The Medieval Marine Part One


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Luke MacDougall was stretching out in his tent during his last night hunting the Brooks Range in Alaska. He had been hunting moose all week, and while he seen a couple, none had presented a decent shot so he hadn’t taken any. This didn’t bother him any, because in addition to hunting, he had also done some fishing and he had done good here. Plus, being that he had been away from the office, he had gotten a number of projects done and had sent the drafts to his secretary and second in command via his satellite link. Luke owned his own engineering firm that worked all over the world, mainly for the chemical industry. Luke had master’s degrees in chemical and mechanical engineering plus a bachelors in metallurgy. He had been in the Marine corps, but a combat injury had forced him out. While in the corps he had been a combat engineer and he still did engineer consulting work for the Marines. He stood six foot eight and weighed two hundred and sixty pounds, and even though he did mostly desk work he was by no means out of shape. Not only was he very strong, but he was a hand-to-hand combat expert while in the corps, was one hell of a shot, and had gotten his black belt in martial arts after he had gotten out. He had thought about trying out to be a sniper, but figured that his size would give him away and therefore be a threat to his team mate, this he couldn’t live with. He had light brown hair that was kept in a crew cut and piercing blue eyes. Although he looked to be very definition of a hard ass, he was actually extremely considerate to those around him and always took the extra second to consider how his actions would affect the people around him. While he didn’t have a family, his older sister Mackenzie, did. Her husband, Dan, was one of Luke’s oldest childhood friends and they had two kids. Luke always made sure to spoil them rotten. Since he didn’t have anyone to spent money on, he had set up trust funds for both kids over his sister’s objections. His sister still lived on the same ranch that they had grown up on in Wyoming. Their parents had been killed when Luke was sixteen and Mackenzie was eighteen. Mackenzie, without thinking about cancelled going to college and stayed on the ranch to take care of Luke so that he wasn’t taken by the state. Luke’s mom had been a geologist and his dad had been a part time jeweler and worked the ranch in his spare time. Tonight, Luke had another reason to be happy. He had gotten the jewelry done for his niece’s birthday and had sent it to her the day before he left for his trip. Since he lived in Anchorage, Alaska it took some time to get there. He had made her a handmade necklace out of gold that he found in some of Alaska’s streams. In the pendant he had a large sapphire set in it, her birth stone. He had gotten that while working on one of his overseas jobs and upon smuggling it into the US, had cut it to maximize its beauty. It had been in rough form when he smuggled it in. Luke’s jewelry making was a hobby of his to relax after a hard day in the office and actually knew how to cut and grind gemstones thanks to not only his dad but his mom as well. Going to sleep that night, he never in a million years would guess that his life was about to change completely.

During the night, while Luke slept in blissful ignorance, a cosmic disaster struck. This was a weird one, for the only person immediately affected was Luke. This disaster transported Luke across space and time. When Luke woke up, the first time he noticed was that it was a lot more humid and warmer than it had been when he had gone to bed. He then noticed that the bird sounds were different as well. ‘Ok this is weird’ he thought. He stuck his head out of his tent and his confusion deepened for around him was a wild forest of deciduous trees. When he went to bed, he had been surrounded by scrub land with stunted aspen trees. ‘I must be dreaming, and if this is a dream, damn.’

“Well, I guess I better had a look around” he said to himself. He spent the rest of the morning looking around his “dream world” wondering when he was going to wake up. He noticed that the sun was almost straight overhead and he had an idea. He would check the time on his phone and use that to figure out about where he was at. When he did it, he got an even bigger shock, his phone was nine hours behind. That combined with the tree species around him, put him in England. The weather plus the state of the leaves on the trees likely put in in late spring.

“Well fuck me!” exclaimed Luke.

For the rest of the day, he stayed near his tent. He found a stream nearby to get water and fish from. Hopefully he would wake up from this nightmare soon. When he woke up the next morning, he was starting to realize that something was truly fucked up with his world. He was still in the same spot. Figuring out that he was fucked, he did an inventory of his gear. He had his tent, sleeping bag, backpack, and camo clothes. He had his 9mm sig and his .338 rifle that his had picked up while in the Marines, and he had plenty of ammo for both. In his backpack he had is laptop and solar powered charger, one MRE, plenty of survival straws, matches, his extra canteen, and extra fire starters. Of course, he had is travel rod, a ***********ion of terminal tackle, and some lures. He had respooled the reel right before going to the Brooks Range. All in all, he was in good shape. What really bothered him was that he couldn’t get any satellite lock or cell signal at all. After his inventory, he figured that he probably should get moving, so he packed everything up. While he was packing, he had water boiling over the fire to fill his canteens up. Checking is compass he decided to start moving East. He walked carefully through the woods for the rest of the day, stopping with about an hour of daylight left at another stream, to make camp. First thing he did was get a fire going and got himself more water. He had managed to catch some fish and frogs for supper. Early the next morning he again topped off his canteens and started moving again, still heading East.

The way he figured it one of three things could be going on: one this was all some weird dream; two somehow, he had traveled through space and time; or three he was in an alternate universe. He was hoping that this was a dream.

