The Medieval Marine Part two


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Luke had been off gathering food and firewood while waiting on Cecilia to get her lazy ass out of bed. It was getting to the point where he was going to break his promise and leave her sorry ass. She was lazy, incompetent, and greedy. Basically, all the traits that any American would think of when they heard the word; aristocracy. Marion on the other hand didn’t share any of those traits and she was very intelligent to boot, but she had cracked and ran off when Luke had told her his darkest secret. This had saddened him deeply but then again; he was use to that in his life. Anytime something good happened to him, that good thing would then be ripped away again.

Looking up while he was working on breaking up a branch, he seen a young man on a horse approach the camp carefully. As Luke watched the young man, he carefully looked through the camp as though he knew what he was looking for. Then apparently not finding it, the man retreated and took up a good hiding spot from which he could watch the camp without being seen. Luke was now on full alert. He started working his way around the stranger’s hiding spot until Luke had got behind him. Luke might be a big man but he could still move through the woods like a ghost. As he came up behind the stranger, something about his clothes looked vaguely familiar to Luke, but Luke didn’t have much time left because Cecilia was now starting to stir. Luke got up right behind the stranger and clamped his hand over the stranger’s mouth. The stranger instantly began to fight back hard. It was all Luke could do to keep the stranger under control. During the struggle, the stranger’s hat fell off, revealing long golden blond hair. Whoever this stranger was, they were strong and determined. Eventually the stranger was able to get turned around to where they were facing Luke, then all of the sudden they both stopped struggling. The stranger looked up at Luke’s face revealing a pair of beautiful sapphire blue eyes. The stranger, Luke realized was none other than Marion and he let go. She then smacked him hard across his face. He was surprised that it actually stung pretty bad. What happened next stunned him even more. Marion jumped up, wrapped her legs around his waist, knocked him on his back, and kissed him just as fiercely as she had fought.

Marion felt like her heart was about to burst, she had her lips on her man’s lips again and this time around she wasn’t going to let go. To make it better, she had knocked him over, so she was on top of him. Her hips began to move on their own as she started to grind her pussy against Luke. Between the kissing and the humping, Luke was now getting really fucking horny. After all, why not. Here was the most beautiful woman, that he had ever laid eyes on, on top of him and grinding her tight pussy against his stomach. Luke’s eight-inch cock was now fully and painfully erect. Marion had moved one of her hands down and was starting to fiddle with the strings that held his pants up. Normally Luke would have been able to stop her, but between her delicious kisses and her beautiful body moving around on top of him; not very much blood was getting to his brain. Eventually, Marion got her hand into Luke’s pants, where she got the surprise of her lifetime. LUKE WAS HUGE! Marion felt like she had just grabbed hold of a horse. But of course, the feel of Luke’s huge, hot cock in her hand stopped most of the blood from getting to her brain as well and her body felt like it was on full autopilot. The heat she felt increased drastically when Luke started moving his hands over her breast. When she touched her breast it had been pleasurable, but when Luke did it however, Marion lost all ability to reason. While his hands were big enough to completely cover her entire breast, he was extremely gentle with them. This went against everything she had ever been told by other women; in that when a man got ahold of breast, he almost always got very aggressive and that she should expect bruises afterwards.

Marion now felt hotter than she had ever been before and started to rip her shirt off. Luke carefully helped her pull her shirt over her head. With her breast now exposed, Luke raised his head and started to kiss Marion’s breast. He carefully circled each one with kisses while purposely avoiding her nipples. This was driving Marion mad for she really wanted Luke to suck on her nipples. Finally, she had enough of Luke’s tease and grabbing his head put one of her nipples in his mouth. He got the hint and began to suckle on her. Marion started to feel extremely light headed as Luke continued his sucking. While he was sucking on one nipple, his giant hand was caressing and gently pinching the other one. Marion was now entering a state of ecstasy that she didn’t know existed. When she had first started, she had expected Luke to quickly work at getting her pants off, but that’s not even close to what Luke did. He didn’t even try to push her, he just let her continue forward at her own pace. Luke had never liked to push the women that he slept with. He much preferred to let the woman set the pace. This actually annoyed many of the woman that he had been with, in his old life. Somehow, they all viewed this as weak on his part while never understanding the great amount of restraint that was required of him not to just stove his thick cock deep inside them. Luke had found that being well endowed was as much curse as blessing. Other guys were jealous of him while the gals seemed to fear him. That was always why he let the gal take the lead. He didn’t want to hurt them. Here finally through was a woman that didn’t mind taking the lead. Kind of ironic really that Luke had to travel almost a thousand years into the past to find her.

