The Horse Ranch Tour



The adventures of the two sisters, Natalie and Jenny continue.

“Come on, Domino, you can do it!” Jenny urged with a flick of the reins. But the spotted palomino stallion took several steps in reverse, tossing its head with a snort. “He won’t go!” the blonde cutie huffed with frustration.

Natalie, the younger sister, looked dubiously at the narrow suspension bridge that Jenny was attempting to coax her mount across. Barely wide enough for a single person and swinging precariously in the wind, the structure didn’t appear inviting for a creature of the equine persuasion. Astride her grey appaloosa, Pepper, Natalie turned a worried glance up the other direction on the trail. A steep, rocky slope loomed. Hand and footholds abounded for a human, but it would be a treacherous ascent for a horse.

The day had started pleasantly enough, a warm spring day in beautiful mountain country. The two girls were on holiday at a tourist ranch and had signed up for a guided horseback tour into the mountains. Their father had accompanied them on this vacation, but had also brought along his possessive new girlfriend. She was commanding all of Daddy’s attention so the two sisters had signed up for the horse tour on their own.

Somehow they had lagged behind and became separated from the tour group. A wrong turn onto a side trail had led them even further astray. Eventually the little-used pathway had dwindled and run out, leaving the two girls and their horses lost in the unfamiliar woods. Calling out for help, their voices seemed swallowed up by the vastness of the wilderness and the sensation of being truly on their own washed over them. Eventually they had stumbled over the hiking trail where they now stood. But with an impassible footbridge spanning a river chasm in one direction, and a dangerously rugged climb in the other, the pathway seemed to offer no solution for their horses.

Ever hopeful, Jenny once again fished her cell phone from the saddlebag, holding the device up high in an attempt to capture an elusive signal. Numerous previous attempts had failed, but suddenly her expression brightened. “Nats! I got one bar!” she exclaimed to her sibling. Natalie cheered as her older sister dialed the number to the tourist ranch.

A painful delay dragged on as the phone struggled to complete the weak connection. Finally the subdued purr of a ring could be heard and a gravelly voice on the other end offered “Trail’s End Ranch,” in greeting.

“Ummm, Hi, ah, this is Jenny. We were like on your horseback tour this morning, but we kind of got lost from the group and now we’re not sure how to get back.”

“You got to speak (crackle) Can barely (static) you.” The voice replied.

Jenny repeated her message, elevating her tone.

“OK, can you (fizz, pop) landmarks?”

“Landmarks… ah… We’re on some sort of trail,” Jenny offered. There’s this rope bridge and…”

“Cutter’s Bridge,” the voice confirmed. “Yeah, that’s not (silence) horse trail.” A crinkling noise arose in the background, the sound of a map being unfolded. “But (crackle) in luck. (silence) old mining camp a mile up river. (hissing) trail will lead you right down to the ranch. But it’s steep. (crackling) to walk the horses down. And you’ll need to keep them calm. If they spook, they’ll take you (static) the edge.

Jenny nodded. “Wow. OK. So how do we do keep them calm?” she asked. A prolonged silence drew out. “Hello? Are you still there?” With a look of dismay she inspected the screen then turned to her sister. “It cut out,” she explained. Several attempts to redial the call failed. The cantankerous phone had once again lost its tentative connection to the outside world.

Natalie gave her older sister a worried look. Neither of the girls was an experienced rider and it seemed like they were in over their heads. But Jenny pasted on a smile of faux confidence. “It sounds simple,” she explained. “Like the guy said, we just follow this cliff along the river for a mile or so to that old mining town. From there, we take the trail down into the river valley and right back the ranch.” Natalie nervously chewed her lower lip as she glanced down over the edge of the ravine, noting the deep drop to the small river far below. But lacking other options, she agreed.

“Cheer up!” Jenny chirped. “It will be like an adventure!” Her eyes beamed and the pretty blonde seemed almost giddy with excitement. “Let’s go, Domino!” she called, coaxing her stallion into a turn with a tug on the reins. Then she set off back into the woods, tracking along the edge of the steep drop off. Less enthused, Natalie motivated Pepper into motion with a nudge of her knees and the male appaloosa dutifully fell into marching order behind her sister’s horse. Through breaks in the trees, the girls could see hints of a narrow, winding trail in the valley below, twisting its way upward along the ridgelines of the jagged terrain.

In the lead, Jenny chattered nervously. The girl was an adrenaline junkie, so this little misadventure was fuel for her fire. “Isn’t it exciting, Nats?” the older sister exclaimed, twisting around in the saddle towards her sibling. Natalie couldn’t help but grin in response. The evidence of Jenny’s excitement was hard to miss. Clad in a clinging, low-cut white tee shirt, her large breasts bobbed in time with the measured pace of her stallion. The thin material and enticing jiggle of the flesh within clearly betrayed the lack of a bra. Fully erect nipples sat proud on those firm tits, projecting clearly through the tight top. Natalie gave a wistful sigh, wishing her own petite build was more like her sister’s stunningly curvy form.

The older sister once more turned her attention forward, moving on through the woods. Although relatively new to the rigors of horseback, Jenny seemed to have found the natural rhythm of her mount. Natalie smirked as she watched the alluring sight. Was it her imagination, or was Jenny adding a bit of extra “grind” each time her tight pink shorts bounced lightly in the saddle?

