Artificial Insemination



My sister-in-law asked me to donate sperm to a Fertility Clinic for her.

It was pillow talk, I had just screwed my wife to a strong orgasm and as she dipped her fingers into the goo oozing from her body she said “Wow, Willow could use some of this.”

“What do you mean?”

Val rolled her head toward me “She’s been trying to get pregnant for almost two years but Art can’t get the job done. Apparently he has some hormone imbalance and can’t produce healthy sperm. He’s basically sterile.”

My wife was talking about her younger sister and brother-in-law. Art married Willow four years
earlier and I knew they had been talking family but hadn’t started one yet. Now my wife was telling me why “They can’t have kids?”

“He can’t. They’ve been to a knock up doc and he tells her she is fertile but poor Artie is firing blanks.”

I had to question her choice of words. “Knock up doc?”

“Yeah, you know, a fertility clinic.”

“Oh, that’s someplace you don’t need to go, seems to me you get pregnant every time I wave my dick at you.”

“Come on, I’ve only had three kids, if I counted right you’ve fucked me at least seven times.”

Val’s eyes glinted with anticipation when I asked “You want to try for eight?”

I forgot about the conversation about Willow but Val didn’t. Three weeks after our intense bedroom scene, she hit me with it “Hey, you want to be a daddy again?”

I’d heard those words before and my mind stuttered, three kids was enough but now she was going to tell me had another little person growing inside her? “Now what, did you forget to take the pill or something?”

She sidestepped my question with “I told you Willow and Art have been going to a fertility clinic, well they’ve decided to try artificial insemination.”

“A test tube baby?”

“Not a test tube mix, they would implant live hot little sperm from a donor. They select a sample from a list of donors then the doctor inserts it and hope it does the job.”

“So if she gets fat, the baby wouldn’t be from Art.”

“Not biologically but in every other way he would accept it, that’s part of the counseling they have to go through, his reaction to her getting some strangers seed inside her.”

“Wow, I’m glad my balls work right.”

My wife looked at me, an odd cast to her eyes, “There’s more,” she hesitated as her throat swallowed nervously “Willow wants you to be the donor.”

Her statement stunned me. I stared at her as the words echoed in my ears then asked “She wants my semen? She wants me to be the daddy of her kid? What the hell does Art think of that, or you?”

Val paused for a few moments, I could see the answer forming slowly, accurately in her mind “She and I have talked a lot about this, and at first I was shocked that she would ask but after she explained her reason for wanting a donation from you I understood. It took me a while to agree but she’s right, this is the best thing she can do. There won’t be any guesswork, she’ll know who the father is and that is the most important thing for her. She has to know for sure she is getting, as she put it ‘quality sperm’, not some batch of unknown freaks from a crack addict who jacked off for $20 so he could buy a rock.”

“So you agreed, what about me, don’t I get a choice in this? Her kid would be half brother or sister to ours, did you think about that? What does Art think about this?”

Val looked at the ceiling and took a deeper breath before looking back at me “Art wouldn’t know, it’s been hard enough for him to accept the whole idea and Willow thinks that if he knew you fertilized her he wouldn’t be able to deal with it. We expect to be around each other until we die, he might not be able to accept that his kid is your spawn every time we get together. Art can’t know.”

Two hours later I was lying between Val’s thighs coming off a strong sexual high. As my waning
erection slipped from her the only thing on my mind was Willow getting pregnant from me. Even though I didn’t agree to anything with Val, the thought of impregnating Willow even by proxy turned me on. After all, how many men get to sire kids with two sexy and willing sisters? The idea made me hot, my balls churned at the prospect.

Two days later Willow came to our house and sat with me and Val at the kitchen table. She was visibly nervous, almost terrified because she was there to formally ask me for my seed, the two women thought it best if she asked me openly and I knew what was coming. As she struggled to look at me my nuts reacted to her and for the first time in my life my sister-in-law’s physical presence stirred my lust.

