Family Movie Day



A girl, forced to accompany her family to the movies is treated to a whole new experience.

This story is based on one shared with me that’s supposedly true, not sure if I believed that, but I liked it nonetheless. This is my expanded version of that short story with my own twist.

As always, comments, criticisms and kudos always welcome and encouraged.

Family Movie Day

Family movie day, what a joke, all that meant was, I got dragged to a movie that my bratty little sister wanted to see. Spoiled little brat always got anything she wanted. The funny thing is my older brother was just as excited to see the same lame animated Disney movie. What a dork.

I tried my best to get out of it, but my mom insisted. I was hoping to have a little alone time, and maybe even sneak into mom’s kinky toy collection. But no, instead I was forced to sit through a two-hour movie I didn’t want to see.

Of course again, because of my sister, we got to the theater late and weren’t able any good seats. We were so late that we had to sit in the very last row, and was forced to sit next to some stranger. The lights were already dimmed and previews were playing by the time we finally got there, so I never got a good look at the man, thankfully he didn’t seem too bad, at least he smelled good.

Mom got the aisle seat, and of course, my older brother Cody sat next to her. He was her favorite, those two were always giggling, laughing, and teasing each other, and couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Then sat my spoiled brat, little sister Cindy, and then me, always at the end, always on the outside look’n in. Everyone was there except for dad, as always, he had to work.

Having to sit next to a stranger in the movies is always uncomfortable. After I took my seat next to him, the man greeted me by leaned over and whispering, ”Hi. How are you doing?” Which I thought was nice.

”I’m good.” I said shyly, then added because I didn’t want to seem rude, ”How are you?”

”I’m good.” he whispered, ”Are you excited to see this movie?”

I shrugged my shoulders, ”No, not really.” I said.

”Me neither.” Whispered the man.

Looking down the row of seats, I saw that my mom, brother, and sister were all focused on the coming attractions. As usual, none of them paying any attention to me.

I felt a lot more comfortable with the man sitting next to me, he seemed nice. I liked that he was talking to me, not my slutty mom, not my all-star athlete brother, and not my cute little sister, but me and only me. I liked it, it made me feel special and desirable. And each time he whispered to me, he’d gently brush the side of my leg with the back of his hand. It was really no big deal, incidental almost, but I liked it. I liked the contact, the human touch, it was exciting and stimulating, making me feel like I had a greater connection with the man than I did my own family.

As the main feature began to play, the man leaned over and whispered, ”Do you want to lift this? It’ll be a lot more comfortable for both of us.” motioning to the fold-up chair arm.”

Looking over at my family, they weren’t paying any attention.

”Okay.” I whispered, eager to remove the barrier between me and the man.

With the arm lifted out of the way, the man began gently rubbing the side of my leg with the back of his hand. That was far more than incidental, and I knew that I probably shouldn’t let him do that, but I didn’t try to stop him. At first, it was a little scary, but it was also kind of exciting, something secretive and taboo, and I liked it.

With no interest in the lame movie, my entire focus was on the man’s hand brushing against the side of my leg. It was making me tingle all over.

I knew it was wrong, but I really liked the way his touch made me feel, something was exciting and forbidden about it, so I began rhythmically moving my leg against his hand, opening and closing my legs, purposely rubbing my leg against his hand.

As my legs and the man’s hand moved in unison, a strange, and unexpected heat came over me, a flush of arousal, and a fluttering in my stomach that extended down in between my legs as I opened and closed them.

There was something thrilling about the sensations I was having. Wanting the man to know that I liked the way he was touching me and that I didn’t want him to stop, I put my hand on his and gently stroked his palm with my fingertips as he continued to simply rub the side of my leg.

His hand felt thick and strong in my hand, but also soft and smooth.

Again he leaned over and whispered in my ear, ”That feels nice.” His breath was sweet, maybe from the soda he was sipping, and each time he whispered he blew gently in my ear. His whispers were like warm sweet kisses that made me quiver.

As his hand and my legs, moved in rhythmic unison, I took hold of his Index finger and held it. He had large hands, and his finger felt thick and strong in my grasp. Holding his long thick finger in my hand, it felt phallic I excitedly imagined. Although I’d had no real experience, I had seen many pictures and videos that I’d studied closely.

