Come on Over . . . and My Mom Will Teach Us


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Amanda begins our tale with the most erotic dream sequence that takes place at school. Things increase in intensity, as Mike arrives at their home, having been drenched by a quick rain storm, and then Amanda’s Mom begins to give them lessons.

The Night before His Visit

Amanda jumped into bed . . . the pink hair brush on her nightstand dropped to the carpet. She had heard of girls using a brush handle to excite themselves and maybe that would be how she could fall asleep tonight . . . while thinking of Mike who was coming over after school the next day. A half-hour later, her pink brush still glistened with her juices as she began to dream. She was suddenly in the boy’s high school bathroom at her school . . .and there were ten boys standing around her. Instead of being afraid, she was curious why their pants were all lumpy and sticking out in the front. And then she heard herself saying to them:

“Would you boys show me what’s inside your pants . . . if I take off my blouse?” The boys in her class began to smile at her offer, but then Mike (who was older and should not even be in the dream) . . . and the boy she secretly liked said:

“Ok . . .but take off EVERYTHING but your underpants and show us your cute titties Amanda, and we’ll show you our cocks.”

“Alright . . . but I call them panties Mike,” and as she corrected him, she began to unbutton her white blouse. The boys moved into a circle around the young girl, as they saw her pull the white blouse out from her skirt. She loved the attention she was getting at that moment. As the blouse hit the floor, the boys were already enjoying the sight of her white cotton bra that covered her breasts. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs, and stepped out of it. At that point, almost simultaneously she heard each boy’s zipper being pulled down.

She slowly turned and watched as their hands unsnapped the buttons at the top of their school dress pants and soon white and other colored underwear suddenly came into view. She stopped turning when she faced Mike, whose cock she desperately wanted to see the most. His pants fell to the floor and his white briefs were sticking out in the front. She knew his naked cock was hidden underneath, and she stopped undressing herself in hopes of seeing it. He looked up and saw her watching.

“Hey Amanda, let’s be fair about this. If all of us are going to show you our COCKS, we need to look at your titties too . . .so take off your bra for us,” he said rubbing his hand over the long extension poking out the front of his briefs. Amanda daringly reached behind her back and unsnapped the clasp of her bra. As she watched . . . Mike begin to move his hand up and down his still covered cock, she leaned forward slightly and allowed the tiny garment to fall forward, catching it before it fell to the floor.

Her long erect nipples had now puckered up and were stiff to the young boy’s stares. She pulled her shoulders back and proudly showed off her breasts. She placed her hands on her hips and began to get excited as two, three . . .and eventually ten different varying sized pink to purple colored cocks were displayed to her as she turned around, as a circle was forming around her.

“Go ahead and show us what girls do to get themselves off, Amanda,” said Mike, “and we’ll do the same . . .but when we began to shoot cum out of our COCKS, I want you to bring your bra over to each of us . . . and turn it so that we can shoot our cum into each those cups . . .and then you get to do one more thing for us . . .” Despite being asleep, Amanda had her hand inside her pussy as she was witnessing this naughty event.

Each of the boys were now jacking off their stiff cocks as fast as they could as they looked at her near naked body. Their faces had turned red with excitement. In her dream, she had slipped her fingers into her panties and was rubbing her damp pussy as the boys got closer to ejaculating. Amanda wasn’t sure where these thoughts were coming from . . . but suddenly she heard one of the boys’ scream . . . “I’m gonna cum . . . bring it over here . . .” This caused her to hold her bra in such a way that the pulsating cock could shoot its load into her bra cups.

Not believing what was happening, the boy came up close and began to empty a series of cumshots into the shiny pink bra cups. And then another began to shoot and she rushed over to him and then suddenly . . . all ten of the boys were shooting at the same time.

Almost like magic, in every direction strong streams of sticky cum were intersecting from each of the boy’s cocks and landing in her bra cups and on her hand. Quickly both of the bra cups were filling to capacity. But not all the cum was headed in that direction. She felt hot splashes hitting her sides and back and once or twice on her face, as she attempted to collect their juices. She looked down and suddenly a stream of hot cum saturated both of her breasts, arms, shoulders and legs. Her bra was completely full and she looked up for some direction. She caught Mike’s glance and he understood what she wanted.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit Amanda . . . this is so awesome . . . cumming all over you like this, but now . . . it’s time to put back on your bra and feel our hot cum all over your titties.” The girl couldn’t believe what he wanted her to do . . .but since she liked him, she carefully bent over, positioned her firm tits over the cups, laid her bare nipples inside the gooey hot slime, and reached behind and snapped her bra back on.