As Marion started to work her pants off, cursing them the whole time because if she had been wearing her dress, she would have already had Luke inside of her, she heard Cecilia calling for Luke.

“Damn her anyway” scowled Marion “I swear every time things get interesting; she has to show up.” Looking at Luke, she could tell that he felt the same way.

Luke was quietly laughing to himself, “So I’m guessing that I’ve been forgiven?”

“How can a man from the future still be so dense, of course I’ve forgiven you. Now if I can only forgive myself be behaving like a bloody idiot.”

“Nice contraction use, by the way.”

“What can I say? Any time I get around you, your way of speaking speaks to me. On a different thought about being around me, you might want to hide for a minute or two until our friend here calms down a bit.” Luke smiled at her:

“What can I say? There’s something about having a goddess grinding her body against me that gets me all excited.”

Marion lightly swatted him and giggled quietly. She had to be quiet because Cecilia wasn’t more than ten paces away. Fortunately for the lovebirds, there was enough of a breeze to cover up their sounds. The two smiled at each other. Eventually, Cecilia moved back to the campsite. After she had moved away, Marion got up and having a naughty idea, turned her butt toward Luke’s face, bent over at her waist, and reached down to retie his pants. The site of Marion bent over like that was driving Luke nuts, and his friend was showing that he didn’t want to be contained. Marion leaned other over and whispered to Luke’s cock:

“Don’t you worry, friend; I’ll make sure to take very good care of you later.” Marion then retied Luke’s pants and stood back up, making sure to flip her hair as she did. When she looked back at Luke, the look on his face was priceless. Marion knew that she now had Luke and nothing the Cecilia could do, short of killing her, could change that. This thought caused Marion to smile warmly at Luke as she moved to get her shirt that Luke had thrown off. After Marion had made herself presentable, she looked back at Luke and his cock was now behaving for the most part. This was good news for neither Marion or Luke were ready to reveal her return to Cecilia just yet. Finally, Luke stood up, gave Marion a quick kiss, moved back around to where he had left the firewood that he was gathering, picked it up, and returned to camp.


When Luke finally returned to camp, Cecilia gave him an earful about being late. The problem for Cecilia now was that Luke didn’t give a shit about her.

“What the hell are you bitching about this time, Cecilia. I am not the one who sleeps half the morning away. After all it has been light for three hours and you are just now waking up.”

Cecilia was taken back. This was the first time that Luke had forcefully stood up to her. She would now have to take drastic action. She walked up to him and slapped him as hard as she could.

“Don’t you ever talk back to me; peasant!” she snapped. She then moved to slap him again. As her hand started to come up, something stopped her hand. Now very pissed, Cecilia turned to see what had stopped her. She was stunned to see Marion standing there.

“Lay another hand on my man again and I will kill you” Marion stated calmly. “I don’t care that you are my sister or that you have more support among the guards back home.”

“YOUR man? Ha. You must be joking?” However, looking into Marion’s face told Cecilia that she wasn’t joking at all. “Like he would actually want to be with someone as dumb as you.” Marion’s expression still hadn’t changed so Cecilia spun around to look at Luke and caught him smiling. “What are you so happy about.”

“Oh, just enjoying the sight of my girlfriend ripping you a new one.”

“WHAT!!!” Cecilia shrieked “How could you? Why would you? I am the one who you need to be with. After all she ran away.”

“I will make this easy for you to understand, Cecilia. Marion is a delight to be around, while you are a pain in my ass. Marion always asks intelligent questions and provides stimulating conversation; while with you, well let’s just say that I have had better conversations with corpses. She is very willing to learn and equally willing to admit when she made a mistake; you on the other hand seem to have no interest in learning and are not willing to admit that you could make a mistake never mind that you did. And finally, while I do admit that you are a beautiful woman, Marion is a goddess. Also, your beauty is only skin deep while hers goes all the way to her bones. Do not think for an instant that I have no idea of what you were planning to do once I got you home. I have known since you started trying to seduce me that you would do everything possible to force me into telling you everything that you wanted to know even through you are not capable of handling the information that I have access to” Said Luke with a smug grin.