In the darkness, I squeezed and stroked the man’s unseen, long strong fingers, imagining…

Then, under the cover of the darkened theater, the man moved his hand atop my thigh. I shuttered and nearly moaned as he began feeling my leg.

Looking over at my little sister who was sitting next to me, and then the rest of my family, they were obliviously watching the movie.

Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I put my hand atop the man’s to encourage him. As he held my leg in his strong hand, rubbing and stroking, I could feel his long fingers reaching into my inner thigh.

As the man stroked my leg, I ran my hands up his forearm feeling it. It felt strong and powerful. And as his hand worked closer to my crotch, I instinctively opened my legs.

Slowly working his hand up my inner thigh until the side of his hand pressed against my crotch, the man just held it there, and I felt my tight little pussy instantly flood. I couldn’t help but moan aloud uncontrollably.

Looking over at my family, they were clueless. My moans were drowned out by the booming soundtrack of the movie.

The man leaned over and gently hushed me, blowing softly in my ear as he did.

He then removed his hand from my all too willing crotch, lifted his arm, and began brushing his hand back and forth across my breast.

Knowing that the man shouldn’t be touching my tits, but thrilled that he wanted to, I quivered with excitement. I wanted the man to touch me, but I didn’t want anyone to see, so I pulled my sweater over his arm, concealing it as he gently ran his hand over my titties.

Sitting inconspicuously shoulder to shoulder, the man rubbed his hand across my obnoxiously puffy, and very sensitive breast. And even in that awkward position, he was able to squeeze my tits and pinch my stiffening nipples.

As my nipples became hard and erect, he slipped his hand underneath my teeshirt.

I didn’t have a bra on. The ones I’d been wearing had all gotten too small, and mom just couldn’t seem to find the time to take me shopping. My mom tried to get me to wear a hand me down from my cousin, but it was also too small.

I was developing nice big tits just like my mom’s, which I was pretty happy about. I could almost suck on them myself. I loved playing my titties, not only did it feel really good, I also had the foolish idea that I was encouraging them to grow. Maybe that was just an excuse to touch myself.

Sitting next to the man in the dark theater, he had his hand under my teeshirt, squeezing my braless tits, and pinching, pulling, and twisting my stiff erect nipples.

I loved having my little titties played with, I did it all the time. The man was really getting me turned on, and I was beginning to squirm in my seat. He was getting me so horny that my pussy had become a sopping wet mess.

Looking over at my family, they were still preoccupied watching the movie.

The man was driving me crazy, my pussy was throbbing, and I desperately wanted him to touch it again, so I took his hand and pushed it down between my legs, and began wildly humping the man’s hand right there in the theater.

Keeping one cautious eye on my family, I held on to the man’s forearm as I ground my hot wet pussy against his strong hand, grunting and moaning with each thrust.

I was really going at it, humping the man’s hand like crazy as he rubbed my pussy, I was very near cumming when the man stopped me, pulled on my sweatpants, and whispered, ”Loosen these.”

”Okay!” I excitedly whispered back, eagerly untying the drawstring of the pink sweatpants I was wearing.

The sweatpants were part of a jogging outfit that actually had, “Pink” printed across the butt. Another handle-me-down from my cousin. Even though I couldn’t fit into my cousin’s bra, the jogging outfit was large on me. She had a big ass.

Untying the drawstring, I pull loose the already baggy sweatpants, willing giving access to the man.

I wasn’t wearing any panties. My ass had been getting wider, and just like my bras, none of my panties fit any longer. And since my mom was always too busy fuck’n around with my older brother, or running after my little sister, she just couldn’t seem to find the time to take me to get new ones. So I decided to go commando.

”Take your hoodie off and put it over your lap.” The man whispered. I did as he said and covered the man’s arm as he slid his hand in my pants.

Sliding down in my seat, I willing opened my legs wide, making it easy for the man to touch my very needy pussy. Holding the man’s powerful forearm in my hands, I rubbed, touched, and felt his strong arm, encouraging him to touch me, as he gently, ran his strong fingers over my tight little slit.

As the man very slowly teased, gently pinching my puffy pussy mound and running his fingertips along my slit, I couldn’t keep from squirming, he was driving me crazy. I was so wet down there that I could feel the wetness on the man’s fingers as he began to slowly rub apart my pussy lips. Little by little, he rubbed, unfolding me, opening me up like a flower in full bloom until my tight little pussy was a gaping wet hole. He then slowly pushed one of his long strong fingers into my wet pussy. And as I felt him enter me, I threw my head back and opened my mouth in a silent cry of ecstasy.

