The Medieval Marine Part three


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The three of them pushed on through the night, just as Luke had said. By the next morning, Cecilia was almost asleep in the saddle and Marion wasn’t too far behind her. Even Luke was getting tired but he was used to it. When jetting all over the world ever week, you get use to not sleeping or grabbing cat naps whenever possible. They didn’t even stop to make breakfast. Today, breakfast was whatever was in the saddlebags that could be eaten cold. During the night, Luke had come up to a fork in the road and had decided to make a slight detour to Lincoln to sell the loot gathered from the ambushers. The ladies didn’t even notice the fork for they were both dozing off. Marion was the first one to realize that they were not on the road to York.

“Of course, not” replied Luke “We’re on the road to Lincoln. I want to sell all the extra loot we got and get some comfortable sleep.”

Both ladies agreed if only so that they could get some good sleep. Luke was quietly amazed; he actually got those two to agree on something. He still didn’t trust Cecilia any and probably never would. It was midafternoon before the trio got to Lincoln. It took them a couple of hours to sell the extra gear. While they had been going around selling the gear, they had found a good inn to stay at. Problem was that they were only able to rent one room. ‘Oh well’ thought Luke. They finished selling the stuff and got back to the inn; they were glad that they had rented the room earlier for the inn was now packed. After a quick dinner, the three of them went to the room and settled in. Luke of course checked out the room. Cecilia was now curious:

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for hidden rooms or listening holes. I had a bad experience one time and ever since I always check out new rooms. Once in a while I actually do find hidden rooms or listening holes.”


“It’s far better to be safe than sorry.”

Finding none, Luke started to settle down. Marion had already gotten their bedroll out. Cecilia was actually amazed that she didn’t have to fight for the bed. She soon figured out why for Luke laid down with Marion. Before long clothes were flying out from under their blankets. Cecilia couldn’t believe it; Luke and Marion were going to go at it right in front of her.

Marion had just laid down and curled up under the covers. She so enjoyed the feeling of Luke’s bedding on her skin that she almost fell asleep immediately. She moaned slightly when she felt Luke lay down with her. Before long she was getting warm and not just from Luke’s body heat. Her hands started to move by themselves and soon locked onto Luke’s manhood. Luke wasn’t sure if they should do anything with Cecilia in the room but the feeling of Marion’s hands gently tugging on his dick settled that issue for him; to hell with Cecilia. His hands started to roam Marion’s body, their lips locked, and Marion moaned into his mouth. Their hands started tearing at each other’s clothing and they couldn’t get naked fast enough. Clothes flew out from under the covers for they didn’t want some clothes to get in their way. By the time she was naked, Marion’s pussy was gushing like the Amazon during the rainy season and Luke was hard enough that he probably could had smashed granite. Marion pushed on Luke’s shoulders, signaling that she wanted to start out on top. This was just fine with Luke. Marion impaled herself completely in one shot and started to ride him like he was a rodeo bull. Problem was that, in her haste, she had forgotten about her moaning and by the time she started getting loud, about five seconds after bottoming out, she didn’t give a fuck anymore. She then became determined to give the inn some good vocal entertainment and announce, to the world, that Luke was hers. As Luke caught up to her, she was singing like an opera singer from a much later time, but she didn’t know that and didn’t care. Luke was again making her feel amazing. An added bonus for her was that Cecilia was in the room with them and Marion wasn’t about to waste this opportunity to show off what her and Luke could do together. Within minutes of impaling herself, Marion was cumming by the bucket loads. Meanwhile Luke hadn’t been quiet either and with Marion’s juices coating his balls he didn’t care. He was pounding away at Marion’s beautiful body from below and after she exploded, Luke flipped them over so that he was on top. It was time for him to show off a bit. He took Marion’s feet and put them on his shoulders. In this way he could bend Marion in half and drive deep into her. Just as he knew it would, this position caused Marion to start screaming at the top of her lungs. The biggest problem that Marion was having was being able to even form words.

While Luke and Marion were fucking, Cecilia at first was disgusted with her little sister. After all, what god fearing woman would want to see her unmarried sister getting laid, never mind that Cecilia was no slouch in the getting laid department. As Marion was having her second orgasm however, Cecilia started to have strange feelings; she was getting wet between her legs, her pussy was getting hot, and her nipples were hard as rock. She couldn’t believe that she was getting aroused at the sight of her little sister getting the stuffing pounded out of her. Then Luke had rolled over and Cecilia got her first glimpse of Luke’s manhood. The sight took her breath away. It looked like Marion was getting fucked by a horse! ‘How the hell did she even get that… that… that thing inside her?’ thought Cecilia as her hands started rubbing her breast and pussy. Not getting the feeling that she was after; Cecilia flipped her nightgown up so that she could get unblocked access to her pussy. Cecilia seen Marion look at her and she was wasn’t surprised to see Marion’s eyes were completely glazed over and her jaw slack. As Luke pounded Marion; Cecilia matched his pace with her hand and quickly had a powerful orgasm of her own. As she recovered, she was amazed to see that Luke was still pounding Marion, only now the two of them were on their sides; facing Cecilia. Cecilia got to watch as Luke’s giant hands roamed all over Marion’s body, and Marion’s hands disparately trying to get a hold of anything so that she could maintain some connection with Planet Earth for she was now having almost continuous orgasms. Marion’s breast was bouncing in prefect sync with Luke’s thrusting. Cecilia figured that Marion wouldn’t be able to speak in the morning and that she herself would probably be hard of hearing.