About midday he paused and rested for a bit for it was a warm, humid day. As he was getting up from a short nap, he heard shouting nearby. It sounded like English, well sort of. Now Luke was curious, for he had also heard metal on metal contact, so he headed toward it. Within a minute he came up to a dirt road. Looking North, Luke’s seen six men on horseback riding around a stopped carriage. On the ground was several dead men, all wearing armor. As Luke watched, two men burst out of the carriage and were quickly cut down there was nothing that Luke could do for them because he was too far away. The men on horseback now dismounted and approached the carriage. The next sound made Luke’s blood chill for it was a female scream. Not one but two. Two young women were yanked from the carriage. One had golden blond and wore a blue dress, while the other one wore a green dress and had brown hair. The younger one looked to be about eighteen or nineteen while the other looked to be slightly older. Two men grabbed each woman and pulled them in front of what Luke assumed to be the commander. While the men were occupied, Luke quickly closed the distance. As he got to within thirty yards, he heard something about the men having some fun with the woman. That was enough for Luke, he slipped off his backpack. He was still in his camo and had carefully modified it into a ghillie suit. He stepped out into the road, mad sure to have his handgun ready and yelled;



Marion of York was pissed to put it mildly. She hadn’t wanted to come along, with her older sister, Cecilia, and father, Charles, to London. Normally she loved traveling to London, but this time it was for Cecilia’s engagement and her fiancé, John of Sussex, gave Marion the creeps. They had spent almost a week in London getting the wedding contract ready. When they were married, John would become the lord of Charles’s land and the land would then stay in the family. Marion would continue to live in the castle until she was married. Charles was making these arrangements to avoid a situation with his greedy neighbor who had been eyeing his land and daughters for years, and Charles knew that his health was failing and that he wouldn’t be long for this world. After the contract had been signed, John decided to travel back with them, as much to check out his new land as to check out Marion and the other woman of his soon to be castle.

They had been traveling for three days when they were ambushed. Their guards were cut down within minutes, because although these men were very experienced, loyal, and brave; they had been caught by surprise. Soon all six men were dead. Three were John’s and three had been Charles’s. They had managed to cut down four of their attackers though. Soon the remaining six attackers were circling the carriage. Marion recognized the colors that the men wore. They belonged to their greedy neighbor, Richard. One of them, Marion personally recognized as Richard’s son, William. The same man that her father had kicked out of their castle when he had persuaded relations with Cecilia. This wasn’t good. Soon her father and John decided that their only chance was to try and kill the men attacking them. They both knew that if they surrendered, they would be killed anyway. They burst out of the carriage and were quickly cut down without achieving anything. This left the ladies defenseless. William ordered them to be pulled from the carriage. They were brought before him where he then told them;

“Well bitches, we’re going to have some serious fun then you’ll both have to die. However, I will give you a choice. If you cooperate your death will be quick and painless, if you don’t well…”

Both ladies started turning white for this was their worst nightmare come true. Both despised William, his father, and all the people loyal to them. As William was cutting the dress from Cecilia, they heard a booming male voice:


The voice echoed through the forest and the trees even seemed to move at the sound of it. Although the words themselves were weird, the point was clear. The ladies looked up hopefully and the men spun around. There thirty paces in front of them was a massive humanoid creature. It was dressed with leaves and small branches and not a single patch of skin was visible. In one hand was a small black object, but it didn’t have any armor or any weapons for that matter. Then William spoke up;

“Says who? A stupid, unarmed swamp thing?” His men snickered. Apparently, the humanoid had understood him.

“’Says who? I’ll tell you; I am your worst nightmare come to life. A man that can kill you were you stand and you won’t be able to do a thing about it. Now this is how things are going to be. I am going to count to five. If you fuckers are not out of here by then I will kill you all.” The humanoid made this threat in a way that seemed like it might have ordered food, not facing six heavily armed men.

William snorted; this was going to be too easy. Looking at his men:

“Lads, time for some more entertainment. Kill that thing.” The ladies knew the stranger was dead. Suddenly the humanoid couched slightly and brought the small black object up to a horizontal position. The next thing the ladies knew there was a sound like thunder, the small black object jumped around in the humanoid’s hand, and a quick jet of flame shot out the end of the object. The men around them started falling with blood and meat exploding from their necks. Within seconds, only William was left and he was using a now nearly nude Cecilia as a shield. Cecilia was nearly nude because William had just finished cutting her dress when the humanoid interrupted.

“So, I see mister tough guy in armor is actually just another coward that uses an innocent woman as a shield, how pathetic.” The humanoid stood very still for a short time as through he was debating something.

“Get out of here, beast. Nothing here concerns you” commanded William. Marion thought this was a stupid move on William’s part but then again, he wasn’t known to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Her thoughts were confirmed within a second.

“Beast is it now? Well tell you what is going to happen. You let that lady go and I’ll put my weapon away. Then we can see who is the better in a real man’s fight.” Luke knew this course was a bit dumb but one he didn’t want to risk hurting the lady even though the chances of that were slim. The other reason that he did this was that he wanted a bit more fun from this engagement.