No one else had ever touched my pussy like that. Other than my own fingers, his were the first to ever slide into my wet hole.

Hooking his finger, he began work it in and out. And as he finger fucked me, I held tightly onto his arm and began uncontrollably humping, thrusting myself onto his probing finger.

The man then pulled his finger from my dripping wet hole and began rubbing my very sensitive clit. I was a wet mess between my spread legs, and when he began rubbing my swollen clit with his wet fingers, it was all I could take. It pushed the edge, I was going to have an orgasm.

As I began to cum, I was still painfully aware of my surroundings and my nearby family. Beginning to tremble and shake uncontrollably as the climax built, and with a death grip on the man’s arm, I humped wildly at his fingers, cumming so hard that I wet myself.

Momentarily stunned, I just laid there half slouched in the theater chair jerking and quaking, praying that no one witnessed my obscene performance. After a minute, I managed to pull myself together, sat up, and look cautiously over at my family.

I’d just been brought to an earth-shaking orgasm by a complete stranger in the movie theater, and still, they were totally unaware.

“Are you enjoying the movie?” The man leaned over and whispered.

“It’s so fucking good,” I whispered back in his ear.

“Good. I’m glad.” He whispered and lifted his sticky wet fingers to my lips. Taking his hand, I began licking and sucking my own pussy juices off of his long strong fingers. When I was done, I lifted my teeshirt and placed his wet fingers on my tits. He squeezed my budding titties and pulled on my puffy nipples so hard that I almost cried-out, forcing me to put my hand over my own mouth to stifle myself.

Looking nervously over at my family, I saw that they were none-the-wiser, and still happily absorbed in the animated Disney movie.

Becoming rougher, the man continued, to cruelly pull and twist my nipples, making me squirm in my seat. I had to endure the torment in silence but didn’t want him to stop. I loved the intense sensation and had often done that to myself. He was driving me crazy, and I just didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention.

After a few minutes of heart-pounding torment, the man reached over in the darkness, took my hand, and brought it over to his lap. An intense thrill of excitement immediately shot through me when I felt the hard bulge in the man’s pants.

Elated that I’d given the man a hard-on, I began excitedly feeling and squeezing his intimidatingly large bulge.

With my pussy throbbing and my nipples stinging, I excitedly pawed at the man’s big bulge as he very calmly slipped out of his lightweight hooded jacket and placed it over his lap, concealing my eagerly groping hand. He then opened his pants.

I almost creamed myself when I touched the man’s big stiff, flesh-covered bone. At first, I just rubbed my hand over it, in awe of how it felt. I was exhilarated, but also intimidated, frightened even by the man’s big hard cock. I’d never touched a cock before, had no real experience, but I knew all the nasty things that could be done with it. I’d seen videos, a lot of them.

When I finally got up the nerve, I took hold of the man’s cock. It was so big, I could barely get my hand around it. Holding his huge cock in my hand, I was amazed at how hard, stiff, and strong it felt in my hand. I could actually feel it throbbing. A video just couldn’t do it justice.

Forced to handle the man’s cock under the cover of his jacket, I desperately wanted to lay my eyes on what I was feeling, but that was too risky, and I knew that I would have to be satisfied, seeing with my hands.

As I massaged the man’s big cock, I reclined the chair and rolled onto my side facing the man, so I could more easily stroke his cock.

Turning my back to my family, I reclined in the chair as if I were curling up for a snooze. My mom knew that I didn’t want to see the movie and that I’d threatened to sleep through it, so sitting like that wouldn’t seem unusual.

Looking over my shoulder at my family, they still weren’t paying any attention to me as I stroked the man’s cock.

I carefully covered myself with my hoodie, then wantonly lifted my teeshirt exposing my tingling titties to the man. I then pushed my baggy sweatpants down to my knees. Putting one foot upon the chair, I spread my legs wide and displayed my hot wet pussy to the man.

The movie just had barely started, and the man had already given me one of the most intense orgasms that I’d ever experienced. Desperately, I wanted more.

Like a horny little slut, I exposed myself to the man, offering myself to him the best way I could in the crowded movie theater. Accepting my offer, the man reached over and ran his hand all over my exposed body, as I stroking his impressive cock.

