Salvation from Us



It all started in 2019, originated in from Asia. Some say scientists were looking for a cure for cancer gone wrong, other’s says it came from an unknown diseased animal and some say it came from a mutated plant. At the end, no one knows what or how it happened. By the time doctors and scientists figured out what was wrong, it had been already too late.

The first patient discovered with this virus was in 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. Spreading the virus was easy through street food venders from tourist all over the world. All it takes is one person to infect an entire country. Symptoms doesn’t show after a few days later. It makes the courier sick and weak for the first few days, after that their sense of violence and libido sky rockets off the charts. Their body mutates in the process of turning. Their speed and strength increases during the mutation, making them incredibly hard to kill. Encountering an turned infected almost guarantees a death sentence even if the victims survive their attack. The infected lose all sense of humanity, unable to speak and think. Their only motives are relentlessly assault and rape their victims. Those that survives their sexual assault turns within a week, depending on their resistance to the virus. The infected don’t care about age or gender. They attack anyone on sight. Fortunately the virus doesn’t affect any other living organisms except humans. By the time we had it somewhat under control in 2027, more than 90% of the world’s populations are dead or infected. We were on the brink for a cure but through some mishap, the remaining scientists were accidentally infected. The government fell just a few months later. By 2030, the world have gone dark.

Present date: February 26th, 2035

My name is John, I’m 35 years old. I have short brown hair, lightly tanned skin and blue ocean eyes. I’m 6’4, lean muscular build all around my body. When the government shut down, finding work was nearly impossible. With no order, It was dangerous from just walking outside the streets. People were mugged, raped and killed daily in the city. I’ve decided it was safer to go into the wilderness and fend for ourselves. We were very fortunate when the Robinsons accepted us into their ranch, I was undoubtedly grateful for their kindness. I have to keep in shape because of the work I do at the ranch. Their large isolated ranch resides at least 200 miles from population and we’ve been living there for at least 2 years now. We have livestock from cows, chickens and pigs. The whole ranch is powered with solar panels equipped on the roofs. There’s a stream near by which supplies us with water for use and crops. A half mile up north there’s a natural hot spring, very convenient for bathing. All in all, the self sustaining ranch is best spot for survival during this terrible time.

The Robinsons was the owner of the ranch. It was Tim, Heather his wife and their son Rob. The Robinsons died in a tragic incident after an unexpected infected wondered near the ranch. We managed to eliminate the threat but at the cost of Tim’s and Rob’s lives. Heather died the following winter from an unknown illness or maybe she couldn’t go on living after the deaths of her husband and son. A couple months later my wife died soon after. Now, it’s just me and my daughter, the last two survivors on the ranch. Before the virus broke out, we had our daughter at a very young age. Being naive, we didn’t use protection and thus Samantha was born.

Sam has long brunette hair reaching to her waists. Hazel eyes, light tanned skin. Her breasts size are 34DD, slim waist, perfect round butt and thick legs. She looks just like her mother. I totally forgotten her age, I’m assuming she’s 17 or 18. I could’ve ask her myself but we have a fallout when Jean, her mother died.

A couple months ago, two elderly couple stumbled on our ranch. They were exhausted, dehydrated and starving. The three of us had a vote to either help the couple or turn them away. Jean voted to help the couple while Sam voted not to. I was the tie breaker. The Robinsons would turned over their graves if we turned these couple away. Sam was furious and she had reasons to be. We brought them in and fed them. Being careless, the old man was already infected with the virus but showed no symptoms. Jean and the old man’s wife were soon infected after. The old man felt so guilty that he took his own life. I had my last talk with Jean alone before putting her down. She made me promised to take care of Sam no matter what.

To be honest, I would’ve put a bullet in my mouth right after Jean died. Sam is the reason I’m continuing to go on, my only motive to keep on pushing and surviving.

The work load on the ranch have quadrupled since the Robinsons and my wife died. I worked my ass off everyday to keep the ranch on going. Sam helps too but only with the light stuff, the feeding, gardening, laundry and house hold chores. We ran out of gas a year ago so every mechanical field labor that has to do with land will have to be done by hand. I’ve learned so much from the Robinsons that I can run the ranch just by myself. It’s not easy but I can barely manage with Sam’s help.

The main house is huge. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen and a spare basement room. I sleep in the master bedroom while Sam sleeps in the next room. Our daily routine is not complicated, I usually wake up at 5 A.M., washed up and make breakfast. I usually eat breakfast alone because Sam wakes up at 7 A.M. I also cooked an extra servings for Sam. After breakfast I would head out do my thing until 4 or 5 P.M. I mostly stayed pretty close to the ranch just an ear shot away from Sam if anything should happened. At noon Sam would bring lunch and around 6 P.M. supper should be ready after I wash up. Anything Sam cooks, I literally licked the plate clean. Her mother taught her well.

Ever since Jean died, Sam’s cooking has been tasting a bit bland and I know why but I just don’t know how to help her. Sam barely talks to me now, sometimes she would replied with a yes, okay or no. Sam probably blames me for her mother’s death but she won’t admit it. I do too but I have to live with it.

Tonight Sam Cooked her beef stew. It didn’t tastes as good as it used to but it filled up the stomach. After supper, we head out to the spring. The first thing I grabbed is my pistol. Even if it’s always peaceful around here but I have to be always ready if anything should happened. We got our towels, toothbrushes and bathing essentials.

The hot spring’s pool is about 20 feet long and 4 feet deep at the shortest. The deepest part of the spring is about 5 feet. The hot spring has a stream that flows downhill. We bathe nude together but apart from each other. Sam does her thing on the other side of the spring pool while I do mine on the opposite. I always bathe my back turns towards her just to give her some privacy. I’d never think of Sam as anything but my baby girl. I really have no attractiveness towards her. Some times I’ve caught her staring at me when bathing but I never brought it up.

