Governor and Daughter. Erotic story



When a governor and his daughter are kidnapped, authorities can only speculate on the perpetrator’s motives. But someone has a score to settle with the governor, and as Governor Werdan and his daughter Michaela experience intensifying torture and sexual abuse, they begin to come to terms with the awful truth that they may not make it out of this alive…

This story is dedicated to Cret111, who served as my inspiration.


Breaking News… News Network One KVB:

“In a brazen overnight raid, an unidentified number of armed assailants attacked the home of Governor Werdan. Although his wife was unharmed, the governor and his 23-year-old daughter, Michaela, were reportedly taken during the daring and horrific late night assault. As local and federal authorities intensify their search for the perpetrators, the people of New York are left wondering as to the ‘Who?’ and ‘Why?’ of this senseless attack.


The governor slowly came to. A flood of images tore through his battered psyche. He vaguely remembered something shattering the window to his study just before the flash grenade went off. After that, his memory was like a ball of unraveled string. He heard a trickle of water somewhere. Before he even opened his eyes, he had the sense that he was deep underground. He wasn’t sure why…some instinct just seemed to speak to him. Slowly, he opened his eyes. It was pitch black, but he could hear her… a quiet sobbing in the background.

He realized he was naked. He sat in a chair, ropes looped tightly, binding his legs and feet to the chair legs. His wrists were bound behind him, with extra loops of rope securing them to the chair’s back. They were taut, so taut he could hardly even tug on the ropes. The chair was a bare metallic chair, no cushioning.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” His voice came out in a scratchy half-croak. He was thirsty. His tongue felt like a length of cotton. His eyes adjusted to the darkness. Still, he could hear nothing, just those pathetic, heart-wrenching sobs. Then he heard the tread of boots on concrete. Someone struck a flare, and suddenly the underground room bloomed with light. Mick Werdan blinked his eyes, trying to adjust. What he saw next caused him to feel pure rage. It was a rage that came from being helpless to protect the ones you love.

There, tied to a chair on the other side of the room which looked like some type of expansive underground concrete bunker, was his beloved 23-year-old daughter, Michaela. The slim girl was still wearing her pink sleep tee and aqua-blue shorts. She had been staying over for the night before leaving to visit some friends in Rehoboth Beach for the weekend. She had just graduated from college last week. Governor Werdan was so proud of his daughter. She had a bright future ahead of her. She was a Daddy’s girl to the ‘T’ and he loved her more than anything in the world.

Now, seeing her helpless, a red rubber gag fastened to her mouth, created in him equal parts panic and rage. It was like having his veins infused with shrapnel. He felt terrified and furious at the same time. He tried to angle his stare upward more, past the blinding light of the flare held in the stranger’s hand. The man was average height, but other than that he couldn’t tell much. The man wore all black, a ski mask, and heavy boots. He set the flare aside, and its light cast the cavernous room in an eerie glow.

“What do you want? Look, I’ll give you anything you ask, just let her go.” Mick Werdan wanted to shout and scream at the man. He wanted to ask the man if he knew who the fuck he was dealing with. He wanted to yell and threaten him. How dare this psycho, whoever he was, kidnap them. But his instincts told him to tread carefully. His gut told him that governor or no, he didn’t have the power…not here… not in this place, wherever ‘here’ might be.

The man chuckled.

“What do I want?” There was an accent, definitely Middle-Eastern of some type. “You killed my friends. You and your government are equally guilty. Now Salib and I, we have decided on payback.”

“Who are you?” the governor demanded. Then, gesturing at his daughter, “Look, she’s an innocent. She has nothing to do with this. Whatever you think I’ve done to you or whatever you think I deserve, fine… take me, but let her go.”

But the masked man shook his head and made a disapproving clucking sound.

“No, no, Governor Werdan, she is no innocent. Your blood runs in her veins. That makes her guilty enough.”

The Middle-Eastern man walked over to the metal chair where poor Michaela was bound. He drew out a knife. Gripping her long, chestnut brown hair in one hand, he pulled her head back to expose her neck. Then he pressed the flat of the knife against the delicate skin of her throat. Mick saw his daughter trembling, the fear shining in her eyes.

“Please don’t hurt her!” he cried out.

The Middle-Eastern man made a sudden, sharp movement. Yet instead of cutting the girl’s throat, he sliced through the fabric of Michaela’s tee straight down the center. The tatters of the shirt flapped aside, revealing Michaela’s impressively sized breasts. He next cut through the tee’s sleeves and discarded what remained of the useless fabric.