Finally, Luke rolled Marion back on her back, this time in the traditional missionary position, was now making full thrust, deep into Marion. She had recovered just enough so that she could kiss Luke as he thrust and could even urge him to fill her up. Of course, she paid no attention to how loud she was yelling but neither of them cared by this point, and for that matter neither did Cecilia for she was now having almost constant orgasms from fingering herself while smelling, watching, and listening to Marion and Luke. Marion knew that Luke was getting close when she felt his cock swell up even more. It got hotter still and his veins popped and gave Marion extra situation. Then it happened, Luke exploded. Eight giant shots of hot cum were unloaded into Marion’s pussy and this caused Marion to again cum so hard that she blacked out. As Luke gently pulled out of Marion, a mix of cum came flooding out of her pussy and all over their bedding. Just like their first time, Luke rolled over so that he was on his back, Marion crawled up, and put her head on his shoulder and a leg over one of his. Luke somehow managed to find a cover and pulling it over them fell asleep. This was actually Cecilia’s best chance to kill Marion, but like the two love birds she too had passed out.


The next morning the three of them all woke at about the same time. Luke was amazed that he had slept in and Cecilia was amazed that she had woken up early and was so rested. Watching Marion trying to walk, Cecilia fell off the bed she was laughing so hard. To rub salt into Marion’s wounds, Luke was chuckling a bit as well and all Marion could do was blush. She was too sore, at the moment, to do anything else. They all took turns with the chamber pot and after Marion and Luke had washed each other up a bit; got dressed and went to get something to eat. In the dining area Luke was greeted like a mighty warrior; while Marion was getting jealous looks from every woman in the room. Everyone had heard them and every woman wanted to be her or have a man like she did. This actually cheered Marion up quite well. She actually was enjoying the looks that she was getting; after all it just proved that she had something that none of them could even dream of. The innkeeper meanwhile had given the lovebirds free food. This annoyed Luke but he yielded after the innkeeper explained that she was not only very happy for them, but their love making had lured extra people in for supper the night before. It had actually been standing room only and the only fighting had been when someone else made too much noise. She had made more money off Luke and Marion’s love making then she had made in the previous month. Marion’s reaction to this got laughs from everyone in the room because she flushed the deepest red that anyone had ever seen. Cecilia had also noticed that she had been getting some jealous looks; but hers were equally from men and women. It didn’t take her long to figure out that they were jealous of her front row, well bed seat, to last night’s entertainment. Of course, it didn’t hurt that all three of them smelled like hot sex. Eventually they got done eating breakfast and returned to their room to pack up. Within an hour they were on the road to York. The three of them traveled quickly for Cecilia had given up on killing Marion on the road. Now she figured that she would use Marion to keep Luke around. Of course, that didn’t mean that Marion could be free; oh no. The first thing that Cecilia planed on doing when she got home was to trump up some charges against Marion to have her thrown in the dungeon. With Marion still alive, Cecilia could use her to force Luke’s cooperation.

While traveling, Luke had noticed the change in Cecilia’s behavior. At first, he had hoped that she might be starting to change, but a couple of comments, that she made, put this theory to rest; after all how often do leopards change their spots. Marion through was overjoyed at her sister’s change in demeaner for she had always wanted a loving sister growing up and now, apparently, she had one. As they rode Cecilia and Marion talked and joked as if they were the best of friends. Luke started to just ignore them and instead focused on keeping a look out for traps.

The rest of their trip back to Cecilia and Marion’s land was uneventful. Cecilia’s charm through wasn’t fooling Luke and he began to mentally prepare himself to do whatever he had to do, including abandoning Marion, in order to keep his knowledge from getting into the wrong hands. As they passed back into their family lands, the ladies immediately noticed a change. A blind person could have seen it. Houses were burnt and the people that lived in the area were starting to show signs of starvation. It was so bad that even Luke felt sickened by the sights. Cecilia and Marion were pale as ghost as they threw up everything in their stomachs. Eventually, Marion found one of the people that she trusted. It was an older woman, Lucy, who had lost her husband years before. Lucy had been Marion’s nanny, back when Marion was younger and they had retained a close friendship. When Marion first seen Lucy, Marion actually had to look very hard to make sure for Lucy had changed so much since Marion had last seen her, and that was just a week before Marion had left for London.

“Lucy what happened?”

“It was Richard. As soon as the three of you left for London, he moved in and took over. The guards that remained loyal are rumored to be in Richard’s dungeon; that is if they have not been killed by torture yet. Where is your father anyway?” Lucy was so depressed and dirty that it broke Marion’s heart, for she loved this woman. Lucy was the mother that Marion had never known.

“Father was killed in an ambush. John, Cecilia’s fiancé was killed too. The ambush was led by none other than William.” Lucy hissed at hearing this.

“I am so sorry, Marion. Now the big question, who is the giant behind you?”

“Oh sorry. Lucy this is Luke. Luke this is Lucy. She took care of me when I was younger. Lucy, Luke is the stranger that rescued Cecilia and I from the ambush. He killed William with his bare hands and he has been keeping us safe ever since. Also, we have fallen in love.”

“Oh really.”

“What, I am not allowed to fall in love?” Lucy smiled at this. Marion had always had a bit of fire in her soul.

“Back to serious issues Marion, you three need to get out of here before you are discovered. Word has it that Richard has put a bounty on your and Cecilia’s heads.”

“Not to fear Lucy, the only head that is going to be collected will be Richard’s” growled Luke.

