Being a twin does things to you



I wrote this in an afternoon, my first attempt, I look forward to the feedback to use in future attempts… enjoy.

Being an identical twin is weird. It’s difficult to develop a strong sense of self when your growing up with someone that makes you feel like your looking in a mirror. As was the case with 15 year old Megan and Kaley. When they were younger, both sisters tried their hardest to separate themselves from the other, without much luck. It didn’t help that they were developing just as similarly as they were born.

Standing at 5’4″ they seemed to be perfectly proportioned for their developing bodies. Both had B cup breasts that would have looked a little too big for a 16 year old frame had they not been balanced out by a butt that stuck out just enough and rounded by a few years of athletics (dance for Kaley and Soccer for Megan). Kaley and Megan shared bright blonde hair, the kind that looked like it should have darkened as they got older but never did. Megan had cut hers short, while Kaley liked to keep hers in a longish ponytail. Blue eyes rounded out the looks that kept their father up at night worrying about what horrible things boys might have in mind for his angels.

A few years earlier certain things start to happen to teenagers, they start to have those funny feelings that cause their hands to go wandering around their bodies. While both girls had messed around with boys, nothing more than some over the undergarments groping and making out had taken place. Because things hadn’t gone any further the girls, much like boys of this age, had sex on the mind quite often and had taken to exploring their bodies in ways to help excite them and bring them the most pleasure…

Kaley sat in her room in front of her full length mirror to admire the way some new teal leggings make her butt look. It was quickly becoming her bodies favorite feature. She loved all the attention it got from the boys, and some girls. She’d have to hide these so her sister didn’t wear them a bunch before her. Looking at the curves of her body a naughty idea crept into her head. She glanced at her bedroom door, it was locked and her parents wouldn’t be home for a couple hours. She saw her sister playing Apex with that nerd she met online, so she would be busy for a while. Sinking back to sit on the edge of her bed she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy over her leggings, she could already feel the heat through the material. “Fuck” she whispered to herself. She loved the feeling of that first touch when she was horny. She began to rub harder and faster, eventually slipping her hand in side the waist band of her leggings and feeling the warm fluid starting to soak into the leggings. She could feel the orgasm building, she loved the sight of herself as she built up to cumming and then the release. She stared hard at her image in the mirror, her hand rubbing her clit hard and fast. Biting her lip she felt the first wave hit her and saw herself jerk as she started cumming. Kaley slid to the floor in that hazy relaxed post orgasm state. A large wet spot left in her teal leggings.

“CONTACT WEST!” Megan yelled into her mic just before getting shot from behind and ending her match. In a rage Megan pounded her desk and exited the game. She hated playing with lazy team members. In the quiet following, she could hear her sister getting off down the hall. She wasn’t as quiet as she thought she was. It was so gross, her sister was horny all the time. Why couldn’t she just get a steady boyfriend and do it in a car or something so she didn’t have to hear it. She stomped down the hall and banged on her sisters door leading to the now quiet room behind. After getting no response starting to moan loudly and theatrically imitating her sister ” Ugh Ugh OH MY GOD!!!, SHUT THE FUCK UP KALEY! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT SHIT”. She stomped back to her room and slammed the door. Kaley still sitting in her wet leggings was glad he sister didn’t push it any further. Usually once wasn’t enough for her and her sister banging on the door tended to kill her momentum. She gets so ragey when she plays that, she thought. But the more she thought about it the more mad she became. Why did she have to be the quiet one, she had to listen to Megan rage over her stupid game? Kaley got up not even thinking about the wet spot still in her leggings pulled open her door and headed down the hall.

When she got to Megan’s rooms and burst through the unlocked door

“Screw y – ” she began before noticing her sister in mid change in just a bra and nothing else. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen it before, hell, she saw if every time she looked in the mirror. Megan’s pussy was shaved and her stomach was flat with some abs showing through form the years of running around a soccer field. She was actually wearing a girly bra for once, that was weird.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were changing, but why the fuck should I be quiet when I have to hear you swearing and yelling at some nerds all afternoon?!”

Seeing her sister mostly naked reminded her of cumming while looking at herself in the mirror. Wait, is my sister turning me on? or am I turning myself on?

“Because I’m not filling the house with the sound of porn!” Megan shot back, pausing in her state of half dress. Noticing the far away look in Kaley’s eyes Megan asked “Why are you looking at me like that perv?”

Shaking the thoughts away Kaley responded “At least I know how to enjoy my body, when was the last time you even got touched or touched yourself for that matter?”

Looking at Kaley to continue the argument she notice the large wet spot in between Kaley’s legs on the teal leggings. Damn, that was a lot of cum she thought. She would never admit it to her, but Megan was jealous of how free Kaley was with touching herself and exploring what she liked. It didn’t come as naturally to her.

“I’m fine” she weakly said back.

“Seriously? You don’t get horny? Your so special that your don’t like to get off once in a while?”

The anger getting the better of her Megan said, “Shut up, I cum in my panties just like you! I’m just not so loud about it.” She was trying to sound edgy, she wasn’t sure if it worked.

“Whatever.” Kaley just turned and left the room. The next time she was in front of that mirror with her fingers deep in her pussy she couldn’t help thinking This is what Megan must look like…. The next morning Kaley woke with a smile on her face. She had a plan.