He turned to Michaela. The brunette had a delicate, beautiful, symmetrical face. Her slim body was sexy and vibrant. She was full of life. That masked face leaned downward as he spoke to her.

“Listen carefully, cunt. Your life and your father’s depend on your cooperation. You cooperate, maybe you live. You don’t cooperate, then, well… you will find out the hard way.”

Sheathing his knife, the unknown assailant strode behind Michaela’s chair. Leaning down, he then cupped the girl’s breasts from behind, fondling them and occasionally squeezing them as the poor girl squirmed and groaned protests through her gag.

“Stop touching her! Get away from her!” Werdan growled. “What the fuck do you want? Just tell me!”

Michaela’s head was bowed. Tears leaked down her cheeks, rolling off of her chin and onto her chest. She was whimpering, eyes squeezed tightly shut, as the man continued to grope and fondle her supple cones.

Ignoring the governor completely, the masked man spoke carelessly, as if torturing a helpless girl and her father was all in a day’s work.

“Your little girl has very nice tits… so soft… so pliable,” he said with appreciation. Then, abruptly, he yanked his knife out of its sheath and pressed the flat of the blade against Michaela’s left nipple. “It would be a pity if I were to…oh, I don’t know, cut off one of these nipples. Would that hurt, sweetie? Hmm? What do you think?” He looked into Michaela’s terrified eyes. Her bulging eyes stared at the flat of the blade pressed to her nipple as she shook her head frantically.

“PLSSS NNNN!!!” she begged through the rubber ball-gag stuffed in her mouth.

“Please don’t! Don’t hurt her! I’ll do whatever you want, you sick bastard!” the governor shouted, panic rising as his heart thundered. He had never felt so helpless before in his life. He felt sick.

“Would you do anything to save your nipple from the knife, girl? Would you?”

Michaela enthusiastically shook her head up and down. With a soft, sinister chuckle, the Middle-Eastern man unfastened the girl’s cherry red gag and let it pop free from her lips. It dangled below her chin as she coughed and had to slowly loosen her jaw muscles.

“My name is Hakim, but you will call me ‘Master’ or ‘Master Hakim.’ Is that understood?”

Michaela’s terrified eyes darted toward her father. SMACK. The sound rang out as Hakim slapped Michaela hard in the face. Her head jerked sideways.

“Do not look at him, bitch. I am your Master now. You look at me. You will respond to my questions when spoken to, and no other. Is this understood?” He grasped her by the hair again, jerking her face toward him. With more tears leaking down her cheeks, she sputtered and nodded.

“Y-y-es… I-I understand.”

He patted her cheek with deceptive gentleness. “Good girl.” He paused, seemed to study the governor thoughtfully. Bound naked to a metal chair, the once-powerful governor didn’t feel so powerful right now. Quite the opposite.

“Thanks to your father, I lost many men. My cell of five men was set to attack New York. It would have been a glorious victory for us, a strike against the American imperialists. But your father’s special ‘task force’ found my men and killed them all. Years… years of effort wasted. And one of those men was my youngest brother.” As Hakim spoke, he seemed to be pulling out what looked like a large battery of some kind. He proceeded to take wires and attach them with a gator clip to the metal frame of the chair in which Governor Werdan sat. Then he took two more wires and attached the gator clips directly to Governor Werdan’s nipples.

“What…” but Mick Werdan knew what this psycho was about to do. He shuddered, not wanting to think about what his daughter would soon be forced to witness.

“This is revenge, you white pig. Revenge. And believe me, my dear governor, revenge is a dish best served HOT and savored.” As he said this, the black-clad assailant leaned down and turned a dial on the control panel to the battery. There was a sudden jolt of energy that shot into the governor’s body. He cried out, writhing in the metal chair.

“AAAAYYY!!!” The chair almost tipped over, but Hakim turned off the electric jolt just in time.

“That was just a little shock to the chair itself. I didn’t even shock your nipples yet, Mr. Werdan.” He laughed, a dark, twisted sound. Then he turned back to Michaela. Her eyes were wide. She was gaping in equal parts fear and disbelief. This couldn’t be happening. This had to be a nightmare that would soon be over.

Hakim strode back to toward the girl. He pointed at the governor with his knife. “Would you like to see me shock his nipples now? Or, better, yet, I could wire up his balls. Would you like to see your father have his testicles shocked? Hmmm, now there’s an idea with merit.”