Cecilia just stood there stunned. Nobody had ever talked back to her before and now here were two people that not only talked back to her, but one of them was her younger sister and the other one Cecilia just classified as a large but dumb peasant. Apparently, he wasn’t as dumb as Cecilia thought, but that didn’t matter. What neither Luke or Marion knew was that Cecilia was actually very good with a knife and that she had helped set up the ambush with William. She had wanted her father, John, and especially Marion killed so that she could rule alone over her family’s land. Granted she would have to marry William, but she had planned to arrange for William’s father to die of an accident shortly after the wedding. Then within a year, kill William in some way so that she would control both family’s lands. Now the entire plan had come completely unraveled. William was dead and Marion was alive. Furthermore, Marion had managed to gain the favor of the man that had “rescued” them from the ambush and now she had even won him over completely. Cecilia knew that it was too early to try and kill them for they would be expecting her to try something so she just backed down from the argument that they had been having. Just to rub salt into Cecilia’s wounds, Marion went over and stood next to Luke who then put his arm around Marion. Cecilia would know have to be very careful indeed. Cecilia stomped back to the carriage and sat down. Luke went to tend the fire, and Marion went to get her horse. After Marion got back, she went up to Luke and kissed him. This made Cecilia fume even more, for her life long campaign to keep Marion subdued and meek was also coming undone. Marion was quickly gaining self-confidence and strength and if Cecilia didn’t do something quickly, she wouldn’t have any change at all of getting Luke to cooperate even under torture.

After Marion got done making out with Luke, she whispered to him “We need to talk alone and quickly.” Luke nodded his agreement for he figured what Marion needed to talk about after all a blind idiot could have figured it out just from feeling the tension between Marion and Cecilia. After Luke had finished making breakfast and everyone had eaten, the three of them got back on the road. Cecilia drove the carriage while Luke and Marion rode their own mounts. Luke had also put all his gear on one of the spare horses. He covered it with some cloth to hide it, and while it was weird looking at least nobody would see his modern gear. By late afternoon the group was at the gates of Nottingham. Luke intended to stop here and sell all the extra stuff. Marion fully agreed with this for it would be much easier traveling without the carriage. To their surprise, Cecilia also agreed for she had enough of ridding in that damn thing and the roads would get worse the closer they got to York. She still had to get home before she could make her move. When they first got into town, Luke insisted that before they sell anything that the three of them explore the town to find out what all goods and services were available. Doing that took the rest of the day. Finally, they agreed on an inn that was reasonably priced and had decent food. They had rented two rooms, and after eating, decided to retire for the evening. It had been a very long day. Included in the room price was a small bundle of firewood and a set of blankets.

Luke took all his gear up into his room after all this stuff was irreplaceable and held immeasurable amounts of knowledge. He started a fire and then checked out the room looking for listening holes or false walls before revealing his modern gear. After a bad experience with a high school girlfriend, Luke always thoroughly checked out every new room that he slept in. Looking at the bed, Luke decided that he would more likely be more comfortable on the floor so he set up his mattress pad and sleeping beg. Before he laid down, he stripped. This was the first time that he had been completely naked since before he had left home on his hunting trip and it felt so good to finally be without clothes, especially those itchy medieval things. To wind down, Luke fired up his computer to listen to some music and look at some pictures of his family. He made sure that he had his earbuds secure so that no one else would hear the music. Finally, he started getting tired and put his computer away. Just as he was shutting his eyes, there was a soft knock at the door.

Cecilia and Marion had taken the larger of the two rooms since there were two separate beds in it. The atmosphere in the room was colder than the artic in midwinter. Neither woman wanted anything to do with the other one. Cecilia made sure to try both beds and took the most comfortable one. ‘Let that bitch figure out her proper place in the world’ was Cecilia’s thinking. Marion laid down on the other bed and tried to go to sleep but she was restless. She didn’t trust Cecilia at all and wouldn’t put it past her to take a knife across her throat during the night. Marion finally noticed that Cecilia was asleep. As quietly as she could, she climbed out of bed and left the room, closing the door softly. She quickly went to Luke’s door and after breathing in a deep breath and saying a quick prayer that he was still awake knocked on the door.