Lucy now felt a spike of fear go through her. She had never heard a human sound like this. This Luke sounded much more like a wild animal. More to her surprise, the look on Marion’s face had hardened as well. Obviously these two knew something that Lucy didn’t.

“Lucy, I need all the information and rumors that you have on this Richard bastard.” Said Luke.

Over the next hour the woman told Luke everything that she knew about Richard. Richard was an older Earl that lived next to their land and had been eyeing Marion’s family land for years. Richard was one of those who get everything that he wanted, mostly because he was very quick to resort to very dirty and underhand tactics to get them. In the thirty years since Richard had gained his Earldom, he had tripled his land holdings. In the process, he had killed off whole villages and had put such a tax burden on the peasants living on his land that many of them were in a constant state of half starvation. This is what he had started doing in Cecilia and Marion’s lands, but here he taxed the peasants at such a high rate that many of them would be dead by the end of the year. If a peasant couldn’t pay the tax then one of several things might happen to them: they might be tortured, killed, if there were good looking women in the family then they would be taken to serve Richard or him men, young boys would be taken to be turned into soldiers. To put it simply, Richard viewed everyone below him as an expendable plaything and everyone including the king was below him, in his mind. By now, Cecilia had realized that she would have to put a hold on getting revenge on Marion. There was no way that Cecilia would live long enough to make up the charges against Marion, never mind pump Luke for information.

Luke listened carefully to everything that the women told him and asked pointed questions if he thought that they might have missed something. Finally, Luke asked Lucy:

“Where can I find Richard?”

“Why he now lives in the castle” said Lucy while she pointed at the castle that had once been Marion and Cecilia’s home. Luke gave Lucy some money and one of their extra horses and told her to get lost and if he failed to get rid of Richard, never come back. Luke had figured out, listening to all the stories that the only way to get rid of Richard was to kill him. So that’s what Luke set out to do. He had Marion show him a spot from which Luke could watch the castle and remain hidden. He then told Cecilia and Marion to get back to Lincoln and stay there until Luke sent for them. Cecilia was good with this, Marion wasn’t. Eventually it was agreed that Cecilia would travel to Lincoln with Lucy and Marion would help Luke. The ladies hugged each other when Cecilia set off with Lucy. Luke and Marion had given almost all their money to Cecilia and Lucy. Luke had told Lucy that she should find some business to invest in. That way she could keep making money and would have a secure future.

Luke now had to face the problem that he didn’t know what Richard looked like. Yes, he could shoot Richard from a long way off, but he had to know what Richard looked like first. Marion couldn’t take Luke to show him Richard, because too many people in the castle knew Marion. Then he hit on a solution. Luke would go into the castle, claiming to be a Scottish mercenary looking for a new job.

“How are you going to do that?” asked Marion “You’re not Scottish.”

“Something I haven’t mentioned to you, my family name is MacDougall, and I’ve spent enough time in Scotland to fake the accent good enough. Just have to hope that Richard doesn’t have any other MacDougall’s around.”

“Damn it Luke, how many more secrets do you have?”

“If you’re afraid of the answer then you probably shouldn’t ask the question my dear. On the plus side, you already know my biggest one. The rest aren’t too bad.”

Marion just gave him the stink eye.

“I should only be gone for a couple of days. If I’m not back by sunset four days from now, get out of here as fast as you can and never look back.”

Marion was starting to argue, but Luke wasn’t having any of it.

“Damn it Marion, think with your head and not your pussy. We can’t launch an attack without knowing what all Richard has going on inside and you are too well known to go in. That leaves me, plus I have a military background so I know what to look for.”

Again, Marion was gearing up for a fight, when she suddenly drew in her breath. She had realized that once again Luke was right and that if she tried to go in, she would be caught before the sun had gone done. “Ok, Luke. Get going, just be careful and remember that I love you.”

“I love you too, Marion. Remember if I’m no back by sunset four days from now get out of here, and take all my gear with you.” With that, Luke mounted his horse and started riding toward the family of York’s castle.


Getting inside the castle was a pain for Luke, for he was searched multiple times. Finally, he managed to get through the guards. Once inside, Luke was amazed at how destitute the place was. Everywhere it seemed there were people hanging at the end of ropes or in stocks. The air was thick with flies, but the remaining people didn’t seem to even notice. He seen some desperate people actually walk up behind someone in stocks and carve a big piece of flesh from them. A number of the people hanging appeared to be merchants and craftsmen which amazed Luke; after all what kind of idiot ruler would go after the very people who earned the money to pay the taxes. Of course, three answers came to Luke’s mind. Evil despot rulers, socialist, and communist and usually the evil despot rulers were brightest of the three. Their end goal was always the same just dressed up in different ways; power for themselves and their supporters. Luke didn’t even have to look for an inn because there were so many abandoned homes to pick from but first Luke had to get a meeting with this Richard idiot.

This actually proved to be very easy. Luke just walked right up to the main castle doors and told the guard that he was a mercenary looking for a job. Luke looked the part too with two swords, an impressive collection of knives, and a large shield that he had bought while in Lincoln. When Luke finally met the Earl Richard for the first time Luke almost fell to the floor laughing. This guy had some serious man issues. For starters he was hideously ugly. Marion of course had told his this, but Luke had never pictured something this ugly. Another thing was Richard was extremely short, even for the era. Luke estimated him to be no more then four foot nine or ten. Finally, the guy had some kind of speech problem which for normal people wasn’t a problem, but for people who thought of themselves masters of the world, this was a major problem.