“Deal” said William and he released Cecilia and Luke put away his gun. As he released her, her dress fell away but this was the least of her concerns at the moment. She ran to Marion and embraced her. Then Marion asked the stranger:

“Where is your sword, kind stranger?”

“Sword?” snorted the stranger “Never used one and won’t be needing one.”

‘This man was more arrogant than most nobles. What kind of word is “won’t”? He is doomed.’ thought Marion. She had good reason to doubt the stranger would live for although William was an idiot, he was very noted swordsman.

William made the first move toward the stranger. The stranger didn’t move until William was almost upon him, then with absolutely amazing speed the stranger side-stepped William’s attack and grabbed his right wrist. The stranger then took his other hand and struck William in the elbow snapping it and bending it completely the other way. William through didn’t have time to register the pain for the stranger then grabbed William’s head and with a quick motion of his hands, snapped William’s neck with a load crack; snapping it just as easily as someone would snap kindling for a fire.

The stranger then moved quickly to check on the other men. For those attacking, to make sure that they were dead and for the attacked to see if he could give any of them aid. All of them were dead. The entire time the ladies cautiously watched his, Cecilia not even realizing that she was naked. When the man finished, he walked up to the ladies with his hands stretched out and with his palms faced the ladies so they could see that he wasn’t armed. As he passed the wagon, the man looked in a trunk and found another dress for Cecilia. He also removed the strange outer clothes that he was wearing. Luke was now dressing in a t-shirt and camo jeans. Finally arriving in front of the ladies, Luke handed the dress to Cecilia who quickly put it on. Marion was stuck by this act of kindness on the man’s part, for he at first seemed to be utterly ruthless. Something else Marion noticed was just how damn handsome the stranger was. He was clean shaven, with a strong chin. His blue eyes were lit with the look of not only intelligence but also concern. His shoulders were broad and his bare arms had well defined muscles on them. Marion could almost imagine those arms wrapped around her and this thought caused her heart to flutter and for moisture to form in between her thighs. No other man she had ever met had caused her to have thoughts like this and she had even met the current king of England, Edward the Confessor.

Walking up to the ladies, Luke was having a hard time deciding on which one was better looking. Cecilia, the older of the two, had long and almost Chestnut colored hair, her skin had a very light tan, few freckles on her face, and warm brown eyes. Of course, the rest of her body was really good too with about C cup breast with large pink nipples. Her stomach had a little bit of fat on it but not bad, Luke liked his ladies with a little meat on them. He hated when women were so skinny that their bones showed. The worst thing from his perspective about her was that her pussy was a jungle, in fact he had never seen a bush that thick. He had been to some of the world’s most remote jungles and her pussy hair was thicker. The younger one though was stunning as well, although she wasn’t naked so Luke couldn’t make a direct comparison. She was slightly taller than the older one, probably about five foot ten or so. Her hair looked to be the color of twenty-four caret gold, and her eyes looked to be sapphires. Her skin, at least what Luke could see, was a pure white. To top things off she had nice full lips, a very cute nose and a perfectly oval face.

“Good afternoon, ladies.” Seeing the fearful look on their faces Luke continued: “You have nothing more to fear, for I will not harm you.” Cecilia was still in a state of shock, but Marion had recovered for the most part.

“We thank you kind sir. I do not want to think what would have happened to us if you had not stepped in.” Luke gave her a slight nod “What be your name kind stranger?”

“Luke. What be your name and the name of your companion here?”

“I am Marion of York and this is my older sister Cecilia.” Marion was starting to relax a bit; however, Cecilia wasn’t, but this was normal for them. Marion had always been faster to react to changes.

“So, tell me, Marion, what happened here? Why were you attacked?”

“The men that attacked us belonged to a neighboring earl, Richard. He was been lusting after my father’s lands for years now.” Marion broke down a little, thinking about her father. “Sorry, Richard was furious when he heard that Cecilia here was to be married to John of Sussex. This would have kept our lands out of Richard’s hands. His men were waiting in ambush for us, and they caught our guards by surprise. Our father and John were in the carriage with us. They decided to rush out and attack the remaining men, once the guards were slain. They were killed without achieving anything. William was Richard’s son and the man you killed with your bare hands. He told us, once we had been pulled from the carriage that they were going to have fun with us and that we would be killed. How we died would have our choice, if we cooperated then death would have been quick and if we did not cooperate then we would have faced a long and painful death. William has killed many people before and he was addicted to killing so I have no doubt that you saved us from a horrible death at William’s hands.” Marion finished, and broke down in tears.

Luke kneeled in front of her and put one his large hands on her check. He then pulled Marion in and held her tight. As he did, he whispered to her,

“You have no need to worry further for I will now be protecting you, that is if you want me to.” She pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes with a hopeful look on her face. She then launched herself back into his arms:

“Thank you, Luke. But are you sure, we have nothing of value for I am sure that Richard has taken over our home?”

“If I was not sure of it, Marion, I would not have made the offer. You two will have to do something for me through.” Both ladies instantly stiffened and gained hard looks on their faces. “You two will have to learn how to defend yourselves I case I am not nearby when you are attacked next. Because, I am sure of this when Richard does not hear back from his men, he will send more men to look for them and by extension you two.”

