This is a story around a mother, Gloria Daniels and her daughter, Hannah … and daddy. This is an incest story.


This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is a story around a mother, Gloria Daniels and her daughter, Hannah. Gloria is 45 and Hannah is 23. Both women are trim, with straight blonde hair. Gloria has her hair cut short while Hannah’s falls just to the shoulders. Gloria’s breasts are larger than her daughter’s, but both are well proportioned. The two are very attractive despite the age difference.

Hannah has recently gone through a very difficult ending to a long-term relationship with a man who she felt might very well be ‘the one’. After what seemed like a couple years of a very strong relationship that was building on itself continually, her man had simply broken off the relationship. As Gloria counseled her daughter, some people just have a very difficult time with commitment and, maybe, especially when the other person is so sure, their questions might become more impactful. Hannah had graduated from college and started her new job with everything fitting into her plans. This breakup would be a major interruption in her plans of marriage and family. Her parents, Gloria and Tom Daniels, were, and always have been, her models of how adults lived and especially how marriage functioned. It was one thing for her to have her life-plan interrupted and her control of that plan broken, but it was more than that for her as she felt she had lost confidence in that mystical quality of love she’d always felt and so desperately wanted to share.

Gloria and Tom (Gloria’s husband and Hannah’s father) married when Gloria was 20 years old and gave birth to Hannah at 22. They found each other in college, and when they did, they knew deep inside what they had. They were married while still in college and they always believed their love was their driver that would get them through anything. Tom had a good job and career with a large manufacturing company with products supporting infrastructure construction. Gloria dabbled in work to stay busy but never developed her career after college.

When Hannah sought out support after the breakup, she naturally went to Gloria, first. Her mom was always better and smarter about those matters than any of her friends.


Gloria and Tom had always enjoyed a healthy and active sex life, but sometimes they both could be surprised by the energy one, the other, or both brought to the bed or (since Hannah moved out) to the family room, kitchen, living room or patio late at night. The hardest time for them had passed. When Hannah became older and aware of her own body changes, they worried about their active sex life with Hannah in the house, which pushed them to limiting their time, stifling any noise (very difficult for Gloria), or timing their moments when Hannah would be with friends. But now, they were again free to fully experience what they felt, no matter where they might be in the house when they felt it. They seemed to have avoided the feelings of sadness from Hannah moving out because she was frequently home to visit. Instead of feelings of sadness and emptiness, their empty nest experience was more of freedom. And, they took advantage of it.

Gloria was resting on top of Tom, her legs straddling him, and his cock still embedded in her pussy after a very satisfying climax for both of them. She used her pussy muscles to squeeze his cock hoping to keep him inside her until they could go, again. Or, rather, when Tom could become fully hard, again. But, the events of the past couple weeks were weighing on her. She wasn’t used to holding anything back from Tom, but she was a little concerned how he might react and had been biding her time for the right moment. Was the right moment really after a wonderful climax when his guard was down? It felt manipulative to her, but …

Gloria raised her head to look into her husband’s face, then, “I have a confession.”

He smiled and flexed his semi-hard cock in her pussy, “That sounds ominous. What kind of confession?” He reached up and kissed her on the lips, clearly not taking Gloria’s comment very seriously. The only thing or living being more important to either of them than each other was Hannah, so what could there be?

“I made love to Hannah.” Gloria watched carefully because it seemed Tom wasn’t registering what she had said. Then, it did register.

“You … did what … to Hannah? You made ‘love’? You mean sex?”

Interesting, she thought. Maybe there is always some mystery to people, even when you think you know them so well. It isn’t even that something is being held back as much as maybe there was never a reason for something to become known. And, maybe, it was even a mystery to both of you. That’s probably what this was. She had been surprised when it happened with her and Hannah. Now, just saying it to Tom, she felt it with him. Literally … she felt it. His softening cock she was squeezing with her pussy in an attempt to stimulate … it twitched inside her.

