The older boy


The older boy that i thoroughly enjoyed ☺️

It was summer of of 1993 and I was 14 years old, young, impressionable and starting to notice boys, I was thinking I liked them older as they would have more experience than the 15/16 year olds that just wanted one thing. My mum and dad hardly ever let me out so boys were all new to me anyway, I was still a virgin and had only ever kissed a boy behind the sheds at school, I was only 5.2” size 8 and 34b, so when at school the boys enjoyed looking at my breasts and I enjoyed watching them looking.

During the summer I stayed a lot with my nan and grandad who I loved very much and had a little more freedom to go out when I stayed with them. 

One Saturday I went into town in the morning with a friend, we went and looked for girly stuff and then she asked if I wanted to go swimming, now I’m not really a swimmer as I suffered when I was a young child so wasn’t keen on going but I agreed and my friend understood why so I didn’t have to explain. As I didn’t have a swimsuit or bikini we shot to the sports shop to have a look, the only bikini I liked was a size to small, I tried it on then showed my friend and told her it was a little small , she laughed and said I looked fine and it showed off my assets perfectly. We got some towels from hers and went to the sports centre, got changed and then went into the pool, as it was the summer there where a lot of boys we knew and they couldn’t help but stare at me, my bottoms were tight and sowed off my smooth tight virgin pussy, you could see a slight camel toe so I knew what they were looking at, my breasts where tight in the top, some of my breasts squeezing out of the sides as the tight fabric squashed against my perky breasts and my nipples erect.

We got in the pool on the shallow end and swam about a little bit, splashed each other and a few of the boys joined in, the boys where smiling at me and chuckling to themselves as we all messed about, I wasn’t sure what they were talking about as I was a little naïve to their childish behaviour. As me and my friend were propping ourself up at the side of the pool, arms either side like a crucifix on the sides holding us up, I noticed a lifeguard change and a guy came out, I watched as he climbed the steps to sit in the chair to watch over the pool, as he sat and looked around I caught his eye, he looked at me and gave me a wink and a smile, I looked at my friend and whispered to her if she see that, she said no, I looked back and he was still looking at me with a smile, I took my arms down and turned around as I felt embarrassed. We continued to swim around for a bit, we then decided we’d had enough and got out, our towels were by the lifeguard chair so we had to walk towards him then past towards the changing rooms, he watched me all the way up whilst smiling at me, he said catch you later baby girl, I looked away, laughed and hurried off to the changing rooms, once inside we showered and my friend said you do know what they was all staring at don’t you? I said no and she said go and look in the mirror, the bikini was white and now see through, it cling to my tight soft virgin pussy and clearly showed it snug against my body revealing a smooth camel toe for all to see and my bikini top was taught around my breasts clearly showing my hard nipples like bullets.

Fast forward to Easter holidays the next year and my friend asked me to go swimming again, I was now living on my own as my parents had kicked me out, so I had freedom and independence, so I said yes, but the only bikini I had was the one I wore last year, forgetting about it being see through I picked it out the draw picked up a bath sheet so it would cover me when I got out and put it into a carrier bag and off I went to meet her, W got to the sports centre and went into the changing rooms, I stripped off and so did she, she commented about how much my breasts had grown and how much she wished hers were that big, I pulled out my bikini and she laughed and said are you wearing that one again, I said it’s the only one I have, she said the boys and lifeguards would enjoy the view again so I said let them look, it’s kinda nice and I liked it last time.

