A young woman seeks a job in a large office where nudity among women is the norm and public sex is a stress-reliever.

I was in the office early as usual. I was a nervous wreck the rest of Sunday after I left the Cornell’s home and the full implications of what had occurred over that weekend sunk in. I continued to speculate on the implications of spending two nights with them and being a willing and eager sexual partner to the couple. But what dominated my mind and kept me on edge was being chosen as the Personal Assistant to Mr. Cornell. The other two candidates, candidates who had put their names in for consideration (unlike me) each had more experience with the company and highly thought of. The man had been in the group for two years while the woman a year and a half. This would have been a good promotion for anyone in the group and I worried about the reaction of getting it when I didn’t apply for it.

I saw through the glass doors that several men were milling around by the executive offices as the elevator doors opened. As I stepped from the elevator, I caught some movement to the right and was surprised to find Ms. Benson, the Director of our group, standing before a stall as she calmly removed her blouse. She glanced over, spotted me, and smiled with a nod of greeting. I turned to the left as had become my habit. Stalls became claimed locations as women tended to use the same one.

I had worn a mini-dress and was slipping it down over my legs and stepping out of it when I saw Ms. Benson walking the hallway toward me, moving past the doors. I wondered if the sight would ever not seem incongruous to me: a nearly naked woman carrying a briefcase bag and purse. She was wearing something different today. Along with the dark heels and thigh-high stockings, she was wearing a cupless bra with thin lace straps circling her C-cup breasts.

“Good morning, ma’am,” I said as I casually reached behind my back to removed my bra. Unconsciously, I rubbed the underside of my breasts. “What brings you into the office so early?”

There was a pause longer than I expected so I looked up as I stepped out of the thong pooled at my feet. She was watching me. “Well, Abby, I don’t know except that Joe wanted all the VP’s and Directors in by 7:30 for a quick meeting.” She looked at her dainty watch on her wrist. I knew it was 7:15 as my routine was now pretty precise as I found the being early was good preparation time for the day and checking messages. I was now naked except for thigh-highs and heels which would be how I would be dressed for the day. I picked up my own satchel and purse, checked the stall to see I had what I needed, and walked with her to the glass doors. Inside, we parted ways. She wished me a good day but she watched me as if she suspected something was up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suspected Mr. Cornell wanted a meeting to give the VP’s and Directors a heads-up announcement of his choice but I saw no reason why she would suspect it was me. I wound my way through the desks in the open office as she made her way to the outside wall where her enclosed office was. As I came to my desk, I glanced at the corner office to find him standing in the doorway chatting with one of the VP’s, both in well-tailored suits, but diverting his gaze as I looked in his direction. I glanced the other way to see Ms. Benson standing in her doorway watching the very brief exchange. She smiled and nodded. Oops.

I had lost track of the executive meeting or anything else for that matter. I heard and peripherally was aware of the increasing hum of activity in the office the closer it came to being 8:00. I heard Mary’s greeting as she passed by my desk for hers and I responded, then glanced up at her with a smile and did a double take. She was wearing heels but was without stockings. Stockings were all we could wear. I leaned back in my chair and asked her.

She looked embarrassed. “I visited my parents for the weekend. By the time I got back last night, I was too tired to handwash stockings.” She considered me for a moment, then, “You must have a drawer full of stockings. Kneeling on the floor really does a number of stockings and I’m not on my knees even close to as much as you.”

I laughed, “I hear you, girl. I’ve thought about going without them and saving them for certain days but … heck, it’s about all we can wear.” We both laughed. The idea was absurd even after the time I’ve been with the company on this floor.

Then I heard Sara’s voice, “Every woman here feels the same way.” We looked up, wondering how long she had been standing there. “Abby, Pam wants to see us for a moment.” I nodded, shrugged at Mary, rose and followed her. Along the way, she quietly said, “Congratulations. Pam just told me.”

I softly replied back, “You know, already?” She nodded. “I’m worried how the other two will react. I liked them both.”

She pointed to Mr. Cornell’s office, “They were called in to meet with Mr. Cornell right at 8:00. From the looks of it, you don’t need to worry.”

I looked over to the corner office. The other two candidates were leaving his office. They both scanned the large room, spotted me, and both gave me thumbs up. I wondered why they were pleased NOT to get the job? The meeting with Ms. Benson was quick. She wanted to offer her congratulations and to reinforce how unique the opportunity was. Mr. Cornell had never used a personal assistant in the past, favoring to use one of those of the other VP’s. It was clear what the position might be like as a result but it was felt he could be quite demanding and his schedule chaotic. They apparently saw a different man than I have. She and Sara went over my assigned work to identify what work I had to complete. There was one project effort I was too close to finishing to pass on to someone else. I agreed and confirmed I could be done with that in a matter of hours if I focussed on it. Ms. Benson scanned her notes and nodded to Sara to make that work. She would confirm the schedule with Mr. Cornell and he would define the transition schedule. There was to be a formal announcement at 9:00. He wasn’t wasting time, I thought.