She didn’t waste time, she looked me directly in the eyes, her words were hurried “You know Art and I can’t produce a baby and we have decided to have one artificially but I don’t want an anonymous donor so I talked to Val and came to only one conclusion I want a donation from you so I can have a baby!” She spit the whole story out in one sentence, rushing to get it into the open. She took a deep breath, turned bright red then focused on her hands which were clamped together, white knuckles showing her stress.

My prick turned to a boner under the table. I knew it was perverted but the second head on my body doesn’t think, it just reacts and it was reacting to Willow’s wish.

Without going into boring detail of the conversation between the two women and myself I will tell you that by the time Willow left the matter had been settled, I was to go to the clinic and tell them I was there to make a donation for Willow. Once I’d done my part the doctors would implant my live sperm inside her then hope one of the little fuckers would swim straight. That night as I delivered load of tadpoles to my wife I was thinking I could save the doctors some trouble if I could insert a few million eager little specimens seven inches into Willow myself. The shadowed thought of actually fucking my sister-in-law to make her pregnant was working hard on my libido, Val benefited by having a double orgasm.

Val went with me to the clinic and after the interview, forms and advice, I was sent to a little room to jack off into a sterile glass vial. I had to chuckle when I went into the small cubicle, there were pictures of naked women on the walls, porn magazines on a table, a small bed to lie on and even a small flat screen TV with a DVD player attached. Next to that were three X-rated DVDs. I didn’t need any of those artificial inducements, Val had joined me in the room and as soon as the door closed she put her fingers to work opening my pants. As my clothing slid down my legs she pushed me back to the narrow cot and made me lie down. In moments my wife was kneeling over my lap with my cock slipping between her lips and into her mouth.

I laid back and enjoyed a hot enthusiastic blow job from Val while I envisioned Willow on her back, legs spread, getting an injection of my ball juice. My erection was as long and hard as the first time I ever fucked Val, it didn’t take long for an orgasm to boil out of my nuts to the bulb of my prick. I warned my wife so she lifted off me, held the bottle in place then pumped my handle a few times until I blew my nuts into the container. Having finished her work Val handed me the warmed glass then almost skipped out of the room, happy that she could do her part to become an Aunt. I turned in my sample then fled the knowing eyes of the clinic nurses. What I didn’t know was that Willow was in another room, naked from the waist down, legs spread, waiting for my hot sperm injection. Within minutes my progeny had found a warm tender home and were migrating toward her eggs. Now it was up to time and nature to see if I could impregnate my sister-in-law.

A week later Willow surprised me with a call at work “Jerry, it didn’t work.” She continued to tell me that the implant didn’t take, she’d missed the window of opportunity to get pregnant. She wanted to try again when the time was right in three more weeks. I was a little unsettled and puzzled that I was the first one she told but by the time I got home Val knew the story and we set another date for me to get off at the clinic.

Four days before my appointment to cum in the bottle Willow called me again, this time she wanted to meet for lunch. The first thing I noticed when she came into the cafe was she looked damned attractive. I rarely saw my sister-in-law made up but it looked like she had primped for a date and chose a skirt and blouse combination that highlighted her trim figure. She looked enticing, alluring, hot.

I stood and waited for her to come to the table, transfixed by the vision of the 26 year old beauty and as she approached my cock started to appreciate the aura of sexuality that surrounded her. My heart picked up a few beats knowing this woman was coming to see me. She smiled easily and as she wound her way around the tables, a dozen men swiveled their heads, following her progress. When she got settled in across the table from me I couldn’t help but notice the hint of dark nipples behind the white blouse, she wasn’t wearing a bra and I had to tell her what I was thinking “Christ Willow, I haven’t seen you made up so nice since your wedding, what’s the occasion.”

She blushed delicately and returned “I wanted to be sure you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have lunch with me.”

“Willow,” I answered with complete sincerity, “I would never be embarrassed to be seen with you in
any circumstance.”

The next thing she said knocked me back in my seat and burned its way into my memory where it will play over and over again for the rest of my life. “What about in a hotel? Would it embarrass you to take a room with me this afternoon?”

My mind recoiled from the impact of her words and no matter how I rearranged them there was no doubt what she was asking. “You want to get a room with me and try to get pregnant the old fashioned way?” My cock was rapidly gaining weight in my lap.

