Me and my Uncle Pt1


This is a fictional story, or is it lol 

My dad is an architect and runs his business with his brother in law, they both designed their own homes and both are quite open planned. One evening we was all at home, dad was throwing a BBQ as they had just won a contract so my aunty uncle and cousins were around, us youngsters where in the swimming pool playing messing around while dad and mick (my uncle) were cooking on the BBQ drinking a few beers in their shorts, both my dad and mick were in quite good shape, my dad was 34 and mick was 38.

I had on my favourite bikini, I liked to show off my body, it showed a good camel toe and just covered the front a little bit of the side of my 34D breasts, I was an only child but I had 2 cousins, both boys, both older than me by a few years, they had always fancied me and kissed and groped me when ever they could, which I really didn’t mind as they were both good looking, dark hair, blue eyes, lovely smile and in great shape with good chests and six packs, same as their dad.

The pool was down the bottom of the garden in the sunshine, a good 75 foot from the house, as no one could really see was was messing in the pool, kissing under water, they were groping me, lifting up my bikini top and fondling my breasts whilst the other was pulling down my thongs and touching my pudding and my arse.

Even though I was only 14 I was no virgin and o knew exactly what these 2 wanted and to be honest I really didn’t mind if they took it. We was all horny and one of them told me to take a deep breath and go under the water, I had put on some goggles so got a good view of his 8” cock bulging in his shorts, he helps the back of my head gripping my hair as o pulled his shorts down and took his cock in my mouth, as I pulled the skin back I was surprised to taste his salty precum, as my mouth slowly slid down his shaft he pushed my head all the way to his pubic bone, his cock lodged down my throat, balls against my chin, he was thrusting into my mouth, I started to lose my breath and needed to come up for air, I tapped him on the leg and tried to pull away to no avail, he was far stronger than me and I was under water with no leverage on anything, after the third tap on his leg and frantically trying to pull away he pulled me up, I was gasping for air and slapped him around the face, I didn’t realise his dad was now only a few feet away and caught sight of my exposed tits and the slap I had just deliver his son, he thought it was because he may have pulled my top up exposing me so he told his son that served him right for doing that and as he is 18 he shouldn’t be treating a 14 year old girl like that, especially his cousin.

He told them to both go up to the house and get some food, he looked at me and asked if I was ok, which I replied I was and thanked him for his concern, told me to put my breasts away as he shouldn’t really be looking at them, I said ok but I bet you like them, he smiled, as I climbed the ladder in front of him his eyes were met with my twisted bottoms, half hanging off my arse exposing pussy, I sat on the top step in front of him, he asked what them two boys had done to me me and if I was ok, I told him we were just playing and having fun which had done many times before, I told him they both liked me and I thought they were both hunks and fit, then I looked at him and told him that they must get their sexy bodies from their dad as o think your very fit to, he smiled and blushed a little, with that my legs open and exposed my horny tight wet pussy, luckily my back was to the house so my mum or dad couldn’t see, I said these bottoms are all twisted I need to sort them so I took them off, now he could see everything, my smooth cunt fully exposed to him, I wanted him badly but I wasn’t sure if he was aware of this, he was just staring, licking his lips, I said your eyes will pop out of you keep looking, with that I opened wider and spread my lips with my 2 fingers exposing the outer walls of my pussy, he could now see I was very wet, I asked him if he liked what he see, he nodded in amazement, I told him to taste me as I’m very wet, he knelt on the floor and his tongue immediately licked from the start of my arse right up to my clit sending shivers through my body, his tongue then went back down and inserted into my wet open cunt and he started to suck my juices from me, he did this for only about 10 seconds then broke away, he told me to put on my bottoms as we needed to go to the house, on the way up he told me he wanted more of me of that was ok, he wanted me on my own at his house whilst everyone was out and wanted to make love to me and give me the best sex I had ever had, I said ok but you need to arrange everything, if you can convince my dad to get me around to yours then I will be your slut and do anything g you want.