Luke hurried up and threw his pants back on to get the door. Quietly opening the door, he carefully stuck his head out around the door. Standing there was Marion. Luke quickly finished opening the door for her and she came in.

“What’s the matter sweetheart, can’t you sleep?”

“Not in the same room as my sister. She is really starting to make me nervous. I’m actually worried that she would stick me, with a knife, while I slept. I was kind of hoping that there would be some room with you.” With that she gave Luke some of the saddest puppy eyes imaginable.

Luke just smiled and put his arms around her. He gently led her to where he was sleeping.

“Why are you sleeping on the floor, Luke?”

“An old injury that I got years ago makes it hard for me to sleep on soft beds. By having a harder surface to lay on, it takes the pressure off and I can sleep.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“That’s ok. After all you didn’t know.”

“Wow, contractions really do make speaking faster and easier.”

“Yep” With that, Luke dropped his pants again. There was just enough light coming from the dying fire for Marion to see that Luke was now naked. She suddenly wasn’t tired at all but now had a fire burning, in her loins that was hotter than a smithy’s furnace. She quickly stripped off the gown that she had on and got under the covers with Luke. Feeling her skin, Luke figured out that Marion was naked too and what she had in mind. “Are you…” was as far as he got before a pair of plump lips sealed off his mouth. He certainly wasn’t going to argue any further after all; as the saying goes “His mama didn’t raise no fool.” Marion used one of her hands to reach down and grab Luke’s cock. This time at least she wasn’t surprised by its size. Luke broke her kiss and using both of his hands, held her face.

“Sweetheart, is this your first time?”

“Yes” Marion squeaked fearfully.

“Then why are you rushing. Let’s slow down a bit so you can savoir your first time. Plus, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Marion shed a tear and Luke kissed it off her face. At that point she knew that Luke was truly in love with her and that she had nothing to fear from him. What followed was the most intense time of her life. Luke started by kissing her neck. Just his kisses on her neck caused her to have mini orgasms. He then moved slowly down to her breast. He moved in circles around each one smothering them in kisses, but not touching her nipples and when she tried to move a nipple into his mouth, he just pinned her down. Finally, mercifully Luke started moving further south; still without touching her nipples. He kissed his way down her stomach and when he got to her navel she started giggling. She had never been ticklish but Luke’s kissing her belly button really got to her and she couldn’t hold still to save her life. This brought much joy to Luke, who hadn’t been with a woman in years. ‘Yep, I still got it’ he thought. Luke then moved down each of her legs, avoiding her pussy. By the time he had finished her second leg, Marion wasn’t really on Earth anymore. At least not mentally. Luke then spread her legs. ‘Oh god, I’m finally going to become a woman and the man that’s going to make me a woman, I couldn’t love more’ thought Marion. Luke had other plans through. Instead of his cock he started out with his tongue. This completely surprised Marion for she had heard nothing like this ever discussed by the other women in the castle. What Marion then discovered was that there were more layers of pleasure then she ever realized. She could feel Luke’s hot breath on her moist skin and could feel the stubble on his face brushing against her. Most of all she could feel his tongue working its way into her slit. When it hit her clit, she took a deep breath and froze. Luke worked his way up and down her slit causing Marion to start involuntarily thrusting her hips. Luke gently held her down and this really drove Marion wild. “you might want to cover your face, with a pillow or something sweetheart, so you don’t wake up the whole inn.” Luke said giggling. Luke then continued working Marion’s pussy like a fine musical instrument. Up and down her slit he moved. Marion wasn’t just leaking nectar anymore; her pussy was now a flash flood zone. Finally, Luke sucked her clit in between his teeth and Marion would have completely jumped off the floor if Luke hadn’t been holding her down. She screamed at the top of her lungs, into the pillow, for almost thirty seconds before collapsing. Luke had taken pity on her and stopped tonguing her. He waited until her breathing had become more regular before he started kissing his way back up her body. This time he worked both nipples before moving up to her lips.

“What did you do to me? I’ve never felt anything that good in my life.”

“And just think, that wasn’t even the main course.”

