My meeting with the Demons


I was 18 years old, I had been with my boyfriend for 4 years, he is 10 years older than me, he goes to gym 6 times a week, has an amazing body, lovely blue eyes, dark hair, amazing pecs, gorgeous six pack and a lovely 10” cock, the first time I took his cock (yes I was under age) it split me and stretched me, once inside me for 10 minutes he really fucked me hard and deep and told me if I wanted him I would have to get used to it and be his slut to use as and when he see fit. I was falling in love with him so of course I obeyed his every demand,

Now I was 18 we was living together and going on our first holiday abroad, my first time on a plane, we was going to a small island that belonged to Greece, it was hot, the hotel was amazing and right on the beach, we had a sea view with a nice big balcony and butler service, in the room I was told to only ever wear my bikini bottoms, he wanted our butler to get a good look at my body.

Now I’m 5.5” tall, dress size 8 34C breasts that stay in place because of my youth, I have a very tight smooth pussy, I have a very firm tight arse that formed up with all the horse riding I did until I was 17. I have nice hips that are there to hold on to. My measurement are 34 – 20 -32 so I have a good shape to me that men really enjoy looking at.

Whilst in the hotel room the butler did get a good look at me, I always opened the door to him with just my panties on, then it went to a see through g-string, my boyfriend watched him have a good look at my arse and pussy so day 3 I was told to be completely naked and smooth, which I obeyed his orders, but this time my boyfriend was downstairs in the gym, I opened the door and showed in the butler who had our water, fruit flowers and some nibbles, I could feel his eyes on my arse as I walked in front of him, I headed for table and leaned my arse on it so my legs opened to give him a good view, he stopped and admired what was in front of him on full view, he then snapped out of his gaze and placed the items from the trolly to the table by the side of me, as he turned to go I told him if he wanted his tip he best get on his knees whilst my boyfriend wasn’t around, he quickly knelt down and lapped at my tight smooth wet pussy bringing me to an amazing orgasm. He stood up and said if I wanted an amazing experience I am to walk alone along the beach up towards the cliffs, I was to wear a white bikini and go to the 3rd cave.

The next morning my boyfriend went to the gym, I told him to take his time and have a good workout as I was going to go down to the beach and have a stroll and sunbath for a few hours, I walked along the beach but got very hot so I walked into the sea, this was lovely and cold and did the trick of cooking me down but it now made my bikini see through, which I wasn’t bothered about but glad there was no children around, just plenty of men and couples having a good look, after I walked for about 30 minutes whilst dipping in and out of the water I got to the cliffs, I walked past the first 2 caves and then got the third, I looked inside but couldn’t see anything, I was dripping wet as I had just got back out of the water, I moved closer to the entrance, once slightly inside I heard a really deep commanding voice telling me to not be scared, come on my child so I can see you better, as I walked in I see this demon, he was sitting down towards the back of the cave, as he looked up at me his eyes where red, his body taught, muscular and black on colour, he looked strong and powerful, he looked and smiled a sort of smile and told me to come closer, he looked me up and down, told me I was was perfect for him and he liked the look of my see through bikini but I was to remove it, with a wave of his hand a solid round Boulder passed across the entrance and now there was no way out, I heard his fingers click and about 200 candles all lit at once, I could then see him properly for the first time, he slowly got to his feet, I looked at his face as he rose up, he must have been 9ft tall, I thin knew I wasn’t going to be able to get out of here until I have given him exactly what he wanted, I knew my boyfriend was dominant but I thought this was going to be another level.

As my eye lowered down his body his pecs where huge and each muscle in his six pack was about as big as my forearm, he looked strong, powerful, dominant and dangerous, then I see his manhood, his piece of meat was about 2ft long, with a bulbous  head that was the size of a tennis ball, I then froze and just stared, there is no way that fucking thing is going inside me I told him, he laughed and told me it will do and you will take it like the slut you are, now remove your bikini bitch, you are here to serve me, I removed my bikini as he walked towards me, he towered a over me, he picked me up under my shoulder so I was now face to face with him his tongued entered my mouth and went down my thought, it made me gag but it continued into my stomach, I felt some fluid enter me and fill me up then his tongue slid back out, he told me he was preparing my body to produce a spawn for him, I almost died there and then, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I told him no it will hurt me and ruin my body, he said it will take 2 hours and the spawn will be relieved he will then put my body back to how it is now but only if I trust him and do as I’m told, he lifted me higher and his tongue started to lick my pussy, he tiled me I was very tasty and asked how old I was, I told him 18, he said he had never had such a young, tight beautiful human, they was always in their 40’s and always wanted a body of a 20 year old when I had finished with them which I granted them each time.