We approached the relaxed seating area, mum looked over me and could see somehow that I may have been horny, maybe because of my chests being flushed red, hers did this when she had been having sex, I knew this because I had often heard her and dad fucking, her screaming, their two bodies slapping together as dad ponded her then she would come down in a vest and her chest was all red and she looked flustered just like I was at that moment in time,

The boys instantly saw my camel toe as did his wife and my dad, my bottoms where up around my hips and pulled tight, this bikini was 2 years  old so was almost grown out of, none of them seemed to mind me looking like this, we all sat down and dad and mum handed out the food, burgers, sausage rolls, chicken, steak with salad and a few chips, there was also ribs on the bbq and some other things, dad got some drinks and said I could have a glass or 2 of wine as I was growing up, we all ate our food, chatted, I would open my legs for mick and the boys and they would stare, it was quite funny.

I asked mick if he he could teach me to play tennis as they had a court at their house, he smiled and said of course sweetie anytime, I asked my mum n dad if the minded me going over for some lessons when he was free which they both said no problem. Later in the afternoon I spoke with mick and asked him when he would be alone at the house, he said any day this week as the boys were both at work and Jen was away on a course all week for work so we agreed I would go around and he told me to bring some extra clothes and stuff as I may as well stay the week as it was holidays do me. He said he couldn’t wait to taste me again and stretch my tiny little cunt and listen to me moan like my mum, that took me aback a bit as they were brother and sister.

After dinner I helped mum wash up and she asked if I was ok and that me and mick seemed to be getting on well, I said to my mum he is my favourite uncle, she laughed and said he is your only uncle, which we both laughed at, I said we had spoken and was it ok for me to go around theirs this week and stay and he would teach me how to play tennis, my mum paused and said only if you promise if they try anything I will call her straight away, she said she had seen the way the boys and mick had been looking at me dressed in my tight bikinis which by the way doesn’t hide much, we much go and bye you some new ones, then she stepped back and said look I can clearly see your hard nipple poking out of that tight bikini, your bottoms tied at the sides don’t hide much either, the thong goes right into my arse and the front barely covers me and is being eaten by your pussy lips, I said mum it’s fine, men like looking at me and I like it when they do, I mean I really like it, she pushed me up against the counter and to my surprise thrust her hand inside my bottoms and pushed a finger inside my wet pussy, I let out a soft moan as she did this, my mum said there I can see how much you like it now, you’re soaking wet, I’m not sore I should really be letting you go over this week I’m worried something may happen, I asked her like what, these are my relatives, my family, no one will hurt me or do anything g I don’t want them to do, she said you don’t know your uncle like I do, which again puzzled me a little, I wondered if them two had ever been up to stuff, mick was 5 years older than mum so looking at his sons if he was a horny young adult like them who knows what him and mum may have gotten up to, mum was fit even fitter when she was a young teenager, like me I suppose, I real good shape, good hips, nice figure and plump breasts that stood up and out. 