Licking her lips, Natalie urged her horse in closer for a better look. Closing the distance, the subtle motions of Jenny’s hips betrayed the truth. With each rhythmic oscillation, horse and rider moved in synchronized motion. Jenny posted up in the saddle and then eased back down, slightly leaning forward and grinding her loins along the polished leather, curvaceous hips rolling in a sexual sway. As if lost in a trance, Natalie could not look away. Feeling like a secret voyeur, she felt her heart rate increase with forbidden lust and her loins responded with a minor shudder as she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Soon the girls encountered another trail, leading them onward. The ride was accomplished without incident and ahead through the trees the first hints of weathered wooden buildings came into view. Perhaps once an old mining town, the antique village had obviously been turned into a tourist attraction by the ranch. A freshly painted sign spanned across the trail, proclaiming the place to be the less-than-creatively named ABANDONED MINING TOWN. Other whimsical names adorned the various structures, advertising ice cream and cold sodas at the SHOOT-EM-UP SALOON, while the TENDERFOOT ROADHOUSE promised fudge, souvenirs, and tee shirts. However, the posted hours indicated the stores were only open on the weekend. This being a Tuesday, everything was locked up tight. The town did truly seem abandoned.

Natalie pulled her stallion up next to Jenny’s. “You looked like you were working hard in that saddle back there,” she teased with a grin. Jenny flushed red with embarrassment, saying nothing. Natalie cast a glance down at her sister’s shorts, spotting a tell-tale stain of oozing female wetness in the crotch. Jenny caught the direction of Natalie’s look and turned a slightly darker shade of crimson. She urged Domino forward before her little sister could offer any other snarky comments. The palomino snorted and twitched its tail, putting a frisky spring in its stride.

A sign on the far side of town clearly marked the trail head, noting the main ranch house lay but a half mile hike down into the valley. The girls dismounted, guiding their horses by the reins. Still in the lead, Jenny coaxed Domino towards the narrow trail. But as he had done earlier at the swinging bridge, the stallion balked, sidestepping and turning in a circle in a show of protest. His flanks rippled as he tossed his head, stomping up a cloud of dust around his hooves as Jenny struggled to control him. Natalie’s mount, Pepper, seemed to pick up on the nervous energy of the lead horse, sniffing the air and tossing its mane.

“The guy from the ranch said we have to keep the horses calm to get safely down the trail,” Jenny exclaimed in a worried tone, nervously eyeing the steep descent.

Despite their predicament, Natalie couldn’t restrain her giggle. “Keeping your horse calm is going to be a problem with that huge hard on he’s sporting.”

Jenny glanced down, gasping in shock as she spotted the stallion’s massive erection bobbing below his belly. “It’s no worse than the boner on your horse,” she countered, pointing towards the haunches of Natalie’s appaloosa.

The two girls assessed the situation. Both stallions were in a nervous state, displaying enormous pricks, fully rigid and throbbing ominously. Domino’s was every bit of sixteen inches in length, colored in a patchwork of pale pink flesh and dark blotches. Natalie’s mount, Pepper, outdid his equine companion by a couple of inches, sporting an alarmingly huge horse cock entirely black in color. As the girls watched in fascination, a clear drop of fluid oozed from the tip of the grey appaloosa’s ebony prick, trailing slowly downward on a sticky thread, glistening in the late afternoon sun.

As Jenny bent over for a closer look at Pepper’s impressive dick, Domino approached unnoticed from behind. The pretty blonde let out a squeak of surprise as the stallion dipped his head and nuzzled its way between her creamy thighs. A long wet horse tongue extended, intimately dragging across the crotch of her tight pink shorts. The girl turned and stumbled in retreat, tripping and falling into an undignified position on her butt with her legs splayed wide. Domino shuffled in, once again pressing his muzzle firmly into her loins. Jenny giggled, half-heartedly trying to push the curious stallion away.

Natalie folded her arms across her chest, glaring at her older sister. The blonde sure was fun to look at, but never seemed to take anything seriously. “This is so totally your fault,” the little brunette accused.

Still wrestling with the persistent equine, Jenny glanced up, formulating a protest.

“The horses can smell you,” Natalie continued. “If you hadn’t been grinding your naughty little pussy in the saddle all the way here, the horses wouldn’t be completely horny and we could get on down that trail. Now we’re stuck here and we’ve only got a few hours of daylight left.”

Jenny finally managed to struggle to her feet, forcibly shoving Domino away as the stallion persistently kept coming after her steamy crotch. She put her hands on her hips in defiance, glaring at her younger sister. “If it’s all my fault, then how come you’re all creamy too?” she demanded. Natalie looked down, blushing as she saw the undeniable wetness staining the crotch of her tight jeans.

“Well, you started it. But anyway…” Natalie countered, hoping to change the subject. “Somehow we got to get these horses calm enough to get down that trail, and that’s not going to happen as long as they got those massive boners.”

“You think they might just go limp on their own?” Jenny hopefully inquired.

“I doubt it,” Natalie argued, feeling another trickle of vaginal wetness seep into her jeans. The sight of those huge, throbbing pricks was setting her loins to tingling. The horses both raised their heads, sampling the breeze. Pepper snorted, pawing at the ground in an agitated state.

Silence fell as the girls studied the two stallions. After a long moment, Jenny offered an idea in a tentative whisper. “You think maybe we could jack them off?”

Natalie’s eyes grew wide in shock as she maintained her gaze on those impressive cocks. “Can we do that? I mean, they’re horses. Does it work that way?”

Jenny shrugged. “I don’t know, but a cock is a cock, right?”

Natalie’s heart rate ratcheted up a notch. “I guess we could try it,” she agreed nervously, unable to tear her eyes away from Pepper’s rigid prick. The horse eyed the girl as if some unspoken communication had passed between them. His fleshy shaft twitched, bobbing higher as it swelled to an even stiffer state of erection.

Cautiously, the two girls approached the grey appaloosa. Sensing the tension in the air, the stallion shied away a few paces until Jenny’s soothing voice and a gentle caress of her fingers along its neck calmed its animal instincts. Natalie approached Pepper from the left, her fingers trailing lightly along his furry flank and then tentatively downward towards his belly. Muscles in the beast’s powerful haunches rippled nervously.