We got into the pool and walked about a little before I put my shoulders under as it felt cold, as I jumped up in shock that same lifeguard walked out right in front of me and got a full view of my bikini covered breasts, but this time it was much tighter and again my nipples were fully erect, poking out like hard bullets, he seemed to enjoy the view and smiled at me. After a short time I walked over to the edge of the pool to say high, as I looked up I could see straight up his shorts, he had no pants on and looked a good size, all the while I was doing this he was looking down at me knowing what I was looking at so he parted his legs a little and continued to ogle my cleavage which was proudly on show, I asked him what time he finished, so he said 6 and then asked if I’d like to get a coffee and go for a drive, I thought why not, I need some fun in my life now I’m living on my own and single. I swam back to my friend and watched him leave after about 10 minutes when he was replaced in the chair. We got out the pool and went for a shower, I dropped off, washed my hair as I thought this would be quicker than going home then went to pick up my clothes from the attendant that was in the middle of both male and female changing, as I arrived I noticed it was him again, he said high and that I seem to be getting g less and less clothes on as I had my bikini in my hand and just a towel wrapped around me which he could clearly see my cleavage again and made it obvious what he was looking at and referring to, his look sent shivers through my body and feel warm at the same time, I could feel a warm sensation in my pussy and it felt really nice, the first time I had ever felt this sensation by an older boy looking at, I thought I’ll let him have me tonight but I need to make it obvious what I want, so as he handed my clothes I thanked him with a smile and headed for a cubicle which was straight in front of the hatch and they all had curtain, I closed the curtain but left it slightly open knowing he could see in and watch me, I hung up my clothes in the holder and turned back around to face him, I lowered my head but caught a quick glimpse of him watching me, I removed my towel slowly and started to dry myself, I turned and bent right over so he had a good view of my arse and tight smooth pink pussy which was now getting wet, I then stood up and turned back around and started to dry my hair, I opened my eyes slightly underneath my long hair and could see him looking whilst touching his cock, I was instantly turned on even more, I wanted his cock inside me, I wanted him to pop my cherry right there and then, I put my hand down to my pussy and I could feel how wet I was when my finger stroked up and down the inside of my tight pink lips, with my other hand I pushed my hair back and looked him straight in the eyes and smiled, I then closed the curtains and could hear his groan with disappointment. 

I put on my leggings and T-shirt and walked out, he could see I wasn’t wearing a bra as my nipples where nice and hard as I was now cold, I went over to him and said I’d see him at 6 just around the corner from the car park, I told my friend what had happened as we walked out and she was shocked but we was giggling to our selfs at the thought of him staring at me, she asked if I was really going to meet him and I said of course I was, she asked what I was going to wear and I really didn’t know, she asked if I wanted him which I said yes, she knew I was a virgin but also knew I got really horny sometimes, so I went to hers and tried some clothes on, she was a size smaller than me so everything was a little tight but that was the idea really, I put on a nice white T-shirt with a pattern on which did nothing to hide my fully breasts and exposed nipples, she then brought out a skirt, I could just about do it up but it was shorter than I had ever had, it was a few inches just below my bum, then she said if I wanted to make it obvious then no knickers, so I took them off, she told me to stand in front of the mirror then asked me how I felt, I said I feel like a slut and that’s what he will think, I said I can’t wear this, my friend calmed me down and said I looked amazing and his jaw will drop and cock will rise at the sight of me, I stood back in front of the mirror and slightly lifted the skirt, I could see my pussy, I touched myself, I was wet and very horny, I felt such a naughty girl, I felt like a dirty bitch knowing what I was going to meet him for. It was soon 5:30 and I needed to get moving, we said goodbye and I’d catch her later.

I walked off to the sports centre to our meeting place, we had arranged to meet around the corner as he didn’t really want anyone to see from work as they are not really supposed to see woman from work, so I arrived and waited, it was an overflow car park with no one around, no houses so I was all on my own, as I lay on the grass verge at the back of the car park under a tree I was feeling really horny, as I imagined what he might do to me I run my finger up and down the tight slit of my pussy, I was soaked, my finger easily slid inside me and it felt so good, tingling through my little tight cunt as I lay there in a world of my own, I was looking up through the branch, my finger darting inside me then pulling out and stroking up to my clit, I felt I might cum soon but it didn’t stop me, I really needed this, I couldn’t wait to get fucked for the first time and that’s all that was on my mind, I’d turned into a little whore, I wanted and needed his cock so bad now, then I heard the noise of a car, I quickly sat up and saw him approaching me, I was now sat up, knees up to my chest and feet on the floor, not realising he was getting a full view of my swollen wet cunt. I stood up and walked to the passenger door, then got in and sat down, my skirt rose up and you could just see the bottom of my pussy, he looked at me and smiled, then said nice view,  I looked down and pulled my skirt down and felt my face starting to burn as I went red, I was soaked and horny but tried to not make it to obvious what I wanted but that hadn’t gone to plan, he knew I was going to be an easy fuck tonight, I had come out with a short skirt, tight top and no underwear, he had already seen my exposed pussy and could clearly see my fully erect hard nipples straining at the T-shirt. 

As he drove off he said we’d go and get a coffee and could either go for a drive somewhere or go back to his, he said his mum was out for the night and wouldn’t be back till late and wouldn’t get disturbed, I asked if we could go for a drive so we could talk a little, I was starting to get nervous as I didn’t know this guy, clearly a lot older than me as he drove a nice sports car and had on good designer clothes and smelt so good, he had obviously showered after work and got changed.