Just then we heard a loud bang and my aunty screamed, they two boys had been messing in the garden and banged heads, mum said they needed to go to the hospital, she said she would go with Jen, dad was the only one that could drive as he didn’t drink and mick said he would stay here and look after me as there wasn’t room for all of us in the car. So off the 5 of them went and I was left alone with my uncle, I got him a beer as he looked shocked and worried, I took it over to him and handed it to him he placed it on the side table and pulled me down onto his lap, he started kissing me and his hands soon undone my bikini bottoms and top and he was pulling them off me, I had already had 2 glasses, large glasses of wine so I was tipsy, I didn’t really know what was happening but I just let him carry on, he threw on the sofa and then said we have 2/3 hours so I want to pleasure you, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me down to the pool, as we left I grabbed my bikini in case they came back early, as we got outside he span me around and lay me on the sun lounger, luckily we didn’t have neighbours and the closest was some distance so would never hear or see anything, he pulled my legs up by my ankles and pulled them wide, he was man handling me, taking what he wanted and I was enjoying every bit, enjoying this much older guy, my uncle, for as fuck with an amazing body, gorgeous to look at and I could see he wasn’t small from the bulge in his shorts, I could see where his sons got theirs from. He knelt between my legs and started lapping at my smooth tight pussy, his tongue licking from my arse entrance to my clit and back down, every so often pushing in as far as it will go into my pussy, I could hear his moans of pleasure as I heard his tongue and my juices swishing around inside my wet cunt, he was sucking out the juices then his tongue would fondle the sides of me, after about 10 minutes of this he sucked in my clit to his mouth, he held it between his teeth as his tongue flicked over it sending shivers through my body, my loud moans of pleasure only heightened his efforts to pleasure me, then he slipped his middle finger into me finding the roughness of my g-spot, this made me jolt with pleasure he was now fingering me, enjoying my g-spot has his tongue enjoyed my clit, my moans of pleasure got louder, I was encouraging him by saying fuck yes, arrrr yes fuck that good uncle, please don’t stop, 40 seconds later I told him I was cummin, I had never felt an orgasm build up like it before, then my pussy erupted, juices gushing out of me, his mouth sucked hold of my pussy as he tried to drink each drop but it was useless my juices just covered his face and body, as he pulled away his fingers continued to work me inside and out only lengthening my orgasm, still squirting, then calming down for another to build up, then my second orgasm not as powerful as the first but still my pussy squirting out my clear sex juices and my uncle trying to lap them up, after a few minutes he finally withdrew his finger from me and I slumped in the longer, he stood up and looked down at me with a large snails of satisfaction, satisfied that he had pleasures me in a way no other person had done before and he knew if, he also knew he had total control over me now, he untied his shorts, as he pulled them down his massive piece of man meat sprung up and his his belly, he must have been at lease 10” and so fucking thick, like a large thick cucumber, there was no way that could get inside me I thought to my self.

I instinctively sat up and wrapped my hands around his shaft, I could now see the veins ripple down his cock, I could feel the blood pulsing through his thick sharft, my 2 hands hardly fitting around it, he looked down at me and smiled, he then said he was going to break my pussy and pleasure me like the little whore I am, now open wide and get in as much as you can my sweet little slut. I opened my mouth as wide as I could but all I could manage was his large bulbous head, thick and purple, you could see the blood inside pumping it up like a ball, I forced it into my mouth, my lips fully stretch, I sucked the head of his huge cock and licked as I sucked, he laughed again and said he was going to enjoy fucking my tight pussy and arse, he held the back of my head and told me to sit on my hands, he then started to fuck my mouth, he could only manage tiny  thrusts as I couldn’t open any wider, but he carried on until half of his cock was inside my mouth, forcing my jaw apart, I was nervous, panicking, I could start to feel the head hitting the back of my mouth and into my throat, he was rock solid, I could feel his force, holding me, telling me what a good slut I am, and that he was going to cum if he carried on, as he started to slowly pull away I gripped his arms and pulled him back, he laughed again, my little slut wants my cum, I warn you slut I haven’t cum in 2 weeks as I’ve been working away with your dad, my balls are full and will not empty on my first orgasm, I moaned at the thought, moaned loud so he could hear me, a few more thrusts and I felt his cock grow even more, I massaged his balls and then he pushed his cock in my mouth as far as it would go, with his orgasm, and his force of being in control I felt his cock enter my thought and it made me gag real bad but he just held me there as all of sudden he spurt a massive stream of cum down my through, it felt very hot and sticky, he held the back and top of me head, he was still, then pushed again and another big spurt of cum, this one made me gag again, he held still, as I regained control he spurred another large stream of cum down my throat, he then pulled out and stoked another 5 large streams of cum at me, some going into my mouth which I eagerly swallowed, some over my face, in my hair, across my eyes and nose over my breast, it was like a small shower, I was covered, I didn’t think it would stop, I held his cock and cleaned him up then sat there scooping every bit of his cum up that I could and swallowed the lot. 