Almost like she read her mind, Ms. Benson said, “Funny, after all this time of not having one, it’s like he can’t wait to have you identified and relocated outside his office.” She looked at me quizzically, “All of us on his staff only found out his decision this morning, many of us getting a meeting announcement for early. When did you find out?”

“Friday, ma’am.”

“And you kept it quiet. Something you had to think about, I suppose.” I didn’t tell her I found out surprised Friday night after dinner at his house after his wife pleaded with me to accept.

At 9:00 on the dot, Mr. Cornell strode out into the large room and stood in the center. He had everyone’s attention immediately. He made the announcement, all eyes quickly turned to me as he asked for me to join him. Mary was shocked, “I thought you didn’t apply.” I told her I hadn’t and said we’d talk later.

He handled everything perfectly. He acknowledged the thought that I hadn’t applied and that my name had risen in the search despite that. It was his personal appeal that I had agreed. Well, I thought, your wife’s personal appeal, to be honest. He led me to his office and sat on the edge of his desk. I stood before him. “Are you still okay with this, Abby? Maybe I should have asked you that before the announcement.”

We both laughed. “I’m very sure, sir. I’m excited.”

He nodded and let out a deep breath. “The truth is, Abby, this position isn’t going to be like the one you’ve had but you know that. You were focussed on projects before, this will be a jumble every day like my day is. Some project work, customers happy and not, stock prices and shareholders, the Board of Directors, suppliers, plant functioning, staffing issues … you name it. And, it will change as I pull back from project involvment, much to the relief of those working the projects, I am sure.” He chuckled as a recognition of the issues he has probably caused by his hands-on approach to things. He identified what to expect in the way of working together. Mostly, he didn’t know. We would work it out but tonight, after everyone was out (the nudity thing), my new desk would be setup. It would be larger and more gadgets: laptop for mobility, tablet for even more mobility, smart phone, etc. and all synced (somehow, he said) to his. I was getting the feeling we’d be joined at the hip and he confirmed the feeling. “It hadn’t occurred to me, Abby, but I’m afraid this is going to mean you are getting dressed and undressed several times a day as we go to meetings throughout the building and outside. I didn’t think of that.”

I smiled demurely, “That’s okay, sir. I imagined you might enjoy watching me.” I had the sense we were done. I turned to leave but he called out.

“By the way, Abby … I understand you remaining assignment will be completed this morning?” I nodded. “Good, I’ve let the Senior Staff, VP’s and Directors, know that you’ll be available all afternoon.”

I turned to him and flushed. All afternoon. “Of course, sir. Whatever I can do.”

Then he smiled, “And, you won’t be getting much work of any kind done tomorrow. I’ve also let the word out that tomorrow you will be available to the entire room.” He watched me carefully. My God … the entire room in one day. That’s like a prolonged gangbang. “We’ll get started then on Wednesday.” A day and a half of fucking. If I had any thought that working directly for him would limit my availability, it was gone. I smiled, though, as I turned to return to my desk. Not that I minded at all.

The afternoon began with lunch at a nice restaurant with the VP’s and Directors with Mr. Cornell. After lunch and after getting undressed for the second time in the day, I re-entered the office and found many eyes on me as everyone understood what this afternoon and tomorrow would entail for me as if it was some form of right-of-passage. I knew, though, nothing like this had happened before.

I glanced around the outside walls of office and found Mr. Peterson signalling me. I knew what that meant and diverted to my desk for the tube of lubrication I had there. Mary watched my approach and pulling the tube from my desk drawer.

She was smiling, “Mr. Peterson?” I nodded. “Girl, you are going to be so sore by tomorrow night.” I just smiled, flipped the tube in my hand, bent over slightly and shook my breasts, and winked. She exclaimed, “You really are such a slut.” She was chuckling. A tease. As I turned to wind my way through the desks to Mr. Peterson’s office, a thought pressed for recognition: she was teasing but … might she be right? I smiled widely. Yeah, it isn’t just the exhibitionism I’ve found I enjoy so much. I just plain like being fucked. Could there be a better job for me?

I rapped on his door jam, “Mr. Peterson, sir? Is there something you need me for?” I coyly asked him.

He simply turned in his chair to the side. It was all the indication I needed. I placed the lubrication on his desktop, walked around the side and knelt at his knees. I unfastened his belt and pants, tugged on his waistband for him to raise his hips and took them past his hips. His semi-hard cock lay on his thigh barely exposed below his shirt tail. I pushed his shirt tail up his stomach and leaned into him, one hand holding his cock up as I licked the underside before taking the head into my mouth. While I sucked and licked his quickly hardening cock, he talked to me.

He ended with, “So glad you got that job. I think you’re the only woman who gives anal, aren’t you?” I nodded. To best of my knowledge, or anyone elses, I was the only one and that was knew she starting at the company. “You being a part of the Executive group might mean I can tap that ass of yours a little more often without feeling guilty.”

I pulled my mouth off his cock. I stroked it as I looked up at him and responded, “Of course, sir. I’m pleased I can provide for your desires.”

