My lovely sister-in-law



Candy and I always had something between us, for years we never acted on it… until one night.

My love affair

So I’ve always tried my best to be a faithful and loyal partner in any relationship… but I did slip once, to understand I have to explain my situation. At 16 I ran away from home and was bouncing from place to place I ended up actually living with my a friend in his car with him in the end and while we were partying I met these 2 girls we’ll call them Candy and Pamela (their sisters). Pamela and I ended up hooking up and started a relationship

After a while it only made sense since she was only fucking me and I was only fucking her, so after a while the hotel party life got old I had to tell the druggies to kick rocks after pamela and I got our first apartment. No one was pulling their weight anymore. In the end it was only Pamela, her sister and I left living in the apartment it was all good. Fast forward a year and now we’re going onto our second apartment… still the trio… now I know where you might think this is going… sadly no I never ended up having an amazing three sum with the sisters.

One time though pamela was super tired one night and we had just bought some acid that she passed on… me and candy were still trynna trip, so Pam went to sleep early…

I was playing music videos on our playstation it was about 1:00 A.M and the acid started to peak on both candy and I “yo this is hitting hard how are you feeling?” I asked her making sure she was still vibing “yea its hitting me hard too this is some good cid” she replied as we both watched the patterns shift before our eyes…. “cigarette?” I offered pulling out a pack of pall malls (the black pack) “I’m down as fuck” she said and so we moved outside since we couldn’t smoke inside and we just sat on the balcony chain smoking, watching the occasional cars go by shootin the shit. After our smoke break it was about 2:00 A.M at this point and so I laid out some blankets on the floor, we had a long giant yellow pillow that I laid out in between us. We both just laid back watching some more music videos tripping out enjoying the vibes and as time went on I noticed she kept looking at me and biting her lip with her leg wrapped around the yellow pillow, I just remember feeling so damn good off the acid and the way she was biting her lip just did something else to me… I was horny as fuck and my dick was hard as a rock at this point I’m sure she had to notice, I looked at her and our eyes met she just kinda giggles and went back to the music video, my heart was pounding and I was over flowing with sexual energy I couldn’t take it anymore I didn’t care about the risk or rejection I moved in closer to candy “Do you think eating pussy is like necessary for sex?” I asked her looking her dead in her eyes licking my lips and not caring to hide my erection “mmm I really enjoy it personally but I dont think it’s neccessary…” she replied, I knew from the tone of her voice, her body language, the look in her eyes I knew she wanted exactly what I wanted “I really enjoy eating pussy, I’d be down as fuck to see what yours taste like.” As the words flew out of my mouth I just leaned in and grabbed her hips I pulled her into me and kissed her soft luscious lips she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my face as we played with each other’s tongues I ran my hands up and down her legs squeezing her plump ass, she climbed ontop of me feeling my hard cock stabbing her I moved from her ass to her tits and lifted her shirt to expose her nipples I wrapped my tongue around her areola then sucked her tit into my mouth, she let out a soft sweet moan being careful not to be loud… Pamela was sleeping in the other room and we were in the living room “No, no wait this is wrong I can’t do this not like this not here….” she said as she slowly climbed off of me and sat next to me ,” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to… like… fuck I just want you so badly… I’m sorry” I said genuinely sorry if I pushed her out of her comfort zone. She looked down at my hard dick half way piercing through my sweats, she grabs it and slowly strokes my dick then lets go… I could tell she felt so conflicted between her loyalty to her sister and the burning desire to have sex with me. I climbed down to her feet and put my hands on her thighs I pulled her close so her pussy was right on my face kissing her pussy through her booty shorts she quietly moans and pulls my head into her pussy throwing her head back as I rub my lips back and forth over her clit, “Noo baby we can’t do this here…” she said pushing me away … then pulling me back in “just one lick, please let me just taste you” I said as I pulled her booty shorts to the side running my tongue along her inner thighs closing in on what I can’t get my mind off of, her pussy was now exposed… I cupped my lips first ontop of her clit then introduced my wet tongue and slowly ran it over her sweet plump clit, I could feel her little clit throb on my tongue as I passionately French kissed her entire clit area, “No no no okay we definitely can’t do this here,” she said with such reluctance in her voice, she pulled away and grabbed my shirt to pull me up to her, she wrapped her soft lips around mine and licked her pussy off of my tongue “I want you so badly” she said running her soft hands up and down my body “but we can’t do this here.” She said giving me one final kiss “okay I understand, but ima hold you to it next time were alone it’s me and you candy” I told her receding back to my original position… Well as the sun was coming up funny enough pamela wakes up and is mad as fuck that me and candy were “cuddled up on the floor” no cap we made sure to be laying on the other sides of the living room (if only she knew what we actually did)…. It started a huge arguement and candy ended up apologizing and just taking off I was stuck arguing with pamela, so after hours of fighting I just got my shit and took off, she tried to kinda chase me down but of course at the time I was much more fit I just did the race and took off to none other than, The sweetest candy to touch my lips. I called my mistress and she answered the phone in that sweet soft beautiful tone of hers “hey!” I replied with “,Yo I’m sorry for all this shit bro, fr I just wanted to make sure ur doing good…” I was genuine but I was also hoping she wasn’t mad at me and would let me hit her up “I’m not even tripping on it but that’s exactly why I told you we can’t be doing that there that’s too dangerous!” She said “Well what are you doing right now?” I asked ” Nothing I’m about to go home and just chill prolly smoke some, did you need me to scoop you?” Like magic to my ears “of course I’m down” I replied…