Both ladies relaxed a bit, but were a bit confused for this was the last thing they had expected. “But we are ladies, we cannot fight” stated Cecilia. She had finally gotten over her paralysis. Hearing this, Luke’s face went from a concerned caring to one of extreme anger. The ladies were completely taken back by this and instantly became fearful again. They didn’t even realize what they had done to change his mood so suddenly. But they quickly learned.

“LET ME GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT WITH YOU TWO RIGHT NOW!!” growled Luke as the ladies shrank from his fury. “You both WILL learn how to defend yourself for I will teach both of you how. This is the price for me staying with you. If you are not willing to at least try to learn then I shall take my leave of you.” At this Luke spun around on his heel and started walking away. He was a firm believer in men and woman being equal despite their physical differences. He wasn’t however going to fight for his life to defend these ladies if they were not at least willing to learn how to defend themselves. Sure, he would feel a bit guilty about leaving them but that was life. Luke figured that with the loot from the dead men around plus a couple of their horses, he could go anywhere. Luke hadn’t taken more than three steps when Marion cried out:

“WAIT! God, please wait?” Luke stopped but didn’t turn around. “If you are willing to teach us how we can defend ourselves then we would be deeply in your debt kind sir.”

“Never call me sir again and you will not be in my debt. You’re learning how to defend yourselves will be enough payment for not only rescuing you but also further defending you” stated Luke. “Do we have a deal?” he asked still with his back to the ladies.

The ladies looked at each other and then back to Luke, “We have a deal, Luke” They said together.

Luke turned back around, wearing a soft, warm smile. “First thing we need to do is to collect all the weapons, armor, and anything else useful from the dead. Then they will need to be buried for the last thing we need is obvious evidence of what happened here. After all that is done, it will probably be about time to set up camp for the night. Tomorrow morning your lessons start.” The ladies looked at him with confused looks “What ladies, I don’t want any arguments, get moving now” Luke snapped at them.


This got the ladies moving. Over the next few hours, they worked harder than they ever had in their lives, the dead were stripped of anything useful, even their clothes. All the loot was put in the carriage for transport. While the ladies were busy with the dead, Luke rounded up some of the horses. They had enough for each of them to rid their own horse and to have a spare apiece. On William they found a number of gold coins and some silver ones as well. This was added to the money that was being carried in the carriage. After Luke rounded up the horses, he began to dig a mass grave for the dead and place them in it. He had also policed his brass. He thought that with his knowledge that he might be able to make reloads, plus he wanted to leave as little evidence as possible. Finally, everything was finished and they still had about two hours before nightfall, so Luke set up camp away from the road, in a clearing next to a clear stream.

As he began to set up, Cecilia and especially Marion were immensely curious. They had never seen gear like this before. Sure, they had seen satchels and tents before, but never made of this strange material. Luke got a fire going, and then started boiling water that he collected from the stream. Now the lady’s curiosity overrode their lingering fear.

“Why are you boiling the water, Luke?” asked Marion.

“Just making it safe to drink. By boiling the water you kill off the microorganisms, in the water, that can make you sick.”

“Microorganisms?” asked Cecilia

“Yep, microorganisms are organisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, but make no mistake they are there and the wrong ones can kill you” explained Luke.

“Sounds like you speak witchcraft or heresy” stated Cecilia. She was devotedly religious. “God alone decided who dies and who lives.” Through this Marion wasn’t sure who to believe. Although the things that Luke said made absolutely no sense to her; what reason would he have of lying to them over something like this. Luke must have been in a good mood however for he wasn’t offended by Cecilia’s rebuttal. He actually looked amused.

“Well, Cecilia go ahead and drink the water straight from that stream then, and when you do eventually get dysentery don’t complain to me about it. As far as witchcraft is concerned, stop being insulting for there is nothing magical about anything I do for I am an engineer.”

“You’re that confident that we would get sick from that water?”

“Maybe not the water from that stream but why take the risk.”

“I have a couple of questions for you Luke.” Marion continued when Luke nodded toward her “what does “don’t” mean, and what is an engineer?”

“Oh, sorry about that. It is a speech difference from my homeland. Sometimes we would take two words and make them one. Doing this makes specking more efficient. Don’t is actually do not. When this is done it’s called a contraction. It’s, is actually it is.”

“Wow that is more efficient.”

“And an engineer is someone who designed things to be made, or figures out why something failed, or figured out how to make things easier.”

“Interesting, I have never heard of an engineer. So, another question for you, where is your homeland?” Marion was determined to learn everything that she could about Luke.

“Well, originally I came from an area called Wyoming, but now I live, well lived in an area called Alaska.”

“I have never heard of either of those places.”

“That doesn’t surprise me for they are very far away. Across the western sea.”

Marion wasn’t sure of what to ask next. She wanted to know everything about this man but she could sense that he was hesitant to talk about himself. She sat next to him by the fire and like him just stared into the flames. Cecilia had started her evening prayers by now.

“Are you going to say your evening prayers, Luke?” asked Marion.

Luke gave her a weak smile. “Sorry, I don’t pray.”

“You don’t believe in God?”