She held his gaze and explained. “It was … I don’t know … it just happened.” They hadn’t intended on it happening. Not the first time, anyway. The first time, he challenged. “Well, we did it twice. The first time I was merely consoling her after her breakup. You know … I held her, hugged her, stroking her arm and back. She was hurting. She wasn’t feeling like anyone would love her. He was the one, she thought. How could that happen? Was there something wrong with her? All those things that everyone feels when something like that happens. You think so much of the other person you can’t even be mad at them, at first. You internalize it even if it is completely absurd as in Hannah’s case. We talked for a long time. We snuggled and drank wine and talked. I thought I was convincing her she was totally lovable and she would find the real ‘one’. I thought I would change the subject a little. I asked her what her fantasy and maybe she should think about if that was an option … I didn’t know what I was opening up.”

She wasn’t even squeezing him inside her pussy but his cock was taking on new life. That emboldened her. Maybe this was the right time. She continued. “We were half through the second bottle of wine and she mumbled a response. I pushed her to repeat it.” Gloria looked down at her husband and moved her pussy up his hardening cock, then back down. She was getting turned on remembering and he was responding it, too. “I’d never have guess what her fantasy was.” He shook his head as if she had asked if he could guess. “A woman! She was curious about being with a woman. She said, I’ll never forget it, she said it would have to be a woman she totally cared for and trusted. I was shell-shocked and the wine was helping and holding her in my arms stroking her wasn’t helping. Then, God it just happened … she squirmed in my arms and looked into my eyes … she said, ‘Someone like you.’ Then, she kissed me … on the lips! It was tentative, hesitant, and nervous like any first kiss like that. She pulled her head back and nervously searched my eyes.”

His hips flexed underneath her as she was continuing to slowly move up and down on him. Neither may have had the slight inkling the telling had started them slowly fucking, again. He was searching his wife’s eyes now, too. “What did you do?” There was no judgement or challenge in his voice, just anticipation of what would come.

“What did I do? What did I do …? I took her face in the palms of my hands and … kissed her back. That kiss wasn’t tentative or nervous. I kissed her like … like I kiss you. God … it was beautiful, Tom. That was my daughter and it should have been a terrible thing, but it wasn’t.” She sat down completely on his hard cock and stared into his eyes, “Am I terrible? Am I an awful, sinful mother? Do you think I cheated on you?”

He laughed, “Terrible, awful, sinful or cheating? If I thought that, I’d be a hypocrite.” She looked quizzically at him. He tweaked her hard nipples, “You’re going to tell me you hadn’t noticed how hard I’ve become listening to all this?”

Gloria bent over and crushed her mouth onto his. At the same time, she began fucking him violently until her rolled them over and he took over fucking with her raising her hips off the bed to meet his powerful thrusts. His cock invaded her already cum filled pussy like he was trying to make a point with this fuck and her cries and gasps matching his energy mirroring what they both knew. They were incredibly and surprisingly turned on by this.

After they collapsed, gasping and panting for many minutes trying to regain some control over themselves, their bodies were melded together with kisses, stroking and tight embraces.

When she could manage speech, Gloria gasped out, “My God … that was … AMAZING.”

Tom was searching with his response, “I know, but … does it make me terrible that it turned me on so much?”

Gloria giggled, “Who knew, huh?”

Tom pulled his head back and looked at his wife with something new to see, then smiled and kissed her with love. “Say … she shared her fantasy … did she ask the same of you?” Gloria blushed and nodded. “Well? What did you tell her?”

Gloria blushed more, “A threesome.”

Tom hugged her tight and kissed her neck. “You want to try two cocks sometime, huh?”

She whispered in his ear, “That’s Hannah thought, too.” Tom pulled back and looked at her questioningly. “No, my threesome is sharing you.” He got a funny smile on his face. “I’ve had the same bi-curiosity that she had and I thought that might be a fun way to explore it. But I’ve had the same problem she had … I would want someone very special to share you with, someone special enough to both of us.”

She kissed him on the lips and gazed into his eyes, a mischievous smile forming on her mouth. It was quiet for moments until, “Wait … what? You mean …”

Gloria nodded, “It would be perfect, wouldn’t it? Could there be any one more perfect?”

“Did you tell her?”

“No … she still thinks I mean two guys. I didn’t think I could. If I asked her first and you didn’t want to, I was afraid … she just went through a rejection …”

* * * *


“Upstairs, honey.” This time Gloria had called Hannah to come for a visit and playtime, as they called it. Of course, this time she also had an ulterior motive for seeing her daughter.