“So, I hear that you want a job as one of my soldiers?”

“Yes sir, that is correct.” Stated Luke with his slight Scottish accent. He could have laid it on thicker but figured that keeping things light would help convince Richard that Luke was really a very experienced soldier.


“Why not. I need a job and I heard that you sir are hiring.”

“Well, let us see what you can do.”

“David, Matt, John. Test this man’s metal.” Richard set back to enjoy the entertainment. He was going to enjoy watching his best man whittle this giant down to size. The three of them approached Luke spaced out evenly around him. Luke waited until the last possible second, then stuck. Using the same method that he had used on William; Luke sidestepped David’s strike, grabbed his right wrist with one hand and broke is elbow with his other. Luke then moved and snapped David’s neck. This pissed the other two men off for all three were very close. With new fury they moved on Luke who was still calm as ever. This time he drew his swords. These were hand and a half swords, but in Luke’s hands they became single handed swords. With longer swords and much more strength, Luke quickly forced the other two knights back. Finally, Matt managed to get past Luke’s swords and deliver a blow to Luke. This blow was normally a fatal blow, but Luke just shrugged it off. Before Matt could get out of the way, Luke hit him between his eyes with the pommel of one of his swords. Matt’s skull shattered with the blow causing everyone around to cringe. Now it was one to one and John was not only in a rage, but was also fearful. He had seen both his best friends killed before his eyes and this giant had received a usually fatal blow from Matt. Yet it barely seemed to affect him. Luke now went on an all-out attack on John. It was all John could do to keep Luke’s blades off of him. If John didn’t do something fast, he would be killed too. Finally, John had an opening and he took it. Problem was that Luke had purposely let his have that opening and taking it proved to be a fatal mistake for John. As John delivered what he hoped would be at least a debilitating blow on Luke, Luke trapped John’s sword and pulled John to him. Close in, Luke dropped his swords, picked up John, turned him over, and drove him head first into the floor. This completely crushed John’s head. It was so bad that you couldn’t even tell that it had been a head. Luke the casually picked his swords up and sheathed them. He then started to return to in front of Richard who was sitting in his chair with is mouth open. He had never seen someone win a three to one fight so fast. As Luke got back to where he had started, he heard the unmistakable sound of a bow being drawn. As quick as lighting, Luke drew a throwing knife and let it fly. It stuck the bowman in the throat, killing him instantly. Luke walked over, kicked his knife loose of the man’s neck, wiped it off on the man’s uniform, and returned the knife to its place. By now the look of fear was in every face of the room, including Richard’s. It was obvious to all that this man was not one to be messed around with.

Upon returning Luke asked:

“Well, happy now?”

“Yes, you are a remarkable soldier, how did you survive Matt’s strike; sorcery?”

Luke snorted at this. “Sorcery please? Do not insult me in such a way ever again. I survived because I designed my own armor which is hidden in my clothes. Only complete losers blame their loss on sorcery. Real men take responsibility for their victories as well as their defeats.”

“So, they do, friend. So, they do. Now to business, what would you be charging for your services?”

“Eighty pounds sterling a year.” He had talked with Marion and she had told him that while this was a bit expensive Richard would gladly pay it to have a soldier of Luke’s caliber.

“Sixty pounds a year plus I will provide you with girls to use whenever you please.”

“Seventy, plus some girls of my choosing.”

“You drive a hard bargain Hildyard. I accept and my I say that name suits you very well.”

“Thank you m’lord.” Luke had picked this alias for that very reason. It meant one who is like a wolf in battle.

“Take my new knight to pick his girls.” Richard said to a servant. The servant wouldn’t even dare look at Richard for Richard would kill anyone who he thought gave him a disrespectful look. Luke followed the servant into another set of rooms. There were many good-looking females there, some being quite young and some being decent looking MILFS.

“Thank you, my good man. What is your name?” asked Luke looking at the servant.

“Michael, sir”

Kneeling down in front of the servant Luke said quietly to him:

“Never call me sir again, you hear me. My name is Hildyard. Got it?”

“Yes si.. Hildyard” said Michael with a slight grin.

“Good.” Luke had a warm smile on his face “When you tell your friends about me as I am sure that you will, make sure that you pass the word on to them.”

“Yes Hildyard.”

With that, the servant scampered away almost causing Luke to laugh. Turning back to the women, Luke had to work to hide just how disgusted he really felt. These women were being forced into sex slaves because their family couldn’t pay the sky-high taxes that Richard insisted on levying on them. Luke quietly looked at each one. Finally, he thought that he might have a way that he could do this. Going to one of the servants by the door:

“This is going to be a hard choice for me to make. Can you show my to my chamber and then have the women report to it one at a time please?”

“Yes sir. This way sir.” the servant snapped. Luke sighed to himself, this servant hadn’t heard his bit to Michael. ‘Oh well’ thought Luke.

Once Luke had been shown his chamber, the women were sent in one at a time like he had requested. Luke had to be very careful here for one false move on his part and Richard would figure out that Luke was lying through his teeth and then it was only a mater of time. As Luke carefully questioned each of the women, he had to work at sounding like an arrogant mercenary soldier when in fact all he wanted to do was to get the woman out of there and back to their homes. Luke finally picked some young ladies who were all a bit younger than Marion and an older one that had worked in the castle while Marion had lived there. The reason that Luke had picked the younger woman was to help protect them for they were brand new to the harem and were still virgins. He had absolutely no intention of forcing himself on any of them. Of course, this first night he would be able to use being very tired as an excuse but the following nights could be difficult.