“Nice use of a contraction, Marion, and to tell you the truth, no I don’t. I never have for I have seen more destruction and suffering caused be differing religious beliefs then you could ever imagine. I do believe that you have the right to believe what you want and you have the right to peacefully practice your beliefs without interference, but I could never follow something that allows innocent children to be tortured and killed of no reason at all, or that preaches that half the human population are inferior because they were born as a woman.”

“Maybe their torture was all God’s plan for them; and woman are inferior to man after, all Eve was created from Adam and it was Eve that got them kicked out of the garden.”

“Ya sure, “God’s plan”. I’ve been hearing that all my life and every time someone says that, it is usually to cover up for either them not caring or they were the guilty party. Problem with the Adam and Eve theory is that there is absolutely no proof that it happened and I find it ironic that the “first people” had European names. Plus, this sounds just what it is, a story that men use to keep woman subservient to them, makes me sick.”

By now Luke had a faraway look in his eye. Marion realized that is his mind, he was somewhere else entirely and he was. Luke had traveled back to his time spend in Iraq and the death he had seen firsthand that was caused by people’s differing beliefs, and these weren’t even beliefs in different gods, just different ways of worship. In his mind’s eye he also seen women that had been burned with acid or hot oil because they did something to “offend” their family. He seen what happened when men used their position to “marry” young girls and the horror inflicted on the girls. Eventually Cecilia got done with her prayers and came back over. Luke shared some of his food with her. He had lost his appetite. Anything he thought about his time in Iraq he lost his appetite.

“Something bothering you?” asked Cecilia “You barely ate anything.”

“Just some very bad memories of a place that I was in for a time. Nothing for you two to be worried about.”

Eventually Luke stood up and stretched, Marion and Cecilia were almost asleep sitting by the fire. “Well ladies, you two should get some sleep. You two can sleep in my tent and I will sleep against that tree so I can keep watch.”

“But we cannot sleep were you sleep. You need the sleep as well” protested Marion.

Luke just gave a look and told her “Shut up and get in the tent, both of you. Make sure to take your dresses off before you lay down so that you don’t damage the bedding.” Both Marion and Cecilia knew that they wouldn’t win this argument so they did as Luke told them. They were amazed by how soft and comfortable Luke’s bedding was. It was simply the most luxurious thing that they had ever laid on. Within minutes both had passed out. Luke sat outside and kept watch all night. He would doze off of ten or fifteen minutes at a time. He would then wake up, look around and then doze off again.


Marion was the first of the ladies to wake up the next morning, Cecilia was really not a morning person. So, she carefully got up as to not wake Cecilia, she grabbed her dress, and stepped out of the tent. Luke was up and had the fire going. He had some fresh fish cooking, but he hadn’t realized that Marion was up yet. So, she stood quietly and watched him still holding her dress in her hand. The sun was just about to rise as Marion watched Luke cook the fish and boil water for drinking. Finally, she got the courage to walk over to him. As she did, she carefully laid her dress down. Now naked with nothing to hide her body she walked up behind Luke.

“Good morning, Luke. I trust that you slept well last night.”

“Good morning, Marion. I slept decent actually. How about you?”

“That was the best that I have ever slept. Your bedding is by far the best I have ever felt.”

“Thank you, Marion. Breakfast will be ready in a bit. Can you wake Cecilia up?”

“Can we talk for a bit first, please. Cecilia actually hates mornings.”

“Very well then.” Luke turned around and his jaw almost fell off. Marion was the very definition of a goddess. Her skin was pure white. She had about the same size breast as Cecilia, but Marion’s breast were a bit firmer with smaller pink nipples. The flip side was that her nipples were much harder than Cecilia’s. Luke’s eyes traveled down to her stomach. It was flat, firm, and toned but not thin enough to show any bones. Traveling further south, Luke noticed that Marion’s pussy was covered in sparse light blond hair. He could see her pussy lips sticking out slightly and the there was a small gap between her legs, caused by Marion’s hips flaring out nicely. Her legs were long and strong, and her feet were even beautiful and Luke wasn’t a foot guy. Traveling back up north, Luke also noticed that Marion had a graceful neck that seemed to be screaming for him to nibble on.

“Well how do I look?”

“Are you sure you name isn’t Aphrodite? You are by far the most beautiful woman that I have ever met, and I have met some very beautiful woman before.”

Marion smiled. From the sudden heat in her cheeks, she was sure that she was blushing crimson and she felt a sticky wetness forming between her legs again. Suddenly she was moving like another person. She walked straight up to Luke, reached up to hold his cheek and pull him down so she could kiss him. Kissing him was by far the best thing that Marion had ever felt. Her whole body felt tingly and she actually wondered if she might pass out from the pleasure. This increased when Luke carefully picked her up. Marion then wrapped her strong legs around Luke’s body. She could feel his penis getting hard and this only further drove Marion’s lust. She might have gone even further, but through her lust induced trance she heard the unmistakable sounds of Cecilia starting to get up. Marion and Luke let go of each other and Marion ran over to put her dress on. She got it on in record time and by the time Cecilia came out of the tent Marion was starting to eat on one of the fish that Luke had been preparing. Cecilia was clueless as to what Marion and Luke had been doing, for she just assumed that Luke would want to be with her because she was the oldest and she though the smartest. What she didn’t know was that Luke was deeply attracted to intelligence and Marion had her beat badly in this department.