Gloria was waiting in the bedroom in her bra and panties, two glasses of wine ready and waiting. Hannah walked into the room, saw how her mom was dressed, and broke into a big smile. They both knew and accepted this was something that was not going to go on for much longer, but they also both had come to understand something about themselves in the process of mother and daughter becoming intimate. The love, trust, and security they had for each other didn’t need to stop at the conventional boundaries of parental relationship. Hannah had felt and found great comfort and reinforcement in these moments in her mother’s arms … and lips. These moments were huge steps for both of them, but had given Hannah the acceptance and confidence in her worth as a woman and companion.

Gloria, for her part, discovered a woman inside her daughter that amazed her even more than she already had. Gloria never questioned the love her daughter gave to her, but in these moments, she understood just how much love her daughter had to give. That fuller understanding of her daughter reflected back to Hannah with crystal clarity. Some man, at some time, was going to be very lucky and she had managed to convey that back to her daughter.

Hannah stood in the doorway looking approvingly at her mom. When Gloria turned, she smiled embarrassed. There had been little doubt why she had wanted Hannah to take the afternoon off to meet with her. Getting the bed ready while stripped down to her lace bra and panties with two glasses of wine waiting left absolutely no doubt about her intentions. Hannah continued to smile but looked her mom up and down as Gloria slowly walked to her with both glasses of wine. They both took a sip, then leaned into each other and kissed.

Gloria looked into her daughter’s eyes, one hand holding the glass, the other lightly stroking Hannah’s arm, to her shoulder, and to her cheek. Holding her face they kissed, again. Gloria softly said, “This might be the last time for us like this.”

Hannah kissed her back, then smiled calmly. “I know. It helped me, though, mom … thank you. You always did know just the right thing to reach me.” She giggled, “Though … this was pretty different.” They both laughed.

Gloria walked them to the side of the bed, put her wine on the bedside table, and began unbuttoning Hannah’s work blouse. With the buttons undone, she opened the blouse and kissed the bare skin of her chest and stomach. Hannah put her own glass down to slide the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. She let it drop to the floor as Gloria began working at the clasp and zipper of her skirt. She knelt in front of her daughter, pulling the skirt over hips and down thighs while kissing more exposed skin. Hannah stepped out of the pooled skirt at her feet and watched intently as her mom bent forward to kiss the bare skin over her panties, then down onto her panties. Gloria kissed inch by inch over the panty material until she reached the pussy mound. Hannah opened her legs to her mom and she lowered her head and tilted to reach between the parted thighs and kissed her daughter’s cover pussy.

Hannah gasped, one hand behind her mother’s head, the other clutching her own breast. She moaned deeply as Gloria’s tongue snaked out to lick the wet material, pressing the material into the lips. Hannah reached down and with both hands encouraged Gloria up who kissed her way slowly up until they were crushing each other’s mouths, tongues dancing with each other.

Both women began fumbling with bra hooks, quickly shedding the garments and pressing their bare breasts into each other as they continued kissing. Breaking the kiss and panting their passion, Hannah sank down first to pull her mother’s panties down until they fell. Gloria backed against the edge of the bed and scooted into the center; her eyes fixed on Hannah’s. Hannah pushed her own panties to her feet and followed her mom, crawling after and lying alongside her. Their mouths found each other, again. Their hands roamed over bare flesh and willingly parted thighs. They groaned into the other’s mouth as fingers played over nipples and clits, parted pussy lips, and penetrated each other.

Hannah moved down Gloria’s body, kissing her mom’s naked body as she moved ever closer to the parted thighs of her mom presenting her pussy. Then, her mom stopped her with voice and hands, “No … honey, turn … around … on top of me.”

Hannah crawled up her mom’s body and pivoted, straddling her mom’s head. She leaned forward and sank her mouth over her mom’s pussy, her tongue licking over the clit and down the moist slit of her pussy. At the same time, her own hips were pulled down and she felt her mom’s tongue probe her own pussy. Hannah pushed her hands underneath her mom’s thighs and snaked them back to the pussy lips she was lapping. With fingers spreading those lips, she exposed the excited clit to her lips and the wet inner lips. Her own pussy was receiving equal excited and exciting treatment.

