Panties and a Cropped Tank Top



This is a almost completely true story of unintended and uncontrollable urges and desires that come to the surface when a situation you never expected arises.

Katie couldn’t sleep. It was late and the rain was keeping her up. She wasn’t worried about being up late as it was a Saturday during the summer and her mom, who was more strict than her dad, was away for the week.

Katie slipped from her soft sheets and walked to her window to look at the rain for a moment. She put in her earbuds and started a playlist. After a moment, Katie went to grab her light robe but stopped and decided it wasn’t necessary. Her mom who was the night owl wasn’t home and she felt like breaking the rules, since she couldn’t be caught because her dad was a notoriously early to bed person. Katie pulled her hair back into a pony tail and opened her door.

It felt exhilarating as Katie stepped from her room in only her panties and a thin fabric cropped tank top. Her entire stomach from just below her perky boobs to her panties was exposed. Barefoot she walked down the hall then down the stairs to the kitchen. Her mom would have frowned on her being out of her room in just her panties. Her mom would definitely flipped out if she had see her in the cropped tank top. Katie had cut it down herself and had taken a bit too much off. The tank top just barely covered her perky b-cups, and when she reached up too much the top slipped up and over her young tits, exposing them. If she leaned over too far the top would also slip up and exposer her. She felt excited about that did and loved that she was pulling a fast on on her mom.

It was dark downstairs, with the only light being from a few nightlights. Katie walked by the opening to the living room to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and looked in for something, but she didn’t really know what she wanted. She stood looking until the refrigerator beeped at her, notifying her the door had been open too long.

Nick’s eyes fluttered open as he heard the beeping for the refrigerator. After a moment he realized he had fallen asleep on the living room sofa. The TV had automatically turned off. It was dark, except for the light from the kitchen. “What the hell,” Nick said to himself quietly as he wondered how the refrigerator door had been left open and for how long. He slowly turned his head to look out from the side or the sofa to see into the kitchen.

Nick’s eyes widened at what he saw. His young teen daughter was standing in front of the refrigerator in only her panties and a very shortly cropped tank top. Katie’s panties were thin cotton, pink with white stripes, bikini cut with thin string sides. They were snug on her ass. Nick blinked a few times to help better focus on what he was seeing. Then Katie bent over a bit to look in the bottom of the refrigerator. Nick’s heart beat faster as he saw how Katie’s panties hugged her as she bent over. He couldn’t help but look and see how the thin fabric hugged and outlined her pussy from behind.

Nick couldn’t help but to keep looking. His mind wasn’t thinking of Katie as his daughter, but rather as any of number or girls that he’d fantasized about seeing like this. It seemed harmless enough to look, to let his imagination run a bit. A moment later Katie turned, straightened up and reached into a cupboard above her. As she did, her tiny cropped top slipped up and over over her perky b-cups. Nick swallowed hard and adjusted his position on the sofa to better see. “Fuck,” he muttered quietly as he saw Katie’s exposed tits, so perfect.

Katie reached up and grabbed a bag of chocolate chips from the top shelf of the cupboard. She felt her top slip up over her tits, but she didn’t care. If felt good to let it happen, to quietly rebel against her mom’s prudish nature. She set the chips down when a song she liked came on in her earbuds. She started to dance a bit in the kitchen to the song. Her top still up over her perky tits. She turned and moved her hips to the song. She closed her eyes and let her body move to the music.

Nick couldn’t help but stare. “Fuck” he muttered as he watching his teen daughter moving. He turned a bit more to watch at a better angle. Nick felt his cock thickening. It felt good. Then his cock twitched as he saw Katie turn, her perky tits exposed. Instinctively, his had moved to his pants. He pressed his hand against his cock as he looked from his daughters perfect tits down her firm flat stomach to how her panties hugged her.