“Oh my god,” Natalie sighed as her fingers made first contact with the stallion’s cock. She traced her fingertips along its full length, getting a true sense of what eighteen inches of horse penis was like close up. Pepper snorted, hooves jostling in the dirt. Breathing hard, Natalie wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the monstrous ebony shaft, only able to grip half its girth. She shot a worried look at her older sister, who gulped and nodded in encouragement. The petite brunette sank to her knees next to the stallion, bringing her other hand into play. Combined, the fingers of both hands could just barely close around the enormous equine cock. Experimentally, she tightened her grip, skimming back along the length until she ran up against Pepper’s balls, each well over the size of a baseball. Muscles rippled again along the stallion’s flanks and he issued a quiet nicker of approval.

Natalie drew her clutching grasp forward along the length of the prick, stopping just short of the flared cock head. The motion coaxed out a glob of precum, oozing downward with syrupy slowness. Jenny’s mouth watered at the sight and she eased to her knees next to her sister, her breath ragged with forbidden lust. She reached up, cupping her hands and capturing the beast’s slippery stream of natural lubrication. With dripping fingers, she applied a glistening wet sheen to the end of the stallion’s prick as Natalie’s hands eased down the fleshy shaft to make room for her sister.

Jenny scooted all the way under Pepper’s belly while her younger sister continued her attentions from the side. The blonde girl worked the front half of the stallion’s prick while Natalie tended to the back. With his prick firmly in the grasp of four loving female hands, the stallion’s head bobbed up and down as if eagerly approving. A steady trickle of precum began to dribble from Pepper’s throbbing cock, betraying his growing arousal. The girls wasted not a drop, diligently applying the slippery fluid until the stallion’s entire cock was fully coated, facilitating the easy gliding of nimble, girlish fingers.

The throbbing of the lucky stallion’s cock became more pronounced, unable to withstand the naturally talented touch of the two girls. He balls gave a shudder, pulling up tight. Natalie’s fingers slid down to lovingly caress those huge warm testicles. They throbbed ominously in her gentle embrace — the calm before the storm. Natalie once more wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his cock, steadily jacking the appaloosa towards the undeniable finale. Pepper snorted and his powerful haunches bucked instinctively, fucking his cock through the girls’ tugging fingers. The discharge of precum thickened, trailing downward in long, dangling strands off the dripping tip.

Natalie cast a glance down the length of the stallion’s pulsing cock, suddenly coming to a realization. Her older sister wore a glazed look to her eyes, like a fawn mesmerized by the deadly gaze of an anaconda. She thought to offer a warning, but then, with a smile, rationalized that her older sister knew full well what the business end of a dick looked like. Jenny’s pouty lips parted slightly as if in anticipation. The stallion bellowed, thrusting forward violently. His balls convulsed and both girls felt the enormous cock shaft swell even larger in their grasping fingers.

The stallion’s prick bucked, almost breaking free of their loving embrace. Then an eruption of foaming equine cum blasted from the tip. Jenny flinched as the hot gush of stallion sperm caught her straight between the eyes, splattering her from forehead to chin in a thick, sticky frosting. Droplets of overspray blasted off her pretty face, dewdrops of horse cum exploding like glistening pearls to decorate her beautiful blonde tresses. Natalie was not immune, cringing instinctively as a heavy shower of equine sperm blew back. She laughed with delight, tightening her grip on Pepper’s cock and giving him a hard stroke forward. A second blast of cum, more powerful that the first, followed on command. Jenny clutched the spewing prick in both hands, milking hard and sighting down the length of the fleshy shaft like a gun barrel. Precisely aimed, the stallion’s foaming ejaculation flew straight and true, right into the blonde girl’s eager, open mouth. The prolonged stream filled her mouth to overflowing, streaming down her chin in thick white sheets and pouring down onto her heaving, upthrust tits. Her thin tee shirt absorbed the flow, the cotton material turning translucent as it matted down against her fleshy orbs. A thick trail of bubbling cum rushed into her cleavage, slithering its way downward and starting a fresh stain in the shirt as the flow emerged onto her taut belly.

Natalie stroked again, working the full length of the stallion’s prick. Jenny took another thick blast of cum on the lips as she closed her mouth to swallow, groaning as she savored the irresistible sensation. With trembling fingers, she desperately clutched at the stallion’s prick, skimming back along his length and then greedily drawing back. The cock responded, balls contracting to launch yet another splattering load of cum into the blonde girl’s sensual, open mouth.

The stallion wheezed, faltering forward a step with exhaustion. His long cock shaft pressed towards Jenny, angling downward as it began to slightly soften. Jenny arched her back and directed the head of his throbbing prick down into the deep, inviting valley between her tits. Letting her fingers slip from the stallion’s prick, she clutched her pillowy breasts with both hands, enveloping Pepper’s cock between those luscious fleshy mounds. Natalie gave another enthusiastic stroke, jacking the stallion off right into her sister’s cleavage. Cock and balls shuddered again in response, diligently unleashing yet another frothing explosion of cum. Jenny gasped, feeling the hot blast of sperm injected right between her jiggling tits. A flood of sticky seed poured down, completely drenching the blonde girl’s skimpy shirt and soaking the front of her tight shorts.

With a weak shudder, the stallion managed one more weak pulse of cum but then he was done. On unsteady hooves he stumbled sideways, slipping from the grasp of the two girls and stepping away with a stunned expression. His softening cock appeared to melt, dangling downward and dripping seemingly unending trails of spent cum down into the dirt beneath him.

Jenny slowly raised her gaze, blushing red with shame. Yet a glimmer of excitement shimmered in her eyes. The cute blonde was entirely coated in oozing trailers of sticky cum, dripping from her hair and almost completely obscuring her pretty facial features. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth, only serving to spread the obscene mess further across her rosy cheeks.

