My Niece’s daughter



A Niece that gets horny and Nympho wild when drunk. Who could resist? Her daughter catches us and then……..

I have been fortunate enough to have a Niece that often gets drunk and becomes a Nymphomaniac. Many times, I thought about testing her to determine if she would remember (and tell her husband) if I managed to get my cock inside her and also have her suck my cock to completion. Her husband often brags about her oral skills.

I did manage to accomplish both over the years, but something unexpected happened that I never saw coming.

While visiting her once while I was on holidays, and her husband was at work, she had been outside on the patio sipping wine and became very amorous. She actually sat in my lap and made it feel like a lap dance. My cock became engorged and she knew it, judging by the way she squirmed on it. Her daughter was home but nowhere to be seen, so I began massaging her breasts and pussy through her clothes. As she leaned back against me and continued humping my cock, I whispered in her ear that I wanted to be sucked off and swallowed.

She got up and led me into the house and pushed me down on the sofa, after dropping my shorts and boxers to the floor. I sat back and watched as she kneeled and then licked her way from my balls to my cock head. It was just like I remembered it and I was being brought very close to unloading in her mouth. As she began mouth fucking me with rapid and short strokes, I held her ears and humped upwards, spewing multiple streams of cum into her mouth and down her throat. My head was thrown backwards on the couch as I deliriously enjoyed my balls being emptied and loving the sounds of her slurping and gulping down my cum. Those are sounds most men will never forget. When my balls were completely drained, I opened my eyes so I could let her know that I was tapping out.

I saw movement at the top of the stairs and went into panic mode, as I saw her daughter watching and she appeared to have her hands in her panties. She disappeared before my Niece raised her head, so I moved around behind her, checking the stairs once again, and then dropped her shorts and underwear. I whispered that I was going to fuck her up the ass. She moved backwards against me, then reached between her legs to find my cock. She directed my cock head to her opening and pushed hard, impaling herself on my semi hard cock. That refreshed my erection to 100%, so I pushed balls deep inside her ass, and began thrusting. She was moaning and humping against my cock, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. It happened again; movement on the stairs, but I was too far gone to stop. I pumped her ass hard and I’m sure the sounds of my balls slapping against her could be heard upstairs. She was moaning loudly now and asked me to cum up her ass.

As I began the hard strokes, ignoring her daughter, I soon blasted her full of cum and then glanced upwards to see her daughter laying on the carpet upstairs rubbing her pussy and moaning. She must have cum, because she smiled at me and then got up and disappeared.

My cock wilted and plopped out of her ass followed by a stream of my cum that was leaking out. I dressed quickly and so did my Niece, who then rushed upstairs without a word. I was taken by surprise, and sat down waiting for her to return and say something. A half hour passed without any sign of her or her daughter, so I left and returned home.

My Niece and her daughter never mentioned a thing the next time I saw them, and since her husband did not punch me out, he must not have been told. The four of us were actually having a good time playing card games, although I had to keep my lap hidden, since my cock was rock hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum thinking about her. The phone rang and it was for her husband. Apparently his place of work was broken into and he had to report to the office to help determine what was stolen. He asked if I could drive them home, since he would likely be tied up for hours. Of course, I gladly offered to help out. My cock was also agreeing.

My Niece and her daughter were smiling at me with sly grins, so I asked them what was up. My Niece’s daughter piped up and said the crotch of my shorts was up. Way up. My Niece said that it’s okay because her and her daughter had a long talk about what she saw us doing and would like to join in. I thought I would blow my load right there and then. I was at a loss for words, but followed along as they both stood, took my hands and were leading the way upstairs.

As we arrived at my bedroom, both of them flopped down on the bed, after completely disrobing. Those two heavenly bodies were about to be mine, so I quickly disrobed and laid down between them. Both of them turned towards me and began kissing my neck, while rubbing their hands down my body. At this point, my cock was twitching in anticipation and leaking a lot of lubricating pre-cum. I asked them to suck my cock and my balls, as my fingers found their way to the two glorious pussies. When the two mouths finally found their way to my cock and balls, I began finger fucking both pussies,

They alternated sucking my cock and balls, and I was totally in euphoria. I had to try very hard not to cum too soon because I wanted this incredible pleasure to go on longer.

So much for that plan. My Niece’s daughter said that she wanted to taste my cum, and that’s when I erupted. My Niece had both my balls sucked into her mouth as her daughter sucked and bobbed up and down. I blew a huge amount of cum and much of it blasted out the corners of her mouth. I was in orgasm heaven and thought I must have died.

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