As the three of them ate their breakfast, Marion asked about the plans for today.

“Well first we need to check out those clothes we got yesterday to see if you two can wear any of it. One; having pants on makes it easier to fight, and two; when we start traveling it will be much easier for you two to hide the fact that you are women.”

Marion immediately could see the wisdom in Luke’s thinking; by hiding the fact that Marion and Cecilia were in fact women even if it was only from a distance then they wouldn’t attract as much attention to themselves. It was like Luke’s hunting clothes, in the woods, that she learned were colored in a pattern called camouflage. It would make them harder to spot. Cecilia of course was against the idea. She was a lady not some cross dresser, thank you very much, but when it was clear that even her sister supported Luke, Cecilia didn’t have much choice. They both found men’s clothes that fit them and Luke found some clothes that even fit him. He wanted to be dressed in the same clothes as everyone else so he didn’t stand out as much. Plus, by not wearing his modern clothes, he could save them for special occasions. After the three got changed, Luke started going over the ultra-basics of self-defense. Marion threw herself into learning and she learnt fast. She had been almost raped once and she wasn’t going to let that happen again if she could help it. Cecilia wasn’t really that interested. The way she looked at it, it was Luke’s job to protect her not for her to protect herself. After a couple of hours all three were hungry and tired. Luke got the fire going again and started fixing the last of the food that had been in the carriage. As they ate, Marion sat as close as she could to Luke while not crowding him. Eventually Cecilia excused herself to relieve herself.

“Marion, I have a question for you. Now before I ask know this, know that the question will at first sound very stupid but once I explain I promise that it will make sense and furthermore I must insist that you never, ever tell anyone what we are about to talk about. If my secret falls into the wrong hands and used incorrectly the destruction that will fall on the world will cast the Battle of Armageddon in the shade.” Marion nodded nervously, “Ok, what year is this?”

“Why this is the year of our lord 1065. Why, and why must it remain a secret”

Luke closed his eyes, took a deep breath, held it for a second and slowly let it out. Marion was growing more concerned, she knew that Luke didn’t lack anything in the bravery department and yet here he was more nervous than she had ever seen him, and she had seen him take out half a dozen thugs without breaking a sweat. Slowly opening his eyes, Luke looked directly into Marion’s eyes and said flatly:

“Where I came from it was the year 2021 AD.”


“That’s right Marion, I not only come from a different place but also from a different time and since I have a decent understanding of my history, I know what the major events that are going to happen for the next almost thousand years and if the wrong people get hold of this then they might try to make short sighted decisions that would spell disaster for them and their people.”

Marion was speechless and absolutely stunned after all she had been falling in love with this man and know she felt that she didn’t know him at all. Suddenly she stood up.


“GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BLOODY DEVIL!! I never want to be near you again!” Luke bowed his head, accepting his fate. As Marion ran away, she didn’t see that Luke was starting to cry. He had just lost the only woman that he had ever truly loved romantically and this came on top of him losing his entire family and all of his friends. He hadn’t cried since he was five, but now he was crying now. Slowly he stood up and started to gather his gear up. Looking up he seen Cecilia coming back. ‘Just fucking great’ he thought.

“Where’s Marion?” Cecilia asked. Knowing that not telling her would turn out badly, Luke decided on telling Cecilia a half-truth; he didn’t trust Cecilia.

“I told her something about myself that upset her deeply.”

“What, are you actually married?”

Luke smiled slightly “If it was only that small of a secret, but no, my secret can change the world forever and if it gets used wrong then the horror that would be unleashed is far beyond anything you could ever imagine.”

“Then why did you tell Marion, but not me?” Now Cecilia was getting pissed for she didn’t like the fact that that Luke trusted her bratty little sister and not her.

“Why, because I am finding myself falling in love with her and the last thing, I wanted was to keep my biggest secret from her.

Marion, in the meantime was stomping off. She didn’t even know where she was going, for she was furious. Eventually she found herself standing in front of her father’s grave. Luke had given her father his own grave and had even took the time to make a marker for him. She collapsed in front of the grave and began to weep. She was crying harder than she had ever cried before, the man that she had fallen in love with wasn’t even close to the man that she had thought that he was. Finally, she stopped crying and just stared at the marker that Luke had made for her father. Luke had taken her father’s sword and broke it in half. He then carved Charles’s name on it and had written something else. Then he drove the handle part into the soil at her father’s head. It took Marion a while to read the in***********ion. For one, it was written in an unfamiliar *********** and two her reading was just good enough to be able to slowly make her way through the bible. But eventually she was able to make sense of the writing and once again began to cry for Luke had written:

“Here lies a proud, brave man that gave his life so that his family might live. If I, the man who buried his earthly remains, could be even a quarter of the man that this man was then I would be able to die a happy man. Go in peace now Charles of York. I promise that I will do everything in my power to continue to protect your family.”