Instantly their cum began to heat up her young breasts and the feel was the most erotic sensation she had ever felt. She stood up to find that all of the boys . . . now NAKED were very close to her, watching their cum ooze out of her bra. She squared her shoulders, waiting for their approval but suddenly she felt several hands quickly yanking her panties down her legs.

Her bare hairless virgin pussy was now on display and each of the boys were preparing for round two. Her breasts were so wet and saucy. She loved the sensation as she squeezed their cum in between her fingers and over her still pink buds. She felt someone pushing her down onto her knees as she watched the floor getting closer. She looked around to see who it was and Mike was smiling as he continued to fondle and manipulate his growing cock with one hand as he continued to pull her down with his other.

She should have been scared, but she loved the predicament she was in . . . as ten growing cocks began to move closer and closer to her naked body. Amanda was now laying on her back onto the floor as the other boys stood around her . . . pulling on their cocks. She looked down on her chest and realized her bra was now GONE and her breasts were covered with a thick layer of grey slimy cum. Mike stood over her with a grin on his face.

“It’s time to learn how to SUCK COCK Amanda. I want to be the first to stick my cock in your mouth, so open up those pretty pink lips.” He straddled her sticky chest with his knees and legs open and soon she was facing his 5″ long pink cock up close. Not knowing exactly what to do, she grasped the base of Mike’s rod and began to feed herself his pulsating cock. The second her lips surrounded his organ, she felt him erupt and she began to suck in rope after rope of his hot cum.

At the same time her entire body was being sprayed by each of the boys as they laughed in merriment. She suddenly woke up from her dream and realized her nightgown was soaking wet with perspiration and her young body was panting with heat and anticipation. She began to giggle wondering if tomorrow after school might bring to her similar activities.

Mike Arrives, and the fun begins . . .

Debbie was Amanda’s mother and knew her high school aged daughter had begun to notice boys. Being single she thought it might be fun to get one into their apartment and manipulate the situation so Amanda could learn exactly how to excite boys and for her to quite frankly . . . get off during their foreplay. Selfish . . . yes. Exciting . . . absolutely! To fantasize about this taking place is one thing but to see it unfold almost to perfection would be almost amazing. She had made Amanda’s lunch for school and would just have to be patient until she arrived home.

As soon as her daughter got home from school, Debbie peppered her daughter with questions regarding inviting him over.

“So is Mike going to come over? Can he stay for dinner? Shouldn’t you take a shower before he gets here?” She rapidly shot questions to her daughter.

“He said yes and he thinks he can stay for dinner and yup, I am going to take a nice hot shower. Were you able to find those tight jeans I was looking for?”

“Sure did . . . and I got you a pretty top to wear. . . and one of the shoulders is bare . . . so a bra is out of the question this time. Don’t worry . . . I think he will love it that way.”

“It’s supposed to rain big time in a few minutes. I hope he can get a ride,” she said her voice trailing off as she scampered into her bedroom. For the next half hour or so, Debbie lit candles, put out some candy and got things set. She also changed into a sexy top and a short skirt. She was only 32 years old, and her daughter was the surprising result . . . of a weeklong sex-fest she had with a boy in high school, where at 15-years-old, she perfected her cock sucking skills to where every boy in the building wanted to yank out his cock and have her fully satisfy him.

While her daughter was in the shower, Debbie found a few sex toys that she thought might be useful, depending upon where things might go. Almost a half hour later, the front door bell rang and Debbie went to answer it. There was a boy standing outside that was literally drenched beyond belief.

“Hi. This is Amanda’s house isn’t it?” he asked.

“It sure is and you look like a drowned rat! Take off your shoes and I insist on you taking a quick shower, or you will catch a cold.” She heard her daughter behind her and when she turned around she watched her face light up.

“I am sooooo sorry you had to walk through this storm. I just got out of the shower and mom is right . . . go ahead and take yours. I’ll wait for you. Mom can you do something with his clothes and get them dry?”

“Absolutely honey. I will drop off a robe for him to wear and when his clothes are dry . . . he can put them back on.” Mike did not argue as water literally came out of his shoes when he took them off. Amanda probably didn’t notice but the boys’ jeans did little to hide the obvious indication that he was VERY happy to see her daughter. The hidden image of a pretty decent size COCK was poking up the front of his pants, much to Debbie’s delight. She followed the boy into the bathroom, asking Amanda to get out more of the snacks she had purchased.