Finally, it was time for bed. Luke had managed to procure a separate room for “his” woman so that no one else would have a chance to force themselves on them. Luke took the oldest one into his room for the night. Of course, he had already checked out the room twice and had found no hidden listening holes. Still, he had to be careful. The older lady was named Stella and Luke put her age about thirty or so.

“So, Stella what can you tell me about yourself. I find sex to be more enjoyable when I know something about the bitch.”

“Well, I am twenty-nine years old, I think. Married once but he died from an accident. I had one child with him but she died before she made it to one year old. I have working in this castle all my life and I know exactly how to please men.”

“What can you tell me about the previous owners? I have heard whispers about them but none of it makes any sense.”

“Why do you want to know about the previous owners?”

“Because I am curious, so humor me please.”

“The owner was named Charles. He was a good man who lost his wife so after his youngest daughter, Marion, was born. After this he never remarried but used the ladies of the castle to keep him company. It was actually very good for us because he was kind and gentle with us.”

“You mentioned a daughter?”

“He actually had two, Cecilia and Marion. Cecilia was a two-faced wild child, but Marion was kind, loving, and very intelligent.”


“Yes, word has it that they were killed on their way back from London which is just as well. For if they had gotten back here, Richard would have had Charles tortured and imprisoned and his daughters would have become Richard’s concubines.”

“I see. I can see where death would be preferable. Come here Stella.”

Stella came up to Luke, expecting to be ravaged, but to her surprise Luke invited her to lay with him while she still had her clothes on.

“Master what is wrong? Do I not please your eyes?”

“Never call me master. My name is Hildyard and that is what I expected to be called. Understand?”

“Yes” squeaked Stella.

“Good. Now for tonight I just want a beautiful, caring woman to curl up with; for after my travels and the excitement of this afternoon I am too tired for any fun right now.”

With that Stella curled up in Luke’s arms and quickly found herself feeling safer than she had felt in years. This man was very kind and considerate; a bit weird for a man but Stella could live with that. He was much better than Richard was that was for sure.

When she woke up the next morning, Luke was gone. His spot was still warm through so he wasn’t far away. Indeed, as she put her feet on the floor, Luke came through the door holding two bowls of stew. He gave Stella her pick of the two and he took the other one. He also gave her a piece of bread and a few veggies. Now Stella was just blown away by this man. He was far kinder than any other man she had ever met. She was also glad that he had been able to get the fresh virgins before Richard could get to them for Stella knew that Hildyard would be gentle with them; while Richard purposely was extra rough with fresh meat. After they finished eating Luke gave Stella her assignment for the day.

“I want you to care for my ladies. Get them cleaned up. A couple of them smell so bad that it is hard to be in the same room with them. Also, if anyone of the bastards so much as touches any of them I want to know about it. Got it?”

“Yes, Hildyard”

“Good. Now I have to get going for I have a lot of things to get done today.”


Luke wasn’t actually worried that anyone would mess with his ladies, he had scared everyone shitless yesterday, but it was always better to be ready. Luke first went to the training yard to work out with some of the other knights and other soldiers, at least that’s what he told everyone. In reality he was looking for weaknesses, learning about these knight’s fighting styles, and learning just how many men Richard had here. Many of the knights seemed to be second rate and the soldiers only went about their training half heartily. Luke could guess why, but the last thing he wanted to do was ask them. The problem with asking questions is that you tell the person that you’re asking that the information you seek is in someway important to you so Luke spoke as little as possible.

After a few hours of training, Luke had a little bit of free time, so he wondered the town. Everywhere he went he could feel the people’s eyes following him. He could feel the hatred in their looks. This, of course, put him on high alert but thankfully no one attacked. He made sure to quietly pay extra for all the food that he bought. Most of it he would take back for his ladies so that they could start to regain their strength. He dropped the food off in his quarters and went to find Richard for he had an important meeting scheduled. Luke had a contract to sign with the devil.

To Luke’s surprise, the contract was in order and ready for signature. After signing Luke got his first assignment. He was to go toward London and look for Richard’s son William. William should have reported in by now and yet nothing had been heard of him. While out Luke was to keep an eye out for the previous owners. If Luke met them, he was to kill or capture them, whichever was most convent at the time. Luke couldn’t believe his ears; this was going to play right into his hands. As an added bonus, he could take his women with him and he would have a small escort. The escort part bothered Luke a bit but they were easy to get rid of. On the other hand, through…Luke requested that he be able to choose his men. He figured that three should be enough. Richard agreed but only allowed Luke two. Luke made sure to pick two of the men that had shown the most hatred toward Richard’s knights during the training session. Luke told them that they would be setting out first thing in the morning so they had better get some rest.

Upon returning to his chamber for the evening, he was surprised that all his ladies were in the room. When Luke entered, they all stopped talking and looked at him. Luke had to admit that they definitely cleaned up nice. Then Stella stepped forward:

“Hildyard, rumor has it that you are leaving in the morning?”

“That is correct. Are you speaking for the group, Stella?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well then get on with it or let them speak for themselves.”

“We thank you kindly for the extra food. That was the best that we have ate since this Richard took over.”

“Well, no thanks are necessary.” Luke said to the group with a warm smile that always seemed to melt hearts. “Now ladies listen up. I will be leaving very early in the morning on a special mission. I have been given permission for you to accompany me on my journey. We will also have a two-man escort. Now I suggest that all of you get to bed now for I want to be going through the gate just as it is getting light. Now move and no arguments.”