Marion knew what she had to do and she knew what she had done. She was so pissed with herself, for turning her back on Luke, that she could barely stand herself. After all, here was a man that had saved her from being raped and murdered, that had started to train her in self-defense so that if something like that ever happened again, she would be able to defend herself, and most of all here was a man that believed that women are at the very least equal to men. Sure, men are usually stronger and faster, but in mental abilities, where Luke seemed to be most interested in her, he had already stated multiple times that men and women are at least equals and, in some areas, women are for the most part far superior to men. She also knew that Luke would never hurt her and would die to protect her. Finally, she was able to stand up, she wiped her face off, turned around, and ran off to find Luke before he took off. She could only hope and pray that she wasn’t too late. Of course, he might turn his back on her and she wouldn’t blame him if he did, after all she had already turned her back on him once.


As fast as Marion ran through the woods, her mind was running faster. Would she be able to find Luke and Cecilia again? Would Luke even talk to her if she could find them? And perhaps the most disturbing thought, would Cecilia try to ensnare Luke? This last one was the worst for Marion because Cecilia could never stand to see Marion happy and always went out of her way to make Marion’s life as miserable as possible. Now that Marion had for all appearances rejected Luke, would Cecilia try and take Luke before Marion could come to her senses. Is water wet? With this in the front of her mind, Marion pushed herself to run even faster. The brush and branches that slapped her in the face and the thorns that caught her clothes couldn’t slow her down for her just had to find Luke before it was too late.

Finally, she got to the clearing that they had camped in. Luke and Cecilia were gone. Looking around desperately, Marion found the tracks leading out toward the road. She also found a note written on some strange material. The fact that it was written was enough to prove that it was from Luke, Cecilia couldn’t read or write, but Marion would have known it was from him anyway because she recognized his writing style:


“I am deeply sorry that I have angered you. I truly wish that the circumstances were different for I have truly fallen in love with you. I would not blame you if you never talk to me again for, I have realized that I completely overwhelmed you. I am sorry that I have hurt you. I have left, with Cecilia, to get her back home. After that I will be leaving England. I truly hope that you find the happiness and love, in life, that an outstanding woman like yourself deserves.

Goodbye, Luke

Marion was cursing herself too much to bother crying at the moment. She had turned her back on Luke when he tried to tell her the most important thing about himself. It should have been obvious to Marion, at the time, that Luke didn’t like to keep secrets from her, but then again, she had never known anyone that would tell her the simple truth without wanting something in return. Just to make herself feel even better, the one and only time that someone told her the truth without wanting anything in return, she ran away. Now Luke had taken reasonability for angering her, admitted to her that he had fallen in love with her, and told her where he was going. She had to catch him before he left England, at all cost. She knew that with the carriage that Luke would be slowed down a bit. Problem is that she didn’t have a horse or any other gear with her, but she didn’t care. As Marion began to follow the tracks, she heard a familiar sound coming from the brush. When she looked, she found a horse there with all the gear she would need. In the saddlebags, she found money and food. All this stuff she had seen very recently. It was gear that the three of them had collected from the dead after Luke had saved them. This could only mean one thing; Luke hade left it without Cecilia’s knowledge, for if she had known then she would have done everything she could have to prevent Luke from leaving anything for Marion. With the horse and the knowledge of where Luke and her sister were headed, and that Luke wanted her to rejoin him, Marion took off to find them.

Once Luke had explained to Cecilia what had happened, leaving out the part about him being from the future, Cecilia pretty much demanded that Luke finish escorting her home. Luke was too broken hearted to care so he finished packing the gear and set off with Cecilia. As they left, Cecilia started pouring on her charm. Despite her many flaws from his point of view, Luke had to at least admit that Cecilia was beautiful and charming. With him being hurt so bad by Marion, Cecilia figured that it would be easy to get her hands on Luke. Still Luke maintained at least some of his wits about him. He wouldn’t show Cecilia his computer or rifle, and she wouldn’t be able to secretly look at them for Luke had them both locked in their cases, and the locks were highly advanced combination locks. Luke guarding his secrets so closely pissed Cecilia off to no end, but she couldn’t let it show, yet. She figured that it would take a few days but she would wear down Luke’s resistance to her. After all, she wanted the knowledge that Luke surely possessed for herself.

Cecilia and Luke made pretty good time, after they broke camp, traveling until they had to stop and set up camp. Luke still wouldn’t take the chance on getting a room at an inn. Cecilia of course wasn’t happy about this, but since she had set herself a mission, she wasn’t about to complain about it. After Luke got the campsite set up, Cecilia was too much of a lady to help, he went to get some food. While he was gone Cecilia went through his gear and found many clues as to who Luke really was. At least she would have if she could read that is. She decided that when they got home, she would have Luke arrested for something and then take his gear to a monk that she trusted and knew loved to read.

Seeing Luke coming back with food, Cecilia continued to pure on the charm.

“See unlike my stupid sister, I would never leave you, Luke. She never did care about anyone but herself and you deserve a woman who knows how to pleasure and care for a man. That woman is me.” Cecilia curled up to Luke and began to caress him softly. Luke barely reacted to her, but she had expected that. He had been badly damaged, by her sister, and Cecilia knew from long experience with men that it might take her a little bit longer to get what she wanted from Luke.