Nick for a moment thought he shouldn’t be looking, and most certainly shouldn’t be getting hard looking. Then Katie lifted her arms up as she danced to the music from her earbuds. As she did, her top move up even higher. Her tits totally display as she moved, slightly moving as she moved. Nick’s mind in that moment erased his thoughts that he shouldn’t be looking, and in that moment he had a very dirty thought, an image that jumped into his mind. An image and feeling he quickly squashed. He turned away from her. “Fuck me,” he whispered to himself as he pondered that flashing moment. The image was of him pushing his hard cock into his daughter’s pussy, the thought of how tight her pussy would feel.

After a few moments and a few breaths, Nick turned to look back into the kitchen.

Katie was still in the midst of her song. She rolled her young hips as she danced, her arms still up in the air, her perky tits still exposed. Katie felt free. She loved that she was dancing like she was. She liked that she was doing it in the kitchen in what she was wearing, in defiance of her mom’s conservative nature. Katie knew what she looked like dancing. She knew that if someone were to see her it would be scandalous. She loved it.

Nick stared. His eyes tracing up and down his daughter’s young body. He looked up her smooth legs to her waist, to how her panties hugged her. He look right at her pussy, looked at how her panties were snug on it and outlined it. Then he looked up her firm fit stomach to her exposed tits. Again his had moved down to his pants. He grabbed and squeezed his cock through his pants as he watched. Then he froze when he looked up from his daughters chest to see her eyes open and to see her looking right at him.

Katie froze as she saw her dad on the sofa looking at her. She saw how he looked up her legs to her panties then to her exposed chest. Then when their eyes met she exclaimed, “Oh fuck!” and quickly mover her hands to cover her chest. She swallowed nervously as she stood still holding her boobs.

Nick exclaims, “Oh shit Katie!” He flinches, his cock twitches. He tries to look Katie in the eyes, to not letting them slip down.

Katie bites her lips softly as she stands still in the kitchen with her dad looking at her. She shifts one hand to pull her cropped top down to cover her chest, then she takes out her earbuds and says, “Dad!”

Nick replies, “Shit honey, I’m sorry. You surprised me.”

Katie seeing the guilty look on her dad’s face and asks, “How long have you been watching?”

Nick hesitates, then says. “Um, not long.” Nick immediately couldn’t believe he has said that, that he had admitted to watching her. A subliminal desire in him wanted her to know he was looking at her.

Katie’s mouth drops open a bit as she hears her dad’s response. Her mind races with the thought that her dad had been watching her dance in her panties, with her chest exposed.

Katie blushes, an uncontrollable smile creeps on her face. She doesn’t know why, but she can’t stop it. She looks to her dad and she sees his eyes drop down to her panties then back up to her eyes. “Dad!” she says with the wide smile still on her face.

Nick curses to himself for having let his eyes wander back down to Katie’s panties. He just couldn’t resist. Something in him wanted her to know he was looking at her like that. Nick says, “Fuck honey, fuck, Um I .. um. “ He pauses then says, “Shit.”

Katie, smiling wide at her dad’s awkwardness, says, “What’s the matter, daddy?” ‘Shit’, Katie says to herself for having added “daddy” to her question. Her mind lost in a situation she had no idea how to deal with.

Nick hearing Katie say ‘daddy’ makes his mind slip father into thoughts he shouldn’t be having. Part of him wants to get out of the conversation and situation, but another parts wants to push the situation further. He can’t help but answer her teasing question. “Your dressed um. It’s too hard not too.” Nick mutters trying to put a sentence together.

“Am I dressed bad?” Katie asks, then adds, “Should I put something else on?” She bites her lip again.

Nick can’t stop his eyes from wandering down again then back up. “No.” Nick says. The only word he can get out. He instantly wonders if he’s said the wrong thing.

Katie’s heart is pounding. Her hormones are rising. Her thoughts moving to places she has never been to before. “So, do you like what I am wearing?” Katie says wondering, hoping he’ll say yes. But know knowing why she wants to hear that answer.