“I have a pretty good sized robe Mike. While you are in the shower, I will leave it here on the sink for you to wear for a while. Why don’t you take off all of your clothes and give them to me so that I can put them in the dryer.” The boy looked at her dumbfounded . . . for almost a full minute.

“Uhhhhhhh, with you standing right here?” he asked shyly.

“Don’t worry Mike. I have seen many NAKED boys in my day. Let’s just get those wet clothes off you. Here I can help. Let me sit here on the toilet.” The boy was so surprised at what she was suggesting . . . that without thinking he moved over in front of her.

“You will feel a lot better when we get these things off. Go ahead and get your shirt and I will take off these wet pants.” Debbie was very aroused realizing that she had placed the boy into a no win situation. She immediately undid his belt and then found the brass snap at the top of his jeans. She watched Mike begin to pull his shirt up over his shoulder and knew there would be a short time when he would be somewhat blindfolded.

Next she found the top of the zipper and pulled it down. As Mike was navigating his shirt over his head, she slipped her fingers into the sides of his jeans AND boxers and literally yanked them all the way to his feet. A smile broadened across her face. Even though it was no longer stiff . . . the boys’ penis flopped in front of her face and she began to quiver with excitement. How she wanted to move forward and slurp up that shaft into her mouth and suck the boy for all he was worth.

“There, that MUST feel MUCH better. Just step out of your jeans Mike, and hop into the shower.” The boy was now almost beat red as he realized the very attractive young woman was closely inspecting his cock and balls that were right in front of her. As he stepped from side to side ridding his legs of the pants, his shaft waved back and forth. Debbie had neglected to wear any underwear so she knew at this angle, the boy was looking straight down her V-necked top at most of her bare breasts. She waited a few seconds and then looked up and was not disappointed, as Mike’s eyes grew wide as he did his own inspection of her tits.

Rather than saying anything, she elected to just watch the boy soon become a horny voyeur while looking at her body. Her reward was the measured growth of an erection that was rising right in front of her eyes. The more he was mesmerized by her bare tits, (hoping to catch a glimpse of a bare nipple like all guys), the greater the angle his cock continued to rise.

Almost without thinking, Debbie said:

“Amanda is going to LOVE getting to know this BIG COCK of yours Mike,” as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft. “Hurry up with your shower so that we can get started,” and with that, she leaned forward, slipped the mushroom tipped pink shaft into her lips for a few seconds, wiggling her tongue all around the purple crown and then left the bathroom.

As she was working her way down the hallway, her hand immediately went to her damp pussy and she soon rubbed her clit as she entered her room. She opened up her closet and took out her summer white chiffon robe and knew this was what she was going to leave for the innocent boy to wear. Debbie heard the shower start and carrying the robe with her; she carefully opened the door, placed the robe on the sink and scooped up all of the boys’ wet clothes. She could not wait to see him in it!

“Don’t take too long Mike; I have left the robe here on the sink. Amanda and I will be waiting for you in the kitchen when you are all squeaky clean for us.” She was tempted to pull the shower curtain back to catch another glimpse of his naked body, hopefully catching him jacking off . . . but did not want to freak the boy out any more than she already had. She went downstairs to the basement and put the wet clothes into the dryer . . .and then thought for a moment. Why hurry? So instead of starting the dryer, she went back upstairs to join her daughter.

Amanda was anxious and horny to see the boy and after about 15 minutes he did not disappoint her. Interrupting a brief conversation, she was having with her mom, Mike leaned his head across the doorway hoping to see someone.

“Do either of you have anything else I could wear? This robe is like . . . almost see-through.” Debbie had to place her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing as her daughter said:

“It can’t be that bad, come on in and join us!” Placing his hands over the crotch of the robe, he timidly came over to the table and slipped into a chair across from Amanda.

“Mom . . . what about your dark blue robe?” she asked . . . but did not pursue things any further, as she caught her mom quickly shake her head.

“It will only be for a short time while your clothes get dried. How about some chips and salsa?” For the next several minutes the three of them visited back and forth and munched on chips. Getting somewhat impatient, Debbie decided to take the lead and move things in a more intimate direction.

“So Mike . . . Amanda said maybe you guys would like to learn more about each other and kissing and touching and fun stuff like that.”

“Mom . . . I did not!” said Amanda surprised. Mike smiled at the interplay between Amanda and her mother as he continued to feed his face. Ignoring her daughter, Debbie continued to move things along in a very suggestive way.

“Have you had much experience with girls, Mike?”

“Not a whole lot, and I wouldn’t mind knowing more. Are you gonna like give us lessons or something?” he asked humorously. Amanda was now beet red with embarrassment . . . not believing her mother’s approach.