After cleansing our body, we usually soak in the hot spring for a bit. The hot water really helps relaxing our muscles from a hard days work. We just stayed in the spring in silence. It wasn’t always like this, we used to played games in the hot spring and wrestled with each other. I’m guessing she’s too old for that even if she weren’t mad at me. She would let me know when she’s ready to leave.

We came back to the house and put our stuff away. Sam walk pass me as if I weren’t even there.

“Sam…I’m gonna be at the field all day this week so I won’t have time for lunch. So just make lunch for self okay?”

Sam looks like she about to say something but then she nodded and went to her room.

I went around outside the house and double checked everything is secured. Inside, I double checked the locks on the windows and doors before retiring to bed.

I skipped lunch for the next few days, on the fourth day Sam came to the field with lunch. It was hot that day so I was shirtless the whole day. Sam was trying not to stare at my sweaty glistening muscles and abs.

“I thought I told you I wouldn’t have time for lunch?”

“I know but I don’t want you to work with an empty stomach” Sam said quietly while looking at the lunch she brought me.

I was surprised to hear a full sentence from Sam in months. I stopped what I did and went to retrieve my lunch from Sam.

“Since you brought it all the way here I might as well eat it, thanks Sam.”

Sam smiles a little bit at me before heading back. I ate my lunch in delight. I don’t why but the lunch she gave me today was so flavorful. I finished eating everything. I wonder if the taste of Sam’s cooking was me and not her.

The next day I came back from the field for supper. I went to the back and washed up from a barrel of water. Sam walked out from the barn cover in mud or at least I thought it was mud.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

“One of the pigs snuck behind me while I was feeding them in their den. I’d step back and tripped. Can you hurry up? I need to wash myself too.”

I was laughing while looking at Sam. She needed more water to wash herself up properly. There was mud and shit almost everywhere on her.

“Tell you what, why don’t we head to the spring so you can washed yourself thoroughly?”

“But I have to get supper ready”

“Supper can wait, you need to be clean asap.”

“But I would dirty the water in the spring if I wash myself there and you would get it on you too.”

“It’s fine as long as I stay up stream. The dirty water would washed down the stream. It will never get to me.”

“Fine, can you go get my bathing stuff? I don’t want to go in the house like this.”

“Sure thing Pumpkin.”

“Don’t call me that…you haven’t call me that in months, well not since mom…”

“Why not? You definitely look like one with all that beautiful colors covering you.”

Sam has that look on her face when she’s mad. She darted after me covered in fecal matters.

“Alright Sam, I’m sorry, stop!” I yelled as she chases after me.

I was running around outside the house as if my life was depending on it. Being chased by a person covered in poop really does raised your adrenaline. It was as if I was playing tag with her again.

“Sam! I’m serious, sto-“ I said as I tripped on a branch and rolled flat on my back.

Sam dived on top of me and rubbed herself on me. Sam was grinding against my body to make sure it got everywhere. There’s something I felt that was very soft and plump on her chests. That’s when I realized it was her breasts. I didn’t think they were that big. I laid there on the ground catching my breath as Sam finished grinding against me.

“There, you look like a pumpkin too dad.” She said as she stood up.

“I sure don’t smell like one though.” I said picking myself up.

“You know, I didn’t even catch you once when we were playing tag when I was kid. I guess you’re getting old dad.”

“If that branch wasn’t there, I’d be still running and you be crying like a baby because you can’t win like always.”

“Whatever dad, let’s go clean ourselves at the hot spring. We both stink.”

“That, we both can agree on. Let’s go.”

I’d grabbed our stuff and we headed for the spring. When we got to the spring, Sam immediately pulling her shirt up in front of me. I don’t know why but this is the first time I realized she’s becoming a women. She’s not my little baby girl anymore.

“Wait..” I said

“What?” She ask as her under boobs were showing.

“I uh… I think we shouldn’t undress in front of each other anymore.”

“Why not? You’ve seen me naked before. I’m okay with it and I need to get in the water ASAP.”

“You’re may be okay with it but I’m not… well at least not anymore. So next time just give me a heads up before taking off your clothes. Okay?”

“Fine, whatever.” Sam said rolling her eyes at me.

I turned around and waited for Sam to undress and get into the spring. She told me she’s in the water. I turned back around and started taking my clothes off. I stopped at my pants when I saw Sam staring at me from the water. Only her head was above the water.

“Do you mind?” I ask twirling my finger around at her.

“What? So I can’t look at you naked either?”

“Yes, now turn around.”

“I don’t get what’s the big deal, I’ve seen you naked thousands of time already.”

Reluctantly, she slowly turn her back at me and started washing the dirt off her hair. Quickly, I stripped off my clothes and got in the hot spring. As always I’ve turned my back to her and started washing myself. We ran out of soap years ago but it was better than smelling like sweat and dirt. After a couple of minutes I heard water splashing behind me.


I turned around and the sight startled me. Only the bottom half of Sam’s body was submerge from the water and Sam was barely covering her breasts with her right forearm. I don’t know why but I couldn’t tear my eyes off her breasts.


“What?” I said snapping out of it.

“Can you please scrub my back? I can’t reach behind.”

“Um, yeah sure. No problem.”

Sam hands me her wash cloth and turns around. She grabs her hair from her back and slowly pulls it around to her front. I just stood there ogling at her dirty but famine back.

“Are you gonna scrub my back with your eyes or with your hands?” Sam said without looking at me.

Snapping out of it again I begun scrubbing her back. Her flesh feels very soft, like a woman’s. Trying not think like that, very quickly I tried to rush scrubbing her back as fast as possible.

“Ow dad….you’re hurting me. Can you please be more gentle?” Sam whimpers at me.

“Sorry Sam.”