As we got to her place we both had one thing on our mind, we rolled up and smoked a little bit, talked to break the ice, “I’m gonna hop in the shower…. you wanna join me?” She asked “you know I’m down” I told her as she grabbed my hand and lead me to the shower she dropped those booty shorts I couldn’t wait to get rid of and then slowly drops her shirt exposing her plump soft boobs all nice and perky with her chocolate chip nipples. I pulled my shirt off and she pulled my sweats down pulling out my semi-hard dick… she held me in her hand and gave me a little pull, we both got into the shower where we soaped up a squigy. We would just kiss each other and rub the soap all over our bodies I was squeezing her ass and tits she would rub my dick, then the shower was over we dried off and made our way to the bedroom.

Naked she laid on her back on the mattress, I climbed in after her and worked my tongue from her toes, up her legs to her inner thighs I bit her thick thighs ever so softly leaving wet kisses all over her inner thighs as I worked my way to the side of her pussy, i ran my tongue all around her pussy lips, and she would moan as I brushed my lips over her clit “Mmmm .Dont tease me baby” she said wrapping her hand around the back of my head “I want to cherish every moment of this” I told her as I continued to shower her inner thighs with wet kisses until finally I opened my mouth and let my lips hit her pussy first, then I wrapped my entire mouth around her clit area and let my tongue slowly rub on her clit up and down I started with my tongue pointed to get her right on the clit softly then I pulled away a little and laid my tongue flat on her pussy rubbing up and down on her clit putting a little more pressure this time I could hear her moan in pleasure. I continued to soak her pussy with my French kisses all over her clit flicking my tongue in all directions tasting her sweet pussy all in my mouth, I slid 1 finger into her tight pussy and she loved it, i pulled my finger out and slid 2 fingers in, this time I hooked it right onto her G-Spot and slowly rubbed my fingers in a circle on her g-spot. Her pussy was so juicy wet and hot I kept rubbing her g-spot faster as she got more worked up I would put more pressure on my tongue to her delicious clit until I started to hear her moan in pure ecstasy, after a little longer I felt her pussy tighten up on my fingers and she squirted all over my face. I kissed her pussy some more, my dick was so fucking hard from her moans and her taste, with my hands around her waist I kissed her navel and moved up to her tits, then her neck, I wrapped my hands around her head and sucked on her neck like a blood thirsty vampire, I grabbed my raw dick and positioned it right to her pussy. As I slid inside her wet hot pussy I know she could feel how hard I was, she let out a moan as my throbbing cock penetrated her tight walls, I put my dick balls deep inside of her and could feel my dick pressing up on her cervix,” oh fuck you’re so fucking hard” she was moaning in my ear as I pulled him completely out of her and then slowly slid back into her soaking wet pussy she was rubbing her hands up and down my body, I picked up my pace and started hitting her with those long deep strokes grinding up on her pussy pushing up on her cervix, I was gliding in and out of her as her pussy polished my dick leaving her sweet juicy gloss all over me, I started slamming down on her with my dick, then I sat up and grabbed her thighs to pull her legs back and thrusted my long hard pole into her tight little pussy watching her tits bounce she was moaning so loud as I fucked the shit out of her we fucked for at least an hour just going hard then slowing it down grinding on her giving her deep long slow strokes sucking on her tits, kissing her neck, and french kissing her, I wish I could’ve gone longer but while she was cumming for like the 5th time I could feel her squirt dripping out of her pussy, it got so tight and I was just so into it all in the moment I couldn’t hold it in any longer I slid deep into her pussy “fuck I’m gonna cum…” I told her “cum inside me baby, please fill me up with your cum” those words just pushed me over the edge i bursted like a clogged water pipe filling her pussy with my hot cum “mmm yes baby fill me up with your cum” she said as she wiggled her hips back and forth rubbing the head of my dick all on her cervix covered in my cum, as I pulled my dick out I watched my cream slowly ooze out of you tight little pussy I climbed up to her and we made out a little more. She wrapped her legs around me “that was wo good” she said and we both just kinda drifted off into a sex coma… after this we fucked like that a few more times even after I got back with pamela it was kinda hot I would come from fucking candy and pamela would literally be sucking her sisters pussy off my dick, I guess pamela started to catch on, so candy kinda just said one day that maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore I was a little sad but I understood… To this day we have a bond that couldn’t ever be broken I sometimes feel I ended up with the wrong girl but then again life is crazy like that… hope you enjoyed my story I only post true stories so this is 100% truth apart from the names that have been switched just for the ladies privacy (:

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