Thank You Big Brother. Sex fiction



She knew That she had to learn sometime.

Stella was already a junior at high school. Although she was fully grown on certain very obvious parts of her body but she did not have much muscles on her but still looked the most beautiful with her dark black shoulder length hair, blue eyes, full lips and very-well grown boobs showing perky, pointed nipples on the most fitting sized tits hidden in her bra. Somehow she had grown tall like almost 5’ 6’’ with a very slim body of no more than 110 pounds at the most. She would never forget, one of her then boyfriend taunting her saying, she was like as if a pussy was added on to a bamboo stick. It did not do any harm to Stella but she certainly became very sensitive about her sexuality and never felt comfortable with any boy who tried to be her friend or wished to be dating her as her boyfriend.

Nathan was one of her classmates. Young, healthy, sexy looking with all the best a growing young man could have. He saw Stella and knew that he must have her and pursued it as much as he could but the funny remark by her previous boyfriend had killed her esteem and she had a very cold response to Nathan. She had a good thinking head on her shoulders but she never thought of participating in sports that could develop some muscles on her body because whenever she saw herself in the mirror, she loved her thin, slim body than being heavier blob of flesh. She loved her breasts that were more attractive to any eyes than those big un-natural bulges on some girls. Like most boys, Nathan wanted to be her boyfriend but perhaps more than anything else, he wanted to take her pussy first and this brought them to a very serious situation and she had to tell him that she wanted to take it very slowly and not give in to his demand of getting naked with him for sex. She knew that she had to learn sometime but still some deep fear in her mind kept her from giving in to Nathan’s demand. She refused but Nathan kept trying relentless, showering her with gifts and treating her like she was the love of his life. She could not let him go beyond kissing her dangerously close to her very private body parts and finally when Nathan tried to get her hand to his crotch, she simply yelped, “No, I am not ready yet”. Nathan suddenly got sick of being rejected time and again and blamed her that she was never going to be ready for anyone. His anger was showing when he announced that he would never like to see the bitch again. They parted forever and it was the first time Stella thought to herself that she had to learn and quickly to take it to the next level before being left alone by the whole world.

She entered home with a droopy face knowing her divorced mom would not be home as she had told her about the company trip for the whole weekend and her 4 years older, college going brother, Jim may not be home yet to keep her company but she was pleasantly amazed to see Jim sitting on the sofa. James saw her enter and came running to welcome her at the door. As they hugged, Jim complemented her to be looking so charming day by day but noticed her hanging face and asked her the reason as they came to sit on the sofa in the living room and she told him of her fears of being unable to learn and being turned down by many boys and today someone even called her a bitch for not accepting his advances. Being the only siblings and knowing how difficult life their mother had being a single mom, they were always very close to each other. Jim was over 6’ tall and a title holder boxer in his college with strong muscular body to defend the threats.

As they sat and talked, Jim could not help steal some eyes full of her delicious looking tits even thinking if she were not her sister, he would surely ask her out and try to play with her tits and nipples even if she denied. Hearing her about her boyfriend talk to her like that and calling her names and treating her bad, made Jim very angry. “I shall punch his nose, down his throat. How could the bastard treat you like that”? James said but Stella asked him to calm down because she had nothing to do with Nathan anymore. They sat quietly for a while and then Stella broke the silence saying that it was not that she did not want to go ahead with Nathan but she just did not know, how to. She was very much afraid of doing something wrong to make her look a novice and stupid in his eyes. Jim encouraged her to stick with her own body feelings and also that nobody should be forcing her to do much different than her beliefs.

Stella fell in Jim’s arms and thanked him for being a very good and supporting big brother as he stroked her soft hair. Stella raised her head from under his chin and whispered, “Jim, you do not have to, but it would be very nice if you could show me, how and what to do”!

Jim did not understand her and could hardly mutter, “Me, what” and to that she repeated to show her, how she was supposed to touch the boys and he could do it by touching himself for her to watch him do it”.

James told her that he was not sure, how could he do that and Stella came back very strong to him saying that she was only asking him to do what he always did, for her to watch and learn instead of practicing with someone else spoiling the family image and degrading the family name. “You can pretend, I was not there”. She suggested.

Jim still was not convinced with her proposition but had nothing much to say when she said, if he did not care for the family dignity and just cut her loose to learn with another character like they were out there.

“Why don’t you see, I am your brother Stella”. James was losing his temper now as he felt being defeated in the argument.

“Exactly my thought”. She almost begged, “You are my brother and it were going to change nothing or hurt or damage anything as against, somebody, anybody out of the family”.