Natalie licked her lips, taking in the alluring sight. She leaned over, her fingers lovingly brushing back the cum-matted strands of hair from Jenny’s face. Their lips met, nuzzling in an incestuous embrace. The younger girl’s tongue slipped out, licking cum from her sister’s pretty mouth. Finding the taste quite to her liking, she worked her way up Jenny’s cheek, lips and tongue eagerly cleaning off the thick, sticky wads of oozing stallion sperm. Her fingers found their way down to Jenny’s cum-splattered tits, squeezing the succulent flesh and teasing the achingly-hard nipples through the thin, wet shirt. Natalie let her hand creep lower, caressing her sister’s firm tummy before slipping inside the waistband of those tight pink shorts. Jenny squirmed as Natalie’s fingers found the slippery wet cleft of her pussy. Two digits slipped into that inviting fuck slot with a moist squelch, causing the blonde to groan with passion. She ground her hips in a sensual circle, feeling the two digits sink in to the third knuckle. But then, with a supreme show of willpower, the blonde girl reached down and grasped her younger sister’s wrist, slowly tugging those sensuously digging fingers from her cunt. “You can have every last bit of that juicy twat when we get back to the ranch,” she promised in a passionate whisper, “but first we got to take care of that other horse.”

Reluctantly, Natalie nodded and complied, indulging in one last lick across her sister’s cum-drenched cheek. But Jenny was right, and why settle for sloppy seconds when the second stallion stood ready and waiting?

“Domino, come here, buddy!” Natalie called, mentally chastising herself for coming off just a bit too eager. But the lewd smile spreading across her sister’s cum-splattered face confirmed that both girls shared equal enthusiasm for the perverted task of jacking off the second stallion. Natalie moved into position on her knees under Domino’s belly, her grasping fingers laying claim to the front half of the stallion’s cock. Jenny had taken the coveted position at the head of the cock last time, and the younger girl was determined to also get her fair share of the fun. Jenny offered no protest to the arrangement, settling in next to her sister and getting a firm, two-handed grip on the lower region of the palomino’s rock-hard prick. In tandem, four hands began to skim along the length of the massive shaft of equine flesh. They seeming more practiced and sure of themselves now that they already had one successful horsy hand job to their credit.

Domino’s eyes flared in surprise as four sets of delicate female fingers latched onto his cock and began to sensuously stroke. He stomped his rear hooves, seeming to work himself into a secure stance. Jenny’s delicately manicured fingers slid back to the base of the stallion’s cock and Natalie’s grasping hands followed suit, skimming almost the entire length of the prick. The oozing cock head loomed large in the brunette’s face, quivering just inches from her lips. Natalie paused, lustfully taking in the close-up vision. “Kiss it,” her older sister dared in a husky, breathless tone.

Natalie paused, heart racing. How could she perform such a filthy act? The answer proved quite simple really. All it took was leaning in just a tad further and pressing her soft lips firmly against that fleshy cock head. She moaned as her pretty mouth met equine cock meat, instantly taking to the degrading sensation. Her playful tongue darted out, the soft tip flicking at the underneath of Domino’s shaft. The talented oral digit explored upward and the girl’s lips continued to nuzzle. Taste buds quivered with delight as the stallion’s cock delivered a savory oozing of precum onto Natalie’s mouth. The pink tongue flickered in response, finding the narrow opening at the head of the cock and forcefully wriggling the tip inside.

The palomino snorted in shock, but found the sensation to his liking. He thrust forward and Natalie’s teasing lips were splayed wide. The girl gave a strangled gurgle of protest, but the stallion’s huge cock head was already past her gaping lips and lodged firmly behind her front teeth before she knew what happened.

“Holy crap, you’re going to suck him off?” Jenny exclaimed, her jaw agape in amazement. With her mouth stuff to the brim with cock meat, Natalie couldn’t offer an answer one way or another. But the prospect of giving a head job to the horse didn’t seem out of the question. In confirmation, the little brunette’s cheeks dimpled inward, and a lewd slurping noise escaped her straining lips. Jenny squealed with delight, eager to be of assistance. She clenched down tight with both hands, dragging along the length of Domino’s thick prick and generating a stimulating friction.

Natalie’s head bobbed as Domino bucked his haunches. A panic-stricken look crossed the girl’s face as the huge cock knob found the back of throat and began to forcibly cram itself downward. She defensively clamped her fingers tight around the upper part of the stallion’s cock, just in time to stop the eager equine from burying the full length of his fleshy shaft down her gullet. The crisis averted, Natalie kept a firm grip on the stallion’s prick, allowing him only the freedom of movement to fuck back and forth within the limits of her mouth. With nearly the entire length of the huge cock at her disposal, Jenny stroked furiously back and forth, milking the stallion’s prick into her little sister’s mouth.

Domino’s flanks began to heave as the powerful beast panted with exertion. Suddenly his muscles tensed and he thrust himself forward with a desperate snort. His huge balls convulsed in a spasm and the cock shaft expanded to an even greater girth in Natalie’s straining mouth. Her eyes went wide as her cheeks bulged outward. Had the poor girl just taken the huge animal’s cock properly down her throat, the orgasmic explosion of horse cum could have rocketed efficiently into her belly. But with the violently spewing cock head trapped only within her mouth, the massive flood of equine sperm sought out any and all openings to relieve the pressure. She gagged, swallowing frantically, but the effort proved woefully inadequate. Her lips parted and a spray of foaming horse cum went in all directions. Yet even this was not enough to handle the vast overload of hot sperm straining her bulging cheeks to the limits. Sticky horse cum pumped unrestrained into her nasal passages, erupting from both nostrils in long dangling threads of syrupy white discharge.