Gently, I scrubbed the dried up dirt and feces off her back. I watched as her shoulder blades moves as she stretches her back muscles. I scrubbed all the way down to her bottom and stop just before I reached her bum.

“All done, your back is cleaned pumpkin.”

“But you didn’t scrub my butt.”

“I think you can do that on your own.” I said to Sam as I toss her wash cloth back to her.

“Fine” she said pouting her lips at me.

I hate to admit it but her famine body is taking a toll on me. I couldn’t resist staring.

“Thanks for washing my back dad-“ Sam stops talking as she looks down between my legs.

“Eeek!” Sam screams in horror and flees away from me in fear.

“Dad! Get out of the water! There’s a huge snake between your legs!” Said Sam as she swam to the edge of the hot spring.

I look down and saw the outline of my erected 12 inch cock under the cloudy spring water. Immediately, I submerge 80% into the water. Sam got out of the spring naked and I have a wonderful view of her rear.

“Dad! What are you doing?! Get out! Did the snake bit you?!” Sam said jumping up and down, jiggling her tits at me. This is the first time I’ve seen her bare breasts before she hit puberty.

“It’s not a snake..” I said turning my back turned towards Sam.


“I said it’s not a snake.”

“Then what is it then?!”


“What do you mean it’s you?! Please get out of the water right now!”

“It’s…not a snake.”

Sam took a couple seconds to absorb the information.

“What is it if it’s not a snake?”

“It’s me..down there, it’s me..”

“…Are you saying that snake is your penis?….Your penis isn’t that big. I’ve seen it many times before even when we used to bathed together with mom. It’s supposed to be small and soft.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m telling you it’s not a snake. So can you calm down?”

“whatever, I’m not coming back in the spring just so you know.” Sam said as she dried herself and putting her fresh clothes on.

“It’s fine, I’m done here too.” I said getting out of the water.

I stopped mid way when I noticed Sam looking my way while drying her hair with a towel.

“Do you mind?” I said.

“I want to see it…” Sam said staring down at my crotch.

“What?! No…”

“I want to see if your lying dad.”

“Daughters shouldn’t look at their father’s penis.”

“I don’t care, just let me see it otherwise I won’t take a bath in the hot spring ever again. I don’t care how smelly I get. You know how scared I am of snakes.”

Sam’s right, she does have Ophidiophobia. She got bit by one almost ten years ago and was traumatized by it. I took a moment to think if it’s okay to show her my erected penis just once. I mean it couldn’t do her any harm, right?

“Sigh, Fine, just this once to show you there’s no snake in the water okay?”

I rosed from the water and behold my erected veiny 12 inch long, 3 inch girth cock. Sam’s jaw dropped as her eyes widened in awe. Her face turned beet red and faced away from my direction.

I quickly dried myself with my towel and got dressed. I tried to uncomfortably stuffed my erected cock in my pants. It was an awkward walk back to the ranch. We were walking side by side in silent. Luckily, my erection had died down a bit, so walking wasn’t as uncomfortable. Every couple of steps I caught Sam stealing glimpses at my crotch.

“Samantha, Would you stop that?”

“Sorry.” She said turning her face straight ahead.

She followed up with, “How come I’ve never seen it so big before? Why does it get swollen like that? Does it hurt? How often does it happen?”

“Ugh, can we not talk about this right now?…”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s private. Do you hear me asking why your breasts got so big? Or why your butt got so plumped and round?”


“That’s because it’s private.”


Sam stayed quiet the rest of the way back. Sam went to start on supper while I went around the ranch for a final check up. Supper was ready when I’d finished.

“Thank you Samantha for cooking supper. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“You’re welcome dad. Now stop talking and let’s eat, I’m starving.”

We ate in silence and until I noticed Sam stopped eating.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were starving.”

“Hmm? Oh nothing. I was just thinking about…nothing. Sorry dad. Don’t mind me…”

“….how old are you now Sam?”

“You forgot how old I am?”

“Sorry, it’s just the things that happened in the ranch all these years and after your mom…I was so occupied with the ranch, I kind of lost track of everything.”

“It’s okay dad. lets see…I was born in 2019…so I’m-.”

“I got it…Hmm, I was close then.”


“Oh, I was guessing your age and I guessed it either you were 17 or 18…Sam?”

“Yes dad?” Sam replied while she took a spoon full of food into her mouth.

“Did mom ever give you the talk?”

“What talk?” She said while chewing.

“You know, the bees and the birds?”

“What kind of talk is that? Sounds like you just made it up.” She said giggling.

“oh boy here we go. You see? When a man loves a woman….”

“I’m just kidding dad, mom gave me the talk. Just a brief talk. She said she’ll talk more about it later but…she’s never had the chance to finish the talk with me.”

“So…do you know what sex is?”

“A little bit, mom told me a little bit about it. She told me what a woman and man does in bed.”

“Oh great, then I don’t need to explain much. So you know how a baby is made right?”

“…yeah” Sam said blushing.

“You do?”

“The penis goes into the vagina right? And then the male release it’s sperm into the woman’s vagina and if everything goes by correctly the woman becomes pregnant?”


“Oh, So your huge penis can fit inside a vagina?”

“Yes it can, hey…don’t change the subject.”

“Why does your penis gets swollen like that in the hot spring? Does it hurts?”

“I guess mom didn’t tell you about erections…It’s called an erection when a penis hardens, men can’t control it. It doesn’t hurt per say but It can be irritated. Erections can happen at randomly or usually when the man becomes aroused.”

“What’s aroused?”

“Aroused in sex term, is when a person is sexually attracted to another person I guess.”

“So you got an erection because you were touching me in the hot spring? I mean when you were scrubbing my back.”

“It’s not like I wanted have an erection. It’s just a reaction.”

“So what do men do when they have an erection?”

“….uh, Sam…I-”

“So you wanted to put your huge penis inside me at the hot spring?”