He smiled, then, “And speaking of desires …”

I turned to reach for the lubrication and smiled back at him when he gave my ass a sharp smack. After lubing myself and him, I stood before him wondering how he wanted to do it this time. He was the one man who I could count on wanting anal and we had done it in a variety positions. Since he didn’t move from the chair, I turned my back to him and eased toward his lap. I held my ass cheeks apart and relied on him to guide his cock to that hole. It hit too far back and I eased up slightly for him align his cock blindly. When I felt it against my puckered hole, I applied downward pressure enough to trap it in place, then more pressure for it to begin opening me and stretching the consistently constrictive sphincter. I gasped and sighed as the sphincter opened slowly but steadily to my slow pressure down. I moaned and he groaned as the head drove past the tight muscle into my ass. I stayed in place for a few moments, restricting my movements to a rotation of my hips without deeper penetration until I felt the muscles relax. Then, I sank down several inches bringing another groan from him. I rose up and sank down to nearly take his entire seven inches into me. The next rise and fall did it and I sat on his thighs rotating my hips to stimulate his cock while that tight chamber and stretched muscles responded. Of course, since Mr. Cornell Saturday night, anal hasn’t been quite the same issue. In fact, he had taken my ass another time Sunday morning before I left, much to the delight of Mrs. Cornell as she watched and teased my body.

I began fucking on the cock and used my own hands and fingers to further stimulate my pussy, clit, and nipples. I fucked him like that for many minutes, then abruptly got up off his cock and leaned over the desk. He immediately followed suit and plunged his throbbing cock into my gaping hole. Doing that shift without indication from him is purely amusement on my part. By that point, the man will do whatever in order to get back into a hole for more fucking. He may have the power in the office and the men may have me naked but, at those moments, I can have absolute power.

Bent over the desk with him plowing into my ass, he had the leverage and became the aggressor. I pressed back toward him but otherwise enjoyed him fucking me. His hard thrusts caused my hanging breasts to swing wildly. He leaned over me and grasped a breast, trapping it as the other continued to dance to an unknown rhythm. I braced myself against his thrusts and his upper body on my back. But soon, I could feel his cock twitch in my tight sleeve, I felt it swell and pulse, and heard his increasing grunting and groaning. I slipped a hand underneath to strum my clit and pussy, my intention to join him in his immenent climax. When he came, I felt his seed wash inside me as he pressed his cock deeply and my orgasm crashed right after, my anal muscles squeezing and spasming around him as if milking his cock of cum.

I dropped to the desktop and his body followed along with me. For several moments, that was how we struggled to recover. When he slowly, frustratingly pulled out, I felt emptiness and the cool air-conditioned air of the office seep inside my gaping, cum soaked asshole. I gave a shudder and turned to half lie, half sit on the desk top. He had collapsed back onto his chair.

“I don’t know what it is … but … you somehow … make this feel like the first time … each time.”

I stood up, leaned over him, gave him a kiss on the lips, and said with a mischievous smile, “I intend to please, sir, but every woman has her secrets.”

I picked up the lubrication and turned for the door. I stopped before leaving. “Will I be seeing you soon, sir?”

“You can count on that.” I smiled and left his office. I started past the next VP’s office when I heard, “Abby, can I see you?” I smiled. That was how the afternoon went. Three VP’s (men) and four Directors (one woman, Ms. Benson). Cock and pussy. Then I leaned into the final office doorway.

“Mr. Cornell, sir.”

He looked up and smiled. “You having fun, Abby?”

“Oh, yes sir, Mr. Cornell.” I giggled. It reminded me of Mrs. Cornell.

“Abby, I think you should refer to me a little less formally if we are to be working so closely together.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Cornell.” He looked at me sternly. Okay, he was serious. I was leaking cum from several holes including some on my breast and my mouth was slick from Ms. Benson’s just achieved orgasm, and he was commenting on what I call him. “Okay, sir … how about … Mr. C?” I stood in front of his desk as I pulled up my stockings and straightened them. “I can’t call you Joe, sir. It wouldn’t be respectful.”

“Okay … we’ll work on that.” He studied me and my body. “Was it a rough afternoon, Abby?”

“It was a very good afternoon, sir,” I responded with some tiredness showing through but still with enthusiasm. “It appeared you staff was …” another giggle “… was eager to congratulate me on the job.”

He smiled. I could see it in his eyes as he looked at my used body. “Is there something you want, Abby?”

“Very much, sir.”

His smile grew bigger. It was all a tease, of course. We both knew we’d fuck just like the others and as a prelude to what our new working arrangement would include. No longer would our times together at the office be restricted to after work when others were gone. I moved around the side of his desk, like I had done for so many of the other executives, went to my knees and prepared myself for the cock I had been thinking about even while sucking and fucking the others.

I opened his slacks and worked his semi-hard cock out. Even flaccid his cock was bigger and holding it in my hand my mouth seemed to water in anticipation. I locked my eyes on his as I licked up the length of it, then back down the side, and back up the other side. I gave him a very quick smile before turning my head to take the head of his cock between my lips and suck, swirling my tongue around the bulbous helmet, and gently nipping it with my teeth. I pushed down a few inches, pulled back up and licked around the head more. When I took it back into my mouth the next time, I pushed down and up several times as I worked more than half into my mouth and to the entrance to my throat. I pulled back up, licked it as I focused on my next actions, slid my mouth over and down his cock, back an inch, and down further until I had his cock head in my throat. I pulled back an inch, again, and pushed down further to take more of his thick cock into my throat. I felt it touch the point where the nasal passage was blocked, concentrating on relaxing and not panicking. I pulled up, opening the nasal passage, getting some air, then back down taking more.