We drove for a bit taking, I explained why I lived on my own but I was happier now and then we arrived at a car park on top of a hill somewhere, the view was amazing, it was still lovely and warm out for the time of year, he suggested we went for a walk, he held my hand as we strolled along the grass and then we were a good distance from the cars, so he put his jacket down as I said I didn’t like sitting on the grass then I sat down and him next to me, he put his arm around my should then looked and smiled at me, he told me not to be so nervous and that everything would be fine, I didn’t know him from Adam and I was panicking which he could clearly see, with his other hand he took my hand and kissed it whilst looking into my eyes, he asked if he could kiss me which I said yes, he kissed my lips soft and gently then I felt his tongue part my lips, so I opened my mouth and allowed him to take the lead, he pushed gently to the floor as he continued to kiss me, my pulse started to race as I felt his had on my thigh, I felt a tingle in my tight virgin pussy then his hand slowly started rise up my thigh, my legs parted instinctively, I felt I wasn’t in control of my own body, his hand reached my soft warm pink wet cunt, his finger slipped between my lips with ease, I pulled away from the kiss and blurred out that I was a virgin and needed him to be gentle, he said he would take things real slow and if at any point I wanted him to stop then he would without question, his finger then slipped inside me, I let out a soft moan and payed back down, he looked at me and said I felt lovely and was very tight, he enjoyed fingering my tight hole for some time whilst listening to me moan and wriggle with pleasure, he took his finger out then moved into between my wide spread legs, I see his head go down, he caught me looking and then told me to relax and that I was about to experience something I would always want after, I closed my eyes thinking he was going to just fuck me there and then, but then I felt his warm breath on my wet lips as he started to gently kiss them, his tongue licked over the outside from bottom to top, I let out a soft moan again as my knees bent up and wide giving him better access, he looked up at me and said I was his good girl, I then felt his tongue part my lips and slide inside, I had never felt something so amazing, I let out a loud moan and begged him to please don’t stop, I put my fingers into his hair and gripped tight as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy, flicking up to my clit, sending shudders of pleasure through my tiny teen body, all I could muster up was a, yes yes, with this her gripped my waist and lifted my hips, my legs fell over his shoulders, I was now at an angle laying on my shoulders, he had full access to my tight soft pink cunt, I felt him spread my arse cheeks then his warm tongue darted in circles around the entrance of my arse, my god I said, my body shaking violently, he continued to prob my arse and pussy in turn, he then focused on my clit, sucking it into his mouth and his tongue flicking it, I then felt a finger gently slide into my pussy, he told me I was soaked, all I could muster was an mmmmm he slowly fingered my tight pussy and flicked his tongue over my clit, my cunt was on fire, I could feel electric surfing through it and up my body to my brain sending me crazy, into another world, I felt like I was in heaven, if felt amazing like nothing I’d felt before, he curled his finger up inside me behind my pubic bone, it sent shudders through me as he hit my g-spot (as I understand it now) my juices started to flow, his mouth moved to my pussy as he was lapping up as much as he could, my juices were running down over my arse, I could feel them running up my back, I was like a tap and didn’t know what was happening, my light moans had turned to loud moans of pleasure, I was telling him to fuck me more, after what seemed like forever but was about 10 minutes of his mauling licking and insertion I was fully spent, I couldn’t take anymore and collapsed, I lay on my back, legs wide open, I was soaking wet from my pussy to my arse and up my back, he looked at me laying there, he said I was such a dirty little bitch, he’s never seen anyone orgasm so much and get so wet, he said I needed fucking now, he told me becomes I was a virgin he would take me to his as he had to pick his mum up about 1am he knew the house was empty and we wouldn’t get disturbed. I tried to walk to his car but I just couldn’t, my legs were like jelly, he picked me up in his arms, as he was carrying my back he kissed me and told me I was his bitch now and would do anything I asked of him, I smiled and said ok. As he placed me in the car he reclined the chair, put my seatbelt on, opened my legs and began to eat my soaked cunt again, I said no more but he didn’t listen, his finger went back inside me and curled up, he reminded me I was his little bitch and would do as I was told, he carried on and then it all happened again, I was moaning loud cunt juices squirting everywhere, he was drinking me as fast as he could but it went all over the floor of his car, he withdrew his finger and then cleaned me up with his tongue.