Hannah felt her body reacting in the wonderful way it had every time with her mom. An orgasm was rising up within her like water rising to a boil. There was no hurry, no desperation to have or produce an orgasm with them. They loved and were loved and were content to enjoy what was happening.

In that glow, in that moment when her body’s reaction to the rising stimulation was filling her mind with the haze and fog of increasing bliss, a change happened that, for a moment, her mind didn’t register. Hannah felt a gentle stroke over her head to her shoulders through her shoulder blades and down her spine. The touch was so soft, gentle, and loving it sent a shiver from the touch up her body. The touch was soft and loving and for a moment her mind could only associate it with her mom’s actions but slowly her mind pieced together all the touching on her body: lips and tongue at her pussy; arms pressing around her hips with fingers holding her pussy open to be tongued; and … more fingers on her spine?

Hannah raised her head inches from her mom’s pussy, her lips and face glistening with those juices, and glanced to the side to see the clothed legs of a man. Slight shifting of those legs preceded the touch of lips against the bare skin of her upper back. The soft touch of those lips was the feeling she’d experienced all her life and immediately knew. She rolled her leg over her mom and sat awkwardly on the other side, her hands shyly attempting to cover her nakedness.

“Daddy? I … what are … we were … oh, God …”

Gloria sat up and took Hannah in her arms and softly assured her, “It’s okay, honey.”

Hannah’s wide, fearful and embarrassed filled eyes moved from her mom to her dad who now sat on the edge of the bed. His face was relaxed and gentle with none of the disappointment, bewilderment, or upset that she expected to see. Her mom gave her a loving smile. Hannah was very confused.

“I … don’t … I don’t understand …”

Gloria kissed Hannah on the mouth … the exact passion filled kiss they have now shared many times since that first time. Hannah’s eyes flicked toward her dad nervously but he only smiled happily back. Gloria pulled back and held her daughter’s hand and reached for her husband’s. Holding both and unashamedly sitting naked with her naked daughter in front of her husband, she explained to the confused Hannah.

“Remember when you shared your inner desire … your inner fantasy … and we acted on it?” Hannah nodded, continuing to check on the response from her father. “Remember how you pestered me to confess my inner fantasy?”

Hannah nodded, her eyes flicking to her father nervously, “Yes … you … wanted to be … shared with another man.”

Gloria squeezed both hands and looked from Tom with a smile back to Hannah, “No, honey … that’s what you assumed. My fantasy isn’t to be shared with another man. Your father is all the man I ever want. No, my fantasy was to share your father with another woman.” A look of surprise and more confusion filled Hannah’s face. Gloria continued, “Honey, my fantasy had the same limiting factor that yours did. Just like fulfilling your fantasy of experimenting with a bi-sexual experience was limited by wanting someone very special to you, the same was true for me. If I was going to share your father with someone, she had to be someone he and I both felt especially connected to in order for it to be the experience we could all find fulfillment from.” She looked deeply into Hannah’s eyes, “I didn’t think that could ever happen or be possible until …”

Hannah face changed as she processed what she was hearing. Her face morphed from fearful nervousness to peaceful understanding and she finished her mother’s explanation, “… until we fulfilled my fantasy.” She looked back at her mom, “You planned this?”

Gloria nodded, “Yes, sorry, but I had to be sure your father wouldn’t freak out in front of you.”

Tom spoke for the first time, “Honey, you are a beautiful and loving woman. I understand how this happened with you and your mom. We have no expectations and there is no pressure. We both love you very much and when your mom explained all this …”

Gloria interjected, “Honey, your father loves us very much and would be doing this not with some perverse desire seeking release. This never occurred to us before. I never thought my fantasy had any possibility because of the limitations I had on it until I was woken up to you. You are the ONLY woman I could do this with … the only woman I would want to do this with. We have no expectation of this happening ever, again. We have no expectation that it wouldn’t.”

Hannah reached her hand out to her father, “You want me to make love with you, daddy?”

He shook his head. Gloria answered, “It’s not his wish or desire, honey. I want us, you and me, to make love to him together.” Hannah, still looking at her father, nodded her understanding and acceptance. Tugging on her daughter’s hand, “Come on. I doubt he’ll need much, but foreplay is fun.”

