotten farther into the spike? The spike had also gotten bigger, it was now about 20cm [8 in] long.

I decided to open my mouth wider and try to envelop the spike to reach farther in, I stopped when I felt the tip touch against the back of my mouth and felt uncomfortable, like when you are eating ice cream and the stick touches back there.

I could tell I wasn’t anywhere near the end of the spike but just hoped this was farther enough, I started to suck as hard as I could, each time I backed out I would apply force with my lips around it to pull more venom out, I kept repeating this for a while, each time faster as I was getting desperate.

One time when I was as deep as I could I felt Rocky shudder for a moment and he started moving his hips a little towards me, I suddenly felt that spurt of venom again but this time it went directly into the back of my mouth.

“Ah no! I think I swallowed some of it!”, as I was pulling out my mouth terrified, I felt Rocky shudder in place and give a couple of movement with his hips forward, then all of a sudden I felt both of his front paws press against the back of my head, graving it and pushing it farther into the spike.

“Oh no Rocky what are you doing?!” I tried to shout or pull away but his paws were way too strong for me, He kept pushing me inside and I tried to push against the spike by grabbing his back legs but it proved hopeless, he kept pushing until the tip had already gone past the back of my mouth, I coughed a little but that was it.

“No please, If he keeps this up I won’t be able to breath”, The spike was somewhat adapting to my mouth and moving way past where I would have thought possible, I could feel the width of the spike increasing, pressing against my teeth as I already had my mouth as far open as I could, I felt it started to pulsate, just as had happened before he spurt the venom, I could barely breathe through my nose at that moment, I could feel the spike in my throat already.

And, suddenly, Rocky made a violent movement with his hip and front paws at the same time that further pushed my mouth in, I could no longer breathe, he had the spike in my throat but the worst was yet to come.

Accompanied by that came a powerful shot, I couldn’t believe he could have so much venom in his body, this time it wasn’t a spurt, it was more like a stream, the worst thing, however, is that he had the tip of the spike straight down my throat and I felt the stream hit directly there.

That was far from the end of it, every second would come another stream like the last one, at this moment I just hoped it wasn’t venom as the insane amount of fluid he kept shooting, was going straight down my throat, he wouldn’t stop, when I was starting to feel weak from the lack of oxygen he finally seemed to slow down and relax his muscles after a couple more streams.

I could move my head back enough to be able to breathe again, the spike was also getting thinner with each stream he shot, I remained there, catching my breath and recovering from the utter exhaustion, breathing and letting the streams of fluid he kept shooting overflow from my mouth onto the floor, I could feel the fluid in my mouth this time, the texture was a lot thicker than the initial spurts, it felt different.

Another 5min would have to pass before he relaxed his paws totally and the spike would come out of my mouth on his own as its size had reduced enough, I don’t actually know how much time I laid there on the ground, relieved that it had all ended.

I came back to my senses when I felt Rocky licking my face and the inside of my mouth.

I could feel slight pain across my face and he had scratched my back while pushing me with his paws, something didn’t feel good, as I looked down at my belly I could see it was unnaturally expanded, it was at least a couple of cm [an inch] bigger than usually and then, I felt it.

My stomach was absolutely full even though I hadn’t even eaten breakfast that morning, it felt as if I had kept eating well past my limit, I felt sick.

It didn’t take too long for my body to respond, I got on all fours and started to puke, after a couple of minutes puking and struggling to catch my breath at the same time I started to feel better, I opened my eyes and looked at the ground in front of me, it was all white fluid, this was what Rocky kept shooting inside of me, I was frightened by the sheer amount of fluid there was on the ground.

I was covered in sweat and all over my face and one side of me had traces of that white fluid, I struggled a little to get back up but I was recovering quickly, I took a look by my side and there was Rocky.

“Rocky?”, he was sitting looking worried at me, I moved my eyes towards the spike.

“Oh, It’s gone now… Apparently, my technique worked but what the hell was that in the end?!”, I increasingly raised my tone towards the end while looking angry at him, Rocky lowered his ears and head and looked away from me.

“No no, sorry buddy, you didn’t do that on purpose, right? I guess that probably was your body getting rid of what was making you sick, well… I’m happy you are feeling better now but I’m going to think a lot about this.”

I didn’t understand what had just happened, that moment I wanted to take a shower and rest so I carefully headed home and got in the bathroom, I removed my bra and panties.

“I’m gonna have to clean these before mom and dad come back, at least they don’t seem to be damaged.” With the water running, flowing down my tired body, I started to think about what had just happened.

“I saved him, that’s for sure, what I don’t understand is what was all of that fluid he shot into me, It wasn’t venom but it also wasn’t any other body fluid I know, he seemed to feel better the more he released as the spike kept reducing in size towards the end, maybe him pushing my head was involuntary, from pain or a reaction of expelling the fluid, I now wonder if I could have gotten the fluid out of him without using my mouth, that seems to be the only error I made, or at least I could have pulled out earlier, ah, whatever, Rocky is sleeping soundly, that’s what matters right now.”

I continued my shower, changed into new clothes and took a nap, after waking up I cleaned my underwear and mopped the ground of the house, I then went outside and cleaned the large pool of fluid by the pond, after picking up the clothes I had left behind everything was impeccable.

When my family got back I was already in bed, in part because I was tired and in part, because I didn’t want to talk, I went to sleep happy, knowing I had saved my dog, all on my own.

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