“No, I didn’t say that…”

“What’s that word mom used?….oh right, you wanted to f-fuck me, right?”

“No, you’re getting this all wrong Sam. I don’t want to fuc… I’m your father and you’re my daughter. Sex should happen between adults who has no family relation.”

“But mom was family to you too.”

“That’s different because she was my wife.”

“Could I be your wife?”

“No, that can’t happen because you’re my daughter.”

“But your penis was hard at the hot spring when you scrubbed my back. That means you want to put your huge penis inside me-, wait how would it even go inside me? It’s so big though..”

“Samantha…I’m gonna be straight with you. You’re becoming a beautiful woman but you’re still my daughter. Nothing will never happen between us besides a normal father and daughter relationship. Is that clear?”

Sam stares at me for a moment, got up from the table and ran to her room.

“Sam…come back…Sam?…”

Great, just when our relationship starting to get better I just have to ruined it. ‘Maybe I should’ve break it down to her easier? Or shouldn’t have even mention the talk to her?… Ugh, what do I know? I’ve never done anything like this before let alone surviving an pandemic crisis. Fuck me! I don’t know if I can do this, no! I have to, for Samantha. I promised Jean I would. Damn it John get it together.’

A few weeks after the talk with the bees and the birds, Sam hasn’t talk to me since. Not even a single word. She still does her chores and cook but that’s about it. We still take our bath together at the hot spring but she seem to lose interests at my anatomy. She’s a lot more modest during our bath now which I appreciate.

I noticed Sam’s back is covered in dirt, she may have fell again and didn’t tell me. I slowly swam behind her.

“You want me to scrub your back?” I said startling her.

She turn her face to me and said “…No.”

“It’s dirty. Why not?.”

“It’s okay dad, I can do it myself.”

“But last time when it was dirty you said you couldn’t reach behind. Plus, it looks like your back hasn’t been washed in weeks.”

“I’ll…find a way, thanks for the offer.”

“Don’t be silly.” I said while grabbing her wash cloth and begun scrubbing her back.

“Don’t touch me!” She screamed at me.

I’d backed off a few feet from her dropping her wash cloth into the water. I felt like I violated Sam.

“Sorry Sam, I just wanted to help you…I…I’ll go back to my spot.”

Feeling like shit, I went back to my corner of the hot spring and brood over what I did to her.

A few minutes later Sam swam over to me. “Sorry dad, I didn’t mean to yell at you. You said it was irritating to have an erection right? Since there’s no other woman here to take care of your needs, I don’t want you to have an erection because of me.” Sam said sitting in the hot spring next to me.

“No, you shouldn’t be sorry. I crossed the line. I shouldn’t have touch you without your permission. I’m the one who’s sorry Samantha.”

“Actually, I don’t really mind if you touch me. In fact, I welcome a hug once in while you know? But I just don’t want you to have an erection. That’s all.”

“You know I can have an erection without even touching you, right?”

“What?!” Sam said with a confused face.

“I can have an erection just by staring at your beautiful face.”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?” Sam said looking a bit flustered.

“I don’t know, but it’s fine.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Sam asked.


“How do you get rid of your erections if you don’t have a partner to help you? Does it stays stiff and hard forever?”

“It’ll eventually goes away, I mean it’ll shrink back to normal in time”.

“How long? Like a minute or an hour” Sam asked.

“I don’t really know myself. It varies.”

“So that’s the only way If you don’t have sex?”

“Well, there’s…”

“There’s what dad?”

“It’s nothing go back to your spot and clean yourself, that’s enough of the talk of the birds and bees for now we’ll continue it later.”

“That’s what mom told me before she died.”

“I promise we’ll talk more of it later. Now please clean your self up on your side of the hot spring.”

“Dad, Can you scrub my back?”

“I thought you didn’t want me to…”

“Well, I don’t mind if you don’t mind getting an erection. It’s up to you dad. I’ll figure something out, if you don’t want to…” Sam said as if she’s trying to make me feel guilty.

“Alright you win, turn around Sam.”

Sam turns her back towards and scoop her wet hair to her front. I grabbed my wash towel and began scrubbing the dirt off her back. I finished cleaning her back without getting an erection. Maybe giving her the talk helped a bit.

“Alright I’m done Sam.”

“Thanks dad.”

Sam grabs the hand towel from my hand and rinsed it in the water.

“My turn to scrub you.” Sam said.

“I’m fine Sam, you don’t have to-“

“Stop talking and turn around Dad.” Sam said cutting me off.

She has that look on her face when she’s serious. I stopped talking and slowly turn around.

“Alright, just this one time ok Sam?”

She didn’t answer and began scrubbing. I leaned forward against the edge and rest both my arms on top of the edge of the spring. I felt two delicate hands scrubbing on my back with a towel.

“Hmm…this isn’t so bad at all. Maybe this should be a thing since we both can’t scrub our own backs” I thought to myself.

“I’m done dad, you can turn around now.”

I turned around keeping my eyes up and said “Thanks Sam, maybe we should do this-“

Sam immediately began scrubbing my chest.

“Uh Sam, what are you doing?” I said still keeping my eyes at the sky.

“Scrubbing your front.” Sam said as she rinsed the hand towel into the water.

“You don’t have to do that, I can perfectly do that myself.” I said to her as I grabbed hold of her hands without looking.

“I know dad, but since you’ve been working so hard on the field lately. I figured I want to help clean you. Now please let go of my hands. The sooner I finished the sooner I am done.”

‘She’s right, my arms are a bit sore. What harm can she do?’

“Aright Sam, just-“

“Dad?” She ask cutting me off.


“Why is it okay for me to look at your nipples but it’s not okay for you to look at mine?” She asks while still scrubbing me.

“What do you mean?”

“That other day when I fell in the pig’s den. When I was about to take off my shirt at the hot spring and you suddenly felt offended or repulsed. I’ve been naked around you all my life, so why now?”