As we set off and got out the car park, he asked if I had enjoyed my self so far, I was spent, exhausted, laying in the chair, legs open, skirt up fully exposed, he was rubbing my thigh and all I could say was yes, he said the guy in the car next us watching enjoyed looking at you to just then he touched my soaked pussy again, it made me jump and then his finger flipped in, he told me that he really liked my pussy as I was very tight and so soft and smooth, he said he hadn’t felt a soft smooth tight cunt like mine for a few years now and he couldn’t wait to get inside of me, I said I couldn’t wait for you to fuck me either but please be gentle, I know you want my cherry and it’s yours but just take your time.

We got to his house and went inside, he asked if I would like a drink of juice or lemonade or something, so we went to the kitchen and he poured us both a lemonade, he asked me if I’d like my clothes washed as they were still wet from my juices, he said the washing machine would be in a quick wash then automatically dry them after, so I said yes please, he told me to lift my arms then slowly lifted my T-shirt and got a full view of my perky firm breasts, my nipples fully erect, he lent forward and liked my right nipple then gently bit it, I let out a small squeal, he looked at me and laughed and said I would get used to it, he then told me to turn around, he unzipped my skirt then slowly moved it down and told me to step out, my legs were now spread and I was leaning on the kitchen table, I was completely naked, he bent me over the table and told me to stay put, I did as I was told and hear him put the washer in, he said it would be a couple of hours giving us plenty of time, he walked behind me and I felt his hands on the back of my legs, he ran them up to my arse and spread my cheeks wide, he said I smelt and looked amazing, his tongue then licked from me clit right up over my arse and he hurried his tongue deep in my Arsenal, I made a loud moan and then I felt his finger rub my clit, I told him if he carried in he would get wet again, so he stood up and led me upstairs, we went into his bedroom and he closed the door behind him.

As he walked towards me he had a look of lust in his face, a look I hadn’t seen before, a determined look, like he knew what he wanted and he knew he was going to get it, he asked me if I’d ever sucked a cock before, I said yes a couple of times, he told me to kneel on the floor, he unzipped his jeans then the belt and button then slowly pulled them down, as he did I had a clear view of his cock, he was bigger than I had seen before, he had no pants on and it spring out, his jeans stopped at his thighs, his cock was thick, skin pulled right back and the big purple head was leaking cum, he told me to lick it off slowly, which I did, I could taste his salty cum and smell his musky smell mixed with his deodorant and aftershave, he told me to take it in my mouth, as I started to on him he removed his T-shirt, his hand gripped my head and he told me to carry on, he told me I was doing really well and being a really good girl, he asked if I had ever sucked 2 cocks at once which I stopped and asked why and said no, he said a couple of girls enjoyed it so was just asking, he told me to carry on, I looked at him, he then just pushed it in my mouth, I gagged a little because as he forced it back in it went down my throat, he said, now fucking suck it bitch, I got a little scared but continued as I was told.

As I sucked him I could feel him get harder, his cum was oozing out and could start to taste more salty cum, his head was bent back, he was really enjoying it, he told me I was his good girl and doing a really good job, he then said he was going to cum, swallow it bitch, he then held my head in place as he shot load after load of hot cum into my mouth, I tried to swallow as much as I could but the third load was to much and it dribbled out of my mouth down my chin over my breasts, he took his cock out, stroked it and another load come out over my face then he told me to clean him up which I did, he told me he really enjoyed it and I had been a good girl and done a good job.

He told me to go to the toilet and I could clean up, I didn’t close the door but as I was washing I heard someone behind me, I turned around but didn’t see anything, I dried myself off facing the door as I was unsure and then went back in and asked if he was watching me, he said no but it may have been his brother which is why he asked if I’d ever sucked 2 cocks at the same time, he said he brother was probably on his way out to work as he worked nights, he went and looked, when he came back in he said his brother wasn’t in the house, I shouted at him and reminded him that he said the house was empty, he said he was sorry he forgot his brother was in, I was thinking all sorts, I was wondering if he was trying to get me to fuck his brother, if he was genuine, I just didn’t know but we were both naked now and snapped me out of my thoughts by telling me to get on the bed, I looked at him and he just pushed me onto it, my legs fell open, he got straight down between my legs, I could feel his hot breath on my wet cunt, I started to get excited again and forget what had just happened, I felt one of his fingers enter me, he told me I was nice and tight again, he started to flick his tongue over my clit, I was letting out soft moan after soft moan, he then inserted another finger into my tight pussy, he told me he needed to open me up a little, he then curled both fingers up behind my pubic bone and started to slowly work my G-Spot whilst his tongue worked my clit, I was starting to moan louder, his fingers got faster, he held my clit in his teeth and was flicking it with his tongue, it felt amazing, electric shocks going through my pussy and up my body, my hands were gripping his covers, then I started to cum really hard, he was lapping up my juices, as he carried on working my juicy cunt, this must have lasted about 10 minutes, as he finished I just lay there with my eyes closed, I didn’t know what he had done but it felt so fucking good, all I could think was that I really wanted his cock, I wanted my cherry popped by this guy, by the time I came around he was now on top of me, propped up on his hands, one either side of my head and my legs over his shoulders, he looked down and smiled at me and just said, this is the moment he has been waiting for, I said to him to be gentle and was he ok with me being 15, he asked me if I was ok for him to penetrate me and take my virginity, I said yes please do, I am all yours now.