Natalie gulped urgently and snorted a desperate inrush of air to clear her sinuses. The effort was completed in the nick of time. Jenny, watching for the tell-tale contraction of the stallion’s nut sack, gripped down tight around the throbbing cock shaft and jacked the next seething cum load into her little sister’s straining mouth. Natalie’s cheeks flared again as the bubbling overflow once more burst from her lips and nostrils. Her throat worked urgently, trying to swallow the deluge. The poor girl realized she was fighting a losing battle. Once again snorting down the sticky cum that was gumming up her sinuses, she loosened her firm grip on the upper reach of Domino’s huge cock. Freed from the restraint, the stallion’s prick surged forward on his next face-fucking lunge. Natalie’s throat, already conditioned to swallowing anything it was fed, opened up to allow passage of the thrusting cock. She drew a desperate rush of air in through flaring nostrils and then the passageway was cut off, stuffed to its straining limits by the stallion’s alarmingly thick cock. The muscles in her throat rippled, drawing him deeper. Jenny gasped at the sight, her fingers slipping from the horse’s cock as inch after fleshy inch disappeared into her sister’s wide-stretched mouth. Domino eased to a stop as his huge balls pressed securely against Natalie’s velvet lips. The stallion paused, muscular flanks rippling. Then he gave a hard lunge and his huge balls contracted yet again, launching a scalding blast of churning cum straight down the young girl’s throat. She felt her belly swell as she eagerly took his load. Her face took on a scarlet complexion as the lack of oxygen began to take its toll. Domino pulled back on his cock, the huge prick backing its way out of her throat until only the flared head remained trapped behind her lips. She gasped a much-need gulp of air and then the stallion thrust once more, his cock unleashing a torrent of cum as it plowed full-depth down her throat. Natalie’s soft lips trembled, placing an open-mouthed kiss on the stallion’s twitching balls.

Domino pummeled her mouth repeatedly, face-fucking the young girl with the reckless abandon that only a powerful stallion could manage. Finally he held himself fully embedded, his nut sack throbbing repeatedly against her lips as he unloaded the final dregs of his balls. He drew back, cum spilling from the girl’s exhausted mouth as inch after inch of the long cock rod was exposed. He paused for a moment as her clenched and straining lips refused to give up their loving embrace around the head of his prick. Natalie’s cheeks indented as she sucked, seeking to draw every last drop of that yummy equine sperm from the softening shaft. But with another tug, Domino finally pulled himself free and trotted off, pleased as any horse would be with the sexual conquest of his female rider’s throat. Natalie gagged, collapsing onto her hands and knees as an overflow of cum poured from her open mouth. Choking, she desperately gasped for air, her strained complexion slowly regaining normal color. She shuddered, feeling the hints of an orgasmic tingle teasing at her pussy. But then the sensation faltered as a sense of exhaustion and shame threatened to overwhelm her.

“Well… fuck.” Jenny exclaimed. Natalie looked up, seeing her sister standing in her trademark pose of discontent with her hands on her hips. The blonde girl turned to her younger sister, pursing her lips to blow an errant strand of cum-matted hair from her face. “It looks like we’re back to square one.”

Natalie followed the direction of her sister’s gaze as she turned her attention back to Pepper. The grey appaloosa stood nearby, its tail swishing in an agitated fashion. Under his belly, the huge black cock had recovered, swelling once more into a huge, throbbing erection.

“He must still smell our wet pussies,” Jenny theorized. Indeed, the lewd acts of jacking and sucking off two stallion cocks had not gone unnoticed by their sweet cunts. Both girls could feel their hot little twats percolating with passion, and even their limited human sense of smell could pick up on the heady scent of moist pussies wafting on the breeze. Until that issue was resolved, those stallion cocks would just keep coming back for more.

“We could get each other off,” Natalie offered shyly, liking the sound of that as soon as it passed her cum-stained lips.

To her disappointment, her sister Jenny shook her head. “That will just egg those two horses on,” she countered. “Then we’ll have to suck them off again and you know that will just send us both right back into heat.”

Natalie knelt in the dirt in silence, pondering what seemed to be a revolving cycle that would keep them occupied well past sunset. There had to be some solution that would sexually exhaust both the girls and the stallions at the same time, finally bringing this beastial tryst to an end. Suddenly the solution dawned, sending little brunette’s heart into a frantic rhythm. “We’re going to have to fuck them!” she exclaimed, trying her best to suppress a giddy, eager look.

Jenny froze as her brain processed the thought. Then, in a flash, she began wriggling her way out of her oh-so-short-little-shorts. Her tiny red thong panties were peeled off next. She tossed the pussy scented garments aside, revealing the swampy mess of her naked cunt which had caused all this delightful commotion in first place. Then she turned an appraising eye towards the two stallions.

“Hey, no fair!” Natalie cried out. “You got to go first last time!” Jenny frowned, unhappy about surrendering any rights to her younger sibling. But Natalie had a determined look about her, so Jenny relented, watching as her younger sister quickly squirmed free of her tight jeans to expose blue underwear emblazoned with images of the powder-puff cartoon girls. Not quite as free-spirited as her older sister, Natalie left the gooey panties on for now, retaining her delusion of modesty. In truth, the wet panties were plastered tight to her moist and swollen cunt, and the resulting camel toe only accentuated the obvious.

Natalie took her pick of the horses, choosing Jenny’s mount, Pepper. The older girl inwardly cursed. That stallion’s huge prick was indisputably the larger of the pair, not to mention the fact that the big black cock held a certain mystical appeal. But to be fair, she let her little sister have first pick.