Marion’s eyes now shot open as she felt the tip of Luke’s cock on her slit and she started moaning softly. He moved the tip up and down her slit a few times to make sure that it had sufficient lubrication on it. The last thing he wanted was to hurt his lover. Being happy with the amount of lube; Luke put the tip right at her entrance and stopped. Marion looked up at him, nodded and smiled. Luke began to gently push into her most delicate and personal area. She was thankful that Luke was going slow because she felt like she was being split open as Luke pushed up into her. Luke stopped again, when he felt her hymen. He gently kissed Marion as he whispered in her ear: “You sure sweetheart?” Marion just nodded again; her throat wouldn’t let her speak at the moment.

Luke thrust all the rest of the way into her in one stroke and stopped when he had bottomed out. Marion was now crying and Luke was kissing her tears as fast as they formed. Eventually Marion opened her eyes, “I am now all yours to do what you want with.” She would never know why she muttered that line, not for all her years would she ever be able to figure it out. She could have then sworn that she seen Luke’s eyes flash fire red, and he got very angry with her. He grabbed her face roughly and held it so that her eyes were locked onto his. What she seen at that moment absolutely terrified her for she had never seen someone so angry.

“Now, you listen Marion and you listen to me good” started Luke in a deep growl that sounded more like it was made by a wild animal then a person “You are not mine to do with what I want. You are you. Your body is YOUR’S to share as YOU please. If we do proceed with a relationship it will be as equals, as partners. NOT as master and servant. If we ever do anything you don’t like all you have to say is stop and we’ll stop.”

“But why?” Marion was now more confused than she ever had been before. “Why am I not yours’s to do with as you please.”

She seen Luke close his eyes, take a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes again, she seen there was nothing but love in them. “Because Marion of York I love you more the life itself. You are not inferior in my mind. The only way I want this relationship to happen is if it’s between equals.” Marion started sobbing as she wrapped her arms around Luke’s neck. Finally, she was able to mutter the most important words in the world, into his ear.

“I love you too, Luke!”

With this Marion’s pussy took back over, after all Luke’s cock was still inside her. Before long Luke was slowly thrusting in and out of her. The sensations that Luke’s cock caused made Marion lose her mind. Within a minute she had another orgasm. This one blew away the one that Luke had given her with his tongue and the only thing that kept Marion from screaming her head off was Luke’s lips locked onto hers. What followed was one orgasm after another, for Marion. From everything she had ever heard, sex was something that lasted maybe five minutes from start to finish. Of course, everything else that she thought that she knew had already been shattered by this man, why not the amount of time spent engaged in sex as well. Most of the time Luke stayed on top, but he did roll over and swing her on top toward the end. He did this so that he could last longer for Marion. Marion’s body quickly figured out what it liked. It not only went up and down, but it went side to side and even moved about in circles while searching for the perfect spot. By this time Marion’s brain was barely functioning. Luke then rolled back on top and began thrusting faster and faster. Marion was barely keeping her moaning under control as Luke neared the finish. Then Marion felt Luke’s cock swell up even more and she was hit with an earthshattering orgasm that didn’t stop until after Luke had shot what felt like gallons of hot sticky cum deep into her. This last orgasm caused Marion to black out completely. Luke fell over on his back next to her, completely drained. Marion’s body somehow crawled up and her head rested on Luke’s shoulder. Luke managed to get a blanket over them and pass out.

Luke woke up the next morning to someone knocking on the door.

“Yes, what is it?” he managed to get out.

“The cook would like to know what you want for breakfast?” said one of the inn’s staff.

“Umm, can you give me a little bit so I can finish waking up, then I can take to the cook about breakfast?”

“Yes sir.”

“Ok then. I will be down in a bit.” Luke gently shook Marion awake. The look on her face was beyond priceless for Luke. She still looked like she was in orbit from last night and her hair was a mess.

“Good morning, sweetheart” he said cheerfully.

“What a rotten thing to say to someone who doesn’t know where they are at.” Groaned Marion

Now Luke couldn’t resist “Well last time I checked you were, in a room, at an inn in Nottingham, having one mind altering orgasm after another.”

This time Marion gave him the stink eye “Gee thanks for that update…Smartass”

“Hey it’s far better to be a smartass then a dumbass.” Said Luke with a shit eating grin.

Now it was Marion’s turn to smile.