At that moment I get fear, anxiety, nervous, I wanted to run, I had some many emotions running through my tiny teen body, I was horny, wet in a state of full ecstasy, I wanted this man but was scare he was going to hurt me.

At that moment I felt the head of his cock at my soft tiny tight entrance, as I looked into his eyes, he could see I was worried, he told me to relax and that after a little pain I would really enjoy it, I gave him a half smile and then he asked if I really wanted to go ahead or if I wanted to wait, I looked at him and said no I really wanted him inside my tight pussy but please take it slow. He steadied himself on one hand and grabbed his cock with the other, he rubbed it up and down my wet lips, I let out a moan, the head of his cock felt so big but so nice, he worked it up and down a few times and then without me expecting it, he slipped the head straight in but slowly, I get a real sharp pain, I yelped really loud as it hurt, I told him to stop as tears ran down my face, he was now on both arm, he held his cock just with the head inside me, I could feel my pussy hurting, I could feel the head of his cock throbbing inside me, the pain and pleasure was crazy, felt so good but hurt so much, after about a minute I had calmed a little, he told me to relax then very slowly started to slide his cock inside me inch by inch, after a few slides it really started to hurt, I felt my pussy split and it was really soar, I was crying and asking him to please stop, he put his hand on my upper arms and told me to bear with it for a few minutes as I would start to enjoy it, he slid the rest of his cock on until he was balls deep inside me, I could feel his balls hanging down and touching my arse, I felt his hard cock throbbing inside my very tight little pussy, he held himself in me as I felt a tremendous pain as he stopped pushing, I was crying and asking him to stop, he said no as I needed to go through this part, I told him he was a wanker, he then laughed and said sorry but this is what I wanted, he slowly slid out all the way and then I felt the head slide back in and open my tight pussy again and then felt his cock slowly slide all the way inside me, all this time I was still crying and asking him to stop. He continued to pin me down and told me to relax it would start to get really nice very soon, he started to slid out and back in, he continued this very slowly for about 5 minutes then the pain started to ease and I started to feel the pleasure of feeling his big fat cock filling up my tight soft teen pussy, it felt good, I was starting to get more wet as he continued to fuck me, he started to here my soft moans of pleasure then he released my arms and told me to put them above my head and surrender my body to him, he reached down and with his thumb started to rub my soft clit, I felt it starting to swell, I felt nice shocks running through my pussy and up my body, it started to feel so good, he fucked me like this for about 20 minutes, I was cummin so many times, my pussy was full of his cock and my clit was being rubbed and teased by this guy that I hardly knew, it felt amazing, I felt so naughty and he kept telling me I was his good girl, his rhythm started to get faster and harder, as this happened I started to moan louder, he looked at me and said, my little bitch likes it hard, he started going in really deep and hard, it felt amazing, I’d never played with myself like this before, I’d never felt so helpless but full of lust and pleasure, I couldn’t believe that all that pain hard turned to so much pleasure, I asked him to fuck me really hard and fast, I wanted to feel what it was like to get fucked like the woman in porn movies, he took his cock out to the head then slammed it right inside me, fuck it hurt, he was big, his cock felt bigger than when he started but it also felt so good, he continued to pump his cock deep and hard listening to me moan, he would say that’s a good little bitch, take my fucking cock, I was just saying yes fuck me more, fuck me good, then I felt him jerk and felt his hot warm spunk hit the top of my cunt, spurt after spurt, it felt so good, he must and shot a gallon of cum in me, when he withdrew it really stung but the cum just dropped out, I was playing with it and it made a massive wet patch on his bed.

I continued to see him and fucked him when ever we could as I got used to his big cock stuffing my tight teen cunt. I loved every experience he gave me, in his car, the woods, over his bonnet, tied to his bed, lots of different things he taught me. 

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