But the time I was finished he was hard again or he may never have gone soft in the first place, in front of my face the full 10” of his cock, skin pulled right back exposing the enormous head and this was going from red to purple, he told me he was now going to fuck me and it would be like fucking a tight virgin, he pulled me up to my feet and took the large cushion from the lounger and place it on the grass, he put a couple of towels over it then told me to lay on my back, he wanted to watch my face as he entered me, he wanted to see the pleasure as the pain subsided. I lay on the cushion, my legs open either side of the cushion with my feet on the floor and knees open wide given him a full view of my now soaked smooth tight cunt. He lay in front of me and tasted my juices again, licking up the sweet dribble from my soaked cunt, pushing his his tongue into me and savouring the sweet flavour, he pulled away and said that I’m so sweet compared to the musky flavour of his wife, it must be because I’m so young, then carried on licking me, my moans of pleasures echoed the garden and he eagerly carried on for a few minutes making my pussy drip more, he then got on his knees and slapped his cock down on my belly, it almost reach my chest bone in the middle, I thought there is no way that is going to fit inside me, he leant back on his knees, slowly pulled the skin back over the head of his enormous cock and exposed the slimy cum covered head, I could see him starting to get hard with his excitement, he rubbed the head up and down my lips costing them in our mixed juices making sure I was wet and slippery, he spat on my pussy and on his cock and rubbed it in then he held my ankles and lifted them high and wide, my knees were now either side of my head, I was was bent in half, just as well I’m flexible form gymnastics I thought as his weight bared down on me pinning me in position, he grabbed my bikini bottoms and put them on up to my ankles, he pushed my legs behind my head then pulled my bottoms up to my knees and now under my head, I had put my arms through my legs and I was fully bent in half, totally exposed and unable to move, he then released me and looked down, perfect little slut is all he said, he then rubbed his cock up and down my lips again, pushed my feet back to rock my pussy up and then pushed the massive head in between my lips, I gasps with anticipation, I felt stretched already and he wasn’t even inside me, the he held both my feet, he was now supported by his knees and holding my feet, he told me to breath in slowly, as I did I felt the head of his cock pop inside my pussy, I let out a loud Yelp and told him no it busts please stop, he held it there and didn’t move, he held me in position, he stayed there for at least 2 minutes, my pussy got used to the stretch and I relaxed a little, tears were slowly rolling away from my cheeks, he was looking at me with pure lust, he he looked like he was possessed by the devil, I looked at him and thought even if I ask him to stop he won’t and there is no way I can make him now from the position I’m in. As I was thinking he shoved his cock half way in, I felt rip my insides open, the pain was excruciating tears ran down my cheeks as I cried, begging him to stop, please no more uncle I can’t take it, you’re far to big for me, he just looked at me, this is what you wanted slut, you wanted to come over to mine and for me to take you like the whore you are, you are the one that said you wanted to feel me inside you, you wanted to be fucked like I fuck my wife, you asked for this and now I’m not stopping so you best fucking get used to it slut.

He held there again for a couple of minutes, looking down at me smiling, a massive grin of satisfaction on his face, watching as the tears ran from my eyes down my face and onto the towels, he slightly pulled out and said, you’re breaking g in slowly, like I’ve popped your cherry again, I know you wasn’t a virgin but I knew I’d split you again and take your pussy to a new level, I cried some more and asked him to please stop as it was hurting, he told me to close my eyes and take another slow breath in, as I did this he slowly slid the other half of his cock inside me, I felt every ripple of his cock as it stretched the inside of my cunt and hit my cervix trying to penetrate its small hole, he said that’s where he was going to deposit all of his cum. As he slowly pushed in and I felt every ripple and my muscles stretching and my pussy ripping open to this huge cylinder of man meat I was now sobbing, tears streaming from my eyes begging him to please stop, I couldn’t take it, I was to small and sorry for asking him for it, I was to young and small to take such a big powerful man, all the while I was feeling his cock slide fully into me, his balls, heavy, rested against my arse, I couldn’t move, bent in half I was at his mercy and he knew it, he held still for about 5 minutes, telling me the worst was over, that after he started to fuck me for a few minutes the pain would subside and the pleasure would begin, he lent down and slowly kissed me, his tongue parting my lips, I could taste the faint sweet juices of my pussy on him, he kissed me passionately then went down and sucked my large breast, my nipple, rolled them between his teeth, it hurt but was also nice, as I started to moan with pleasure he carried on, feeling the juices starting to flow from my filled stretched cunt, then as he was ducking and bitting my hard pointing nipples he slowly pulled out but only half way and then slowly back in, he used me like this for a few minutes until he could hear the moans of pleasure coming from my soft mouth, he knelt up and looked down at me, see my slut, I told you that you would get used to it and start to enjoy it, I smiled at him and noosed and agreed that it was starting to feel really good.