“Yes.” Is all Nick can say. Then he lets his eyes wander down. He looks down to Katie’s barely covered chest, then down her firm fit stomach to her snug panties then back up. “Yes.” He says again.

Katie, feeling the exhilaration of being looked at like her dad just did, asks, “What do you like about it?”

“Everything.” Nick says and looks her up and down again.

“Tell me, I want know what about what I have on that you like.”

Nick takes a breath and says, “Honey, I don’t think. I shouldn’t say anything else.”

“It’s ok daddy, I want to know. Please tell me.”

“Honey, please don’t ask me that anymore.” Nick says.

“Why daddy?”

“Katie, you don’t understand what goes on in a man’s head when he sees a, ah, and then starts too. um..” He stops not wanting to say the words he’s left out of his answer.

Katie smiles, “Dad, I’m not a little kid, I think I have an idea, I just want to know what you think. You can say what you think.”

“Oh honey, I don’t think you really want know what men think when they look at a girl like you.”

“I really want to know daddy. I want to know what you were thinking when you were looking at ‘a girl like you.’”

“Honey, oh god. Oh fuck.” Nick mutters as he starts to lose control of his restraints.

Katie can’t help but take advantage of the moment and the word her dad just used. “Is that what you think about when you at girls like me. What you were thinking about when you were looking at me?”

Nick’s eyes focus on Katie’s he takes a moment to let what she just said to sink in. He then look his daughter up and down again, this time pausing for a long stare at her panties before looking up to her eyes. He moans, “yes.”

Nick immediately regrets having admitted that. He quickly says, “I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t really think that. It’s just that when a man sees a girl that looks like you, dress like you are, and well with your chest exposed. It’s too much for a man to resist.”

Katie’s hormones are overriding all her restraints her moral compass. She says, “So if you saw me again like that, you’d have those thoughts again?” Katie then pulls her top up exposing her perky perfect b-cups.

Nick sits up. His eyes locked on his daughter’s perfect chest. “Oh fuck baby, stop that or I’m going to lose control of my thoughts and what I say.”

Katie is totally out of control with her thoughts too. The exhilaration and control she feels is overwhelming. She pulls her top off and drops it, “Is this better?” Katie’s perfect b-cups are totally exposed.

Nick stands up now. The bulge in his pants obvious. He stares at Katie as she stands in just her panties. He stares at her tits then looks up and down her body. He moans, “This is your last warning Katie.”

Katie bites her lip then says, “I think I was doing this when you were looking at me.” Katie then starts moving her hips side to side then around. She lifts her arms up and moves her body, turning a circle.

Nick give up on his last bit of restraint. His hormones and desires overriding all concerns. “Oh, you fucking little cunt.” He moans deeply.

Katie eyes widen and her mouth drops in surprise and excitement at hearing her dad talk like that, about her. She plays off the word he used like she had before. “Sorry your little girl is such a ‘fucking little cunt.’” She says in a teasing voice. Katie continues to dance slowly her arms up.

“You wanted to know what I was thinking. Well, let me give you a clue as to what I am fucking thinking.” Nick pulls his shirt off. Then undoes his belt and pants. He pushes them down along with his boxers, exposing his hard thick cock to his teen daughter.

Nick stands naked and tells his daughter, “Look at my cock you little fucking cunt.”

Katie’s heart it racing, pounding in her chest. She looks, stares, at her dad’s big hard cock. Her eyes flash up to her dad’s eyes. They are wild with a look she hasn’t seen before. She moves her hips again in a slow circle.

Nick, wild with energy, moves to Katie, picks her up by her hips and sits her down on the kitchen table. Katie gasps with excitement, her yes flashing wide again. Her dad ordering her in a deep commanding voice. “Lay back.”

Katie lays back on the table, her legs dangling at the knees off the edge of the table. Nick reaches down and lifts her feet up onto the table so her knees are bent up as she lays back. “Lift up your hips.” He says in a controlling tone.