Now the perplexing problem of how to safely get fucked by an enormous stallion presented itself. The beasts were huge and the petite girls could never support the weight of a fully mounted equine. Then Jenny’s glance happened upon the elevated boardwalk in front of the saloon. The wooden platform, about three feet high, seemed to offer a solution. Taking her younger sister by the hand, she moved her into position. With her feet planted firmly on the ground, she lay face down on the weather-beaten boards. “Spread your legs some more,” Jenny instructed.

Natlie complied, widening her stance. “Does this look good?” she inquired.

Jenny tugged down Natalie’s tight, creamy panties. The brunette stepped free with one leg, leaving the underwear tangled up around one ankle. “It does now,” Jenny assured her, licking her lips as she took in the sight of her little sister’s open and vulnerable position. Her firm, creamy-white rump was spread wide, revealing the clenched pink pucker of her anus. Underneath, her pouty pussy was on full display, a dangling drip of vaginal lubrication easing its way slowly towards the ground. Unable to help herself, Jenny’s fingers found their way to her younger sister’s shapely rear, indulging in a lingering caress. She teased the wrinkled flesh around the girl’s asshole, eliciting a sigh of approval. The tight rectal portal fluttered in response to the teasing tip of the blonde girl’s finger, probing with steadily increasing pressure. Natalie gasped as her tight pooper blossomed open and the stiffened middle finger slipped into her anus. She groaned, purposely clenching down as her sister burrowed in to the third knuckle. Jenny finger-fucked her little sister up the ass, sensuously stroking back and forth and twisting her wrist for added friction. Then she withdrew, leaving that hot little bunghole puckering open and closed in unfulfilled frustration.

“Please… more,” Natalie shamelessly begged. Jenny gave a momentary glance back at Pepper, but the stallion seemed content to simply observe the lesbian foreplay between the two sisters for the moment. She slipped her middle finger into her mouth, savoring the alluring taste of her sibling’s sweet ass. A momentary detour wouldn’t be so bad, she rationalized, sinking to her knees behind Natalie’s exposed rear end. After all, if a girl couldn’t take a few minutes to rim out her little sister’s asshole, then life had simply become too hectic. Her hot breath washed across that tender ass crack. Exploring fingers gripped firmly onto fleshy cheeks, spreading them wide open. Natalie shivered with expectation, goosebumps rising on her flesh.

With a muffled purr of satisfaction, Jenny leaned in and pressed her lips firmly to Natalie’s quivering asshole. The tight rectal gateway responded passionately to the lewd kiss, fluttering open in eager invitation. Jenny’s tongue slipped easily inside, digging deep and then retreating to run a sensual circle inside that muscular rimmed opening. The little brunette squirmed, her thighs beginning to quiver. But To her dismay, her older sister all too quickly tugged her wonderfully wriggling tongue from the grasping confines of her shitter, stalling out the impending orgasm that threatened to erupt from deep within her rectal tract. “No…” she whimpered. But Jenny had already stood up, absentmindedly brushing the dust from her knees.

“Pepper! Come on!” Jenny called. The stallion raised his head from the grass, his interest perked. Sensing that some sort of horsey treat was in store, he pranced over with an eager expression on his long equine face.

“Up, Pepper, up!” Jenny instructed, tapping her hand on the surface of the boardwalk. The stallion surveyed the situation, unsure why he should make the difficult climb onto the elevated wooden deck. But then he snorted. The delicious smell of wet pussy was overpowering now that both of those sweet little cunts were fully exposed. And the realization suddenly struck him that young girl bent over the raised platform seemed poised in an ideal position for mounting. He reared up, and with a heavy clomp landed his front hooves on the boardwalk. “Good boy!” Jenny praised, kneeling down and guiding her little sister into place directly underneath the powerful beast. The stallions twitching erection lay heavily on Natalie’s back, dribbling a slippery trail of slippery fluid.

Urging the stallion to take a hopping step in reverse, Jenny was able to get a firm grip on his cock and bring that monstrous shaft to bear. She worked the huge flared head up and down the length of Natalie’s tight little fuck slot. Those eager pussy lips glowed a rosy pink, ruffled and splayed open in eager anticipation. More vaginal lubrication drained out, multiple strands dangling as thick droplets dripped into the dirt. The girl’s hips swiveled, then pressed back. She groaned, feeling the flared head of Domino’s huge black cock begin to pry her open.

But then a crafty smile crossed Jenny’s lips. She tugged the burrowing cock head from the spread lips of Natalie’s little pussy, resulting in a groan of frustration. She angled the stallion’s hard cock slightly upward, and with a wet slap, it popped right into the indented dimple surrounding her sister’s ass.

“Oh, Jenny, I don’t…” the petite brunette began to protest.

The stallion however found the perfect fit of his cock head into the dimple of Natalie’s butthole to have an irresistible appeal. He lunged forward. The girl squealed, feeling an incredible stretching sensation. Her butt cheeks clenched, but her eager little shitter had a mind of its own, puckering back and forth in a flutter and then straining open just enough to let the stallion’s pulsating cock head squeeze inside.

Pepper paused, unsure. The little fuck tunnel he had prodded into seemed impossibly tight. But as it clenched and rippled around his cock, it sure felt like a fuckable pussy. His massive cock shaft stood poised and ready, twitching with every heartbeat. Natalie’s anus throbbed in return, transmitting the vibrations of her pounding pulse back up through the length of the horse’s prick.