Hannah smiled demurely at her father but followed after her mother. Tom was loosening his tie as the two women slid off the bed and began on his slacks. With his tie quickly off, he was unbuttoning his shirt in record time as his wife undid his belt and his daughter was lowering the zipper to his pants. He was prying his shoes off as the two women lowered his pants and took them and his socks off. Hannah was watching her mom, wishing to follow rather than seem the aggressor in this moment. As her mother kissed his abdomen and placed her fingers on one side of the underwear, Hannah duplicated the action. With a smile from her mom, they both lowered his underwear, letting them drop to the floor as Hannah took her father’s hardening cock into her hand and her mom cupped and fondled his balls.

Hannah was a bit overwhelmed by what was so quickly happening. She was holding her father’s cock. She stared at it, her hand not moving and her gaze not straying. When her mom’s face came into view, though, her lips pressing against the side of the cock she was holding, Hannah came out of her trance. She watched as her mom kissed the shaft, her tongue licking up the side.

Gloria gave her daughter a smile between licks and kisses to her husband’s cock. Hannah seemed encouraged by the smile and leaned in herself to duplicate her mother’s actions, again. Both women were kissing and licking up and down the shaft. When the women met at the head of his cock, they opened their mouths to not only encase the head of the cock but also to touch lips in an unusual kiss.

Tom pulled both women up alongside him and asked what should happen now in Gloria’s fantasy. Gloria shrugged, “I … never thought that far ahead …”

Tom put a hand behind the heads of both women and gave each a deep kiss on the lips. Then, he took over. He positioned both women at the end of the bed, bent over at the waist with their hands supporting them on the bed and legs spread. Gloria looked to her left and smiled at Hannah, then reached toward her for a kiss. As they did kiss, Tom moved behind his daughter, a hand on her hip, and the other guiding his rigid cock to her pussy. Hannah gasped as his cock head moved up and down along her wet pussy, then moaned as the head parted her lips and sank into her hole.

She mumbled through moans, “Oh … my … god. My … father … is fucking … me.” Each word or combination coming with a thrust of his cock. Her head sagged on her shoulders as the reality of what was happening fully sank into her consciousness … and she orgasmed. Gloria watched her daughter’s reaction to receiving her father’s cock and reached a hand to cup a swaying breast. When Hannah looked to her mother, her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were glazed.

Tom had only intended to stroke into each of his women a half dozen times before switching, but when he realized his daughter was already orgasming from the psychological elements of what was happening more than any physical stimulation, he continued to smoothly stroke into her until she calmed. When he felt Hannah’s pussy relax around his cock, he slipped out of his daughter and heard a moan of disappointment escape from her. But he moved to his wife and just as easily penetrated her to full depth in two thrusts.

After alternating a half dozen times, he watched in confusion as Gloria moved away to lie on the bed on her back with her head toward them. She indicated for Hannah to crawl over her. Perplexed by the intent, she nonetheless did as her mom requested. Tom figured it out quicker and climbed onto the bed behind his daughter. Once she was positioned so her pussy was over Gloria’s face, Tom reentered Hannah’s pussy in one firm thrust, which brought a gasp from her. She moaned with Gloria used her lips and tongue on Hannah’s pussy and clit. Hannah lowered her head to mouth her mom’s pussy but didn’t last long as another orgasm rose in her body. Both her parents were now intent on her pussy with her father fucking her and her mother sucking on her engorged clit. Her orgasm shook her body and mind at the same time. Her pussy clenching around the cock inside her induced a climax sending her father’s sperm into her body.

Hannah had collapsed and rolled off her mom who sat up alongside her. Her father came to sit behind his wife and both stroked her naked and still highly charged body. Gloria stroked over Hannah’s stomach and up over her breasts while Tom lightly stroked along the inside of her thigh to a point just shy of her gaping and oozing pussy.

Hannah gave them a satisfied smile, then reached her hand to her mom, touching her upper arm. “You didn’t get a chance to cum …”

Gloria smiled and looked back at Tom, “The night is young and I have no intention of stopping this now.” Gloria moved her hand down her daughter’s body until her fingers were gliding over her pussy. She smiled at Hannah and rose to her knees, “Besides, there is something else I have wanted to do that is associated with sharing your father … can I suck his cum from your pussy?”


* * * * Another MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS Story will follow * * * * Thanks for reading.

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