When I pulled off, I still hadn’t managed to bury my nose in his pubes but I was getting closer. Practice. It was what I said to Mrs. C. It was what I did at home with the cock dildo I purchased on-line. I was going to do this for him. Practice and time. I would.

I pressed down and down. I was almost there. Mere inches … maybe not just a couple but still getting so much closer. And, he noticed, too.

“Ooohhh … so … close … ohhh, Abby … that’s … feels sooooo … good.”

I pulled back gasping. His cock and my lips were covered in my saliva. “Which hole, sir? Which hole can I have your cum in this time?”

“My choice, then? You don’t care whether it is pussy, ass, or throat?”

“Always your choice, sir,” I quickly responded. “Others may have me, sir, because it is the way of the office. But you are the one I truly desire to satisfy in every way you imagine.”

He stroked my cheek as I knelt before him, my breasts heaving, no longer from catching my breath but in excitement and anticipation. I had been fucked repeatedly, I had orgasmed multiple times, but this was the man and cock that truly filled me and satisfied me. So,, I watched him in anticipation of what he would choose. Where would he fuck me this time?

“Pussy, then. I had your ass yesterday morning, didn’t I?” I nodded, rose, sat up on his desktop, and lay back with my knees and feet raised, my messy pussy exposed and opened for him. He stood, let his pants drop to his feet, and guided his cock to my pussy, up and down my slit to coat the tip, then to my hole where he pressed forward. He slid several inches in, pulled back, then pressed nearly all of his 11 inches into me, my well used pussy giving him plenty of lubrication and loosening. Even with the previous fucking, though, his cock opened me more and I moaned at the feeling of his cock filling me. As he began slowly fucking me with long strokes, “Kind of obscene, isn’t it? Talking so casually about which of your holes I would fill this time?” His eyes were watching me as he continued to use long, smooth, and easy strokes of his cock into me. I continued to moan, relishing in the feeling. He leaned over, kissed each nipple, then kissed my lips and our tongues probed each other’s mouths.

He became more urgent in his fucking. Minutes later he was slamming into me harder and faster. My body shook with each impact of his hips into mine. I breasts moved wildly on my chest. I looked into his eyes which were fixed on mine. I squeezed my vaginal muscles, using the practice of holding Ben Wa balls inside and squeezing on them as if using a stress-relieving ball in the hand. He sighed and moaned as I squeezed, released, and squeezed. His face was past smiling, though, fully intent on the pleasure that was rising higher and higher within him. Me, too. His cock felt sooooo good. But he HAD to cum. That was the reason for the clenching of my muscles. My pleasure wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t cum, too.

I felt his cock swell inside me, twitch and jerk, and pulse as his cum rose through his shaft and my back arched as my orgasm crashed through me at the feeling of his climax beginning. I gasped and moaned and pleaded with him to fill me with his cum, something that was irreversible by the moment the words fell from my mouth. He rammed hard and deep into me, our pelvises crushing together, and his cum shot hot and thick into my pussy.

He leaned over me, my arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him tight against my body. I needed his body against me, even his clothed upper body against my nakedness … I needed it. We kissed, we panted, we gasped at the last remnants of our orgasms epped from our bodies.

Only then did we realize the time. I needed to hurry to be dressed and off the floor by the time the workers were scheduled to bring furniture and equipment for assembling my new office. I rushed to my old desk as he began pulling himself together. I took a quick shower, bypassing makeup, and was padding barefoot to the stall I use when he came out ot the office area. As I finished drying, he stood nearby.

“Everything okay, sir?”

“Absolutely beautiful … wonderful.” I smiled. “Abby … this past weekend …”

I jumped in, “The past weekend was wonderful, sir.”

“Samantha really likes you. She had a lot of fun and VERY much enjoyed the times you two had. She worried, though, she inserted herself too much in something that is a company situation.”

I turned to him in stockings, thong, and bra. I considered him. He was serious. I stepped up to him, reached up on tip-toes, and lightly kissed him on the lips. “Sir, would you give that to Mrs. C for me? Please tell her that she is special, I felt it immediately. Do you know she warned me you were going to offer the position to me?” He shook his head. “Or, that she convinced me to accepted?” Another shake. “As I told you, I was afraid to apply because of my limited experience but she argued the job would be more about who you could trust and work with than experience. She argued that I had already shown I was that person. I accepted her comments because for her to have any knowledge of what had transpired between us had to come from you. I am inspired and emboldened by the obvious love and respect in your relationship. That was why I accepted. I trusted her opinion and your sharing with her. I mean, I would be the woman who would be naked with you all day and be fucking and sucking you. How could I argue with a wife who trusted her man like that? Then, I felt she and I bonded. I truly like her as a person independent of your wife or the wife of my boss. Tell her, sir.”