Jenny broke the impasse. “Pepper, Giddy-up!” she urged, accompanied by an encouraging slap on the beast’s rump. The stallion responded, thrusting with his powerful haunches. Natalie let out a lustful howl, squirming as six inches of hard horse cock plowed into her ass. The gripping tightness of her bowels dragged the beast to a halt. He drew back. Natalie hissed as a sensational burning friction arose in her clutching rectum. Her thighs trembled and the orgasm that Jenny’s wriggling tongue had earlier teased almost to completion finally boiled over. An impassioned scream burst from Natalie’s lips and she urgently thrust her hips backwards towards her equine lover. Pepper responded to fulfill the girl’s lustful need, lunging forward and sinking a full nine inches of horse cock into her quivering bowels. At the peak of his fuck-thrust, Natalie squealed again, rising up on her toes in an instinctive but futile attempt to evade the full depth of his penetration. But when the stallion pulled back and thrust again, she eagerly responded, grinding her hips as she strained to take him in. When the huge fleshy cock shaft shuddered to a halt, an added inch of penetration had been achieved. Panting desperately, Natalie cried out with passion as Pepper once again pulled back. Tears of joy streamed down the young girl’s cheeks. She bit her lower lip and shamelessly bucked her hips back to once more meet the ass-wrecking fuck stroke.

Watching her little sister’s ass cheeks quiver with the impact, Jenny nodded with approval at Natalie’s obscenely stretched rear portal. In no uncertain terms, that girl sure liked to butt-fuck. The stallion snorted, burying himself ever deeper into her tight little rectal pucker. The situation seemed well in hand, so Jenny turned her full attention to Domino, the spotted palomino.

Next to the boardwalk lay several rectangular hay bales, artfully arranged to add old west ambiance of the town. Struggling with the weight, Jenny managed to align two of the bales end to end, and then stacked two more bales on top, creating a narrow, make-shift bed. She lay back on the scratchy surface, judging it about right to elevate her to a height matching the underbelly of the horse. The bales seemed narrow enough for Domino to easily straddle them, hopefully placing the naked girl belly to belly under the powerful stallion.

The palomino watched with cautious interest, cautious of the girl’s inexplicable antics. But the alluring scent of wet pussy beckoned him. He gave a jealous glance towards Pepper, watching the lucky appaloosa hammering his cock like a machine into the little brunette’s eager asshole. Although possessed of only animal intelligence, the neglected spotted stallion could work the simple math. His was the one cock remaining unattended, and there was a girl with a sweet-smelling cunt stretched out before him. With a toss of his head, he threw caution to the wind and trotted over to her.

“Good Boy!” Jenny encouraged. With a couple of tugs of the reins, she managed to maneuver the stallion into position, straddled over her prone form. Used to mounting his fillies from behind, Domino was confused by this unnatural position. But as Jenny reached up and wrapped her fingers around his cock, the nervous lashing of his tail grew calmer. He recalled the touch of those talented fingers from earlier. Maybe the girl was going to jack him off again, which seemed like a prize-winning idea. Domino was all for enjoying a second helping. But the girl squirmed underneath him, the erect nipples of her firm tits tickling her furry belly. She maneuvered his rigid cock into position, pressing the slippery wet head into the fleshy folds between her legs. Domino quivered at the sensation. Despite the lack of female equine haunches to properly mount, the stallion recognized the unmistakable sensation of wet, warm pussy. He gave an experimental push. The head of his cock nosed deeper into the inviting pink fuck slot and the girl moaned in response. His ears twitched and he gave a quiet nicker. Although much tighter than a horse pussy, there was no doubt that his cock was plowing into juicy cunt. The only question that remained was whether the fit would prove too tight.

The stallion adjusted his stance and thrust, forcing a grunt of satisfaction from the girl beneath him. Several inches of thick cock plowed its way into that tiny twat. Jenny gasped. Despite any mental preparations, no girl can fully anticipate the incredible stretching sensation the first time she gets a good horse-fucking. She spread and raised her legs, wrapping her toned thighs and calves around the stallion’s lower flanks from below. She reached up, taking a firm hold of the front saddle strap that looped under the horse’s belly.

Domino interpreted the pressure of Jenny’s heels digging into his flanks as a sure sign she was spurring him to action. Eager to comply, drew back and responded with a powerful thrust. Sixteen inches of throbbing horse cock hammered into the blonde girl’s juicy twat in a single, savage stroke. Her cry of fear transformed into a lustful squeal of delight as her steamy cunt was stretched beyond all normal limits. The stallion’s heavy balls slapped up against the creamy flesh of Jenny’s ass, sending her puckered asshole into convulsive, puckering fit. Domino drew back, feeling the girl’s pussy lips distend outwards, lovingly clutching at his retreating prick. Frothing vaginal lubrication poured from her over-stuffed pussy, coating her inner thighs and trickling down into the exposed crack of her ass. The palomino thrust and Jenny bucked her hips in response, matching her equine lover’s motion as she clamped her legs down tight around his flanks. The rigid cock plowed deep, plundering the limits of Jenny’s juicy twat and nosing its way into her womb. More lubrication frothed from her straining pussy as the stallion bottomed out, his swinging nut sack once again slapping hard against the tender flesh around Jenny’s quivering asshole.

Settling into a frantic pace, the stallion began to brutally pound the blonde girl’s tight little pussy. The burning friction of that sweet fuck tunnel was incredible, and already he felt an urgent sensation begin to build up in his aching balls. The pretty blonde clung to the stallion desperately, riding him from below. She clenched her jaw, stopping her teeth from clacking together under each of Domino’s powerful fuck-thrusts. She mewled with delight, squirming on the itchy hay bales. The jolting, full-length thrusts of equine cock into her twat became a cunt-wrecking blur. Her hips seemed to buck of their own accord, meeting each of the stallion’s movements in a perfect choreography of shameless, beastial lust.