Her face and neck burned red, her gaze faltered and fell to the table top as she spoke quietly “Yes, I would rather get your donation naturally than go through that degrading process again.”

Even though she couldn’t see my physical reaction I could feel it. My erection was forming with with each quickened heartbeat, panting for the pussy sitting inches from it but no matter how my body reacted I had to be rational “Willow, you’re talking about us having an affair, cheating on our spouses, have you thought of that?”

I watched her thick hair move as she nodded her head slowly then looked back up into my eyes. “It wouldn’t be a betrayal of our trust or love Jerry; Val already agreed that I can use your sperm and Art knows I’ll be carrying another man’s baby, it’s just that the method of delivery would change. I didn’t like how the doctor inoculated me last time, it was in-human, cold, mechanical. I didn’t like it and I think my body rejected you because of it.” Her hazel eyes filled with a mixture of hope and expectancy “I still want your sperm but I need to get as nature intended.”

By this time I was ready to fuck her on the cafe table. If she would have lifted her skirt I would have driven hard, fast and deep between her long shapely legs while the other customers ate lunch around us. “You want to have lunch first?” The question let her know that I was okay with her proposal.

The slight worried frown on her lips vanished as her mouth turned up in a nominal smile, her eyes locked on mine, “Let’s skip lunch and get right to dessert.”

I was ready but I had to confess “If I stand up right now the entire place will see what being near you has done to me.”

Willow chirped with delight, “Stay close and carry your jacket across an arm, nobody will notice.”

I called work and told them I was meeting a client as Willow followed me in her car. I kept glancing at my mirror to make sure my afternoon date hadn’t chickened out but she was hanging on to my rear like I would soon be hanging on to hers, I was fully aroused and ready to screw my sister-in-law.

As we walked side by side to the lobby of the mid-town hotel I checked to see if I had enough cash, I didn’t want to use plastic to rent a room for an afternoon fling. I was a little short so I asked Willow if she had a few bucks. She rummaged through her purse and pulled out enough to cover a room. “I can’t believe I’m forking over money to get fucked” she commented wryly.

I teased her back, “How do you think I feel, I’m just a tool, something to be used and discarded as soon as the job is done.”

Willow stopped me short of the check-in counter and faced me, she stretched up on her toes and whispered softly, warmly into my ear, “You’re going to like the job you do for me.”

After enduring the leering curt clerk who probably rented rooms for cash every day, Willow and I found our way up the elevator to room 1105. By the time to door clicked closed behind me my
balls were simmering, building pressure, my cock hurt from being stretched hard and tight. Willow turned to me and let me put my hands on her hips, I asked “Is this going to be a five minute quickie or do we dare enjoy ourselves while we do this?”

Her eyes flashed with mirth “I didn’t hand over $80 for five minutes, I want this right, and if it works well enough, I want it more than once. If you’re going to knock me up let’s have some fun doing it.” She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down for our first sexually motivated kiss.

I put my arms around her body and stroked her from ass to shoulders while we necked. I pulled her tight against me and felt her heat radiating through her clothing. My cock was trying to rip though the fabric of my pants in its desire to fuck this woman. She dropped an arm from my neck and reached for the bulge of my erection. She moved her lips to my ear and squeezed my cock at the same time. I pushed her back from me and reached for the catch on her skirt and twisted it open with two fingers then let it fall down her long legs.

Willow’s hands went to my belt and in seconds my pants and shorts were on the floor, I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it somewhere. She opened her blouse and let it slide off her body, stepped out of skirt and panties and came right back into my arms again. I did not get even a chance to look at her nakedness before we bonded as if magnatized.

We kissed again with even more passion and I felt her move her feet apart. She reached for my cock and pulled it down between her legs and began to rub it on the crevice of her sex. She lifted one leg to give herself more room to guide me. She moved the arm between us and I put my hands under her butt cheeks and lifted her off the floor; she put her legs around my waist.