His tongue lapped up my juices which seemed to be really flowing (now when I have a cock, dildo or a good tongue inside me my pussy creams a lot, guys seem to like it) my pussy seemed to be creaming more than usual now, his tongue then entered me, spreading my lips wide, I felt full up, I felt it his my cervix then slide inside, I felt it fill up with fluid lick he had done with my stomach, he then slowly slid from my cervix and stayed inside my pussy, his tongue was stretching my pussy walls, I could feel every inch getting wider and wider, I was loving every bit of it, I allowed him to have full access to my body, then he pulled out some more then I felt something like tentacles on my g-spot, he was massaging my sex spot like no one had ever done before and I felt no one ever would do this again, then I felt his tongue on my clit, he was a master at making woman orgasm, both my clit and g-spot being aroused at the same time with expertise and with amazing results, I had never squirted before now, I didn’t think it was real, it felt amazing, my body collapsed in his grasp, he felt my body get heavy, he then knew I was totally his toy, he kept up the onslaught on my pussy giving me multiple orgasm, I lost count, I was squirting one after the other, he had his mouth planted over my cunt so he could drink each squirt, he did this for about 30 minutes, I must have had about 3 orgasms every minute, I was exhausted, he withdrew his tongue and mouth away from my Pusey and placed me on the floor, I couldn’t stand, I just lay on my back, my arms above my head and legs spread wide open, juices oozing from within me, he looked down at me and told me my body was now ready for him.

After a few minutes I got to my knees and asked him, what do you want me to do master, he told me to stand, he cock was enormous and standing proud just above my head, I looked up and I could see his seed leaking from the head, he told me to lick up his cum and suck his cock, I couldn’t even get my hand half way around this thick shaft, I slowly licked up and down the full length of the almighty shaft, licking down to his huge bollox that I couldn’t even fit in my mouth I slowly licked back up whilst stroking him with both hands at the same time, licking up his precum as I got to his head, there was a lot and it tasted sweet, it was nice, very different from my boyfriend.

He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could, you’re going to take this cock in your mouth and throat, I panicked, he grabbed my hair and looked down at me, you will be fine my slut, my seed has worked your body to enable it to take my cock, now open wide, I felt the head press against my lips, I opened my mouth as wide as I could then felt him push the head inside, as he was doing this I felt my jaw stretch more to enable this beast to enter me, I heard him moan as he entered my mouth, he then started to face fuck me, slowly to start with I could taste his seed leaking from his cock, the amount leaking was more than a heavy load I take from my boyfriend, after a few minutes he started to get deeper and deeper, this bulbous huge head was working it’s way down my throat now, I couldn’t breath and was losing consciousness I passed out, I’m not really sure what happened after that but he told me after that he had continued to use my throat until he reached my stomach and filled me with his seed, I was now laying on a concrete slab 5 foot off the ground, he told me it was now time to breed me and for me to give him his spawn, my mouth and throat was stretched, I couldn’t see it but it felt gross, he told me he would put me back to my original state once I have given him what he needs, he held my ankles and pulled my legs wide apart, I felt my muscle rip in my thighs, I screamed with pain as this happened but he just continued, then I felt the head of his cock against my pussy, but it didn’t feel as tight as it normally was, the head of his cock eased inside me, it felt amazing, he was fucking me deep and hard, my pussy was creaming over his cock and dripping down his shaft, over his balls and making a puddle on the floor, I could hear the enjoyment in his moans, his cock not even half way inside me hitting my cervix, after about 10 minutes of his onslaught my cervix started to widen and adjusted to his cock, then I felt him enter and the rest of his cock fully penetrate me, he was fucking me hard, his massive balls slapping against my arse, this was high trend by my juices covering them now making my arse wet, I could feel everything, it felt amazing, my pussy with a 2ft cock inside me in-palled by this monster whilst his balls seemed to enjoy banging my now sensitive arse crack, I again had orgasm after orgasm, his body then tensed, I felt the head of his cock swell even more, his cock stiffen and he shot his load, he filled my womb with his hot sweet seed, as he slowly with drew his seed followed and leaked out, then he pulled away and left me there, used and abused, fucked like a whore I couldn’t move, I felt paralysed, then I see a demon woman walk out from the shadows, he looked at me and told me I’m paralysed until his wife fertilises my seed with her eggs.

She bent over me and kissed me on the forehead and told me this would be over very soon and that she was very pleased that I’d been able to help them, she licked her way down my body, licking my tits, very small compared to hers then down to my pussy, she cleaned up the inside of my pussy and sucked all the cum out from within, her tongue worked my pussy lips and as she was working me she slipped it over the entrance of my arse, I moaned load and she knew I had enjoyed that, she continued to lick my arse to arouse it and then I felt it magically open as her mouth pulled away, I heard him tell her to enter me, then her tongue entered my arse, it went deep inside, as I felt her working my arse he had got turned on and entered my pussy again, this time he thrust the whole length inside me with no resistance at all, I was still paralysed and could only moan with please, he was fucking me deep and hard again, my cunt creaming over his cock, down his shaft to my arse where her tongue was and she could taste me, I heard her moan at the taste, her made more of an effort now, my pussy and cervix was full and so was my arse now, her tongue was huge, orgasm after orgasm, I was in heaven, he shot his load again, more than the first time, I felt her younger withdraw as his cum started to drip from my pussy, she cleaned it up and eagerly awaited him to withdraw, as he he did his cum leaked out and she lapped up every drop then her tongue entered my pussy to clean me out again, after I was clean she stood up and told me she was now going to put her eggs inside me, a small tentacle emerged from between her legs and entered my my pussy then cervix, I felts a torrent of large eggs enter me then she withdrew. 

