A Trucker’s Story



My first time with a man started with his wife.

I’ve been an over the road truck driver for twenty five years. I got married a few years after I started driving and things went good for almost five years, but then my wife wanted me to quit and find a job that I could be home every night. We argued about it for another two years and then we split and divorced. She couldn’t have children which made the ordeal a lot easier.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about me, now I can tell you just one of many incidents that have happened while on the road. It’s always worth you while to look into any vehicle passing you to see what might be happening inside. I’ve had women flash their tits so many times. Also had a few men masturbating but really wasn’t into that kind of thing at the time. While married, I never took the opportunity to pursue any outside sexual activities. It was just a few months after my divorce when something happened that would change my life forever. I was driving west on I-40 and a newer Mercedes pulled up beside me. I looked over and there was a guy driving and a women in the passenger front seat. She had her skirt pulled up and wasn’t wearing any panties. She was rubbing herself and seem to be enjoying me watching. Usually when this happens the vehicle will then just take off and I never see them again. This time was different. They did pull ahead of me to let a car pass them, but then got in the left lane and let me catch up again. When I looked this time she was completely naked and also playing with her breasts. You can imagine how hard this was making me and even worst I hadn’t had sex since my divorce. They did this for almost thirty miles and I was playing with myself through my clothes the whole time. Then all of a sudden she waved me to follow them into an approaching rest stop. I was not sure if that was a good idea but finally decided to see what might happen next. They pulled into the car parking area while I turned into the truck parking. They both got out and headed to the restrooms. I got out of the truck and went into the men’s restroom and noticed that he had gone into one of the stalls. It was just the two of us in the restroom so I went into the one next to him. After being in there a few minutes he asked if I liked what his wife was doing while he was driving. I said yes. He then stunned me by asking if I would like to fuck her. I quickly said yea sure but wondered what it was going to cost me. Nothing but you have to help me with one of my fantasies. What is your fantasy? After you fuck her I want to suck your cock and taste her cum and yours both at the same time. Hey I’m not gay I told him. He then said he knew that since I wanted to fuck his wife. My wife will also suck your cock he then told me. I really didn’t want him to suck my cock but I was so horny and wanting to fuck her nice pussy. After me not answering him for a couple of minutes he finally opened the door and told me to have a nice day and understood about not helping with his fantasy. I quickly opened my door and said okay. He came over to me and couldn’t miss the bulge in my pants and put his right hand on my cock and held it there for a few seconds. I was so shocked I didn’t move. Follow us to the motel down the road and after we get into the room knock on the door. My mind was spinning in all kind of directions when I headed for my truck. As I followed a few miles, it finally sunk in that I had just agreed to fuck someone’s wife and then have her husband suck on my cock. Then I recalled him placing his hand on my cock while I just stood there. The funny thing is that really turns me on when I think about it. They drove for almost one hundred miles and finally turned off the interstate and pulled into a nice looking motel. I watched while he went in to register and when he got back into his car he pulled in front of room 115. I parked my truck and headed toward their room I was really shaking when I knocked on the door. She answered and asked me to come in. Both of them were well dressed and very polite and asked if I wanted a drink. I told them that would be nice and he poured each of us a glass of bourbon. While we were drinking they told me a little about themselves. They both sold real estate and had no children. They were both thirty five years old and was on vacation heading to see her parents. They were both very attractive and great bodies. I told them about being divorced and also had no children. I was sitting on one bed and they were on the other. She got off of the bed and came over and sat beside me and asked if I wanted to undress her. I told her that I would love to. Just before I started unbuttoning her blouse he came over and sat on the other side of me.

As I reached for her first button his hand was also on the first button on my shirt. I really didn’t like the idea of him taking my clothes off also but couldn’t resist undressing his wife. Once I had all the buttons undone I slowly removed her blouse and discovered she had no bra on. There in front of me was those nice tits I had seen in the car. He had also removed my shirt and was licking my tits. I didn’t care at this point and started sucking on both of her tits. She started breathing a little harder and I decided to finish the job and found the zipper to her skirt. Before I could get it unzipped he had my belt unfastened and my zipper down and pulling my pants down. He got down on his knees and took off my shoes and socks and finished removing my pants. I sat there in front of two strangers in only my boxer shorts. While this was happening she had removed her skirt and panties and was laying on the bed naked with her shaved pussy showing me how wet she was. I stood up to join her and her husband put his thumbs on each side of my underwear and with one quick move had them off of me. My 8” cock stood straight up and both of them smiled. I then went over and started kissing her. She stuck her tongue down my throat and kissed me back. I got between her legs and started licking her sweet pussy. After about five minutes she started cum and I licked everything she was squirting. I then climbed on top of her and drove my cock deep into her pussy and it wasn’t long before she came again. I could feel my balls start to swell and then shot a large load into her pussy. We were both drained and I laid on my back to catch my breath. Her husband who was naked now quickly got between my legs and started sucking on my cock. I immediately became hard again and couldn’t believe how sensational it felt having my cock down his throat. She slid under her husband and started sucking his cock. It wasn’t long before I shot another load but this time deep inside his throat. He swallowed every drop and his wife had also swallowed his load at the same time. He got up and she slid up and took my cock in her mouth just like he said she would. In my life I have never shot my wad three times but she had such a great way with my cock I again gave her a taste of my juices and she swallowed them. We were all breathing hard and laying close to each other. They asked me if I wanted to clean up and have dinner with them. I accepted and headed for my truck for my duffel bag. After a nice dinner they asked if I wanted to sleep in the extra bed. After sleeping in the truck for many nights it sounded like a great idea.

Since we all had to get on the road early, we were asleep before ten. I woke up feeling something up against my back around three o’clock. At first I was hoping it was his wife wanting to be fucked again. Then came the shock that it was the husband who joined me in bed. He was rubbing his cock against my hole and I was pretending I was still asleep. Then he slid some kind of jell in my anal and put one of his fingers in. It really felt good so I didn’t move. Then he had two fingers in and then three. I was aroused with each added finger. The next thing I felt was his cock at the entrance of my ass. He must of known I was not asleep because he then asked if I wanted him to stop. The two letter answer I gave him would change my life forever. “NO” He didn’t hesitate after my answer and slowly started pushing his cock into my ass. It hurt at first and he must of known it because he pulled out a little and then gradually pushed in until he was all the way in. He rolled me on my stomach and had me get on my knees and then started fucking me hard and fast. He lasted about five minutes and then filled my ass. He rolled me over and started sucking my cock until I filled his mouth. He got up and climbed back into bed with his wife. It took me almost an hour to fall back to sleep. I couldn’t of ever dream of ever having a night like this. In the morning we told each other how much we had enjoyed the night and headed for our vehicles. I don’t think his wife had any idea her husband had fucked me in the middle of the night. This was my first adventure with sex with a man, but not the last. I’ve had a lot of crazy nights like this one, but it’s hard to top the very first one. If you enjoyed this let me know and will tell you some of my other adventures while on the road.

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