A lustful squeal from Natalie momentarily drew Jenny from her trance. When she had left her sister, it was entirely unproven just how much of the appaloosa’s eighteen inch cock could be stuffed up the young girl’s tender asshole. But as Pepper’s massive balls whacked up against the glistening, ruffled lips of Natalie’s dripping pussy, the answer became clear. Every last glorious inch of the stallion’s huge prick was spiked up into the hot, clutching depths of that amazing little shitter. Natalie’s thighs trembled and her knees buckled as her orgasm took hold. But supported by her torso on the boardwalk, and the brutal insertion of horse cock up her ass, the girl was free to simply go limp, twitching helplessly as orgasmic spasms convulsed through her ass and pussy.

The frantic spasms of Natalie’s rippling rectal passage drove the appaloosa over the brink. He neighed with excitement and thrust hard, raising the little brunette’s feet several inches off the ground. Then his balls pulled up tight and the deeply buried head of his cock shaft flared wide. A seething explosion of churning stallion cum fountained into the depths of Natalie’s bowels. Her tummy swelled as a second orgasmic blast spewed from Pepper’s huge black cock. He pulled back full length, her straining asshole bulging outward as it clutched desperately at the head of the stallion’s prick. Muscles rippling, Pepper hammered back into her shitter as his nut sack contorted once again. With her guts already pumped full to the brim with cum, the flood of stallion sperm erupted from her quivering asshole as the massive cock shaft was once more buried to the hilt. A flood of frothing equine sperm rolled in thick, sticky sheets down her inner thighs, splattering into a quickly growing puddle between her wide-spread legs.

Panting, Natalie turned her head to the side as she lay upon the boardwalk. Her body jolted with the impact as Pepper drew back again and plowed in deep, his cock spewing more frothy goodness into every nook and cranny of her rectal cavity. Another stroke back, followed by yet another cum-spewing thrust, the stallion seemed inexhaustible. The petite brunette shuddered through another orgasmic fit, drool draining from her slack lips as she absorbed lunge after lunge in a numbing, ass-fucking blur.

In a daze of lustful satisfaction, Natalie’s eyes struggled open as Pepper continued to pound her puckered asshole. As if in a dream, she took in the sight of the back end of Domino, mercilessly fucking… someone. Natalie blinked, trying hard to focus. The details swam into view. Riding the stallion from below were two widely stretched and shapely legs. Her sister’s distinctive blonde tresses spilled out to the side from underneath the frantically fucking equine. Between the stallion’s rear legs, Natalie could just make out the rapidly bucking movement of Jenny’s naked hips. Domino was hammering that pussy like a pile driver and the girl was matching him thrust for thrust. A muffled squeal of girlish delight arose from underneath the stallion. The huge horse balls slapped hard against Jenny’s naked ass, and each time Domino withdrew, Natalie could clearly make out Jenny’s gaping asshole, pulsating open and closed in the throes of orgasmic passion. Domino plunged deep into her ravished twat, causing the thrashing blonde to shriek with delight. His balls contracted, released, and then drew up tight again. He pulled back and then thrust once more, his twitching nut sack relentless in its frantic convulsions. Jenny’s womb filled to the brim, then overflowed, cramping her belly as the pressure continued to build. Then a cascade of foaming horse cum boiled out of Jenny’s obscenely stretched cunt, an unstoppable tidal surge erupting like a geyser. Drenched in a flood of cum over her trim belly and upper thighs, Jenny thrashed as another orgasm gripped her, a flood of pussy juices mingling with the overflow of equine sperm. Domino continued to thrust, his flanks heaving with exertion until he finally drained his balls to the last spurt. Shaking his head, the stallion stepped back, dragging his spent prick out of the gaping wreckage of Jenny’s pretty pussy. His dripping cock slowly softening, the stallion wandered off a few paces, still heaving to regain his breath.

Finally Pepper also had enough. He reared up, pushing off with his front hooves from the elevated boardwalk. His weakening cock rod popped free of Natalie’s abused little pooper with a wet pop, causing the girl to grunt as if she had been gut-punched. Her once-tight rectal pucker had been reamed into a widely flared portal, twitching as it struggled to close back down. Wads of syrupy horse cum drained from her ass, running down her inner thighs in thick, incriminating rivulets.

After a while, both exhausted girls struggled to stand, weak knees threatening to collapse underneath them. But a glance at the two stallions revealed their task had been accomplished. Pepper and Domino calmly grazed nearby, their limp cocks slowly drawing back up into their fleshy sheaths. The two mounts could now safely be led down the narrow, winding trail back to the ranch. They retrieved their discarded clothing, wriggling their way back into the cum-drenched garments.

Suddenly a commotion drew the attention of the two girls. They turned, horrified to see a group of hikers standing nearby. An older man in a wide straw hat leered at them with a toothy grin. His irate wife slapped ineffectively at his arm, being ignored while she indignantly demanded that the man stop his shameless gawking. Two young men stood in stunned silence, their jaws agape at the obscene acts they had just witnessed. A young Asian girl stood wide-eyed. In her native language, she whispered tensely to her female companion. “I TOLD you we should have signed up for the horse tour,” she insisted. The other girl gulped and nodded in agreement. “We are SO doing that tomorrow,” she replied.

For Jenny and Natalie, it was a long walk of shame back down the trail to the ranch. They tried to encourage the group of hikers to go first. All but the irate wife refused. She stalked off down the trail in a huff. With sunset looming, Jenny and Natalie finally had no choice but to lead their horses down the trail with the rest of the hikers in tow. The girls could feel the judging eyes upon them every step of the way, and giggling whispers dogged their every step. But the two girls didn’t care. They had another full week to spend at the ranch, and were already making plans.

“There’s a self-guided horse tour we can take tomorrow,” Natalie suggested under her breath, recalling seeing the option in a brochure.

“All day, just us, alone with the horses?” Jenny inquired in a hush, raising an eyebrow with interest.

“All. Day.” Natalie assured her sister with a grin. “A very long, very hard day…”

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