We were both dripping natural lubrication so the head of my cock found her opening and slid in with no resistance. She was steaming hot, her cunt swollen with desire. I penetrated her as far as I could and let her full weight settle on my hips. She didn’t move. Her arms were locked around my neck. She laid her head on my shoulder and sat still, her breath felt like a desert wind, she started to gyrate her hips, moving her pussy on my cock. She started slow and I reacted to her by thrusting against her. In moments her movements became more urgent, more frenzied as she absorbed the feeling of having sex with someone other than her husband in over four years. I moved to the bed with her impaled on my manhood and laid her down. She loosened her lock on my neck and waist and spread herself across the bed and I started to fuck her. I was pumping her cunt while she thrust against me in a rhythm as old as time.

I didn’t feel it coming; all of a sudden she slammed her eyes shut, threw her arms and legs around me again and began to vibrate. All rhythm was gone; she thrashed against me as the orgasm rampaged through her, I could only hang on to the tempest hooked on my cock. Gradually her orgasm subsided and she relaxed back onto the bed and lay still. I was still rock hard inside her so I stroked her a few more times to see how she would react. She reached up with her hands and pulled my face to her and kissed me again. She pushed me to my side then rolled me onto my back, rolling with me to keep my hard-on in her then rested her head on my chest. I looked at the clock; it said 1:14. We’d been in the room about 12 minutes.

I looked at the top of her head “You’ve been thinking about this for a while haven’t you?”

She lifted her face to look at me and admitted “For the last two weeks” then began to move again. She pushed up and rocked her sex on me, never taking her eyes off mine. We began to fuck again, this time with less urgency but still with strong carnal hunger.

I looked at her and realized again that this was Willow on my erection, not Val. I was fucking my sister-in-law. I had never seen her naked before and up to this point neither of us had taken much time to look at the other. We were in such a hurry to mate we focused on only that. I looked at Willow sitting over me as we enjoyed our slow fuck. I reached up and touched her breasts for the first time and was rewarded with a large smile, I started to massage them with both hands teasing the nipples. She closed her eyes, stretched her head back and leaned into me a little. As I played with her tits, her hips started moving a little faster so I started rocking on my ass to penetrate deeper and harder. In a few moments there was no more polite quiet fucking as we both climbed toward the peak of our need.

She lifted off me slightly so I had more room to stroke her. I put my hands on her hips and lifted her higher each time I drove up into her then pulled her down on me again. As I screwed Willow I could feel my balls growing hard and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I whispered a warning to her so she grabbed my shoulders and started whipping her cunt back and forth on my cock. I lost all control, my fluids shot out of me and deep into her center as my erection throbbed and pulsed with the orgasm. I pulled her down to me and kissed her hard as I pumped her full. She returned the kiss with fire and stayed with me until my body finally relaxed on the bed.

Another glance at the clock showed me that it was 1:31. I wasn’t through with her nor she with me but the urgency was gone and we could take our time and enjoy the company of the other. I got us a glass of cool water then settled back on the bed and looked her over while we talked. Willow is 5’8” and comes in around 130 pounds. Her tits rose from her chest and stood proudly against gravity; the nipples still hard with arousal. Below her breasts, the stomach was flat and toned from exercise. Her waist looked like I could put my hands around her so my fingers would meet across her back as I held her. Her body then flared into hips and thighs that turned into the legs of a model. The center of her being was covered with fine dark pubic hair and I could see her sex at the junction of her thighs.

We were lying side by side, face to face and while we talked we casually touched and caressed. I pulled her close until my groin was rubbing hers and we hooked our legs together. She and I lay like that as we talked and rested from our frantic assault on each other. We nestled together and soon I kissed her again. It did not take me long to find that a kiss just below her ear on the neck could arouse her. I nuzzled her neck and told her “I have to fuck you again, we have to make sure you become a mommy.”

She pushed her hips against my growing erection and murmured back “Mmm, that’s something I could endure if you’re man enough.” Willow and I teased and played even more while our bodies gathered energy. I could feel my cock swelling with lust for the cunt rubbing against it. Willow felt it too and
pushed me onto my back and sat up. She reached for my boy and began to examine him for the first time. She lifted, twisted, pulled the skin back and rolled me in her fingers. Willow looked at me and said “Val never told me how big this is.” She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and squeezed it while she slowly pumped up and down.