“I…I don’t know Sam, I guess you’re not my little girl anymore. You’re becoming an adult now. It’s just a thing back when the world hasn’t gone to shit. It’s just a rule Society deem it’s not okay to look at their daughter’s bare breasts.”

“So it’s okay to look at little girl’s breasts but not an adult’s breasts?”

“No, that’s not what I meant…it’s never okay to…oh god I don’t know how to explain this to you Sam…”

“Okay…switch back to the topic before, it’s just me and you now, so why do you still follow their rules?…”

“Well…You know, you’re right Sam. I don’t know why I’m still following their rules either.”

“So can I be topless like you whenever it’s hot or just when I want to?”

“I guess so, if you don’t mind…yeah you can do what ever you want Sam.”

“Can you look at me when you talk to me dad?”

“Sorry, you can do whatever you want pumpkin.” I said looking at her eyes.

My eyes started roaming south as Sam scrubs my chests. I couldn’t see her areolas under the water but her cleavage jiggled as she scrubbing my chest up and down. That did the trick and I felt myself harden as Sam’s hands submerge into the water. I felt her scrubbing my lower abdomen. I couldn’t tear my eyes off her cleavage until Sam clears her throat. I looked up and she caught me staring. Looking into her eyes gives me an uneasy feeling. Instead I closed my eyes to rid them to looking anywhere else. I leaned my head up and waited for Sam to finish. Sam stops as she reach to the bottom of my abs. I heard the wash towel being rinsed and I assumed she was done. Suddenly I felt her hands on my fully erected cock under the water. I’d quickly open my eyes and looked down.

“What are you doing Sam?”

“Relax, I’m just cleaning you there too.”

Grabbing her forearms under the water, “wait, you shouldn’t touch me there under any circumstances.”

“What if a venomous snake bit you down there?”

“Then I guess I’ll die then.”

“Not if I sucked the poison out first.”

“Sam, the point is I…”

Sam tightens her grip on my cock and moves her hands up and down on my cock again. I lost my grip on her forearms.

“Relax, I’m not doing anything wrong here. I’m just cleaning my dad, that’s all. Besides, you said I could do anything I want, right?”


She begun to thoroughly scrub my full length cock with her hands with my wash towel.

“It’s soft and hard at the same time. So this is what a erected penis feels like. Does all men’s penises are size like yours dad? I can’t even touch my fingers around it.”

“Uh…no, everybody‘s different in sizes…I’m just a little bigger.”

“So what’s the average size penis for an average man?” She said still scrubbing my penis.

“Uh…I don’t know…maybe 6 inches…”

“So you’re like twice the average size?” Sam said as she sneakily measures my cock with her hands.

“You could say that…”

“….Did mom like it?”

“Did mom like what?…”

“Did she like the size of your penis?”

“Uh…that’s a bit personal question Sam.”

“Just answer my question dad.”

“It’s…complicated, it’s yes and no…”

“Why is that?”

“…Because of my size, sometime she would like it very much and…sometime It would hurt her instead.”


Sam went silent after that and continued scrubbing. Maybe I scared her a little bit. Suddenly Sam grabs my balls and starts scrubbing them with her left hand while her right hand is stroking my cock with my towel. It suddenly hit me that maybe she knew what she was doing and it’s having an effect on me.

“Sam…you should stop..” I said to her as it took every ounce of my willpower to say it.

Her hands stops moving but she still has a grip on my cock and balls.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because I’m very cleaned. Thank you.” I said with a fatigued smile.

Sam didn’t say anything. She just looked at me with a ministering face. She let’s go of my balls with her left hand and continues to stroke my cock with both her hands with a medium pace. I looked at her in disbelief as I’m close to cumming and I didn’t want to blow my load in front of my own daughter.


I could’ve physically stop her myself but subconsciously, maybe I didn’t want to. Sam stopped and she pointed my cock upward. Three inches of my cock emerged from the water sparkly cleaned.

“Alright, I’m done dad. How did I do?” She said with a smile.

“Great…” I said weakly.

With her hands still holding onto my cock, she leaned down and study it.

“Hmmm…now that I have a closer look at it, it’s not so scary, It’s actually kind of cute. Maybe I should give it a kiss?” She said looking at my cock.

Temptations got the better of me and I didn’t stop her. Sam looks a bit nervous as she lowers her mouth and planted a gentle kiss on my mushroom. I used my remaining strength not to cum right there. Her lips lingers on my cock for a few seconds and she did what I feared what she do next. Sam’s lips slowly engulfs the entire head into her virgin mouth. Her tongue was pushing my cock to the roof of her mouth repeatedly as she’s trying to find space for her tongue. That was my breaking point. I gave out a very loud grunt and begun unleashing into her mouth, instantly plumping her cheeks. Sam panicked, maybe even afraid as she accidentally swallowed two or three gulps of my cum. Her eyes widened as she doesn’t know what is happening. She sprung backward because I wouldn’t stop squirting into her overfilled mouth. She looks at me with a confused face as her mouth‘s filled with my hot liquid.

It was so intense, I almost blacked out. Breathing heavily, I looked at Sam. My cum dripping from her chin into the hot spring. She raised her hands to her mouth and spewed out my cum into her palms. She was examining the unknown warm liquid by pinching it with her fingers. She then looks towards me in silence, as if she’s waiting for an explanation.

Ashamed of what I just did, I got out of the spring and dressed immediately without saying anything. I didn’t wait for Sam and left the hot spring without her. I was discombobulated and angry not at Sam but at myself. ‘How could I let something like that go on? I could’ve stop it from happening at anytime if wanted to, but I didn’t. Jesus, I’m a horrible father.’

I did my nightly routine and came back to the house. Sam should be home by now. I don’t know how talk to her about what happen earlier in the hot spring but I have to. I got to the kitchen and didn’t smell anything. The kitchen is empty and quiet.