Katie, lifts her hips up a bit. Her heart thumping with exhilaration and anxiety as to what is happening. Her dad reaches down and grabs her panties and pulls them down, exposing her smooth bald pussy. Nick moans, “Oh fuck baby, that’s what I wanted to see all night.” He continues pulling her panties down and off her legs. He holds them in his hand and puts then to his nose and and takes deep breath in.

Katie blushes and asks, “Do you like how my pussy smells?”

Nick smiles and sets the panties aside and says, “Your pussy smell good.”

“So is that all you were thinking about earlier, when you were watching me? You were just thinking about what my pussy smells like?” Katie asks, teasing him.

“Oh, I think we’ve already covered what I was thinking.” Nick says in a low tone.

Katie slowly spread her legs, sliding her feet along the edge of the table, totally exposing her pussy to her dad. “Were you imagining me doing this.” She teases more.

Nick looks right at his teen daughter’s perfect pussy. “Oh, you fucking cunt. I warned you.” Nick then steps between her legs. He grabs her young hips and holds them tight as he rests his hard cock on her stomach above her pussy. Precum drips on her stomach.

Katie lifts her hips every so slightly, instinctively. Nick pulls his cock back and lets the tip slip into position on his daughter’s pussy. “This is what I was thinking when I was watching you.” Nick pushed the tip into his daughter’s pussy.

Katie grips the edge of the table as she feels his tip push in. Her pussy resisting. She arches back and moans, “Oh god.”

Nick moans as he pushes the tip of his cock into his daughter, “Oh fuck Katie, you’re tight.” He moans in pleasure and excitement. His hands clenching her hips as he pushes more. Katie flinches and yelps a muted yelp. Nick knows in that moment he is taking her virginity. He is the first to push into her pussy. He moans, “Oh fuck yes. Fuck yes.” He looks to his daughter’s eyes and says, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

Katie whimpers a low moan and arches back again as her dad pushes his cock deeper into her pussy. She looks down her body to see her dad’s hips pressed between her legs. She looks to see he isn’t all the way in her. She groans in pleasure and some discomfort, “Make me take it all.”

Nick’s thought are only on his own pleasure, the knowledge he is inside his virgin daughter. Then he hears her say, ‘Make me take it all.’ It is a dream come true. Nick pulls back a bit and then thrusts in hard and deep, forcing all of his cock into his teen daughter’s pussy. He moans, “Oh fuck yes. Take my cock you fucking little cunt.” Katie groans loud as her dad’s cock fills her, the tip smashing into her cervix.

Nick can’t believe how tight his daughter’s pussy is gripping his cock. He knows he won’t last long. He needs to know he’s fucked her good before he cums. Nick pulls back and thrust in again and again fast and hard. He moans with each thrust into Katie’s tight pussy. “This is want I was thinking about when I was watching you Katie. I was thinking about fucking you. About pushing my hard cock into your tight little cunt.”

Nick pants and begins to tremble. Thrusting in one last time, he says, “I was thinking about fucking you. I was thinking about making you take my cock.” Nick moans with another deep thrust, “And I was thinking about how it would feel to cum inside your tight little pussy.” Nick then moans loud as his cock begins pulsates inside his teen daughter’s pussy. Nick moans with each pulse of his cock, knowing that with each one he is shooting a stream of his cum inside his daughter’s pussy. Nick is cumming in his teen daughter.

Katie feels her dad trembling. She feels his cock pulsating and she knows her dad is cumming inside her. Her pleasure is overwhelming. Knowing her dad is cumming in her is too much for her. She tenses up and grips the edge of the table tighter. She trembles as she cums. She moans, “OHHh ohhh oh daddy. oh daddy.” Her body tense and flexed as an orgasm overwhelms her. “Yes, daddy!” She moans loud.

Nick finishes cumming to his daughter moaning ‘Yes, daddy.’ He looks down at her on the table, his cock buried inside her pussy. Nick smiles at her. She smiles back. He say, “You are going to wear that outfit every day your mom isn’t home.”

The end.

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