“No! Please don’t hurt him anymore! Please!” Michaela pleaded.

“No? What are you willing to do to save your father, hm?”

Before she could even think about the consequences, Michaela blurted out the only thing a loving daughter could.

“Anything! I’ll do anything, okay?!”

Without replying, the masked assailant strode back and turned up the electroshock again, this time zapping Mr. Werdan’s nipples and the chair itself. He yelled at the top of his lungs, trembling in the chair as the veins on his neck stood out. Michaela screeched for Hakim to stop, shouting and pleading in every way she knew how.

“AAAAAAYYYYY UGHHHHH!!!” Mr. Werdan’s body sagged with relief when Hakim finally turned the dial back down.

“You forgot to call me ‘Master,’ bitch.”

“Please Master, don’t shock him again. I-I meant it. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Now Hakim walked right up to her, loosened his belt, unzipped his fly, and let his pants and undergarments drop to his ankles. His stiff cock saluted Michaela, all 8 inches of it. “Would you suck this cock like a good little slut in front of your father? Would you do that to spare him pain and torture, bitch?”

Michaela stared in disbelief at the elongated shaft of her would-be rapist. She licked her lips and slowly nodded with a grimace.

“Yes, Master. I’ll… I’ll do it.”

“Do WHAT? Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

Governor Werdan wanted to shout at his daughter, to tell her that this was madness. He wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to do this. But the words caught in his throat. He could do nothing to help her. Shame flooded him like acid.

“I’ll… I’ll suck your cock, Master.”

Hakim grinned beneath his mask. “Very good, bitch. See, was that so hard?” Now he finished taking off his boots, pants, and undergarments. Shrugging out of his shirt, Hakim now wore nothing but the ski mask. He walked up to the helpless girl. He paused, looking down at her thoughtfully.

“Seems that you’re the only one not fully naked. Let’s remedy that before we get down to business.”

Even as Michaela trembled, Hakim used his knife to cut through the girl’s shorts. Just as with the night tee, he then threw away the now worthless tatters of cloth. Now Michaela sat in the metal chair, wrists bound behind her back just like her father, equally naked. Hakim’s eyes traveled down the girl’s smooth belly to her recently shaved pussy, which had a fine tiny dusting of pubic muff just above her sex. The girl’s long, shiny chestnut brown tresses hung to about two inches below the tips of her breasts. Hakim pushed the long strands of hair back over the girl’s shoulders with the same deceptive gentleness as before. Then he stepped forward. The girl tensed up, but all he did for the time being was rest the length of his cock against her forehead. His head swiveled back toward the governor.

“Are you ready to watch me rape your daughter’s mouth?”

The governor couldn’t tear his eyes away. Much as he hated to, he had to watch. It was as if, because he couldn’t protect his precious little girl, everything that was now happening to her was somehow HIS fault. It didn’t make any sense, but a father’s emotions weren’t always logical. Mick Werdan also could not tear away his gaze from what was happening because a tiny, instinctual part of him believed that if he watched their captor closely enough, he could find an opening, something… that maybe sooner or later their captor would make a mistake.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” Mr. Werdan said with gritted teeth.

Ignoring the helpless governor, Hakim gave all his attention to the young brunette.

“Are you ready, bitch? Are you ready to suck my cock?”

“Yes Master,” Michaela said obediently. She felt the heat of his cock where its length rested along her forehead. She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Then, as he leaned away, the bulbous, mushroom-shaped tip of his cock bobbed just before her lips, and she knew with awful clarity that this was real.

“Stick out your tongue.”

She did as he asked. For the next few minutes, he proceeded to toy with her. He slapped her in the face with his rock-hard cock, first her right cheek, then her left, going back and forth and carefully avoiding her mouth. All Mick Werdan could see was the buttocks and dangling testicles of his daughter’s rapist as he faced with his back to the governor, mercifully partially blocking her ordeal from the governor’s view.

Finally, tired of his twisted game, Hakim slowly placed the head of his cock on Michaela’s tongue. Michaela shuddered.

“Lick it, whore. Lick it like it’s the tastiest treat you’ll ever know.”

Michaela shivered again, but she did as she was told. She began to swipe her tongue up and down the glans of his cock. He tasted of sweat, and his male odor filled her nostrils. The man hadn’t washed in days… at least that’s what it smelled like to her. But she soldiered on. The slender college girl twirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and then began to slowly engulf him with her mouth. She used the same skills that she used on her boyfriend, Damian, who had told her many, many times that she was a skillful sucker. Her delicate face bobbed up and down Hakim’s shaft with a slow rhythm. She cradled the underside of his cock with her tongue and sucked him in a little deeper with each impalement. Hakim placed one hand on the girl’s head, petting her almost like a dog, while his other hand reached down to play with her nipples.