Tonight, Luke took the youngest of the ladies to bed with him. Her name was Gabriel and she reminded Luke a lot of Marion.

“Hildyard, I have no idea how to please…” That was as far as she got before Luke cut her off with a gentle kiss.

“Do not worry about that for now. Just come sleep next to me for we have to be up early in the morning.” Gabriel was starting to feel things that she had never felt before and Hildyard was causing those feelings.

“But” Luke just gave her his special shut the fuck up look. It worked every time he used it, and it did here as well. Gabriel curled up next to Luke and like Stella the night before felt completely safe and quickly fell asleep.

As promised, Luke was up very early the next morning. He figured that it was about three AM. He went around to all the ladies, gently woke them up, and ordered them to get ready to leave. Then he made his way to the barracks; here he wasn’t gentle at all. He expected his men to follow orders and sure enough, neither of them was up yet. Luke woke them up with his boot on their asses.

“Get up you miscible excuses for soldiers! Get up now! When I tell you to be ready to go at a certain time you had better be ready to go.” Luke’s voice boomed through the barracks. He was being far meaner than usual on purpose. He figured that these men would probably continue to be soldiers once he helped Marion take over and Luke wanted to get a start on instilling disciple in the men.

Luke had to wait almost an hour for the men to get squared away and ready to go. Of course, he had already anticipated this; after all that’s why he woke everyone up so early. Finally, everything was ready and the small group set off. The two soldiers weren’t happy to put it mildly. They had been dragged out of their billet before dawn, they were assigned to escort a monster and a group of his concubines, and the worst part was that this Hildyard had the complete support of that asshole Earl Richard. They were partisans for the previous landowner and they were convinced that Richard had something to do with the Charles’s disappearance.

“When that bastard is busy with his women, it will be the prefect chance to get rid of him, and then we can rescue those women and get them back home.” One of the escorts said quietly to the other as they were headed out of the castle. The other nodded in agreement.

The trip out of the town gates went quickly for the sun was just starting to lighten up the Eastern sky. Luke made sure that they headed out the right gate so that Marion would see them. As the group was ready to head into the forest, the escort was out in front of the group; they came across a man standing in the road, wearing a long cape with the hood up.

“Get out of our way!” one of the escorts, Michael yelled. He was agitated and this man had already pissed him off.

“I have just as much right to be on this road as you do.” Answered the man calmly. This really pissed Michael off and he drew his sword. His companion, Tom drew his too. Luke just calmly watched but didn’t draw his sword for he figured who the man was.

“Why are you not drawing your weapon?” asked Stella

“Why bother? The odds are already two-to-one, plus I know who that is and I have no desire to cross swords with her.”

“Wait. Her?!?!” exclaimed Stella.

“Just watch.”

Marion waited until both men committed to their attack before making her move. She used her staff to knock both men off their mounts. Then she made sure to grab both men’s mounts before they ran off. The last thing Marion wanted to do was to chase done the horses. She tied the horses to a nearby branch. By the time that Marion got the horses under control and tied up, the men were finally getting to their feet and to say that they were pissed would have been an extreme understatement. How had this peasant dismounted both of them? Marion just waited for them to get up. The men both charged at the same time and this time Marion actually had to fight back a bit. She used a leg sweep to take Tom out and she side-stepped Michael. Before Michael could turn around, Marion had him in a sleep hold and her knee was planted firmly in his back. With Tom still suffering from the wind being knocked out of him; it was just Marion and Michael so when she demanded that he yield, he did. Marion then drew her sword and held it to Tom’s throat and demanded that he yield as well. Tom had no choice so he did. Marion then turned to Luke.

“Well big guy, how about you? Are you going to join the party?”

“I think not. I’ve done some dumb things in my time, but I’m not stupid.”

The ladies in his group looked at him, confused. Luke didn’t strike them as cowardly but here he was refusing to give battle and what was those strange words that he used.

“No, you’re not, Luke. You’re a lot of things but you’re not dumb.” Giggled Marion

Now everyone in the group was confused. Who was this man? Why was Hildyard afraid of him? Who is Luke?

“Now that I have everyone’s attention…” said Marion. She then dramatically swept off her hood and there was a collective gasp from the group. This man that Hildyard was afraid of was a woman. Stella then recognized who it really was, leapt off her horse, ran to Marion, and fiercely embraced her. Stella whispered in Marion’s ear, while embracing her:

“What are you doing here? Marion, get out of here. Now! Hildyard has orders to arrest or kill you on sight. Get out of here, I will try and hold Hildyard off so you can escape.”

“Stella, why would I want to escape?” Stella was alarmed for she cared deeply about Marion.

Marion turned to Luke

“Seriously Luke, Hildyard”

Luke dropped his Scottish accent “What? I thought it was a nice touch.” With that he got off his horse walked over to Marion, picked her up, kissed her, and swung her around. Marion was laughing during this. Finally, they both turned to the group, who were now confused, afraid, and several emotions that they didn’t know what they were. Marion then spoke to the group.

“Everyone, I want to introduce to you Luke MacDougall, and yes he is my man. He rescued Cecilia and I when Richard’s son attacked us. Luke killed William’s men and killed William with his bare hands. Since then, he has been protecting us on the journey home. Cecilia has returned to Lincoln with Lucy until the crisis is over. By the way Luke, your gear is safely hidden away in camp”

Luke turned to the women that he had brought with him

“All of you are now safe. If you want you can return home.”