“Oh alright but make sure, it would be only two of us knowing this”, James agreed that it was not a bad idea after all and asked her to move to her bedroom upstairs.

“Now, what you exactly want me to do”. Asked Jim as he climbed the bed and Stella asked him to show her, how she was supposed to touch the boys by touching himself sexually for a good feeling. You just do what you do normally almost every day. It was masturbating himself in front of his baby sister but Jim was convinced that she had to learn it all in some respectable way instead of falling low like the whores and slutty cunts out there.

“You know, I shall have to be totally naked for that”. He almost warned Stella but she only giggled while taking the chair and pulling it close to the bed to take a seat for viewing the show. As James stripped, Stella learnt that he was very solidly built, muscular upper body, hairy chest and pillar like strong legs, thighs with a huge muscle hanging between those thighs curving majestically over the big mass of meat under his hanging sex muscle. She was kind of surprised to see him still limp and asked him if it were OK and normal and Jim told her that being a very sexually strong man and an alpha male, he was proud that his cock was under his control and it did not get hard until he jolted and jerked it with the intension and anticipation. She looked as Jim began playing with his cock and balls, making it grow longer and thicker as well. In a very conservative guess, according to Stella, it got to no less than 7—8 inches in length and extremely thick and fat in its girth. James was applying his spit on the shaft repeatedly which was making his sex wand glow and the swollen veins to bulge even more and Stella could not resist to ask him the purpose of the spit. Jim wanted not to answer this but then suddenly he got reminded that it was for the purpose of learning for his baby sister and he could not tell anything but the truth, “It keeps the dick moist, wet and slippery for causing less chaffing and more pleasure due to the friction between the two naked muscles like when it would be going into a woman’s pussy”. He explained.

Jim suddenly sat up against the headboard when he saw Stella pull her chair close to the edge of the bed and she had to defend herself that she had to have a closer look for proper learning. James took his erect muscle in one hand while playing squeezing his balls in the other and began going up and down on the hard, long shaft. With a thought to teach her ‘how to’, he spoke while he stroked himself. “It is not a must but very pleasing if the stroking would start gently and then grow rhythmically faster and harder”. Now he was doing it with a fervor and force. Stella had her eyes fixed really trying to take all in watching it carefully but then suddenly she desired to practice it herself other than only watching him do it.

“Can I do it to see if I had really got the legit of it”? She asked and in the name of teaching, he had no answer but to say yes plus by now Jim did not give a shit what the norms of the situation were or what the civility and the decency of the family or the society called for. He slipped a bit downwards to her hand and her small hand took hold of his heavy and the thick shaft while groping his balls with the other. She had seen his dear brother squeeze his balls and as a good learner squeezed both his shaft and the balls as hard as she could and Jim cringed and jumped in pain and she realized that she had squashed his fucking gizmo little bit too hard and excused rapidly.

James told her that she was doing great and no damage was done but she better be gentle for mutual pleasure and had to have some lube or at least a dab of spit on her hand for a repeat performance. Stella did take the advice and nodded her head in consent while pulling her chair very close to the bed, alerting James but she smiled big looking in his eyes and said that she had to be closer for spitting on his cock. James realized the fact and they decided, it would be better if she joined him on the bed. Stella got up on the bed and squatted on his thighs, with her back to his face and leaned over to drop some spit on his thick cock. Her long skirt was posing a big hurdle and before Jim suggested anything different, she shed the skirt off her and then without a second thought, her shirt also came off over her head with the lacey bra and dropped on the floor with the skirt.

Now she could make any and all movements with ease and James also commended her for a brilliant thought. She spit on his cock while leaning lower causing her nipples to rub on his lower legs causing Jim to sigh and moan. She had to ask him, if she was doing alright and he answered, “Yes, perfect”. Now once again she groped his shaft and balls and squeezed them while chugging at the meat. James appreciated her effort and asked her to take his shaft in both hands and give it a faster go while he held her by her smooth thighs and pulled her over his face such that her ‘Y’ was on his lips and she could feel his warm breath and wet tongue already working on her opening. All the thoughts of shame were gone away by now as she started to masturbate him much faster, using both hands to grip his solid length while he let his tongue freely enter in her cunt, twist, turn and lick inside her pussy walls. She stroked him for a while but then suddenly a thought came to her mind feeling his tongue doing a search inside her well drenched pussy and flicking her engorged clitoris. She opened her mouth as big as she could and took his much larger pink mushroom in her mouth suddenly feeling it filling her mouth and posing a bit of difficulty to breathe blocking her airways.