No answer came from the kitchen. I walked to her room and knock twice.


I opened the door and the room was empty. I had an red flag alert in my head. Grabbing my pistol, I ran as fast as I could back to the hot spring. It was almost dark, barely any light left. When I got to the hot spring and Sam wasn’t there but her clothes were still there.

“Sam!” I screamed out.

There was no response. My heart started pumping fast, my fear for Sam’s safety sky rocketed to the roof. I’m starting to panic.

“Samanthaaaigh!!!” I cried out as my voice cracked.

“Dad!!..”, Sam cries out about fifty feet or so from northwest of the hot spring.


Without hesitating, I never ran so fast in my life. With my pistol in my hand ready to kill. With each step I ran, I can hear Sam struggling louder against someone. Within twenty feet I can see someone on top of Sam pinning her down with his pants half way off and in between Sam’s legs. He’s too close to Sam for me to fire my pistol. I held the pistol by the barrel and used it as a club instead. Running to them I swing my hand back with the pistol and smash the butt of the pistol into his forehead. I don’t remember much in the beginning. Everything went into a blank. All I remembered was Sam screaming at me to stop. By the time Sam’s voice reached to me. The man’s face was inside out. The grip of my pistol is painted red. His blood was all over my face, my shirt, well almost everywhere within a 5 feet radius. Sam grabbed me from behind to stop me. She just hugged me while sobbing.

“Dad stop, please stop…”

It calmed me down. I dropped the pistol and tilted my head up. Tears were falling from my cheeks from anger and relief.

“Let’s go dad…”

We stopped by the spring to clean up. Sam followed behind me. She cleaned me with a hand towel. The pool turned pink as she rinsed the towel into the water. I tasted iron in my mouth. I spat out blood into the water. Sam stopped cleaning me and looked where I spat there’s bits of blood in my saliva.

“He could’ve been infected dad and he didn’t fight back once…”

“It’s alright, what about you Sam? Did he hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t hurt me since I was already naked, he had no clothes to tear off. There’s no scratches on me either. He’d pinned me down and tried to..”

“Did…he…?” I asked.

Sam shook her head no.

“His blood got in your eyes and in your mouth when you were….” Sam said as she began to cry.

“It’s okay Sam, everything is going to be alright.” I said as I hugged her.

“I don’t want to lose you Dad.” She cried.

“I said it’s going to be alright. Let’s go home, there’s a storm coming.” I said looking at the darken clouds.

Sam was holding to my arm tightly as we walked back to the ranch.

“Dad, I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“Hurt me? How?…” I said looking down at her.

“When you shot the stuff into my mouth at the hot spring, it sounded like you were in a lot of pain…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you hurt.”

“No…you didn’t hurt me Sam…”

“I didn’t?…”

“Far from it, I promise you didn’t…”

Sam look relieved as we kept walking.

When we got to the ranch, Sam wouldn’t leave my side as I closed and locked up the place. I gather the animals into the barn to protect them from the storm and I’d double checked the locks before going inside the house.

It was pouring when we got inside the house. Sam was shaking as she sat on the couch. I didn’t know if it was from shocked incident at the hot spring or the coldness from outside. I went to the kitchen and made us some beef tomato soup. I noticed Sam wasn’t eating as we sat at the dining table.

“Why aren’t you eating Sam.”

She didn’t answer me. She stares at her soup from the table. Probably still scared from what happened earlier.

“Come on, you have to eat Sam. Look I know you’re afraid right now but-“

“I’m not scared of that man that attacked me Dad. I’m scared that I’ll lose you to the fucking virus!” Sam said as she started to cry.

“You don’t have to worry about that Sam. I’m sorry that I haven’t told about his but the virus doesn’t affect me.”

“What do you mean?” She asks.

“I’m saying I’m immune to the virus”

Sam looked at me in disbelief.

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“Because I wouldn’t think it matter if I told anyone.” I told her.

“Did Mom know?”

“No, I haven’t told anybody until you.”

“Why would you keep this a secret? If you’re immune we could’ve done something about it, even make a cure.”

“It’s too late, when I discovered I was immune to the virus. The CDC had already fallen. The government gone. There was probably no one to make the cure now.”

“We could go check, see if-“

“No! We barely made it out alive from the city and I’m never going back to that hell hole. We have a good thing going here. We’re safe and secured. We have food, water and shelter. There’s no better place then here.”

“But Dad, think of what can happen if there is a cure. Things can go back the way they were. Mom told me so much stories before the virus broke out.”

“I’m sorry Sam I’m not gonna gamble our lives for a cure.”

“But that man at the spring today. What if there was more of him. The ranch may not be a safe place anymore.” Sam said.

“No, that was just an unlucky event. He could’ve just been roaming and found you by accident. We haven’t seen an infected since we got here.”

“What about Mom? Was them couple an accident?”

“That was different, the old man didn’t show any symptoms.”

“It doesn’t matter Dad, he was still infected.”

“Enough Sam I don’t want to hear any of this cure ever again, now please finish your soup.”

Sam stood up from the table and ran to her room. I ate my soup in silence and covered Sam’s soup with a plate incase she’s hungry later. I double check the locks in the house and went to bed.

On rainy days, there weren’t many chores to do except feeding the live stocks in the barn. After that, it’s just sitting in the house and wait for the rain to stop. Sam’s still giving me the silent treatment. The rain turned into a thunderstorm around 6PM. It was pretty bad, I have to board up the windows incase anything happens. Sam hates thunder, it’s loud and frightening. She usually comes to me for comfort during a thunderstorm. I guess she’s still mad at me from the other night. We ate dinner in silent during the thunderstorm and went to bed around 9PM.

Sometime later, there was a knock on my door.

“Yes?” I answer from my bed.

There was no answer but another knock on the door.