Hidden by my carefully placed hoddie, the man explored my willing body, running his hand over my tits, my hips, and thighs. Reaching between my spread legs, he grabbed and squeezed my tight ass, and as he did, his wrist pushed against and rubbed my gaping pussy. And as he fondled my butt cheeks, he also toyed with my tight asshole.

It felt excitingly kinky having the man touch my asshole. It made me feel like a nasty little slut and I loved it. As his fingers danced over my tight puckering hole, it twitched and spasmed, sending pulsations into my already throbbing pussy. It felt like my horny little butthole was kissing the man’s fingertips, eagerly trying to welcome them in.

Sliding his teasing fingers up from my twitching ass to my fevered pussy, he began fingering me again and rubbing my clit as I stroked his stiff cock.

The man’s big long shaft was beginning to leak slippery pre-cum that I smeared all over his cock.

The man had been fingering me with one long strong finger that he had buried deep into my gooey wet hole. The man then worked in a second long strong finger, and I could feel my already gaping pussy being stretched open. He then devilishly forced a third long finger deep into my sloppy young hole, and I lost my mind. Grabbing the man’s wrist, I again began humping and bucking, uncontrollably thrusting my hips forward, driving myself hard against his hand. And as I humped, the man met my thrust, ramming his long fingers harder and faster into my sopping wet hole, driving me insane.

With my horny little slut hole jammed full of thrusting fingers, stretching me to limits I’d never dreamt of, I was driven hard to another orgasm that hit me like a blast, making me cum as never before.

I was cumming, hard, and still trying to control myself. And even as I came, the man continued to rapidly ram his fingers into my sloppy wet hole, repeatedly pushing me over the edge each time he rammed, making me cum over and over again.

The man’s cock was becoming very wet and slimy, getting all over my hand and oozing between my grasping fingers. Excitedly, I began stroking him faster, as fast as I could, and the man began thrusting his hips upward, fucking my rapidly pumping hand.

I then felt the man tense, and then shutter and jerk, excitedly I stroked even faster, knowing that he was about to cum.

With my tight little pussy stretched full of thick probing fingers, in the midst of my own seemingly endless orgasm, the man rolled his head back, and I felt the warm creamy goo of the man’s cum cover my hand.

Stunned that I’d just made the man cum, I was ecstatic, I’d never made anyone cum before, other than myself. Awestruck, I pulled my hand for underneath the man’s jacket and examined it. In the flickering light of the theater, I could see that my hand was covered with glistening goo. I sniffed, it had a unique, undefinable aroma. Rubbing it between my fingers, it was slippery. Pulling my fingers apart, it was sticky and gooey. I tasted it, I can’t describe how it tasted, but I couldn’t stop licking it off my hand.

I wanted to eat more cum, I wanted all the man was willing to give me, and I wanted to taste his cock. I wanted to feel it in my mouth and suck on it as I’d seen in so many of the nasty videos I’d watched while fingering my young pussy.

Leaning over, I lifted the man’s jacket so I could take his cock in my mouth, but he held me back.

”It’s too dangerous.” he whispered.

”Please.” I pleaded. ” I really want to. Just a little. I just want to taste it.”

Both of us looked around, no one was paying us any attention. Looking over at my family, they were clueless.

He lifted his jacket, and I placed my head in his lap, and he covered my head.

A lot of young girls might tell you that sucking cock is gross, but not me. I’ve dreamt of having a meaty cock in my mouth and masturbated many times fantasizing sucking on a big cock, and having my mouth filled with cum.

With my head underneath the man’s jacket, I could smell his musk, the steamy wet sent of cum, and the faint whiff of his spicy deodorant. It was intoxicating. Holding the man’s cum drenched, still hard, pulsating cock in my shaking hand, I licked it.

The feeling of excitement was indescribable, I was trembling. Licking his cock like a popsicle, I slurped up all the cum that dripped down his stiff cock, filling my mouth with the taste of cum and cock-meat. I then took the head of the man’s cock in my mouth and sucked.

That was the first cock that I’d ever had in my mouth. I was intimidated, but I knew what I wanted to do with it. I’d gotten myself off many times studying nasty videos, made myself cum watching dicks being sucked and licked, and had even practiced on a few of my mom’s toys, after washing them first. I was so excited sucking on the man’s cock, that I began fingering myself out of habit as I’d done so many times before.