“Come on Marion. It’s time for breakfast and I’m starving. Plus, we have a lot to do today.

“Fine” said Marion trying her best to sound cross but she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Before long they were both laughing like idiots as they worked towards getting dressed. Luke took a bucket of water and a rag to clean Marion’s pussy up a bit, and then she took the rag and cleaned Luke’s cock off. When they were both happy, they got dressed and went down to eat. On the way out of the room, Luke made sure that it was locked and then he put one of his hairs carefully in the lock to tell him if anyone tried to get into his room while they were gone.

Breakfast was simple, consisting of some bread and veggies. Luke then asked the cook if he could get some eggs made up. The cook looked at him like he was weird but made them anyway after all when the customer is bigger than a horse, it’s not a good idea to argue. Luke shared his eggs with Marion and she shared some of her stew with Luke. They both had an ale to wash everything down with. As they were finishing up, Cecilia came down the stairs. When Cecilia seen them, she went to sit at a table in the corner. If looks could kill then Marion would have been dead with the looks that she was getting from her sister, but by this time Marion didn’t give a shit about her anymore. Luke paid for their meal and he paid for Cecilia’s as well. He wanted to make sure that the innkeeper got the money due them because he knew that Cecilia had a habit of throwing her rank around to get out of paying for things.

Marion and Luke went back upstairs and collected their gear. They both looked around both rooms to make sure that they didn’t miss anything. Then they locked the doors back up and returned downstairs where they paid for the rooms and returned the keys. Marion walked over to Cecilia and gave her the bag with her stuff in it.

“Whenever you finish, Luke and I will be selling the extra stuff. You can come and find us.” With that Marion walked off without giving Cecilia a chance to say anything. The innkeeper of course knew what was going on because Marion had told him. Luke and Marion went outside and got the horses and carriage from the stable. The first stop was an armorer down the street. There after much bargaining, Luke managed to sell all the extra swords and knives they had. He also sold all the armor. None of it fit either of them so why keep it. The next stop was a cloth maker to sell the extra clothing that they had. This time Luke bought a new outfit for himself, one that actually fit somewhat comfortably, and so they went through the town. After they hit a dead end with the carriage, Luke had an idea. They broke the carriage down into its pieces and sold the pieces. They actually made much more money doing this then they would have made by selling it in one piece.

“What made you think of that Luke?” Marion asked him after they had finished.

“Back in my time, a lot of vehicles were sold that way. You would sell all the usable parts off then scrap everything else. Here we didn’t have to scrap anything, lucky for us” Luke whispered back.

The last stop was to sell the extra horses. They only really needed three, but decided to keep an extra two just in case and as pack animals. As Marion and Luke were coming out of the stables, Cecilia finally caught up with them. To say that she was pissed was an understatement. It was now late afternoon and she had been going all over town looking for Luke and Marion. She couldn’t wait until she could get rid of Marion and get revenge on Luke. One plus side of her wondering the town was that she had met some old friends. After some short negotiations, Cecilia had another ambush set up. This time she made sure to warn them about Luke. The ambush would take place outside of town so that it looked random.

As Cecilia came up to them, Marion told her that they would be leaving immediately since they had gotten everything sold. This threw a wrench into Cecilia’s plans however. She had figured that they wouldn’t leave until tomorrow. She had to delay them.

“Are you sure, I mean there are reports of bandits out there?”

“What, you scared sis?” teased Marion. Cecilia noticed that Marion was now carrying herself taller and she now wore a short sword and knife at her waist.

“Where did you get those?” asked Cecilia pointing at Marion’s sword and knife.

“Luke got them for me, from the armorer. He actually knows a lot about swords and knives.” Cecilia just looked at Luke.

“Yep, guilty as charged. I use to make swords and knives when I was younger and I still make an occasional knife when I can get the chance.”

From the looks that Marion was giving Luke, Cecilia was sure that they had sex the night before. “So, I guess that you finally started whoring yourself out, Marion. It was only a matter…” SMACK That was as far as Cecilia got before Marion knocked her to the ground.

