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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

Last night:

We drank the tea that Ron had made for my visit. I hated tea, but wasn’t going to let Ron know that. The guy had set out a nice spread, with some butter cookies, or biscuits, as he called them with his muddled, possibly British accent. We played some Rocket League, and even though Ron owned the game, he was terrible at it.

I was about to ask Ron how long he’d had the game, and then suddenly became dizzy. “Oh shit…” I mumbled, and then everything went black.

This morning:

Getting no response to her knock, Demie twisted off the doorknob of apartment 1310 with an audible snap and entered the room. Nobody was there.

She searched the condo. As she opened one of the bedroom closet doors, she swore under her breath, “Fuck!”

A dark miasma that seemed to absorb the light around it swirled there, large enough for someone to walk into. She had seen these before.

I awoke naked and on my side. I quickly lurched to my feet. I was in an animal pen, outdoors, somewhere in the wilderness. I could see the edges of a forest nearby. The sky was blue, with some fluffy clouds, and it was warm. But it was winter now! How could this be?

“Ah, thou art awake, mortal. Welcome to thy new home.”

At Ron’s voice, I turned. He was standing outside of the pen, wearing renaissance faire clothing, which matched his suddenly flowery language, and his ears now ended in a point. He was an elf! Well, no wonder he was so pretty. The only other elf I had met had been an unbelievably gorgeous woman, Anya. I found out later that she was actually Titania, queen of the elves, husband of…

…oh shit…

“Oberon,” I said, my voice coming out more harshly than I intended.

“Thou hast the right of it,” he replied, bowing. “Oberon, king of the elves, and husband of Titania, who I believe thou knowest…intimately.” He frowned at me.

“Look…Ron…” What was with my voice? I could only seem to get a word out at a time.

“Cease your braying,” Oberon said, and gestured. Another elf brought a naked, brown-haired woman through the entrance of the pen, led by a rope around her neck. The woman looked at me, uncertain, as the elf closed the gate behind her.

This was bizarre. I turned to the fence and tried to climb over, but my hands slipped and couldn’t grip the wood. A magic fence?

I turned back, and the woman was there, sniffing at me. I could smell her now, too, and…she smelled good. She was actually quite pretty, with a nice flank…I mean butt. I could feel my cock start to get hard. The woman’s nostrils flared as she sensed my excitement.

I knew that she was fertile and ready. She turned from me, presenting her flank. Why did I keep thinking that word? I came up behind her and lay my stomach upon her back as I thrust, trying to get my cock inside her. After several attempts, the head slipped between the folds of her pussy and we both moaned at the sensation. Soon I was thrusting into her.

“Welcome, demon. I had hoped that my changeling would have fooled thee for longer.”

Demie stepped all the way through the swirling black gate. “Babies are remarkably instinctive, King Oberon, and that fake Tom really has no staying power.”

He turned to her. “No attempt at subversion, then, using thy powers of shape manipulation?”

“No point. Here in the faerie realm you are all powerful; you’d know right away.” She stepped up to him, glancing toward the animal pen nearby. Something was happening in there, though she couldn’t make it out through the fence.

“Just so,” he replied. “Come, I will take thee to thy master.”

Demie bit her tongue at that, but followed the fairy king to the pen. There she found two donkeys rutting. She froze, staring at the male donkey. “Tom?!”

Oberon spoke, “The last time my queen strayed, I transformed a human’s head to donkey. I have transfigured Tom entirely, though his senses still tell him that he is a man. I think I will make him sire many foals. What dost thou think, demon?”

“Your majesty, Tom had no idea that he was having relations with your wife. She presented herself only as ‘Anya’. He meant no disrespect.”

He turned to her. “Yet thou didst not ‘fill him in’?”

She looked down. “Not until after.”

He turned back to the donkeys, watching with grim satisfaction as the transformed Tom continued to fuck the braying female donkey.

“Yes! Yes!” the woman cried as I continued to thrust into her. I felt her insides squeeze my cock in orgasm, setting off my own.

“Unhh!” I groaned as my hot sperm jetted deep inside her. Spurt after spurt of my potent seed filled her fertile reproductive system.

As I lay upon her back, I realized that my cock wasn’t softening. I continued to thrust.

Demie watched as Tom inseminated his donkey partner. Despite the situation, she felt a little turned on. It was so unbelievable. Too bad she didn’t have…

Then she had an idea. “King Oberon, where are Tom’s clothes?”

I fucked the woman for several more minutes before I felt another orgasm starting. As I started to cum inside her again, I suddenly felt myself growing smaller, or was she becoming bigger? As I continued to spurt inside her, her body sprouted fur, her head became elongated, and her hair became a mane! The last of my cum spurted into her and then I fell backward onto my ass. She turned to look at me. She…was a donkey!

“Got it!”

I looked to where I had heard Demie’s voice. She was outside the fence, pointing my phone’s camera toward me. Oberon craned his neck as she did something to the phone and he smiled.

Then the fence disappeared and the female donkey was led away. I sat there, confused, as Oberon and Demie walked up. She handed my phone to him. “I’ve turned off the security so you can watch it anytime you want.”

“It is acceptable,” Oberon replied, pocketing my phone. Demie helped me to my feet and handed me my clothes. “Demie has explained that thou didst not know Titania’s identity when she did defile herself with thee. I have my revenge now…” He patted his pocket. “…you inseminating the jenny, and so thou may goest.” He gestured to the dark, swirling gateway in the distance.

“Jenny?” I asked.

“A female donkey is called a jenny,” the elven king replied matter-of-factly.


As we got to the gateway, Oberon called out in Ron’s muddled accented voice, “Shall I send you a MeTube link, squire?”

I shook my head as we went back to my own world.

I dressed in Ron’s apartment before we went back to ours. I entered to find myself sitting on the couch, looking surprised to see me.

“Oh,” the other me said. “Um,” I said in response.

“He’s a changeling,” Demie explained. “A faerie creature with a limited lifespan, given enough recent memories to be able to fool friends and family.”

I went forward and had a closer look. “He doesn’t look right.”

“You don’t look right either,” he responded in my voice as he examined my face.

Demie went into the bathroom and came back with a hand mirror. As she held it so that we could both see each other in it she said, “And now?”

“Oh!” we both said in unison. Of course…we usually see ourselves up close in a mirror, so seeing our own face without one looked wrong.

“Is he dangerous?” I asked her as the other Tom and I continued examining one another.

She considered fake Tom. “I told him not to move, and so there he sits. Changelings are only dangerous if you attack them. He thinks he’s you, and you’re not a violent person.”

I sat next to him on the couch. “You know, I always wanted a brother.”

“Me too,” he said. “I mean, you do, so I do too.”

“Cool. You up for some Diablo III?”

“Fuck yeah!” Then he thought for a moment. “But which of us gets to play our Necromancer character?”

As I grabbed the Xbox One controllers I replied, “We’ll start two new characters.”

“Dibs on Barbarian!” we both said at once.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors for it?” he asked.

We played. Both rock. Then both paper. Then both rock again. Then both scissors.

“Maybe roll dice?” I suggested.

Demie rolled her eyes. “doG, now there are two nerds.”

To be continued…

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