One of the ladies started crying:

“I can not return home. Richard’s men destroyed it.”

Marion ran to comfort her while the others gave a similar story. While Marion was taking care of the women, Luke walked over to the guards.

“Neither of you have anything to fear. I taught her” Luke pointed at Marion “how to fight. That is why both of you got your asses beat, and no I have no intention of supporting a bastard like Richard. I am completely loyal to Marion.”

The relief on the men’s faces was as obvious as it was instant. Michael also started to look a bit guilty for he remembered their plans and wasn’t sure what to do or even what to think. Luke saved him from further worry.

“No need to worry Michael. I figured that you and Tom were planning on killing me eventually. The reason I picked you two was the shear hatred, for Richard and his men, that I had seen in your eyes during our training season the other day.” Both of them were now red as beets and Luke had to laugh. “Part of the training that I got, when I was in the military, was how to look for traps and part of that is properly reading people. Now I am going to need your help. I want to help Marion get rid of Richard permanently. Will you two help me, help her.”

“That bastard killed my wife in front of me after he and his men raped her. He took my daughters and made them his concubines, and he hung my sons from the ceiling of my house. He then forced me to be one of his soldiers and if I refused then my daughters would be killed very slowly. I only became one of “his men” to hopefully find a way to save my daughters.” Said Tom

“What is your story, Michael?” asked Luke.

“My family was killed several years ago. I had to come to town for a few days and when I returned home, I found out that they had all gotten sick and died while I had been gone. I became a soldier so that I would hopefully never have to return to that village again. Life was good while Charles was the lord running things, but under that devil Richard no one is safe. I was actually getting ready to leave and head to London.”

“Well men, will we help me and hopefully afterwards stay soldiers but this time under Marion?”

Neither man looked at the other one. They went up to Marion, drew their swords, kneeled in front of her, and held their swords up to her. Behind them, Luke smiled. He was happy that once again his instincts had been correct. Marion’s embarrassment was just an added bonus.

“Stand up, both of you. Luke did you tell them to do this?” Marion asked with a bit of venom in her voice. She had caught him smiling. Luke just shrugged at her.

Luke and Marion then spent the next hour learning everyone’s stories and telling their story. Neither Luke nor Marion mentioned that Luke was from the future. They were not ready to revile that secret, yet. Eventually, Luke and Marion stood next to each other, Luke with his arm around Marion’s shoulder, “So ladies will you help us as well?” asked Marion.

“But, we’re women…”

“And I’m not a woman?” asked Marion cutting them off.

“That’s…that’s not what we meant Lady Marion.” Said the women all at once.

Marion looked crossly at them and they all shrunk in fear. They were really thrown for a loop when Marion then smiled warmly at them. “Not to worry for once I was like you. I could not defend myself and then I met Luke. He taught me how to fight and more importantly when to fight and when to retreat and I bet that he will teach all of you too. One more thing, I am just Marion, not Lady Marion” Marion then looked at Luke and he nodded.


Over the next month, Luke and Marion trained everyone in the group basic self-defense tactics. The ladies were amazed at how their fortunes had changed. They had started off as simple concubines only allowed to live if they were able to please men and now, they knew how to protect themselves. Luke also taught them how to be soldiers. The guys didn’t really agree with teaching the women how to fight or be soldiers, but they certainly were not going to complain. After all they now had a chance to square accounts with Richard. Part of their training was to ambush groups of Richard’s soldiers as they raided the countryside. At first the women had a hard time killing, but they quickly got over it. When they would look at Marion, they would always take heart. In battle, Marion was proving to be not only extremely intelligent but also could be very cold blooded and ferocious when she had to be. She had no problems with executing prisoners that they took. Marion knew that they couldn’t give prisoners a chance to escape and warn Richard. They also didn’t have the extra manpower to guard them or food to feed them. In every battle, yhey would strip the dead of gear. When they had extra gear, they would put it in hiding so that they could come back and get it later.

The better the women became the more disgruntled Michael became. He didn’t believe in women in combat or even having them as soldiers, but he did admit that having them in close quarters did provide him with some unique opportunities for he was a serial rapist and murderer. There was nothing that he liked better then popping a virgin’s cherry, filling her up with cum, and then forcing her to suck all the bloody cum off his cock before he strangled them. In this group he thought that he had found the pinnacle of virgins, Gabriel. She was tall, had chestnut colored hair that was full and wavy. She had warm, brown eyes, a firm pair of breasts and with all the exercise that she had been getting over the last moth; she was developing a very firm ass. He wasn’t worried about the fact that she had taken to Luke and Marion’s training the best for he was planning on surprising her, raping, and killing her before anyone else knew what was going on. Afterwards, he would disappear and continue his raping somewhere else.