“Hey” Megan greeted Kaley in an awkward so of way, clearly still thinking about the argument from yesterday.

“You ok? I didn’t mean what I said yesterday you know.”

Megan look at her sister, “Yea I’m fine but you know that your more experienced than me and it makes me so mad when you use it against me like that.”

“I know, I feel bad, so I decided I can help you a little. If you want.” Kaley said trying to sound as sorry as she could.

“Whoa, what does that mean?” Megan nervously asked.

“Well, I was thinking about the last time I messed around with a boy and maybe I could describe it to you, I mean in detail how it went. So maybe the next time you were in that situation, you would feel more comfortable and you might get a little farther.” smiled Kaley, trying to act like a big sister even though, technically she was the younger one by a few minutes.

“I don’t know that sounds kinda weird.”

“Trust me, we’ll do it tonight after mom and dad go to sleep. I promise it’ll make you feel better about the whole thing.”

That night after their parents where asleep, Kaley left her room and walked quietly down the hall to her sisters room. Megan was sitting on her bed scrolling through her socials. She was wearing some thin shorts and a tank top she often slept in. Kaley walked in in just a bra and panties that were a little too small cause she thought it made her ass look hot wrapping tightly around her curves.

“Why aren’t you in your pajamas?” asked Megan to shift nervously.

“I thought if I wore just my underwear it would make you feel a little more comfortable.” Kaley gave Megan her friendliest smile.

“Ok, but I’ve been thinking, I don’t know about this, this feels weird.” Megan was clearly uncomfortable.

“How about this, I’ll sit at the foot of your bed and I’ll describe some stuff and you close your eyes and picture it. That way maybe you’ll forget its your twin telling you this and you can focus on the story.” Kaley said, climbing onto the bed without waiting for an answer.

“Ok, ok, I’ll try” Megan closed her eyes.

Kaley began to describe her last encounter with one of the baseball team. She went into great detail about how it felt to have his hands sliding over her clothing and the build up of excitement she felt as he started to slide under her shirt. How her nipples were so hard feeling his hand run over her bra. Kaley intentionally left out information about him or how is dick felt in her hand for the first time, instead focusing entirely on how she felt, how wet she was, how it felt to feel his finger run over the front of her damp panties. Thrusting her hips up to create more pressure, the wonderful feeling of his hand all over her body and how badly she wanted something inside her pussy.

Megan at this point was rubbing one of her tits lightly and slowly gyrating her hips without meaning to.

“I was kindof shocked when he slipped his hand underneath the edge of my panties and I felt someone else’s fingers on my pussy, I gasped a little and I think I scared him cause he stopped.” Kaley feigned to be a little sad.

Megan opened her eyes, Kaley could see how horny she was.

“Pull off your shorts, I’ll tell you another story but this time I want you to rub your… self.”

Megan didn’t protest this time, she wanted release too badly. She close her eyes again and began slowly to move her hand between her legs to her teenage virgin pussy. Kaley told he about her next encounter when the boy had sucked on her tits, and flicked her nipples with his tongue. How he wanted to fuck her but she didn’t let him. Her sister Megan was so wet she could see it all over her pussy lips and fingers.

Kaley crawled up to Megan, her beautiful twin sister, rubbing her pussy and massaging her tits, she leaned up close to Megan’s hear and whispered…. “Do you know what if feels like to have someone lick your pussy?” At those words from her sister, Megan moaned a little. That was what she wanted more than anything in the world right then. She felt her sister moving around but she wondered why she had stopped talking.

“It feels…. amazing.” Kaley whispered. “It feels like…… this!”

Megan’s mind barely had time to register what her twin sister had said before she felt a soft, warm, wet tongue slide up over her pussy lips and fingers. She gasped, her eyes flew open, looking down she saw her twin sister, looking exactly like her, staring back up at her with her tongue eagerly working away at her pussy.

“Wh – what are you doing?! You-you can’t…. stop.”

“MMMmmmmmm I’ve wanted to taste this pussy since I’ve tasted my own.” Kaley relished the effect her tongue had on her twin sister. Pushing her tongue as deep as she could into her virgin sisters pussy. God she tastes so good. Megan became to cum, she couldn’t help it, it felt so good. She felt so dirty having her twin sisters tongue all over her pussy and feeling dirty like that made her so much hotter. She came for what felt like hours, it was so wet between her cumming and her sisters saliva.

Megan pushed her sister away.

“What the fuck was that?!” she demanded trying to sound angry and failing.

“You loved it, and I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I think about you when I finger myself in front of my mirror.” grinned Kaley.

“Oh fuck. I can’t believe this, I can’t believe it felt so good. How could you not tell me how good that felt before this?!” Megan asked between breathes.

“I don’t know cause I’ve never left anyone do it to me before, I made it up. But now that I’ve had my tongue in your pussy Megan, I was hoping you would do the same for me…” Kaley losing some of her usual confidence.

“Holy fuck, I need to sleep on this, I can’t believe what just happened and now that your asking me this.”

“Ok sis, give it some thought, I’m going to go use some of this to get me off.” Kaley said as she wiped the cum off her chin.

Megan watched her twin sisters ass sway as she walked slowly out of her room, What the fuck? what the fuck? I don’t know what just happened but I’ve never cum like that before….

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