After I said that he started to pull out further and push all the way in he built up a steady rhythm, getting to a medium pace I would guess, again it was hurting at first but I relaxed and after a few strokes it started to feel good, he looked at me and asked if I was enjoying being raped by your uncle, I said yes it is starting to feel really good. He picked up the speed and told me he was now going to fuck me like he fucks my mother, I gasped and looked at him, he said she was a slut at your age to and loved my long thick cock when she was 13/14, he pulled right out and with all his weight slammed right into me, I felt him hit my cervix, I thought it was going to come out my throat, I yelped loud from the impaling of his large pole, he just laughed and said now it’s getting interesting, he continued to pound me with deep full thrusts from his massive cock, I could feel the head ripping up and down inside my tight cunt which was now being stretched and opened up to take massive cocks, he pounded me fully like this for about 5 minutes when I felt a huge orgasm build up inside me, yes yes, fuck me harder I’m going to cum over your cock, yes yes faster harder fuck me like a whore uncle, then with an almighty squirt I thrust his cock out of my pussy and sprayed his chest and stomach with my clear sex juices, he rubbed my clit fast and hard to prolong my orgasm, it must have lasted 30 seconds or so, as it subsided his cock was back at my entrance, my muscles had shrunk the walls of my cunt and then I felt his massive cock rip through me, he felt harder this time, slightly thicker as he fucked me, deep hard and full length thrusts hitting the top walls of my cunt or cervix with each hard deep thrust, that’s it my slut he said, take your uncles pole like a whore, take it you fucking slut, you’re mine now and I’m going to fuck the hell out of you next week, as he said that my legs started to shake, I was lost, I don’t know where I was but it felt amazing I was in heaven, laying here bent in half, totally exposed being abused by my uncles 10” massive thick cock, the uncle I grew up with that I loved and adored was pummelling my cunt for his satisfaction, that I really didn’t mind, then I felt him push right in and hit my cervix again, this time he held it there, I could feel his cock harden, it started to pulse and spasm, I felt his hot cum run through his cock and his the insides of me, the warm thick liquid entered my cervix pump after pump of long thick streams of cum, I could feel it filling up my womb, he still continued for what felt like ages, he shoot about 8 long thick shots of cum into me, he looked at me and I him, his face was screwed up, his arms, chest abs all tight with the orgasm he was having inside my young stretched pussy, he looked in pain, after a few minutes he had stopped ejaculating inside me, his cock went a little limp, he looked at me and with a soft voice he said, I love you my little slut, thank you for letting me use you, I know you didn’t get much choice at the end but I really did need that, I haven’t had sex in 2 weeks and my balls were aching to cum, Jen is on her period and I was so frustrated, I looked at him and said, I’m your slut now, thank you for taking me to a place I’ve never been before, I’ve never orgasmed like that and I’ve never had a cock that big, my BF have all been about 5.5/6” so didn’t stretch me much at all, I want more of you, anywhere and anytime you want me I’ll be all yours uncle, I’ll be your whore to do with as you wish, where ever you wish and with whom ever you wish.

With that he withdrew his semi hard cock, the cum followed in a line hanging from my split open cunt to his cock, covered in our juices, he released my legs, he stood up and told me to kneel on the grass and clean up his cock, I licked and slurped up his cock, cleaning up all the juices, as I was doing that I could feel the heavy load of cum he had deposited emptying slowly from my stretched pussy, I placed my hand under to get as much as I could, I pulled away and sucked it all from my hand whilst putting my other hand in place to grab some more, after a few handfuls I was done and continued to work his massive cock, licking up and down the shaft, pulling his cock down to clean the top side.