The next morning I was curious to see what they had done for me for a workspace. It was going to be a day like no others but I arrived early, quickly stripped to heels. I purposely left the stockings off. There was no pretense today. Today, I was just a toy for the office. I walked directly to Mr. C’s corner and found a larger than normal, gleaming, hardwood desk with executive chair and a guest chair on the side. The desk was backed up to the frosted glass wall of his office just to the side of the doorway. On the desk was a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and new smartphone. I couldn’t imagine needing so much connectivity. There was also an office phone. One of the lights was blinking. The message light. I picked up the handset, hoping this phone would function like the one I had on the other desk. I pushed the button to retrieve messages. ‘You have one new message … blah, blah.’ Another button, ‘Abby, dear, this is Samantha. Joe just told me after we made love what you told him and …’ a giggle ‘… what your day was like and what tomorrow … well today when you get this … will be like. I do hope you won’t be too sore.’ Another giggle. I do enjoy those innocent giggles. ‘I want to thank you, dear. Not just for what you told him but for accepting the position. I just know you’re a perfect fit … oh, no …’ another giggle ‘ … oh … you know what I mean.’ I put the handset down smiling.

I heard a muffled ‘ding’ of the elevator and looked over. It was still early. I saw Ms. Benson and Mr. Peterson exit along with the floor IT guy. I saw the two executives moved to the left down the changing area toward the showers and sinks. Interesting, so she has clothed men talking to her as she gets undressed, too. The IT guy, Jeff, dropped his case at his desk at the front, digging out a few items, and bee-lining it to me.

His eyes scanned my nakedness as I stood behind the new desk, something all women on the floor quickly became very used to and desensitized us to when men look at us outside the office in the process.

“Morning, Abby.”


“Mr. Cornell said you usually get in early so I took a chance you would today, too.” He scanned the desk. “I was surprised everything came in yesterday. I got it all setup for you last night but there are a few things we need to go over.”

I nodded. Besides looking he always seemed kind of shy, maybe a ‘tech-guy’ personality thing. I had made a point of approaching availing myself to him, as a result, and it seemed to relax him around me even if he still couldn’t quite bring himself to approach me for sex. So, I made the move myself, again.

“You know what’s happening today, right?” He nodded, maybe a bit embarrassed. He was being professional and I destroyed that focus. “Will you be my first?” He looked at me questioningly. “If you need to show me things …” I pointed to my chair. He looked at the chair, my nakedness, and finally my eyes. I stopped him as he began moving to the chair, opened his belt and pants, then settled him in the chair. He was already hard. No surprise there. I always felt he walked around with a hard-on, not having the confidence to approach one of the naked women he worked around which was why I went out of my way for him. Mary had started doing the same after she asked about it. He didn’t need the extra stimulation but I knelt down and began licking and sucking his cock. I was familiar with how my body reacted here, that my pussy lubricated the moment I entered the elevator off the lobby. But, even so, sucking him would provide a bit more lubrication for initial penetration for the day.

He was quickly moaning as I sucked his cock deep into my mouth. I pulled my mouth off, stood to kiss him on the lips, turned around to reach between my legs, and settled my pussy over his cock. He gasped as the head made penetration and my warm, wet pussy enveloped his cock. After a couple up and down motions, I was sitting on his thighs. With our joint effort, we awkwardly rolled the chair up to the desk, just that action of movement causing him to gasp. I might need to pay attention so he lasts through the time he needed to explain things.

It was pretty weird. Always before sex in the office had been a focus on that activity separated from work activity. This time, I rose and fell over his cock as he talked, reached around me to use the mouse or touch pad to show me something, having me input passwords and recording them separately for inclusion in a locked file on my smartphone later. All this was happening as more and more people were arriving in the office including Mr. C who smiled widely as he recognized how I was being trained. I learned the PC and the laptop were fully synced so regardless of which I was using it would be same documents updated when they were in both connection to the network. The tablet could be synced to just those documents were needed on it at any time. My new smartphone would be connected to Mr. C’s so we would share calendar, reminders, and phone calls as he wished.

Jeff was the first to cum inside me but not the source of my first orgasm. After he left with quite a pleased look about him, I stepped into Mr. C’s office. “Sir?” He was on the phone but waved me in. He got off the phone in somewhat of a hurry on seeing. “Sir, I was wondering … this is all so new … should I knock or … what?”

He chuckled, “Abby, you are my life line for now on. You are synced to my life here in the office, right?” I nodded. “No knocking.” He thought for a moment. “Okay … maybe if the door is closed. But how often does that happen?”

“Not often, sir.”

“Here at the office you are my connection, my stability, the one I am really going to lean on and rely on. Here, you are going to be like Samantha is for me at home.”

I blushed, “Sir … I’m not sure Mrs. C would appreciate that analogy.”

“Bull. It happens to be what she predicted last night when we talked about you.”

“How much do you tell her, sir?”