First the feel of both of her hands squeezing and giving a most perfect hand job and now suddenly the warm and the wet mouth engulfed around his sex wand, James felt his orgasm surging in his balls and he growled, “Baby, I am close to Cumming”. Stella did not heed it as a warning or an attention call but rather increased a pace of fucking her brother’s cock with her mouth making sure he could not get out of the situation without feeding her his fresh load making use of her hands as well on his length with the learnt skills. Jim’s hips got raised off the bed as he could only mutter for her to do it harder. He was so close to Cumming.

“Oh, oouuhh baby! You are the best”, Jim could hardly say and a thick blast of his male juice jumped out of his cock hole to hit the ceiling of Stella’s upper jaw. She was amazed to feel her brother’s body tense, convulse, shake and writhe, his cock struggling in her hands until Jim asked her to slow down because he was getting overly sensitive. By now all the wheels in her pussy had turned for better, to cascade her climax and Jim was being relentless with his tongue licking her inside and the clitoris in particular. It was only a matter of a minute at the most when her pussy started doing all the lithe movements of squeezing, surging, shaking, trembling, shuddering and ejecting her gelatinous exude with every pulse like action of her labia making the lips go pouty and push out the liquid. Stella asked him, how she did and Jim so seriously said, “The best ever. You are so natural and up to it all”.

With her ego stroked, she told her brother that she had no experience with men and did not know how to operate male parts and would that be too much for him to show her this now. She was no doubt a rookie and wanted to learn how to let the men to operate her parts as well. Once again Jim only thought for a split second and saw nothing wrong in it because all the shame, shyness and dithering was thrown already out to winds. He asked Stella to take a position on the bed and preferred her to be on her knees and shoulders, raising her ass high in the air, exposing her pussy entrance with no defense against the assault about to happen. He told her that he rather preferred this position to start with, as much as he preferred the girl to be riding on the cock as a cowgirl but explained to her that a cowgirl position was the best for the girls and women who had the experience and knew what they were going to do. Soon as Stella took position on her knees and shoulders with her neck tilted to a side like the respected one, Jim took position behind her and bent down to kiss and lick her pussy flaps and the clitoris.

Soon they were both ready at the peak of their desires and their parts also well-engorged and erect. Jim once again took an aim and spit on her cunt to make it wet and slippery as he had already explained to his dear baby sister. Knowing that she was totally at his disposal, he stood on his knees to take a look at the target pussy hole with the lips already wet and open to welcome the male part to enter. Holding her by the hanging tits under her and tweaking her nipples, he brought his hips to the spot where the joint was about to be made. Sensing the pussy hole with his depth detection equipment, he gently invaded the pussy. Nothing could delight him more to find out that maybe his sister was a virgin but her seal was broken already and he got deep in her without hurting her baby sister. Somehow he also felt enraged to an extent that after all that he did not get to break her hymen and do the deflowering of his doll.

Seeing no blood was nice invitation to start fucking harder and faster. After having gone deep in her welcoming cunt, he only took a dozen or less long slow strokes in her and quickly raised his pace and tempo and under the influence of rage or anger started fucking her like a nothing but a rag doll. Stella, not being fucked for so many years was a cock slut deep down and naturally started fucking her brother’s cock back with his each thrust in her pussy. They fucked slowly and deep, they fucked fast and shallow while moaning together in tandem to entice each other to keep going on. They were both impressed with each other’s stamina and staying power as they fucked and fucked in doggy position, changing to missionary to see and cherish the facial expressions also with the nerves wrecking, mind bending sexual joy.

Suddenly, Stella giggled under him while nailed to the hilt. She hoped that Jim was not worried anymore about being the siblings and Jim also giggled back to say that it was little too late for that. Stella took it the best time to ask him to cum in her assuring him that she was on the pills and wanted to see if they worked. Jim agreed but only with a condition that she will cum with him all over his cock. With one, two and three they doubled their efforts and each fucked like there was no tomorrow talking, exciting the other to cum and fulfill the promise.

Soon the hard fucking brought them both to the point of no return and both were wheezing and heaving but still encouraging the other to cum now. Stella wanting him to cum inside her cunt while he desired her to cum on his cock and it happened amid a loud growls and groans until there arousals were totally lapsed and spent. Being a teacher or the trainer, Jim unplugged himself and showed her how to clean up inside out before they dozed off in each other’s arms but Jim, not being a rookie, reminded her that he had one more thing to show her that most men wanted and enjoyed as much as fucking their female partners in their pussies and also the final licking for clean-up. Stella heard him while she almost snored reminding him that they had all the weekend to practice repeatedly what she had learnt along with the new stuff, thanks to her big brother being there for her.

All comments appreciated with thanks. December 26, 2020.

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