“You call Marion a whore again and you will be eating all your teeth” growled Luke with fire in his eyes. Cecilia sat on the ground more afraid than she had ever been because at the moment Luke didn’t look like a human, no, he looked like one of the Titans from Greek mythology that had come to life. Luke hunched back on his heals slightly and Cecilia actually peed herself because she was so scared. Many predators hunched back slightly before attacking and Cecilia was truly terrified of Luke attacking her with the anger that was still in his eyes. Marion patted Luke on his arm and the fire disappeared, from his eyes, and he relaxed.

“Come on Luke, we need to get going.”


The three of them left town that afternoon. Marion was no longer afraid of bandits. Not with her new sidearms and boyfriend. Now it was Cecilia who was terrified. She was still unarmed and worse still she had managed to thoroughly piss off Luke. After all this was a man that she had seen snap another man’s neck and elbow without breaking a sweat. To make matters worse for Cecilia, she had to watch as Luke picked Marion up and gently put her on her horse. He did this without struggling a bit. This was something that Cecilia had never seen before. She had never seen someone so strong and yet so caring and she was extremely jealous of Marion’s relationship with Luke. The whole way Cecilia was hanging behind, trying to slow Luke and Marion down, but they barely slowed down at all. Cecilia could see them talking and laughing, but she couldn’t hear from where she was at, and if she caught up so that she could hear then she wouldn’t be able to slow them down.

After almost five miles, the trio came across a stream with a meadow next to it and with the sun setting Luke decided that this was a good spot to stop for the night. Cecilia was glad for she was exhausted. It really irritated her to see Marion still full of energy. Luke of course never seemed to run out. Marion started on the camp site while Luke caught some fish for supper after gathering firewood. Cecilia managed to take care of the horses. She didn’t tie the knots as good as they should have been, for she hoped that the horses would bolt during the night. She sat near the fire as Luke and Marion prepared dinner. Along with dinner, Marion was boiling the water for their canteens. After dinner, which was actually really good Cecilia had to admit to herself; she would never admit it publicly. Marion walked over to the horses. She had seen Cecilia tie the bad knots while she was setting up camp and wanted to fix them before bed. When she got back, she and Luke gave Cecilia an evil look which sent chills up and down Cecilia’s spine. She now knew that she wouldn’t be able to do anything else to slow them down. She got another surprise at bedtime; they were not going to be sleeping in the tent. Instead, all the gear went into the tent and Marion had the bedrolls set up outside. The final surprise came when Marion and Luke settled down under the same blanket. Luke was behind her with his arms around her. She was using one of his arms as a pillow and Marion passed out quickly. Cecilia watched for a chance to kill Marion, but Luke stayed alert all night. All he ever did was doze off and the slightest sound would cause him to wake up. To make matters worse for Cecilia, Luke had his handgun under one of his hands ready for him to grab at all times. Cecilia didn’t know what that devil device was but she did know what it could do. Eventually she gave up and fell asleep.

The next morning, Luke was up with the sunrise as usual and Marion got up with him. They got the fire going and tore the tent down and hide it away. By now they had the routine down pat. This morning through was already a warm one and both of them had been sweating all night. Luke took Marion down to a pool in the stream and they stripped down. At first Marion thought that she was going to get laid again. Then when they were both naked, Luke picked her up and threw her in the stream.

“Damn it, you bastard! It’s fucking cold in here” Marion cried out standing up. The water was up to the bottom of her breast. Luke just laughed as he jumped in and further drenched Marion with water. The two of them cleaned each other making sure that every nook and cranny was clean. They splashed each other and had a lot of fun. Luke made sure that Marion’s hair was washed out and that her pussy was thoroughly cleaned. Marion made sure that Luke’s cock and balls were clean enough to eat off of. Eventually they got out of the water and dried themselves off on a blanket that Luke had brought along, just for that purpose. They then put clean clothes on and went back to camp.

There Cecilia was still sleeping so Marion walked over to her and woke her up with water to the face.

“Hey time to get up!” barked Marion. Luke just stood back and laughed. Marion was starting to sound like some of his drill instructors. This time Luke fixed breakfast for everyone. Cecilia had bags under her eyes; she really hated mornings. By the time breakfast had been eaten, Cecilia was beginning to function and she had some questions for Marion as they were finishing packing.

“Hey Marion, I got a question for you. When you woke me up, why were all wet?”

“Oh, Luke and I took a bath in the stream.”

“Why people will think that you’re a Jew or something?”