The demon told me I would be paralysed until after birth which would be about 1 hour now, he continued to play with my body, he then told his wife to suck on my tits again, as she bent over he told her he was going to fuck her as he needed to fuck a demon after he had fucked a human, he pushed her head down and took her doggy style, I could see the pain in her face as he took her, he pulled out ant told me to clean up his cock, I licked his cock, it now seemed a lot bigger, he looked at me and told me that his cock doubles when he fucks another demon, he was almost the size of me tall, he then put it back in her and fucked her deep and hard for about 45 minutes of continued deep hard fucking, she was crying and moaning, I could see a big puddle of cum on the floor between her feet, she was leaking so much cum, she must be enjoying it to cum that much, he again shot his load, filled her body with cum. She fell to her knees fully abused by her master, his cock slapped around her face as she cleaned him up and I she it shrink back to it’s near 2ft now she took it all down her throat, balls deep all the while he used her throat he looked at me with a smile. 

After 10 minutes he with drew and shot another huge load, stream after stream of hot thick sticky white cum, over her face, hitting my breasts face, in my hair, she licked his cock clean again then stood up, she looked at me and said it’s time to give us our baby, her hands enter my pussy I felt it stretch again then into my womb, she pulled and pulled, I was crying, it was hurting so much, then after a minute she pulled out their spawn, a perfect baby demon was born, and a boy, I could help notice his cock, bigger than my boyfriends already, she left the cave with their baby and thanked me very much for the fun and the baby and she would leave me to he husband to either return me or leave me to die.

As she left he walked over to me and told me I had been a good servant to them and he would return me to how I was or better if I wished, I asked if he could make my breasts bigger to a 36DD with 3 inch nipples when fully erect and my hips to a 36 and waist to a 22, I believe this is the perfect model size, also a perfect smile and white teeth and to straighten my nose and make it a little smaller, he looked at me and told me I was asking for a lot and if I wanted that I had to have his older brother and him at the same time, I agreed, his brother walked in, at least 3 ft taller than him and his cock at least a foot longer, his brother didn’t say a word, just walked in and entered me, I still couldn’t move so he just took advantage of me as he was going in deep I felt the pain of his huge cock, it seemed to frown inside me, then he told me for my body I needed to be broken first, he picked my up under my legs and turned me to his brother who entered my arse, I was being used by 2 demons now, double penetrated by 2 enormous cocks, they fill me up, they was hurting me, I could feel myself be split, ripped apart as they both pummelled me in each hole, the onslaught continued for what seemed like a life time but was only about 15 minutes when they both erupted inside me, my stomach was full and enlarged like I was 9 months pregnant and my arse was leaking cum like a waterfall, I was later back down on this slab of concrete, his older brother left and then it was just me and the demon again. 

He walked over, you have served us well my child, I now need you to close your eyes and I will return your body to what you asked for, I closed my eyes and then felt his tongue licking all over my body, his saliva was thick and sticky, like when you give birth and the baby comes out of the sack, I was covered, he stood me up, gave me my bikini, he told me to walk straight out and into the water, put my bikini on which had been made to fit, put it on and then when I walk back out of the water my body will be as I asked.

Yes as I walked out my body was perfect, I was a young girl again but with the body of a woman, my nose different and my teeth perfect, I took a slow walk back to the hotel, and met my boyfriend walking out, he looked at me and said he was just coming to find me for some lunch, he asked if I was ok and that I looked different, that my breasts looked larger and more firm and my arse looked former and hips bigger, I told him he had been in the gym to long, we went for lunch and headed to our room, over lunch he asked what happened with the butler, I told him that I had said if he wanted his tip he had to get on his knees, as I sat on the table he obliged and began to eat my pussy until I cum over his face, when we entered the room my boyfriend forcefully punched me over the back of the sofa, ripped off my bottoms and slid his cock inside me, omg your seem so much tighter, you feel amazing, you’re already soaking wet, as he continued to fuck me he couldn’t help notice my pussy creaming more than normal and puddling on the floor, he said said I don’t know what you’ve been up to but I know your body has changed, your pussy is tighter and you’re creaming more than normal but I love it, you’re my slut and we will have more fun on this holiday, I want to see the butler fuck you.

I couldn’t help but feel there is no way he will pleasure me like I had just been by the demons but I would at least let him try, let’s just say the next 10 days where very interesting, enjoyable and opened my mind to other experiences with multiple guys.

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