As I bobbed my head, sucking, licking and slurping, and working the man’s shaft with my tongue, he slid his hand underneath the hoodie that I’d so carefully draped over myself and again began fondling my ass. Holding, pinching, squeezing, and pulling on my butt cheeks, the man felt-up my ass and teased my tight butthole as I fingered my own dripping wet pussy.

Cock-hungry from an early age, I eagerly devoured the man’s incredibly stiff, big long hard cock, taking it deeper and deeper, until the smooth head pressed against the back of my throat. I began to gag, but practice had taught me to suppress it. Backing off, I swallowed, then again took his cock deep into my hungry mouth, and each time I bobbed my head, I managed to take a little more of the man’s big hard cock.

As I sucked the man’s cock, I frantically rubbed at my own screaming clit, while he continued to toy with my pulsating asshole, circling it with his fingertips, pushing against it, teasing and testing it. He then slid his fingers down to my wet pussy, and dipped his fingers in as I rubbed myself.

Eager to impress, and determined to take every inch of the man’s long cock, I let it push into my throat. Eyes watering, and fighting the urge to gag, I had to back-off and swallowed, then again, I let his cock push into my throat, swallowing as I did, excitingly taking a little more each time.

With the man’s cock pushing down my throat, I abused my own clit, and just as I was beginning to driving myself over the edge, the man slid a slick finger into my spasming asshole. Jerking and quaking, I came dizzyingly hard, I would have cried out and moaned, but I had the man’s cock deep in my throat.

Suddenly, without warning, the man put his hand on the back of my head and began pushing down as he thrust his cock up into my throat. I was in the midst of another intense orgasm as the man rammed his cock balls deep into my mouth and held it there. I felt the man jerk and shutter, and I could feel his thick cock throbbing against my tongue, and I knew excitedly that the man’s pulsating cock was pumping cum down my throat.

Unable to breathe, I was beginning to panic, and on the verge of thrashing, thankfully the man released my head, allowing me to lift off his long, slim cover cock, and take a desperate breath. As I withdrew, cum filled my mouth and shot from my nose. Gasping, under the cover of the man’s jacket, I held his throbbing cock against my wet, cum covered face as I fought to catch my breath.

After a minute, the man tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “You need to get up.”

Sitting up, cum began running out of my nose. Sticking out my tongue, I caught it and slurped. Even though it burned a little when the cum shot from my nose, there was something thrillingly satisfying about making the man cum like that and having it shoot out my nose. Looking over at my family, they were still happily watching the movie that was quickly coming to an end. And I couldn’t help but feel the huge disconnect between their movie experience and mine.

The man fixed his pants and then quietly slipped back into his jacket. I pulled up my sweatpants and put on my hoodie, and then put the armrest between me and the man back down, and sat quietly waiting for the movie to end.

As the house lights came up, mom reached across my brother and sister and put her hand on my arm.

“How are you doing down here sweetie?” She said overly gleeful. “I almost forgot that you were down here!” That didn’t surprise me. “Did you like the movie?” Move? What movie?

“Yeah, it was great!” I said to my mom.

As my mom reached over to talk to me, her big boobs nearly fell out of her inappropriate dress and squashed into my brother’s lap, who had a dumb grin on his face, and I thought that my mom’s face looked unusually rosy.

“Honey, you got a little something on your face.” Mom said pointing at her upper lip. “Do you have a runny nose?” You look a little flushed. I hope you’re not getting sick.”

I’d missed a spot of cum. I wanted to wipe it with my finger and put it in my mouth, but thinking that would look strange, I wiped it on my sleeve.

“I’m fine. Just the sniffles,” I said.

My mom had annoyingly distracted me just long enough that when I turned back to look at the man, he’d already gotten up and left.

I was horribly disappointed, I at least wanted to see the face of the man that had given me the most incredible experience in my life. But he was gone. He’d gotten up and left. The last I saw of him as he left the theater was the hood pulled over his head. I didn’t even get a chance to see his hair color.

I was pissed, the one time my mom wants to give me any attention, she ruined it for me.

On the ride home, my mom took a break from fooling around with my brother long enough to look at me in the rearview and ask, “Why so grumpy honey? Didn’t you like the movie? We’ll be going again real soon,” She said looking over at my brother grinning oddly, “and you can pick the movie!”

“Fine, whatever,” I said, knowing that no movie experience would ever match the one I’d just had.

The end…

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