“Samantha? About you? Everything. We have no secrets, Abby. I don’t want you thinking that something happening here should be kept from her.” He paused as his eyes travelled over my body. If it didn’t happen dozens of times a day, I might blush. “By the way, Samantha wants a call from you tonight. You have her cell number, right?” I nodded. “When I asked, she told me to mind my own business that it was ‘girl talk’. I hope you don’t mind. I think she might be a bit concerned about how you hold up today. And, to that point …” he pointed out into the large office space. I nodded, took a breath, pinched each nipple to return them to erect, and turned to the door.

I stepped out of his office, looking longingly at my new desk I might not see much of all day, then became very aware of the people looking my way. Mostly men, of course. The women were more discrete, probably because they too felt what it was like to have leering eyes riveted on them periodically. What a strange way to work, but strangely it did work.

The closest one, of course, got my attention immediately. He was one of the senior members of the group and he waved to the side at someone. I glanced over and knew immediately. These two had double penetrated me numerous times since I gave up my ass and it became known I actually enjoyed anal. The one I was close to grabbed a visitor chair without arms, lowered his pants and sat down. He was already hard. No surprise, these two probably had this planned since arriving and had been texting about it ever since. Since I was already naked and very ready after fucking Jeff without cumming, I straddled him, eased his cock into my used pussy and began fucking him while his friend made his way to us from the other side. When he arrived, I leaned into the one I was fucking, reached behind and spread my ass cheeks. How lady-like could that look? Before I felt cock, his finger spread cool lubrication gel over my asshole and pressed inside. These guys knew the drill so I hadn’t been concerned but it did remind me to retrieve my own tube from my bag before wandering too far.

As his cock pressed against my asshole, I gasped as my sphincter began to stretch. Like yesterday, it spoke to how constricting the sphincter was. After taking Mr. C in the ass several times over the weekend, it still was a tight fit for any cock trying to enter … at least so far.

As his cock pushed past the sphincter, the other guy gasp and groaned at the feeling of tighting of my pussy around him. I put my hand back to hold the one in my ass for a moment so the muscles could adjust, then released him. When they both began fucking me, the one in pussy being the more restricted, I quickly rose in arousal. As they fucked in and out of my two adjoining holes, my mind wandered to an obscene thought … what would it be like to be double penetrated with one of them being Mr. C’s big cock? I pushed the fantasy away to focus on these two. And, they were good. I remained essentially immobile while they did the fucking. Two cocks sawing in and out of chambers separated by a thin membrane of tissue. The stimulation of nerve ending in ass and pussy were shooting back and forth between the two and by other nerves to my clit and the connected g-spot. I love being fucked. I love anal. And, double penetration stimulates me like I never imagined.

In moments, another cock appeared. My face had sagged on the one guy’s shoulder when I felt something on my cheek. I turned numbly to find a cock head inches away. My mouth opened without consideration to accept the cock pressing at me. The time with Jeff had been casual and easy, now this. From a casual fuck to air-tight. I felt hands on my breasts, soft hands, female hands, but the person was behind my head.

The guy in my ass came first and the one in my mouth pulled out to take his place. I turned my head to the woman fondling my breast. The woman who wasn’t picked for Mr. C’s PA position. She leaned down to my ear and whispered, “I applied for the position because I thought I should, not because I really wanted it. I was relieved when you got it. It was too intimidating. I don’t know how you do it. I know you will do great.” She leaned down and kissed me. “Come find me. I’d love to 69 with you.” I smiled as I was being pummeled by these guys and nodded.

Then I heard, “I feel the same way.” I turned to find the guy. “Congratulations, Abby.” He then pressed his cock to my lips. I opened them and was air-tight, again.

I orgasmed just before the guy in my pussy. My orgasmic convulsing pussy may have set him off. He remained in place as the guy in my ass continued to fuck me and in the process remained semi-hard. When the guy in my ass came, the second in my ass, he pulled out and I stood off the other cock. The one who had been in my mouth pulled me several desks away and bent me over his desk to penetrate me from behind. A woman I only recognized was already lying on it with her legs open. I braced myself on the edge of the desk and lowered my mouth to her exposed pussy with the guy fucking into me. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit then added fingers to probe her pussy and stimulate her g-spot and clit as the cock in my own pussy was ramming into me. The guy leaned over me to capture a swinging breast to maul and to twist the nipple. The woman climaxed as I sucked on her clit while furiously strumming her g-spot with two fingers in her pussy. Soon after, the guy dumped his cum into my pussy. I was so close to orgasm I believed I was going to join them but just as I felt it rise to the peak, he pulled out.

With a frustrated moan of disappointment, I stood and looked for the next. I was tempted to strum my own pussy to cum but resisted. My eyes look for the next fuck and he was right in front of me. A young man I only casually knew stood up. He did something quite different, he led me to an open area and lay on the floor after lowering his pants. He was already hard and I began to think this might be the way of the day. I straddled him on the floor without hesitation, sinking down over his cock easily with the cum already coating me. I began rising and dropping over him intent on his climax and my own. I was curious how many orgasms might be possible but I also anticipated I might lose track quickly. I was focused on fucking him, my head down in that focus, when suddenly someone was in front of me and it wasn’t pushing a cock into my face which was the surprise. Mary was right in front of me and she leaned toward me and kissed me with intensity. I looked down and she was, obviously, sitting over the man’s face.