“Come in Sam. What do you want?”

Sam opens the door and came in with her pillow held to her stomach. She’s wearing her old night gown that’s a bit too small for her now. Her night gown barely covers her crotch area. She didn’t say anything but stared at me from the door. Sam whimpers as a thunder cracks from outside. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what she wanted. Though I shouldn’t but I can’t denied her comfort when she needs it.

“If you want to sleep in my bed, go ahead.”

Sam closes the door, ran up to my bed and into my sheets.

“Wait, hold on Sam. Let me put on some clothes first.”

Ever since I’m onto my last three pairs of underwears, I’ve been sleeping nude ever since. Having clothes on during sleep wear and tear them down. Before I could get out of bed, Sam reach and grab my arm.

“It’s okay Dad. I want you to be comfortable in your own bed. You don’t have to put on clothes just for me. I’ll even sleep on my side of the bed. You don’t even have to be near me.”

“Alright Sam, goodnight.”

“Night dad…”

Later that night Sam tapped me on the shoulder with her cold little fingers and woke me up.

“What is it Sam?” I ask yawning.

“I’m cold….”

“Okay, I’ll go get the winter blankets in the attic.”

“No, I don’t want you to do that and it’s so late. Plus there’s so much stuff in the attic and it’ll take you forever to find them in the dark.”

“Well, what do you want me to do?” I ask her.

“I was thinking if you could cuddle with me and give me some of your body warmth.”

I thought for a bit and said, “I’ll go get the blankets. Don’t worry about it.”

“Stop, I don’t want the stupid blankets. Just go back to sleeping if you don’t want to cuddle with me.” Sam says as she turns her back towards me. It was obvious she’s cold as she’s shivering on the bed.

“Alright you win, jeez.” I said as I scoot closer to her. Sam immediately push her ass into my crotch and her back into my chests. I didn’t realize how cold she was until our bodies touched.

“Ah, Sam you’re really cold. Maybe I should go get the blankets in the attic.”

“No, this is perfect. You’re so warm Dad. We can get the blankets tomorrow. I just want to go back to sleep.”

I put my right arm over to her stomach and she immediately grab my forearm and shoved it between her breasts and locked her hands around my right arm. I can feel the soft fabrics of her gown while being squished between her breasts.


“Your hand is so warm. Thank you Dad, night.”

I didn’t say anything as I felt her soft cold breasts between my hand. Sam stopped shivering as I’m warming her up in my bed. Just then I felt myself getting hard. I know Sam can feel it too as it grew between us. No way she wouldn’t noticed it between her butt cheeks. My cock slid under her gown and I feel she’s not wearing any underwear. I started to pull away from her but she stopped me.

“Don’t move Dad. I’m okay with it. I know you wouldn’t do anything to me. Plus I’m in a perfect sleep position right now so don’t ruined it. I’m cozy, warmed and feeling very safe. Please just let us go to sleep like this.” She begged me.

“Alright, goodnight pumpkin.” I said to Sam as I tried to somehow sleep with my hand between her tits and my cock embedded between her ass cheeks.

Some how I made it through the night without a single incident. I woke up around 6AM and still cuddling against Sam in my bed. Something was off though, I can hear Sam quietly sobbing. My right hand is groping her right breast. I quickly yank my hand away from her.

“I’m so sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to touch you.”

“It hurts Dad.”

“I didn’t mean to squeezed your breast so hard. I mean, it was never my intention to touch your breast or you in anyway.”

“No Dad, it hurts…”

“What hurts Sam? Are you sick or something? A fever? You were pretty cold last night.” I said as I touch her forehead from behind.

“Nope, no fever, you seem fine. Is it your stomach? You haven’t eaten very well this past week.”

“No Dad, my butt…you’re hurting me…” she said whimpering.

I look down at her butt and my face looked mortified. 8 inches of my 12 inch cock is buried inside her asshole. ‘How did I not feel anything?’ It felt like my cock is numbed but at the same time cover in a tight velvety walls.

“Oh my!…” I gasp.

“Please take it out Dad. It hurts so bad.”

“I’m so sorry Sam, hold still while I..”

I grabbed her hips from behind and tried to pull my cock out of her ass. It wouldn’t budge. Sam’s sphincter has an iron grip onto my cock. Every time I give it a pull, Sam’s cries got louder.

“Ow! Stop It Dad. It hurts even more.” Sam says in tears.

“But you said to take it out.”

“It hurts even worst if you tried to take it out. So don’t do anything right now.”

‘How did this even happen?…’ I thought to myself.

“I’m so sorry Samantha. How could this happen?”

“Stop talking Dad and let’s focus on how to take your monstrous penis out of my butt without tearing me apart.”

“Right, um I guess we could just wait until I go soft and then I can pull it out with it being less painful.”

“Okay…” Sam said as she sobs.

We waited for 15 minutes and I haven’t gone soft, not even a little bit. I might have even gotten bigger.

“Dad, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. It hurts too much. I think you’re even getting bigger.”

“I know pumpkin, just try to bare with it a little bit longer. It should go soft any second now.” I lied to her. ‘I know the only way for me to get soft is to…’ I can’t even think about it.

“It’s been another ten minutes already Dad. I think you should do the other thing that makes it soft.”

“What do you mean Sam?”

“You know…masturbate…”

“Where did you learn that word from?”

“Mom told me.”

“So you knew all along? Mom did give you all the talk about the birds and the bees?”

“Yeah but she didn’t call it the birds and the bees, she called it the The Talk.”

“Then why did you acted like you didn’t know anything when I gave you the talk?” I ask her.

“Well…I wanted to know if your version is different from mom’s.”

“And? Was it?” I ask.

“Her version was a lot easier to understand and more detailed. Your’s was a bit mundane.“

“Did she ever talked about anal sex?” I said as I jerk my cock a little bit.