“Uhhh…” Hakim’s groan echoed in the dungeon-like chamber. “Your daughter has a sweet mouth, Governor. She must really love you. She’s such a good cock-sucker for me now.”

Michaela tried not to think about what she was doing. She tried to pretend that it was just her and this sick bastard, the two of them, that her father wasn’t hearing and seeing every awful second of her degradation. The beautiful young woman then even tried to imagine that this was Damian’s cock in her mouth instead, and not some sadistic kidnapper and rapist. She even dared to moan a little for his benefit, hoping that maybe it would please him, that maybe if she cooperated fully, then just maybe he wouldn’t hurt her dad again.

“Mmmm!!! SLURP!!!”

Hakim slowly curled his fingers into a fist in the girl’s hair. She was getting him close to the edge. Too close. Pre-cum now leaked from the corners of the girl’s mouth. She bobbed up and down his slimy, saliva-coated shaft with eagerness. He pinched the girl’s nipples, loving the way it made her groan, her throat vibrating around his cock. Now came a moment of rare indecision. Should he come in her mouth or not? Or… An idea struck him, and at the last moment Hakim pulled out. He turned around, his rigid cock bobbing, pulsing with desire, as he strode over toward the chair opposite Michaela’s.

He paused in front of the governor. His cock glistened like a magnificent slab of meat.

“You see your daughter’s handiwork? I’ll train her to be a proper sex-slave whore yet. Now, let’s see if you are as easy to train, shall we?” He took another step closer. “Lick this cock, Mr. Werdan. Lick the cock that your daughter has blessed with her own tongue and mouth. But if you try to bite me, I will take my knife and cut your daughter’s throat right before your eyes, so don’t try to be a hero.”

With a face filled with disgust, Governor Werdan ran just the tip of his tongue along the very tip of Hakim’s cock.

SLAP! Hakim’s backhand nearly sent Mr. Werdan’s chair spinning onto its side. His head hung as he reeled from the blow. “You call that licking? Your daughter is much better at this. Fine. You don’t want to show appreciation for my cock? In that case, perhaps you would prefer watching me FUCK her.”

Governor Werdan’s head snapped upright the second he heard that awful promise.

“NOO!” Too late, he realized that the more he responded to their brutal captor, the more that would only further encourage him. Inwardly Mick Werdan was berating himself for his idiocy even as he watched their captor return to grant more attentions to his beleaguered young daughter.

The masked man retrieved his knife and brandished it in front of Michaela.

“Listen carefully, pussy. I’m going to cut away your bindings and you will stand up and put your wrists above your head. You try to move, you try to do ANYTHING except exactly what I tell you to do, and I’ll cut your father’s throat. Simple enough, yes?”

Michaela nodded.

“Good girl.” The next few minutes were dominated by a tension-filled silence. Hakim watched the girl carefully for any sign of resistance. When he was done cutting away the ropes, she obediently stood up and raised her hands over her head. A pipe which ran along the chamber’s ceiling had several chains with manacles hanging down from it. He attached one manacle around each of the girl’s wrists. He had her facing away from her father now, toward the chair she had just been bound to moments earlier. Then, with awful anticipation, he put the knife aside. Now facing her, he began to lift the girl up into the air by the waist.

“Put your legs around my waist, cunt. Let’s have a nice fuck now. Your father can enjoy the show.”

Michaela hesitated, staring down at his cock. He slapped her in the face once, then a second time. SLAP! SMACK!

“You want me to shock your father’s testicles, is that it?”

“No!” she whimpered, her cheeks still stinging from the blows. Crying softly, the sexy young woman looped her legs around his waist. Then, with excruciating deliberateness, the Middle-Eastern captor slowly lined up his shaft at the entrance to her slit. He slowly, carefully placed the egg-shaped head of his manhood at the opening to her pussy. When she felt his cock-head nudge against her delicate labia, Michaela tensed up. Then, ever so gradually, Hakim gripped her ass cheeks and prepared to push her down onto him inch by exquisite inch. It took a few tries. Although his shaft was good and wet, she was still dry. Finally, he felt some give in her pussy, his shaft slipping into those intimate folds like a key fitting into the perfect lock. Michaela gasped as she felt his cock violate her, the rape beginning as that cock slowly filled her until it seemed to be stretching her, until she felt like someone had just impaled her on a spear.