“Luke said that he felt really grimy and that he couldn’t stand his smell anymore. I thought that we were going down by the stream for of loving but when I was naked, he picked me up and threw me in. He jumped in after me and we made sure that each other was really clean.”

“If Luke said that he needed a bath then why were you surprised to be thrown in the water?”

“Because he didn’t tell me that until after he had thrown me in.”

Cecilia actually had to laugh. She couldn’t help it for it was too damn funny. It served Marion right for stealing Luke from her. Marion was beat red from embarrassment. This wasn’t helped when Luke came up behind her and gave her a big sloppy kiss. Marion started to laugh as she leaned back into Luke and wrapped his arms around her. She had never been this happy before. This display of affection wiped the smile right of Cecilia’s face. Finally, Luke announced that it was time to go. The three mounted up and resumed their travels.

As they went along, Cecilia kept her eyes peeled. She was looking for the prearranged signs that the ambush was ahead. To her dismay she didn’t see one, however about noon, Luke stiffened up, suddenly stopped, and pulled his horse off to the side of the road. He just made it look like he had to take a leak. After he was done, he motioned for Marion and Cecilia to join him.

“There’s an ambush about fifty paces ahead.”

“How could you possibly know that?” asked Cecilia. This probably wasn’t her ambush but one ambush was as good as another as far as she was concerned.

“Because I seen a glint in the brush near the road. The same place that I would set an ambush.”

“You sound like you have experience with ambushes” Marion said.

“I do” stated Luke in a hard flat tone that said the discussion was over.

“So, what are we going to do?” asked Marion.

“Simple, I’m going to ambush the ambushers.”

“How?” Marion was almost crying now.

“Just stay here and watch.” And with that, Luke pulled his handgun and knife out and disappeared into the forest. Within minutes, shots rang out up ahead and the ladies heard several screams. Marion looked like a ghost and even Cecilia had lost some color. Then everything was quiet. Both ladies were nervous; Marion for her lover and Cecilia because she wanted his knowledge.

“Miss me?” Luke said causing both ladies to almost jump out of their clothes.

“Damn it Luke” screamed Marion “Don’t do that to me ever again!”

“What’s that?” now Luke was feeling mischievous.

“I was so scared that you would be killed.” Said Marion so quietly that Cecilia could barely hear her. Luke just snorted.

“Me killed by those idiots.” Snorted Luke “Not likely. Come on ladies, we got some bodies to loot.”

Luke and Marion grabbed the horses and lead them to where the ambush had been. There was fifteen men laying on the ground.

“We’re not going to worry about burying them. There’s a nice dip in the ground back there” Luke pointed behind him “That we can dump the bodies into.” The three of them quicky gathered all the gear that they could use. Luke of course policed his brass. They even found some more horses to carry the loot. Part of the loot was a large bag of money and some really nice swords. Marion recognized the crest on one of the swords as one that belonged to a very wealthy family that lived a couple of days ride from her own home.

It was only the work of an hour or so to get all the new loot and get it stored for travel. As they were getting to leave, Marion heard more horses coming, and the three of them hide in the brush. Cecilia immediately recognized the men that went by, for they were the ones that she had hired. After they had went by Luke stood up.

“Come on ladies, let’s get the fuck out of here.” The three of them mounted back up and continued on their journey. It was obvious that Luke was now on high alert for anymore ambushes. Fortunately, they didn’t see anything the rest of the day. Problem was that they hadn’t come across any good places to stay for the night. To Luke this wasn’t a problem; they would push on through the night. They had light cloud cover and a particle moon.

“Hey Marion, how close are we, do you figure?”

Marion purged her lips as she figured, “probably four or five days. Why?”

“Ok, here is what we are going to do. I didn’t like the look of those guys that past by us earlier, and it’s too easy to ambush people in the forest so we are going to push on through the night.”

“But how about our sleep?” whined Cecilia

“Tired is just temporary, dead is permanent. We push on through the night, but if you want to stop for the night go ahead but I’m going to keep going.”

“Marion are you going to stop?” asked Cecilia

“Nope. I’m staying with Luke. I almost lost him once and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

Now Cecilia was worried. They would probably go right past her ambush during the night and her guys wouldn’t see them because no one ever traveled at night.

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