“Yes!!!” Sam cries out.

“Don’t do that Dad. It hurts.” She whimpers.

“Let me ask you one thing Sam.”


“Did you have anything to do with my penis in your bum?”

“What?…No…why would I-“, I jerked my cock once more.

“Yes I did it! I put your huge penis in my bum while you were sleeping. I’m sorry Dad! Well…It was an accident! I just wanted the tip in my vagina just to try it out but then you were moaning and then suddenly you thrusts your hips at me and accidentally plunged your huge penis into my bum….”

“Why did you do that Sam? Do you know how wrong that is? I’m your father for Christ’s sake…”

“Because I’m horny Dad! No matter how hard I tried to. I just know you would not make love to me. Because you think it’s wrong…..”

“I shouldn’t have let you sleep in my bed last night.”

“I doesn’t matter Dad, I would’ve have your penis inside me one way or another.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Why?! Think about it. You’re the only man here. And I’m not gonna die a virgin in this place. I was pretty close to let that man fuck me at the hot spring.”

“That man…at the hot spring….he wasn’t infected with the virus….was he?” I ask Sam.

“No, He stumbled upon me looking for water while I was still cleaning myself up after you came into my mouth. He wasn’t as attractive as you but he was decent looking. We talked for a bit until I noticed he was staring at my breasts. You left me all alone and horny at the hot spring so…We were about to do it until I heard you calling my name. Without thinking, I cried for help. He panicked and tried to shut me up with his hands. And there you go, rushing in like a demon spawned from hell and bashing his face inside out without even blinking an eye.”

“You know Sam, I’ve done things to protect you that I’m not proud of. But you…you’re insane.”

“Whatever you say…daddy…or should I say…murderer…”

I rolled Sam onto her front and pinned her onto the bed.

“What are you doing dad?! Wait…No..don’t!…eeeaaahhh!”

My mind snapped with anger and lust, I tried to shoved the last four inches of my cock into Sam’s ass as she cried in pain. I felt her legs shook as I pushed in as hard as I can. I don’t know what came over me. All I heard was Sam’s crying in agony as I pound her little ass hole. Her hands clinched to my sheets and her teeth’s biting on to my pillow. I don’t know how many times she begged me to stop. At some point she gave up, little whimpers here and there. She lets me know when it hurts by grunting and moaning. Maybe it was my imagination but it sounds like she’s enjoying it toward the end. With one last thrust I came inside her bowels. Pulling my cock out of her ass was very easy with the lubing of the pink substances leaking from her swollen gaped butt hole. My softening cock sways between my legs as I stared at Sam on my bed. She laid still on my bed motionless but still sobbing. The pink substance was leaking onto my bed sheets from her asscheeks. Reality hit me as I realized what I have done to my own daughter. I hastily put on my clothes and I grabbed my pistol from the drawer and ran out into the rain. Right before I ran out, Sam calls to me.

“Dad! Wait! Don’t go!…”

My mind went blank, I didn’t know where I was running to. I just kept running until I stopped at the hot spring. This was it, this would be my last image before I die. A nice calming hot spring while rain drops crashing into it. It somewhat put ease into my mind. I knelt on my knees in front of the hot spring for who knows how long. My life flashed before my eyes, I pointed the pistol under my chin and cocked the hammer. As I pulled the trigger, Sam tackles me and pinning me onto the ground. The gun powder burned my left cheek as the bullet nearly grazes my left cheek. The ringing in my ears are overwhelming but I can barely make out what Sam is saying.

“You idiot!” Sam cried.

She then slaps the pistol away from my hand and starts pounding my chests with her fists.

“What the hell were you thinking?!!”

I stared straight up into the raining sky as the thumps on my chests continues. I wonder what would Jean do if she was still with us. Yeah, she would’ve shot me her self. ‘I failed you Jean’ The ringing in my ear subsided a bit and I can hear Sam crying.

“I’m sorry Daddy! Please don’t…I’m sorry…I’m sorry..I’m..”

“Why are you sorry for? I’m the one who raped you.”

“I provoked you do it. I planned everything. You are a good father. We had a great relationship until I screwed it up. You are a kind caring honest father I could ever wished for. I’m sorry what I did to you.”

“I don’t think our relationship can ever go back the way they were Sam. We’ve past a point of no return.”

“But you’ll always be my father no matter what happens between us. Right? Are you going to let me fend for myself? I can’t survive without you dad…”

“What I did to you…maybe you’re better off without me…” I said to Sam as I noticed the pink stains dripping from her legs.

“It…was my fault. I tried to lead you to loving me more than a daughter but I guess I pushed it too far…”

I stared off into the wilderness I didn’t say anything.

“Come on, let’s go home Dad. Please?…”

Sam stood up and reach out a hand to me. I took her hand and stood with her.

“Ow…can you carry me home? I’m a bit sore..”Sam said.

“Yeah, hop on”, I said as I turn my back towards her and kneel.

“How did you know I was here?” I said as I started to walk back to the ranch.

“I don’t know, intuitions I guess…but I’m happy I made it in time…”

We were half way back to the ranch and the rain has subsided a bit.

“Dad, Your left cheek….does it hurt? It’s bleeding…”

“I’m fine Sam..”

“….You know that man at the hot spring….he really did try to rape me.”

“Uh huh…”

“Really Dad, when we heard you calling my name, I told him to stop and get off me and he wouldn’t. He called me a whore and tried to put his nasty smelly tiny penis inside me.”


“I’m serious Dad, please believe me.”

“I do…”

“You don’t sound like it tho- Ugh..hey why did you stop? I almost bit my tongue.”

There’s two unconscious bodies near the path back to the ranch. One seems like a mid twenty year old female while the other looks like a boy around Sam’s age. Sam hops off my back and limps to them.

“What are you doing Sam?”

“We have to help them…” Sam said looking back at me.

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