That evening, Luke again set up the tent. This time, Cecilia insisted that she was terrified of nightmares and was afraid to sleep alone.

“It was fine before Marion ran off because there was someone there with me. With her now gone I am terribly afraid that I will start having nightmares.”

“Sorry, Cecilia but someone needs to keep watch during the night. If you get nightmares, I will be right out here for you.”

Finally, wondering at how Luke could still have the ability to reject her, Cecilia went to bed. Luke sat around for a while and just thought about everything. Him losing his parents, getting a medical discharge from the Marines because of a roadside bomb, losing the rest of everyone he had every known because of some fucking cosmic freak job, killing those men to protect two women who he didn’t know, then losing Marion because he had told her the truth, and finally Cecilia’s rather obvious and frankly annoying attempts to seduce him. Thing was that the harder Cecilia tried, the more she drove Luke away. She didn’t know this of course and Luke wasn’t about to tell her. He had promised to get her home and he would. As soon as he did, he would get to a port as fast as possible and get a boat to the continent. Finally, he fell into a fitful slumber.

Marion drove her mount as hard as she could to make up some time. As she went, she would ask people coming from the other direction if they had seen a carriage with more horses then would normally be around and was headed in the same direction she was. A few people had and she had learned that she was about a half day behind. If she got what she thought was truthful information, she would pay the person who had given her the info. As it got dark, Marion continued to travel until she couldn’t see anything anymore. When at last she had to stop, she took care of her horse for without it she wouldn’t have a chance to catch Luke, then she ate some of the food that Luke had left her, and finally dozed off to sleep. Before she went to sleep through, her mind drifted back to when she had been naked and had been picked up by Luke. This memory made her wet between her legs and it felt like she was on fire with the fire being centered in her vagina. It didn’t take long for her to start rubbing herself with one hand rubbing across her breast and sensitive nipples and the other rubbing between her legs. Since she had never done this before, it took her a few minutes to figure out what felt good. Eventually she found a small bump that when rubbed sent shock waves through her body. The more she rubbed that spot the better it felt, until she started to thrash around and nearly blacked out. As she recovered, she felt several emotions running through her. One was guilt, what she had just done had been preached against as a mortal sin for as long as she could remember and, now she figured that she was going to hell because of it. The second emotion through took some of the guilty edge off for she felt an amazing calm descend on her. She just didn’t give a fuck what those priest and nuns said. This feeling was new to her but didn’t take her long to figure out that Luke had led her to this feeling and the more she thought about it the more that she realized that Luke had been right. This was after all HER body and what she did with it was HER business. One side effect that she didn’t expect was that making herself feel good like that helped her good to sleep easily.

The next morning, Marion was up before the sun and felt more rested than she had in years. One other affect that Luke had on her was that she just didn’t feel any need to pray and definitely didn’t feel any need to visit a priest to ask for forgiveness. Quickly she ate a bit and got the horse ready. She knew that Cecilia wasn’t a morning person so she figured that she could make some serious ground up. Marion had her dress packed away in a saddlebag and was wearing some of the clothes that they had gotten off the dead guys. At first, she felt bad about this, but seeing the reactions of the people that she met on the road, made her fully realize Luke’s wisdom for nobody realized that she was in fact a woman.

She had been traveling for a couple of hours when she came upon a campsite that had been recently abandoned. Checking it out, she found a small pouch with some money, a short note, and some food. Again, she recognized the pouch and the writing. This time the note informed Marion that her sister was up to no good. She estimated that she had only missed them by about an hour or so, judging by how much heat was in the embers. She easily got the fire going again and boiled some water. She remembered the warning that Luke had given her about contaminated water. After boiling enough water to refill her canteen and making sure that her horse had gotten enough water and grass to eat, she set out again. Again, she traveled to nightfall, but this time when she stopped, she could see a small campfire in the distance. Now she began to plan what she was going to do when she caught up with Luke and Cecilia. With her sister’s two-faced nature, Marion would have a hard time of it just showing back up in camp, but she also really wanted to meet up with Luke and apologize for turning her back on him and running off. Finally, Marion had a plan and she started to rub herself again. This time, she was able to start with what felt the best and within minutes had cum so hard that she seen stars and passed out.

The next morning, Marion got up as the sun was coming up and got underway extra quick. Sure, enough the fire that she had seen the night before was from Luke and Cecilia. When Marion came to the edge of the camp, she dismounted and quietly began to investigate. Luke wasn’t there, but Cecilia was and was still sleeping. Marion then retreated to a good hiding spot near her horse to watch for Luke. After an hour, Marion began to get worried. There was evidence in the camp to say that Luke was still with Cecilia but Marion hadn’t seen Luke anywhere. She was watching so intensely that she didn’t hear someone come up behind her. Suddenly a strong hand was across her mouth, and Marion reacted in the way that Luke had taught her, but whoever was behind her was very strong. Marion was now fighting for her life and felt like she was stronger now then she had ever been. Finally, she was able to face who had attacked her and was surprised to be looking into a giant’s chest. She glanced up and was astonished to see the person, who had attacked her, was none other than Luke. Without thinking about it, she slapped him hard across his face and then jumped up and grabbed hold of him, started kissing him fiercely.

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