She smiled broadly when we broke the kiss, “You’re right again, no reason why we naked females can’t push our desires, too.” She was rubbing her pussy over the man’s face. I laughed. This was so not Mary. She added, “I’m going to miss you so much.”

As I continued to fuck up and down, I took her face in my hands and kissed her. Then, “I’m not that far away. But …what I would really like, Mary … call me. Be more than a work friend. We don’t have to be just the office.” Hugged me tight as she continued to grind her pussy into the man’s mouth. What a way to firm up a friendship.

The morning continued that way, just as Mr. C had envisioned it. Two more pussy fuckings, another double penetration, and two more pussies and it was close enough to noon to call for a break. Most went for lunch, anyway, either in the break room, their desks in groups, or out to a nearby cafe or restaurant. Me … I kicked off my heels and went into the showers. I cleaned up, then sank to the floor with the hot water raining down on me. I hadn’t noticed her standing at the entrance to the shower room.

“Will this be too much?” Sara asked. She was dressed, ready to go out for something to eat presumably. “You want to join a few of us?”

I shook my head. “No, ma’am. Thank you, though. I have some protein bars in my bag. I appreciate it, though.”

I dried off, worked my hair but skipped the makeup, found my heels, and walked into Mr. C’s office. “Anything you need done before this starts up, again, sir?”

He looked up and smiled, then pointed at a chair. “Sit, Abby. Relax for a while. How are you doing? Too much?”

I chuckled. “Sara asked the same thing. No, sir. I’m discovering I have an even larger appetite for sex than I imagined. You may have unknowningly hired yourself a slut.” I followed that with a nervous giggle. Was that the kind of thing you admitted to your boss even if you were fucking him?

He leaned back and studied me. “Not unknowingly, dear. Samantha and I agreed, we think it is just one of the truly charming things about you. You have an innocence that comes off you even as you may be oozing sensuality.” He smiled at me. It was the same smile I found directed to his wife and me over the weekend. It was the smile that told me he like me as me and not because I was his naked personal assistant. “Or, as you just called it, slutty. This was Samantha’s idea built off your comment that you couldn’t be restricted. You were correct, of course. Just another thing about you, being very intuitive about people and their reactions.”

“Mrs. C? Her idea for me to be gangbanged through the day? So, when I call her tonight, I can blame her for soreness.”

He laughed. “Yes, you can. Of course, she might offer to come to you to provide soothing massage to your abused holes.” I flushed at the mental imagery. My nipples firmed and he noticed. “She is quite taken by you, too.” I blushed at how obvious my physical response had been.

I stood and walked around the side of his desk. “Sir, may I suck you?” He looked up at me, smiled, and turned his chair. As I knelt before him and opened his slacks and take hold of his long, soft cock, I wondered what was it that after all the fucking that morning and knowing all the fucking in the afternoon, I felt this desire, this longing to make love to him through his cock. Mrs. C had identified it during the weekend and had encouraged it. She of course felt the special nature of the man and she recognized the relationship between him and me and she welcomed it. The two of us, as she put it, could do wonderful things for him in support and guidance. My expressed request and his response could have been surprising but my request was only heartfelt, not manipulative. His response was understanding, accepting and not dominating. I had no idea what any of this meant. I knew, though, it was going to be an interesting journey.

His response to my tongue, lips, and mouth was quick. I soon had 11” of hard cock to make love to and I did. At times, it was slow, at other times it was fast, hard, and urgent. After many minutes and the sounds of the office becoming busy, again, I raised up to better align my mouth and throat to his rigid rod. I pushed my mouth down over it, taking inches into my throat, pulling back and breathing through my nose and pressing back down a little further. Over and over I did that, each time take a bit more down my throat stretched by the width and thickness of him.

He stroked the side of my head and face, “God … that feels … so … amazing.” He gasped, sighed, and moaned. “You almost … have it … all. I can’t … believe … you … are getting … so close.”

My eyes told me I was inches from pressing my nose into him. But not today. I pulled back and off, gasping, my hands both grasping his cock and stroking two-fisted up and down it as I gulped down air. “I will … sir. Some day … you’ll … shoot … directly down … my throat.” He started flexing his hips and body going tense. I leaned back down while continuing a two-fisted stroking while taking the head into my mouth and sucking like a vacuum. He came in great spurts of cum that forced me to gulp noisily to take it all.

I licked him clean and teasingly licked my lips. He stood and I assisted him in dressing. I turned at the door. He was watching me. I lifted my breasts and kissed each nipple. “You know what we haven’t done, sir?” He looked with a smile that acknowledged something sexy was to follow. “I suspect you’d enjoy a titty-fuck.” I blew him a kiss, turned without waiting for a response, and walked out into the open room to begin the afternoon segment of the day.

The afternoon was much like the morning. Less anal. Definitely less anal. There really weren’t that many of the men who sought anal. There were some who would do it as part of a double penetration but Mr. C, Mr. Peterson, and a very few others were alone in actually initiating it. Sara was a welcome respite as where the other women until a man would come up and fuck me while a ate pussy.