“You feel it fill your pussy, yes?” Hakim groaned with contentment. He looked over the girl’s shoulder and saw the devastated look on the governor’s face. “Yes, Mr. Werdan, your sweet little girl has her cunt wrapped tightly around my COCK. I’m in heaven. Oooohhh… and your daughter’s sweet young pussy will soon milk my balls to an explosive finish. Oh YES.”

He began a rhythm. It started out gentle, but quickly grew into something else. He began to fling her down on him, gripping her ass cheeks roughly, fucking her, impaling her cunt with a wild abandon. The sounds of their bodies joining, of the girl’s chained wrists jostling to the rhythm of their fucking, soon filled the chamber.

‘Oh god… please forgive me, Daddy… I’m so sorry,’ was all Michaela could think… She felt a deep, soul-penetrating shame that she was cooperating in any way in her own rape, but she didn’t know what else to do. What could she do, steadfastly resist and watch this monster attach electrodes to her father’s testicles and shock him right before her eyes? That might kill him. She didn’t have a choice. Or, if she did, the choices were between ‘horrific’ and ‘beyond devastating’, and she’d decided on ‘horrific.’

Governor Werdan stared at his beautiful young daughter. The girl’s sexy ass jiggled as her pussy slid up and down Hakim’s shaft. Mr. Werdan could see the man’s testicles dangling beneath her daughter’s quickly moving buttocks as she humped his cock with the zeal of a slut. Soon he could even hear her moans. Was that his daughter actually moaning?

“Ooooohhhh!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!”

Michaela knew that she had to do whatever she could to please their sadistic captor. She would debase herself, if that’s what it took. She would sacrifice every last shred of dignity if it meant saving her father’s life. Hakim rolled up the bottom of his mask to reveal just his mouth.

“Kiss me, bitch. Kiss me as we fuck,” he growled.

Reluctantly, Michaela let him plunder her mouth. She moaned into his lips as he bounced her on his cock. When the eruption came, it came sooner than anyone expected. Michaela’s nubile body one moment was smacking furiously onto the stiff shaft of her rapist, and then suddenly his two hands had a white-knuckled grip on both of her ass cheeks, holding her cunt snug against his crotch, his manhood embedded deep inside her, fountaining huge spurts of cum deep into her womb as he let out a guttural cry.


Michaela felt his cock spasm inside her, violent twitches which left her feeling raped not just in body but also in soul. A sticky sheen of cum coated her insides before he was finished. Then, hugging her against him, he let his semi-flaccid shaft stay embedded inside her for almost a full minute. Finally, mercifully, it softened enough to slip out, and that was when Michaela looked down to see the off-white fluid streaming out of her ravaged cunt, some of it smeared along the insides of her thighs. The masked assailant slowly let her down to stand on wobbly legs. Walking a tight circuit around his naked captive, he gave her ass an affectionate slap that rang out like a thunderclap.


Michaela was just glad that her father couldn’t see her tear-streaked face. But what she heard next had her heart plummeting through the bottom of her chest.

“Well now, Mr. Werdan, now that I’ve sampled your daughter’s pussy, my cock is spent. I must do something to make it hard again. And you know what? Nothing makes my cock harder than torturing decadent western imperialists like yourself. Are you ready for more fun? I think it is time we tried wiring up those testicles of yours. Indeed, I think that is long overdue. You will now pay for the deaths of my men one scream at a time.” Saying this, Hakim proceeded to attach a long-running wire to Governor Werdan’s scrotum. He gave the man’s flaccid cock a playful swat as the gator clip bit firmly into place.

Governor Werdan looked at Hakim with eyes burning with hatred and tinged by fear.

Meanwhile, Michaela looked over her shoulder back at the nightmare unfolding.

“No! You promised you wouldn’t hurt him!”

But as Hakim strode up next to her with the battery control panel in his hand, he gave her a cold, hard stare.

“Did I promise, bitch? Well guess what,” he added, his one hand shifting to fondle the contours of her exquisite ass, “I fucking LIED.” So saying, Hakim inserted part of his index finger to probe the girl’s puckered opening, making her stiffen and groan. At the same time, Hakim turned the dial up. Michaela had no choice but to watch her father writhe and hear him bellow like a dying bull as the electro-shock zapped his testicles to oblivion.

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