“Sure, if you are UP (pause) . . . for it,” she said suggestively.

“I’m game . . . (and then looking at Amanda) if you are?” Amanda was surprised at his question . . . but nodded her head a couple of times.

“Then let’s get started. We are going to start off with some kissing lessons. Mike . . . pull out your chair a bit more, but remain seated.” Mike bashfully followed her instructions, but tried to keep his hands over his crotch.

“Amanda, I want you to sit on his lap and face him,” she said, getting secretly aroused at her suggestion, knowing that the boy’s rigid cock would probably be up against her daughters . . . tight little ass or better yet right under her young pussy. Shaking her head, Amanda got up and went over but stopped in front of him.

“Like I am going to straddle his legs or something?” she asked, looking at her mom.

“That’s right. Let me demonstrate,” she said gently moving her daughter aside and spreading her legs and then sitting on his lap. She immediately felt the boy’s stiff cock snuggled against her warm crotch.

“Just sit just like this and face him.” She began to gently rock over his cock, knowing he was getting more and more aroused. “Go ahead . . . now you try.” She got up and pushed her daughter in front of him. Her daughter looked down and immediately saw the boys cock . . . somewhat transparently hidden by the chiffon, but not by much.

She knew he was aroused, and that actually reminded her of the dream she had the night before. Without any further waiting, she placed all of her weight on her right foot, lifted her left leg over the boy and gently placed her tight little ass on his lap. She was wearing very tight jeans so she immediately felt the touch of his stiff erection on her young crotch.

Amanda looked straight down and was instantly aroused because although slightly covered by the transparent robe, the tip of his cock was still quite visible. This could be awesome fun she thought. Debbie looked over her shoulder at the same sight and winked at the boy, indicating things were about to start.

“Place one hand behind her head Mike . . . and the other down here by her cute little ass.”


“Sorry but it’s true because I have seen it . . . now go ahead.” She watched the two get into the position she had described. “Perfect! Now lean across and look into her eyes and move forward and press those lips of your against hers.” Debbie was getting aroused watching the two begin to kiss. Mike placed his hands as she suggested . . . but his right hand just kind of hung by her ass. He obviously needed some extra help she thought.

“OK you two . . . I know we just started, but let’s break for a second for a few more instructions. Mike take your free hand and place it in the middle of her ass and kind of pull her towards you. Girls like to feel the hand of boys . . . being in control and not all droopy.” Mike did as she suggested . . . and realized he could pull Amanda forward towards his stiff cock and drive her pussy right into it. If Amanda didn’t feel his shaft before, when he pulled forward . . . the thickness of his cock would move up against her damp pussy . . . and oh so close to her clit, that she needed to have touched. They practiced for a few minutes, causing both of their loins to reach a near nirvana pitch.

“Kissing always feels great, but the next step is to open your mouth and let the other person wiggle their tongue against yours. Go ahead and try that for a few minutes.”

Debbie pulled up a chair and watched the two embrace, noticing that both of their faces were turning bright red with excitement. At the same time, his hand was all over her ass as he kept pulling her towards him and she began to buck her hips to generate the most amount of arousal for both of them. Debbie also noticed that her daughter’s breasts were perking up and her nipples were stiff buds up against her top. She knew Mike was probably fantasizing about seeing her breasts . . . so it was time to move in that direction.

“Let’s take a little break you two. Honey . . . I want you to change into your cute little red skirt upstairs and then come back down so that we can continue.” Amanda stared at her mother’s suggestion, knowing her skirt was super short, and angry she had to stop feeling his big cock . . . up against her wet pussy.

“Fine,” she said and ran off to her bedroom to change. Once she got there as she slipped off her jeans, she noticed that her panties were now literally soaked with excitement. She decided to slip them off and change them . . . but was interrupted by her mom.

“No panties honey. I want you to feel him right up close to your little cunny.” As aroused as she was, she just smiled back at her mom. Amanda placed the panties she had picked out . . . back in the drawer and quickly zipped up her skirt and came back downstairs . . . again fantasizing about what might happen next.

“How about THAT outfit Mike? Almost like a little cheerleader, isn’t she? Maybe we should have her do some cartwheels for you. (pause) On second thought, let’s get back to where we were. Let’s mount this BIG horsey Amanda . . . and continue our lessons.

Here I can help you honey,” she said. Amanda was a bit bashful now about raising her leg up and over . . . especially since her hairless pussy was now all uncovered underneath. Her mom sensed that and actually placed her hands under her arm pits and lifted the girl back up onto Mike’s lap.