Mary grabbed me late in the afternoon and pulled me out the glass doors and turned for the showers. She stripped kicked off her heels and rolled down her stockings, pulling me into the showers. She turned on one on the wall and another on a post, turning both heads up to fall on the same spot on the floor. She laid down on the wet floor and pulled over her face. I happily joined her for a 69. The shower was creative since the they were for the women and that would keep us free of interference. We enjoyed a peaceful mutual pussy eating fest to mutual orgasms.

It was close enough to quiting time for most of the people so I dried off, located my heels, and made my way to Mr. C’s office. I stopped at my desk for the lubrication I left there earlier and stepped into his office. As I did, I was spreading the gel over my breast but mostly on the insides of them. He looked up, saw what I was doing, and seemed mesmerized by the sheen left by the gel. I could tell by his face that he was instantly horny and probably instantly rock hard. Just the way I like an 11” cock.

He motioned me over and I confidently walked rightup to his knees as he turned his chair to face me. His hand went between my thighs and I opened them further for him. As his fingers gently caressed my pussy just cleaned by Mary’s tongue and lips and the shower, he looked up.

“How was your office celebration, dear? Are you sore from all your fun?”

I smiled. The many memory images of the day’s activities flashed behind my eyes. It ws quite a celebration, indeed. And very much fun. “Not at the moment, sir. I suspect the soreness will come later. Certainly by tomorrow.”

He slipped a finger into my hole and his thumb moved to my clit. I was wrong. My clit was already tender and still engorged but I stood still without reaction and enjoyed that he was touching me.

“I see you were serious about the titty-fuck.”

I flushed. I was so ready to please him. “Have you ever before, sir?” He shook his head. He inserted a second finger into my hole and I unconsciously squated slightly on his hand. He smiled at the reaction and a third finger easily slipped in.

“I do so enjoy your body, Abby.” I flushed. God, how I wanted to cum by him, his cock, his fingers, anything. But my intention was to make him cum by something new. “You know I tell Samantha everything.” It wasn’t even a question. He told me that before. But I nodded. “She very much like to hear what you do for me, how you give me your body, how I was able to use your body. You are quite the woman, Abby. I always suspected Samantha tolerated what happens in the office and that was part of the reason I restricted my activities. But you … you she actually encourages me by her questions and her prodding. You made quite the impression on her over the weekend. None of that was planned, of course. I was just going to offer you the job. But something happened between the two of you. And, the rest … well … the rest.” He gazed at me, “Are you sure you don’t mind her involvement?”

“I am positive, sir. I like Mrs. C very much. I enjoyed her … company and … well, the rest, as you said.”

I knelt before him, pulling his fingers from my pussy in the process. I worked at his belt, clasp, and zipper. I had him stand and pulled his pants and underwear down hi legs. His hard cock sprang out as his underwear was pulled away and my eyes opened a little wider. After experiencing every other cock out there over the last two days, his was the one that longed for, anticipated, ached to have somehow. I had thought abou this, how this would be done. The first time for me, too.

First, though, as always, my lips parted and went to the shaft of hard flesh. My tongue traveled over one side, then the next. I took the head between my lips and sucked before taking more into my mouth, soon into my throat. I heard him moan and lost awareness of anything around us which could seem weird in an office environment late in the day but our strange office conditioned me to focus, focus on my work when there were the sounds of sex around, focus on sex when there were others around doing work.

With his cock slicked by my saliva and the insides of my breasts slicked by the lubricant, I rose high on my knees, lifted my breasts and trapped his cock between them. I moved up and down with his cock trapped between my breasts and he saw the action that would be easier for him and he began thrusting his hips as if fucking one of my holes. Soon, his fucking became more aggressive … as if fucking one of my holes.

With each thrust, he began to moan more and more. I lowered my head, my chin to my chest so that at the top of each thrust his cock head slid over my tongue and into omy mouth for a quick suck. The feeling for me was strangely erotic though not terribly stimulating but this was for him, like giving a blow job. It was for his pleasure and for the experience of something new and different. His thrusts became urgent, fast, and powerful. I recognized it and the sounds for the pending climax they were announcing. I squeezed my breasts tighter, my mouth open and tongue out but I occasionally looked up at him, too. His eyes were closed and he was lost in the act of fucking and his climax rushing to over take him. I focused on the cock head as it thrust up from between my breasts to my mouth, then retreated to be lost, hidden for a moment between my breasts. When he came, he continued to fuck wildly. His cock spurted streams of cum. The first one shot into my face, some into my mouth, the second was consumed between my breasts, and the third flew into my left eye, my forehead and scalp. He continued to thrust as the last of his semen leaked out.

He collapsed back into his chair and I followed him, taking his cock into my mouth and sucking the remnants off, then licking up and down the length to clean it of the cum smeared onto it from my cum-soaked breasts.

I sat back on my heels and asked him if he liked it.

“Wow … I really came.”

I wiped a finger under my eyes, pulled the cum there to my lips, “I noticed, sir.” We both laughed. He leaned forward and kiss my lips with his cum on them. He commented how much his wife was going to enjoy hearing about this. I smiled.

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