As I finished I picked up my bikini and his shorts, he picked me up, over his shoulder and walked to the pool, he threw me in over the side, it was lovely and cool but stung my pussy, he climbed in, as he climbed the steps I see his flaccid piece of meat hanging between his legs still dripping, I told him to sit there and I walked over to him, I slowly sucked the head of his cock, I looked up and said I don’t think your balls are empty yet uncle, then I started sucking him, he grew hard slowly, his hand on the back of my head pushing it right down my throat balls deep, he only managed this as he wasn’t rock hard, he said take a deep breath then pushed it right down again, I could start to feel it grow inside my exposed throat, I could feel it stretching me, it was hurting, he held me there tight and pumped slowly for about 90 seconds then shot and 5 pumps of thick hot cum down my throat, as I pulled out I gagged and chocked then gasped for air as I was almost passing out. He laughed and told me I needed to get used to that as I would get it more and more.

We sank into the pool and swam gently up and down for about 30 minutes whilst stopping and kissing, him fondling my hard rope breasts and slimy stretched pussy, then we heard a car coming up the drive so I put my bikini back on and my uncle put his shorts on, he was still sporting a semi which could clearly be seen, as they all came out into the back garden, we both got out the pool, my pussy stung again from the air, my bottoms being eaten even more now with my open pussy, I went to my mum and asked if everything was ok, then I cuddled my two cousins and kissed them on the cheek, they both squeezed my arse which no one see.

We all grabbed some drinks and I went inside to see my mum, she looked at me and smiled and with her soft voice, did your uncle look after you and take care of you, he she did mum he really did look after me, she asked, did he hurt you at all, how the fuck did she know, I was gobsmacked, how could she have known, I looked at her with a frown and a puzzled look on my face.

She said it’s ok sweetie, mick told me last year that he would love to take your virginity like he did mine, I knew the reason you wanted to stay at his next week and if you still do that’s fine, I know you’re on the pill so you won’t get pregnant and I assume that today was his chance to take you and get what he wanted from you. I said yes mum he did, he hurt me at first but that subsided and was very nice after, uncle mick is very big and I’m very tight or was, then laughed, then mum said she wanted to see and feel what her brother had done to me, we went up to my bedroom, closed the door, pushed me on the bed, as I fell my legs open all at the same time she sank to her knees, she pulled the toes on my bikini and yanked it off, she just stared, then looked at me, she said what a sight, he has fully opened you up and used your pussy, I said mum I’m his slut now and I’ll fuck him when ever he wants me, good girl she said, that saves my pussy for a while, you still fuck him I said shocked, yes she said and your dad fucks your aunty as well, when your cousins turned 14 I fucked both of them to in front of dad and uncle and it turned into an orgy, we have always tried to keep it in the family, we can enjoy each other more and now you’re 14 you can join us to but I now mick wants you on his own next week to really break you in and take your arse to prepare you for some DP which by the way is amazing when you have 2 massive cocks thrusting into you, she then looked down and slowly touched my pussy, I was still soaked and slick with his cum, she lent in and licked my pussy, it was soar still and I jumped, she held my hips and her tongue darted inside my exposed open pussy, she was moaning as she was cleaning me up, I was shocked, still on my hands looking at my mum using me. She stopped and said one day I’ll make you cum like never before and your dad will enjoy watching and using us both.

I put on some tight flannel shorts and a crop top and headed down stairs with mum, mum and dad made arrangements for me to stay with mick for the week and said the boys could stay here to recover as we lived closer to the hospital, mum said she would take great care of both of them whilst dad was at work, I knew what that meant, I couldn’t believe my mum was such a dirty slut, bisexual and loved fucking my cousins, and my dad, he was everything to me, my hero, my protector but now as mum suggested was going to fuck me as well, I couldn’t believe the fun we was all going to have, I was happy as I was getting to fuck with some big cocks, I packed my bag and off I went with my aunty and uncle, aunty said she would sit in the back with me as she wanted to talk. 

Next week is another story!

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