“Let’s get a bit closer honey, let me lift up the front of your skirt here . . . so that it doesn’t get all bunched up underneath you.” On purpose she held up the pleated material, but not at an angle to spoil the surprise and moved her daughter’s crotch right next to his still stiff cock that was sticking up. “Pull her close like before,” she said, and as instructed, his hand pulled her right next to her wet crotch. He immediately realized that the girl was not wearing ANY panties and that his fully aroused cock was literally right next to her moist slit.

“Kissing and touching are two great things. But this time while you kiss, I want you to begin to let your hands explore each other’s bodies. I know you were thinking about Amanda’s titties Mike . . . and honey I am certain you are anxious to get your hand wrapped around Mike’s BIG COCK sweetie so let’s give it a try.” The two lovebirds could not believe what just came out of Debbie’s mouth, but they also could not believe what she had just said . . . WAS what they had been thinking.

Mike was not bashful . . . as he slowly slipped his hand under Amanda’s top and began to make the short journey upwards . . . towards her naked titties. Amanda shivered as she felt his hot moist hands move closer and closer to her nipples, that she fantasized about him touching. She was embarrassed that her breasts weren’t bigger, but at the same time loved how her nipples were probably longer and more sensitive than most girls.

As his hand touched the base of her breast, she began to moan in anticipation. Hearing her passion, Mike captured both of her apple sized titties in his hands and felt her stiff nipples on his palms. He had never gone this far with any girl before, and his heart was pounding. At the same time, Amanda bashfully moved her hands down the front of her skirt, lifted it up so that she could get to his cock and moved further to between her legs where his shaft was up and standing at attention . . . still covered with the chiffon of her mom’s robe.

A devilish grin came across her face, as she found the gap between the two sides of the chiffon robe and slowly began to pull it apart. More and more of the silky fabric was pulled aside, baring his chest, and then his stomach. She continued to work her way down towards his stiff cock . . . wanting to touch it without anything being in the way. Meanwhile Debbie was watching both of them manipulate each other’s body, but was frustrated at not being able to see what their fingers were actually doing.

“Hey Mike, I’ll bet your having some real fun rubbing and touching her titties aren’t you? . . . but it’s always much better to see a girl’s breasts while you are excited. Honey let me help you with this top,” and without any notice, she found the sides of the top that were tucked into her short skirt, pulled them out and then instantly yanked the new top over her head . . . making her daughter suddenly topless. But that was not all she uncovered. There in clear sight was her daughter’s fingers . . . wrapped around Mike’s fully erect COCK.

“Good Girl! He has a BIG ONE doesn’t he? Let’s go back and continue where we were, with one last change. Mike, let’s pull up the bottom of Amanda’s skirt and tuck it up here against her tummy.” (She demonstrated).

“She has something she wants to show you!”

“MOM!” screamed Amanda. Mike was hesitant after her quick outburst, but looking into her eyes, he took his hands off her bare titties, and moved them down to her stomach. Amanda turned even more red with embarrassment, as Mike slowly pulled up the fabric and was rewarded by the sight of the girl’s bare pussy . . . the first he had ever seen.

“You guys are doing great!” said Debbie. “When you are learning how to turn on the other person, it’s so much easier if you don’t have clothes in the way. In fact, let’s have you both stand up, for the next lesson, and just start by each of you taking off the rest of each other’s clothes.” Mike and Amanda just looked at each other for a few seconds, rather than immediately following her Mom’s instructions.

“This is going so fast,” said Mike, “but I am sure having fun being with you.” Stepping over his waist, and for the moment having her skirt cover her pussy, she looked at him with a grin on her face and stood up. Her tits were fully aroused with both nipples as stiff as they had ever been.

“Me too. But . . . I’m looking forward to some private time with you.” Mike got off the chair he was sitting on and stood up next to Amanda.

“Honey . . . reach over and take off my silly robe from his shoulders,” said Debbie. Amanda turned sideways, looked down and noticed the fully erect cock, pushing against the thin fabric of the chiffon robe.

“Let’s get rid of this,” she said with a smile on her face, as she pulled the garment open, and then slipped her fingers into the upper sides of the robe. With his help, she glided the housecoat off his shoulders and then let it fall to the floor. As turned on as Mike was, being totally naked in front of the two women was even more arousing.

“My turn,” he said, as he knelt down in front of the topless girl, located the latch and the short zipper, and within seconds, was pulling the skirt down to her feet. Not wearing anything else, the girl was now just as naked as he was. Part 2 is being written and will be published shortly.

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