Finally, it was the evening before the group was planning on returning to York. Their raiding of Richard’s men had taken its toll on Richard’s forces. They were afraid to leave the safety of the castle for even a short distance because just leaving the gates was proving to be very dangerous. Marion had made sure to leave some of the corpses where they could be seen from the castle walls. She had done this at Luke’s urging while he explained to her the modern-day concept of PHY-OPS. The more she thought about this, the more she liked it. If the enemy could be mentally defeated before battle then you would suffer fewer causalities and maybe you could even avoid a battle in the first place. Michael meanwhile had been watching everyone in the group and he finally seen his perfect opportunity to strike. The rest of the group had bedded down early so that they could get up early and get ready. Gabriel had gone down to the stream so that she could get a quick bath. She was unaware that she was being followed. Just as she had got her clothes off, Michael stuck. He came up to her quickly, put one of his powerful hand over her mouth and held his knife to her throat with the other one. Normally this would have been more then enough, but Gabriel now knew what to do. Before Michael could react, she drove her heal into his knee. While she didn’t break it, he was now hurting and lost his grip on Gabriel. As soon has her mouth was free, she screamed. Michael was too busy trying to get control of his prey to care, after all they were a way away from the camp and everyone else had turned in. Michael was able to land a punch squarely in Gabriel’s face. This knocked her to the ground and the force of hitting the ground stunned her. Michael untied his pants and slowly lowered them. He loved seeing the fear on his victim’s faces when they realized what was about to happen to them. As Michael was getting on his knees so that he could force his way into Gabriel’s virgin cunt, he felt something cold and sharp touch the back of his neck. This caused him to freeze. Slowly he turned his head and found himself looking into Marion’s expressionless face.

“Hey Luke, before we go to sleep, I have something to tell you.” Luke looked down at Marion. She had assumed their usual post coitus spot. Her head laying on his shoulder and one of her legs over his with her cream filled pussy leaking on him.

“Oh ya what’s that.” Said Luke half asleep.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m pregnant. Won’t know for sure for a little while but I missed my last period and I’ve not been feeling good in the mornings.” Luke was now fully awake. During their time together he had never given a thought to Marion getting pregnant. Mentally Luke cursed himself for being such an idiot. Yes, he loved Marion, but Luke wasn’t sure why he had been transported to this universe and Marion having a child could cause serious problems if Luke ever got the opportunity to go home. This is why he never told Marion all he knew about the future. He never even told her his real fears of leaking the information that was locked away in his head. Marion misread the look on Luke’s face.

“Don’t worry honey, it was bound to happen eventually and I’m so happy to be carrying your child.”

Luke took a deep breath. He was going to have to finally tell Marion all of his fears. As he was about to start, they both heard a scream and recognized it as Gabriel. Marion grabbed her sword and raced off toward the scream as fast as she could still naked. Luke stopped to put his pants and then he was following in Marion’s wake with both of his swords.

When Luke caught up, he found Gabriel on the ground still stunned. Her clothes had been put on a nearby branch so Luke assumed that she had been getting a bath. Marion had her sword at someone’s neck but however it was, was facing away from Luke. Then they turned their head and Luke could see that it was Michael. Luke went over and helped Gabriel to her feet and gave her back her dress. Meanwhile Marion was forcing Michael to return to camp without his clothes. Gabriel had serious problems walking so Luke decided just to carry her. He gently picked her up and cradling her in his arms, carried her back.

Marion forced Michael back to camp and made him get on his knees.

“You think making me get on my knees will change anything bitch then you are dumber than I thought you were. I was well within my rights as a man to demand that she service me.”

Marion leaned in and whispered in his ear “It’s not just me that you have to worry about. And if you think that raping that poor girl makes you a man then I have to wonder how humans have survived so long. With such sorry excuses for a man as yourself, we should have all died off thousands of years ago. I’m willing to bet that it was actually Adam that got humans kicked out of the garden and when the men writing the bible realized the truth, they switched the roles so that history wouldn’t find out the truth.”

By this time, Luke had returned with Gabriel and she was starting to recover. Luke tried to hand her off to Stella to care for but Gabriel wasn’t having it.

“I want to see what happens to him.” Her voice was one of iron and Luke knew that arguing wouldn’t do him any good.

“Well come on then” was all he said.

Luke was actually impressed when he realized what Marion was doing. She was organizing a trail by jury. Everyone knew what had happened but Marion wanted to start establishing a precedent. She was obviously thinking long term and Luke was impressed. Once everyone in the group had gathered; the trail started. Gabriel told all what happened and what Michael said. Michael was given the opportunity to defend himself but refused. He obviously didn’t realize Marion’s growing power and strength. Finally, it was time for the group to vote on Michael’s guilt or innocence. The entire group voted Michael guilty. Michael was stunned when Tom voted with the women.

While Michael had been growing disgruntled, Tom had been changing as well. He saw the women getting stronger and he found that he was being drown to them and one in particular, Stella. They were close to the same age and had both had a hard life. Stella, for her part, was well aware of Tom’s attraction to her and while she hadn’t made a final decision on the matter yet, she was starting to have naughty thoughts about Tom especially while Luke and Marion were practicing their love making.

With the guilty verdict, Marion passed sentence on Michael. He would be castrated, his balls would be forced down his throat, and then he would be executed. Luke was stunned by her harshness. He had never seen Marion so cold as she was now but he didn’t argue. After all, this was her time era not his, and after the word got around of what she was capable of then hopefully there wouldn’t be as much resistance for her. Marion ordered Michael tied to two trees. She then stood in front of him as she slowly sharpened her knife. Finally, Marion reached down and cut Michael’s balls off. As he was screaming, Marion put his balls in his mouth and then covered his nose and clamped his mouth shut so that he would have to swallow his balls. After he swallowed his balls, Michael was crying. Luke and Tom cringed but didn’t look away; after all nobody had forced Michael to attempt to rape Gabriel. Marion then drew her knife across Michael’s throat, cutting the jugular and carotid. It took a minute or so for Michael to bled out. During that time, Stella came up next to Tom and held his hand. After all, Michael had started off being Tom’s best friend. Marion then ordered that Michael’s body be left where it was. It was getting late and they had to travel almost half a day tomorrow to get back to York.

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