I pulled her down and rolled her onto her back. It was my turn to see what she was offering. I pulled her legs apart and knelt between them so my erection was just inches from its intended. I used my hands and fingers to discover the delights of her body. I told her how beautiful and sexy she was as I reached between her legs and stroked her vaginal lips with my fingers. She was swollen and moist from the craving walled up inside her so I easily slid my fingers along the length of her slit until I could feel the crack of her ass.

She arched her back and pushed her pussy toward me then grabbed my hand and pressed it harder against her sex. I probed between the cunt lips until I found my target. As I pressed against her clit she jerked at the shock of my touch and gasped “Oh god, don’t you dare stop.” I kept pressure on her sweet spot while I penetrated her with my other hand and finger fucked Willow. She grabbed her breasts in both hands and began to pinch and squeeze them as I worked between her thighs. She reached down and pulled my hands away and raised her legs up and put her heels on each side of my neck. When she did, her body nudged closer to mine so my cock was hovering above her sex. I reached under her ass and lifted her until I could enter her. She was hot and wet and I penetrated her full length. She began moving like a belly dancer, flexing her stomach and hips, sliding her cunt up and down on my erection. Her legs dropped to the bed and she reached for me to lie on top of her. Willow clasped her arms
around my neck and gushed huskily “I’m going to fuck you until I get pregnant!”

She moved her legs apart and rested her ankles on the back of my knees which gave me more room between her thighs. The heat of our coupling was overwhelming and we were both beginning to sweat. Every time I plunged into her, she rose up to meet my thrust so our bodies would slap together. I could feel my balls rubbing on her ass and her hands on my back. She consumed me, overpowering my senses with her sexuality and lust.

She grabbed my head in both hands and kissed me again then pulled my head down to her breast and began to heave under me. She coiled her long legs around my waist and tried to pull me completely inside her as her body gave in to the waves of the orgasm racking her. My own climax blasted out of my balls as I filled her a second time. We tossed and rolled together and she took everything I had to give, gradually our orgasms faded into memories that would stay with us forever. Willow and I stayed still catching our breath for a few minutes then we finally fell apart, spent and satisfied. The clock said 3:45.

As she was getting ready to unlock her car she again graced my lips with hers and said “We still have to go to the clinic and play out the sham of you donating for me. I would hate to explain to anybody how I got, she hooked her fingers in pantomime, ‘that way’ without a visit for the injection.”

“Do you think we did the job already?”

Her eyes blazed sensuously, “I don’t know but do know I don’t want to miss this opportunity, I’ll be receptive for the next week or so and I want to be sure we get it done right. Can you meet me tomorrow?”

“Willow, I can meet you every day until you have a dozen kids if you want.”

“Let’s just work on the first right now, if you screw me often enough and well enough, this will work. I can be here at one.”

Willow and I met three more times before I went to the clinic where Val jerked me off into the bottle then just to make sure we did it right, she and I rendezvoused twice after the clinic visit.

Three weeks after that my wife gave me the good news, Willow had just called and announced the impending birth of her baby. The next day my sister-in-law came to see me at work. She was bubbling with joy because of her condition and she showed her joy with a sweet tender kiss and a long hug “You don’t know how happy this makes me, I’m so glad you did this for me.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure, several times in fact.”

She smiled demurely then admitted “I think this happened on the first day but I wanted to make sure.”

“You mean the rest of the week was play time?”

She fluttered her long dark lashes, leaned to me and put her lips next to my ear where she whispered softly “I think so, and I really enjoyed letting you onto my playgrounds.”


Our daughter is a dark haired little angel that looks so much like my wife and her sister. Just after her second birthday I was sitting quietly in my office when my receptionist announced I had a visitor. When the door opened Willow stepped in, looking as if she had just come off a photo shoot. She greeted me with “I told Art I want to go back to the fertility clinic, I want to try for a boy this time.”

“There are supposed to be special positions to produce a boy.”

Willow’s eyes glinted playfully as she laid $80 on the desk then said “Then we’d better get started if we want to try them all.”

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